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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  November 18, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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(russell- breaking news. detectives are on the scene >>russell: breaking news. detectives at the scene of a homicide. shayla reaves will have the latest developments. plus -- >> why is mitt romney meeting with president elect donald trump? we'll have some speculation just ahead. >>laura: and love and marriage. it seems more couples are
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us part" part. i'm laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. let's start with the weather and dave. >>dave: it's gorgeous outside. granted for most of us, you need just that light jacket, especially inland and north. you will not need it by about 10:00 this morning so a very similar setup running out the door. close to 60 in tampa but as you go further north, parts of hernando and citrus the 80s. big cooldown for sunday. we'll discuss that in a few minutes. >>vanessa: we have two big trouble spots on the roadways right now, and we want ta start with the latest crash northbound at the sunshine skyway bridge. live look here, close to the top. this is south of the south tower where actually for several minutes, we watched as there was a temporary stoppage of all the north bound lanes. just recently they reopened the left lane to drivers. so definitely some delays to be seen in the area.
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so take that into account, whether you decide to take 75 or just give yourself that extra 15 minutes at the very least to make it over the northbound lanes of the bridge. sky fox is checking out what was a crash blocking some southbound lanes of memorial highway. that's moved off to the right-hand side. but it has caused some delays to stack up over the past several minutes or so. we're seeing delays between five to 10 minutes here. this is southbound memorial highway, approaching 275. you can see some give yourself that extra time, please. >>russell: we're going to start with breaking news out of winter haven. detectives are at the scene of a homicide and shayla reaves is there. this is a very strange story that seems to be brewing. >>reporter: good morning to you, russell. just a few short moments ago, if you take a look in the distance, a tow truck was able to hook up a car, likely be towed away as
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this is happening near the 600 block of avenue i northwest in winter haven. according to the preliminary information released by winter haven police, this all started sometime early this morning. it was around 1:30 in the morning when authorities received a call from a woman who reported that a vehicle had rolled into her apartment. she reportedly told authorities that the vehicle have a man passed out inside of it. officers responded to this location. you can see the crime scene tape blocking off areas here behind me. this is the area they responded to and found a man now identified as jimmy lee rogers, junior, inside of that car. now, we're told that rogers appeared to have a gunshot injury. that is information coming to us from winter haven police.
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pronounced dead. at this point, this is sill an active, ongoing investigation. again, this began right around 1:30 in the morning. it's unclear exactly how long authorities intend to be in the area or exactly how all of this unfolded. a lot of questions to answer as they work their way through the investigation. we'll continue to keep you posted as any new details are >>reporter: thank you. also happening, the search for an inmate who took off from a work release job in bartow. >>laura: and he drove away in a county truck. here's the picture of the man they're looking for right now. joseph flanagin. he was last seen 3:30 yesterday afternoon at a maintenance building in bartow when he stole one of the trucks. detectives found the truck but no sign of him.
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sentence for petty month. he had just four months left on his sentence. he recently got permission to do odd jobs around the county. neighbors have a message if he's watching. >> joe, turn yourself in, man. get this thing over w. don't be out on the streets like that because they'll be looking for you forever. >>laura: this is the second escape in the past month from polk county. october 19, david ross was able to overpower a the building, he drove away while holding the officer hostage. he was not on the run for long. ross was caught a few hours later. >>russell: police released surveillance video showing the moment a car slammed into an ybor city ball. >>laura: the video from outside of the bad monkey bar. this is the moment they're paying attention to. it was around closing time tuesday morning. a group of men were fighting and
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nissan and attempted to make a u-turn but got caught on the curb and that's when the car jumped the sidewalk and slammed right into the fight and into the one man in particular. one person was hurt. we believe that was him. nothing serious, though. police do not know if it was intentional just yet. they have not found the driver. >>russell: and tampa police are looking for robbers who gave five usf students a scare. the thieves are accused of forcing their way into a night. they had guns and they were wearing masks. they stole a wallet with $300 inside. they had a getaway driver outside. they drove away in this car. detectives want to hear from anybody who can help solve it. >>laura: and take a look at this. this is video of a barroom brawl in key west on september 17. it shows someone picking up a chair and swinging it. police are looking for clinton walk he were.
