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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  November 12, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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. another night of protests from coast to coast. thousands of demonstrators showing their anger over the 2016 election results. plus, we continue to honor our men and women in uniform this weekend. how do we keep them safe when they come home with hidden scars. the new method being used right here in south florida. and it is open to the public for the first time. we will take you inside the new exhibit that let's you interact
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with nasa's greatest astronauts. >> announcer: from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> sorboni: good morning, everybody. welcome to "good day tampa b bay." 7 a.m. on this saturday mor morning. nice to have you with us. i am sorboni banerjee. >> alcides: and i am alcides segui. thank you so much for joining us. we have lindsay to talk about our sunday morning -- saturday morning forecast. >> sorboni: sunday morning? [laughter] >> alcides: thought it was friday. >> lindsay: make you are intrigued by the sunrise we saw this morning. look at the pictures coming in. we will show them all morning. this one from savannah from lakeland. cumulus clouds as well. and another photo -- this is from twitter. i am not sure where but gorgeous nonetheless. we will show you more throughout the morning. dry on sky tower to start the morning hours and we are cool, but with these clouds, we are up a few degrees from this time yesterday. crystal river at 50.
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59 in sarasota and bartow. so far, we are running anywhere from no change this time yesterday to seven degrees warmer and cool and comfy and drop the humidity throughout the day too. the high clouds won't leave us completely today. they are coming in from the west and that front to the north by monday and tuesday moves in, gives us threat for a few showers none today. low humidities and upper 70s. heading to the buc game, looks great. one degree warmer and near 80 we are following developing story overseas this morning. a man wearing a suicide vest have killed at least four people and hurt 14 others inside the largest that theo base in afghanistan. the attack on bagram air field took place at 5:30 when the veterans were gathering for a 5 k fun run. none of the victims have been identified. not known how someone got into
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suicide vest. the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. not my president! >> sorboni: third night in the row, demonstrators took to the streets of ybor city to protest the election of donald trump. the protests also formed in large cities like philadelphia and miami where protester blocked the mcarthur causeway snaring traffic. the protesters in tampa say they realize that trump will be the next president, but it won't stop them from making their opinions known. >> we know that protesting isn't going to time about the poor decisions and choices he has made and the ones he will continue to make. sore sorboni as far as these protests go, dozens of police officers walk alongside the demonstrators last night. they are calling the protest, quote, a drain on resources. also last night, thousands of protesters marched through portland oregon in opposition of the presidential win. some 4,000 protesters were out shouting we reject the
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grenades at three separate marches. the spirit of the demonstration was mostly peaceful following previous outbursts of violence earlier if the week. speaking of donald trump. his running mate mike pence will be leading trump's transition into the white ho house. the soon-to-be vice president is taking the responsible from governor chris christie. he will keep his position as vice-chairman. also helping the trump's transition are florida attorney general, there she is, pam giuliani. three of trump's children are reported to play significant roles in that transition. of course that transition team will help trump implement policy changes like immig immigration. and as fox 13 evan axelbank found out, his promise on that issue has some local undocumented immigrants boreyed about their future. >> reporter: the only person in paul barrett's life that doesn't realize what's ahead
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>> if -- if it gets revoked then i lose -- i potentially use everything. >> reporter: daca, deferred action for arrival is barack obama's order allowing 330,000 previously undocumented immigrants to stay. he was 11 when his aunt brought him from jamaica in 2004. now's track star at usf, works on campus and is studying environmental science. >> i must a stand-up citizen >> reporter: the executive order gets rescinded -- >> you'll rescind that one too? >> one good thing. >> you will rescind the dream act. >> we have to make a whole new set of standards. >> reporter: paul's lawyer is richard manning. >> by taking athat program, you are punishing the children for the acts of other adults. >> reporter: while trump has said his priority in deportation will be known criminals, manny is hoping that
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outlook. >> what was campaign rhetoric once he is the president, he is also the president of paul and the many, many dacca reci recipients. they are part of his constituency now. >> reporter: if dacca is repealed lawyers will find exceptions for 50,000 flor floridians. paul and his girlfriend ruth have new reason to fear for more than just their son's future. >> i don't see how he can -- i don't know to decide we don't need t they are not valuable. they are not assets to this country. it just doesn't make sense. >> alcides: the"washington post"reports since dacca a policy memo it can be easily scraped. anybody who gave the government their information and location to participate could also be easily found by federal agents. and officials at the university of south florida, they continue their search this morning for the person responsible for sending racist notes and scrawling threatening messages on the sides of some
