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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  November 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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new this morning, a car crashes into a bar in ybor city ... this is at the >>laura: a car crashes into a bar in ybor city. this is at the bad monkey between 17th street and angelo live a, senior street. >>russell: ken is at the scene. police say this may be intentional. >>reporter: yeah. you're talking about the car going into the bar but it took with it a young man. it pushed him right through the window. he's hospitalized now and the police say it looks like he only has a broken leg. he could have been killed. it all started when the bars closed around 3:00 or so. i understand a bunch of guys were outside, five or six. they start to have a fight. one guy gets into the rental car that you're seeing, he makes a u-turn, hits another guy, pushes that guy through the window.
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run right now. as i said before, the man who was pushed through the window is hospitalized. it could have been worse for him. two other guys have been arrested. one thing is clear about the whole situation even though details are still forthcoming. alcohol was involved. they are not sure but they're saying it was probably intentional, that the driver of the car went to hit either that man or another man or maybe all the men and actually went through the bar. at this point, they're going to be pulling the car out you can see behind me they brought the wrecker. they're also dusting for prints just to figure out who is who. they have a pretty good idea who the driver of the car is because apparently his buddies were arrested, plus they have surveillance tape from the bar itself. so really kind of tough situation. just to recap things, we have one man in the hospital with a broken leg, one man on the run and two others who have been arrested. they have to talk to everybody involved before they come down with charges, but it could have
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back to you guys. >>laura: thank you. talk to you here in a little while. >>russell: good morning. >>dave: good morning. 6:02 and lovely temperatures. i'm going to tell most of us, especially those that, you know, don't like it when it gets to 59 degrees that you're going to need a jacket. new port richey, bartow, winter haven, frost proof, all at 59 degrees this morning. tampa international at 61. ie with dew points in the mid 50s and some cloud cover continues this morning which will give way to sunshine this afternoon. overall it's going to be a great day. i think, vanessa, what we'll do is get the sunshine later today and right back in the mid 70s. okay? >>vanessa: sounds good. thank you. on the roads we're checking our bridges and we're going to start off with a look near the courtney campbell causeway. closer to the tampa side here, things look a little busier than i would say our last traffic
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the water here. it should only take you 11 minutes and then you can see great conditions continue all the way to the coast f. you're taking the howard frankland, it should only take you six and then five crossing the water using the gandy bridge. >>russell: developing this morning, davenport police are looking for this woman. she's wanted for questioning after a hit and run crash involving a school bus. now, this happened yesterday morning at the corner of bay street. this black ford minutes before the crash. investigators say the suv should have damage to the front bumper and possibly yellow paint from the bus. >>laura: polk county school district employee is fighting for her job. officials say she lied about a dangerous bus stop where a student died in may. >>russell: and the school board is meeting to decide whether she should be fired. what are the district's concerns here? >>reporter: yeah.
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suspended without pay since june. brenda young will have a chance to address the polk county school board. she's accused of not telling her bosses the truth and today, the school board will decide if she gets to keep or if she'll lose her job. this all unfolded back on may 2. what happened on may 2 is what found the bus transportation area manager asking questions. 17-year-old kirk tried crossing clubhouse road but never a car struck and killed the george jenkins high school student. officials say young falsely told her supervisors the teen didn't have to cross the busy road to reach his bus stop and she reportedly changed information on the computer to back up her claim. officials say young admitted making changes, not to cover anything up but to find a safer route for students. we learned the polk county superintendent did recommend
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hearing officer upheld that recommendation as well. we know today a final order of termination is the title for the proceeding taking place this evening. it will be taking place at the school board meeting at 5:00 and kirk's family is expected to be there as well. we'll continue to follow and keep you posted on the outcome once it's available. back to you. >>russell: all right. talk to you later. accused of kidnapping a 4-year-old girl from lakeland is due back in court. wild west hoggs scheduled to appear this morning in bartow. hoggs charged with kidnapping rebecca lewis, driving her to tennessee. she was rescued unharmed. if convicted he faces a maximum penalty of life in federal prison. >>laura: some big news this morning about the team president elect trump is putting in place to lead the country.
