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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  November 13, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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clinic... that needs >> a free health clinic that need morse help. why organizers say they are forced to send hundreds of sick people home. and, one year after the deadliest attack in france since world war ii. how the world is mourning the paris terror attacks. plus -- smooth sailing. the bay area's new ferry service finds a new partner while the boats are getting on board to help fans. and good morning and good day tampa bay. the time is 7:00 a.m. on this sunday morning. thanks so much for joining us. we will get to your headlines in a minute but first a quick check on your forecast this gorgeous sunday morning. sun isn't quite up yet, but it will be shortly. >> it's up in a few spots. it's at 6:50. in some locations maybe a little filtered or dark because of some fog. you are not seeing it in
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wind. looks beautiful and cool and come fee this morning. but we brought in enough moisture that as we expected. the fog will be lifting out between 8:00 and 9:30. but our deck of low-level moisture expanding. now brandon, you have three quarter mile visibility. a quarter at the airrt lakeland is an improvement, believe it or not, but if you can hold off driving, the best bet. this extends through eastern hillsboro county, barton seeing low clouds. we have a great day underway after that. temperatures cool but not mild. 52 in bartow but 64 in leesburg and 63 in st. pete. light jackets after the fog lifts. this front will hang around today, but we will see some of those high clouds pushing in from the west.
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bring in a slight rain chance on monday with a high of 76. but look at those clouds keeping temperatures down. will it be cooler this workweek? i have the seven-day coming up. we begin with breaking news from the other side of the world. a major earthquake has just been felt in new zealand. the u.s. geological officials say it's measured at 7.4 magnitude. and, was centered near the christchurch, the same spot where a 6.3 earthquake 2011 killing about 185 people. no word yet on any damage from that new quake, but of course we are keeping a very close eye on this and will bring you up-to-date information as soon as it becomes available. new this morning, a deadly crash at a bay area drag racing park. it happened last night at showtime drag strip in pinellas park. the long racing strip is just south of omerton road. police say around 10:00 last night, a man was driving his car
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road and crashed into a wooded area. the man died at the scene. police have clarified that the crash was not during one of the races. the man's name has not been released. this drag strip has been in business since the 1950s and was closed a few years ago during renovations. tragedy this morning for a polk county family after a five-year-old boy was killed in an a. tv crash. deputies say the little boy was 32-year-old joshua heard, on that a. tv. a tire support arm broke during a u-turn causing the atv to roll over. the five-year-old was wearing a soft helmet but died at the hospital. his father was hurt and may be sufficientingerring from several broken bones. as of right now, no charges have been filed. some good samaritans helped save another couple after a
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beach. deposition sees say roger olson and his wife were on their boat in the gulf when they were actually flagged down by william gamba and his own fishing boat. his wife was unconscious. olson board gamba's boat. he also helped to drive it back to land when william was giving his wife cpr. shortly after, marine units spotted the vessel and gamba lost consciousness, as well. the husband and wife were rushed to a hospital. officials believe their injuries are related to the diving a huge challenge for hillsboro county firefighters saturday. they were trying to fight a house fire in brandon. but, part of the road was actually blocked. firefighters couldn't reach the home at first because family members were blocking the road trying to move a watercraft and used tires from the driveway. two people were hurt during the chaos when a boat trailer collapsed on top of them.
