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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  November 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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?another inmate escape in polk county. for the second time in a month - a prisoner has taken off.. >>laura: another inmate escape in polk county. a prisoner has taken off. this morning, the search for the inmate on the run. >>russell: first a night, then a crash. hillsborough deputies hope the video helps track down the not been seen since. >>laura: you think you're always the last to know? nope. this man is. he wants it that way. why he still has no idea who won the election. >>dave: 60 degrees is how we're starting things off at 6:00 with the dew point of 54. no complaints. as you go inland, north, you got 50s, even 40s on the map. third or fourth morning in a
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your jackets north. you won't need them this afternoon but you will this morning. i think we'll go to 80, 81 for a high temperature this afternoon. >>vanessa: thanks, dave. we want to start off the road report checking on the pasco county area. we have reports of debris in the road but this was originally reported as a deer that might be in the roadway east of livingston road. weep your eyes be careful. right now we want to take you to the howard frankland bridge. last hour and the hour before, we were watching a crash on the north end, northbound direction. looks like lanes are completely clear. you should be just fine here. >>russell: 6:01. for the second time in a month, deputies are looking for an escaped inmate. >>laura: an inmate trustee drove away in a county truck and has not been seen since.
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>>reporter: yeah. authorities are saying if you see joseph flannagan, do not approach him. call 911. i want to show you a picture of him. here's flannagan on the screen. authorities have been looking for him since thursday afternoon. the 45-year-old inmate took off in a white ford pickup truck and hasn't been seen for hours. lakeland is a few hours from where the bartow. the inmate received a 10 month sentence for theft in september but recently good behavior and jail earned him more freedom. this included performing odd jobs in the county to serve out the rest of his time. a board county of commissioners employee last spotted him around 3:30 in the afternoon off bob phillips road. that's located in bartow. flannagan's lakeland neighbors say he's not known to have
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if you see hem, report the information, do not approach him. he's been described as six feet tall, about 180 to 200 pounds with brown hair, hazel eyes and a shaved head. if you see him or want to report a tip, you're urged to reach out to the polk county sheriff's office. back to you in the studio. >>laura: thank you. >>russell: now, this is the second inmate to escape in polk county in the last month. october 19 ross overpowered a worker. he stole a truck while holding an officer hostage. ross was captured a few hours later. >>laura: officials have issued a warrant for a firefighter. >>russell: he's the member of a violent motorcycle gang. he's wanted off a bar brawl in key west.
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rumor lodge on september 27. at one point, someone picks up a chair and starts swinging. key west police were able to identify walker in the video and now he's wanted on battery charges. hillsborough county fire rescue sent us this statement. we take these accusations very seriously and are opening an investigation into the charges. we'll take all disciplinary actions and he will be on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of this investigation. >>laura: man in a scary mask is wanted f usf students. two robbers broke into an apartment near usf and robbed the students and you can see one of these men wearing a mask made fame bus by the movie "v for vendetta." robbers knocked on the door and forced their way in holding guns.
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ybor city bar tuesday morning. this was outside of the bad monkey bar on east seventh avenue. it was after closing time and a group of men were fighting. one of the men gets into a black nissan, attempts a u-turn and gets hung up on the curve. the car jumps the sidewalk. was this intentional? >> at the very least it's a hit and run. we have the car, some things we think we know who it is. i'm not sure what the intention was here but that's one of the questions to get answered. >>russell: just one of the men on the sidewalk is hurt. he has a broken leg. bar was left with $15,000 in damage. >>laura: president elect donald trump is planning a victory tour of key states he won in the election. it will happen after thanksgiving. >>russell: until then he needs to pick a cabinet. walter has the latest on the search.
