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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  November 16, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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((russell- concern on campus. a robbery las a robbery last night at usf. the warning today for students. plus -- >> the trump transition effort runs into speed bumps. we'll have more on some of the latest drama just ahead. >>laura: and women who cheat. there's something many of them probably have in common. a husband who doesn't help. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day tampa bay." i'm laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. first we have to start with
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right? >>vanessa: that's right. we've been watching this out of pinellas county. a crash along southbound 275, really looks to be in the area of fifth avenue north and 22nd so between those two exits, basically by the end of the crash site, you're reduced to a single lane and the backups are getting worse from the last time we checked in on this, all the way back to the area of gandy. so it's very, very slow through that stretch of gandy, down to fifth you can see, not moving too much in the area. as we check our sensors, lots of red back towards -- yellow, actually, trickling towards gandy. we'll update you on that one. we have a reported vehicle fire, not seeing any flames but i think this is the scene that fhp was referring to. it's northbound on the skyway. it's south of the south tower and a right lane is blocked in
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minutes and please be careful passing by. dave? >>dave: got 40s and 50s on the map this morning. i know. grab the jackets on this wednesday. we cleared it out yesterday and that set the stage for this little drop in temperatures. 55 in bartow, 52 in lakeland, wesley chapel, tampa at 57. brandon, brooksville, crystal river and wauchula have all dipped back into the 40s and yeah, it's colder than yesterday. six, 11, even 14 degrees colder in at this time. all because we cleared the skies out. enjoy the sunshine today and the best part about it is that we'll warm things up quickly today and i think highs should get back to around 77 degrees or so. laura? >>laura: all right. thank you. developing this morning in marion county, two trains collided in the town of citra about 20 minutes north of ocala and according to, two people suffered minor injuries.
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paper is also reporting more than 3,000 gallons of fuel has leaked in the surrounding areas and one of the trains was hauling coal at the time. also new this morning, a robbery on the campus of usf in tampa. >>russell: police are searching for two suspects and shayla reaves is there this morning. pretty scary, i'm thinking. >>reporter: yeah. gad morning to you, russell and laura. the robbers are accused of taking off with a female student's jewelry near one of the campus buildings. right now police are working to and here is what you need to know. authorities tell us this all started around 9:15 in the evening. that's when officers received a call near the area of the interdisciplinary sciences building. according to officers, the victim said a pair of crooks approached and made off with jewelry. she was not hurt. authorities have only a vague description of the robbers, described as men with blonde
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description there on your screen. it's unclear if there are any security cameras in the area where the crime occurred but police are urging everyone to keep a few tips in mind. be aware of your surroundings, travel with someone else whenever possible, focus on moving in the low lit areas. avoid alleys. take off head phones so you can hear what's happening around you. let someone know where you're going and when you plan to protect yourself. we learned after this robbery occurred that campus police did send out a text message notification through the campus emergency notification system. at this point, officers are asking anyone with any details, if you saw something or heard something and maybe did not report it so please go ahead and contact usf police with the information. back to you. >>russell: we'll talk again
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now. there's a $3,000 reward for information that helps catch three robbers. thieves have been targeting elderly shoppers at two different publix stores in plant city. two women and a man. police say one of them distracts the shopper while another grabs the victim's cart. beverly morris is one of the victims and she has a message for the thieves. >> i think they probably need to take a long, hard look in the mirror and remember their commandments, thou shall not steal. if you want the things in life, you work for them. you don't steal them from other people. you work for them. you show up every day. i did it for many years. >>laura: and police are using crimes as a reminder for people not to keep valuables in the car. even if that means carrying your purse on your shoulder the whole time. if you know who the suspects