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officials are still working to figure out what sparked it. police in st. pete are trying to track down the person who shot a 20-year-old woman. police say the shooting took place behind a building on 13th avenue south. the woman was taken to a hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. no word yet on her name or a motive for that shooting. a free health carry vent wraps up today in manatee county. it's helped more than 800 people, but they have actually been turning away people. dozens of folks, since friday. including veterans. and here's why. the event is taking place at the manatee technical college in braid inton. people who are homeless or cannot afford their bills are getting free dental, medical and vision care. stan brock, who is the founder of this charity event, says they were hoping to help more people. they had the equipment and space but they don't have enough
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bars doctors from crossing into our state to perform free medical services. so, many doctors who were willing to help this event had to stay home. since friday, this event has performed more than 300,000 dollars' worth of free services. the freelyic wraps up today. services started at 6:00 this morning and ends at 12:00 this afternoon. again, it's at the manatee technical college off of state road 70 in [gun fire] >> today marks one year since a massive terror attack in paris, france. three men strapped with explosives stormed a music hall and then fired into the crowd . this is amateur video of a concert goer that night. it was a horrific day no doubt. 89 people in that theater were killed. another 41 were killed during
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hundreds more were hurt. most of the terrorists behind this were also killed in that attack. but police did arrest one prime suspect. they say he helped to plan the attack. he also drove some of the attackers to their destinations. he was arrested in belgium and was later moved to paris to await trial. last month, his lawyers quit because he refused to talk to them. faith leaders from all across europe have been taking place and taking memorials all week, some laying flowers at the attack sites. they are also unveiling a plaque at all the attack locations but the biggest memorial of them all may have taken place last night. ? wash the sustains away ? ? but something in our mind will always stay ? >> reporter: the music hall had its first concert since the attack and the performer you can see right there was sting. the event opened with a minute
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the crowd -- we will not forget them. the concert sold out within upon minutes and many of the survivors as well as their families who had folks die in that attack were able to take part in the event. all proceeds from the show were also given to those victims. the protests continue across country against president-elect donald trump. two police officers in indianapolis were injured during a people threw rocks during the march. dozens of people were arrested in seattle after they started throwing bottles and blocking streets. police are fighting back with pepper balls and tear gas. a las vegas protesters were arrested after they tried marching down las vegas boulevard right through the strip. and the protests continue locally, as well.
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protesting saturday in sarasota and former talk show host -- there he is -- jerry springer was one of them. in the video, springer can be heard telling the crowd, quote, we have to be together. springer is the former democratic mayor of cincinnati and a huge hillary clinton supporter. he also has a home in sarasota. time right now is 7:09. a new way to get across tampa bay is becoming a big success in its first week. the cross-bay ferry takes passengers from downtown tampa to downtown st. pete. the best part, you never have to worry about traffic. last night, tampa bay lightning got on board with the idea. >> let's go lightning! >> the lightning girls took their cheers outside of the arena to pump up several dozen fans about a new way to get across the bay. >> i think this is great. i mean it's so close. you can walk both ways.
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a great family event, too. >> she's talking about the cross-bay ferry, a joint venture of the cities of tampa and st. pete offering an alternative to the often congested drive across either the howard franklin or the ghandi bridges. the lightning helped promote the ferry by giving these fans a free ride to saturday's game. officials hope it will encourage people who live in pinellas to come back and try it on their own. fans say they will be back. >> i think there will be a be a lot of fun for the family. this is something we will do a lot. >> the lightning took a school group and their parents on the sale. the drop off at the tampa convention center, just a short walk from the arena. ferry officials say ridership has been strong since it debuted last week. trips were more than 70% full last weekend and riders say they can see why. >> i think this is going to be much better than just drive over there, try to find parking and
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i mean you can't beat it. right? >> and for now, the ferry just runs on weekends but by the end of the month it will expand to seven-day service. still ahead right here on good day tampa bay, it looks like the november surprise isn't just for politics. why it was one of the most shocking saturdays in college football history. plus, another scare this time in a shopping mall. why hundreds of shoppers up north were running for their
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>> welcome back. time is 7:13. making headlines across america
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gunman after a shoot inside a suburban mall just outside of albany. witnesses told police they heard a number of shots saturday afternoon near an apple store. the sound sent hundreds of shoppers running away in panic. thankfully no one was hurt. the mall was on lockdown for at least six hours. tomorrow in atlanta, a jury gets back to work deciding one father's fate. justin ross is charged with killing his 22-month-old son by leaving him ross claims he forgot the boy was in there and drove to work. prosecutors believe he intentionally left him in the back seat. the jury has already spent three days deliberating without reaching a verdict. they were off on friday for veterans' day, but the judge ordered them back tomorrow morning. federal officials are beefing up the southern border this weekend. about 150 border patrol agents were just deployed to areas
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california . u.s. customs and border protection officials say the agents were moved after a recent spike in illegal immigrants entering this country. the extra agents will help with the screening and processing of these immigrants. and, no doubt it is a sure sign of the holidays and how the fact that it's already here. look what just arrived at rockefeller center in new york city. one of the most famous christmas trees in the world. second tallest in the plaza. it was cut down from a couple's backyard in upstate new york. the tree's 50,000 lights will be switched on wednesday, november 4. i still cannot believe that it is the beginning of november, soon it will be thanksgiving and then, christmas. >> i heard christmas music at home goods the other day. the calendar's right. we like cooler air.
