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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  November 14, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is the we hear from president-elect donald trump and his first televised interview since the election. good afternoon everyone i'm linda hurtado. thanks so much for joining us. donald trump is getting to work as the president-elect trump making his first appointments to white house. it's giving american public a glimpse of perhaps how he plans to govern. fox lauren blanchard has more on trump's first decisions. calling them equal partners, president-elect donald trump
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executive editor of bright bart news steve bah none will be his chief strategist his most stwlunl shall advisor is guy who practices and promoted white sprem simple anti semitic behavior bigotry, racism, and sexism. >> while republican national committee chairman reince priebus will serve as his chief staff. man i know is guy that is really on the same page with almost everything that i've agree with as far as advising president-elect trump. in an interview with 60 minutes sunday, mr. trump reacting to the alleged racist acts committed to his name following his election. >> i am so saddened to hear that i say stop it. if it helps. i will say this, i know right there to cameras stop it. protests against mr. trump continue around the country, the
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will see positive change once the new administration is in place. i think what i would ask everybody is the american people voted, express yourself as is our right in our constitution. but then give donald trump and mike pence a chance. this afternoon in white house briefing room president obama will be taking questions for the first time since mr. trump's election and their meeting. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox 13 news. our political editor craig patrick after hearing president-elect donald trump in a first interhave he talked a lot of issues a lot of priorities. what did you think? well it's very interesting. it's in line with what he said before for the most part. but i think that a lot of democrats and lot of republicans are going to be surprised because there are iassumptions based on what played out in latter part campaign may be just plain wrong. because in that 60 minute speech uch donald trump among other embracing investing much more
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that's where he's in line with president obama and nancy pew lorenzo and chuck schumer on healthcare. he's saying yes repeal and replace obama car not until you have replacement he wants to retain core components most important and popular parts of obama allowing preem with preexisting conditions to a same protection and dult children that can stay on there parents plan to angst of many in republican establishment. with respect to his position and foreign policy and war it is one of with drawl. we have with that i think that many progressives maybe surprised and at times in certain places will find themselves in to certain extent in agreement with donald trump on building the wall there's going to be he said maybe some fencing instead of wall he discussed in full through the entire length of the border. in terms of marriage equality he said law settled on this he wants to move on as such. and stressed how he supported gay rights in particular made
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speech at the rnc point by point there are a lot of places here where i think donald trump may govern in some cases more traditional democrat in other cases more traditional conservative and yet he is a very untraditional president-elect trump himself we will see something very different. pretty revealing interview though. trump has made his first two white house appointments what do you think of those choices? well it's very interesting. if you look in terms of style, it suggests that there could be the potential for some clashing a consummate insider certainly within the party. and reince priebus chief of staff and steven ban on a maverick and and outsider as well a preeb us a moment ago saying they agree on key issues. in terms of moments where they do clash, who will prevail traditional, it would also be the chief of staff. chief of staff runs the white house in a traditional sense. but like just said this is not going to be a traditional administration or traditional
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in hermes of how they work together and what they collectively accomplish. trump will probably have the final say >> yeah. that's right. thank you. member of tampa bay buccaneer refuses to stand for the national anthem. wide receiver mike everyone's says he's protesting president-elect donald trump and he says he's going to continue to do it. as fox 13's shayla reeves reports his actions came as a surprise to the team. >> the wide receiver said he did not share his intentions with the team because he did his decision to be misunderstood. right now you're looking at some video ahead of sunday's match up against the tampa bay buccaneers and chicago bears. tampa bay buccaneer mike events remains seated during national anthem. you're seeing him seated on bench behind the team. now he later told reporters the protests center centered around tuesday's presidential election results. last week republican presidential nominee donald trump became the country's 45th
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military service members during a special salute to service sunday. here's how evans explained the decision to remain seated to reporters. >> men and women served this country, i'm forever indebted to them. things that has going on in america lately i'm not going to stand for that. you know, when ashton kutcher zest i've pum punked i will stand again buccaneer issued a deeply xhid to m dedicated their lives and have made great sacrifices to ensure all tremendous freedoms in this great country. withdrew we encourage all members of our organization to respectfully honor our flag during playing the national anthem. we also recognize every individual's constitutional right to freedom of speech. which is crucial to the american principles we cherish. reporting at raymond james stadium shayla reeves, fox 13 news. all right thank you, shayla.
