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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  November 12, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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another night of protests another night of protests from coast to coast.. thousands of demonstrators from coast to coast.. another night of protest from coast to coast. demonstrators showing their anger over the 2016 election results. the latest on trump's transition to the white house. we continue to honor our men and women in university this veterans day weekend, bu they come home with hidden scars. the new method being used right here in florida. >> alcides: and open to the public this weekend for the very first time. we will take you inside the exhibit that let's you interact with nasa's greatest astr astronauts. . from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> sorboni: welcome to "good day tampa bay."
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glad to have us with us. i am sorboni banerjee. >> alcides: and i am alcides segui. more on the saturday morning forecast. 66 all morning long. you can't beat it. >> lindsay: very comfortable. the clouds that are thick. sunshine and clouds and the bonus, we will drop that humidity even more. >> sound good. >> already comfortable. as we get you outside this morning if you are just joining us, again, not a clear morning, but not a cloudy morning. it is 67 here in tampa. so we have jumped 1 degrees this hour. the north wind making it feel we will hop over to st. petersburg while we are sh shielded by some high clouds. i tell you what, a good-looking day where sdmrass are necessary at times. it is 70 on usf marine science cam in st. pete. up to 60 in brooksville after we started in the 40s. 70 in st. petersburg right now. 63, bartow. and near 70 in sarasota. the clouds here go one batch and then a break and some more -- you get the idea, but no rain today. and the dew points are dropping.
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that is the lowest it has really get this time of year. a near average day today near 80 on sunday, but below average temperatures. the rain too early this week. we will discuss on the se seven-day coming up. all right, we are following some developing stories overseas this morning. a suicide bomber has killed at least four people and hurt 14 others inside the largest nato base in afghanistan. the attack happened on bagram air field and took place 5:30 as post veterans day run. the base is currently on lockdown we understand. so far none of the victims have been identified. not known how somebody got into the heavenly armed base with a suicide vest. taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack and we will continue to follow developing story. looks like the affordable care act may not getting the ax after all. after a sit down with president obama.
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he made repealing and replacing the affordable care act a top priority on the campaign trail. it comes after 100,000 people selected enrollment plans just in week. looks like mike pence will be leading donald trump's transition team into the white house. the soon-to-be vice president is taking the responsibility from new jersey governor chris christie. christie will be keeping his position as vice-chairman h helping with trump's tran transition, florida attorney general pam bondi, ben carson and rudy three of his children are said to be playing significant roles [chanting] >> alcides: the transition of power seems peace envelope washington far from that for the third night of a row. demonstrators took to the streets of ybor city to protest the link of donald trump. formed in large cities like philadelphia and miami where pro festers blocked the mcarthur causeway stalling traffic.
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realize that donald trump will be the next president, but it won't stop them from making their opinions known. >> we know that protesting isn't going to get him out, but we are going to give him a hart time about the poor decisions and choices he has made and ones he will continue to make. >> reporter: dozens of police officers walked alongside the demonstrators and calling the protection a drain of resources. not all protests have been peaceful though. in portland, oregon, dozens of people we people in the streets got destructive. smashing windows, starting fires. police had to use flash bang grenades at three separate marches. one person was shotit happened around 1:00 this morning. he is expected to be okay. back at home, officials at the university of south florida continue their search this morning -- sorboni, why don't you read this. >> sorboni: they are searching for the person responsible for sending racist notes and scrawling threatening messages on the side of dorms.
