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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 5AM  FOX  November 14, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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((walter sitting down and taking a stand. one of the bucs most popular players makes an unpopular move... ((jen for the first time since winning the white house, president-elect donald trump opens up about the election, immigration... and prosecuting hillary clinton. ((walter a super sightt in the sky. the brightest moon in decades is high above tampa bay this morning... to see it. ((walter)) its now 5:?? thanks for joining us. i'm walter allen((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. if you haven't been outside this morning, you're in for a treat... (walter) the moon right now is bigger and brighter than it's been in nearly 70 years... (walter - take a look at what's being called the "supermoon" rising over
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about once every 14 months... but what makes today's so special is that the moon is closer to earth than usual. dave will talk more about the cool sight later this hour... but first, we want to check today's "super" forecast.
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(walter) later this morning, congress returns to work for a lame-duck session that will likely be one of the lamest in recent memory.(jen) conservatives are urging congressional leaders to pass a short-term funding bill, and nothing else. (jen - the reason: republicans will have full control of every branch of government come january... in last week's election, the g-o-p won enough seats to gain the upper hand in the senate... republicans will have a
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republicans fended off strong challenges from democrats to keep their majority in the house. they have a 239 to 193 majority. so until new members take their places, conservates want to hold off on making decisions on several key issues. (walter - that doesn't mean absolutely nothing will get accomplished. during this short session, the house and senate will elect new leaders for the next congress. leaders could also pass a bill that would extend or make permanent dozens of tax provissions... related to energy, mortagage insurance, tuition and education. and congress department of defense request for an additional 6- billion-dollars to support president obama's plans to leave 84-hundred service members in afghanistan. that money would also help increase resources in the fight against isis. (walter) while lawmakers are getting back to work... protests continue across the country and here at home over the presidential election. in st. petersburg last night, about 12-hundred people packed demens landing. the group marched to williams park--before a separate
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protesters shouted chants like dump trump and held signs that read "not my president." they say they know the protests will not keep trump from the white house, but they say it's still important to show the world how they feel about a trump presidency. (walter - and there's anger this morning, over an athlete's decision to join in the anti-trump protests. moments before sunday's game, wide receiver "mike evans" stayed seated instead of standing during the national anthem. this comes on a day that the team was saluting those in the military. ((jen fox-13's shayla reaves joins us live from raymond james stadium. shayla, evans' move came on a day when the
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and backlash, trump's team is quickly coming together. sunday, the president-elect named the first members of his white house staff. former r-n-c chairman "reince preibus" will now serve as white house chief of staff. and "breitbart news" chairman "steve bannon" has been picked as chief strategist and senior counselor. priebus was recommended for the chief of staff job by house speaker paul ryan... which should help pass a lot of republican leglislation. bannon has faced criticism though, for his major role in the "alt-right" movement. have a better idea of the path president-elect trump plans to take once he enters the white house. hear what he had to say in his first interview since the election, in just a few minutes. (jen) plans to turn orlando's pulse nightclub into a memorial are expected to take a giant leap forward today. city leaders are planning to meet today and formally approve purchasing the club for about 2-million-dollars. the price -- which was 600- thousand-dollars more than the appraised value -- was a compromise between the city
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the community will be invited to share their ideas for a lasting memorial following today's vote. (walter) starting today, it will be a little easier for area bus riders to get to and from the bus stop. (walter - the hillsborough area transit authority link." the free app works like uber or lyft. it allows users to call a driver who will take them to the major bus stations around u- s-f and in the carrollwood area. but unlike those services, users can pay in cash and request a ride by making a phone call. a ride costs three dollars and drivers will only take customers up to three miles. the service is expected to expand to the brandon area in mid 2017.
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or sinking ship?((walter)) it seems tampa bay really likes the new cross-bay ferry... ((walter and no more riding roller coasters... the thrilling new attraction, that will have you walk along the coaster's track... oh yeah, and you're 600 feet in the air. dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon.