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morning is some added moisture and some fog. i know sebring to bradenton, not seeing it. they have a great morning. lakeland, it's been dicey. the cloud deck will lift between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. but if you can avoid the commute right now, that's my best advice. we are locked into the moisture. it is 59? which is cool. winds are light. this is the good stuff. 63? with we dragged in some slightly higher moisture values this morning, but still, dew points are in check and it's comfortable. but here we go. that fog that was literally right along i-4, it has expanded some. low clouds from barto this morning, but dense fog from lakeland, this hangs back west toward bradenton, dense fog at the airport as well.
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the roads. the clouds will not last all morning and we have a great day on the way. 57 apollo beach. 58 in pinellas park. significantly milder from bushnell to brooksville. you are in the low 60s thanks to the fact that moisture's gone up. 58wachula. so our stalled front year the area right now. this slides south, though, during the day monday. with it, more clouds on monday and by monday night, we will start to drag in cooler air. dew points this morning are near 60, which is a manageable value. on the trend, we watch it after the front passes, gets even drier midweek. a beautiful stretch of weather headed our way. we are dry and will stay rain free today for the bears buccs game. the thing is, if you are tailgating early, you may need a light extra layer but don't lose
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got it talk about the super moon. this is setting up shop tonight and also monday night. it's a super super moon because it's the closest and largest full moon that we will be seeing since january 26, 1948. now, any time we see a super moon, 14% bigger 30% brighter, but the thing about this super moon is it's going to look extra big since it's going to be within 220,000 miles of the earth. not happening again until november 25, 2034. so get your cameras as clouds thicken tonight. 84 today. a pleasant day with a mix of sun and clouds. if you are boating, looks great. we have a light northeast wind and a light chop. slim rain chance, 10% on monday followed by a good deal of sun and some cooler mornings tuesday, wednesday and thursday. all right. in sports this morning, it was not a good weekend to be a top five college football team. that's because three out of the five actually lost.
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it's the first time that's happened in about 30 years. only number one alabama and number five ohio state survived the shocking saturday. second ranked clemson, third ranked michigan, and fourth ranked washington all lost. two other top 10 teams lost as well. but, one team that did not lose, the u.s.f. bulls. >> reporter: good morning. last night's game had the makings of a great game. the last two stanley cup final quickly and this matchup really never materialized into the game that so many expected. a controversial start for the sharks. patrick marlow with two bolts on his back crashes into the net. it took a while to sort this one out but san jose will be awarded the goal after they challenged the no-goal call. replay overturns it. they determined that braden point pushed the goal past bishop. 1-0 sharks. san jose would get another goal
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up the power play. up top, over ben bishop, 3-0 lead for san jose. the lightning try to come back in the third. cedric setting up anton. the bolts are on the board but lightning will have to pull ben bishop for an extra attacker in the final minute. doesn't help. they fall 3-1. lightning now head out on the road for a five-game road trip. 12 of the next 17 games are on the road. u.s.f. in memphis neeng bulls need to win out to stay in the hunt for the conference championship. a lot of big plays in this one right from the start. a 49 yard touchdown connection. u.s. f.'s third drive, adams watch this on the jet sweep. we have liftoff. adams taking this one 92 yards for a 14-0 lead. just halfway through the first quarter. that's the bulls' 55th touchdown of the season.
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taking a lead. 31-28, flowers little screens to mccance. turning that into a 40-yard scoring play. bulls back on top. at the end of the third quarter. game tied 42-42. trouble for the bulls not quite. flowers gets out of it turning a busted play into a tie-breaker. memphis would then march right down the field. bulls defense needs to come up huge from the three yard line and they stop three strgh line. what a game. these two teams combine for nearly 1300 yards. bulls win a big one, 49-42. will muschamp returns to the swamp for the first time, now on side lines for south carolina. scoreless game in the first with appleby find as wide-open lewis for the six-yard touchdown. gators up 7-0. in the second quarter, appleby
7:22 am
and that's gators 14-0 right there. they would go up 20-0 trying to get the shutout but david williams would erase that. with a one-yard plunge, but that's all the team could come up with. florida wins, with ease, 20-7. the gators hold on to first place in the s.e.c. east. next up, a makeup game against l.s.u. on the road. that could determine the winner going to the s.e.c. championship game. busy sunday here on fox 13 starting at 10:30 this morning, scott smith will be live at the stadium getting you ready for the bears and buccs at 1:00. after that, dallas takes on pittsburgh at 4:25. doug martin practiced all week for the buccs. expect him back in the lineup today against the chicago bears. that's a look at sports. you have a yourself a great day. still ahead, the season of sniffles. just how bad will the flu season be?
