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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  November 17, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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((russell new this morning - the link between sleep.. and your new this morning a the ling between sleep and your heart and new app that could help detect problems with your heart. and a chocolate rush. there's so much demand for these little. the humane society started a preadoption process. remember those. >> from tampa bay's number one ne tampa bay. and no we didn't jump to front of the line. hey everybody welcome it's 8 o'clock i'm russell rhodes. i'm laura moody. good morning we thank you for waking up with us thursday november 17th. and we need to get straight to vanessa this morning a garbage truck caught fire in middle of road. this is creating big mess, right? >> definitely, laura and russell westbound busch boulevard will be area of concern at 275. we have skyfox showing us this as we just told you. it does involve a garbage truck
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and you have firefighters here on scene trying trying to put that out really dealing with a little bit of smoke at this point. that's good news. we've scenery duction in that smoke over the past couple minutes or so. but unfortunately, it is going to be a full shut down as i mentioned in westbound direction. you have all of those lanes blocked. and earlier when we zoomed out i could see a left turn lane in eastbound direction might be affected. drivers probably want to stick with waters or linebaugh if you're heading usually along busch boulevard. that's going to be your best work yeah going to be that left turn lane. we will keep you post ad we learn more on this. couple other things to mention here, northbound 275, still have that left lane blocked at fletcher due to an earlier crash in still dealing with northbound direction shut down. of u.s. 27 and haines city. a county road 546. please take tenth street. dave. >> vanessa, starting to warm up nicely outside. and dry air in play i mean gorgeous sunshine. we're at 60. dew point at 52.
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i expect a much bigger jump between the 8 and 9 o'clock hours. so still need a jacket. 40s back up in citrus. hernando county. couple of 40s. and bartow still at 48. and then mid 50s in brandon to bradenton which is in upper 50s. we're going back to 79 today. 81 tomorrow. but a big cool down. in store for sunday. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. all right. dave. thank you. a horrible accident overnight on i the florida highway patrol says a man on a motorcycle lost control hit the center barrier, and a flew into on coming traffic. and off duty pinellas county deputy then hit him and killed him. man is now been identified a 38-year-old joel shoe better. deputy is not injured. battle lines are drawn between at pasco county school district and a parents. the and so is the first draft of new boundary lines. these parents are not happy
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to go to different school and they are not going down without a fight. fox 13's alcides segui is live forever us outside gulf high school in new port richey where this meeting is about to start. >> are there a lot of parents there yet? >> to be honest with you laura i haven't had a chance to even walk in there aooi i'm live outside with linda the school district spokesperson. thanks so much for being with us i appreciate it i know you haven't had an opportunity to walk in you're expecting a lot parents to come out and voice their opinions on this >> abso about this situation. several of them have an attended previous meeting i expect we'll have a good crowd in there. linda, talk to us about what's going on, why the boundary change. >> we have growth, lots of new homes going in 54 corridor. mitchell high school in 7 springs middle school are both at 117 percent of capacity. and then we have other schools nearby that are 75, 80 percent of capacity. so we need to balance it out
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saying that you have to change the boundaries, move some students to different schools. and unfortunately parents are angry about that. and you know, you also understand because they probably purchased a house and a school area and then all of sudden being changed to different school. what do you tell those parents at the end of the day? i tell those parents a school is a good as the people that are attending it. the students that are attending it and their parents and their involvement. if you mix up a school that may have a high achieving students and involve parents, you're going to balance it out. and it will bring all of the schools up. >> what's the end goal by this morning? i 70s meeting will last couple hours. what do you think will happen at the end of the day goal for this committee come up one recommendation tore superintendent to recommend to school board. once that happens, then we have a two public hearings in december and january. school board will make a decision for the next school year. >> appreciate it linda, thanks
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that boundary committee made of print pal and a parents of each individual schools in case you're wonder how many schools impact by this nine, four, middle, 5 high schools. this happens to be one of them right here gulf high school where a meeting takes place. again just started about 5 minutes ago coming up in next hour of good day tampa bay, we're going to go inside, we'll give you an idea what this new plan will be. again they've 5 plans they have to come up with one, give it to superintendent the superintendent then give it to the school board they will vote by way if you want to see live happening right now, in next couple minutes i'll walk inside, and i'll facebook live it follow me on facebook. you'll be able to see what's happening inside that room. back to you. all right, thank you, alcides. >> you know fa pasco county not only district dealing with this budget short fall. florida department of education is searching for ways to get more money to the state's aging schools. new this morning we learned prosecute posed new form lal for getting money to schools that
