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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  November 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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alabama, also known as the barry allen bowl. and we will have in boulder, utah and colorado, as the buckss try to punch their ticket to the pac-12 championship game. >> brady: you look at some of those matchups, alabama has already got the sec west locked up. florida clinched the sec east, so they will be playing against one another and that is easy championship. look at coleman, just continues to keep driving. we talked about myles gaskin taking over with quiet, it was actually the game versus arizona state where gaskin started the game, and really was the featured back, and it has been that ever since. >> joe: are you going to spend thanksgiving at home this year? >> brady: i will get a chance to, and am happy to do so with my wife and obviously my newborn baby, she is a little over four months. >> joe: minus five months
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coleman one more time. for a first down. so washington, for the first time since 2000, will reach ten wins. still very much alive in the hunt for the playoffs. they certainly control their own destiny to a pac-12 title, and as we have made the case as this night has rolled on, you figure controlling their own destiny in the playoff hunt, too. off, i don't know if you want to call them arrival, but beat oregon, who had a strong streak against washington. now arizona state who had won ten straight against the huskies. so chris petersen checking a lot of these matchups in the pac-12 off the list. >> joe: arizona state, meanwhile, loses five in a row for the first time since the end of the 2011 season. that ended dennis erickson's
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territorial cup to become bowl eligible. jake browning, 338 yards and two touchdowns, john ross a career-high 12 catches for him tonight. arizona state kept him in front all his longest catch was 14 yards. they have so many other ways to be you and they showed it tonight. >> brady: it was really their ability to capitalize off of turnovers, the two turnovers for arizona state turn into ten points early and started the momentum. >> joe: time for the taste of winning sponsored by coca-cola, down to jenny. >> jenny: coach, the message was a win and we control our destiny how pleased are you with the overall performance question right >> well, to get a win, we are always pleased. i think we have a few things to clean up, and that is why we practice. >> jenny: your defense continues to be your backbone, kevin king without interception early change the momentum. has a defense exceeded your expectations is here?
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players and i think they play like we expected them to play, i am proud of them. >> jenny: you are off to a good start with ten wins this season, the first time since 2000. but i know next week at the big rivalry, how confident are you in preparing for that match up with washington state? >> they are a heck of a team, it will be a great game. >> jenny: okay, best of luck, thanks. >> joe: all right, jenny. thanks to coach petersen, the first win against arizona state as i i moment. eyeing all year. ? ?happiness is? ?happiness is? ?different things to different people? ?different things to different people? [gasp] the gift they're waiting for is waiting on ebay. ?that's what happiness is? new, unique, and everything in between.
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good day.. we've got the best deals you can find on black friday.. plus -- how to haggle for the best salary at a new job.. it all >> j: arizona state. tomorrow, start your sunday with "fox nfl kickoff" and america's number one pregame show, and then it's the bears and giants and other regional action bread coverage beginning tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. eastern on fox. huge slate of games coming up next weekend, including the apple cup and chris petersen's bunch against washington state, that is on friday, and we will
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saturday with the south division perhaps on the line. for jenny taft, brady quinn, and the rest of our crew, joe davis saying so long from seattle. honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey, and real oats.
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were back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy, figures. introducing tiny toast. the tiny cereal with the big taste of real fruit. good evening i'm haley hinds. thanks for being with us. lloyd has the night off. happening now -- there's a chill in the air across the bay-area. temperatures are starting to drop... mike bennett has a look why you may want to wear a sweater if you're out
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to plummet. we got our first by the way haley, hug your honey alert tonight, 43 in brooksville, 43 up in crystal river and you could take off four, five, 6? as we head into the monk hours on monday from these morning lows. we will talk about the weather in the second half of your
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>> hug your honey crucial. mike thanks. foicials tell us they're continuing to work out hot spots at the two story home on meadow view circle. officials say no injuries have been reported. no word on what may have started that fire or how many were inside. shopping center u.s. 19 north after a body was discovered in the back of one of those this death is suspicious but officials continue to search for clues. >> owners of a dog are worried that she was targeted for her breed and are concerned to get her home. >> a neighbor saw a suspicious
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>> their home feels empty. >> we've moved her all around with us. and she's just the love of our lives. >> the seven-year-old yorkie, went missing from the backyard of her home on indian rocks road in st. pete. >> she was out the side gate, and in the front >> bella doesn't often get loose but she doesn't leave the yard. as she sat on the lawn saturday, a neighbor says he saw a woman in annal older model gold sedan drive by the home, she spotted bella and parked near a stop sign. >> got out of her car, stopped
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>> bella is a pure red yorkie. the expensive breed has been targeted locally in the past. back in january, a man walked out of the all about puppies store, and he had a dog stuffed in his sweater. despite four cars in the driveway, the woman never knocked to see if were home. finding her won't be easy. bella's collar was removed hours earlier for a brushing. she was never microcipped. the people who took her should realize she was very much loved. >> she needs to come home so she can cuddle with us.