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york mayor rudy giuliani is the favorite to be secretary of state. >>russell: president obama just landed in greece a short time ago. his mission is to convince the world that america and its allies are in safe hands. >> do i have concerns? absolutely. of course i've got concerns. he and i differ on a whole bunch of issues. >>reporter: president obama weighing in on his post election meeting with donald trump. >> i president elect, he expressed a great interest in maintaining our core strategic relationships. >>reporter: mr. obama holding a news conference before heading to greece, germany and peru for his final overseas trip as president, vowing for mr. trump and reassuring world leaders. >> one of the messages i'll be able to deliver is the trans atlantic alliance. >>reporter: the president adding
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some significant news of unity in his campaign. >> gestures matter and how he reaches out to groups that may not have supported him, how he signals his interest in their issues or concerns, i think those are the kinds of things that can set a tone that will help move things forward. >>reporter: mr. obama also weighed in on his voices and ideas. >> one of the issues the democrats have to be clear on is given population distribution across the country, we have to compete everywhere. we have to show up everywhere. >>reporter: the president did say certain elements of mr. trump's temperament will not serve him well in the white house unless he recognizes and
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>>laura: across america, protests continue against trump's victory in the presidential election. yesterday thousands of students walked out of class, hitting the streets in cities like seattle, new york and los angeles. these protests were peaceful. students held signs and chanted. >>russell: mike evans facing criticism following reports he may not have voted. he wrote no on a teammate's instagram post asking who voted. he later removed t evans at the center of a political fire storm after he sat out the national anthem to protest president elect trump. derek koetter is disappointed in evans' decision but called it a personal matter. >> i hope it doesn't affect our team and that's something that i'll take whatever measure is necessary that i think are necessary to try to minimize what effect it has on team.
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>>russell: some are threatening to boycott the bucs. on facebook the state representative said that he won't step into raymond james into he apologized or is kicked off the team. >>laura: a passenger was upset by a flight attendant's pin on her uniform that said black lives matter. a man snapped a photo. the flight attendant insisted it violated airline rules and then she interrupted her safety demonstration so the pilot could bring the plane back to the gate. he managed to recover the picture and share it with fox 13. >> no company should allow that to happen unless they're willing to accept the consequences for that happening. if you have something offensive on your uniform, you're going to
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>>laura: spirit has released this state many. it says while employees have a wide range of personal views, the expression of those views should not interfere with their ability to provide a positive customer experience. the flight attendant was not in compliance with the uniform policy. spirit has offered him restitution and the airline has taken disciplinary action on the flight at he's headed to houston today and he is told that the plane will have a different crew. >>russell: 6:10 right now. orlando city leaders have postponed a vote on whether to buy the pulse nightclub. the city had a tentative contract to buy it for $2.5 million. that's $600,000 more than the nightclub's appraised value. while commissioners are fine on the price, they want more time to study what other cities have done with sites of similar
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committee to work on plans for a permanent memorial. commissioners plan to take up that issue again next month. meantime, city has released more than two dozen new 911 calls from the early morning hours of june 12. one of the most emotional is from a woman whose sister was shot inside of the club. listen as the dispatcher tries to calm her down. >> take a deep breath. we have multiple units that are on scene. okay? we have multiple units that are we have more that are responding, okay? we're going to get your sister some help. okay? we're going to get her some help, okay? so i don't want you to worry, okay? >>russell: one haunting question remains here. did the woman's sister survive? officials are not releasing any names. attorneys are trying to keep other calls private, specifically graphic ones. media groups have asked a judge to release the 911 calls, all of them, so the public can evaluate
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history. >>laura: it's been one week since florida voters overwhelmingly voted for the marijuana. the mayor says the city needs more time to adjust to changing times. three locations have already been preapproved for supplying medical marijuana to patients. they'll still be allowed to set up shop but no new dispensaries will be the earliest. a woman is under arrest this morning for letting a 3-year-old wander the streets. >>russell: what police found when they knocked on her door. and as he prepares to move into the white house, donald trump is wrapping up some unfinished business here in florida. 6:30, what's going to happen to his ritzy golf resort in west palm. >>dave: there's a couple of tiny sprinkles trying to approach the coastline. they're starting to get eaten up