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emphasis on age and school footage some bay area schools in desperate desperate need of help could well get it. right now state board of education is still discussing goals for 2017 legislative session. some members say they are enthusiastic along with some other priorities that have been discussed. and hope to start working with lawmakers soon. it's 8:06. an entire campus was on alert after a usf student robbed. but we've learned that woman was not telethe truth. police are arrested and charged her with filing a false report on tuesday night the woman called police and told them she was walking near interdisciplinary sciences building when two men approached her and stole her jewelry and her backpack. remember shayla was there made a big story out of it. police say it wasn't true. man makes a clean get away after stealing from a target twice. and now hillsborough sheriff's deputies need your help in
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deputies say this man stole did i son vacuum a target thee weeks on two separate days he placed vacuums inside a shopping cart. took the wire off the boxes then headed out the door where an older model ford f 150s with waiting for him outside. apple is one the most popular companies in the world. but thanks to president-elect donald trump's proposed trade agenda it could see popularity plunges. part of trump's plan there coming from china. fom jen epstein could have huge impact on business, right? that's exactly right. trade tax you mentioned could impact lots of companies that do business in the u.s. and if you look around your house, just think about how many appliances, how much of your clothing and even your cleaning supplies come from china. now imagine having to pay a lot more for it all. that could happen. the reason is, there will be more taxes imposed on the goods
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some companies could choose to eat the cost and set up burdening consumers with experts say that's unlikely. and this could mean bad news for businesses across the country. tey will either lose profits or have to raise their prices. and then shoppers will be on the line for it. many are questioning whether trump will actually follow through with imposing taxes that high. at this point, we'll just have to wait and see. all right jen, thank you. >> in just a few first test leader united states meet with japan prime minister he tells cnn honored to a meet first world leader to meet face to face. he's likely to seek reassurance trump remains committed to alliance between japan and the united states. already getting chilly outside. but this is just the beginning. dave's back in few minutes with latest forecast. plus two guys are much more than they appear to be. walter is going to tell us what
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ordinary. that's right. guys, this extraordinary ordinary segment this week, a cord with music fans in bay area. these two guys are pulling their talents their skill even their jeans to open up a new business. first let's check in with charley belcher. charley, good morning. talking about business, walter. when wild rover opened in odessa they made a little bit of beer. so popular they needed to make a lot more of it. ten times more to be exact. so they moved to a brand new spot in we well now they can make lot more that's good because their demand for it. going in restaurants all over tampa bay area even into orlando. oh, yeah a full kitchen here now too.
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honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey, and real oats. ok that's still honey. who's directing this? that guy, figures.
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ever really welcome back look how storied other this is nothing i really ever ordinary. and this goes for people as well. and while these two guys are about to introduce to may look loo typical guys they are far from it they share a common bond and lot of talent. let me explain in this weeks extraordinary man, we're just two guys that want to welcome in the community and be able to you know love on them and to be able to help them and encourage them. actually set up our shop in way to we can invite them into the kitchen. >> joel and david one 7 c music
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reputation carries a tune of its own. guys that need their guitars they use them as tools. we know that. come on let us change the tires or your car and get you back on the road. that sort of thing. david has been around music since he can remember. yeah i grew up enjoying music. my dad cursed me by buying a guitar. open for tons of bands. everybody from michael mcdonald bto. most of guys now i think are all retired and having a luxury. believe it or not david is considered retired too. >> after years of taylor guitar he came up own patents that a changed music world he decided to move here to the bay area. >> and i had always told joel fee every mvd to florida i will consider opening a store and give him the opportunity to use
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first to tell ajoel has more cultivated in much way david's has. joel was in very successful band himself, later worked taylor guitars with david. so they marched to beat of the same drum so to speak. i did wanted to be in a rock band. you know, and kind of wanted to, follow my dad dad's footsteps. >> same drum actually same family. it's funny everything that my dad told me not to do much did. when you get to that point in life where your kids step in and start picking up the other end of the board, so to speak, there's nothing more rewarding than that as a printer. years of experience, knowledge and skill new to st. pete, that david and joel believe will be music to customers ears. as well as their own. we think alike.