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rescue sent us this statement. quote, we take these accusations very seriously and are opening an investigation into these charges. we will take all appropriate disciplinary actions and he will be on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. >>russell: hundreds of parents in pasco county are nervous. their kids may end up going to a different school next year. there's a plan to remove 500 students from mitchell high school and seven springs middle. they have too many there. school board will hold two public meetings before making the final decision and that vote could happen in january. >>laura: there is more evidence this morning that president elect donald trump is trying to bury the hatchet with former critics. doug is following the transition process from washington. >>reporter: a lot of big names yesterday ranging from henry kissinger to the ceo of fed ex but nobody is getting more
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with donald trump tomorrow. and that's mitt romney. could this be the next secretary of state? former gop presidential candidate, mitt romney will meet with president elect donald trump tomorrow. the trump team won't say much else. >> i anticipate, you know, meeting of the minds and of two equal partners in terms of those who love their country and want to make sure we have a peaceful and democratic transition into the next administration. >> think of donald personal qualities, the bullying, the greed, the showing off, the absurd third grade theatrics. >> i don't like romney. i don't like him. he thinks he's hot stuff. i hate people that think they're hot stuff and they're nothing. >> i think bringing in romney, whether he gives him a job or not, is quite a signal. that was one of the bitterest attacks on a candidate ever
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>> an election can change everything is trump to hoping to broaden his support among republicans. earlier in the week, he met with ted cruz. on the other hand, he's apparently turning to a registered democrat for the influential job of national security adviser. the associated press reporting that general michael flynn, a top trump supporter, has been picked for that job. he served as defense session agency chief under president obama before becoming a vocal administration critic. even though there's a lot of speculation about mitt romney possibly becoming secretary of state, there are also a lot of other candidates in the mix for that job alone. >>laura: another person traveling to trump plaza was rick scott. he took this selfie. he said he went to congratulate his friend. the trip had nothing to do with interests in joining the trump
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the u.s. senate after that. >>russell: one of the hottest toys sold out everywhere but where to find it come black friday. >>laura: and enduring the ups and downs of marriage. couples staying together instead of choosing a divorce. it hasn't been like this since 1981. >>dave: good morning. a temperature range of 45 to 66 this morning. tampa at 61. st easily getting back in the lower 80s for today. we're running about four, seven, even nine degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. today nice, tomorrow nice. nice on sunday but just a lot cooler.
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>>dave: it is 7:13 and that is how we're starting off on this friday. granted, not as clear as yesterday but boy, is it beautiful out there.
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weatherwise. it's hard to beat that, isn't it? overall week, it's just hard to beat that. great start to the day out towards the beach as well and then lakeland where we have clear skies and the gorgeous sunrise this morning. now, of course, we do have many chilly spots around the area. you've got the 40s, citrus, hernando county, we've got the 50s in polk county, 52 in brandon, low to mid 60s from tampa down through st. petersburg so as cse and again, this is the case, too, you have dry air in place. it will warm up quickly and we'll have the beautiful sunshine today. i don't think we'll have any problem getting back up to 80 or 81 degrees. across i-10, low to mid 40s, low to mid 70s down towards the keys. big cold front to the west. 70 in dallas, 42 in wichita. these little purple colors are temps in the 30s back out
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colder air is just slowly sliding toward the east. it will get here by sunday. of course, it will modify before it gets here so instead of some of those temperatures, what we'll look at is more or less highs in the 60s, lows in the 40s monday morning. we still have lots of sunshine. the front will just bring a few clouds through late in the day tomorrow and that should be about it. so 81 degrees today, tons of overnight lows will top -- will drop back. looking into the extended marine forecast, light chop and as you would expect, a strong cold front coming through. choppy conditions on sunday. if your plan was to do some boating on sunday, check back in with lindsay early sunday
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things are shaping up. low tide is 11:11 with a high tide 12 minutes before 7:00 p.m. next seven days, there's the cooldown, 68. down to 48 monday morning but then here is the warmup, back up again. 79 on tuesday, 79 for thanksgiving. vanessa? >>vanessa: thank you. we want to get back to the skyway bridge right now. we're pretty much crawling in northbound direction. this live look is going to be close to the south fishing pier and this is all that traffic heading towards the showed you in the last report. close to the top of the bridge, still only allowing that left lane to pass in the northbound direction. so we have delays sitting around 30 minutes or so. so that is what you will want to weigh into account if you have to decide whether to take 75 or just stick with the bridge. 30 minutes is the delay right now. meantime, delays have pretty much gotten back closer to what we normally see this time of morning on southbound memorial highway. we had that earlier crash as
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i would say delays are a couple of minutes or so and really what we're seeing on memorial back up to the expressway is usual what will we see this time of morning. travel times overall show some agreeable congestion. i would say southbound 275 has not hit the red zone. just 15 minutes to come from bearss avenue to the area and 14 is the drive south from fletcher to the selmon expressway. >>laura: teaming up with rent the runway. you can rent designer outfits for a fraction of the price. first boutique will open today at the nieman marcus in san francisco. it may come to the store at international plaza in tampa. average age of the person shopping there is 51. it is 29 for rent the runway.