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out of trump tower, each a member of the new administration. michael flynn has been offered the job of national security adviser. trump still has not nominated a single cabinet member but that could change soon. one of the most surprising names that came out for secretary of state is a man who said this about trump during the campaign. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthless as an agreement from trump university. >>walter: that was mitt romney in march. he was one of trump's most outspoken critics. now trump is expected to meet with romney tomorrow to discuss the top cabinet spot. it's not clear what this will mean for rudy giuliani or south carolina governor nikki halley. sources inside trump tower say that giuliani's business ties with foreign governments could
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haley's lack of foreign policy experience could hurt her chances as well. also florida governor rick scott met with trump yesterday. he's repeatedly said he plans to finish his term as governor and has no interest in taking a spot in trump's administration. more likely pick is attorney general pam bondi. she's on trump's team. governor scott wo need a replacement. >>russell: after declaring a victory in the fight to legalize medical marijuana in florida, there's been talk about john morgan's political future. his supporters launched a website called for the now he's responding to calls for him to run for the state's highest elected office. >> you know, i do not know, i honestly do not know, if i ran,
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one term. there's like three or four things i would want to do and then go home. >>russell: morgan says if he does run, he said it's all just an idea. if he does decide, he'll announce next march or april. >>laura: more than a week after the election, there's an undecided race in hillsborough county and it's for a seat that affects every single parent and student. >>russell: at 6:30, up the process here. and unless you've been living under a cage or you're this guy, you know that donald trump is going to be the next president. why he says in this case, ignorance is bliss. >>dave: 6:08. let me show you how pretty it looks outside this morning and chilly, too. 57 overlooking lake mirror. we have 60s back to the coastline. grab a jacket. you'll need them for a few hours, although you'll shed them
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tomorrow afternoon breezes but a high still at 78 degrees and maybe 10 degrees cooler than that for sunday. yeah. cold front is still on target to move through saturday night. we'll talk about that in a few (jessica) the new recipe of beneful is really excellent. the first ingredient is chicken. (riley) man, this chicken is spectacular! (jessica) i feel like when he eats beneful, he turns into a puppy again. you love it, don't you? you love it so much! (vo) try new beneful healthy weight with chicken.
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runs: 12oc: it never gets >> liftoff. peggy woodson rocketing towards the international space station. >>laura: a six month mission to the international space station. a french new comer and cosmonaut and an american astronaut. the american, peggy woodson, is officially the older woman in space. she'll celebrate her 57th birthday next year in february. she'll hold the american record for total days in space. >>russell: and the newest weather satellite and set to launch tomorrow. once in orbit, satellite will provide high resolution
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information as soon as every 30 seconds. it was pushed back because of the weather. hurricane matthew. it's now set to lift off around 5:42, around 5:42 tomorrow evening. you know, dave, i watched -- i was watching mike bennett's story on this last night. it is fascinating the technology that is there and what this will be able to provide us all with, especially people like you. >>dave: we are so excited. in the whole community, you blogs and everything, and everybody -- this is the creme de la creme of weather satellites for us. it's going to take a year. you have to calibrate it and do all of that stuff but once it gets going, you'll have everything from lightning to forest fires to hurricane tracking to i'm excited about it. one of the only spots, because it's kind of odd. if you're near the water, you're
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st. petersburg and pinellas park. 56 in pinellas park. 66 in st. petersburg. 60 in clearwater. if you go north, the blue color, crystal river, inverness, brooksville, dade city at a chilly 52 degrees this morning. oh, you think that's chilly? you wait until monday morning. bradenton is 60. lakewood ranch is 50. myakka city at 57 degrees. md to upper 50s, down 17 county and then down to highlands county, upper 50s and lower 60s. big, big difference in temperatures. it is 70 in dallas. it is 45 in wichita. here is your cold front. this is the big front we've been talking about and as it's steadily working south and east, we still have two more days today and tomorrow, warm afternoons with coolish mornings. once this front comes through,
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likely to be in the 60s, paving the way for a lot of 40s on the map come monday morning. you see actual -- with the front there's been a little rain and behind it there's been some snow. that's right, some snow. dakotas have blizzard warnings in the area. a lot of precip is going to weaken and this will be another one of those fronts that provides us nothing in terms of rainfall. that's what we really we've had .01 rain at the airport since november 1. that's going to be -- it's going to go down as one of the driest months of all time if we don't get anything else. you watch as the front slides eastward and the rainfalls apart. it stays warm. today back to 81 degrees. tomorrow probably to the upper 70s. then the front comes through, winds will abruptly shift to the northwest.