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(walter) we have a better be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. idea this morning of what a trump-led white house and country will look like.(jen) the president- he's a quote "very sober" person and that he'll conduct himself in a very good manner as the nation's president. (jen - trump gave his first interview as president-elect to 60-minutes... and he said his manner.. will depend on the situation. trump also said he plans to stick to core issues like the economy... and when asked about social issues like gay marriage, he said that issue is quote irrelevant. (sot)lesley stahl: well, i guess the issue for them is marriage equality. do you support marriage equality? donald trump: it-- it's irrelevant because it was already settled. it's law. it was settled in the supreme court. i mean it's done.lesley stahl: so even if you appoint a judge that--donald trump: it's done. it-- you have-- these cases have gone to the
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with that.(walter- the interview also touched on hillary clinton, and whether trump plans to follow through on a comment he made about prosecuting the former secretary of state. (sot)donald trump: well, i'll tell you what i'm going to do, i'm going to think about it. um, i feel that i want to focus on jobs, i want to focus on healthcare, i want to focus on the border and immigration and doing a really great immigration bill and i want to focus on all of these other things that we've been talking about. (jen- 2 shot)) trump also told interviewer leslie stahl that he would actually forfit the president's salary... which is 400 ?thousand dollars. trump said he'll take the
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it is 5:??: time now to find out what's happening on the roads - with our
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two weeks into the experiment, and the new ferry service linking tampa and st. petersburg is exceeding expectations. (walter - according to ferry service operators, ticket sales during the first weekend were more than 70- percent sold. and than 90-percent of the seats were snatched up by riders. right now, the ferry is only making trips on weekends. it will expand later this month. (jen) an already one- of-a-kind coaster in orlando is getting even crazier. (jen - take vo) over the last year, we've told you about the skyplex attraction being built on i-drive in orlando. you can see it here... well the attraction's creator is adding
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along the outside of the skyplex exterior... 600 feet above the ground! ((walter)) some of our community's most important and hard working people are often the ones that go unnoticed... ((jen)) so this week on good day, we thought we'd say thanks... (jen i'll introduce you to a local nurse... who's dedicated her life to saving lives... her amazing journey... five decades in the making. that's next. ((jen here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers... no big winner in the powerball over the weekend. so that jackpot is now up to 293 million dollars! and tomorrow night's mega millions jackpot
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good luck... and good day is back in less than two minutes.
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a center cut sirloin with a choice of bacon-wrapped shrimp, baby back ribs, or parmesan crusted chicken. you can't fake steak. longhorn steakhouse. (jen) there are a lot of hard working people in our community... and this week on good day we're honoring some of those people who've spent their lives making tampa bay better. we start with a woman who's been helping save lives for almost five decades. (pkg)the adrenaline, spontaneity and most importantly, the peoplea just some of the things laurie lessig loves about her job. laurie lessig10790x.mxf 01:20:53;05 i like to be able to look at a challenge. i like to come in and have a bunch of drips and a really sick patient and know that i'm gonna make them better that day that they are not gonna get worse.nearly half a century - helping patients
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joseph's hospital. 109115.mxf 01:37:41;17 hows your head feeling.. it's sore. take a few deep breathes for me she's had the title of "registered nurse" most of her life. but after 46 years, laurie's getting ready to hang up her stethescope and scrubs. 10790x.mxf 01:13:33;17 it's something that's always been part of identity so that's going to be a little different. but i'm ready for an adventure something different.laurie's no stranger to change.from medical to technological advances like the computer..nusring is a lot different now then it was in 1970..when she graduated from gordon keller nursing school in tampa.10790x.mxf 01:18:54;08 you do what you have to do to take care of your patients. it's her can-do attitude that's gotten laurie so far in her career. and always remembering the good ol' daysa& with a smile. 10790x.mxf 01:17:11;22 and about midnight to 1 am it would get really quiet and we would have bedpan races down the hall. we had those old metal bedpans and somebody would sit on a bedpan. but then they got rid of the metal pans so we can't do that anymore.while nursing is stressful even sad at times... laurie wants the next generation to know it's not all gloom and doom. 10790x.mxf 01:17:35;00 theres alot of joy in it. there's a lot of sorrow in it. but there's a lot of joy in it because we help people and we do becom is more than just a friend to her co-workersa&she's admired, respected, and loved. 10862i.mxf 01:34:29;13 everybody around her, the patients love her, the families love her. 1084dv.mxf 01:33:28;15 it's gonna be quite a loss. gonna miss seeing her everyday. joshua roman the hospital won't be the same without laurie...and finding a replacement will be hard.. if not impossible to do. but after 5 decades of taking care of's time for laurie.. to sit back, sleep in
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(jen) laurie's last day at st. joe's is december 22nd. exactly 40 years to the day when she started working there. tomorrow, i'll introduce you to a hernando county deputy who spent more than two decades keeping kids in school and out of trouble... and how the community is now helping her beat cancer. ((jen)) coming up in about 15-minutes.. a course in "holiday shopping 101".. ((walter)) for every gift - there is a day.. a ((walter we'll tell you the best time to buy big ticket items.. and the best time to buy clothes and jewelry..