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hatchimal and every kid on the universe wants one for christmasment it's a cross between a furby and a tamigachi. the thing has to hatch and then go through stages. costs about $60. it's being sold on ebay for about $200. get this. hey. wal-mart black friday ad includes a it will have limited qualities in stock when they open their doors at 6:00 on thanksgiving evening. this ought to be fun. expect a mad house. did i get any of that right? >>laura: all of it. >>russell: you're not going to believe this, either. on the way to work this morning, one of our "good day" photographers noticed a tent already up on the side of the best buy on dale mabry in tampa. about eight people in it. all of them waiting for good
7:19 am
they open on thanksgiving at 5:00 in the evening. >>vanessa: eight people in the tent? >>laura: concrete camping. all right. some amazing world records broken. we've got video of the high flying fun. >>russell: first some home town heros. a group of women. >>jennifer: it's easy to come up with excuses not to go to the gym. when you're a parent, it's hard to find the but not these moms. they're not letting parenthood prevent them from pumping iron. they're getting a worry free workout. first, charley belcher. the holiday season is here. >>charley: it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. sorry. i don't know why. look at me. i'm putting the creepy in christmas already and it's not even started yet. it's beginning to look a lot
7:20 am
i know, i know, i know. we haven't even had stuffing or turkey yet, but they do this early for a special reason and for a wonderful cause. today through sunday, come to the long center in clearwater and enjoy more than 125 beautifully decorated trees and i'll tell you why we're doing this when "good day tampa bay" continues. z26exz z18pz
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y26eyy y18py ((laura welcome back to good day tampa bay. >>laura: welcome back. time is 7:23. a judge in atlanta is awarding the family of christina brown >>russell: her boyfriend, nick gordon, has to pay it. her dad, bobby brown, blames gordon for the death of his sister. she was found face down and unresponsive in a bathtub and was in a coma for six months before dying at 22. gordon was home at the time. he does not face any criminal charges but prosecutors are still investigating. christina had drugs in her system, similar to how her mother, whitney houston, died
7:24 am
>>laura: in illinois authorities will return to the site of a deadly gas explosion. wednesday blast killed one person in canton. it rocked homes and investigators believe that utility workers caused the explosion while trying to repair a broken gas line. investigators are not sure what ignited the blast. >>russell: prosecutors will probably dismiss a domestic abuse case against johnny manzel. the accepting a deal with certain conditions. he's accused of threatening his former girlfriend, calling him during a night out in january. former heisman trophy winner was a first round draft pick for the cleveland browns a few years ago. they cut him after last season. >>laura: u.s. divorce rate is at a 35-year low. the number of couples splitting up fell for the third year in a row. and is now at the lowest level since the early 1980s. study did not reveal why the
7:25 am
factors at play, including the aging population, changing gender roles and there are fewer marriages to break up in the first place. >>dave: 7:25 and 45 degrees up in crystal river. i know again, it's been like all week long, you've been sitting in the 40s and by 9:00 you're in the 60s. tampa at 61. 66 in st. petersburg and with mid to upper 50s inland. dew points dry so we will warm things up very quickly again today and we'll top it in the lower 80s. and tomorrow, just a few degrees cooler with 78 for a high and then the big cooldown. when i say a big cooldown, i'm looking at 68. it will be great on sunday. it's just obviously a noticeable difference. coldest air will be monday morning when we're sitting in the 40s. >>vanessa: very pretty looking forecast, dave. thank you. 7:25 here in lakeland where we're watching some delays eastbound and westbound on old
7:26 am