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i work on guitarsi build guitars i design things. my son loves doing the same thing. my middle son. man to be able to just share those things is great. it was something that i could do and i would want to do. it's rewarding. it's fun. to be able to do what you lovelot people don't get to do that. if you hold something of value that you can give them besides just giving them money, helping them get started know, that's worth not being retired for. in case you're interested they pete off 54th steet north. have an idea or something needs be an extraordinary ordinary shoot me an email or message on my facebook beige.
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>> it is, you know what it's just getting nicer and nicer and warmer by the minute. it's lovely outside. november weather. while it is dry. i get that, it can, it's just stunning i mean our temperatures this morning and we're going to mid to upper 50s right now from new tampa to brandon to plant city. palm harbor at 58. westchase at 56. still a few pockets of 40s left. but not for long. 45 inverness 61 in bradenton. 6 in sarasota. and then, of course the 48 in bartow with the 62 in frostproof. going to be great. great day. and while many of us are just a few degrees cooler at this time, i think in general, we're going to be right back to the upper 70s for later today. now i put 79. could it be 77? yes. could be 80? yes. you get the point, pretty
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tampa. however, easily, east and north, you're going to have temperatures back into maybe the lower 50s in some spots. so get this cool mornings warm afternoons until late saturday. then strong cold front comes through. no rain with this front. beautiful dry cooler air though. high temperatures sunday only 69 degrees. and, jacket weather for everybody on monday. in fact monday in tampa could down to fwaft 50 degrees, vanessa. jackets for that day. all right, thanks, dave. 8:18 right now. of course we're keeping an eye on bushy boulevard that scene of that garbage truck fire looks as though all smoke is gone firefighters at this point just seem to be inspecting inside of the truck. westbound lanes are still blocked off. so that's definitely the area you're going to want to avoid. we have delays back from the area of 275 nebraska which is where this actually incident is towards 22nd street. and then we do have some delays in eastbound direction as well.
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completely really in this area. westbound still shut down though. sdishl we're hearing from tpd they are going to be affecting the exit ramble off 275 on to bush. that's southbound direction. of course since it's so close to 275, so drivers either have to exit before or exit after busch boulevard. and we'll keep you posted a we learn more on this incident. meantime get to hills hillsborough a new crash we're seeing before you get to intersection with sheldon and memo they seem to be fairly minor. minor to moderate delays maybe a couple extra minutes. leave early if you can if that's along your route. holiday drivers u.s. 19 and the continental drive. single lane blocked in southbound direction. use caution here and plan for some minor delays as well. well it may be a break through in sudden infant death syndrome. coming up at 9 the answer so many parents need and how this may lead to a test to recognize the possibility of sids at
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your family to thanksgiving. it's all ahead at 9. but first, why travel across the pond when it can come to you.
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good day tampa bay. i'm charley belcher coming to you from at westchase neighborhood of tampa from the wild rover. great little english pub that started out as just a little craft brewery in odessa.
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master here. so popular such demand for the beer. you had to move. you moved down here. down to westchase much larger facility. i mean this has to be a craft brewers dream. you look around. much bigger toys to play with. absolutely. >> so how much are you producing our how much can you eventually produce? we could produce up to about 4,000 barrels a year. and barrel is 31 gallons. >> that's measure are you producing about now? at the moment probably produce anywhere from bunny w.0 barrels a week or so right now we're still growing. you're serving your own pub here and restaurant. but also now distributing it to other local restaurants and bars >> we are in orlando area starting to some beer out a few bars in tampa that have our beer on right now. like you said orlando market we're starting to get some orders over there. hopeful people enjoy it and keep
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beer or hot bed if you will. it's drawing in tourists and it's becoming a kind of a pretty good industry for our area. it is, yes. i think we have almost 50 brewery in greater toob area. let's talk about the brew. now these, the three basic ingredients really in any beer, right? >> you got, oh open. open. i'll clean it up. wasting profits already. that's your malt toasted that gives you dark beer. top layer you see some darker heavier roasted that will give you some of the more chocolate flavors and lighter color at the bottom is what we call base malt which 90 percent of malt we use. hops >> that kind of hops. hops. and then yeast. last one is some yeast that i just pulled off fermenter. let's go through what you got here. i'm going to lift you tell me what is our american blond ale. this is our american stout. that is our ipa.