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even drier air for the second half of the weekend and that's your big difference. you'll be at 81 for a high temperature today. you'll be at 78 for tomorrow after stopping briefly at 62 tonight. but then you look at the next seven days and you're going to drop back to the upper 60s for sunday. a coolish afternoon. now, the coldest air will be felt monday morning as even tampa is going to get back to the upper 40s and you're going to see 40s inland and north. but watch this. how fast does it warm up? turkey is talking to us. did you hear him? yeah? there we go. we're going back to upper 70s for thanksgiving day so it's a brief cooldown but a significant one. >>vanessa: and it's making the turkey happy. i like that, too. thanks. it's 6:16. hernando county, we're following a crash with lane blockage.
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i have yet to see any major delays but we'll keep you posted. give yourself an extra minute or two if you have to head this way. don't forget, we have water main breaks, repairs happening along hillsborough. it's supposed to wrap up this evening so that's good news, hillsborough avenue, eastbound, two lanes blocked between 22nd and 30th streets. i believe it's around 9:00 this evening that those lanes could reopen. morning, the director of the national intelligence agency says he's formally submitted his resignation. james clapper has long said he planned to retire at the end of the obama administration. he's held the job since august of 2010. preventing lone wolf attacks like the one on the pulse nightclub is among issues that concerned him. >>laura: one of the most controversial, privatized detention centers in the united states is facing a backlash over a policy banning crayons.
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holds 600 mothers and children and crayons were banned after staff members accused children of causing damage to the property. attorneys call it unnecessary punitive. >>russell: rare whale sighting near the statue of liberty. yesterday the coast guard warned boaters to use caution, sailing around the landmark to avoid hurting the massive avenue. the whale is a humpback rare for them to swim inside new york harbor. they think they're moving toward the city because of the abundance of fish. >>laura: everyone knows that donald trump will be our next president. it's in every news cast, every newspaper, all over the internet. you would think it would be impossible not to know who won the election. a man in georgia doesn't and he does not want to find out. joe chandler was planning to do what most of the country was doing on election night, watch to see who would be the next
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and he still doesn't know who won. he was so fed up with the political system that he went to bed election night and then when he woke up, he said he could not find out either way. >> i've kind of found the senior of the cyclone. it's very peaceful in my little bubble of ignorance. >>la disinterest, too. he's been staying away from televisions, newspapers and social media. when he goes out, he wears this sign. i don't know who won and i don't want to. please don't tell me. he would like to make it to 2020 but he thinks he's going to be lucky if he makes it to next tuesday. >>russell: i love it. my bubble of ignorance. i live in one, too but unfortunately, i do know. we found tips for anyone
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busters. >>laura: and a salute. find out why all the police cars were lined up outside of a hospital in orlando. >> want to be a blogger in we find out how to get free products for your posts and even better, get paid. >> 100,000, you should be able to get $100, $150, $200. >> it's all part of helping you
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it's time to see what's clicking on the web. jen >>laura: time to see wt' >>russell: what's going on? >>jennifer: you don't need me. you're having a grand time. >>russell: we are but you have some things to do. >>jennifer: 48.7 million americans will travel from home this thanksgiving. millions more for christmas. we know that travelling is probably the least pleasant things about the holiday. hopefully this can cheer you up.