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tis the season... for coughing and sneezing. ?flue season is now underway... and its only gonna get worse. >> the peak time begins december and runs through march and now, it's the best time to protect yourself right before the holidays gets here. who wants to get sick for the holidays? our doc on call joins us this morning with everything we need to know to keep ourselves safe. the assistant medical director at johns hopkins all children's hospital. >> thanks f well ok, basic stuff. what can we do? >> essentially, if you want to prevent the flu, one of the things you can do is get vaccinated. that it's the best way. yes, you can stay home, if you are sick you can stay away from people that are sick but by far the best way to s. to get the vaccine. can i tell you that i hate getting vaccinated? are you going to hate me if i say that? >> no, no, no. >> i just hate doing it.
7:26 am
i feel i get sick. that's a myth? >> correct. you cannot get sick. but some may have a reaction, but it's your body building immunity. but you cannot get the flu from the vaccine. >> what are you expecting this year? >> so far, may through september, there's been no difference than last year's season. there was a slight uptick in the month of august. but so far it looks to be abouts same. >> how can we tell a difference between the flu and just a regular cold? >> that c sometimes impossible. the symptoms from the flu and cold are similar but the cold is milder. mostly runny nose, stuffy nose. but with the flu you get body aches, muscle pains, joint aches, fatigue, tiredness, headache. children can get nausea and vomiting. worse symptoms than the cold. sometimes flu symptoms can be mild. so it can be about the same. >> is everyone ok to get the flu vaccine? >> everyone over the age of six months should get the flu
7:27 am
if you are one of the exceptions, you would want to consult your physician. pretty much everyone over the age of six months should get one. >> what about the mist? is that as effective? >> that's a good question. this year the flu mist is not recommended by the c.d.c. only recommend san diego the vaccine. >> why? >> the intra muscular vaccine. because in the last few years they found that the flu mist was not as effective. the h1n1 virus as they recommendation for the flu mist. >> you are going to be busy with this. i can just tell. it's one of those seasons, right before the holiday season it seems like it picks up every single time. >> and we are seeing that. we are starting to see some flu saves coming into the clinics. think in the next few months it will take off. >> all right. carlos, thanks so much. i appreciate. it we will talk more in the next hour. thanks so much. still ahead, a battle of the bugs. the new plan to fight the zika virus and why some home owners
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good morning. thank you for good morning. thank you so much for joining us this sunday for november 13 for good day tampa bay. we will get you your forecast with lyndsey in a minute but first, a quick check on the he pinellas park police are investigating a deadly crash at a popular drag racing park. it happened last night at showtime drag strip. the long racing strip is just south of almerton road. police say around 10:00 p.m., a man was driving his car down the strip when the car veered off the road and crashed into a wooded area. that man was pronounced dead at the scene. police say the crash was not during one of the races. the company's website also does not list any official events
7:31 am
released. this drag strip has been in business since the 1950s. four americans are dead after a bombing in afghanistan. it happened at the baghram u.s. air base on saturday. two u.s. service members were killed along with two american contractors. another 17 service members were hurt. the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack saying it was a suicide bomber who got into the base. they also claim they have been planning this attack for several and the president-elect gives his first interview tonight since the election. donald trump and his family will be talking with 60 minutes. the show is pretaped and they sent out a preview of that clip. some of the highlights. trump will talk about his plan to keep portions of the obama care instead of just dropping the whole entire thing. trump also plans to show a lot of more restraint when it comes to social media posts.
