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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  November 16, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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reading.. writing.. and robbery.. a young woman is held-up while walking alone last night on u-s-f's reading, writing robbery a woung woman as held up while walk lean usf this morning a university's message to students. >> and a dangerous wildfires burning across several states this morning and based on the whipped, the smoke could start affecting us here. >> from tampa bay's number one news station, this this is good day tampa bay. hey everybody it's an we thank you for waking up with november 16th.g wednesday, - and we need to get straight to dave right now with look at the forecast. outside. right? how does it feel? >> right next to. man old habits die hard. it's 61 degrees. outside. it's beautiful. we'll out there i think in second half hour. 54 dew point. north, northeast winds at 5
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studio and nobody knows i'm here the definitely warmer that it was last hour when it was 57. beginning to warm things up mid to upper 50s inland. lower 60s around back along the coastline. and still, citrus county in the upper 40s. don't worry going to be nice mild afternoon for everybody with high temperatures getting back to about 77. >> we need a gps tracker on dave >> no. where is he now? where did he go? >> eats over here right now by the gears and get to roads new crash we're following along 275 this one in hillsborough county. you can see it involves a vehicle that hit a guardrail. and it's on that northbound exit ramp completely blocking the northbound exit ramble. so drivers usually take this one, should probably exit early or one exit after so mlk or sligh ask we'll let you know when it clears means times look lies lanes clear finally here on southbound 275 near 22nd avenue north 5 avenue north an earlier
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blockage concerns. so now, even though we're dealing with delays we can start to have the i say maybe healing process begin here with speeds and travel times. still plan extra time out the door if you have to come this way. >> meantime here's a new crash, florida avenue southbound, some pretty notable lane blocks in that direction. after a crash with sinclair hills road that intersection lane blocks here and probably consider nebraska instead. 8:02 we're finally getting picture now in this breaking news out marion county. the crash happened in the town of north ocala. deputies say these 20 cars derailed in the crash and despite earlier reports, no one is hurt. this all happened before 5:00 a.m. northeast 175th street road more than three thoughs gallons of fuel have leaked into surrounding area one trains was hal coal. we're going to continue to follow this developing story and we'll update you as soon as we get more information. some parents in pasco county are furious and ready for a battle over the school
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boundaries. in front of of a packed house the school board told parents that the schools are over crowded and something must be done. this one is far from over. and walter is here now with this boundary line battle. it may continue for a while. right? >> good morning there guys. imagine your child was doing well in school getting good grades. lot of friends. then you learn the district is making a big change for you and your child. one you if ask for. world is being about to be turned upside down. as pure frustration pasco county cool board got an ear full. parents say they shouldn't have to change their lice as school board says it is doing it for the safety of all of their students. >> this is big over crowding issue and district says it is having a negative effect on learning and a students safety. so they say they have no choice but to look at rezoning the district. their new homes being built all time student enrollment causing schools to burst at the seams. and there's not enough money to
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and verify each student lives in the district before making their students go somewhere else. parents concerns will be discussed by the boundary committee tomorrow morning 8 o'clock. of course we will be there. the committee hopes to propose a map of the possible new boundaries to school board and bring it to vote in beginning of december. then have two public hearings on that issue. >> russell. all right walter, thank you. you bet. it 8:04 now students usf maybe looking their shoulder this morning tam two men robbed a woman while she was walking across campus last night. and fox 13 shayla reeves is live for us on campus. shayla while police do their job there are also some things that other students can do to protect themselves, right? >> yeah, good morning to you. usf police are actually working this case. they tell us this student was reportedly approached by two robbers. they actually took off with her jewelry in this case.