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write threats, promising death if clinton won the election. some students found racist. notes under their doors. they are offering support for students and offering police patrols. usf president sent out a ca campus-wide e-mail asking for civility and respect. 9:05. a 20-year-old woman is recovering in the hospital after being shot in st. petersburg. police say the shooting took place behind a flag on 13 taken to a local hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. the investigation right now ongoing. happening right now, wounded veterans, professional athletes, fitness ex-thisists from around the bay area is competing while raising money for charity. fox 13's kellie cowan is live this morning from clearwater beach with the details on this incredible event. i understand you have a special guest this morning. >> reporter: i sure do, guys. this is actually one of the wounded warriors that will be
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not just the wounded warrior. you opted to have your hand amputated but you are not a veteran. you are still active in the military. can you tell us about that. >> my name is captain duval. i am still active duty. still in the 101st airborne, second brigade come bacteria team. when i got blown up, i had a broken leg, arm that was broken in three places, and they tried to salvage my thumb and wrist bones. what we ended doing took that with the prosthetics.and went to the unit and a platoon leader with the grace of some absolutely fantastic comm commanders. i decided that the thumb wasn't working out and if i wanted to stay in the army i needed more of an amputation. i went back and asked my doctors and cut it off at about the wrist and that's what i did because prosthetics are a lot better with guys who are cut
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i have been helping -- helping to design prosthetics and come up with new and innovative stuff ever since. >> reporter: your guys were telling me -- some of your buddies say you are bigger and more fit than before you had the hand amputated. >> oh, yeah, 100%. after i got blown up, i dropped a good 50 pounds right off the bat just because of all the trauma. you get myelosis, all these technical things that happen to you and i dropped down very far. seconds was my physical therapy at first. and i just come from a guy with almost a 500-pound dead lift. i was benching over 300 pounds. i was a really big fitness guy over in afghanistan. so i knew i needed to focus on technique centric stuff a lot first. i wanted to be the best of technique so i could be the best of strength only just recently two years ago had i gotten to the point i was stronger than it was before i
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but i am working it up. >> reporter: captain duval says he has different hooks and different prosthetics for different movements. and i mentioned wanted to do a little workout with you. can you put me through a workout. one of the things that we are exhibiting today is wounded warriors of all kind of abilities doing everything alongside people who aren't missing limbs and. >> they are more bad ass individuals than me and might be able to get on rigs. >> reporter: too early for army language. so we are going to go through the workout right now. and we are going to do it, guys. we are going -- captain duval will take us through the workout and start with the kettle bell transfer and go to a burpee and then some pul pull-ups. hang out the mic and -- it's heavy. >> i told you. grab under and over and warm up
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>> reporter: heavy. >> alcides: very nice, kelly. that's great. look at you. >> sorboni: i am impressed. >> reporter: they are wrapping us. >> alcides: are you doing a burpee? >> reporter: we will do a burpee together. >> sorboni: she is just -- there you go. she is not in a dress. i thought she was in a dress. i'm impress >> alcides: okay look at her -- look at -- >> sorboni: here we go. running this whole circuit and you look at all these amazing, amazing veterans who are just out there. >> alcides: nice. >> sorboni: up she goes. >> reporter: here we go. i can't actually do a pull-up but i need a little assist. but he can. >> alcides: show us how it is done.
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>> reporter: we will be here all day long. all kind of events all day long. the biggest event happening over in this cage and in stage over here. i am a little winded. later on at 6 today. and will have veterans in there. active military men just like captain duval here doing all kinds of one on one activities. i know i am breathless. >> alcides: that's all right were you did great. did you great. >> reporter: he is not even sweating. not even winded. i warm-up. >> sorboni: a warm-up. >> reporter: all right, guys. >> sorboni: that will be my workout for the whole weekend. >> alcides: those men and women what an inspiration to see them working out like that. time is 9:10. still ahead, president obama pays tribute to our men and women in uniform for the final time as commander in chief. here what he says we can time as commander in chief. here what he says we can learn from our veterans also, this cubs fan was able to die a happy woman at
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and if you like cooler temperatures, you would love low humidity. today is your morning. the cloud, though, they have been in and out. where those clouds are at right now a lakeland. 63 degrees with no north omfy wind. anywhere from 67 in tampa to 60 in brooksville and i think even cooler tomorrow morning. we will have your seven-day forecast. we will have your seven-day forecast. very fall-like coming up oh yea, everything is digital now-a-days. this thing never leaves my side. that is why i signed up for publix digital coupons. so retro... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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for me, shopping is a three step process. step one: walk the aisles.