you might want to avoid old tampa and new tampa will be probably the best work around so do that. and we'll let you know when this clears out and we're still waiting for this to clear out. crash northbound on the skyway bridge still same lane block janl as before. right lane taken up, left lane passing slow, slow, slow, in the area. 30 minutes is the delay. we'll keep you posted on this oe as well. >>russell: harvard student writes a letter to all college students protesting again his message involving play dough and a little politeness. >>laura: an election race still too close to call. alcides segui is covering that story for us. good morning. >>reporter: good morning. it's hard to believe it's been more than a week since election day and we do not have a hillsborough county school board announced for district seven. why it's taking so long coming up next. first we're celebrating the holiday season just a little early with walter allen.
7:27 am
we have had ice rinks here at curtis hixon park but it's all part of an entire winter village. we'll tell you about that, the event center tonight and the different things you can enjoy and also we'll talk with the buccaneers and their involvement buccaneers and their involvement in the winter z26jnz zy6z
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z26krz zy6z y26kry yy6y (russell- welcome back to good day tampa bay. >>russell: time is 7:30. election results, not final in hillsborough county. they're still counting votes for a seat on the school board. >>laura: and the record turnout is complicating things. alcides segui, mail-in ballots
7:31 am
right? >>reporter: part of the holdup. the other is a record amount of ballots second here to hillsborough county, really just across the country. hillsborough county is the focus because it's such a tight race for the district seven seat. we have lynn gray leading cathy james by less than 1%. it equals out to about 1200 votes. the reason it's taking so long to announce a winner is because there are so many ballots. school board race is countywide and this year, record turnout because, you may have guessed it, the presidential race. the size of the recount is unprecedented. there are more than 608,000 ballots, each consisting of two sheets of paper. that means either separating all of the pages before running them through the scanner or just scanning all 1.2 million sheets. obviously that's going to take a lot of time. another reason it's taking so
7:32 am
mailed in ballots arrived folded and it's taking more time to scan those papers as well. election officials need to work quickly. on tuesday, the elect board or the school board, rather, is scheduled to wear in the new members. the canvassing board, river view, election results this afternoon and i just spoke with one of the candidates earlier this morning and she tells me they will meet this afternoon at 3:00. hopefully they'll have the results in by sometime this afternoon and we'll have better idea of who wins district seven in that school board. back to you. >>laura: all right. thank you. >>russell: right now governor scott can't run for re-election in two years because of term limits. however, there's a chance prominent attorney john morgan is going to be running for governor. he's been giving it thought since helping fund the effort to pass medical marijuana. a lot of democrats are urging him to do it, too. morgan appreciates the outpouring support and encouragement, a decision he's
7:33 am
if he does decide to run, he has a few items on his agenda. >> if i ran, i would only do it one year, one term because it's like three or four things i would want to do and then go home. decriminalize marijuana, restore felons' rights for non violent offenders, let all the drug users out of jail and addiction is not a crime and raise the minimum wage. that's kind of is. >>russell: morgan says if he decides to run, he will name recognition will help. his company slogan, for the people, wouldn't hurt, either. >>laura: since the election, anti-trump protests across the country. some of those protests have been held at colleges. this age group is having a hard time accepting the election results but not all of them. a sophomore at harvard university wrote an open letter to his generation.