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there with any information to please come forward. and share what you know. here's what information is available though. we're told this all started right around 9:15 last night. near the interdisciplinary sciences building. according to usf police, the victim said a pair of crooks approached and made off with their jewel we fortunately she was not hurt in the case. now officers arecally this a strong armed robbery. and so far only a vague descri been provided. and they are described a men with blond air in early 20s. you can see their clothing description there on your screen. it's unclear if there are any security cameras in the area where the crime occurred. but police are endourjing everyone if you're going to be traveling certainly keep your eyes open and report anything strange are unusual are suspicious you might see. of course if you're walking oh traveling be aaround of your surrounding try to travel
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you're traveling alone see what happening on around you. let someone know when you're going when you plan to return some examples of things you can do to protect yourself. we know that a text message alert was sent to those who subscribe to that messaging service here on campus. and according to police, they are just asking anyone out there if you saw something, if you heard something, and maybe didn't report it this was an again around interdisciplinary sciences building tuesday night. certainly go ahead and gastrointestinal usf police a call. laura, back to you. all right shayla reeves live for news tampa. thank you, shayla. plant city police need help identifying a group of thieves preying on elderly shoppers between october 28th and november 13th. they've trarthd at least three women, two different publix stories. distracted victims say they distract their victims by
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someone else grabs the victim's wallet from their cart police looking two women and one man they are spotted leaving stores in blue ford passenger van. former walmart employee is facing charges of first degree arson after he set fire to a stuffed animal hours after learning that he had been fired. >> manatee county sheriff's office says 20-year-old was fired around 11 o'clock friday night. because he had lied on his time card. then he stayed at the store until 7 brown told deputies he was playing with a bar rowed lighter in at toy aisle. and the ear of the teddy bear may have caught fire. brown's been held manatee county jail on $75,000 bond. your pets aren't luggage and u.s. department of transportation says that checking them like they are could have deedly consequences. since january of 2014, 66 pets have died because of extreme temperatures and poor
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airplanes. federal department says 20 of those were on delta air lines flight second most after united with 22. >> that's major u.s. airlines carriers southwest is only carrier that does not allow animals to be put in baggage compartment. >> but you do have to pay to bring your animal on board with you even even though 66 is just fraction of more two million animals that fly every year it does show there are risks that go along with it something to be aware of. as we beg holiday travel season. on to other news florida fish and wildlife is consider a new expansion projects that would create ten pore protected bird zanny wearies commission will vote on project today in meeting in st. petersburg. florida currently has 20 critical wildlife areas most of which created in 1970s and 80s. of the ten possible new areas, nine are for birds and one is for bats. >> 8:0 eight right now social
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harassing words and phrases. both instagram and facebook allow users to block them. and now twitter is doing that too. jen's here with cool new tool to help us protect users and when the company plans to roll this out. good morning. >> twitter trolls their purpose to try and start arguments online and bully people. right now the internet is full of them. and twitter users have had enough. so yesterday the social media company announced now giving users a mute notifications. twitter allowing user to create their own list of words phrases and emojis they don't want to see. now that doesn't mean it won't on their time line it will just be removed from their notification it's compromise trying to make between its users and a free speech. twitter says this is just at first step in long process it plans to roll out more features overtime. now this is isn't first time twitter has taken steps to protect people from verbal acts
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conduct from the site. which will yous people to report other users that being violent or attacking others. also allow bye stander to report that kind of behavior even if person being attacked doesn't report it themselves. >> interesting, jen. all right. thank you. if you have friends or family that live in georgia, alabama, north carolina, no doubt you've heard about these wildfires going on there. now it's becoming a health concern. could governor scott political plans from two bucks to a few million. bay area is on lucky streak and we have alcides segui talking powerball this morning. hi charley. look at that. who is your buddy. oh. look at this. look, give me a kiss. a kiss. >> oh, oh. this is my story today has nothing to do with animals.
