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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  November 14, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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ns by vitac -- ahead this morning on good day: the first presidential picks... of the ?trump administration. and one... is already bringing some controversy. ((jen speaking of controversy... a new ?anthem outrage this morning in the n-f-l. but this time... it was from one of the bucs ?best players. ahead this hour: we'll let you hear his reason. ((walter plus: you coul for stargazers. the amazing sight... in the sky. ((walter)) good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen. ((jen)) and i'm jennifer epstein. those stories in a minute, but now,
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later this morning, the city of orlando is taking a huge step... in honoring the victims of the pulse terror attack. they are set to approve the ?city's purchase... of that nightclub. the city wants to turn the club into a ?permanent
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back in june. fox's andrea jackson has more details now, on the plan: sound saved in instinct: mayor dyer-pulse buythe city of orlando will meet to approve the purchase of the pulse nightcluba for 2.25 milliona 600 thousand above the appraised's a deal mayor buddy dyer tells us has been in the works for awhilesot/mayor buddy dyer 14;56;08 we made the decision a while ago that it would be appropriate for the city to take control of the building the above-market price was a compromise between the club's owner barbara poma and the city for the 45-hundred square foot building on south orange avenue a however don't expect big changes right away sot/mayor buddy dyer 14;56;13- 14;56;25 we want to preserve it for the next 12-18 months as-is so that people can visit the locationa& very meaningful to not just the lgbt community, latino community but to our community as a wholethe city is not ruling out leaving part of the club intacta& or the roadside sign in place featuring the-iconic pulse logo. the community will be invited to share their ideas for a lasting memorial . sot/mayor buddy dyer 14;56;51-14;57;01 we want to g a some experts who have done stuff like this before in other communities to give us some advice some we have plenty of time to do what we're going to do for a permanent memorialandrea jackson fox 35 news a developing story in washington this story in a developing fox 35 newsandrea jackson memorialandrea jackson fox 35
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a developing story in washington this morning: president-elect donald trump has named the first members of his white house staff. former r-n-c chairman "reince preibus" will now serve as white house chief of staff. and "breitbart news" chairman "steve bannon" has been picked as chief strategist and senior counselor. priebus was recommended for the chief of staff job by house pass a lot of republican leglislation. bannon has faced criticism though, for his major role in the "alt-right" movement. and last night, the president-elect sat down for his first interview since the selection. it was taped for the cbs program "60 minutes". he was asked about a number of topics including changes to obamacare... and whether he would tone down his comments on social media, once he gets sworn in. here's his
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trump may have spoken too soon about that ?restraint. he sent ?eight tweets, yesterday alone... several of them criticizing the new york times and it's coverage of him. and when trump was asked during that interview if he plans to follow comment he made about prosecuting hillary clinton. trump side-stepped it -- saying his focus is on job and immigration. trump also told interviewer leslie stahl that he would actually forfit the president's salary... which is 400 ?thousand dollars. trump said he'll take the legally required minimum... of one dollar. it was another night of anti-trump demonstrations across the country. in san francisco, immigrants and their advocates were among those taking part in the protests. trump's
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mexico border and having mexico pay for the wall. trump has also pledged to start deporting more than a million illegal immigants ?with criminal records, as soon as he takes office. and sunday was also one of the largest days of anti-trump protests here in the bay area. nearly 12- hundred people marched in downtown st. pete to show their anger over the election. protesters held two rallies--one at "demens landing"--the other on central avenue not far from the police department. they say they know the protests like house--but they say it's still important to show the world how they feel about a trump presidency: and another group of protestors marched in tampa sunday. the group gathered at "water works park" to encourage unity. and police say pretty much ?all of these local protests have been
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and that controversy overshadowed one amazing game for the bucs. it could be the most exciting ?win... all season. and the biggest
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winston... with one great ?escape. listen in ... to how the radio announcers called it... on 620 w-d-a-e: many think that pass in the second quarter, was the turning point of this game. the bucs scored a touchdown soon after...and cruised for the big win against the bears... 36 to ten. it's the ?biggest margin of victory for a bucs home game since 20-12. and it's actually their first ?home
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more on the game later this half hour in sports... including reaction from the locker room. and after the break: a ?super show... in the sky. a closer look at the super-moon from overnight... and the nasa spacecraft, that has the best ?view... in the solar system!
