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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  November 17, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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((walter breaking new this morning: a deadly crash... that shut down a bay area interstate. what it means for your morning commute ((jen and: breaking her silence. hillary clinton at her first post- election event. her emotional new message, for all her supporters. plus: crazy for cupcakes? they you might want to camp out in south tampa this morning. the new machine selling sweets... at ?all hours of the day. ((walter)) good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen. ((jen)) and i'm jennifer epstein. those stories in a minute, but now, a first look at your
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breaking news this morning in downtown tampa... a deadly crash that shutdown i- 275 overnight for several ?hours. this is happening on i- 275... near mile marker 44. that's right by where 275 meets 1-4, and not from ashley drive. fox 13's shayla reaves is out there right now.... trying to get more details on just what happened. and... shayla, we hear
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and another traffic alert this morning for drivers in
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traffic problems since last night. two east bound lanes of hillsborough avenue have been blocked... between 22nd and north 30th streets. at last check, just one lane is open. crews hope to have the water line fixed by 9 o'clock tonight. but they say it could take until ?tomorrow to fix the road entirely. new this morning: a toddler in pinellas county is recovering... after almost ?drowning in her family's backyard pool. it happened wednesday at a home on 3rd avenue north in terra verde. the mother says away for a few seconds, and the toddler was already in the pool... ?not moving. she jumped in and pulled the girl out, giving c-p-r. she regained consciousness just as paramedics arrived, and was taken to the hospital. the girl is expected to make a full recovery. a tampa toddler is in the hospital this morning, after getting ?shot in the leg. and detectives say the bullet was actually intended for her father. "aaliyah avila" was in her robles park apartment
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came in after arguing with some men outside. once the door was closed, the other men starting shooting ?through the walls. one of the bullets hit a wall, then hit alliyah in the leg. police are now looking for the shooter. but there's concern in the community that neighbors may ?not tell police what they know, fearing their ?own safety: no one else in the apartment was hurt. the search is on in hillsborough county... for a very nicely dressed bank robber. take a close look -- do you recognize this man? there's a three thousand dollar reward out for his arrest. deputies say he walked into a chase bank on fletcher avenue wednesday afternoon. and he didnt really look strapped for cash. he was wearing a nice sweater with a button up shirt underneath. investigators say he handed the teller a note claiming he was heavily armed. it's unclear how
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this morning. police in key west say he repeatedly punching a man in the face... during a barroom brawl! 33-year-old "clinton walker" is a member of the outlaw motorcycle gang. in september-- police say he and 14 others attacked employees at a bar in key west. this mug shot of walker is from a prior incident in st. pete... in which he was arrested for battery on a law enforcement officer. but that charge was later dropped.((more)) the st. pete arrest stemmed from ?this fight that broke out at the del mar gastro surveillance video shows an officer using a taser and a stun gun on walker. not only was the charge dropped... but walker sued st. pete police claiming the officer assaulted ?him! now walker is facing a new charge of battery in the key west case. a researcher at moffitt cancer center is on administrative leave... after he was arrested for video voyeurism. tampa police say "luis froes, junior" tried to film a man in the shower at the rec center on the u-s-f campus. police arrested
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doctorate fellow" there.. and now an update on a strong armed robbery ?reported at usf. a woman claimed two men attacked her on campus. well police now say... that woman was making it all up! usf police arrested 19 year old "fatou gueye" wednesday and charged her with filing a false report. on tuesday night, she told police that two white men with blonde hair approached her outside the interdisciplinary science building and took her jewelry. police haven't said any more about the case... or ?why she would make it up. and update now on president-elect trump's possible cabinet picks. it looks like one of his former ?opponents could be joining the ranks. according to south carolina's ?lieutenant governor, the transition team is interested in making governor nikki haley secretary of state. haley has been one of trumps biggest critics during the presidential race. and hillary clinton has jut made her first public
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the children's defense fund. the organization recognized clinton for her work on behalf of children.. throughout her career. in her speech.. clinton addressed everyone who was disappointed by the election results: clinton also admitted that all she wanted to do after the election was quote... "curl up with a good book and never leave the house again". 161116 4am wed a boundary battle is brewing this morning in pasco county. in a few hours, the school district is set to decide on ?new school boundaries. and that's a ?big problem for many parents. the school district says it needs to redraw boundaries
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overcrowded. a rise in new home construction is to blame. but re-zoning would mean some students would have to change schools and may be bused several miles ?further away from home. a boundary committee is set to present a final rezoning plan ?this morning to the superintendent. fox 13's alcides segui will bring us a live update on all this, later this hour. ever wish you could find a cupcake... 24 hours a day? well the dream becomes a the "sprinkles" bakery is finally opening it's cupcake a-t-m. the machine is located just outside its business in hyde park village. the a-t-m will be restocked three to five times a day to ensure the cupcakes have been baked within the last 24 hours the dispenser has been part of the store's plan since it opened in april.. but has been delayed by nearby constuction projects. and the bakery is sweetening the deal for the
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the atm opens at nine a-m. go...for launch. the next crew of the international space station is heading to ?work today. why it will be a ?historic trip for one american woman. and later this half hour in sports: a crazy college football game last night. and we're ?still trying to figure out who was playing.