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it's 5:--, i'm walter allen. good morning.((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. we begin this morning with an out of this world story... a spectacular supermoon lightning up the bay area sky... (jen dbox) dave osterberg will give us the ins and outs of the supermoon... but first, we sent fox 13's ken suarez outside to give us a look at
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roll: take a look outside..
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ken tosses to dave. no closed captioning is available for traffic.
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the time now is 5:??. let's get you up to the minute on today's top stories: investigators in st. pete now say a police officer is to blame for a crash involving her cruiser... on i-275. it happened saturday night just north of 38th avenue north. state troopers say the officer was traveling with her lights and sirens on when she lost control of her vehicle. she was going to help another officer who asked for assistance. investigators say she hit a 2016 ford expedition... then a guardrail. no one in the s- u-v was hurt. the officer
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((walter south florida could soon be giving zika mosquitoes... a taste of their own medicine. the e-p-a has given miami-dade county approval to release mosqutioes... that have been given a special bacteria. the male mosquitoes will hopefully find ?female mosquitoes carrying zika... and mate with them. but the offspring will ?not survive, reducing the zika mosquito population. the florida keys is considering a similar plan. but many homeowners are not happy with the idea... since it would mean releasing a ?lot of mosquitoes into their neighborhoods. ((walter salmonella could be to blame for dozens of seabird deaths -- following sewage spills near st. petersburg back in september. researchers studying the deaths -- say that new test results confirm that at least one bird died from the bacteria. heavy rain from tropical storm colin and hurricane matthew forced st. petersburg and gulfport to dump millions of gallons of sewage into boca ciega bay. (walter - and backlash this morning facing one of the
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wide receiver "mike evans" stayed seated instead of standing during the national anthem. this comes on a day that the team was saluting those in the military. ((jen fox-13's shayla reaves joins us live from raymond james stadium. shayla - evans says he's not a
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thanks, shayla. starting today in pinellas county: it's anti-fraud awareness week. the county is holding several forums today through friday to
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the sheriffs office hosts the events... with free tips for reducing your fraud risk. they even let you shred your paperwork for free. today's event is at the seminole gardens peacock center in seminole. it runs nine to noon. ((jen)) for the first time.. in a very looong time... the bucs won at home!((walter)) coming up - what many people are calling the bucs' play of the season! ((walter and: the best time to buy clothes and toys for the holidays.. is ?not black friday.. we'll tell you when coming up after dave's forecast.
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it's been a long time coming and well overdue... but the bucs have finally given
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a home win...(walter) tampa bay delivered in a big way sunday with a 26-point victory over the bears... it's the largest margin of victory at home since 2012. and it's at least partially thanks to what some are calling the bucs' play of the season. (take sot)outcue: at the bear 39(walter - of course, coach koetter and jameis couldn't be happier
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(jen) the bucs won't have much time to celebrate... they have a date with the kansas city chiefs sunday at arrowhead chiefs are sitting at 7 and 2 and are in first place. so it will not be an easy
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it is 5:??: time now to find out what's happening
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traffic". no closed captioning is available for traffic. (walter vo) tis the season
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with black friday a little more than a week away, deal-seekers are already looking for steals and deals. (jen) but with so many stores vying for your attention and your wallet, it can be hard to tell where you'll find the best bargain. fox 13's laura moody joins us for a look at how careful shoppers can come out ahead. (laura) whether you plan to do a little shopping after thanksgiving dinner or wait until the early morning hours of black friday, there are plenty of deals to be had. but you need to start researching and planning now. (laura - experts say to study up. the big ticket items you're looking for, find out what they normally cost and then figure out how much you want to spend. you'll find that organizing all of this information can help during those chaotic shopping trips - and possibly keep you from spending more than you need to. (laura - also, knowing when to buy could also save you big. that's because not every deal is best on thanksgiving or even black friday. according to deal news dot com, it's better to buy cameras, tvs, tablets and
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thanksgiving. if you're looking to buy tools, black friday is your day. and for deep discounts on clothing, laptops, toys and games, wait until cyber monday. also, take advantage of apps and rewards. many retailers offer store points and holiday bonus offers for customers who download their apps. those apps are also good places to see the latest specials throughout the season. (laura - if you can hold off, you'll actually find some of the best deals on toys during the thanksgiving weekend, you will be able to find discounts, on average of 40-percent. but if you wait until the end of the season, those clearance sales and discounts can jump as high as 70-percent. (laura) at the end of the day, experts say its best to do your homework to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. (jen - speaking of shopping, one of the hottest holiday gifts is a 30-year-old