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threats promising death if clinton won the election. some students found racist notes under their doors. the university is responding by offering support service to students and increasing police patrols. usf's president sent out a campus-wide e-mail asking for respect and civility. a wesley chapel a high school coach is on leave after directing off-handed comment to a group of african american student coach sosa said don't make me call donald trump to get you sent back to africa. the school is investigating that matter. new this morning, a 20-year-old woman is recovering in the hospital after being shot in st. petersburg. police say that shooting took place behind a building on 13th avenue south. she was taken to a local hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. the investigation at this point is ongoing. the widow of a polk county
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is the hardest thing she ever had to go through. >> my heart is still burning. what is what's happening with me. i cannot explain any more. >> alcides: muhammed alum was shot and killed after locking his convenience store in lake wales. as he was closing his store, two men wearing hoods approached him, they told him to get off his pants so they could get everything inside. he complied and he was shot and the alam's wife hope someone will come forward with information about the gunmen. offering a $5,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. all right, it is happening again. a snake crawling across the front windshield of a bay area driver. looking right at her there. jessica bird mack posted this picture on her facebook page. she was stuck in some pinellas county traffic because of a wreck, and some 40 minutes sat there with the snake just watching her.
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time worried it would get in the car. when the snake slither on to the wipers she was able to fling it out. you might remember this video from last month, snakes across a nice warm windshield there. tim maqu a recorded this video on his phone while trying home on u.s. 19. no word if this is the same snake. didn't get where he was going. maybe tried a hitch a ride. somebody else. that freaky. >> alcides: that would ea good thing he pulled over. >> sorboni: exactly. in sports, florida state playing under the lights in tallahassee against boston college. dalv in cook had a game 108 yard. 'noles beat the boston eagle 45-7. cook is now just the second seminole running back to go over 100 yards against boston college in 15 meetings. the only other running back was rickey williams in 1980. fsu travels to syracuse next
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and women in uniform for final time as commander in chief. >> sorboni: hear what he say we can learn from our veterans. speaking of vets, we will hear from the oldest living veteran as he watched one of america's largest parades. 7:10, beautiful weather from veterans day has transitioned into the weekend. for gus morning. the sunrise pictures are unbelievable. the sunrise in tampa, 66 with the high clouds. but it is cool comfortable, and if you live north, you may need a jacket, brooksville at 54. we will constitutes rain chances.
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. welcome back. the time is almost 7:13. demand for a new trial this morning in the bridgegate saga. >> sorboni: comes from two of new jersey governor chris christie's aides. they were said to engineer traffic jams against a mayor that wouldn't endorse cristy in 2013. christie who is member of donald trump's transitiote connection with this. he denies any knowledge or involvement. jurors will resume deliberations in the murder trial of a cincinnati police officer who shot at unarmed black man. on friday, jurors said they couldn't reach a decision on murder or voluntary manslaughter charges against ray tensing. the former officer killed sam dubue last year near the university of cinco de mayo the judge saids the jury has enough
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president obama spent his last day in the white house by laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. it honor the men and women that fought in world war i and are and the korean and vietnam w wars. president obama urged americans to learn from the example that veterans set. >> veterans day follows a hard-fought political campaign, an exercise in the free speech and self-government that you foughtor disagreements across our nation. but the american instinct has never been to find isolation in opposite corners. it is to find strength in thundershower common creed. to forge unity from our great diversity to sustain that strength and unity even when it is hard. >> reporter: the president noted with ethnicity and faith,
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diverse institution in our country. yesterday also saw floats and marching bands pass through streets of thousands of american cities. watching the parade in austin texas was somewhat of a national treasure. at 110 years old, richard overton is known as the oldest veteran in the country. our sister station in austin asked him what it was like to have such a connection with other vets. >> every one of them is my vet, my friend. celebrity out there. >> you think so? >> alcides: i would agree with that. overton later gave advice for those in the service today saying they should stay in and make something out of themselves. other vets at the parade added that as long as we have people that love america and what it stand for, the united states is going to do just fine. >> sorboni: so humble. do you think so?