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>>russell: those are the harod's bears. >>jennifer: heathrow airport has released the first ever commercial. there's an aging teddy bear couple as they make their way through the airport. the sweet note. it reveals the bears are actually a human couple. >>russell: huh? >>jennifer: wait for it. there they are. almost there. there they are. >>russell: okay. okay. >>jennifer: reuniting with their grandkids. very sweet. final message, coming home is
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>>russell: nice. >>jennifer: sounds like a publix commercial, doesn't it? black friday, we know this, a week away. sometimes lining up isn't about the deals. it's about the experience. that's why cabela's has tips for concrete camping. bring a tent, pack leftovers from thanksgiving dinner and remember, bring plenty of water. concrete camping. if you are cold, grb some become invisible in lines and nobody bothers you like alcides segui. pack a pair of binoculars. if you can't see the front of the line, those binoculars will hope you with strategies to get to the front of the line. you have to go prepared for concrete camping. our last video comes from orlando. this is outside arnold palmer hospital for children. orlando police officers stopped
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good night salute. the officers turn on all of their flashing lights while the children watched from their windows. good night lights started several years ago by a cartoonist in rhode island who would use flashlights to send messages to patients at a hospital in providence. hospitals across the country have caught up. what a sweet idea. >>laura: really sweet. i haven't heard of that. world. >>russell: what happened after a young boy fell from a window three stories down. have you seen this man? he's a prisoner who escaped last night.
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good morning, i;m russell rhodes and i'm laura moody. >>russell: welcome. i'm russell rhodes. >>laura: and i'm laura moody. check in with dave osterberg for a look at the forecast. >>dave: 56 degrees. in many spots we're at the 50s.
6:30 am
coastline are still in the 60s but it's pretty outside and the sun will be up in a little bit. gorgeous as we continue this lovely, lovely stretch of weather. the lakeland net camera, 57 degrees. again, there are a few 60s sprinkles in there along the immediate coastline, even 40s in citrus county. very similar, though. i think what we're going to do is literally go back to 81 for a high temperature today. 78 tomorrow. much cooler for sunday after this front comes through tu will be felt monday morning and i'll talk about those temperatures in just a few minutes. okay? >>vanessa: looking forward to it. thanks, dave. it's 6:30. we want to take a look at our interstate drive times and we don't have anything major happening on the interstates, crashwise or constructionwise so it should be a smooth ride for you. take a look southbound 275. drivers, coming from the tampa side of the howard frankland heading all the way south to the
6:31 am
will be the drive. it's eight minutes apiece northbound 75, selmon to fouler. we're learning the nature of a lane blockage at spring lake highway. we do have two lanes blocked. we've been watching some delays there. they're still minor in nature. most of it appears in the eastbound direction. give yourself a few extra minutes through the intersection. >>laura: thank you. out of winter haven right now, early this morning, a car complex at 645 avenue northwest. the woman inside the apartment called 911 and when police got there, they found a man behind the wheel who had been shot and killed. he's identified as jimmy lee rogers, junior. we have a crew headed to the scene. >>russell: and developing this morning, polk deputies are looking for an escaped inmate in bartow.
6:32 am
county's fleet maintenance building on bob phillips road. investigators say he took a white ford pickup truck from the county lot and deputies found it abandoned. in september he was sentenced to 10 months in jail for theft. corrections officials say he was well behaved, earning him the right to do odd jobs for the county and that's how he escaped. if you see him, call the sheriff's office. >>laura: 9-year-old boy fell out disney. according to the sheriff's office, the family is from michigan and they left the boy alone in the room while they were packing up. he was still able to walk after the fall. whatever reason, he's expected to be okay. >>russell: controversial plan to redraw school boundaries in pasco is one step closer to being a reality. the boundary committee has agreed on a plan to shuffle hundreds of students.