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smoky haze is taking over the skies of georgia..north smoky haze is taking over the skies of george skwa right now in north carolina and tennessee too. it could soon be moving into florida. af from wildfires. georgia alone 30,000 acre have already burned and firefighters are working around the clock. but fire is not out yet. people are getting very frustrated mark is live in atlanta where fires continue to burn this morning. and it's also we're learning a health concern as well, right? >> yeah, certainly is welcome to hazy smoky atlanta, georgia. we're some 100 miles away from
8:15 am
but we are feeling the effects from smoke that is being blown to the metro area. number offing, this particular stretch that we're in right now is under a code red quality alert because of smoke that's being brought in from these thousands of acre that have gone up in flames. these wildfires and their dozens of them have consumed some 20 to 30,000 acres they've burning for a month north carolina another 40,000 acre that have also been consumed by wildfires. as you mention firefighters are doing everything they can to put out the blaze. but they acknowledge it's going to take some time and in fact we're hearing it could as long as christmas before all of these fires are in fact extinguished real problem we're not getting any rain we're under an extreme sdrouth situation. that is only making matters
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air quality, they are calling for people to stay inside if at all possible make sure you keep and cars. make sure you have plenty of medicine, especially if you sufrl from allergies or asthma. it is pretty bad. but it's much, much worse if you head up into the mountains of north georgia than when we are standing right now. all right, mark, thank you. talk again soon, man. >> sure. and now they are saying, this direction. winds are shifting to more of the north. okay so if you're just thinking of us some of that may drift down. i don't think our air quality will deteriorate like it is in atlanta. you may smell, you may have that smell in the air over the next couple of days the way winds are blowing. it's amazing we don't think of this in the east. we don't. you're always thinking out west with this stuff. but it's been that dry in carolinas, georgia, alabama and to be honest pretty dry here
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8:16. beautiful outside. and sirata beach camera shows 64 degrees north, northeast winds at six miles per hour. still, you go to bay shore, it's 58 degrees. oh that's a chilly one in northeast wind. 55 degrees in lakeland net camera. with that north wind. at around 6. the 24 hour temperature change, yeah it's cooler. 5 6 degrees cooler than it was at this time. you know what we will all of that dry air in place warms up very quickly. and again there's your northerly component to the wind we're right back in the 70s. probably upper 70s for high temperatures this afternoon. wouldn't surprise me to get back down into the 50s. overnight tonight, grab your jacket if you're going to be out once you get past dark. temperatures will fall quickly. then wall to wall sunshine in high of 79 tomorrow. pretty seasonable weather.
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four i can't count today. by sunday we're going to back to 60s for highs. even 50 degrees, vanessa, come monday morning just one of those days, right? just one of those days. sometimes the brain doesn't work. all right. dave, thank you. it is really just busy on the roaways this morning. right now we have skyfox checking in new crash reported southbound on mcmullen booth. we do have some delays you might suspect with these big lane blocks in the area. this is an in center lane blocked it looks like just single lane will be passing. so maybe an area to avoid completely. if not make sure you're giving yourself plenty of extra time to deal with being back ups we're seeing here. going to take take quick shot here and say yeah i'd say maybe at least ten minutes or so if you have astra at the very least based on what i'm seeing there. in case you missed it we do dave osterberg have a disabled vehicle thanks so much to emily
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facebook page so i could pass it along to all of you right lane is blocked u.s. 41 at haven boulevard. just before you head over the manatee river along 41. we do have some delays here. so please leave early if that's along your route. in case you missed it till still dealing with emergency construction off 275 southbound. exit to howard armenia avenues the right lane is going to be blocked on actual ramp itself. please be careful here. all right vanessa, thank you. we've following story of this bad train crash happened in marion we've got a live look at it now. take look early this morning about 5:00 a.m. two trains collided causing 20 cars to derail in this crash. and despite earlier reports no one has been injured remarkably in this. but it is a mess. happened near northest 175th street road more than 3,000 gallons of fuel leaked into the surrounding area. one of those trains was hauling coal. we will continue to follow this will developing story update as
8:20 am
outside of ocala. >> that's a mess. >> yes, it is. that's a lot to clean up. lot of cars involved. >> wow. okay. >> all right. you ready to curl up this holiday season with a bucket of popcorn and good a. good movie? our film critic is here to talk us to about which movies are sure to be oscar darlings good day gourmet if you want to wow your family vaps cheesy sausage stuffing. but first turning wood into treasure. charley is getting a little
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(( in between a couple other roads. kennedy. that way and that way in roam and howard >> exactly where we are. this is chip he should know why we are because he owns place barn works lot of people on facebook barn works barn world builder exactly like that. yeah they put out cabin wes process the wood. so you go to kentucky. you go find owled barnes about to fall down you ask homeowner i like to buy that you bid on it whatever. you get it and some point some of it comes down here.