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>> that is an english mild. that's a belgian brown ale. so, and is that every day? that's not everything. no. we do about 30 beers total in our portfolio. usually have a dozen on any given time. i think of it as english pub all beers will be english beers as we learned going to breaking just now, i have several different kinds. sort of english irish scottish styles are sort of niche styles. >> you don't know what you alight get a flight little ones and kind of try a little bit. worry happen help you find something you do like. nice. ricky wells brew master what a great title brew master i'm not sure i earned it yet but you're
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none russell, laura. when we come back. food because it's now full kitchen here a full restaurant lunch and dinner show you some food next. all right. see you then. all right. okay. these tigers may be adults. but they are getting a brand new lease on life. you know shayla is live big rescue big cat rescue where
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((laura 2shot)) sleep is incredibly important..
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doesn't just help your mood also important for your health. or if you want to lose weight. and two new studies show it can play a huge role on your heart. and how it beats or doesn't. we're bringing dr. joette giovinco to talk about all of this. and whether or not we, i should be worried. joette. good morning. yeah. >> let's start with the studies. what are we finding? what they were looking for atrial fibulation or afib. what that means beating in singh knee. top chambers usually what they are supposed to do squeeze the blood down to bottom chambers and bottom chambers squeeze it out to the lung and to the rest of the body. but with afib, you lose that coordination and what happens is the top part of the heart just kind of quivers. so you don't get that impact. you didn't get that push of all of that blood. so what these studies did was they were looking at the impacts
8:31 am
fibulation. people with afib you go back in time you ask them and say yeah i didn't sleep very well. maybe leap apnea or other problems. these two studies went forward in time, about 11 years to show that there was a correlation. people who insomnia people who had frequent disruptions of their sleep increased their risk of dwp developing afib by 26 to 29 percent. so is take away on this sleep better, you can possibly avoid afib down the road? >> that's what the hope is. but again, you know you can't prove cause and effect relationships. but this strengthens the preexisting information that we had before by now showing pro specifically going forward in time eliminating some other things we know cause or tan contribute to afib because they took out things like diabetes and other sorts of other things
8:32 am
individuals who had those problems. but in addition to that, they also looked at sleep studies. it turned out those who have less of that recommend sleep also increased their risk. so enough we not just sleep duration, we have sleep quality that may also be impacting afib. they don't know why yesterday. they say it's still a mystery those frequent awakening perhaps or maybe that lack of sleep is causing maybe a problem in the nerve system of the heart. or maybe, you know, you get you wake up and that can damaging the heart. they really don't know why. but again, it real does speak to the volumes in fact that we probably need to really, really try to get a good night sleep. let's talk about this app you've discovered too. yes. you were showing me the other day? >> yeah. yes. i mean. you showed me this the other day. called card cardio rhythm basically what you do put up to
8:33 am
and can tell beat to beat variability. i told you top part of the heart kind quivers you don't get that beat to beat variation. what it does it measure that is and can you are are not in afib. again, you know this is, this is not f.d.a. cleared or approvedwas interesting they went into a facility where people had afib they didn't know which was with this tested ch and an it was 92 percent accurate. picked out maybe missed eight percent of the afib. we got to go. i ask you one more question about this. where do you point the camera? at yourself. just at your face? yeah. let me tell you i've heard that in the future, what we may have are mirrors are going to have this technology opinion you're going to get up in the morning going to look in mirror and assess you. it's going to look for changes, these subtle changes in your
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that is crazy. it is. i love it though. >> will are the. hey. good to see you. you too. thanks joette. it's a wild story. an air force explosives team detonated a world war ii era bomb that was found near florida state's camp news tallahassee. officials say the bomb had to be destroyed on site and that happened about 9:30 last night. less than a mile away from the state capitol. police have not said how the bomb made its way there. the property owners say it felt fell out works were removing museum said tallahassee had an air field during world war ii that was used for training. yeah. >> yeah we were on the phone with them at the time. he heard it. >> like a boom. fell out of a tree. i don't think he knew what it was at the time. >> that's crazy. isn't it? it's wild. all right. to this story 5 tigers are in their new home this morning at the big cat sanctuary.