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1-8 1-800-873-tips. authorities say that patricia lane put for rent signs on homes that were for rent but not by her. she had people sign fake leases and hand over the cash deposits. records show 43-year-old lamp has been arrested on fraud charges twice since july and has warrants on similar charges in hillsborough county. lamp is currently awaiting her first court appearance. >>russell: governor scott may run for the u.s. years. he said that's an option once term limits force him to leave the current job. he's open to the possibility of challenging bill nelson. scott is also downplaying reports he may get a job offer from president elect trump. he said there are things he wants to accomplish before he's no longer governor. donald trump left the media behind last night to get some dinner. he's been busy at trump tower assembling his incoming administration. >>laura: the democrats are trying to regroup after last
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doug reports from washington. >> we're waiting for more announcements to the trump team. he went out to dinner and didn't tell the press. donald trump and his motorcde heading to dinner last night in new york. he would later tweet, very organized process taking place as i decide to cabinet and many other positions. i'm the only one who knows who the there's been some tension. mike rogers, who had helped coordinate national security issues for the transition team, is out. so is ben carson who was considered a top candidate for secretary of education or health and human services. he wants to work outside of government, he says. and the minute you think you have a grasp on the numbers under consideration for top jobs, there's a curveball. texas senator and former fierce trump critic ted cruz spotted yesterday leaving trump tower. could he be under consideration
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and another unconventional turn, some of those under consideration are openly talking about it. >> i would be very honored to serve. >> used to be if you wanted a top administration job, you stayed quiet. >> it's a very different process. sometimes people communicate to him through television so for some of these people, it might not be a bad idea to be out there so much. >> then congress. what a difference a week makes. paul ryan was reelected as speak offer of the house running unopposed. before the election there was speculation he would have to fight for the job. and nancy pelosi ran into trouble from fellow democrats for her to stay on as minority leader and had to push back the election. >> some people who say you got beat badly here. >> that speaks to the presidential race more than our race. >> doesn't mean she won't be reelected as house minority leader but does mean there are some democrats who think the party needs to move a different direction to do more to reach
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voters. >>laura: at least three nba teams are boycotting the election results. mavericks, bucks and the grizzlies will not stay at trump holts. there's a chance other nba teams will silently join the boycott. >>russell: bucs wide receiver evans will not be protesting this ek during the national anthem before the bears game on sunday. that protests drew immediate reaction and most of it negative. some people even pledging to boycott the bucs. fallout got worse after reports that evans did not vote. he sent us a statement yesterday saying, i want to start by apologizing to all the u.s. military members, their families and the fans who i offended by my actions on sunday. it was never my intention as i have tremendus respect for the men and women who serve our
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in our society today. i chose to sit as an expression of my frustration towards this year's election. it was very personal for me as it was for so many americans. with that being said, i will not sit again during the national anthem because i want to focus my efforts on finding more effective ways to communicate my message and bring about change by supporting organizations and movements that fight for equal rights for minorities. evans ended by saying he'll be back standing w during the national anthem on sunday. the bucs play the chiefs in kansas city. >>laura: stay wuls. straight ahead, the money spent trying to win your vote last week. it's a staggering amount. >>russell: plus a message for men. a way to keep your wife from cheating. you may want to pick up a broom or a scrub brush. >>dave: as you're getting ready to walk out the door, sending kids to the bus stop, it's chilly. you need a light jacket. 57 degrees in the tampa area at
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gorgeous day. dry air in place. we'll warm up quickly enough that we get back to 77 for a
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>>dave: it is stellar, the look outside. i mean, no clouds. here's the thing, though. because we got rid of the cloud cover and the drier air we had in place and the very light north wind, our temps are this is november pretty picture over tampa bay. the sun off to the east there and gorgeous right along the coastline as well. hilton, clearwater beach camera, temperatures there barely, barely at 60 degrees in the spots. look. how about 51 in new tampa this morning. brandon, in the upper 40s, mid 50s for palm harbor, mid 40s crystal river, inverness, dade city. that's a chilly 49.