7:32 am
comfortable or cool and comfortable and foggy. this is from johns hopkins all children's hospital-cam. that moisture is where we did see fog, not rain. it is 63?. but let's look the opposite way over the beach and, believe it or not, we have some low clouds in clear water beach. but don't cancel your beach plans. this will be lifting out by 9:00 a.m. we have a great day on the way but it is a very foggy start. so with added moisture, driving discouraged especially in those so, at the airport we have dense fog. that's a quarter of a mile. this hooks east toward brandon del rico where visibility is up some to three quarters of a mile. lakeland, you have seen the worst visibility. it's at an eighth of a mile. this covers much of polk county. give it between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. and well see improvements. temperatures are cool depending where you live, it's either cooler south of the bay compared to this time yesterday or warmer
7:33 am
59 in lakeland and even after those low clouds lift, we will toss in some high clouds from the west today. today, 80 for the high. we are below average behind a weak front. monday, tuesday and wednesday, mid 70s. five middle schools in poll being county are -- in polk county are fighting to stay open after the state board of education threatened to close them because of their the list includes kathleen, boone, dennison, lake alfred adair and westwood middle. the school board has a plan to keep all the schools open and starting next week, the schools will start making their cases. monday night, kathleen middle school will hold a public forum to go over their plan to improve their grade to at least a c. or higher. it starts at 6:30 inside the school cafeteria. officials in south florida
7:34 am
miami dade county just told the state surgeon general they are considering using bug against bug. they would artificially infect mosquitoes with a naturally occurring bacteria. a male mosquito would be released to mate with a female mosquito carrying the zika virus. the off spring would die, reducing the population of the zika carrying mosquito. it could help fight other tropical diseases carrying that mosquito. the e.p in limited cases. the florida keys are considering using those genetically modified mosquitoes as well but residents are not entirely on board. monroe county had a ballot referendum this week asking home owners if they were ok with releasing all these new mosquitoes in their neighborhoods. 57% of the voters in that county said yes. but in the actual town where the testing would actually take place, key haven, 65% said no.
7:35 am
anyway. the florida keys mosquito board will actually make a decision on this saturday of next week. ? >> the current closes today on another bay area film festival. the blue ocean film fest focuses on the earth and conservation efforts. it featured more than 90 films from 24 countries. it takes place at various theaters downtown including the palladium and the movie coast sun dial the festival screenings resume this morning at 10:00 or, could you just wait until 7:00 tonight when the festival's winning film will screen for free at straven park. just bring your own chair and a blanket. only 42 shopping days left 'til christmas. i can't believe it. if you haven't started yet, it's a good time to get your gift. it's the final day of the junior league's annual holiday gift market. it takes place at the florida
7:36 am
actually out there right now. it opens, actually opens at 9:00 this morning and continues until 5:00. all the net proceeds will go to the community charities. and it's beginning to look a lot like the holidays up in pasco county. the shops at wire grass and wesley chapel just lit their tree last night. it's part of their annual light show symphony of lights. the l.e.d. lights on that giant tree are timed to music. at the event and posing for pictures every day through christmas eve. you will have to pay for the same photos, but the daily light show is free. and i have been out there. it's a pretty good show. disney world is getting into the spirit of the holidays with some very special guests. singers like garth brooks, kelly kirk land, boyz ii men performed at the magic kingdom in front of
7:37 am
several holiday tv specials airing later on this month. disney shared a few photos from their tapings on saturday. clarkson also tweeted out pictures earlier in the day when she got play at the park with her son and daughter. her daughter even dressed up like cinderella and got to meet the princess. and, who says kids aren't the only ones who get excited to see santa? your furry friends can get in on the fun as w international plaza in tampa. they are holding their santa paws event. you can take your dog or cat to meet santa claus and get a photo. all pets must be leashed or in a cage with a harness. you also need to park in in the garage under bay street and enter through the double doors marked pet photo entrance. it runs from 7:00 to 9:00 this morning. so, get out there and have some fun. and speaking of your furry friends we have one in our
7:38 am
up. stay with us. oh, plus -- some help with your holiday shopping. the the coupon lady, you got to love her. coupon katie is talking about black fri dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back ce the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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a developing story this morning in manatee county... where a ?free health clinic is wrapping up today. the clinic provides free services, to people who just can't afford it. ?hundred people since friday. but organizers say, that number could've been a lot more. fox 13's kellie cowan joins us from bradenton... where that clinic is ?already underway this morning. kellie? >> good morning. well right now there's no line here, but the parking lot is absolutely packed. so, i can only imagine how busy it is in there. but, as you mentioned, organizrs telling us this morning they could have helped a
7:41 am
weekend if not for florida state law. they say that a florida law prevents doctors from practicing in florida if they are from another state. if they are not licensed in florida, and that includes practicing at even free events like this one. since friday morning, manatee technical college has turned into a one-stop-shop for medical treatment thanks to this three-day remote area medical clinic. they are offering services from general practitioners eye exams, h.i.v. tests and they have hundreds of volunteers on hand ready to help. but as i mentioned, organizers are saying they have helped more than 800 people in the bay area. but right now, that floridaility state law is preventing them from helping a lot more. they say they have had to turn away people this weekend as it's gotten busy because they don't have enough doctors to actually help everybody because of that law. so, they are petitioning the governor to change that law.