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county a water main break is caused a huge hole on truman boulevard in beverly hills. as you can see a car got stuck in the water filled hole. car flipped over end sank. citrus deputies firefighters and the water company were all there and we're told they did manage to get car out no one is hurt but going to be an issue for quite a while. >> new at noon a traffic advisory in tampa intersection of tenth avenue east and 43rd street north is closed because of a water main break. the street issing and couple days before they can fix that as well. so avoid that area. >> we've learned name of people involved in a deadly crash. i 275 this weekend. suv that hit a concrete barrier and went off the overpass near tropicana field. that car fell about 70 feet landing upside down driver died she is 34-year-old ayesha muss grove of st. pete. her passengers is in critical condition. and cause of that crash is still
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afternoon. well fortunately no one was sitting outside when an suv hit the side of a business on main street in 30 one in sarasota. it also hit a few tables before stopping. plus a gas line. the driver was given a ticket for careless driving. abandoned ship what 4 people had to do yesterday morning off coast longboat key boat they were on caught fire good news here another boat came to rescue everyone is okay. >> in orlando city leaders will meet this afternoon of the pulse night club for a little more than $2 million. price which was $600,000 more than the appraised value was actually a compromise between the city and the club's owner. don't expect any big changes on that site right away. >> we want to preserve it for next 12 to 18 months as is so that people wan visit the location it's very meaningful to not just the lgbt community, latino community but our community as a whole.
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be stwied to share their ideas for a lasting memorial following today's vote. ? ? ? ? hundreds of kids perform a flash mob to support their teacher who was fighting breast cancer. the students and faculty in bradenton decked out all in pink and you heard they sang their hearts out. all to teacher jill bass and show her she's not alone. fox 13's ken suarez was there for this big surprise. this is certainly the best monday i've had long time. if you were here you'd feel excitement and the love for this teacher. let moo introduce you to jessica bass. when you came out did you have any idea what was going to happen? >> no. i, i saw my kids were wearing pink today i thought was sweet. nobody gave me the memo. but no, i had no idea.
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doors and you see not only your kids wearing pink but every kid in school wearing pink. administrators, parents, i'm even wearing pink. oh, thank you. i know. it's very overwhelming. and my parents are here. and i didn't know that. and some of my high school friends, like just, this is all very unexpected. >> how are you doing? what lies ahead? i'm good. i'm good. i'm cancer free. i'm glad to be back at and ready to move on, put this behind me. you were out for six weeks >> 5 weeks. 5 weeks. what happened during that period? >> i had surgery. and that's i was declared cancer free and just had to cover. and so forth. >> is this pretty telling about your school is something that just happened out of blue that's not typical? >> no, no it is not untypical for the staff and students to
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this is the best place in the world to be obviously. and everyone's care and love for everyone else around is very evident every day. today is just kind of focused on me i guess. what message does it send to kids that when somebody in his trouble you support them like this? >> i, i hope that they are going to remember this. and remember that anything they do for anyone else however small it is, wearing certain colored world to somebody else. and to always, never doubt their how special they are and how valuable they can to other people. great job best luck to you great school you're one of many people that unfortunately has to battle breast cancer other forms of cancer. so this is probably for them as well. just saying a lot of people out there on your side. best time in the world thanks fox 13, back to you. i agree. just love that. nice to feel loved and
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a scary and exciting time. this week we're going to give some hard working people in our community the proper send off coming up we'll introduce you to a woman whose worked in healthcare field for almost five decades. why her coworkers say the hospital won't be the same without her. first jim is here. jim these clouds are we going to see super moon tonight or what? going to be a little tough. we had that great looking weekend. lots of sun skies, lower humidity. and the clouds have made their way in foggy start this morning. you can still see cover moving overhead. couple little sprinkled on skytower radar as well. we will start to clear things out but going to be close call
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(linda) there are a lot of hard working people in our community... pri priebus>> there a lot of hard working people in our community. and this week we're honoring some of those that spent their lives making tampa bay better. we're going to start with woman who has been save lives for almost 5 decades. here's fox 13's jen epstein. >> the adrenaline spontaneity and most importantly the people. just some of the things lori loves about her job.
