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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  November 17, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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we're following a news alert next at ten. an polk county inmate escapes from work release. how he got away.. and where he was last scene.. when the news starts
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>> joe turn yourself in man, get this thing over with. >> the search is on for a polk county prisoner. how he managed to break free tonight and what we are learning about his past. >> a night at the bar turns violent, the sur now wanted to this out-of-hand brawl. >> my wife and i felt like we were being targeted because we have children. >> it's a neighborhood billed as family friendly but an hoa letter is making some think others. the message that has some parents there fuming. >> good evening and welcome. i'm mark wilson. >> and i'm kelly ring. thanks for joining us,
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county. an inmate takes off work a workreplace job in bartow and steals a county truck to do it. the search is on to find him right now, and evan axelbank is live to tell us what is going on. this is guy considered dangerous, evan? >> right now deputies have not said whether they believe he has acquired weapons since escaping or whether he is thought anything dangerous, right now deputies are on baker drive, searching house by house, yard by yard and room by room. one neighbor who just came by said the officers and deputies railroad in her back yard using canini units to sniff her fence and they believe they were in
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on a fence in her back yard, the dog believing he had picked up the fence and off in the distance i hear the canine union barking. here is joseph flanagin, he is 6 feet actually between 180 and 200 pounds, last seen by a employee at the county's fleet maintenance building at 2490 bob philips road in the truck has since been recovered. and his home is about a quartermile from where i am standing. he was sentenced to 10 months for theft and i am told he behaved well in jail and was allowed to spend his remaining time doing jobs for the county. that is why he was able to get away and he only had four months left to serve. >> really surprised.
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be done with it and he was going to try to go straight when he got out. >> joe, turn yourself in, man, get this overwith. don't be out on the streets like that because they will be looking for you forever. >> it's nerve wracking, oh, yeah, crazy. >> what have you seent seen thee doing? >> walking door to door, and saying he is on the lose. >> what did they say to you about it. >> this is not the f county. on october 19 an inmate named david ross was working on a work crew at mosaic park when he tiewk took a crew member hostaga crew member hostage with a knife and drove off in a truck. and we can hear the deputies working in the background here,
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he is not known by neighbors to have or possession weapons, kelley and mark but as the sheriff's deputy drove by he said just because he is not known to be dangerous in the past that is not an indication of how someone is going to behave when they are on the run. and so deputies being very guard and asking everyone in this community to be careful and if they do see him they should call 9-1-1 right away. >> they should, and i know you will be updating develops in the next hour or hour and a half. thank you so much, evan axelbank reports. >> and new tonight, a fight in key west, fists flying and one guy at the center of it all is a firefighter. a warrant has been issued no his arrest. >> his name is clinton walker and he is bai facing battery chs
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working on this case. >> all seems normal until the clock hits 3:40:44 and then the punches start playing. the white shirted man is said to about a firefighter, clint walker and police say a member of the outlaw motorcycle gang, there for the annual poker run. as the video continues he and some 15 members of the outlaw stard employees and all hell breaks loose. at one point a chair is picked up and used as a weapon. police say they have i.d.'d him through this video, back in may he was arrested for battery on a law enforcement, it stems from this fight at del mar gastro lounge in st. pete. an officer tased walker in that
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walker ended up suing the st. pete police department, that suit is still on going. we know bar customers and employees were hurt and it started after an argument erupted with another customer. >> and fire rescue sent us a statement, saying we take this very seriously and we are opening an investigation, we will take all disciplinary action paid administrative leave pending the outcome of this investigation. >> thanks. >> well, developing right now a child is recovering after falling three stories from a hotel window. this happened near disney this afternoon. and the orange county sheriff is from michigan. they left a 9-year-old alone in the room while packing up and when one of the family members returned she heard the boy
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ground. he was able to get up and walk after the fall, and he is expected to eventually be okay. >> masked robbers armed with guns. a scary scene, and it happened on tuesday and we are learning that detectives can help you to find these robbers. in the middle of the night, they targeted this with five usf students inside. they got away with a $300 inside, and a get-away drive was waiting for them in this car, if you know anything about this crime police call the hillsborough county sheriff's office. also, authorities say they busted three men in a massive gas station skimmer operation, and it is believed they racked