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released the n-e-s classic - which is a miniature version of its original nintendo entertainment system. it comes with 30 classic games... like super mario and double dragon. and it sells for just 60-dollars... that's if you can find one. the system is already sold out online at best buy and game stop. even amazon is warning customers they're selling the n-e-s in "very limited quantities." in a statement nintendo said that it's working to keep up with demand. e-bay. but be prepared, prices range from 2-hundred dollars... to as high as 5-
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the nintendo is just one of several hot gifts kids young and old are hoping to find under the tree this year...((jen)) there are also some hot, hi-tech toys... that are also educational. in our 8:00 hour: a toy expert is joining good day with a look at some of the best. ((walter and cyber thieves have figured out a new way to steal your personal information. the ploy they're using and how to keep
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hundreds of people are a be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. bit healthier and happier this morning... thanks to
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over the weekend, medical providers transformed manatee technical college into a one- stop-shop medical treatment center for those who can't afford to go to a doctor.(jen) but as fox 13's kellie cowan explains... a florida law may have prevented even more people from getting in front of the volunteer medical professionals. medical, dental and vision ... they're benefits many people don't have, and simply can't afforddonna boozanruns:oc: 00:42 it's either eat and pay the rent or do something else so we can't do the dental like many people here, money is tight for donna and john boozan, so dental needs have had to wait, until nowruns:oc: 1:42 "this is the only way we can get something done so we're just totally grateful." they're among hundreds of patients who lined up over night ju t weekend's remote area medical clinicdebra cunningham, traveled to clinic from frostproofruns:oc:33:17 "we got here yesterday around 5;15 in the evening"at stake: health screenings and check ups, dental services, vision exams, even new glasses ...all 100 percent freeruns:oc:34:10 (tearing up) "this today means a lot to a lot of people so everybody really appreciates the help"cheryl wilson, nurse practitioner, usf college of nursingruns:oc:40:57 "to me this is what health care is all about. we are touching the lives of people who aren't able to get medical care anywhere else"more than 1200 people were able to see the doctors volunteering at this weekend's clinic, but organizers say many more could've been helpedon sunday, dental chairs were left empty and organizers say at least 300 patients were turned away ... the problem?stan brock, founder of remote area medical runs:oc:54:01 "the impediment we face is that for some reason here in america, doctors, dentists, optometrists, aren't allowed to cross state lines to practice medicine in another state"organizers hope legislators will change that for next year by amending the law to allow liscensed medical professionals from across the country to volunteer at events
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at least a dozen states allow licensed medical... dental and vision professionals to come into their state in order to volunteer for free medical clinics.(jen) ram's organizers are asking governor rick scott to consider allowing florida to do the same. ((jen)) there's much more to come on good day.((walter)) let's turn it over to russell and laura - to find out what's ahead in our 6 o'clock hour. ((russell/2-shot)) it's a thumb-drive scam! one of those little flash drives - can take control of your computer.. your network.. and your digital life.((laura)) coming up at six - we'll explain what to watch out for.. (russell/take vo) and: the bucs win at home.. but what happened on the sidelines is overshadowing that victory.. why "mike evans" says he will not stand for the national anthem.. for the forseeable future. (laura/take vo) and: the mcrib is back.. but only at ?select locations.. how you'll need your ?phone to find it..
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hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met.
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in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix. where shopping is a pleasure. he's taking a >>russell: he's taking a stand by sitting down.
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getting national attention for his sideline protest of president elect trump. >>laura: the trump administration is starting to take shape. the two key positions that are already filled. >>russell: if you see one of these on the ground, leave it alone. how a stray usb thumb drive could hijack your digital identity. >>laura: supermoon is here and so are the clouds. we have y catching this rare and beautiful event. >>dave: it's all my fault. i brought the clouds in. yeah. so not a lot of us are able to see the supermoon this morning, but get out there and see, maybe the clouds will thin out for a couple of minutes and you can check it out. 66 degrees our current temperature outside. it's mild. no doubt about that. dew points around 63 so it feels on the muggy side as well. we're bringing a front through the area. that's why we have all the cloud


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