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what's great there is no step three. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. time now is 9:xx.. welcome back, 9:13. demand for a new trial in the bridge gate saga. >> sorboni: come from two of chris christie's former aides convicted of conspiracy and fraud. kristi, who is now a member of president-elect's transition team has not been charged and
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jurors will resume deliberations today in the murder trial of a cincinnati police officer who was shot an unarmed black man. on friday, jurors said they could not reach a decision on murder or voluntarily manslaughter charges against ray tening. the former officer killed 43-year-old sam dubois during a traffic stop last year during the university of cincinnati. the judge said the jury has enough evidence to make a decision. he spent his last veterans day in the white house by laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington national cemetery. the tomb honors the men amend women that fought in world war i and 2. in the aftermath of a bitter election season, president obama urged all americans to learn from the example that veterans set. >> veterans day follows a hard-fought political campaign,
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and self-government that you fought for. it often lays bear disagreements across our nation. but the american instinct has never been to find isolation in opposite corners. it is to find strength in our common creed. to forge unity from our great diversity. to sustain that strength and unity even when it is hard. >> reporter: well, the president also noticed that by both ethnicity and faith, the military is one of the most diverse institutions in our country. 9:15 now. safe to say just about every cubs fan had to wait all their lives to see the. one woman lived just enough to see both. born in 1908 the year the cubs last won the baseball's ultimate prize.
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just six days after the cubs won the world series again. how incredible is this. his mother didn't get to watch the cubs clinching the victory. told the chicago tribune that she always listened to the t team's games on the radio. attracted local media attention during the cubs playoff run. her son even became a little bit of a low-level celebrity to lot of nonsense. she was 108 when she passed away. >> sorboni: sounds like she is feisty, had a huge personality. and look at that big smile. that will live on for sure for so many people, so many fans. >> alcides: incredible, 108 years old. >> sorboni: truly, rule tory wonderful -- good book ends that you know what somebody was passionate about and know they smiled all the way into their
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our team will be the big winner in whatever sport. if you like fall, this morning has been lovely. cool. we have the clouds and the s sunrise unbelievable, but hey, 40s greeted you brooksville, crystal river. 63 in tampa. we see cooler morning but the clouds kept us from dropping completely. 54 in bartow. not the current temperatures but the lows this morning. before i show what you is happening now, let me go back a cup of hours and this an unbelievable sunrise who shared that with me on fac facebook. lauren ashley sent this one in clearwater on the road of the sun making the perfect angle near some these high clouds to provide all these beautiful, bright colors. includes are breaking up. north wind at 5 miles per hour. further east, some of these clouds a little more opaque.
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not any kind of clouds that will bring us rain. 70 in st. pete. 62 westchase. some of you needing a light jacket. a lot of outdoor events today. 59 in inverness. bushnell shy of 60s. near 70 in sarasota. 65 in myacca city. 65 in frostproof. nice and comfy. our dew points have tumbled into the 40s in spots and will stay refreshing all day long. as moisture creeps up tomorrow. we may sneak in some fall with more southerly wind into the morning hours not in morning but tomorrow morning. light northeast wind with that dry, comfortable air and high clouds headed our way from the gulf moisture. this front right here behind it, there is some drier air that will drag in through the middle part of the week. ahead of it more clouds monday and tuesday and even a few showers monday and tuesday. sky tower radar is dry. no rain today or tomorrow. and outdoor plans don't cancel any of them.
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79 is normal. see if this is the first average high day. 80 in venice and winter haven. lows tonight low 50s north. near 60 in tampa and upper 50s from bartow to sebring. pretty typical of what we expect in november which is a dry period. no rain at all this month. future cost underdoing the clouds and showing the northeast wind. i think fewer clouds when we wake up on sunday morning but here is what we will see. you are not seeing the clouds, we will be north that will give way to a partly sunny sky. and sunday night, our clouds thicken, but hopefully they wait enough for us to take pictures because we have a special super moon. a super, super moon. the closest and largest full moon since january 26, 1948. so what you will notice that it it will brighter and bigger as well. this won't happen until november 25, sunday night and
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around and great pictures. comfortable. high clouds. 61, a few clouds. cool tonight. the sun sets before 6:00. 80 with a mix of sun and cl clouds. great weather at raymond james stadium tomorrow for the bucs bears game. seven-day forecast, a slim chance monday and tuesday but behind the front we drag in. comfortable. mid-70s for highs wednesday and thursday. coming up, a lot of evident lately to raise awareness about ptsd. >> sorboni: this morning we learn about a new treatment being used at the university of
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it's one of the scariest it's one of the scariest realities one of the scariest realities for the men and women that come back from war. 2 vets commit suicide each day. >> there is new hope and it comes in the form of actually reliving their worst nightmare. how does something like that work. fox's dana jay have more on groundbreaking therapy taking plac >> rolling through on patrol. >> reporter: bruce chambers is reliving the worst moment of his life. >> unknown enemy contact. >> reporter: on purpose is gunfire fire off in the distance. . >>rporter: looks like he is playing a video game. >> detonation. incoming air support. >> reporter: this is virtual reality therapy and it has cured him of post traumatic stress disorder. >> roll into your camp. >> that's what it look like in iraq.