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charges. >> it was during one of their attempts to set up a skimmer that their luck ran out. all three were arrested and two of the men are cuban citizens while the third is a u.s. citizen, but all three have addresses in tampa. and atai apparently a witness cd police after spotting them installing a investigators think there might be ties to organized crime. >> it's not by accident that the first group were from california and the second group from florida. there are a lot a whole lot of 20-year-old who would have the technology and the background and experience to put this together, so we think it's a bigger package. >> they used the credit card
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to by more than $1100 in merchandise from the north strom nordstromat the mall of america. and you really have to look out for this, and if anything looks amyamiss tell the gas station attendant right away and use a credit card and not a debit card. >> a sarasota school b state troopers say he ran a red light causing another drive to hit a bus. this happened just before 2:30. investigators say frank brown, the bus driver was turning left on mlk when he hit the other driver. 26 students were on the bus, but
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>> basically if your kids are going to be outside make sure they are quiet. >> up next the outrageous reason parents say one homeowners association is asking their children to keep it down. >> and they are not retiring, they are refiring. why more and more people are taking on a new career at 60 on the beyond. ball, which a have you got? >> what a beautiful day we had, a complete and check it out, you can see venus and mars at the top of your tv set, what a scene on the beach cam tonight. and the weekend has changing
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we've told you about the >> we have told you about these lakeland rock crazy where people paint rocks and then hide them, but it's hit a snag. somebody defaced this boardwalk in peterson park and another problem popped up at mum park and that is not going over well
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we have individual puts rocks in the grass and they turn into project tiiles c when the mowere by, and they are a danger. >> but i love how they are not on the one neighborhood asking parents to keep their children quiet when they play outside at all times of the day, not just morning or late at night, but all times of the day. and as we see, the note had parents fired up and the hoa calls it a misunderstanding. >> the neighbors say when they got the letter they were immediately offended and felt targeted because they have kids.
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tuscany preserve subdivision say these are the voices of their children happy and having fun, but a letter posted on some family's doors by the homeowners association asked that those voices be muted. the better said complaints have come in saying that the children are extremely noisy and that noise can be kept to to a minimum so that other neighbors can take naps during the day. >> basically if your kids quiet. >> this man said he feels the letter targets children in a neighborhood that is supposed to be family friendly. >> i tell them inside our home to use inside voices and so why can't they go outside and use their outside voices. >> we spoke on the phone with the manager who said the focus of the letter was not noise but making sure children were not playing unsafely in the street,
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in-camera interview about the letter, but then didn't show up, calling the letter self-explanatory. >> i want my children to be able to be children and i'm offended that anybody would ask me to even have it in their heart that they would literally ask us to keep them quiet. >> parents say they expect some homeowners association. reporting in poinciana. >> well hopefully they get it and it is some sort of a misunderstanding. would you prefer that your kids were inside in front of their computers or e iphones or the television all day? >> oh, no. >> and?
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weather is off the charts. and we rarely show you sunrise pictures on our 10:00 now but this was incredible for today. it's like a fieldgoal with the sun right through the uprights of the skyway bridge earlier today. that is from eric burke, and this is on my facebook page, a fantastic shot, and how about this, yesterday in denver, t warmest november day on record, and today this was the scene, snowing and 27 degrees. this is in thornton, colorado and it's pretty with the snow and the foliage in the background, and a nice sunset. folks out there taking it in. from cheryl. and our high today, very nice,
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month very dry. i don't see any rain coming up between now and the first couple of days of december. only 1.56 since october 1, and the deficit since november is running 8600. and before that the last rain was from matthew back in early or midoctober. the drought continues to expand. this is the new data in today on the red is extreme to exceptional drdrought and continues from atlanta to c chattanooga, and nt a lot of rain coming up. the model data is showing maybe a tenth of an inch in atlanta and that's it, nothing for us. we stay with clear skies and look how extensive the dry airis.