8:24 am
when it gets here right off the barn. barn siding. and, what makes this valuable or why do you want that? it's hard to find anywhere else. where you going to get that color the weather, the knot holes, the character. something that's been on a barn for 125 years. i was going to say this is more than 100 years old. oh, yeah. yeah. everything we have is between 100 and 150 years old. first we put a straight edge on it okay. let's do that scott. let's run one through. why wouldn't it have straight edge already. because saws were so much cruder. straight edges are off. that makes sense. okay. so we'll take this. this was probably all hand cut. >> yes.
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that makes it all quarter all the way around. >> preparing for doors. accent walls. and you will sell it i mean like, in whatever shape somebody wants to buy it. right? exactly. exactly. all right. let's go down here chip and what we're doing here. now, i notice some of it, some of it has splintered off and fell off. but that's okay. right? yeah. we're looking for that straight edge. now it's ready to go through the planer skip plane and give it a little bit more character. but yet takes burs off and slightly dresses it up so you can, you want character of it but agot to bible to work with it you.
8:26 am
grade color. which is that in backside. which was in barn typically a light brown. all different species of wood. then, now this stuff you also just saying wood out land fill. you can lip tuesday wood. look i mean you could just tell by looking it has great character you're going to turn it into something. yeah. yeah. all right. through ago. let's go inside next. let's good inside next and show next process of it and show you some of the finished product. that's just it, kind of russel and materials if you're kraft you want to do something yourself or they also you can commission them to do work which we will show off a little bit. barn works in tampa. >> okay. we'll see you later. pretty cool. i got to tell you pretty cool to watch this happening. that's neat. all right. see you. >> all right. restoration hardware. yeah. at the basic level. that's true. all right stay with us a federal freeze why the government work force is about to get much
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alcides segui talking. and, alcides is talking
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((russell live)) we are starting the 8:30 hour with another live look at this train crash in our 8:30 half hour with another live look at that train crash up in marion county. live pictures of scene where fro 2 trains collided happen just outside of ocala about 20 cars derailed. it learned we earlier report a two minor injuries we have since learned there have been no
8:31 am
there. more than 3 gallons of fuel leaked into surrounding area one trains was hauling coal. big clean up going on out there today. >> just about 8:31 now. there's big changes coming to the federal work force. >> president-elect donald trump plans to freeze hiring right now a way to fight corruption. but he does not plan on stopping there. jen is here now with his long-term goals on the fixing of government. >> yeah it's not just a hiring freeze. president-elect donald trump workers faster in department of affairs. and two top advisors also pushing to make terminations across different departments. as part first 100 day agenda he plans on cleaning corruption and special interest collusion in washington making hiring freeze is only way he will do that some say corruption is already there and not fault of people who have been hired yet. member of his transition team says it's part of long-term goal
8:32 am
force which would make it hard to hide any government see crest. some government officials are warning that these freezes could cause staffing problems. damage recruiting effort and might even slow down government operations something they say needs to be kept in mind. now there's one place that hiring freeze won't carry on over to. that's military. he wants to create a bigger, badder arm and has a plan to wrap up recruiting efforts. donald trump says he believes the armed forces incredibly done about it evening though congress is in charge of money there's chance the president-elect could make big changes especially with backing republican controlled senate and house. >> president-elect is hoping any additional money could mean job security for current soldier and more funding for recruiting. all right jen, thank you. president obama is running out of a time appear long standing
8:33 am
still being held that money is could get bigger appear president-elect says he wants to load it up with some bad dudes. president obama says congress's ban on transfer detainees to u.s. has prevent him from closing guantanamo. >> there is a chance we could see governor rick scott move from the governor's mansion in tallahassee to washington d.c. >> during annual conference of republican governor's association, he told reporters he was thinking about running for the scott sees elled run for seat currently held by bill nelson. nelson is only state-wide elected democrat already announce plans to run fourth term governor did not say when he would make decision he is focused on his current post and doing the best job as governor that he can. >> and scott's term ends in 2018. and there's already a growing list of people who want to move into the governor's mansion too
8:34 am