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>> reporter: here is the university of central florida ptsd euclideanic where a doctor runs an innovative program for soldiers and veterans that takes just three weeks. >> a very intense program, but the advantage is that we can really take care of this disorder and treat this disorder thoroughly and effectively in a very short period of time. >> reporter: she and her team guides patients through counseling and virtual reality therapy putting them right back that changed their life. >> we are not going to erase that from someone's memory. they always going to have that image. what we want to do and what every treatment tries to do is eliminate the distress that goes along with that. >> reporter: research shows 66% of patients find success with the program. that means fewer nightmares and less anxiety. >> we are talking about them not being able to drive on i-4 because their afraid everything is an ied on the side of the
9:25 am
drive wherever they please with minimal or no distress. >> reporter: chambers was in the middle of a 15-month tour in iraq when he was driving down the road with his unit. >> i hit a 400-pound ied. i was knocked unconscious. then they were ambushed. >> he came too, and it got worse. >> i visually saw my buddies run over an ied and there, b boom. >> reporter: virtual reality goggles put him back in that battle vehicle, headphone he hears the gunfire shots ringing out around him. his chair shakes as the therapist re-creates the moment of impact. then the smells. >> you smell it. >> reporter: like car exhaust and burning flesh. >> we are pushing through. >> reporter: chambers relived it all over and over again until it no longer bothered h him. >> it was upsetting. i cried at times. >> reporter: the department of
9:26 am
she can treat men and women battling in iraq and afghanistan. program has grown over the with the university footing the b bills. veteran and soldiers from all age from all wars can now come here to the university of central florida and be treated for free. >> it changed my life. if it change mind life, it can change another soldier's life. >> reporter: ptsd affected chambers and his family. >> he was paranoid a lot. a lot of >> reporter: that paranoia had him run from a police officer touring a traffic stop. after that the court said get therapy or go g to jail. >> my mind thinks differently from what it did. >> the life he shared with his fiancee and kids is different too. >> i became a better father, better partner in my relationship. i think that -- and family -- i think family is, you know, relationships have been better
9:27 am
making life without ptsd a reality. >> a beautiful day. look at that. >> reporter: dana jay, fox 13 news. it really is amazing. just bit by bit gets that immunity essentially to what he went through. right now it is 9:27. still to come on "good day." could it be you? the lightning's effort to find their next biggest star today. plus a shocking facebook update. several users are informed they are dead. we w wrong coming up. and new president and new fears. why changes to our country's immigration policy could tear a local family apart.