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today we start off with some cloud cover but we'll quickly get back into some sunshine. 61 in tampa. 63 in sarasota. 63 in sarasota. with that sunshine, we should z26exz z18pz
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(dave) ad lib toss to >>dave: it is 6:16. temperatures definitely cooler than yesterday and in some spots, it's like 12 degrees cooler, like citrus, hernando county. mid 50s, a huge deal there. 54 in crystal river. 57 in lakeland. 59 i tampa, st. petersburg, all the way down in toward venice. it could be cooler, right? jacksonville, they have the coolest spot. they're at 42 degrees this morning. gainesville is at 44. 45 in tallahassee and 43 in panama city. so between five and nine degrees cooler in our area. gainesville running 13 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time so the front is down over
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wind that we had yesterday, even though we had all the cloud cover is still enabling the drier, cooler air to settle in underneath the clouds and that's where we sit with dew points in the 50s, although it wouldn't surprise me to see a few spots in the 40s for dew points. what we have to do now is scour out some cloud cover and we will. the thing is, we have a little bit of cloud cover this morning. notice a few sprinkles. let's see if those can hold together. most of them through, you can see sort of a clearing line back to the northwest. we'll get increasing sunshine for today and that should allow temperatures to get back into, say, the mid 70s or so. still talking the tropics here. we're technically 15 days away from the end of hurricane season. we also have a 70% chance over the next five days. if this system in the southwest
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slow to do so. that's why in the next couple of days the chances are low for development but the models are saying, hey, this may become a tropical depression and slowly just meander toward the northeast here in the caribbean. waters are warm, deep down here so it's possible something could form. nothing i would be all that concerned about at this point. we'll go 75 degrees today. early clouds turning drier, getting later today. then look at this. 59 overnight tonight which means -- that's tampa's temperature. east and north, i'll bet there will be a few spots in the lower 50s tomorrow morning and then lots of sunshine for your wednesday. seasonable, high temperature going to run around 77 for tomorrow afternoon. now, looking for the next seven days, we get back actually to the lower 80s for friday for friday.
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temperatures. low 50 with a high of 66. a little blast of winter florida air early next week. >>vanessa: all right. right now we have sky fox checking out water main break. we reported in earlier hours, it's going to be affecting eastbound hillsborough avenue. you can see right now they're focused on the actual break itself which they're reporting is closer to 30th street. eastbound direction once again up to two lanes blocked and ye were advised by the city of tampa and it look like a little bit further back as you get closer to 22nd, you might be down by just one lane. you can see that there. not a big issue with delays right now but we know during daylight hours particularly it can get slow along hillsborough avenue. avoid it if you have to head this way later. this is eastbound hillsborough
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thursday afternoon is the latest when the lanes will be reopening according to the city. we're clear along 275 and pinellas. this camera we're choosing, 54th avenue north taking only 15 minutes to get from the tampa side of the howard frankland all the way to that 175 exit. >>laura: thank you. guilty on all counts. the georgia father who left his 22-month-old son to die in a hot car will likely spend the rest of his life in prosecutors say justin harris actually plotted to kill his son, hoping to escape his family. his sentencing is set to take place on december 5. he's facing a maximum of life in prison without the possibility of parole and an additional 42 years. >>russell: judge in wisconsin ordered the release of the man at the documentary "making of a murderer." this summer, the federal judge
6:21 am
confessing. attorney general will file an emergency motion to try to keep him behind bars. >>laura: veteran journalist has passed away from cancer. she was a newspaper reporter and worked for nbc news and then pbs. she moderated two vice presidential debates. she took leave earlier this year for health reasons but never made public her illness. that forced her to miss her scheduled coverage of last week's she was 61 years old. >>russell: we all watched the rescue, remember, two eagles fought, one of them got stuck in a storm drain. at 6:30, an update on the recovery of that badly injured eagle. >>laura: you can how much the mannequin challenge with preschoolers. hot clicks is coming up next. >> it's a brave new world.