to plate. tampa mayor bob buckhorn he's also considering a run for governor. he has open about that in past. when it comes to republican former florida house speaker will weather ford and florida commissioner agriculture adam putnam are considering a run for governor. a little over 12 hours, someone could be a millionaire. it's us. there's always the dream. powerball madness is here. and people have every right to be excited. there's a winning streak happening right here tampa bay area. alcides is live because there's a common thread with all of these winners. it's oh thank heaven for? >> 7-11. thank you. a long pause, man. that was a long pause. >>, and. as quick as it gets, buddy how would you like to wake up tomorrow morning a millionaire. the powerball drawing
8:35 am
cash value 185 million if you believe in luck you should probably say a 7-11. especially if you live here in bay area. why did you ask? two winners in less than a month. that includes a woman who lives in lakeland who is 57 years old. she purchased a ticket claiming $18 million. her ticket was jackpot winning lotto ticket at 17-11 located 6,000 block highway 98 in lakeland. also, just this past friday not too long ago the florida lottery announced alan a tampa claimed $1 million share of two million lucky money jackpot. he actually took lump sum walking away with $753,000. he bought his quick pick ticket seven-lefsh located 10,000 block north nebraska avenue right here in tampa.
8:36 am
powerball. by way powerball tickets are $2 you must purchased by 9:59 tonight. drawing is at 11 clock. i'm buying my tickets right after this live shot. keeping my fingers crossed maybe i'll become the next millionaire right here in tampa. i'll give you guys? money if i win. really? >> okay. everybody just heard that. so now you're coming in. you're totally committed to that now. see you later. 20 bucks. some dollar. haas my intern. back in the day. back in the day. what's up guys? now he's outside. you know what though i brought my jacket thinking it would kind of cool don't need it. don't need it. starting to warm up nicely out here. and we've got temperatures backing into mid 60s. again, many spots this morning many bottomed out in the 40s. and lower 50s. so now brandon you're back up to
8:37 am
49 in brooksville. 52 in inverness. 64 in bradenton. and mid to upper 50s for our inland locations as well. north winds drying us out. not only at the surface, but at the mid levels of the atmosphere. so, really just some gorgeous, gorgeous weather headed our way for next few days. we're also watching this area in southwestern caribbean. yes there is a potential for development. watching nothing i'd be overly concerned our high today's near 77 degrees. tons of sunshine with that mild finish. tonight 59 the overnight low then for tomorrow 79 with wall to wall sunshine. and seasonable weather. forecast for next 7 days go back up to 80. and then, how about this for a cool down, sunday, monday our highs back to the upper, 50 come
8:38 am
coming this weekend you want beautiful sunset #welivehere angela perry sent this news sunset and that my friends is mug worthy. fox 13 good day mug for you angela. that's mug worthy. postcard worthy. absolutely. dream worthy. >> yes. very nice. thanks for sharing that with us angela. thanks dave for that weather report. all right 8:38 time switch gears get to latest traffic incident. we hav putting it lightly reported in roadway northbound on 75 in sarasota. approaching fruitville road. and the center florida and right lanes are blocked very, very heavy delays through the area. sorry for the super nasty update but fhp says this is actually an instance of dead animals in roadway. and so there's going to be an extensive clean up here. so yeah. there's that. center and right lanes blocked as i mentioned delays all wait solidly black to clark road you can see taking a whole lot of
8:39 am
we don't get rid of red until you hit university parkway exit. if delays are not bad enough fhp says you don't want to see the scene oh void the area. with that being said we have do have good news for folks 275 a hills ro that exit ramble is open. guardrail. so this looks to be in the clearing stages. tow truck there on scene. couple crashes that we're following here along 41. lutz here u.s. 41 sunset lane we have lane blocks in southbound and continue to plan extra time here florida at sinclair hills road. clearing stages, well not quite hear, for mcmullen booth road southbound approaching 580 delays are back to curlew. all right. here's a question. what is cheaper airfare worth? united airlines thinks some travelers would give up a few minor things for cheaper ticket price airlines new basic economy tickets will be cheaper than it
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assigned a seat. and you'll be last when it comes to boarding. you'll also have to check all of your luggage. so you'll only be atake one personal item for free it has to fit underneath your seat. these new basic economy tickets go on sale in january. jet blue offering cheaper plane tickets you better hurry part 48 hour flash sale on one flights it ends midnight tonight. restrictions apply. tickets are through thursday. and then saturday. this is between december 1st and march 9th. there are black out dates near holidays too. take look at that. easier cheaper way to fly these days. you know we all want to feel financially secure. but getting there sometimes is a ballots. this morning we're getting some help though.