6:33 am
mitchell high school and seven springs middle. the goal is to relieve the overcrowding in the schools. school board is planning to hold two public meetings before making a final decision. >>laura: election day was a week and a half ago but there's one local race undecided. >>russell: it's on the hillsborough county school board and the number of votes has complicated the process of adding them all up. alcides segui is live at the supervisor of ect i did not know that this had happened. it's pretty fascinating to me. >>reporter: yeah. and let me tell you, you're not the only one. it's been more than a week since election day and yet we don't have a winner for the hillsborough county school board district seven seat. as it stands right now, election office says they need more time. they will hopefully have an answer this weekend. here is where it stands. lynn gray is leading the race
6:34 am
1200 votes, maybe more than that, maybe less than that. again, they're still calibrating the votes that have come in. the reason it's taking so long to announce the winner is because there are so many ballots. the school board race is countywide and this year it's seen a record turnout because the presidential race. the size of the recount, according to the elections office is unprecedented. more consisting of two sheets of paper. that means either separating all the pages before running through the scanning or just scanning all the paper. another reason is, the mail-in ballots. when they arrive, they arrive folded which takes more time to unfold. officials say they need more time but hopefully -- they have to work pretty quickly. on tuesday, the school board is scheduled to swear in its new
6:35 am
they should have it all completed by sunday. with that said, election officials will meet this afternoon. the canvassing board will discuss the results that have come in so far and discuss the game plan going into the weekend. hopefully the two women will have an idea of who will represent district seven on the school board sometime this weekend. i've reached out to both of them. hopefully we'll hear back right here on "good day." back to you. >>russell: see you thanks. >>laura: the federal government is out with the first ever surgeons general report on addiction. >>russell: it says addiction is not a character flaw and demands a major cultural shift in the way americans view brain disease. here is the report. >> a call to action to tackle drug and alcohol addiction. that's how the u.s. surgeon general is describing a new report he issued thursday. >> substance abuse has cost us
6:36 am
that's billion with a b. that cost comes in the form of health care costs, loss of workplace activity. >>reporter: he calls addiction an untreated health crisis in the u.s. nearly 21 million americans deal with substance addictions and only 10% get treatment. >> turns out that we know how to address addiction, that we have good science that tells us what programs will work to pve and treat them. we're not getting those programs accessible to enough people. >>reporter: he hopes it will trigger public action that a report issued on smoking did more than 50 years ago. he emphasizes that addiction is a brain disease and many don't seek help. >> i think the surgeon general's report says that we are making a difference. people are talking about the disease. >>reporter: the report notes
6:37 am
or heroin overdose. >> now for the the first time, you have people thinking twice about whether they should accept that prescription for a narcotic pain medication from their doctor or dentist rather than just taking it just because it was prescribed. >>laura: it is 6:37. yelp lets users see health inspection reports along business hours, menu and price change. users can find out w a health inspection. there are 30,000 florida restaurants on yelp right now. they started posting health reports in los angeles in 2014 but this is the first time it launched the feature in an entire state. >>russell: good coming in this morning, wasn't it? >>laura: chilly. >>russell: nice, yeah. if you think it's chilly so far, just wait. sunday. dave has the forecast after the break. >>laura: that seven-day looks
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woman was simply putting groceries in her car. >>reporter: and tons of sushgys
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>>dave: okay. so yesterday the great american teach-in and i had the honor to talk to the third graders over
6:42 am
fine, fine group. these kids are smart. the elementary school kids are just getting smarter every single year. and we just had a great time. we talked about the tv business in general, talked about what the anchors do, what vanessa does and then we talked a little bit about hurricanes so thank you for having me out there. i was honored to be able to be out there and talk to those folks. it was a go ahead time 60 degrees. i have some weather headlines for you. strong cold front moves through late on saturday. probably going into the evening hours on saturday. so what that's going to do, bring the high temperatures on sunday back into the 60s and then low temperatures on monday morning in the 40s so it's going to be that 24-hour stretch where it's going to be chilly outside by florida standards, of course. in terms of rainfall, we're not
6:43 am
front. and so far for the month of november at tampa international, we've had .01 inch of rain. i mean, yeah. it doesn't get much drier than that, right? zero would be the next thing down. so it's just been a very, very dry month and you know through the southeast it's been very, very dry as well with forest fires in the carolinas. i don't see this changing much in the next couple o i have a couple of clouds this morning on the tampa net cam as we start things off. it's a beautiful day. we have jackets again, owe kal arcs brooksville, you're in the mid 40s. lakeland, wauchula, you're in the upper 50s. tampa to st. petersburg running 66 degrees but with the drier air still in place, it's one of those deals where we warm up quickly by about 10:00 and shed the jackets and good for the rest of the day. in general, we're running two to nine degrees warmer than we were