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come in and have a bunch of drips and a really sick patient and know that i'm going to make them better that day, that they are not going to get worse. >> nearly half a century helping patients heal. 40 of those years spent in er and ice. icu st. joseph's hospital. >> how is your head? >> it's sore. sore. she's had title of registered nurse most of her life. but after 46 years, lori's getting ready to hang up her stethoscope and scrubs. something that's always been part of my identity. that will be a little bit different. i'm ready for an adventure lori is no strange tore change. for medical to technological advances like the computer. nursing is lot different now than it was in 1970. when she graduated from gordon keller nursing school in tampa. you have do what you have to do to take care of her patients. can do attitude that gotten
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remembering good old days with smile. about midnight to 1 m more than would get really quiet we would have bed pan races down the hall we had those old melgs bed pans somebody would sit on we'd push each other down hall and see who would within then they got rid of metal bed plans, you can't do it on plastic ones. it doesn't work as well nursing is stressful even sad at times lori wans the next generation to know it's not all gloom and doom. there's lot of joy in it. a lot sorrow we do help people. we do become good friends. lori is more than just a friend he's admire admired respected and loved. patients love her families love her. >> quite a loss. missing her every day. the hospital won't be the same without lori. and finding a replacement will be hard if not impossible to do. but after 5 decades of taking care of others, it's time for
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take care of herself. that of course was jen epstein lori's last day is december 22nd. exactly 40 years to day when she started working there. tomorrow jim will introduce you to hernando county deputy who spent more than two decades keeping kids in school and out of trouble. and how the community is now helping her beat cancer. all right jim, you know super moon my daughter was headed invited friends over going to have bonfire tonight. >> yeah it's going to be a little tough. lot of clouds that moved through the area. they are still kind of hanging around. probably going to be into tomorrow i think by time we get into tomorrow afternoon we start to see clearing skies. but we've got super moon. we all want to see that. you look outside right now you're just seeing blanket of clouds. now there are some breaks in the clouds from time to time. so i don't want to count it out completely. we may get lucky and get breaks
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just have to wait and see look visible sat loot loop all clouds moving overhead there you see breaks into central and southern polk county. down towards the lakes seeing a few. more breaks out into the gulf of mexico. but there's also lot of thick clouds moving through area. inside of these there's couple little sprinkle or light showers. not really amounting to much right now if you're in surgeon southern opinions county hillsborough county polk county count up into spa sko county. down just along coastline of sarasota. gh that's just about it. not really expecting to see much measurable rain as we go through the afternoon. outside right now. because of the cloud cover, we're actually cooling these temperatures down 70 degrees right now. dew point a bit higher as well. sitting 63 that makes humidity at 78 percent. currently the winds they are out of the north at 5 miles an hour. you can see kind of the range of temperatures across the viewing area. we've got 68 up in crystal river. you head down across our southern counties, 77 in
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sebring, currently sitting at 80 degrees. we've got frontal boundary sitting right over central florida. so cooler temperatures to the north. and then you see some 80s even approaching the mid 80s as you get down into the keys where marathon currently sits at 83 degrees. dew points sweeking up say over past 24 to 36 hours. they get into that mid 60 range. you start to notice doesn't feel as comfortable outside. but as that front works its way dramatically cooler temperatures but we will dos what we've done over past several fronts, when we dry the atmosphere back out. so we're going to start dry dry things out can get dew points drop back into mid 50s this front pushes here to south. as it does so the high pressure builds back in over the southeast, you can see big stream of clouds out into the gulf of mexico that will tend to scour away a lot of these clouds. but going to take some time.