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>> so much of what we do is based upon technology. >> see for yourself as we log on dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back
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>>laura: welcome back. 6:24. sometimes i just get lost. 6:25. it's time for hot clicks. >>russell: take it. run. >>jennifer: you didn't see my jump. i was like, hot clicks. >>russell: okay. yeah. we got that part. >>jennifer: this year a new world record was set for solving the rubik's cube. pretty impressive for humans but a machine just shattered that time. take a look. this is sub one reloaded. did you see it? did it happen so fast you didn't even -- that's a slow motion version. it can solve the puzzle in 637milliseconds. i don't know why i said it like that. it's so fast the company that created the robot had to slow down the video.
6:26 am
demonstrate self driving car technologies. programmers still think there's room for improvement. boom. just like that. >>russell: that kind of stuff scares me. >>jennifer: new star wars movie hits theaters in one month and some a piering -- aspiring jedi are joining the mannequin challenge. one of the sabre spinning skills that would even impress george lucas. 5,000 views in 24 hours. we like this one or are we done with the mannequin challenge? now you will not be done. they definitely get an a for effort. the one step learning center in new jersey posted this video to its facebook page. class of 4-year-olds attempting
6:27 am
mannequin challenge. not bad. you can obviously see them all struggling to stay still. the performing arts school clearly has some very fun teachers and i think this challenge is going to be happening in schools across america now to keep the kids quiet. >>laura: precious. >>russell: we have to find out what the motivation was to get them to do that. that's what i want to know. >>laura: thank you, jen. very cute. >>russell: you can have cool kicks like marty mc fly but they don't come cheap. find out how much a pair of self lacing shoes will cost you. >>laura: ken is in ybor city where a car, a driver, may have intentionally slammed into a bar. good morning. >>reporter: in the process of doing that, he rammed a guy right through the front of the bad monkey bar. the driver is on the run, the
6:28 am
and run, possibly more. twenty four meals under four dollars! just like in 1934! four dollars was a lot in those days. that can't be right. no, i was there! back then, you not only got to choose from 24 meals under four dollars,
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it's a bad morning for the bad monkey... in ybor city. >>laura: it is a bad morning for the bad monkey in ybor city. >>russell: someone crashed a car right i ken is there and kepy, we're learning now this may not have been an accident. >>reporter: they're saying it might be intentional. around 3:30 or so after the bars in ybor closed down, there were a bunch of guys on seventh avenue in front of the bad monkey. they had an argument that turned into something like a fight. one guy gets in a rental car and he pushes the guy through the front of the bad monkey.
6:32 am
hospitalized. he may also have been part of a fight so there may be some charges pending against him. in the meantime, driver of the vehicle takes off and two other people involved in the fight are now under arrest. cops are looking for the guy who took off. the driver, they have surveillance tape. they talked to the other people involved. they have a good idea who he is and they're pretty sure they're going to track him down. i've never been inside but i looked inside before. it is a military themed bar and through the wall. imagine this, the car going through the front was the real thing. who expected that? the manager said he got the call at 4:00 in the morning. he couldn't believe what was going on, came in. he tells me despite the mess that's out there now, they're going to start reconstruction and they will be open tonight. in the meantime, cops are working the scene trying to track down the driver of the car and trying to figure out all the details, see if any more people were involved in the incident. back to you.
6:33 am
dave, we'll get to you right now with a lake-effect -- look at the forecast. >>dave: we have cloud cover but that will change as the day move as long. you can also count on the fact that it's cooler this morning and drier as well so grab the light jackets. you may need them for a brief period of time. clouds early get to sunshine and temperatures in the mid 70s this afternoon. vanessa? >>vanessa: you want to start the report with the roads checking on the really the area west of the gandy bridge. of course, that's going to be the pinellas side. we have reports from fhp there might be some debris of some sort in the roadway here so please keep your eyes pealed. otherwise, no delays in the area. for those folks travelling in the suncoast parkway in hernando county. possible smoke in the roadway so they have a travel advisory for those folks there so in the area south of u.s. 98 along suncoast, make sure if you have any issues with visibility that you're
6:34 am
lights. in the meantime , if you have any problems, report it. >>laura: a wandering 3-year-old led to the arrest of whitney shoemaker. the child was alone in the street for half an hour and the neighbor said this was the third day in a row that the child was in the street without an adult. deputies tracked down the woman in charge of the child who was abuse hotline was notified due to conditions inside the home. >>russell: fdot cameras captured the aftermath of a deputy involved shooting. deputy bartus was working a crash when the driver sped by. it ended in a brawl. another driver stopped to help the deputy. he warned the other man that he would shoot if he didn't stop beating the deputy.