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launched tonight literally showed no water in the atmosphere, like being out in phoenix. it is very dry at the surface and very dry as we go up in a weather balloon. 52 in brooksville, 63 in bradenton, and 50's to near 60 inland, and the dewpoint is 50, northeast winds at 5. the weather story for us will be the approach of a cold front, and this is going t maybe fair weather clouds moving in, and the cold front is going to head our way. the main impact from that front is going to be an increase in wind, and so thinking about boating this weekend? it does not look good, the winds pick up ahead of the front and behind the front on sunday. 27 in denver, and 73 dallas, 66 in chicago and tonight 50's to near 60's and highs tomorrow a
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and then we turn our attention to the northwest and watch because here comes the cold front down the pike with rain in mississippi and a front in the carolinas. and think about this if you are planning on boating this weekend, lots of wind arrows meaning lots of winds coming up both weekend days. tonight, clear and pleasant, and down to 60. sunshine and great friday, and touctemperatures up we are breezy and the front goes by saturday night. sunday is kind of basic and cool, even by florida standards. 69, and a couple of nights in the 40's monday and tuesday, and right now the thanksgiving outlook is sunshine and 77 degrees. back to you. >> we like it a lot. thank you, paul. and coming up spotting counterfeit cash. >> yeah, more bad bills are circulating in florida.
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new at ten - keep your eye out for counterfeit >> new at 10:00, keep your eye out for counterfeit cash. it may be a bigger problem than i may think. a marion county woman recently felt into a counterfeit cash scscheme where she was selling r x-box and the man who told it t her gave her fake $50 bills. >> anywhere from 40, 60, sometimes 80 items within a month's time. >> the serial numbers are too hard to recreate on each individual bill and so all of the money will have the same serial number. >> another thing to pay
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than paper. >> well, tomorrow you can enjoy a new winter village at curtis and park. open through christmas day. the downtown partnership says you can enjoy an outdoor skating rink and a holiday market this year and a water front cafe. the village shops will feature seven pop-up boutiques and the ice rink will and skate rental, and it's always popular but they have added stuff. >> and that is down there on the river walk and it's all becoming more accessible. >> that is going to be a hot spot this holiday season. >> well, up next a new name is added to the trump administration. >> find out who the president-elect is promoting to
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>> and the four things attorney
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y24zxy y12fy a senior official for >> a senior official for donald trump said the president-elect has offered the job of national security advisor to lieutenant general michael flynn. >> if you've been going to his rallies. trump spent the day meeting with a number of people in midtown hasmanhattan, and he also met wh nikki haley, south carolina governor, both are rumors to be potential cabinet members and he
10:31 pm
with a few democratic leaders as well. >> thank you for what i trust will be the first of many conversations as we move forward toward inauguration and thereafter. >> the president-elect has fit into this role amazingly well because he is a transactional guy, someone who is used to viewing information and getting many different inputs. >> trump is expected to biggest critics, massachusetts governor mitt romney. >> well, tonight prominent attorney john morgan is talking about a possible run for florida governor and some democrats made it public that they want him to run in 2018, and now he says he is thinking about it. today he tweeted "i appreciate the outpouring of support and
10:32 pm
magnitude". if morgan decides to run it looks like he already has a well-thought-out plan. >> if i ran i would not want to do it for one term because there are three or four thinks i would want to do and go home. decriminalize marijuana and restore felons rights for nonviolent offenders and let juveniles out of jail and kind of it. >> you may remember he led the push to bring medical marijuana to florida and he said if he funded that campaign he is certainly fund his own. and he said if he decides to run he will announce it next year in march or april. >> and retirement used to be part of the american dream but fewer and fewer americans are living for what we used to think of as retirement.
10:33 pm
boomers are just not ready to slow down, and now a look at why 60 is the new 40. >> and think about it, think about someone you know who is 50 something and what their grandparents were like at 60 something. i guarantee there is a big difference in how they look and live and play. aarp says baby boomers are living when they get to retirement age, they are not ready, in fact some are living encore careers. >> you can call this man many things, lawyer, a successful litigator, and he goes backpacking and climbing. >> i go out to the totons oreo oryosemite.