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good morning. thank good morning. thank you for joining us this and good morning and thank you so much for joining us this saturday for "good day tampa bay." i am alcides segui. >> sorboni: hi, everyone, i am sorboni banerjee. we will get your forecast with lindsay in just a minute, but a quick look at the headlines. a trump protester was wounded. the victim got in a dispute the shooter walked out of that car and fired several rounds. the male protesters was hit. investigators describe the g gunman who escaped as being in his late teens. the shooting capped the fourth night of protest in portland. looks like the cross bay ferry is off to a booming start and in the first week, more than 70% of the seats were sold, and this weekend the cross bay ferry were given help
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a round trip ride for tonight's game. if the ferry proves popular could be eligible for state and federal funding. a big weekend for jeep lovers. jeeping for justice is going on through sunday. jeep owners pay a registration fee to put their jeeps to the ultimate test. the event takes place at safety town all to raise money for the sheriff's office charities. speculators are welcome to come and watch. we have a link with all the info for you on the seen on tv section a lot fun and mud. clear skies if you watch it o out. a day where you want to spend at least some times outdoors. if you want cooler tempe temperatures, get outside now and starting to t ha after chillier start. the clouds are thinning in clearwater beach. what a day to head to the be beach. the past couple of weekends have been gusty, light winds and a mix of sun and clouds
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tampa. so the clouds that are overhead are high in nature, and in some spots, it is actually fairly cloudy. not everyone dealing with the bright conditions. 70 in st. petersburg where we have more cloud cover, lakeland at 63. itis 60 in brooksville. near 70 in sarasota and bradenton. around the state, you head north of our area, and we have a cup of 50s. pensacola and jacksonville at 58. but brooksville, your low was below 50 test. where are the clouds and where one batch and another this afternoon. peek-a-boo sunshine and no rain on sky tower radar today. we finally have rain in the seven-day forecast, it is really not an impressive chance. comes in at monday and tuesday. and will thicken the clouds with that bigger cloud area. we will be watching a few showers. 20% rain chance monday and tuesday. average high 79 and that's what
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>> sorboni: tampa police need your help finding a missing m man. marvin dean maze was last seen leaving his home. he left on a bike between thursday night and friday morning. his sister said he is on medication and might be confused. if anyone sees this man you are asked to call police. happening today, the tampa bay lightning will make place in you can sa hockey try hockey for free. free ice time for children who will like to it takes place at multiple ice rinks across the state of florida local rinks include the brandon sports forum, the clearwater ice arena and all location also have equipment on hand for to you have your kids out there and having fun and in order to take part, kids must reg ger at tryhockey artists are bringing art to life in venice this weekend. the venice chalk festival already under way.
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work. some will trick knew believing they are even 3d. this year's theme is love and peace and maybe expect a lot of '70s references. costs $10 to get in. artists expected to be finished with pieces by tomorrow. a look at politics right now. what has been the biggest st staffing announcement since the election. donald trump has named the members of his transition team leading the way will be vice president elect mike pence. that transition team will like immigration. as fox's evan axelbank points out, his promises on that issue have local immigrants worried about their future. >> reporter: the only person in paul barrett's life doesn't realize what is ahead [baby crying] >> reporter: is his new son. >> if the daca gets revoked i potentially use everything.
9:35 am
action for childhood arrivals. allows 33,000 previously undocumented immigrants to stay. he was 11 when his aunt brought him from jamaica in 2004. a track star at usf, works on campus and studying environmental science. >> i am a stand-up citizen without the citizen. >> reporter: the executive order gets rescinded. one good thing -- >> you will rescind that one too. to make a whole new set of standards. >> reporter: paul's lawyer is rich a manning. >> taking away that program, you are punishing the children for the acts of other adults. >> reporter: while trump has said his priority in deportation will be known criminals, manny is hoping that power will soften trump's outlook. >> what was campaign rhetoric, once he is the president, he's also the president of paul. and the many, many dacca
9:36 am
constituency here. >> reporter: if dacca is appealed lawyers will try to find reception for 50,000 floridians. paul and his girlfriend, ruth have more reason to fear for more than just their son's future. >> i don't see how he can just -- i don't know if he decides we don't need these people anymore. they are not valuable. they are not assets to our country tampa it doesn't make sense. >> the "washington post" reports since memo it can easily be removed. anyone that gave their information to participate can easily be found by federal a acts. george zimmerman has another brush with the law. he was thrown out of a central florida bar this week after getting into a confrontation with a customer. seminole county deputies were called to a cigar bar at the result that zimmerman yelled at an employee, snatched a credit card and used a racial slur.