6:35 am
deputy bartus is recovering. >>laura: hillsborough deputies are investigating a mobile home fire after graffiti was found on the one next door. the words, "burn everything" and expletive trump were found. there were no injuries because of the fire. it's being investigated as arson. officials are trying to determine if the fire and the graffiti are linkd. >>russell: president elect trump has dropped a lawsuit that he filed last year to keep jet club in palm beach. attorneys claim that air traffic was harmful to trump's resort. this may not be a complete victory for the county, though. airport has already been meeting with secret service to keep air traffic away when trump is visiting. hundreds of people stranded in a new zealand town after a powerful earthquake cut off train and road access. there have been more than 80,000 landslides since sunday's quake.
6:36 am
get trapped tourists. the country's prime minister said he missed a call with the u.s. president elect donald trump during the hectic aftermath. >>laura: members of the u.s. armed forces and c.i.a. may have committed war crimes by torturing detainees in afghanistan. this according to a new report from international criminal court. the u.s. troops subjected at least 60 detainees to torture afghanistan in 2003 and 2004. the report adds that c.i.a. operatives may have tortured more than 25,000 detainees in afghanistan and elsewhere in the same time period. u.s. is not a member of the court and not subject to rulings but u.s. citizens could still face prosecution if they commit crimes in countries like afghanistan. >>russell: hate crimes against muslims were up 67% in 2015. last year there were 257
6:37 am
the year before. far lower than in the 2000s after the 9/11 terror attack. >>laura: depression is on the rise among teenagers and young adults and the young girls are showing the greatest risk of being depressed. researchers collected data more than 300,000 teens and adults under the age of 25. between 2005 and 2014 they episodes jump from 9% to 11% among teens and found girls to be much more vulnerable to depression than boys. the report does not explain why. >>russell: 6:37 right now. here is something. moderate drinking may help people slow the decline of good cholesterol. researchers looked at five groups. those who never drank, past drinkers, light, moderate and heavy drinkers. moderate drinkers experience the
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levels. key here is moderate. excessive drink can go lead to liver problems and other health issues. people in the study who consistently drank moderately had fewer heart problems and were less likely to die of heart disease than people who drank heavily or didn't drink. >>laura: dave has a chilly night to tell us about. forecast is next. >>russell: and why did the florida panther cross the river? to possibly save the population. a huge milestone for this beautiful animal coming up and construction o t but there's still a few dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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>>dave: like yesterday, we are starting with a good deal of cloud cover. just look at the johns hopkins all children's hospital camera and you see it going all the way across. that it is cooler and drier. you feel that just by walking out the door. you notice there's a little bit of difference as that north wind at the surface has pushed that drier air into the region. while we still have some mid level moisture to deal with, i think this is the day we transition back to some sunshine so start the day with some cloud cover, transition back to sunshine and overall. like i said yesterday, if
6:43 am
70s are the worst that we're getting, i think we're okay. our temperatures are running anywhere from five to nine degrees cooler and most areas away from the water are in the 50s this morning. a lot of upper 50s in polk county. tampa at 61 degrees. you have mid 50s up to the north. again, there's your difference. and with your dew points in the mid 50s, it's very comfy air. so the reason, i know what you're thinking, if it's cooler and drier, what abo clouds? it's mid level moisture. different wind direction in the mid levels just streaming through and that's where we're getting some cloud cover. however, we're going to break the clouds up. clouds early. giving way to some sunshine and that sunshine will bring temperatures up into the mid 70s or so. maybe just a hair below normal for this afternoon. that front has stalled out over south florida so for those folks, different story, they're going to have a lot of clouds and showers on and off throughout the day today.
6:44 am
some sunshine, i think tonight going into tomorrow with the clear skies that we get, i would expect tomorrow morning to be just a little bit cooler than this morning. so we hit mid 70s today and then we're going to scale it back tonight and getting back down to upper 50s in many spots. but really the next few days it's all about a temperature forecast here and there. just tweaking it. so 75 degrees with conditions turning drier, mid levels of the at later today which will be good and tonight, clear skies, cool temperatures, 59 degrees the overnight low, although east of 75 and north of tampa, you're going to be several degrees cooler than that tomorrow morning. so that means more than likely you'll need that light jacket again. lots of sunshine for wednesday. back to seasonal weather with a high around 77 degrees. good news for boaters is we get another fantastic light chop with north winds at 10 knots.