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happy thanksgiving from publix.
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((laura 2shot)) ?are you rushing around getting ready for work right now??? maybe you're daydreaming of are you rushing around right now getting ready for work in maybe day dreaming of day you get to call it quits. but if you want to retired you need to start planning early. maybe that's what i didn't do. our consumer reporter is back with us this morning. as we continue a week long series geared to helping you achieve what you want to be when it comes to your career and your finances. >> yeah, good morning everyone. yesterday we talked about what you want to do if you want to be debt free. today we're taking step further i'm here with financial advisor robert harwood to talk about you want to he retired. we introduced you to him in our story last night now he's here taking some questions. thank you so much for being here. thank you. first question, i think a lot of people russell was joking about it does start planningally enough what is your general
8:45 am
didn't start soon enough. first you can't start too shoon soon you want to do best you can all the time. but get help. develop to somebody and like i need a little advice can you give me guidance show me how to build my path to retirement and get profession will help as you're going down that path. >> and that is why we have you here this morning to give some advice. some of offer viewers we asked them on facebook twitter social media. we did get with coming transition from democratic to republican presidency would out recommend aggressivively or conservatively for retirement? should she be make changes >> what a great question. number one always be careful. always be conservative. there's no reason to be aggressive we want to make fair rate of return consistently overtime you don't need to be aggressive. we do have a new president let's adjust our portfolio appropriately we're investing in the right things right way for
8:46 am
caution that brings us to our next question our viewer lisa asks on twitter should i contribute to 401k plan as well roth ira? i think people get a little overwhelmed. which where, how many. that's a great question. 401k are pretax if you have tax problem, always use your 4 ou 1 k first. fill any extra money after that put into a roth. that's tax free for the future. >> okay. but you're saying 401k first. 401k first. build it first take tax advantages of 401k. and do roth second. good to do both. but in that order. >> and something you told me when we first met is no matter how much you can put into that 401k even if it seems minimal start doing it because of the habit? >> it builds good habit patterns start saving pay yourself first and build a habit pattern for the future. pay yourself first. that's big advice you have to take it out so you this realize you're even missing it. correct before you can spend it
8:47 am
oits out budget. never even there. lucy asks on facebook she says i know no state taxes being deducted from my pay presently in florida sop does this mean retirement income or pension is also not taxed that's a great question the answer is yes no state tax in florida so your pensions your income and retirement income are not taxed by the state of florida. they are taxed by the federal government though. right. so wherever she moves, if she goes. i mean who wants to retire anywhere else but here, right? especially this time of year this is nothing better than florida this time of year. she also wanted to know if seniors permanent residents are entitled to any particular amount of homestead exceptions. okay homestead doesn't matter if you're retired or not. florida residents can apply for homestead whether you're working at any age. so it doesn't matter if you're retired. okay. finally this is really gets to heart of matter she asks what are most crucial questions to ask one's self prior to retirement? >> that great question. listen i love that one.