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110 years old. can you imagine? >> alcides: i can't imagine. >> lindsay: a living legend. >> alcides: 6 degrees. nice and cool. >> lindsay: nice and cool and comfortable to add a bonus, the sunrise was unbelievable. start with your pictures -- they keep coming in. "good day" continues through 9 a.m. and we will show them all morning. auburndale. perfect timing to snap the pic. thanks for pat sent this in land o lakes. sunrise an hour early at 6:50. the minutes leading up to s sunrise, what a lot of us saw, gorgeous, gorgeous start and some of these clouds are a little opaque. not a cloudy day, but not a clear day. high clouds to be had. 61 in brookdale, bayshore. a light east wind dragging in drier air to the north in lakeland a cooler spot. light winds. a gorgeous sunrise for you as
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hopefully a light extra layer depending on your comfort level. sun city center at 68. 62 in palm harbor. north of the bay the coolest air. crstal river 50 with low clouds. dade city at 53 degrees. more 50s further south. lakewood ranch, 58. i have 53 in north port. haines city you are at 60 this morning. by tomorrow morning, way expect more of this, and low clouds. actual fog showing sunrise an hour earlier, this will exit us likely earlier between 8 and 9, i would expect this to mix on out. dew points the upper 4s. the driest air in our northern counties. this pushes in throughout the day. comfortable with dew points in the 50s, 40s are even better. high clouds, well, they are coming in from the west. they will be coming in throughout the day and likely more tomorrow. this front right here eve eventually will be responsible for some rain in our area, but not today, not tomorrow.
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and even then only a 20% rain chance. sky tower will catch break this weekend. high clouds, lunchtime at 76. we are at 79. if this hold true, our first average day temperature-wise this month in the afternoon. we have been 80 or higher every day this november so far. lows tonight 52 in brooksville. 61 here in tampa. more upper 50s from bartow to lake placid. 64 excellent feeling in st. pete. future these clouds. point out the wind arrows. our winds are light enough that we think at the beach and the water, the west wind will shift in. fewer clouds late tonight, but sunday morning, here is that fog that i mentioned. we will be monitoring that. lifts out by 9 a.m. and a few more of those clouds build in ahead of our cold front for monday and tuesday. we would love to keep it clear enough to see the super moon officially becoming full on monday morning. let's look at the timing.
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this close to our area was january 26 set back in 1948. a super moon, we have seen this before can look up to 14% bigger, 30% brighter. what is different than the super moon is it will appear closer to our area and won't happen again until november 25, 2034. so hopefully fewer clouds as we head into sunday night. today, 79. a comfortable day with sun and high clouds. seven-day forecast show clouds thickening monday and tuesday behind the front, we will drag in mid-70s for highs wednesday and thursday. just a beautiful week. even though it is still mainly dry. all right, lindsay, thank you. there has been a lot of effort to raise awareness about ptsd.
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z24zwz z12fz y24zwy y12fy welcome back, time is 7 7:21.
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for men and women that come back home from war. the government says 22 vets commit suicide each day. >> sorboni: a staggering number and there is new hope and comes in the form of reliving their worst nightmare. how does something like that work? fox's dana jay has more on the groundbreaking therapy that is taking place at ucf. >> rolling through on patrol. >> reporter: bruce chambers is reliving the worst moment of his life. >> unknown enemy contact. distance. >> reporter: looks like he is playing a video game. >> up ahead detonation. >> upcoming video support. >> reporter: this is virtual reality therapy and cleared him of post traumatic disorder. >> that is what it looked like in iraq but i am not there obviously. i am here. >> reporter: the university of central florida ptsd clinic where dr. deborah bidele runs an innovative program for
7:23 am
>> it is a very intense program, but the advantage is we can really take care of this disorder and treat this disorder thoroughly and effectively in a very short period of time. >> reporter: she and her team guide patients through counseling and virtual reality therapy. putting them right back into the terrifying experience that changed their life. >> we are not going to erase that from someone's memory. they are always going to have that image. what we want to do and what every treatment tries to eliminate the distress that goes along with that. >> reporter: his research shows 66% of patients find success with the program. that means fewer nightmares and less anxiety. >> we are talking about there not able to drive on i-4 because they are afraid everything is an ied on the side of the road to they are able to drive wherever they please with minimal or no distress. >> reporter: chamber was in the middle of a 15-month tour in iraq when driving down the road
7:24 am
i was knocked ied. then we were ambushed. >> reporter: he came too and he got worse. >> i saw my buddies run over a ied in their bradley. boom. >> reporter: virtually reality put him back in that battle vehicle, and he hears the gunfire shots ringing out. his chair shakes as his therapist re-creates the moment of impact. >> the vehicle that is hit. >> reporter: and the >> reporter: lake car exhaust and burning flesh. >> pushing through. >> reporter: chambers relived it all over and over again until it no longer bothered h him. >> it was upsetting. i is it not -- i cried at times. >> reporter: department of defense originally funded his program about four years ago specifically so she could treat men and women returning from battle in iraq and afghanistan. the program has grown over the years, but the university now is footing the bill. veterans and soldiers of all
7:25 am
come here to the university of central florida and be treated for free. >> it changed my life. if it changed my life, it can change another soldier's life. >> reporter: ptsd affected chambers and his family. >> he was paranoid a lot. a lot of paranoia for law enforcement. >> reporter: that paranoia caused him to run from a police officer during a traffic stop. after that, the court said get therapy or go to jail. >> my mind thinks differently now from what shares with his fiancee and their kids is different too. >> i think i became a better father. a better partner in my relation hipp. i think family -- i think family is -- relationships have been better built. >> reporter: virtual reality, making life without ptsd a reality. >> it is a beautiful day.