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couple of them grumpy kind of like we are when we travel. shale is big cat rescue. which is taking part in this big cat rescue from one place all across the u.s. good morning. hey good morning to you i can only imagine what that must be like to spend 30 hours unable to get out and stretch, well that was the reality for 5 tigers that just arrived here in florida and a few short moments ago he had a chance toga bree el she made her way to her new home i'm here with susan bass with big cat rescue. tell me what just happened here. what do we get to see we did just say gabrielle step finally out transport cage into her new permanent enclosure here big cat rescue if you caught footage of that she was quite tentative she came out very quickly and saw a bunch of people and a little bit concerned she spied a nice den
8:36 am
she'll probably go out in an hour or so when everyone is kind of gone and start exploring her new enclosure. she's shying away a little bit. one of five new tigers here on the property. 85 total now i understand on the property. but she's one of 5 rescued from colorado. tell me how you think she might have adjust to our temperature changes. right. right. 85 cats we don't have 85 tigers. but yeah she came from colorado. about to get tigers anti-in really cold weather we think she's going to enjoy being in florida. and living in the sunny florida life-style. and on top of that we have holiday coming up next week. so i understand she and the others will have some sweet treats. yes, absolutely. they will get their thanksgiving holiday enrichment in this case will be a full burlt ball turkey for each one of them. and we know they will enjoy that. >> and last but not least before we let you go. what are they going to receive
8:37 am
they will have more space i understand but also be getting special care. yes. they will have excellent medical treatment here. we on site hospital. their enkoeshs much larger here then they were in colorado from what i understand. and they are going to get enrichment at least twice week for combat butter ball turkey to cat nip inside a paper bag to play around with. lots of room to stretch out and lots of activities to keep them busy. yes. absolutely. all right. thank you so much, susan for your time. again, these tigers arrived from colorado. they arrived last night. plan was originally to remove them this morning but a couple of the guys they got a little bit agitated we know that process started for them last night. the three others including gabrielle who hiding out in her den were all removed this morning and over the next few days they will medical checks and all of those processes will get under way to make sure that their health is squared away they don't have any issues as they continue to adjust to their new home, guys.
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spectacular. just spectacular when you see them, wow. wow. all right. hey thanks. talk later. okay. i know. it's incredible. thanks. all right. absolutely. right there too. all right. i don't know if you remember this adorable box of chocolates. >> right? how could you forget them? i'm sorry lost looking a these puppies visited good day adoption request came flooding in. now they went supposed to find humane society started deciding to accept the applications early. 12 chocolate lab pit bull terrier mixes were surrendered they were supposed supposed to be able first come first serve basis on black friday chocolate lab. more than thousand people contacted the shelter. in order to people camping out like they might at the bestbuy they decide to start accepting adoption applications now. they had to be submitted by
8:39 am
but if you miss out on these 12 cute little guys, keep in mind plenty of other animals that need your love and need your home. all animals four months and older are 75 percent off on black friday. by the way i have feeling we're going to be there. besides the usual shopping on black friday we will at the humane society just seeing out it all goes. i cannot imagine those dogs. you got lost by the way. you held tha d went away. right here. and went to special place. had to bring you back. had to bring you back. you were right there with me. you just came back quicker than i did. chew my ear. >> a thousand. a thousand inquiries. isn't that great. i love that. i love that. i hope that every one of those people will go down and if they don't get one chocolates get one other dogs. or cats. or rabbits. okay. we're in the 60s.