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hours. 57 in bradenton, 55 in venice. north port at 46 degrees. 50s polk county and highlands county. you look statewide and the only real mild stuff is down over the keys. 70 at key west and marathon. 64 in miami. contrast that with 46 that we have in jacksonville. light north winds, wall to wall sunshine, dry air in place. warm up very, very quickly today but we're starting in the 40s and 50s. i'm thinking today's highs get back to the upper 70s for you which is pretty close to normal. normal highs around 78. tons of sunshine, cool start, mild finish. then if you're going to go out this evening, keep this in mind. once the sun goes down, temperatures are going to drop quickly and drop back to the 50s for most of us tomorrow morning
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afternoon with a gorgeous sunshine and seasonale weather around here. it's really been nice, hasn't it? north wind. i say that quietly. i'm not trying to wake up any storms or anything. north winds at 10 knots, light chop for you. water temperature is 72. i expect water temperatures by the end of the weekend to be in the 60s, the way the overnight lows have been trending. low tide at 9:23 with a high tide at 4:31 today and looking through the high of 68 two days later so a big cold front late in the day on saturday. no rain with the front. by monday morning, many of us, many of us, not all of us but many of us in the 40s, vanessa. yikes. >>vanessa: excited. by boots are ready to be worn. i'm so ready for this video stream to work. all right. we want to check in on 275.
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here in the southbound direction but some good news is, as far as the lane blocks near 22nd and fifth avenue, that's now down to single lane, the left lane is going to be blocked here. we have similar delays, though. it will be a little while until we bounce back completely and we're waiting for that last lane to clear out and backups are still to gandy so i continue to use that work around. u.s. 19 instead, you can see nice and green in the southbound direction. in case you missed it, we've road work happening along southbound 275's exit ramp to howard armenia. the right lane is going to be blocked. look like maybe they were digging up the road there for maybe a water main break. i'm not sure. but it could be a little bit slower than normal as you get off on that exit. >>laura: a lot of you will be travelling next week and aaa is predicting almost 49 million americans will travel at least 50 miles from home for
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those drivers will benefit from the second cheapest gas prices in nine years, too, but if you're flying, you'll probably pay more. average air fares are up 21% since this time last year. >>russell: this may remind you of carol burnett bit. united airlines is offerig a cheaper air fare with some conditions. passengers in the new basic economy class will only be able to carry on one personal item instead of two. they'll have to check any extra bags and pay basic economy class also requires passengers wait until the day of the flight to find their seat assignment. and those low fare tickets go on sale in january for travel starting in the spring. jet blue offering cheap seats until midnight. it's part of a 48-hour flash sale. some as low as $34. restrictions apply. tickets are only good monday through thursday plus saturday for travel between december 1
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near the holidays. weight gain for barbie. a plus sized doll. coming up, the inspiration behind that. >>laura: first we're continuing our week long series of saying thank you. jennifer epstein has been doing the series and they've been great stories. >>jennifer: john gets his great work ethic from his dad. his father worked at publix for 45 years before retiring in 1995 and now john is getting ready to do the same. coming up, hear what customers and employees their favorite store manager and how he's made shopping a pleasure for nearly four decades. first, charley belcher. good morning. >>charley: good day to you, jennifer epstein. i'm at a place called barn works in tampa and if you remember lincoln logs, well, here's lincoln logs, the real life edition. this is a log cabin out of kentucky. you can buy it and put it back together. that's what they do here. they save barns and cabins and turn it into something new or
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was. every piece of wood here more than 100 years old. we all have a "good day tampa
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((laura time is now 7:xx.. police in oklahoma city continue their investigation.. into a deadly shooting at a busy international airport.. >>laura: police in oklahoma city continue an investigation at a shooting at the airport. >>russell: they believe the act was not random and was instead a premeditated murder-suicide. tuesday afternoon, a man shot southwest airlines worker michael rogers world airport in oklahoma city. 52-year-old is the father of a kansas city chiefs player. police eventually found the gunman in a car with the self inflicted gunshot wound to the head. now, they're not saying yet what prompted this murder. during the search, flights were grounded. they're expecting to be back in full operation today. >>laura: utah now, authorities are trying to figure out what drove a straight a student to stab five classmates with a nooif.
7:24 am
tuesday morning and then turned the knife on himself. teen's parents have apologized saying the stabbings were not racially or ethically motivated. all the teenagers attacked are expected to recover. >>russell: wildfires sent hundreds to the hospital in tennessee. those fires are among the dozens burning right now in five southern states. dry conditions are helping those flames spread and there isn't any rain in the short-term forecast, either. >>laura: this is the president bavm -- obama and the first family. several people had the honor of cutting down the hybrid fir that will arrive at the white house on a horse drawn carriage the day after thanksgiving. first lady michelle obama will be there to greet them. >>dave: i want to look west on kennedy and toward the howard frankland. honestly, it is a beautiful, beautiful start to the day.