6:45 am
now down to about 72. high tide today at 3:31 this afternoon. so after hitting the mid 70s today, we're going to climb the ladder back to lower 80s for the first half of the weekend. then here comes another cold front. this one is going to pack a punch next week. we'll tweak the temperatures closer to monday. a low of 50 in tampa. and a high of 66 decent cooldown early next week. vanessa? >>vanessa: right now on the roads, looks like we have at least two bigger crashes that we have to contend with. we're going to start off here with a live look over 75 near i-4. sky fox showing us the lane blockage here in the northbound direction approaching the i-4 area. looks like we have two lanes blocked and the delays are already building. this crash has only been around a couple of minutes at this point. we have the delays already back to state road 60 so i would go
6:46 am
start those work arounds. obviously the best one, most obvious is u.s. 301. we take a look at all of that backup. you don't want to get stuck in the northbound 75 approaching i-4. we'll get to the travel times. you can see we're heating up in the normal way, particularly along 275 southbound approaching the interchange, already in the red 18 minutes from the bearss exit and we do have a crash reported with a possibility of some serious injuries. we're hearing a medical chopper is going to be in street so we'll keep you posted on this but please avoid this intersection in the meantime. it's 6:46. we'll switch gears and get to charley and see what you're up to today. hey. >>charley: good day. don't be mad at me when i ask you this question. >>vanessa: uh-oh. >>charley: i know it's a little early but have you started your christmas shopping yet? >>vanessa: i've started to like plan it, like lists and things,
6:47 am
of gifts for a couple of people but only by accident. not because i'm organized. just because i happened to do it. but i have some information for you about gift cards. now, i'm always late to the party. i'm a resister if i'm being honest. when texting came out, i just pick up the phone and call. i'm not going to text somebody. now all i do is text. emojis i thought were the them. gift cards the same thing. don't give people gift cards. that's like just giving them cash. it's ridiculous and now most of my nieces and nephews, they just get gift cards for christmas. but at least you can put some thought into where you get it from. it's kind of like putting thought into the present. that way you don't get them something they don't want or need. so wallet hub has come up with
6:48 am
i've given all five of these. any guesses what the number one or any of the top five most popular gift cards would be according to wallet hub? >>vanessa: my standby, particularly for the dudes, best buy? >>charley: not in the top five. shocking. shocking. i didn't think about it until you said it. one more guess. >>vanessa: a credit card gift top five. amx is number four and visa gift card is number two. the number one makes sense in this world we live in today. >>vanessa: starbucks. >>charley: where do people do most of their shopping? >>russell: amazon. >>charley: amazon gift card. >>vanessa: russell is all over that one. >>charley: amazon number one, visa number two. another one along those lines of amazon is number three. this one i give probably more
6:49 am
>>russell: brilliant. >>charley: especially good for the kids. nieces, nephews, grandchildren who are teens, itunes. let them buy their games. and american express and then lastly, number five, brick and mortar, the brick and mortar holds on. russell? any guesses? >>russell: i love the publix gift card but i know it's not there. >>charley: that's correct. >>vanessa: laura says home depot or lowe's. >>charley: wal-mart. >>russell: of course. >>vanessa: you can get everything at wal-mart. >>laura: today is america recycles day. a big deal. been around since 1997. it's part of the keep america beautiful campaign. i've done it better than anyone else in the state of florida examine that's pinellas county. pinellas county solid waste, that facility right there turns our garbage into energy.