7:34 am
you have an obligation to be respectful to others and to the will of the american people. he goes on to say, protesting the orderly transfer of power under the constitution is a head scratcher. maybe we can trace the road cause of the behavior to our generation receiving participation trophies while growing up. the election is over. above have some etiquette. he ends by saying it's time to put away the play dough. do what it takes to better our nation. we're all on this ship together. and it's appropriate how jacob ends the letter. some schools are handing out play dough to students to help them cope with the election. they're also using teddy bears and coloring books. some colleges encourage students to cry, cuddle with puppies and among the schools using these techniques are cornell,
7:35 am
they're grooming students to be sensitive cry babies, some say. boston university held post election discussions to help students process an election that did not go their way. we'll keep following this story. let's get over to jen with home town hero. >>jennifer: you know it's tough taking time out for yourself when you're a parent. you try to put your kids first and sometimes you end up neglecting yourself. balance with the worry-free workout. ladies at horse power, these muscle bearing women are all moms. >> my oldest was two weeks late. i did burpies on the day i got induced with her. >>jennifer: what ashley and the
7:36 am
didn't want parenthood to prevent them from working out. >> i think so many gyms, this build this great empire and have all these amazing classes but they don't offer child care. >> you take all my energy, huh? >>jennifer: and together, opened up horse power at lets, one-of-a-kind gym that caters to parents. >> we have child the kids while we're working out. >>jennifer: it gives these moms the peace of mind they need to have a worry-free workout. >> this is one hour of my day that i can be selfish and take it to myself and i don't feel guilty. you shouldn't. i have two small children that depend on me 24/7 and this is my only break. and in actuality, that's like a one percentage of your day. >>jennifer: child care isn't the only cool perk. they have air conditioning, too, a luxury not offered at a lot of cross fit gyms.
7:37 am
that keep these women motivated. it's the opportunity to sweat out the stresses of parenthood with like minded moms. >> at the gym i become a little bit of my happy place. it's the only time during my day where you can come in and focus on myself or focus on being present in the moment and i'm not worried about what he's doing, i'm not worried about all of the things that i have to accomplish in the day. i'm not worried about my other kids. i'm just present and i'm here with a great group of women. >>jennifer: a group of women taking time to reset and regresh in the end makes them better moms. >> i have an 11-month-old. i haven't slept in a year. and it helps me with my energy levels. i feel refreshed and doesn't matter what else happens in the day. i know that i can come in here and spend an hour on myself. i don't have to think about anything else and i leave and i always feel better.
7:38 am
so the gym just opened a few weeks ago and they provide daycare during three of the training sessions. you can bring infants as young as eight weeks old. a posted a link on my facebook page. don't you feel kind of flobby right now? >>russell: yes, i do. thank you for pointing that out. thank you. pretty neat. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas in tampa. wi walter is already there checking it out. good morning. >>walter: you stole my line. that's what i was going to say. >>russell: what? >> it's starting to look like christmas. i'm getting in the vibe. the holidays are getting closer and i think, you know, we're getting the good vibes. seeing the ice rink in a town like tampa, it's fantastic. we've had ice rinks before. this is different. this is the winter village so it's not just an ice rink.
7:39 am
there will be shops and food and all the good stuff. you guys, the excitement has been building. how are you feeling about it? >> good morning. we're so excited to be part of this whole process and we're excited to be here today for today's festivities. i would like to thank the downtown partnership, mayor buckhorn, city council just for allowing us to be a part of this great event as well as this initiative downtown. >>walter: your guys' role in this, ice rink, you think of the hand in this as well. >> this is a stepping stone for our bucs for a better day program and our bucs academy. we adopted, and you've been to some elementary schools in the past, 24 elementary schools in title one areas and hillsborough county and we created curriculum in the classroom, reading writing and core program. look how big this is. it's 165 by 60 feet, close to
7:40 am
space. it's an example of what we have with the buccaneers academy schools and it's our fitness program. we understand that the health and wellness of students helps them in the classroom and this is an initiative that the glazier family started out years ago and this is just another extension of a 14,000 students in our buccaneer academy schools and we're very excited to kind of take it here to the next level. this is going to be an area for events on a year around basis but also a backdrop for, you academy program throughout the year, to youth across the community. >>walter: for people that don't know about the academy, start asking questions. >> yeah. it's a great program and we -- i would like to thank the school board and superintendent for his support and all the teachers and principals that helped us create curriculum. the effect we've had with students, we've had our vision mobile go to the elementary
7:41 am
it's an ongoing partnership. it's just another extension and it's a commitment that the glazier family has and it's our bucs for a better bay initiative. we're trying to reach generations to come. this is going to be here for a long time. you know it's hot in tampa, even in december. this is going to give us a place to -- later this month we're having a school huddle, a downtown huddle with jameis winston. he's going to come and we'll have academies and it's a tremendous program. it's given back and the glazier family is committed to this community and this is just another example of it. >>walter: see you at 6:00, right? >> that's it. thank you very much. thank you for the opportunity and let's get ready for buccaneer win this weekend. >>walter: big game against the kansas city chiefs, right? >> that's right. we leave tomorrow and we have our next home game against sunday at 4:00. >>walter: thank you so much. i appreciate it.