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there. 7:25. still to come on "good day" could it be you? the lightning effort to find the next biggest star. >> alcides: i like that idea already. getting fit and raising money for charity. kellie cowan is live from clearwater beach with more on the warrior cup competition. good morning, a bull of, beautiful morning. high clouds and crisp and co comfy. look at that sky. looking forward tampa and st. pete. 66 degrees which is a little above clouds, you see them. 63 this morning. beach looks good. not much wind. some high clouds, low humidity and upper 70s. does it get much better than i'm a coupon guy... i signed up for the publix digital ones... i clip the paper ones... in fact if there was a third kind, i'd probably love those too. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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good morning. thank you for joining us this good morning. thank you for joining us this saturday for good good morning and thank you so much for joining us this saturday for "good day tampa bay." i am alcides segui. >> sorboni: hi, everyone, i am sorboni banerjee. your forecast with lindsay in just a minute. first we want to bring you up to speed on the headlines this hour. police in portland investigating a shooting on a bridge where people were protesting president-elect donald trump. they were marching there and one person was shot around 1:00 in the morning. he is expected to be okay. earlier in the evening police used tear gas and flash bang grenades. demonstrations in miami, atlanta and ybor city. it looks like the cross bay ferry is off to a booming start. the first week, with more than 70% of the seats were sold.
7:30 am
tampa bay lightning. purchased all of the seats for the round-trip ride for tonight's game. if the ferry proves popular, it could be eligible for state and federal funding. and a big weekend and for jeep lovers. jeeping for justice is going on through sunday. jeep owners pay a registration fee to put their jeeps to the test. it raises money for the sheriff office charity. spectators are welcome to info in the seen on tv section of lots of mud always make it fun, but they have to make that, lindsay, because we have no rain. >> lindsay: no rain. dry this month and dry for all of the outdoor plans today and tomorrow and even early week we will bring in a rain chance. really not that high. we are just going to enjoy it after earning this dry spell from the summer months. 66 here in tampa. a gorgeous sky.