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later today... the next crew of the international space station will be commuting to work. and they don't have to worry about traffic. the crew consists of "thomas pes-quet" of the european space agency, "oleg novitsky" from russia... and "peggy whitson" from nasa. at 56, whitson will become theol join the ?current three crewmembers on the space station over the weekend. the crew will return to earth next spring. today's launch is around three this afternoon from kazakhstan.
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we have an update... on the status of steven stamkos. next in sports... why lightning fans will ?not be happy about it. plus: major league baseball honors the two best ?pitchers in the league. why the selection... had one
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time to talk some sports this morning. and we begin with an update... on lightning captain steven stamkos. well, when we saw stamkos ?hobbling off the ice... we knew it ?probably wasnt going to be good. the team says stamkos suffered a tear... which is basically his ?knee. and they are only saying he is out "indefinitely." it depends on whether his knee will need to be repaired or simply rehabbed. g-m steve yzerman says theyre figuring that out now. it happened after stammers took a hit during tuesday night's game. and hey... it's not the end of the world bolts fans. the lightning have been without their captain before and they ?are deep on talent. making matters worse, the bolts have several ?other injuries to deal with...
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and now to major league baseball, which just announced the two best pitchers of the season. the national league cy young award went to nationals pitcher "max scherzer." the america league award went to red sox pitcher "rick porcello." scherzer wins his second cy young, rick gets his first. ?both guys are ?former pitchers for the detroit tigers. ironically... ?current tigers pitcher "justin verlander" just missed the cut. model kate upton... is not happy about it. she sent out several tweets last night criticizing the baseball writers of america for the pick. verlander actually got more ?first place votes than porcello, but porcello won with more ?overall votes. and now... to college football. and what could be the ?hardest game to watch this season. you can
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toledo was covered in heavy fog! it rolled in to toledo's stadium last night. toledo's bright yellow uniforms were easy to see, but ball state's, not so much. the view was apparently a big ?clearer down on the field. and i guess toledo is used to it... they still win big, 37 to 19. when we come back, i'll have another check on your thursday forecast. plus: a penny saved... is a penny ?donated. an update on the efforts to ?save a piece of american history. and the ?rock
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making headlines across america: a wide portion of the southern appalachians is covered in thick smoke... as dozens of uncontrolled wildfires continue to burn. a total of 128-thousand acres has burned... that's about 9 times the size of manhattan. right now... more than 5- thousand firefighters are
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tennessee into eastern kentucky, the western carolinas and parts of surrounding states. this is the chestnut knob fire in north carolina. it's been burning for 10 days and has spread over 4-thousand acres. the area doesn't usually see wildfires like this either... so the forest floor is thick with leaves and brush. we now have a release ?date for one of the men featured on a netflix documentary. "brendan dassey" is set to go free... tomorrow dassey was convicted of helping his uncle -- steven avery -- kill woman in 2005. both were sentenced to life behind bars. but a hugely popular documentary called "making a murderer" aired last year... and brought new attention to the case. over the summer... a federal judge ruled that dassey was tricked into confessing. wisconsin's attorney general says he will file an emergency motion to keep dassey behind bars. an incredible rescue in maryland! firefighters had to free a man.. trapped up to his ?neck in dirt. it played out in greenbelt... a city not far from washington,
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prepping a trench for some new pipes when the walls of dirt caved in on him. his co-workers managed to clear the dirt around his ?head... helping his breathe until rescue crews arrived. but the rest of his body was stuck like that, for about five ?hours. he is now in the hospital with serious injuries.. and, an update on the gravestone of "benjamin franklin" . the marker is in desperate need of repairs, at a cemetery in philadelphia. a restoration group even setup a "go fund me" account to raise the money. needed ten thousand dollars... but right now, they have more than ?12 thousand. and nearly ?half of that came from just one person... rocker "jon bon jovi." he made a five thousand dollar donation. bon jovi has strong ties to philly. he even once owned an arena football team there. still ahead in our next half hour: ?dozens of big guns stolen, from ?one bay area home. the search is on... for some armed and dangerous thieves. plus... fox 13's shayla reaves
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for all you friendsgiving hosts, invite who you want, not who you must. serve a turkey, don't serve a turkey.
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fresh from the oven. set the table, set the coffee table, set no table at all. the only rule to follow on friendsgiving... is make it your own. happy friendsgiving. warm up with pillsbury. breaking news this morning in downtown tampa... i-275 in in tampa is ?finally back open, after a deadly crash had it shutdown ?both
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this is happening on i- 275... near mile marker 44. that's right by where 275 meets 1-4, and not from ashley drive. fox 13's shayla reaves is out there right
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and it might still be
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