10:34 pm
>> i don't allow that. no use of the word "grand". actually, his two-year-old grandson dubbed him bop, with a b. >> fitting for a man who is still bopping along, putting in 52 hours a week at the law firm and cramming as much as he can into his weekend and he d soon. >> i actually feel better physically than i did 20 years ago. >> and he is not the exception. people are living longer these days and staying fit well past the half century mark. and that has led to an interesting demographic. retirees or soon-to-be retirees who still want to work but maybe in a different way. >> it is the most exciting time of your life. it is not a time where we are
10:35 pm
golf carts and sit on the front porch and read books. >> after 35 years as a corporate consultant, this woman was burned out and approaching 60. >> i basically went to my husband and said i feel like i'm in the fourth quarter of the football became and i want it to count but i don't know what that is. >> she came across a book called encore, finding what matters in the second half of life. >> when a lightbulb moment, like, wow, and there are 80,000 boomers who don't know what they want to do next. >> she decided her new career would be helping people f figure out what is next. >> getting involved in a nonprofit and starting a nonprofit, starting a new career, starting a business --
10:36 pm
aarp tampa bay. they have a program called life reimagined, a life-long tool that helps people connect with what they are passionate about. >> old is what you make of it, and when you quit -- when you quit growing is when you really start aging and that happens at different times for different people. >> it chris griffin. >> if you think that the best part of your life is over, then the better part of your life is behind you because you just created the reality that you are living in. >> so call it an encore, call it life r reimagined, just don't l this 62-year-old grandpa. >> just bop.
10:37 pm
florida state and says the discipline he learned to stay in physical shape has carried him through to a very youthful 62, and we have posted a link to encore table and the life rei imagined cool, just look for the article on "60 is the new 40". >> that is awesome and makes so much sense. >> and we call chris griffin. >> he is impressive. >> indeed. >> and up next an 18-hour surgery and a long journey. >> they have actually traveled thousands of liels miles for a a new perspective on a fight that ended with a car in a
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? music ? welcome to disney springs.
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>> coming up in just a few minutes at 11:00, barely halfway through this school year and already hundreds of parents are worried about next school year. the decision that could shuffle around their kids and change school maps in pasco county, and yelp has a new feature, great
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the concerns with restaurants in particular. inparticular. >> and dangerous wildfires continue to burn across the southeast. fall leaves and dry conditions and gusting winds are fueling the fires. thousands of firefighters are battling flames and smoke from the fires had been causing air quality and breathing problems and people are also pollution problems as far as south at alabama and visibility issues that have caused a number of car crashes. >> conjoined twins from nigeria has been successfully separated. look at those little 12-months old girls, miracle and testimony. they were conjoined at the lower half of the body, and separating
10:42 pm
encouraged by the twins' family and called their faith inspiring. the twins should some day be able to walk and live normal lives but they are expected to live at the hospital for several more months. >> for the fourth time in several seasons the lightning are going to be without steven stamkos, but the question is this time how long. oh yea, everything is digital now-a-days. this thing never leaves my side. that is why i signed up for publix digital coupons. and i got the paper ones too.
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when we shop it is kinda like a competition. it is exactly like a competition. whoever finds the most bogo's wins! which is usually me. that's how we save a lot at publix. how 'bout you? (mark/ now its time for publix. where shopping is a pleasure. the good stuff.. it was a fun day in class for lots of students and adults. a lot of students and some adults. >> you got to do this coed, it , it was the great american teach-in, and i got to visit at miles elementary, and visit with ms. miller second grade class, i was impressed with their questions and got to see their
10:46 pm
it's huge and they had a lot of great visitors today, so that was a lot of fun. good job future news anchors. >> i was going to say what was your best question? >> lots of great questions. exactly what it takes to make it and i said, read, read, read, the most important thing and write. >> that's great. all right, so nobody likes to get a ticket from a police officer, so how about a thanksgiving this is what people in fort worth received. this man was pulled over for not having a front license plate and he was shocked and pleased by the kind gesture. >> instead of a part ticket a t? i'm not sure what my wife has planned but we might fry it or give it away. but that was cool!