6:44 am
sunshine and drier air, we're going to warm quickly, back to 80, 81 degrees or so. here's the front and that's going to come swinging through and future cast will give us a good idea when that's going to happen. not friday, late in the day going into the evening hours on saturday. this looks impressive, right? you get a little line of rain with it. watch this front as it moves southeast. the energy from this front moves north and takes all with it. there it goes. gone. so by the time it moves through here, it comes whimpeing through with a few clouds by saturday night. that's about it. but behind it, northwest winds take over. it will be pretty breezy on sunday and you'll absolutely feel the difference as we stay in the 60s for high temperatures. today, though, tons of sunshine. lov lovely, very similar to
6:45 am
overnight low. it would not surprise me again, 40s and 50s to the north and east for your saturday morning. and then partly cloudy with a late day wind. boaters, be careful. it's going to get breezy late saturday going into sunday. boaters, we warm right back up again. 68 on sunday. 70 on monday. however, by thanksgiving, our highs are right back to 79 right now we're looking into the possibilities of a crash with lane blockage along southbound memorial highway near i-275. this is the camera in the general area and we are seeing a whole lot of southbound traffic stacking up, kind of unusual for this time of morning. f.h.p. has something reported at 275 and kennedy with lane blockage and i'm unable to find any of that on 275 cameras so i think the location may be off. right now we're seeing delays back from 275 all the way up to
6:46 am
with some of the slower speeds around 25 miles an hour. please look for updates here. we do have sky fox for the area to see exactly what is going on around here. meantime, we do know this is happening. disabled vehicle with blockage along northbound 275's exit ramp to bearss avenue. f.h.p. reports that a center lane is going to be blocked on that ramp so please be careful. all right. 6:46. we'll switch gears and get to charley. i feel like i haven't talked to you a lot this week and i'm a little sad a i missed you, too. i think that's what you're saying. you missed me. >>vanessa: yes. >>charley: let me be the first one to tell you merry christmas. >>vanessa: i like that. merry christmas. >>charley: i know everybody at home, we're not even into thanksgiving yet and i'm a traditionalist. i don't get into the christmas spirit until after the turkey has at least been carved. thanksgiving night i'll usually
6:47 am
season. when do you normally decorate? >>vanessa: usually around thanksgiving but i think we'll be doing it this weekend. >>charley: this weekend, before thanksgiving. i'm a bit of a purist. for some reason i can't do it until thanksgiving. >>vanessa: my folks are coming. i wanted it to be a little bit -- yeah, before they got here. >>charley: for me, until i see santa arrive at the macy's day parade, it's not christmas yet. i have to see however, we're going out of town after -- right after thanksgiving so i may have to do decorations this week, too. but anyway, the reason i bring all that up is because it is officially christmas season in clearwater. >>vanessa: i like this. >>charley: i love this, too, vanessa, one of my favorite traditions to cover on "good day." we're at the long center in
6:48 am
thanksgiving? because all of these trees are actually for sale. so if they waited until halfway through december, it would be too late. they like to do it he remember. this can help you plan your holiday decorating, there are more than 125 decorated trees by different businesses and community leaders and organizations. we have wreaths, bells, garland, we've got it all and it all benefits the arc of tampa bay which provideser adults with developmental or intellectual disabilities. big fundraiser for them. it's really a good cause. and it's only $5, $5 is the ticket. come in here. start to get into that christmas spirit. the weather is cooperating. it feels kind of fally for florida so come in and enjoy. i'm going to give you a preview and we'll have a "good day." >>vanessa: i feel like a lot of folks might complain about early
6:49 am
lights behind you, it's like your heart melts. >>charley: okay. bring it on. >>vanessa: exactly. i'm looking forward to this. thanks, charley. >>laura: a look at today's top stories. a woman is seriously injured after a freak accident at a grocery store. . it happened near orlando. she was loading groceries in her car when a dump truck driving nearby lost a tire and that tire flew into the parking lot and slammed into hitting the woman. if it hadn't slowed down, it probably would have killed her. florida appeals court is upholding the conviction of a man who shot a teen ovr an argument over loud music. michael dung was acting in defense when he killed davis in 2012. he fired 10 times at a vehicle davis was riding in. we showed you these tigers in the big cat rescue yesterday
6:50 am
facility in colorado. this morning they seem to be settling in and are much less agitated than they were yesterday after spending so much time on a truck and now they have thanksgiving to look forward to. each tiger gets its own turkey to feast on. nice. this morning two tons of turkeys will be donated to metropolitan industries. there are 18,000 families who will use the charity to help put thanksgiving dinner on their plates and this donation goes a long way but more needed. holiday tent is on north governor street in tampa. >>russell: in a new place. the tent is in a new place, right off downtown. turkey, stuffing, dressing, potatoes, cranberries, the shopping list goes on and on. the average price to feed a table full of hungry guests may
6:51 am
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walter, does this look like a steak 'n shake suit? get 24 meals for under four dollars.