7:31 am
a different look at the high clods racing across the area from west to east. 66. a great beach day and we don't have that gusty wind. a comfortable wind out of the northeast dragging in cooler and drier air from the north. so while we are running a few degrees warmer than this time yesterday, it still feels fabulous. wauchula you have dropped to 53. so grab your jacket. 54 in brooksville. 66 in tampa. the clouds coming in from west to east. some of those clouds are low enough, that there is some fog, and crystal river, you are the only spot. dew points are dry in the 40s. and look at gainesville. that reading of 41. that is the air headed our way through the day. even more come to for theable this afternoon with high cl clouds. a little more moisture on sunday, but no rain. 8 for the high. it is monday you will notice definitely cloudy skies. perhaps a shower at best. midweek, we get back to the dry which is pretty normal for mid to late november. happening today, wounded
7:32 am
around the bay area are competing while raising money for charity. kellie cowan is live from clearwater beach with the details on this event and a beautiful morning for it so f far, kelly. good morning. >> reporter: it is an absolutely morning. good morning, guys. in just a little bit, the day is going to actually kick off and hopefully happens live on air while we are here with a parachuter parachuting his way on to clearwater beach and then a full day of activity, launches from there. i am joined by ashley corner. be competing today. she is a hybrid fitness mo model/fitness guru. tell me about some of the events going on all day today. >> there is a lot going on today. if you guys are in the tampa bay area, come on out to clearwater watch all the athletes support the veterans who will be out here putting out as much as we are putting out. we have a whole rig in the background. kettle bell stuff and going to be swimming in the ocean. there are guys who have missing
7:33 am
sacrifice so much for our freedom and defending us that they are going to be out here and putting out with us just the same. we also have the rush club over here where guys who have -- who are amputees. they go neck and neck and compete and do -- it's awesome. so you guys are going to want to be out here. >> this is the rush club i will explain is kind of like a cage match. a hybrid between cross fit workout and a ufc thing. wounded warrior here. they don't actually hit each other but a competition that will be starting at 6 p.m. tonight. something that everybody can watch and cheer on these wounded veterans and trying to match people up by basically abilities or -- or wounds, i guess. >> we had the weigh-ins last night and guys with similar injuries. so missing arms or missing legs, they go head to head and great to give these guys like an opportunity to compete in something that will help them
7:34 am
to just knock them out. >> reporter: this isn't just a spectator event either. anybody that comes out today can actually learn how this work out alongside you guy and the veterans. >> we are opening the doors and anybody that needs to come out move a little bit, sweat a little bit, get in the ocean and swim with us. you can come ought and join us. >> people can work out alongside you as well. >> that's correct. >> reporter: fitness hybrid guru here. you get trained by the best and you get to work out r in our country, not just at crossfit, but best men and women who are serving our country as well. back to you guys. >> alcides: a great event. thank you, kellie. see you next hour. the tampa bay lightning will take place in trihock dee for free day. really cool event. the program offers free ice time for children who want to try out the sport. it will take place at multiple ice rinks across the state. local rinks taking part include the brandon ice sports forum
7:35 am
and at the clearwater ice arena. all the locations have the equipment on hand if you need it. in order to take part, kids must register at trih artists from all over the world are bringing art to life in venice. the venice chalk festival is already under way. artists have started to map out their pieces of work. some will trick knew believing they are 3d. this year's theme is love and peace and expect a lot of '70s references. costs $10. artists will be finished with their pieces tomorrow. time is 7:35. george zimmerman has another brush with the law. he was thrown out of a central florida bar this week after g getting into a confrontation with a customer there. seminole county deputies were called to a cigar bar on report that zimmerman yelled at an employee, snatched a credit card and used a racial slur. but zimmerman claimed in his own phone call to deputy that's
7:36 am
and demanded that he arrest the customer for hitting him. >> this black man just came up to me and put his hands on me. >> was this person physical with you? >> yeah, he came up and hit me on the shoulder twice. >> deputies say they reviewed the video from inside the bar that show the customer patting zimmerman in a shoulder in a friendly gesture and not an attack and no one was arrested. a phone call to our sister station in orlando, zimmerman insists he was a victim and tensions inappropriate touching of one of his female friends. also in seminole county, the school district is investigating right now a situation regarding a possible racist message. they are looking into an offensive message written on the bathroom wall. the message black people picking slave numbers. branded kkk for life and the graffiti says go trump 2016. students there alerted them to the vandalism on friday morning.
7:37 am
a sarasota family will be holding a bone marrow registry drive this weekend to try to find a donor for their young son. 8-year-old benjamin gilkey has acute lymphoma blastic leukemia. he has undergone treatment and received 30 blood and platelet transfusions. despite a brief remission, he needs a bone marrow transplant. supportive the community is and they are praying that someone will be a match. >> willing to sign up for blood and a bone marrow, and people in this hospital that need it every hour, so it just feels good that everybody is sort of rallying around him and people like him. so here is the information, the strej tree drive tomorrow from 11 to 4 at evey's tavern in sarasota. for more information on how you can help out this family, go to our web site, and
7:38 am
good luck to him and his entire family. up next, nasa just under veiled a new exhibit honoring two dozen astronauts from the space program. >> sorboni: we will show you the artifacts and cutting-edge technology at cape canaveral's dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon.
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h the big taste of real fruit. maybe you want to take the family out this weekend... maybe you want to take the family out this weekend... and enjoy some of maybe you want to take the family out this weekend and enjoy some of the beautiful weather we are having. >> alcides: why not take an adventure to space. a new exhibit at the nasa kennedy center focuses on those pioneers that took us into the skies.