9:37 am
to deputies that that customer assaulted him. >> a black man came up to me and put his hands on me. >> was this person physical with you? >> yeah, he came up and hit me on the shoulder twice. he was the victim... and the tension started ?over the inapproptiate touching of one -- over the inappropriate touching of one friends. all right, time is 9:37. a sarasota family will be h holding a bone marrow registry drive this weekend to try find a donor for their young son. 8-year-old benjamin gilkey has leukemia. he has undergone extensive chemotherapy treatment and received 30 blood and platelet transfusions. despite a brief remission, he needs a bone marrow transplant. his parents say they are encouraged by how supportive
9:38 am
match. >> if they are willing to donate blood and sign up for the bone marrow registry for him and willing to do it for everybody who needs it. people in this hospital who need it every hour, so it feels good that everybody is sort of rallying around him and people like him >> the registry drive will be held tomorrow from 11 to 4 and evey's tavern in sarasota. for more information how you can help the family, go to our web site, and click on the seen on tv link and good luck to him and his family. >> a new exhibit honoring more than two dozen astronauts from the space program. >> sorboni: we will show you artifacts and cutting-edge
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?? ?? maybe you want to take maybe you want to take the family out this weekend... well, maybe you want to
9:41 am
and enjoy the beautiful weather that we are having. >> alcides: take them at an adventure in outer space. a new exhibit focuses on the pioneers that took us into the sky. phil keating introduces us. >> reporter: a new exhibit that is out of this world. heroes and legends uses artifacts and cutting-edge technology to give visitors a look at the early years of the space programs. a who's who hand for the veterans day dedication. several astronauts shared their space adventures like charlie duke to rode in a lunar rover 16 miles on the moon. >> the view was incredible. the blackness of space. the contrast between that and the really, really bright you lunar surface. >> reporter: visitors began with the wall of fame itself. highlighting all of our space pioneers, but the museum emphasized the early years.
9:42 am
program and the apollo program. >> what i am really excited about is the possibility this can be used as a motivational tool for young people. >> reporter: director bob cabana, a hall of fame member himself, said the future of the space programs in america is robust and vibrant. >> we are building commercial spacecraft to once again take americans to the international space station. >> reporter: and every artifact like these helmets from the 1960s are absolutely authentic and also includes the original mission control, this from the mercury program 1968 to -- 1958 to '64. with you imagine what you are looking at here is as high-tech as it got in the entire world. at the kennedy space center, phil keating, fox news. >> alcides: the heroes and legend exhibit comes as part of the regular admission to the kennedy space center.
9:43 am
still to come here on "good day tampa bay." a sight of terrible tragedy. >> the bataclan concert hall is getting ready to opa-locka their doors tonight. plus a '90s classic and this morning the home used in "mrs. doubt fire" has a new owner. we will tell you how much that house sold for. if you are headed on the roads or drive through, windows down, waking up at 70 degrees. the north wind. the breaks in the high clouds. a sneak peek. the seven-day coming up and the weekend looks tremendous. few more clouds and fog tomorrow morning. normal high temperatures near 80 degrees. we have got rain, at least a
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z24zwz z12fz
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>> the time now is 9:46. the bataclan concert hall in paris will open one year after islamic extremists killed 130 people in a coordinated attack there. headlining tonight, british pop star sting. all seats sold out been 30 minutes. proceeds will go to two charities helping the surv survivors. the concert hall will be held tomorrow on the actual
9:47 am
plaque outside to commemorate the victims. a staged glitch glitch is said to be fixed on facebook. the social media site accidentally declared some of their users dead. the profiles were memorialized and a banner encouraged facebook friend to share memories and celebrate their life. unclear how widespread it was but even facebook ceo mark zuckerberg was not spared either. a facebook now been fixed. ? dude look like a lady ? snowed dude looks like a lady ? >>.who can forget this classic movie. you are out of luck if you were going to buy the house in "mrs. doubtfire." sold for a little over $4 million. it served as a temporary shrine
9:48 am
so -- all his movies really memorialized him and put a smile on your face. "mrs. doubtfire" one of my favorite. >> alcides: the highlight of his career. he had so many of them. >> sorboni: his whole career was a highlight. check in with lindsay because people are trying to figure out what to do. >> weekend plans. working this week. you haven't had a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather and both weekend days look pretty darn good. no rain expected dew points have dropped throughout "good day" telling me an even drier air mass right on schedule is here. 58 over brookdale, bayshore with high clouds painting the sky. they have been in and out. if you live in polk county, it is cloudy, what is happening. won't be cloudy all day but at times depending on where you live you will see the clouds. here they are in lakeland at 63. the north wind dragging in cooler air so we will call it a mixture of clouds and sunshine.