8:40 am
and another stellar, very stellar start to the day. clear skies everybody reporting clear skies. you can it there from river view net camera as we're looking west. our current temperatures run from 45 in ocala to about 64 in st. petersburg. a lot of these temperatures update on the hour. so once we hit 9 o'clock, you're going to is lot of these temperatures jump up. but in general with dry air in going to another beautiful day. yesterday we made it to the upper 70s. we're going right back there again today. maybe 79. wouldn't surprise me to see an 80 degree temperature out there today. tonight, not quite as chilly. but still kind of jacket weather clear skies seasonable. 61 in tampa. 50s in inland and north. and then more sunshine, more warmth tomorrow. with your high of 81 degrees. also going to go to about 80
8:41 am
today saturday, saturday night look what that does to temperatures for sunday. high of 69 degrees. and monday morning, oh, yeah, a low of 50. time give away another good day mug. in november, we can have some of the most stunning sun sets. and niki jones cents this picture in to us. a perfect sunset was the title. i thought you know you're right pie mean all perfect. this one too. this was down in you. we appreciate that. to enter the you got to the go to my facebook page fox 13's dave osterberg click on hag #we live here only way you can in this contest vanessa. 33s winner right there for sure. thanks for sending that in niki. thanks so much, dave. eight i don't know 41. we want to get over here to mlk, jr. boulevard. we have three crashes actually reported between 75 and 301. all three of them involving lane blockage.
8:42 am
in the westbound direction. so maybe an area to avoid particularly westbound as i mentioned where we have those lane blocks that are reported. we do want to give you look at how our interstates are faring northbound drivers coming along from pinellas bayway to i-4 crossing pinellas and hillsborough counties using 275. just a moderate congestion there. looks like our slower speeds are going to be westbound on i-4 coming to the inter change from mhk sitting a ten minute ride. we've heard it before, if you belief you can achieve it. but we bills. that doesn't mean though you have to give up on your dreams. up next how you can have it all. all. but first wee going to check in with charley belcher who arguably has it all already. >> i don't know. but i'm in i want it all. i want it all russell and laura. >> i want the world. yeah. i want it all. i want it all. queen. and speaking queens ask kings i love good segue.
8:43 am
place called the wild rover. known for their craft beer in their new space here they have full kitchen it means as much restaurant as brewery. stick around everybody and let's go on a rovering adventure to westchase wen good day tampa bay continues. i never shop without a list. and at publix what's on the list also happens to be what's on sale. stuff you actually want... on sale! isn't that something?
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you know what i love? when i see all the savings at the bottom of my receipt. it's proof that i'm a smart shopper. which is why i always show it to my wife. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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(laura) what is it that you ?really? want of the hour now think about it, what is it that you really want to be doing? is it your 9 to 5 or a dream job that you're looking to launch? consumer reporter sorboni banerjee joins us a part of week long series helping you achieve what you want to be. we're talking moonlighting today, right? yeah. we are. when you talk to somebody about what job they want to do their dream job they get that far away
8:47 am
want to do but they think ununat ununattainable. we wanted to introduce to regular every day people who are making it happen to share their ideas to make psychic successful. >> magic to moonlighting you have to give yourself the opportunity to pit a 100 percent where it needs to be. and then you can go blank. starting with a blank slate. so what is the magic of successful side hustle owner of magic emporium juggles his passion with full time job system integrator that was gary bark barker one people we introduced you to in o other was pharmacy student paco. we wanted to get him back on morning show because, he told u us a little bit about your idea. we wanted to talk people through it in steps. first of all, pharmacy student by day, but by night you have enter the world of fashion. tell me about your jerseys. my jerseys are african street wear we make different jersey to represent different countries that being said we like putting on for the heritage just up lifting self esteem. so for example, this one
8:48 am
jamaica. so back here jamaica independence in 1962. on front we have at line right here in corner just africa just connecting our caribbean cousins with africa. you were passionate about this and you're using details from history, from the culture, which i think is unique. tell me a little bit about the first step. i want to break this down a little bit. first first step we head over we broke it down for you is to generate the idea how do you come up with really believe in? you can find inspiration in anything. it matter what makes you happen you find what you like what you're the good an and what puts a smile on your face. you always smile when you talk about this. how do you cultivate that idea? one thing to say i think this is something how do you make it move forward? > you have to thoroughly do your research. thoroughly with that being said in this day and age we have google and books. you know, so, we can find anything on web instantly.