10:47 pm
donated to the police department and the officers turned moments of dread into a pleasant surprise. and everyone has their minds elsewhere when behind the wheel this time of year, so that was a nice gesture. >> i think other police departments should think about that. >> and we had one in texas giving out $100 bills. >> and we want to say congratulations and way to go to school student runners it's called the cross-out cancer 5k, and these are pictures from last year's events. all of the money raised will go to johns hopkins and their goal this year is $50,000 and the weather should be great, so we are very proud of the students doing great things for their community, and they really are
10:48 pm
working hard to raise money to make a difference. >> it really says a lot at their age that they are able to step up like that. >> cross-country runn runners dg the right thing. >> but not good new u news comim the lightning. stamkos will be out at least four months and maybe into the play-offs. the lightning in the middle of a five-game road trip in b bolts. with kucherov, 1-0, after the first period and then bishop coming up with a save, flat out stopping kyle, and it doesn't get much better than that, look at that, wow! the lightning pick up a powerplay on the run. a nice pass to killorn, he just
10:49 pm
seconds left, kucherov fires and it's deflected in for a 3-1 lead and then 4-1 the final, the building stay perfect on the road. and the phoenix on fire in the first half, knocking down i should say eight three-pointers. that helped them to a 39-26 half time lead, the bolt have the firepower to come back and they fall for elan. the gators on the road in lakeland, awaiting the completion of the o'connel center, taking on st. bone st. bonaventure. 38-32 and they take control in
10:50 pm
dropping the trey here, and the bonnies could come back but the gators hold on for a 73-66 win. and this may come as a surprise but the kansas city chiefs have bwon 17 of 19 games, they are doing pretty good, and the chiefs don't get a lot of attention, not like the ccowboys or the patriots. holly and panfield are back, but it's unclear if they will play this sunday. winston will have shepherd and stalker back as well, and kansas city is on the roll and they have had their number. the chiefs hadn't beaten the
10:51 pm
knowing improvement on defense, and part of that is due to the o spence and others, the guys really starting to come around. scott smith will be live at 10:30 and then it's the bucs and chiefs at 1:00. after the game, stay with us, fox 13 will be live in the
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unbelievable. sunset at davis island dog park from kim castle. nice positioning of the tree and the sunset. that is a classic florida picture right there, and so kim gets a fox 13 umbrella. if you want one, just go to my facebook page, and like it and in the corner you will see an
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we are cool tonight -- not cold. 60's along the coast and then away from the water, radiational cooling is underway. brooksville at 62. the pup i setup is quiet, and wl have fair weather clouds mixing with the sun but certainly no rain coming up. by late friday and saturday the winds should turn around to t front developi developing here n saturday night and sunday, it turns cooler but this is not going to be record-breaking cold but certainly chilly weather coming up at night. 75 at 1:00, and 79 at 4:00. >> we love it, paul, and coming
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>> it's being called the biggest cat rescue in u.s. history. >> more than 110 cats are being removed from a failing facility in colorado. last night several of them arrived in tampa after a 30-hour road trip. rescuers say the conditions at the previous facility were completely inadequate, and with winter approaching in colorado they really wante out and here as quickly as possible. >> from what i understand, that area of colorado gets exceptionally cold and the enclosures for the cats didn't offer a lot of protection from the elements. and so the different sanctuaries, we are scrambling to get them out before it gets really, really cold. >> staff tells us they arrived
11:00 pm
next week every one of the cats will get their very own butterball turkey to feast on. >> they are going to have a lot of fun with that. >> they are so beautiful and i know they are going to be happier for sure. >> and wait until you see how fast they go through a turkey, too, doesn't take long, and new at 11:00, we begin with a for an escaped inmate. >> neighbors are asking him to turn himself in. >> don't be on the streets because they will be looking for you forever. >> think about everyone else around you. you could have killed somebody. >> a fight coming to a crashing end. the search for this hit-and-run driver. >> when they start talking about it and taking me down memory lane i show them a visual and they get excited.


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