7:42 am
but this clinic, free clinic, continues today until noon and on a first come first serve basis. before i toss it back to you guys i'll give out the address very quickly. manatee technical college, 6305 state road 70 east in bradenton. >> all right, kelly. thank you so much. let's go to lyndsey with our pet of the week. ? >> good morning. it is a sherry from the humane society -- >> good morning. >> hi. you brought this shy little guy. >> we did. you can see he is just trembling. his name is charlie. he's a bull terrier daschshund. he's a parrot mouth. not a technical term, but this is what shelters call it. do you see the overbite? look at that. >> awww. >> he can still eat puppy chow.
7:43 am
but i just wanted people to see it because it's quite striking when you first open his mouth. he had been a stray. he has very thin hair. whoever had him the first few months of his life didn't take care of him. but he's a lovely lovely dog. he loves to play with other puppies but he's just kind of scared being on tv. >> well i don't blame him all the bright lights. >> look at that. it will be 22 to 25 pounds when full grown. >> a nice medium size. >> low to the ground. a low rider. i think he will be great with he's just a little bit nervous. >> do you think he can still eat hard food soft food. >> oh, he does. he eats hard good. >> just a part of his personality. >> just the uniqueness of him. you see the long nose. that's where the bolter yore comes in. look how pretty you are. >> he's very handsome. we will get him a good home today. >> so november 19 shapes is having a walk or run five mile or 10 mile in corey lake isles which is in new tampa.
7:44 am
exercise with your family or with your dogs and raise money for the humane society. we want to give them a shout out as well. >> so if you can't adopt a pet, it's a great way to help. and who got a great home last week is milli. >> and they wanted a small, this family wanted a smaller dog because they have two dobermans at home. so millie's living the life now. >> she was so chill and relaxed. >> yes. >> so next week is charlie's week hopefully. >> if you are interested in this overbite, just adds to his character, his looks. >> sure does. >> at the's a sweet boy. oh, he looks shy in his picture. 10:00 to 5:00 are the hours. if you love him, sounds like he's great with kids and other dogs. check out some others while you are there, too. maybe you light cats.
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just fifteen minutes and a little imagination are all you need to make thanksgiving magic. chex party mix.
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sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside.
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it's that time of it's that time of the week again for our sunday savings and this weekend, we are getting ready for the biggest shopping event of the year . you know what we are talking about. black friday. in recent years, all those deals expanded way beyond just one day. joining me now to talk more about this, we have the queen of
7:48 am
keifer. thank you for being with us. >> you or welcome. >> black friday! >> yeah! >> you have a game plan? >> i love black friday. i'm pumped. i worked retail for years. i was in jewelry. >> i can see that. >> i hated black friday because in jewelry people don't buy jewelry on black friday. it's not the best deal. it's better a little bit later. we were always bored but we had to be there at 6:00 a.m. when the mall opened. then i was an accountant and didn't have any kids. >> now i go every single year. i can't miss it. >> what do you buy? >> i was missing out on everything. >> what do you buy? we will get to the game plans in a minute. what do you buy? >> personally like, it's actually better to think about personal things like electronics and sheets and towels and things like that. it's not necessarily gifts but there's also a ton of gifts if you are in the market for things. i do a whole crazy analysis of -- >> i bet. >> i know. because i love math.
7:49 am
me for black friday. right now already the ads are out. you can start by comparing the ads right away. and say, kohl's and target and wal-mart, all released ads early so you can get an early glimpse and see what you like. >> so, for you, you shop for yourself, but for others, they shop for their families and friends. so, i imagine you have to do your research, loo look at all the ads and figure out what you are going to buy. >> right. and i also do gifts for done in one day. it's like super easy to be completely finished with shoping in 24 hours. all in. all in at once. >> so -- >> ok so let me tell you my next tip. because if you are going to go shopping, you've got to schedule those times because some stores open on thursday, some open, you know, as the times go on the night. my best thing ever was my girlfriends and i when we go, we divide and conquer and go to different stores and we call each other and say ok you go for
7:50 am
chi curling iron. i have a girl. you know annabelle. she always loves the new curling iron. we team up, meet up in parking lots and we give each other stuff. we always bring cash so that way we have enough to give each other to divide out. then keep going. if you are late, this is the best thing. nobody knows this idea. >> they do now. >> that's right. because if you are like 30 will miss out on the door buster because they never have enough of those things in the store. right? that's why everybody well, instead, if you get there 30 minutes late, go right to the return area. because people get up to the cash register and they are like oh, i don't think i want to spend $100 on this camera. so they say forget it put it back. that doesn't get back on the shelf right away. >> look at you! that's a good one. >> i know. i've done it. >> go to the return area and that's where the merchandise is at. >> yes. if you are a little bit late. if you have been oversleeping or eat more pie and get there late. yeah. go to the returns. >> bring store ads.