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three miles per hour. and literally our forecast warms us right back up, though. 77 for a high temperature today. 79 tomorrow. 80 on friday. sunny, pleasant. by the time we get into saturday night, early sunday, big changes coming as the strong cold front makes itsz -- its way in. we'll talk about that in a little bit. >>vanessa: thank you. and right now we're looking at i-4 in the area of polk and we have word from fhp there might be a crash in the area with lane blocks. i checked several cameras around here and i'm not seeing anything quite yet. keep your eyes pealed where the crash is reported near polk parkway west. good news is no delays are starting to stack up yet. delays, hourp, you can see definitely here along southbound 275. maybe a couple of minutes slower than usual for this time of morning. 32 minutes from bearss avenue to i-4. looks like about normal times
7:26 am
through eastern hillsborough county and southbound 75 heading between fletcher and the selmon expressway. >>laura: hopefully nothing serious. the injury that may sideline one of the best players on the lightning. >>russell: and your chance to win a fortune. alcides segui is trying his luck a 7-eleven. good morning. >>reporter: good morning to you. just in time for the holidays, wouldn't you like some extra cash in your pocket? $293 million two people, maybe even more. buy your tickets at 7-eleven and you may win. we'll talk about it dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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tiime is 7:--. >>laura: welcome back. time is just about 7:30. numbers 7 and 11 are said to be lucky. >>russell: 7-eleven is where two florida powerball winners bought the tickets. alcides segui is at one of the stores right now to see if he can get his hands on a lucky ticket for tonight's jackpot. good morning, my friend. >>reporter: keeping my fingers crossed. good morning. how would you like to start the holiday season nearly $300 million more i account? sounds nice, doesn't it? powerball drawing, $293 million. cash value, $185 million. what if i told you, you could possibly increase your chances of winning if you played at a 7-eleven? i know it's a little bit of luck here but if you believe in luck, this may be the thing for you. they've had two winners in the last month. in early november a lakeland woman claimed $18 million after
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7-eleven located on south u.s. highway 98 in lakeland. also this past friday, allen from tampa claimed $1 million of the $2 million jackpot. he decided to receive the lump sum. he bought his winning lucky money quick pick ticket from, you guessed it, a 7-eleven right here in tampa. and of eight who purchased their winning ticket, $500 million or almost about that, at a 7-eleven in new jersey. that was earlier this year. so it appears that 7-eleven is the place to be. the powerball drawing tickets are $2 each and must be purchased by 9:59 tonight. drawing, by the way, is at 11:00. good luck to you folks at home. i just hope if someone wins here locally, maybe they can spot me some cash.