9:49 am
day though. if you slept in, our viewers helping you out by taking you back to the sun rise from jessie adair of the cloud streaks in the skies. timing perfect for all streaks in the sky. kathy sent this in as well. i can't thank you enough for your pictures. they have been unbelievable. 68. an a start below 50 degrees. now our dew points. a weak front flirting with the northern part of our area and tampa north have dew points in the 40s even dew points in the mid-50s feel good. drier air on the way. today we may break this stretch. believe it or not including yesterday, we have seen 17 days in a row with above average highs. my forecast is for an average high. we may break this trend. we are not going to break this trend though, 27 days in a row without rain.
9:50 am
maybe sneaking in a cup of showers but not until monday and tuesday. a lot of clouds and out with this front. behind it drier air. a comfortable day watching the fires in the carolinas. a comfortable day watching the fires in the carolinas. they could be dealing with some look at all the 30s. columbus, 35. new york city, 41 degrees. some of that winter chill, but feeling fall-like for game day. gators are home low humidity. chilly in memphis. bulls play an evening game at 7:00 tonight. highs this afternoon. 79 in tampa. 81 wauchula. and tonight we will subtract a few degrees for a our high for some of us or lows because of fewer clouds. 619 low in tampa. 51 in brooksville. 57 in arcadia. and by the way, it is still hurricane season. couple of our models have been showing long range meaning this
9:51 am
pressure trying to form in the southwest caribbean. if it does develop which the odds are 20%. it will likely head north and east that will keep our sunshine sunshine state quiet. we will keep you posted on if we see developments and on air. this afternoon looks good. the front kind lurking nearby. it stalls before it finally pushes through and drags in some really comfortable and cooler air through the middle part of the peek. very pleasant with high clouds at 79. an average low, 61. a few clouds, cool. up to 80. pleasant with a few low clouds. thicken sunday through monday and a close call with a super moon sunday and monday night. couple of showers tuesday. beyond that, beautiful fall weather wednesday, thursday and friday. >> alcides: thank you, lindsay. after the break they are finger-licking good and cooked
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publix. where shopping is a pleasure. you are watching "good day you are watching "good day tampa bay." >> your mouth will water and rib fest is back. >> alcides: we sent mike bennett.
9:55 am
you don't need teeth to eat these. >> we cook low and slow. we use hickory as well and a little apple for sweetness plus they love my thermonuclear. doctors don't want it out. wawpt to try it. >> takes 32 seconds. 32 seconds. >> i am going to get hiccups in ten -- i got hiccups now. [ laughter ] >> caramelize the ribs and when come up it looks like this. got to be like a wet noodle. >> reporter: besides the great barbecue food at rib fest, fantastic musical acts. >> we have 24 bands during the whole week but we will be opening up with the my lens as one of the headlines, greg billings and huey lewis and the
9:56 am
blank hon keys, fire and ice, fabulous thunder birds and dubei brothers. claire dunn r&d a chris young will be the big act sunday night. >> in addition to the big national bands that are here all weekend long, you also got a second stage features some local artists and musicians looking to entertain you. >> t we have been coming here for seven years in a row. rib fest, come on. >> sorboni: all right, gates open for rib fest today and tomorrow at 11 a.m. appetite tickets available online. you can get them at the gates too. >> alcides: why does he get to go to the rib fest and not you. >> lindsay: bring it back for the weather department. >> sorboni: never too early
9:57 am
outu outside. feels great. low humidity. 80 tomorrow and clouds thickwin a shower or two. that's it monday or tuesday. still quiet and cool in the morning. >> alcides: beautiful week. you can keep up to date on all the news all the time by logging on to our with ebb site. >> lindsay: follow us on facebook and twitter. >> sorboni: enjoy your morning
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