8:49 am
okay, generate capital you can go to your own network your friends and family to get it started. for example, you went trait straight to your mom. moms are number one fan now you're reaching out and getting more market research done. where did you turn to learn about where to go to get these manufactured? like i said earlier we have google and books. so easy. anything in world has done before just matter going out and searching the information. so i googled it i looked t manufacture such >> simple google search i have to hire this mark didding no google search how you can do it. when it comes to actually executing this and pushing it forward, how you have a website you're using social media. so, with that it's just a matter of getting out and actually doing it. you know, most people are scared to actually take that extra ten. and with fear went to forbes
8:50 am
boston. ce off spoke on fear and about how when light just hits a prism. you know, it, it's looks impossible like how can something get through that. but then it breaks it all down and manage manageable parts. and you're not only trying to of course make a profit yourself and share your business idea but you're pushing this forward with a wing and in charity as well it will me really quickly about that we're partnering with caregiver's 911 soon that founder mama pain all right. florida boy. so there, they help and support in and assist actual caregivers people who safe veterans or people who need hem on their day-to-day basis. we're going to generate this idea. cultivate. we're going to plan it. we're going to execute it and if we're paco we're going to push it forward and give back a little. give back to the world i love it. thank you so much for being with us this morning and sharing these with us nice to have you.
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good day tampa bay charley belcher coming to you from westchase neighborhood of tampa.
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be exact. the wild rover known for are their beer watch out they are restaurant too. moved into a new location from odessa. now have full kitchen derek wells owns the place chef steve will tell us about the food derek as much a restaurant a brewery these days we moved op from v. big red bus a little limited in what we could do. so now we have a full array. we have the inand out quick to go lunches. that's over here. and then english breakfast which we served during the sat saturday and sunday soccer matches we show then we have drashl english fare on our evening menu. all right chef steve let's go through this. let's start, let's start down here. soup in broad bowl. soup in bread bowl we will feature soups daily different soups. this is a french onion soup. like in our homemade bread bowl made from our beer and with
8:55 am
lettuce tomato bacon, egg. everything you want. this is our turkey chicken wrap pecans raisins lettuce. everything. everything for quick in out to eat. this is our sausage roll we take pork butt grind it down make our own sausage meat to file it with traditional scottish. it's our wrapped in egg and bread crumbs. italian sandwich few can sha bread italian ingredientspastrami and stuff. >> this is our new grab and go. our steak and still ton. brandy tour grab and go menu. this is our cornish pa stee which is on our traditional british menu. this our steak and a lechlt pie which feature our bell porter beer.
8:56 am
ground beef. and carrots onion potatoes topped with more potato. fish and chips. this is our bell porter batter. atlantic cod deep fried. mushy peas. i put that over against anybody else fish's and chips. one of my favorites. our bangers and mash. freshly made mash every day. freshly cooked bangers onion he's, beautiful. oh. wow. there you go. if you leave the wild rover hungry its your fault. russell rhodes too full disclosure, yeah. i've been known to show up here a time or two. good for business or bad for business. please don't show anybody you show up here. excuse me saturday afternoon love to come up here for lunch and watch a little college football. but i'm telling you. everything on the menu. that is why you wear a hat every time you i go out to eat?
8:57 am
you pull a hat down? >> yeah. well, i want to cover the bald spot. you need to get on that part buddy i'm there. it's okay. it's okay. that place looks great. good stuff, man. we'll see you later. okay. all right. he's saving lives for 30 years. now one firefighter is retiring. jen says thank you. she's wrapping up her series on on amazing people in our community. plus, amazing new research shet light into sw eye some infants difficult suddenly in their sleep. sids. dr. jo is talking about a marker that could alert parents and
8:58 am
8:59 am
there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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a mistaken invitation. leads to a heart-warming a mistaken invitation leads to a heart warming story and an


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