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holidays. >>russell: good luck. see you later. >>laura: if you want your lady t stay true, pick up the windex. more women are more likely to cheat on men that don't do household chores. france asked 10,000 people, that's how many they surveyed and 73% of women unfaithful said they were driven to infidelity because their partner didn't help them around the house. they say that led to arguments which then led them to look for love somewhere else and even larger number of women say their led to big fights and tension in the household. >>russell: she was the first plus sized swimsuit model to ever be featured on sports illustrated's cover and now she's breaking through another glass ceiling. she has her own barbie are all the measurements. graham thanked mattel for immortalizing her into plastic. thighs touching, round hips,
7:33 am
woman of the year summit in l.a. it's the latest in a collection honoring women that empower others. graham created control over the doll's entire look. she asked for cellulite but plastic and cellulite don't go hand in hand. >>russell: she rolls. i like that. >>russell: me, too. >>laura: single people are using retail therapy to get over their lack of companionship. retailers say a record $17.8 billion worth of god's were sold singles day. the holiday started as sort of a valentine's day for singles. day to meet up and go out to dinner and it morphed into the world's largest online shopping day. it's held november 11 because the number one represents an individual. amazon has a brand new bag for the holidays. instead of individually wrapping presents this year, amazon will
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it's eco friendly. >>russell: we know this. a lot of money was spent on last week's election and not just on the presidential race. our money adviser geoff simon is in this morning to talk about all this money that was spent on advertising. i'll tell you what. it's nice to watch a commercial break that doesn't have some of those ads in it. we the last week. but hey, i'll tell you, you think about how much money was spent. it really is staggering, isn't it? >> it's an enormous number and feels like that the tv's, computers, every screen we looked at was hijacked. came to between january 15 and the end of october of this year, right before the election. it was over $2.3 billion that
7:35 am
it. >>reporter: you have some numbers. let's just start going through things because let's talk about the presidential race specifically. >> you got it. all right. in the presidential race, 220 million dollars was spent by hillary clinton and that purchased 340,000 ads. now, compare that to donald trump who actually won the electoral vote and therefe, he only spent $75 million and he bought 100,000 ads so you saw less trump ads and more clinton ads. trump wins in the end so go figure. there were other sources that were buying ads and they spent -- excuse me, $465 million and that's another 480,000 ads. that's just spent on the presidential race and we endured
7:36 am
>>russell: and when we talk about enduring, i mean, there are those states, those swing states, florida being among them and specifically where we live, this i-4 corridor, i mean, most of -- i shouldn't say most but a big part of that money was spent in orlando and tampa bay. >> russell, you're right because orlando and tampa, lucky us, we got the metropolitan area in the entire national. orlando is one. this is just since june through october. this isn't the whole year. it's not after october. $28 million spent in the orlando metropolitan market on 22,000 ads in a four month period of time and tampa, 22 million. we saw 21,000 ads in the same four month period of time and then charlotte is lower. you can see las vegas lower but tampa and orlando were the big
7:37 am
how you look at it because we were inundated with political ads. >>russell: it's funny when you talk to people who live in other states who were not subjected to these ads. there's no way for folks to understand what our commercial breaks were like around here. >> no. i mean, literally you would see them back to back. one candidate versus the other. every break, practically every break, had some sort of political ad and that's why i think voters were really kind of they're suffering fatigue because they are inundated and pummelled all the time with advertising. >>russell: good to see you as always. talk soon, okay? >> okay. >>russell: thank you. >>jennifer: most people dread going to the grocery store. long checkout lines. but the customers who go to the publix on neptune say they look forward to their shopping experience because of one man,
7:38 am
there's a reason why they say shopping at publix is a pleasure. and if you pie -- buy your groceries in neptune, probably has to do with this guy. >> he always has a smile on his face. he always greets you. if he's there, he'll get you a cart. >>jennifer: he does more than just smile and say hello. john is the most hands-on manager his customers have ever seen. >> he is constantly out on the floor, straighteni he's even bagged for me before. >>jim: john knows a thing or two about customer service. he started his publix career bagging groceries in 1977 and worked his way to manager. >> i've heard george jerng ins say it and others say you have to be a servant. you have to have a servant mentality. you have to be a service oriented person from your heart. it has to come from your heart. >>reporter: john definitely puts
7:39 am
award. he practically grew up in these aisles alongside his dad, a publix district manager. >> i used to go to the store with him when i was a kid. one thing led to another and here we are. >>jennifer: after nearly 40 years serving customers, john is getting ready to retire. >> i've never done anything else my entire life. when i started at the age of 15, i really didn't know what was on the turned out well. i'm looking forward to spending time with my wife but also miss my publix. >>jennifer: the entire publix community is sad to see him go. >> i just want him to have a great time on his retirement. i wish him all the best and hopefully comes back and sees us. >>jennifer: even though he has mixed emotions. >> it's going to be a happy day and a sad day all in one. >>jennifer: he'll have no
7:40 am
time. john says he loves his job so much, he never considered it a day of work. not in his life. only a real pleasure. he plans to retire at the end of the year. tomorrow we wrap up our series with a local lieutenant ready to rtire to the tennessee mountains after four decades fighting fires. >>walter: 7:40 the time. lightning beat the red wings last night at the joe in detroit, just over a minute left. two wins in a row for the bolts. but they might have lost team captain steven stamkos for awhile. he left the game, collision along the boards sent him limping to the bench favoring his right leg. the team will rule situate the injury later today to see if it's serious. they're calling it a lower body injury. stamkos had to miss several games last year including most of the post season because of a
7:41 am
sunday. the bucs are coming off a 36-10 win over the bears and a beat-down. that didn't make much difference in the power bankings. there's a new team on top of the rankings, dave osterberg. america's team. the dallas cowboys have won eight in a row after losing in week one. seahawks are second, patriots fell to number three. new rankings are out for college football playoffs. only the top four teams will ma game. alabama still on top. here's where all of us are going, what's going on? michigan and clemson are still in the top four despite losing over the weekend. michigan is third behind ohio state which is number two. they play each other next week at the horseshoe in columbus. championship game is going to be at raymond james stadium january 9.