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afternoon. that's when we will start to see clear out skies see it play out future cast as that front pushes to the south. we still have clouds around for tomorrow morning. high pressure continues to build in kind of cloud just melt away as we go into tomorrow afternoon. so we're back to nice looking weather with those pleasantly cool evenings. nice looking days with mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies. temperatures back up into the 80s as we get into second half the week. for today us bah of cloud cover south a bit cooler at 76 degrees. then for tonight, still going to be dealing with clouds. we will hope for a few breaks in there to kind of get a view of the super moon overnight low of 59 degrees. then for tomorrow morning sun. afternoon clearing, daytime high of 75 degrees. now on the water, winds are north 5 to 10 knots. seas two feet. light chop on the bay. high tide comes up 2:33 this afternoon. here's your seven-day forecast, keep the rain chances out of there except for maybe that
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shower for today. but the sun returns by wednesday and beautiful looking weather all way into weekend, linda. thanks, jim. you probably have one at your desk maybe on your key ring. we all use flash drives at one time or another. but you need to be careful if
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u-s-b thumb drives are a grt and music, but a lot of us don't always have . sb thumb drives a great place to a tore pictures and music a lot of us don't have one when we need one don't tempted to pick unif you find up with lying around it could actually be a scam that could rye inyour dig ruin your digital life. public shops like this coffee house are wear an increasing amount of business is done.
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like surge set up a mobile digital office and have at it. crooks are always on the prowl looking for ways into your digital world. >> as soon as you take over the computer, you own it. so a professional hacker but he actually helps people protect their businesses and themselves. >> kind of like like a hacking super hero. want to call that. i will go with it. teaching us an involving thumb drives like these. exactly the same called usb baby. you leave a device usb device out there. and you're basically waiting for somebody to pick it up. these usb drives someone seemingly misplaced or preprogrammed to open the front, back and side doors to your computer and let the hacker walts right in. all you have to do is pick them up, try to use them.
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and from that point you're doomed. once the hacker is in, they can do anything they want with your computer, even take control of the camera, and watch and listen to any and everything you do. you can program this device to do whatever you want. from the disable's the fire wall remote access, copy files, anything that you want. if you're on a network, nothing pops up no pictures, nothing. consider it gone. >> i own the network 100 percent and i own the business not just your computers though beware of stranger asking to use your phone if it has a usb port. hey listen my son got hurt, my battery ran out can i take your cell phone i can hold it way ii'm going plug it in and tell this device to do whatever i want. i can tell the phone to email me all your contacts. i can tell the phone to wipe it completely out. it's very sri scary.
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stuff like that and always watching out. >> hackers are much smarter than everybody else. really not surprised. for many other like graphic designer ryan sweeney, this is mind blowing. so what do you to protect yourself? pretty easy actually. remember the ole saying, never take candy from a stranger. when it comes to it kind of candy this would be very bitter. bitter and very hard to swallow. tom johnson, mind fox news. a powerful earthquake rocked new zealand overnight hundreds of local and tourist are trapped
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(linda nr) developing right now. aftershocks continue to rattle new zealand after a powerful earthquake overnight.. right now an after shocks continue to a rattle new zealand
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the magnitude 17.8 quake triggered land slides and small sue nal p.m. it cracked apart roads and homes and left at least two people dead. aquake struck a mostly rural area but tremors were felt as far away christ's church bringing back memory 2011 earthquake that killed 185 people. earthquake last night was just so devastating and shocking i just completely knocked me out of bed. things fell on the room that i staying in is now, you know condemned i can't return. things started falling down. so we tried to get to a doorway. and i fell down. i parter in the got slightly injured incredibly violent. >> new zealand planning to send military helicopter area navy ship to rescue about 1 showers tourist a hundreds of who remain strand in coast will town where
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access. smoke is billowing from oil wells isis blew up wells iraqi force say they managed to put out most of fires. iraqi forces are pushing deeper into mosul the last big city in iraq still under isis control. coalition forces are now entering the fifth week in the campaign to take that city back. but as fox conner powell reports, iraqis say citizen there is are getting in the way of their advance. iraqi forces are pushing deeper into isis held mosul. taking heavy suicide bombs as they go block to block eliminated the estimated 5,000 militants still left in the city. our soldier are advancing towards our planned goal which center of mosul. and god's help our advance will continue. >> but offensive is being slowed by at presence of thousands of civilians iraqi forces estimate up to 90 percent cities population is still in their
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and kurdish forces speeding up their advance. after being held up by an isis court reporter attack. and as they get closer to the city's center, they are increasingly looking to local forces to hold land they cleared. >> participating in the towns, that we are walking and we are holding the. isis now turning to more traditional terror attacks. punish iraqis. including burning and in an effort to rob iraqi government of its most lucrative natural resource. civilian living in those areas say they are committed to rebuilding when fighting stops. >> of course it's unsettling then you cry because the situation here and the conditions we are living in now honest i can't sdrab wie a feel offense i being backed u.s. air strikes and advisors on ground pentagon says u.s. combat troops are not part of the liberation of mosul.