8:48 am
retirement think about how want to live in retirement are you going to travel? are you going to play golf? what do you want to do? then you have to think about how much do i need to support that then we have to build at plan that allows you to live your dream retirement should fun you worked hard to get there. but make sure you have a good visualization of what you're trying to create then we have a plan in place so that allows you to live this kind of dream retirement if you will to live xhvr ability maintain your cost of living and achieve those things you maybe thank you so much for coming back on with us this morning. my pleasure, thanks for having me. back over to you. there you go. thank you sorboni. now you can retire. >> okay. that will be it then. thank you sorboni for that. and charley what's going on? drops mic walks offset. that was it, almost. not quite. not quite yet. >> hey look at this, look at this beautiful piece that was on
8:49 am
but folks here barn works said no, no, we can turn that into something beautiful. i mean it's beautiful just looking a it the. that's what this do here reclaimed wood most of wood here comes from barns in kentucky. and then they can turn it into something beautiful like that's
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
good day tampa bay. i'm charley belcher i'm in tampa today. and police called barn chip's place. he is basically reclaimed wood business. gets barns out of kentucky. turns them into new stuff. also rescues wood from land fill. you can either buy raw materials here or commission him to make something pretty for you. i should anne who said ralph cat in last segment got freaked the by saw noise. there's another saw coming be careful. chip we brought wood inside now. and those are couple of pieces from side of a barn. what are you doing to it now? we put a straight edge on now we send it through the planer. and and pardon my woodworking.
8:53 am
so you get edges straight. you can see old saw marks i can't help but notice i'm losing some of that kwhashth, that looks like something i could get a lows. getting ready to change right now when we flip it over. because you don't want it to look like that. here's exactly. if i have a wood too pretty, no reason for it. anybody can have pretty wood. we want wood with character. you want to have t coming out of a barn look to it. this is what i'm looking for right here. circle sun skip planed with lots of character. that's a finished board. that's what i shoot for every time. that board is finished and ready to go on a wall or in a door. >> look at that. wow. look at the character in that. that really is, that's something. now i want to go show some of
8:54 am
another piece you say going to land fill. eucalyptus wood. it needs to dry for a year and it needs to send to kiln and a put lighting in it. look at this table over here. i mean you tell me, you made that table, right? >> that's walnut. that's out of a barn. these are barn posts. we straight edged them glued them together. there's the old wood p this is in process. you see there's nothing in my opinion, when you are i go to north carolina all the time. i see these barnes that are about to fall down and sometimes you see them after they've collapsed just a pile of nothing. but you do feel like oh, that's its too bad because, century ago that provided shelter and it was so used. i love seeing it kind of, yeah being honoring this structure. i'll sort through the piles. there's no, i'll toss aside the rot if this is one good board in
8:55 am
pile i'll grab it. really cool. go see other side. that is an experiment with pox see. but looks at that this is going to be a magnificent table top. a thanksgiving cover to family's table that wand a rustic appearance just for thanksgiving and christmas. >> wow this end taj. and alleges railing. cup board it fidz people people do with pool tables all wood from a barn in kentucky? >> everything is reclaimed wood. all barn siding. how much how many barnes will you buy in a year? i started with 13 from last spring. march action april and may we pulled down 13.
8:56 am
so i will either have to purchase some and go back up this winter and get some more. that's fun too. that's the fun part. yeah. that's, i got to go go to kentucky and drive dry through country side. sorry. >> that's good stuff, man. good for you. you sold your business earlier this year you said you know what this is this is what i want to do, this my calling. gosh isn't great to find that? i have fun every day when i come here try to make people smile with stuff we create and everybody comes you're here. finally. so good for you. all right russell when we come back going to go into show room give you more of an idea finished products they do with barn wood. i'm so impressed with place. it's great. neat. really neat. okay. see you later. >> all right. we're is a pleasure. you know where we're talking about. publix. but you know it takes people to make that happen. and one man has doing that for decades. we're continue our series on thanking the wonderful people in
8:57 am
the publix, wait until you see what vanessa is cooking up for us today. it's going to make your thanksgiving even better.
8:58 am
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