7:41 am
>> reporter: a new exhibit that is out of this world. heroes and legends uses artifacts and cutting edge technology to give visitors a look at the early years of the space program. a who's who of space legends on hand for the veterans day dedication. several astronauts shared their space adventures like charlie duke that rode in a lunar rover 16 miles on the moon. >> the view was incredible. the blackness of spa the really, really bright lunar surface. >> reporter: inside the museum, visitors begin with the wall of fame themselves. highlighting all of of the space pioneers, but the museum emphasizes the early years. the mercury program, the gemini program and the apollo program. >> what i am really excited about is the possibility that this could be used as a motivational tool for young people. >> director bob cabana a hall
7:42 am
in america is robust and vibrant. >> we are building commercial spacecraft to once again take americans to the international space station. >> and every artifactlize these helmets from the 1960s is absolutely authentic and it also includes the original mission control, in from the mercury program which was from 1958 to '63. and can you imagine back then what you are looking at here was as high-tech as at the kennedy space center visitors center, phil keating, fox news. the heroes and legend exhibit comes as part of a regular admission to the kennedy space center. visit today from 9:00 in the morning until 6:00. still to come on "good day tampa bay" a site of terrible tragedy. >> sorboni: one year later the bataclan concert hall in paris is getting ready to reopen their doors tonight.
7:43 am
morning the home used in "mrs. doubtfire" has a new owner. how much it sold for next. >> lindsay: such a great movie. 7:22. a beautiful morning and it is cool, comfortable and the sky is gorgeous. 66 in sirata beach with the cooler northeast wind. a little warmer than this time yesterday but brooksville, lakeland, you may need a cardigan for an hour to or two.
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even when life isn't. mom...have you seen my iguana? the veterans day preview is on now at havertys. life looks good. the time now is 7:46. bataclan concert hall will reopen one year after islamic extremists killed 131 people in a coordinated attack. british pop legend sting. the venue says all 1,000 seats inside that concert hall sold out within 30 minutes and. the proceeds will go to a charity helping survivors. the actual concert is tomorrow on the anniversary of the attacks. they will have a plaque outside to commemorate the victims. i am an enforcement agent from section two year. >> friends and family are
7:47 am
morning. in the 1960s, vaughn and co-star david mccollum played -- spies for law enforcement known as uncle. he was best supporting actor and and in classic movies magnificent seven, bullet and towering inferno. he died at the age of 83 after a long ? dude look like a lady ? ? dude looks like a lady ?. >> sorboni: who can forget this classic movie. you are out of luck if you were thinking of buying the home featured in the popular '90s film "mrs. doubt fire." the four had bedroom home has been sold for a little over $4 million. an iconic house that served as a temporary shrine to robin williams after he passed away in 2014.
7:48 am
>> lindsay: chump change. >> sorboni: the memories, the real estate. >> alcides: my kids still love that movie. >> lindsay: i love that movie. >> sorboni: one of my favorites. not movie watching weather. get outside. >> lindsay: save your movies when we eventually bring in rain which could be monday and tuesday, and even then, no washout. only a few showers. this morning unbelievably gorgeous and cool and comfortable and pictures. we thank you so much for sending them because i only have so many cameras to show what you is happening outside, and your eyes snapped some great pics. tanya sent this to me on t twitter from odessa. the high clouds we would like to see when the timing of the sun rise there is. they aid to kind of the array of colors we see in the sky. another great shot sent in to one our viewers on twitter. thank you, thank you, yet again. more pictures coming up
7:49 am
little opaque. 61 feeling cool for a run on bayshore, long sleeves with the east wind. riverview, no fog and some of the clouds are opaque as well, 61. i would expect some fog tomorrow morning for some of us, especially i-4 north and north of i-4. how about 46 in ocala. 54 in brooksville. 66 in st. pete. 63 in wauchula. running a few degrees warmer than few times yesterday and air these will be dropping throughout the morning and midday hours. so on the scale where we stand is below 50. that is the most comfortable day over the next five days, i think. but moisture climbing a bit monday and tuesday ahead of a weak front, that will give us more clouds and possibly a shower. this morning, some low clouds, crystal river, it is still there. if you live in a fog-prone area, you may briefly need the low beams. no rain. sky tower is dry and we could
7:50 am
international. since october 1, a little over an inch and a half of rain which is really not much. the last time we have seen recorded rain was almost a month ago, and even then it was just a fifth of an inch, .20 the last time the rain was reported at the airport. high clouds from the west to today. this cold front is the one that will be dropping in monday and tuesday giving us a few showers. behind the front though, it is dry, it is comfortable, it is chilly. we have temperatures in the 30s in chicago this morning. all the way from columbus, ohio. 29 degrees. even atlanta, 54. they could use some rain in the southeast as there is an ongoing drought. not much rain on tap. game day is looking good. the bulls are away. 7:00 tonight. clear skies, chilly conditions. in memphis, 50 degrees and flip through the fwaiters forecast. if you were headed to the swamp for lunchtime kickoff. temperatures in the mid-70s. mid-70s for highs tuesday and wednesday and the wake of it this weekend near normal for this time of year.