7:42 am
i believe it's at 6:00. mayor buckhorn out here as well and then we'll officially kick off the winter village. >>russell: looks beautiful there. all right. thanks. talk later. >>walter: see ya. >>dave: lightning will have to play most of the season without their captain, steven stamkos. it's going to take about four months for him to recover from an ncl tear in his right knee. that would mean mid he got hurt during a collision along the boards tuesday night in detroit. it's his third serious injury in as many years. his teammates went out and won last night. they beat the sabres 4-1. that's three straight wins. they'll play the flyers tomorrow night in philadelphia. and thursday night football, saints quarterback drew brees threw two touchdown passes but
7:43 am
panthers beat the saints 23-20. it was a big game. carolina is just trying to claw their way back in the standings and the saints were just trying to reach 500. here's a look at the standings. if the bucs beat the chiefs on sunday, how about this? sole possession of second place but if they lose, they'll fall into a tie with the saints and panthers with four wins and six losses, all three are chasing the falcons who, right now, are 6-4. >>russell: this next stop we're about to show you takes nerves of steel and insane precision. a man in the u.k. decided to celebrate guinness world records day with a spot of tea. it can't be that easy. he bungy jumped from 240 feet high and dunked a biscuit into a small cup of tea. there. he did this just as the rope reached the full extension. the man's name is simon barry.
7:44 am
seeker. breaks the record for the h highest bungy jump ever. i didn't know that was a thing. there it is. pretty cool. >>laura: yeah. thrill seekers. we have a dilemma in our cupboard. >>russell: a woman posted this picture online of plates taking a tumble. how does she prevent them from crashing on down? interesting ideas ne outside right now. dave is back after the break with a look at the weekend forecast. seven-day looks gorgeous. it's dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. we just just word that jail inmate "joseph flanagin" has been >> just getting word that joseph flanigan was caught. he drove from a work site yesterday in a stolen county
7:48 am
sentence for petty theft. dave? >>dave: it's 7:48 and yeah, our dry spell, big time, .01 rain for the entire month of november. that's unreal. since october 1, only an inch and a half of rain. it's crunchy outside. even with this front coming through, late saturday into sunday, stil mid to upper 40s from ocala to brooksville. 57 in lakeland. 66 in st. petersburg. and we will, with the dry air once again get right back up to about 80, 81 degrees for a high temperature this afternoon. the front itself is back off to the northwest. obviously in this area now moving through dallas and as it squeezes through, later in the day tomorrow, the winds will
7:49 am
coldest air will be felt monday morning around here. i think many of us are going to start the week in the 40s. i'll show you that in 30 seconds or so. buttons and tons of sunshine today. 81 degrees. tonight clear skies, pleasant temperatures, low 62 degrees. for tomorrow we're back to 78 with some late day breezes as well. now, for boaters, i urge you to check back in this weekend. i think it will be choppy on sunday behind the front. after the 48 on monday, we warm up very quickly. 75 on tuesday, 78 on wednesday. you either are latcughing at mer the turkey sound. maybe a little bit of both. >>vanessa: that turkey is just tickled with that forecast. thanks, dave. we're seeing, of course, the delays over the skyway bridge.