6:50 am
do you realize that? they're making electricity right here. you drive by it on 275, see it, probably don't know what's going on. i'm going to explain. we're going to talk about reusing, recycling, the other r. >>vanessa: reduce, reuse, recycle. >>charley: and we added an r. recover. >>vanessa: regift. >>charley: we're going to have a good day talking about recycling. >>vanessa: thank you, charley. walter? >>walter: thanks. 6:50 the time. construction on pier is about to get underway. officials are hoping to start some time in march or april, but the approach has a few hiccups. crews are slightly behind on the approach to the new pier. other than that, design teams are working out the small kinks. it's a $70 million project. the bald eagle trapped in a storm drain is struggling to recover. eagle was found on thursday, last thursday with its talons
6:51 am
they fell to the street. the other eagle flew away. the eeg sell in critical condition and he may have fractured a spinal column. they're doing everything they can to treat the bird. female florida panther has just crossed the caloosahatchee river in 40 years. the sighting happened earlier this month. that's a good sign that the panther is looking for a mate because male panthers frequently cross the river. if successful, it could be a huge help for the panther there are only about 100 left in the wild. >>russell: thaup. a major company is going against the grain. why lyft is shaving the iconic pink mustache. >>laura: hope your santa doesn't ask for these shoes for
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
it seems the popular ride- >>russell: seems the popular ride sharing service lyft has outgrown the pink mustache. >>laura: the company is going in for a trim. to talk about it, lauren
6:55 am
>> good morning. did you really like it? it's kind of -- >>russell: i didn't. >> is driver is like putting it on the cars and they want you to fist pump when you get in to show the car is for the people, really cool. i'll be friends with my driver, man. but no, there's a lot of competition in the uber, lyft ride sharing market and they're going to do this around new year's eve. the mustache to put a light on the grille instead. it's going to change dif colors so sometimes when you're in a crowded place or it's dark out and you can't find your car, you can know, oh, my car is the one with the yellow light or the red light on the dashboard and you can find it that much easier. >>russell: okay. i'll accept this one. i'll accept this. >> i accept. >>russell: i accept. hey, let's talk about these marty mc fly sneakers because wow. >> the hyper adapt 1.0 hit the
6:56 am
charge them. it takes about three hours but then lasts up to two weeks. they're cool. they're black and white and kind of look like normal sneakers except they lace themselves and are techie. the price tag, $720. >>russell: what? >> yeah. $720 to not have to lace your shoes. >>russell: dave even stopped looking at the weather map when >>dave: what? >> yeah. $720. i'll bet they're going to be really popular for the holidays. you'll see kids walking around with these things. i can tie my shoes by pressing a button on the tongue. i never tie my shoe laces. it takes too long. i'm so lazy. but i wouldn't spend $720. >>russell: we have to run.
6:57 am
purse or something. >>russell: you have a baby now. you can't do that anymore. >> bye-bye. >>russell: all this week leading up to thanksgiving, we're taking time to thank members of our community who have dedicated their lives to helping others. this morning, jen is going to introduce us to a school resource officer who is now receiving much deserved help of her own. >>laura: and st. petersburg police are searching for people covered in bee stings. it's a story t we'll talk about that. >>russell: and we're following a developing story from overseas. a huge rescue after the earthquake in new zealand. all access to a coastal town has been cut off and the area is not safe. dangerous rescue at 7:00. >>dave: we have a lot of 50s. 50s on the map this morning. we do have temperatures getting back to the -- probably the mid 70s or so today. we're starting the day with cloud cover, finishing it with sunshine. grab a jacket before you walk out the door
6:58 am
(einstein) the beef is fantastic! (becky) he has enough energy to believe that he can jump high enough to catch a bird. (vo) try new beneful originals with beef. now with real beef as the number one ingredient. hand-dipped, with real milk, is the only way to make a milkshake. you can't trust machines. now, how come? once, i got a machine-made shake from some other place, and it clanked and clunked and spit out a glop into my glass. and do you know what it was made of?
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no. powder! what? powder! chowder? (announcer) get half-price holiday milkshakes between 2 and 5 during happy hour.
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((russell- a tragic accident. a student >>russell: a tragic accident. a student's death and the alleged coverup that followed could cost a school employee her job. plus -- >> the trump on. more possible names for the trump cabinet. we'll have some of those names just ahead. >>jennifer: it takes strength and bravery to be a cop and patience to work with kids. when the deputy realized she had a passion for both, she became a school resource officer. hear how the entire community is thanking her for decades of service. >>russell: welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day." i'm russell rhodes. >>laura: and i'm laura moody. we have all that ahead and more.


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