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news. this weekend, france marked one year since terror attacks in paris president selled a ceremony honor 130 people killed and wunsz that were injured. country remains in state of emergency over the threat of yet another attack. police in northern california have made an arrest in shooting death of a deputy. the arrest came hours after deputy was ambushed in parking lot. deputy dennis wallace was just investigating a report of suspicious van detectives say david shot the deputy twice at point blank range. they say he drove off in the van and car jack ad car and committed an armed robbery. police finally caught up to 150 miles away where they say he tried to steal woman's purse at convenience store. officers arrested him after he tried to run away. he now faces a very long list of charges. several dozen wildfires are burning in mountains of north carolina and georgia. investigators think most of them are arson.
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than 13,000 acres forcing evacuations. the smoke is so thick and some places, people are wearing masks. federal aide is on way to help fight those fires. it is another trip through bankruptcy court for once popular american clothing company. fox lauren simonetti has today's midday market report. american apparel files for bankruptcy again to canada gill active wear for cash. it's second bankruptcy file in less than a year. american apparel has dealing with too many stores online competition, controversy surrounding it's founder and shrinking sales. sam suns wants technology in your car so it's buying harmon the audio company for $8 billion cash. as cars become more connected samsung hoping to use harmon's relationships with auto makers to get its technology screen software and a processors, into cars which of course would help
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>> toyota will pay up to $3.4 billion to settle a class action lawsuit brought by u.s. truck owners who say this vehicles lacked adequate rust protection. one and a half million vehicles are covered under settlement. including tacoma trucks made from 2005 to 2010 sequoias 2005 to 2008. and tundras from 2007 and 8. >> and google is trying to get into your head. it's giving google play music app a make over. now it will recommendation and assistance using artificial intelligence to serve up play lists that could match your mood at the moment. that's business. for more log on to in new york i'm lauren simonetti. >> up next we will take you to quiet retreat right on million manatee river and show you where it's why it's so special for our
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don't scared we're getting you an action plan to dig out i'm mcconaughey surm reporter
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florida has one of the largest homeless vet populatons in the country... and that's inn has one large is vet mop population in a country something volunteer and other veterans are really hoping and trying to change. as fox 13 mark wilson shows us one way they are doing it is with at 3-day event called operation stand down. mar raws bach knows all too well flight the homeless vet.
12:39 pm
it's, it's tough. it's tough out there. his story began in 1975 operation eagle pull in frequent wind. evacuating soldiers from vietnam and cambodia. he never thought coming home when his real battle would begin. for longest time i didn't want to tell people i was veterans he tells you say bounced from job to job couch to couch, meal to meal. it took him getting arrest to shake his battle with homelessness. >> and one of the veterans services came in there they've actually got a veteran pod in jail for veterans. >> they told them about this, operation stand down. a 3-day community event in pasco county connecting homeless vets with resources they so desperately need hot meals for starter and employers, and housing and also a variety of complimentary health services. we really want to reach out find people that are struggling. because people don't always ask for help when they need it.
12:40 pm
you're put a handout helping them headaching a hand giving them respect and thanking them for their service which is very important to do. fifth year for pasco stand down event. virtual tent city taking over veterans memorial park in hudson. patty volunteer with one community now. faith based nonprofit linking businesses and resources from groups like the florida veterans foundation and veterans affairs. she remembers this one particular vet last year. >> stood up and said you know i always used to come to i decide this year when i leave i'm going into detox. he remained sober and you know he's succeeding. that's why we do it. she also remembers maurice who taken full advantage of his second chance and now has a job and a place to call home. sometimes you got to ask for a hand. you know, and stand down is not a handout. it's a hand up.
12:41 pm
your goal to keep coming back here not being one of those guys >> right. no i'm going to not going to be. that was our mark wilson reporting organizer tell news 3-day period they treated about 300 homeless vets from all over the bay area. now there are no concrete numbers on the full homeless vet population locally but it's estimated to be several thousand. another group is helping our vets. it's a place on the river that's especially peaceful. and it's thanks to mom who lost her son in >> with what that mom turned her loss into big game for our veterans and active duty military. fox 13 lloyd sowers has her story. corey knew from the start. military was his calling. he never waivered from that. he was just 20 years old in afghanistan. when his vehicle flipped and he was killed. but his spirit moved his mom in a special way.