7:51 am
ads. most of them price match for this holiday season. target, wal-mart, best buy, all those guys. bring the ads with you so that they don't challenge, you know, if you would be at the cash register and you say it's a price match. you have to look it up on the phone, people get mad s the at you. >> if you aren't prepared, it it's a nightmare. >> right. but having them along is all you need. as you are waiting in line, because you are going to wait in line. >> yeah, you will wait anyway. so - online also. >> not the door busters. >> yes, the door busters, too. the challenge -- >> are you sure? >> yes. the challenge is that everybody else can get them, too. so you don't want to like be laxidaisical and add that one and add that one. take 30 minutes. yeah you got to be ready. >> those are some really good -- you are so good at what you do. >> i love black friday. i love shoping in general. >> a lot of people do. you got the deal of the week
7:52 am
>> all right, katie. thanks so much. >> ok, thanks. >> thank you. >> now your sky tower radar forecast with lyndsey milborn. >> welcome back. and before we dive into our local forecast, if you are just joining us, some breaking news out of new zealand this morning. the usgs has upgraded a large earthquake, a powerful but shallow one, to 7.8. that's strong, on the richter scale. any time we see aftershocks and tsunamis. now we are getting reports from emergency management in new zealand that the first wave, meaning an actual tsunami, has been generated. and this is on the northeastern coast of the south island there in new zealand. from you family there, we are thinking of them. no reports of damage coming in, but, any time we do see a threat for a tsunami, you know, we have to watch multiple waves. so while this first one has brushed the coastline there, we
7:53 am
hours. so, we will alert you if we see any new developments. a tsunami confirmed by emergency management there. it is 7:53. it it's been a foggy start to the day. but we are starting to melt through some of these low clouds in tampa. it is 61?. we have a northeast wind at 7. so it is cool, comfy. not everyone dealing with the low good visibility. while we are locked in to all of this moisture, this will be lifting out between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. now the low clouds are bringing down visibility all the way south toward sebring. but the worst of it is sam a points east -- tampa points east. take the ride east on i-4 and a quarter to eighth a mile visibility. keep it slow. if you must drive, it's the low beams you will need.
7:54 am
dew points are low, but high are than this time yesterday in the upper 50s. our stalled front shifts south believe it north over the next 24 hours. so, more clouds tomorrow. maybe a shower and where they need some rain is right here in the carolins. they have seen all kinds of wildfires. a wedge setting the stage for steady nuisance light showers this morning. and lots of cool temperatures with this dome of high pressure. 34 in nashville, 35 in chicago. meanwhile w quick thing in the tropics, we have a wave we are watching in the southwest caribbean. a 60% chance of developing over the next five days. it may move north northeast. right now it does not appear to play a role in our weather. weather at raymond james stadium looks fantastic today. 9 for the 1:00 bears buccs game. 80 for the high today with a mix of sun and clouds. clouds thicken tonight. it's tough to see the super super moon, but get your cameras ready in case.
7:55 am
then cool mornings and sunshine tuesday, wednesday and thursday. first there is shaving. blades. sharp and precise. then gillette shielding. comfy lubrication before and after. and also cooling. oooh. i got goosebumps. gillette proshield chill
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proshield chill from gillette. the best a man can get. proshield.
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? new this morning, a fitting end to quite an emotional week. saturday night live opened its show last night without any jokes. it was just comedian kate mcke in, nan dressed as hillary clinton performing leonard cohen's hallelujah. he passed away earlier this week. kate ended the song referring, referencing all the unrest over the election saying -- i'm not giving up. still ahead, a look at the
7:58 am
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a free health clinic in manatee a free manatee county forced to turn veterans away. why organizers say they couldn't take care of them and many others. plus, protests continue across the country overnight even prompting a visit from jerry springer, himself. and, going out with a bang. what causes bars to catch fire last night in orlando. and good morning welcome to good day tampa bay.


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