7:51 am
first average day tempe temperature-wise in the afternoon this month. tonight with fewer clouds. may be a bit cooler in tampa. 61 my forecast low for you. low 50s north. upper 50s inland and 64 in st. pete. continue tranquil if you like the cool air. you are loving this weekend. really comfortable this afternoon delightful with high clouds. 79. fewer clouds. the sun sets at 5:40 this evening. 61 for the low and on sunday if you are headed to the bears bucs game, wonderful wea partly sunny skies and 80 degrees. on the water today, mainly a northeast wind. it may become wet this afternoon with the sea breeze. light job. seas at 2 feet or less. good boating as well. seven-day forecast show the 20% rain chance monday and tuesday and behind the front, a lot of us will wake up in the 50s wednesday and thursday morning. >> alcides: thank you, lindsay.
7:52 am
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at longhorn, tonight's special: great steak pairings. loin with a choice of bacon-wrapped shrimp, baby back ribs, or parmesan crusted chicken. you can't fake steak. longhorn steakhouse. you are watching "good day tampa bay." >> finally this hour, if you were the type of person where your mouth waters if you are near downtown st. pete and you smell some ribs, you are in
7:55 am
we sent fox 13's mike bennett to get a taste of what is going on. >> to make my legs, all you need is lips and finger tips. you don't need teeth. >> we cook low, we cook slow, we use hickory as well as a little apple for sweetness, plus they love my themal nuclear sauce. you should try it and improve your cardiovascular system. colon and system. you want to try it. >> takes 32 >> reporter: i am going to get hiccups in about 10. >> it's good. i got hiccups now. [ laughter ] >> reporter: it's good though. >> caramelize the ribs and when they come out, they come out looking like this. you got to be like a wet noodle. that's how you know they are good. >> reporter: of course besides the great barbecue food here at rib fest, you have fantastic musical acts all weekend long. >> we have 24 bands during the
7:56 am
be opening up with the millennials one of the headliners. greg billings. saturday the black hckey. fabulous thunderbirds and the doobie brothers. karla may and chris young the big act sunday night. >>reporter: in addition to the big national bands here all weekend long, you also have a second stage features local artists and musicians looking ? i do want to know ? ? if this feeling goes away ? >> the ribs are awesome. we have been coming here for seven years in a row. we have been having a good t time. ooh, rib fest, come on! >> sorboni: gates open for rib fest today and tomorrow at 11 p.m. right now, send it over to alcides for a look at what is coming up at 8:00.
7:57 am
>> alcides: rib fest sounds very, very, very, very good. hard to believe that christmas shopping is under way for a lot of people. we will talk to one of the directors at the junior league of company as they kick off their gift market. some people love the cool weather and short days, and for some, it can be a bit of a drag. we will discuss the symptoms of seasonal effective disorder otherwise known as sad when we come back. stay with us, everybody. come back. stay with us, everybody. just fifteen minutes and a little imagination are all you need to make thanksgiving magic. chex party mix. it's what thanksgiving is made of. ? sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside.
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something wrong with my husband. i feel it, you know. something wrong with my hus husband. >> alcides: just heartbreaki sadly her instincts were right. for the first time she talks about her husband gunned down outside of a convenience store. good morning and thank you so much for joining us, i am alcides segui. >> sorboni: hi, everyone, i am sorboni banerjee. your top headlines in a moment and first check in with lindsay milbourne with a look at your saturday forecast. get out there and make those plans. >> lindsay: make those plans before the warmth returns in the afternoon. a cool 66 in tampa. as we look west, you are noticing some residual high


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