7:42 am
has come to florida. they'll host the outback bowl on january 2 because of the nfl schedule. we'll find out which teams will be playing in that bowl on december 4. laura? >>laura: all right. thank you. coming up, sexiest man alive. here's a hint. he's a former football player. >>russell: missed it again, dave. and star wars secret. carrie fisher puts rumors to rest. her startling admission. it's not that about harrison ford. >>laura: she did say some fairly inflammatory things. another look outside right now. dave is back after the break for
7:43 am
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river view, looking west toward the coastline, grnted jackets, right? 52 degrees the current temperature over the river view net camera, but boy, is it clear and crisp and beautiful and it's also 52 degrees for our friends in lakeland as we turn this camera and push it towards the sunshine. yesterday, remember the cloud cover we had? that was the reason that we were just nice and comfy in the morning but once we got rid of the clouds, then you see this. 45 in same for brooksville. 57 in tampa. st. petersburg, still hanging on to the 62. you have to remember the water temperature plays a huge role over there, especially since the air temperature has taken next to the water. 52 in lakeland. 51 in wauchula and everybody is cooler than we were yesterday. largely in part because we cleared skies out late yesterday afternoon. five to eight, even nine degrees cooler around central florida than it was for your tuesday afternoon.
7:47 am
we'll get the north wind, north-northwest at times. we're going to have beautiful, ample sunshine, dry air so we should have no problem warming right back up into the upper 70s. we were mid 70s yesterday. so interesting this morning starts colder but we're going to finish warmer, back to the upper 70s. next two or three days look great. strong cold front is coming through late in the day on saturday. this one will also not bring us rainfall but it will bring us at least two days where high temperatures are going to run maybe 10 degrees below normal. watch this for the seven-day in a second. 77 your high temperature for today. in fact, it wouldn't surprise me by, you know, friday or so to get back up to 80 degrees. 79 on saturday and then there's your big difference come sunday. high 68. monday high 69 and low
7:48 am
around 50 degrees come monday morning. so quite a difference in temperatures over the weekend. >>vanessa: looking forward to the change. that's my opinion. all right. thanks, dave. and still waiting for those travel times to rebound here on southbound 275 in pinellas. still dealing with one lane that's going to be blocked. due to the crash near 22nd and fifth avenue north and so right now we're checking out the camera at 54th avenue north. you can see the backups are still hvy pinellas, you'll use the work around u.s. 19 which has been pretty green throughout the morning in the southbound direction. so not too bad for a work around for you. we want to get to the palmetto area. disabled vehicle along u.s. 41. was there just music? >>russell: yeah. it's going to make sense in a minute. >>vanessa: russell says it will make sense in a minute. u.s. 41 at haven boulevard, right lane is blocked.
7:49 am
? too sexy for my shirt? >>russell: it does make sense. "people" magazine announced its newest sexiest man alive. i know. >>laura: it's so you. >>russell: i know. it wasn't meant to be. >>laura: here's a few hints. he's the highest paid actor. he's a former wwe champ and he just wrapped up a film with disney's first princess. dwayne the rock johnson. when asked why fans find him sexy, 44-year-old says it all starts with the skin and exfoliation. he said that's key. johnson says his sense of humor in truth and his confidence is also a factor. he presumes. while he's thrilled to earn the title, he said his friends will probably give him grief for it but only because they're jealous.