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bosses, listen up. a bad worker can cost your company . >>russell: listen up. bad worker can cost the company,
6:54 am
they've hired the wrong person for a job and get this, they say one bad hire ends up costing the company around $17,000 on average. that's due in part to a loss of productivity and revenue. >>laura: looks like the thanksgiving dinner will gobble up less money. according to the american farm bureau federation, average cost of a feast feeding 10 people will be just shy of $50 this year. >>russell: that's a lot of money. pretty much anywhere you go in the world, there's a mcdonalds. since the first one opened in 1955, they've served up billions of burgers and too many fries to even count. what about the man behind the burgers and the wife who survived it to give away billions of dollars? >>laura: with a book out this
6:55 am
spotlight. mcdonalds was brought to florida. >>reporter: the store at 3515 south dale mabry in tampa was the first in the state of florida. long-time customers love to see the picture. >> when they start talking about it, i show them a visual and they get all excited. >>reporter: it's part of family history for blake casper and his sister allison. their clothing shop in illinois. ray crock was a frequent customer. >> ray got to know fritz through the -- what i'm told the clothing store. and they both had a passion for clothes. it built from there. >>reporter: fritz casper traded shirts and ties for burgers and fries. >> it really wasn't even 1986 because ray was such a great
6:56 am
there were more. >> how does a 52-year-old fast food restaurant build a revenue of $700 million? >>reporter: ray cross will come to life on the big screen next month in "the founder" starring michael keaton and while that's likely a colorful account of how mcdonalds started, a new book is the more personal account of the woman who gave away his billions after he died. >> you can really see what she brought to the table in this. shelves a powerful lady in her own right. >>reporter: the caspers have 53 in the bay area and may and fritz smile down on the customers sipping coffee and tea
6:57 am
>> i think she would love it. i think they would love t. fritz would have thought i was crazy, but once it got built and now, he would have loved it. >>laura: that was cynthia reporting. this sunday she'll be interviewing the author of "ray of joan" at the oxford exchange. it's at 2:30. >>russell: we're following breaking news out of winter haven. a car has slammed into an apartment complex. we're right now and it's also called a homicide. we'll explain. a woman has quite the dilemma in her kitchen. how does she open her cabinet without all the plates falling? any ideas? all coming up at 7:00. >>dave: sun just popped up. 56 degrees overlooking bayshore
6:58 am
mostly clear skies. we're looking at temperatures today to get back to the lower 80s and they start to drop. 78 tomorrow, 68 a high temperature on sunday but you know what? quick rebound. by
6:59 am
7:00 am
(russell- breaking news. detectives are on the scene >>russell: breaking news. detectives at the scene of a homicide. shayla reaves will have the latest developments. plus -- >> why is mitt romney meeting with president elect donald trump? we'll have some speculation just ahead. >>laura: and love and marriage. it seems more couples are


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