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ooth dark chocolate outside. exotic fruit flavor inside. brookside. for all your sides. happening right now in the sky... a pretty stellar sight. the ?supermoon is now in full glow. this is the closest and brightest the moon has appeared, in almost 70 years. so it ?looks about 14 percent bigger. the last time the moon was this close... was back in 19-48. and the ?next time, won't be for another 18 years. and even though it ?looks close... the moon is still more than 220 ?thousand miles away. so did you get some
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them online... and tag us... so we can share the pictures on air this morning. just add the hashtag "good day t-b." and nasa doesn't have to take pictures of the moon from ?earth... they can just use their robot spacecraft, the "lunar reconnaissance orbiter". it's actually been orbiting the moon for the past seven years... mapping the surface, and planning out ?landing sites for future human and robotic missions to the moon's surface. the spacecraft has now mapped more than 98 percent of the moon's
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((walter/jen)) a shocking saturday... leads to a shakeup the college football polls. up next: a look at the big changes, at the top. plus: we know why ?dave is so happy this morning. "dak" does it again! next in sports: what the ?cowboys just did sunday... that has some, already sending
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time to talk some sports this morning. and how bout them bucs? they just got their most ?convincing win of the season. and it's one the ?home fans have been waiting all year for. thats because it's their first win at ?home... this year. the bucs defense came up huge in this one. they intercepted bears q-b jay cutler ?twice on the bears first two possessions. including one... for a touchdown. the bears had ?four turnovers in just the first half. and just before halftime... the bears go for a 50 yard hail mary...
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bobbles in for a touchdown! their luck would run out there. in the second half... the bucs scored another 19 points and shutout the bears the rest of the way. the bucs also got rusher "doug martin" back in this game. he's still not 100 percent, but got a touchdown in the fourth quarter. and his lead ?blocker on that mccoy... who was actually playing fullback. bucs win big... 36 to 10. here's reaction from the
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and right after the bucs game, fox viewers got to see a possible ?superbowl matchup. the pittsburgh steelers hosting the dallas cowboys. the steelers would score first... going up 12 to 3 at one point. but "dak prescott" and the cowboys were just warming up. ezekiel elliott takes a screen pass from prescott 83 yards for a touchdown! second half, prescott would toss a ?50 yard touchdown to dez bryant. elliott gets a 32 rushing touchdown to seal it with just seconds to go in
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cowboys win... 35 to 30... their ?eighth win in a row. and... an exciting end to nfl sunday... the new england patriots hosting the seattle seahawks. a rematch of superbowl 49. and this one... came down to ?another questionable goal-line play. but this time, it was the ?patriots on the losing end. new england on the ?one yard line, down a touchdown... and brady tries ?passing it to tight end rob gronkowski. there's a lot of pushing and gronk doesn't get anywhere ?near the ball. no penalty... no catch... and no win for the pats. seattle wins... 31 to 24. and.. the dust has settled from one of the most ?shocking saturdays in college football. ?three teams in the top five lost. ?five teams... in the top ten. and the ?new rankings came out sunday. number is ?still alabama... followed by ?ohio state... louisville, michigan,
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still a long way... until the college football playoffs and the national championship game... right here in tampa! when we come back, i'll have another check on your monday forecast. plus: the beach boys... the rolling stones... and frank sinatra. one man performed with them all. after the break: looking back at the loss of ?another
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making headlines across america: police in northern california have made an arrest... in the ?deadly shooting of a deputy. the arrest comes just ?hours af parking lot. deputy "dennis wallace" was investigating a report of a suspicious van sunday... in the city of "hugh-son." that's just east of san francisco. detectives say "david machado" shot the deputy ?twice ... at point blank range. they say machado drove off in the van, then carjacked a kia sedan... and committed an armed robbery. police finally caught up to him about 150 miles away... whey they say he tried to steal a woman's purse at a
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of charges. today in atlanta... a jury gets back to work, deciding one father's fate. justin ross is charged with ?murdering his 22-month-old son... by leaving him in a hot car. ross claims he ?forgot the boy was still in there, and drove to work. prosecutors believe he ?intentionally left the toddler back there. the jury has already spent three days deliberating ?without reaching a verdict. they were off friday for veterans day... but the judge ordered them ?back this morning. firefighters in western north carolina to put out almost two ?dozen wildfires. the biggest fire ignited in lake lure and chimney rock about a week ago. now it is expanding across three thousand acres of ruthford county forcing dozens of communities to evacuate. at least ?20 wildfires are currently burning throughout the state. firefighters say the steep terrain and dry conditions make it difficult to contain the flames. and... another big loss in the music world. legendary musician "leon russell" passed away sunday. his career spanned more than
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biggest names in music... including the beach boys, bob dylan, the rolling stones and elton john. he was inducted in the rock and roll hall of fame in 20-11. russell passed away in sleep at his nashville home. he was 74 years old. still ahead: ?several bay area schools... fighting to keep their doors open., why the ?state wants to shut them down. plus... fox 13's shayla reaves is ?live at raymond james stadium... to talk about the big deal at the ?beginning of sunday's bucs game. at longhorn, tonight's special: great steak pairings. a center cut sirloin with a choice of bacon-wrapped shrimp, baby back ribs, or parmesan crusted chicken. you can't fake steak.
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a lot of people are talking about the ?bucs this morning. but unfortunately it's not ?all about that big wn. one of the team's best players... held a ?protest during the national anthem. but it wasn't ?exactly related to what other players have been doing around the n- f-l. lets go live to fox 13's shayla reaves , outside raymond james stadium... with more.


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