12:42 pm
and active duty guys in heaven and god that really pushed this to happen. what happened is called mind warriors place. it's a retrees center right in little manatee river in ruskin. a quiet place for veterans like jason gomes. i went through a lot of stuff when i was military and stuff. my leg and it's just gives me a chance to think about all of that and just get it out without doing noth that. veterans were active duty military can visit for free. or stay here at minimal costs. they set up a village of cot annuals. they are all furnished to the t everything here is donated. it's far cry from how kelly found the place four years ago. when i say sanford and sons junk yard, it's kind of an understatement. but the owner of the land believed in kelly's vision and gave her a bargain.
12:43 pm
it's an oasis ron fred 46 is regular. i think it's magnificent. got boats we can use and fishing equipment and bicycles and anything else you might want to do. all for veterans and active duty. from a mom's journey and memory of a son, overtime as i was healing from my grief i started realizing that some of the veterans and active duty were still struggling with loss of brothers in arms. it gives me place to think about and relax with it. its a place to heal. lloyd sowers, fox 13 news. and my warriors place nonprofit organization. one of just few of its kind in our nation. we have more information if you'd like it at here's live look outside right now meteorologist jim weber will have check check on forecast and tell us if clouds will hang around. stay with us.
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millions of tax dollars. your money but what is it and
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are company should treat you like family... [phone rings] operator: health care customer service caller: hi this is patricia ramirez. operator: oh, patricia! colleague: i love patricia! colleague 2: when is she getting married? operator: it's about time, lady! this is the real question: how's that man you're dating? where's the ring? ...we mean more like this. operator: we can do this together. i'll schedule an appointment with the diabetes specialist, ok? member: thank you. you deserve compassion. you deserve molina healthcare, your extended family.
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visit or call (877) 753-8816 hey equity i'm charley belcher coming to you from a dunedin high school today. from the beautiful scottish town of done tin. and that is relevant because done tin high school is performing scott irk 16th fuller here theater teacher. that is quite an undertaking. how did you decide to do or why did you decide to do macbeth? well personally i avoid shakespeare because so much to learn. however the kids voted and thern out we decided we would do scottish theme year we're going to macbeth in big doone in at spring. you reached out help me with
12:47 pm
with this. ably dunedin has so many cool programs we have get make up and hair stuff done. architecture department where they help with the planning. some of offer kids have taken that class. with english department is featuring macbeth in tenth grade their studying it. and mr. pair one of our english teachers he's like you know, what am i trying to a pro with the shakespeare. so helped out edited the script. just everybody. it's so great to and do it altogether and performing arts with our pipe band, that's nice. fantastic. add pipes in there a little bit add drums. and fight choreography. that's enough to make high schoolers excited to take on this adventure. very exciting. we made an all call whoever want wants to part of this band actually had really cool performance that they did in competition. where there was a sword fighting come on anybody who wants to do we got kids to participate
12:48 pm
three nights what great way to support high schoolers doing their best. really working hard. and expose yourself to shakespearean literature. i'm so proud them. thursday, friday, saturday 7:00 p.m. a celtic festival on saturday during the day you can go there and come see the show saturday night. very nice. good for you. thank you so much. break a leg everybody. break a leg. there you go. all right. tickets and information you can go to we'll link you to their nice. thank you, charley. a nice motorcycle ride after veteranses day pa ray raid in new jersey turned rescue mission person they ended up help none other than bruce springsteen group of men saw globing broken down motorcycle and pulled over to help not knowing who it was. men gave springsteen a ride into town and took a photo with the boss. how cool that is? you'd have to have photo because you know if you told your friends that story none of them
12:49 pm
unless you had that picture. right? that afternoon i spent it with bruce springsteen. sure you did. right. right. heard that one before. hey, it feels like, a monday to me, right? first of all i overslept. then i come outside and it's cloudy. and like where's our beautiful sunshine. yeah. just feels like a monday. hard to get going when you've got weather like this. it has that true monday feeling when you ever got very cloudy skies, that foggy start this morning. you look out dew peach we want to look out see beautiful it's monday great looking week. but still, cloudy. and we're going to remain pretty cloudy skies as we go through afternoon. hopefully we get enough breaks this evening to see the super moon. but it's going to tough one. there's a lot of cloud cover. inside some of these clouds there have been a few small showers. most of this probably reaching the ground. but this is, at best maybe a light sprinkle or a shower here and there.