7:50 am
>> i love you. >> i know. >>russell: if you ever thought princess leia and hans solo showed chemistry on the screen, there's a reason. carrie fisher said that she and harrison ford did have an fair on the first star wars. fisher he was married, had two young sons. fisher says they got together after a birthday party for george lucas. affair lasted about three months but ended as soon as filming wrapped up. fisher revealed that the two never rekindled that relationship. only because she was on too many drugs. the full story is revealed in fisher's new book. she gave ford a heads up while writing it.
7:51 am
all time, i love you. i know. >>russell: you're right. >>laura: it is. >>russell: she goes out there, i love you. yeah. i know. we should get to charley. if anybody can talk about this, it would be charley. >>laura: is this a shocker? >>charley: i am kind of surprised and i feel slightly bad for harrison ford like he's probably thinking, gee, thanks, carrie. thanks for putting that in the book. yeah. you know what? i am kind i'm surprised we haven't heard about it until now. that lane, it was originally scripted, i love you, too. and he said, george, let me do one take myself. last take of the day, he said, i know. and it's film history. there you go. >>laura: interesting. >>charley: and now i know, the rest of the story. my story for you this morning is all about reclaimed wood. this used to be a barn in kentucky. it may end up in your living room if you're so lucky. that rhymes. i didn't mean to do that.
7:52 am
barn works in hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma!
7:53 am
oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
7:54 am
>>charley: "good day." i'm charley belcher coming from a place called barn works right on cypress and tampa. this is chip. i want to you meet chip here who
7:55 am
you weren't fencing. fences. it wasn't fencing, really. industry for 25 years, owned your own fence company for 15 and then sold it and you created this. what is this, chip? >> this was a dream to go salvage lumber from old cabins and old barns and the best place to find them that i tuped in on was kentucky. >>charley: we have some photos. these are barns in kentucky. so how d you drive down an old country road, find a barn and you go knock on the farmhouse and say, can i buy that? >> exactly. exactly. i bought the first couple and after that, some were given to me, some i paid too much for. some i felt were a great deal. >>charley: then you bring all the wood down here to tampa. >> i bring poritions back at a time via semi and we have a warehouse where we store the lion share of it. >>charley: you just opened this
7:56 am
woodworker? >> not a woodworker but i appreciate what the pioneers did. i appreciate they came over here, what they created with no machinery. and i hate to see it burned and dumped. >>charley: right. now you're saving things. those are old telephone poles there that normally would have gone to a landfill. you're cutting them up and creating wood that you can build something else out of it. it's a reclaimed wood business. >> anything to do with wood. >>charley: you'll sell raw materials but also people can something beautiful. >> the overhead sliding doors, tables, it can be made into flooring. the accent walls, every piece of wood is different. every color is different. it can be planed or oiled or -- >>charley: we'll show you what chip is up to. it's honoring the construction ad the materials that otherwise would have ended up in a landfill or just burned away. >>russell: all right.
7:57 am
imagine living less than a mile from a school only to have your kids bussed 10 miles away. this could happen in pasco county. we'll tell you what parents are trying to do about it. >>russell: so you want to retire. we have a financial adviser to talk about a 10-year plan for retirement. >>laura: and here's something to consider before you fly next week. you may not want to bring your pets. which airlines have the worst record when it comes to keeping
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
reading.. writing.. and robbery.. a young woman is held-up while walking alone last night on u-s-f's reading, writing robbery a woung woman as held up while walk lean usf this morning a university's message to students. >> and a dangerous wildfires burning across several states this morning and based on the whipped, the smoke could start affecting us here. >> from tampa bay's number one news station, this this is good day tampa bay. hey everybody it's an we thank you for waking up with november 16th.g wednesday, - and we need to get straight to dave right now with look at the forecast. outside. right? how does it feel? >> right next to. man old habits die hard. it's 61 degrees. outside. it's beautiful. we'll out there i think in second half hour. 54 dew point. north, northeast winds at 5


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