7:50 am
the top of the bridge. this is the skyway, right lane blocked. delays are close to an hour or so. now 75 might be looking more agreeable for some of you folks who have to cross the water in this area. eight miles per hour your average speed northbound towards the top of the bridge. disabled vehicle manatee county, southbound 75 at u.s. 301 blocking a left lane partially. please be careful. >>russl: have an opinion on this one. >>laura: there is a picture that is going wild online right now. pretty big cabinet dilemma. there it is. a woman from taiwan posted this picture to an online group asking for help. the plates will come crashing down if she even tries to open the cabinet. she wants to not break any of those plates. people online are weighing in on this, some saying put soft pads
7:51 am
glass and safely move the plates to another position. one person even suggested flood the whole kitchen with water and the plates will just float out. i can see us, we would -- >>laura: do this. yeah. >>russell: just sliding our hand in there. yeah. >>laura: all right. >>russell: i don't think charley can >>charley: text it to me. text it to me. one thing i love about festival of trees in clearwater, not only is it really the official kickoff of the christmas season, especially in clearwater, but you see more than 125 differently decorated trees so there's something for everyone and i love the car enthusiast one, classic carmas. very nice, decorated by senior
7:52 am
this event is only $5 and runs friday through sunday of this weekend is for a very good cause. i'll remind you of what that is and what it's all about when
7:53 am
hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go.
7:54 am
happy thanksgiving from publix. where shopping is a pleasure. ? it's beginning to look a lot like christmas? >>charley: i know a few of you out there might be saying, no,
7:55 am
but this is for a good reason. "good day." i'm charley belcher coming from the long center in clearwater and it is the officia kickoff of the holiday season. it begins right now with festival of trees. more than 125 beautifully decorated christmas trees to definitely get you in that cristmas spirit, even if it is before thanksgiving. the arc tampa bay foundation, first of all, let's remind everybody what the arc tampa bay is all >> arc tampa bay is the local leader in helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. we serve people with autism, down syndrome, we make sure that they live up to their biggest potential. >>charley: and these are adults. so many programs in place for our children and sometimes they become adults and way back when, these adults fell through the cracks. and the festival of trees is an annual event that's a big
7:56 am
these beautiful trees? >> we have local consumer advocates that decorate that know our individuals that we serve but we also have area businesses, anyone who wants to be involved in decorating is more than welcome to be involved. >>charley: i love it. business leaders and community leaders have come together, decorated trues and they're on display. you can't beat that. and all of the trees are sale with the proceeds going to the arc. >> absolutely. we're helping to provide the financial stability needed for these individuals' care. >>charley: tell everybody i said hello. >> charley, thank you for coming. >>charley: that is why they do it the weekend before thanksgiving, to help you on your decorating. if they were selling trees halfway through december, it's too late. they do it early, kick off the christmas season the weekend before, and russell and laura,
7:57 am
there's a little game we'll play all morning. there may be an elf in every single live shot. look closely. whoever can spot the elf wins the satisfaction of spotting the elf in every single segment. >>laura: bragging rights, i guess. >>russell: roads are jen tells us what is driving this very scary trend. >>laura: stay with us.
7:58 am
grandma is so happy to be here for your very first christmas. i hear you're quite the expert at waking people up in the morning. let me show you how grandma does it. your daddy made this when he was a little boy.
7:59 am
thanks for making the coffee. well look who's up. i'm really glad you're here mom. me too.
8:00 am
woman is woken-up by a car coming through her h this morning a woman is woken up by a car coming through her home. even more horrifying is what happened to man behind the wheel. >> and lined up and with the lights on. why all of these police cruiser gathered outside a florida hospital. a sweet story. >> from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. hey everybody it's a clth i am russell rhodes. i'm laura moody. th friday november 18th. let's get straight to dave. beautiful. day after day after day of this. i know. we're currents willing up to about 62 degrees. that's where we are tampa international dew points in the mid 50s with that northeast wind at 5 miles per hour. hey. we're back up above 50 now in crystal river. they are at 52. 56 in west el chapel 55 in brandon. another stellar day. another warm afternoon. as well.


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