12:50 pm
manatee and sarasota stretching over into hillsborough and polk county a couple to our north as well. not going to amount to much. sprinkle or two, and that's just about it as we go through at afternoon. cloud cover, there's cold front working its way down the state. so that's going to help keep temperatures a little bit cooler for today. here in tampa right now. we're at 70 degrees. you head up to westchase, a 69 degrees at noon. palm harbor 69. over in clearwater only sitting at 65 degrees. brooksvie weeki wachee 69. up in crystal river 68. inverness a cool 66. we do have warmer temperatures down across our southern counties. manatee and sarasota, sarasota you're currently at 77 degrees. lakewood ranch appear 74. then throughout interior, once you get up bit further to south, seeing temperatures approaching 80 degrees. sebring currently sits at 79. dew points a little bit more sticky today. just because we've watched that
12:51 pm
but that dry air sitting just to our north. as the front continues to work its way down the south drier air will return over central florida. you can see all of the cloudy skies stepping out into the gulf. but foi there are some breaks out there we can't completely rule it out might get few breaks this evening. to be able to see moon out there. but as that front pushes to the south. high pressure builds back in across southeast. that lend to dry things out. and kind scour these clouds away. as we go throug little bit of a clearing trend. we still have some clouds around for tomorrow. but by tomorrow afternoon, it looks good. back to sunny skies. at least mostly sunny skies for the rest of the work week. and those pleasantly cool evenings. forecast goes like this for today a partly cloudy skies fix in tampa. bit warmer as you head to our south clouds will continue for this evening overnight low of 59. then for tomorrow we've got morning clouds, and then the sun
12:52 pm
daytime high about 75 degrees. but seven-day forecast, we do warm temperatures up as we get more sun. overnight lows still very pleasant, but more sun as we go through rest of the week. into the weekend, linda.
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
dogs you probably no we love out dogs around here. we know what one dog mom in missouri was going through when she couldn't find her puppy. but with some help from fire ems rescue crews her dog got a
12:55 pm
14-year-old max shell tee is deaf. but he pretty well cheated death on thursday. after letting him outside for a while his owner debby couldn't find him. >> and i looked for about a minute, and then all of sudden it hit me to look inside the pipe. >> she found him all right, stuck in a pipe underneath her neighbor's dry way. hi baby. baby. it's okay. honey. you're good boy, max. west county ems fire >> right there. so initially, he was about a foot into the pipe. and so i got on my stomach and i was like trying to pull him. but he was crying. rescue crews worked for three hours, and eventually deciding to take the pipe completely out of the ground. so we brought our k 12 saws running two saw brought out sledgehammers pry bars. once rescue crews got pipe out ground they had to determine
12:56 pm
>> and we measured behind what we thou thought was safe distance behind the dog. we used saws dog to cut pipe. then, the reunion. >> so once they pulled max out, obviously i was like so happy and i just kissed him and we put him in the car and we actually rushed him to the hospital. say it with me awe. owner said vet gave m 14 years old and after all that trauma, that's really amazing. love that story. all right. so clouds in the sky that doesn't necessarily mean you're going to get rain though? yeah. you know a couple of showers showing up on skytower radar. but vast majority of this is a sprinkle or two. and that's, that's about all you're going see as we get through afternoon don't be alarmed by seeing that all that on skytower radar. seven-day forecast, does show cloudy skies for today. we're going to start with clouds tomorrow. but, we get back to more sun as
12:57 pm
but of course tonight obviously everyone wants to see super moon >> crossing my fingers. yeah, all right. thanks, jim. news does no end here we will keep posting latest all day on on our fox 13 news app on your phone. plus look for more news, weather and sports beginning at 5 o'clock. hope to he right back here at 5. until then have a great afternoon. "realtime closed captioning
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