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>> polk county sheriffs deputies say, a late night fight turns deadly. crime tape surrounds a home on country place road. gabrielle gamino was stabbed in his own front yard. he managed to go to a neighbor's front yard but died in the hospital. trying to meet a minor over the internet, tampa police arrested nah nathaniel prince. is night former for 90. -- night informman for pinellas county schools. officials have not commented on his arrest. hit and killed by an alleged drunk driver.
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service for david roundtree. 21-year-old charles walton hit roundtree, at preparation for dismirsal at mt. vernon. >> the search for a body on green key in new port richey has been calledff search yield eld nothing and now investigators are questioning their tipster's information. >> for the second day in a row visitors were turned away at the gates of green key park as the search for a body continued. >> we through new port richey police had received a tip that there may be a body buried out here at green ski park.
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alerted, prompting pasco county sheriffs department to call off the search completely and bring in u.s. forensics. after hours yielded nothing, the cadaver dog had simply had a false hit. >> a cadaver dog can pick up consents scents from varieties of area. in this case we did not find any of those things but we did where the dig side was set up. we did find few random socks. i think there was a couple of other articles of clothing found. >> but nothing related to their tip. they are questioning their tipster about his claim. >> this was not in any way related to a specific case. we were just told there maybe a body out here and had to investigate it. with. >> now that the investigation
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say they're confident there is not a body on green key the park has reopened to tourists. in new port richey, kellie cowan, fox 13 news. >> stinky situation after a broken sewage pipe releases thousands of gallons of sewage into rocky creek. the crew was installing a new valve when the pipe broke. an sewage flowed into the creek. it flows into tampa bay. history was made in the sky tonight. what makes the satellite on board this rocket so special, and what it means for way meteorologists track hurricanes,
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>> three, two, one. and liftoff. of noah's goes arc.
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off. why this mission was decades in the making. >> reporter: they barely got this rocket off tonight. there was a false alarm from the atlas 5 rocket and a problem with the range but ultimately that hour-long delay led them to fire it off at the last minute. the atlas 5 rocket roaring offer the pad at minute. climbing a dimly lit plume of smoke to the night sky, eventually to an orbit, 22,000 mimes from the surface of the earth. sending a next generation weather satellite gosar into space. three times more weather information with four times better resolution and produce
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noa noaa. stephen volts is assistant administrator for noaa program. thousands came down here to watch the launch from the cape, many of them spending a decade or more on the advanced weather satellite. >> these people have been spending a generation, a lifetime work on it. the reward to see it to get into space is >> noaa expects to see the first images from this slight until sometime january of next year but won't be thoroughly primarily until a year from now. darryl nail, fox 13 news. >> meteorologists are so excited about this! and it's hard to explain our excitement of just what this means for meteorology.
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problem as you heard darryl talk about. we're not going to start to really get into it for at least another year or so with the satellite images and better hurricane track and intensity forecasting and all that. the future is certainly exciting. weathers wise you mentioned a perfect night for it. >> not a cloud in the sky. >> not a cloud in the sky. check this out, time lapse view, hilt clearwater beach plenty of folks at the beach, our last warm day before the cold front comes plowing through. water temperature, 71, not awhole lot of people in the water but still a great day to head on over there. 76 in clearwater, 82 in brandon, 79 in lakeland, tomorrow cold front through, temperatures much cooler. here you go coldest day of the
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richey, 65 for your high in brooksville. these are not current temperatures, not lows, these are your highs for tomorrow afternoon. current temperature right now it's 69. so our high tomorrow is going to be lower than the current temperature now at 11:00 at night. pretty amazing. 62, the dew point. that dew point is going to plummet once that front goes through. winds north northwest at 12. other temperatures, 64 bartow, 66 in bradenton. so the front is starting to make its way through but the cold is lagging behind it by a few miles. there's the cold front. going to continue to push off to the south. meanwhile in the northern end of it, getting cold air and snow showers developing, through northeast pennsylvania, into central new york. a couple of feet of snow down wind of the great lakes as we
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days. big time lake effect snow for them. for us, we see the cold front go through. brisk winds, at least the first half of the day on sunday. much cooler certainly. and as we head through monday we'll seize temperatures continue to drop. futurecast, temperature wise, temperatures in the mid 60s upper 60s for highs on sunday, monday morning we could be talking to a couple of areas to the north fleechg freezing mark 54 tonight, coolest night of the season yet. and then tomorrow night we eclipse that, for the day tomorrow 67, blue skies all day, chilly and blustery at times. monday abundant sunshine, still cool, marine be small craft advisory in effect, not the best way to be out on the water. the beach is heads up for red
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70 on monday, 77 on tuesday, turkey day looks pretty good at this point. how about 80?? temperatures will be warming back unafter a couple of cool days. haley. >> we have a guest in the audience this evening, vice president elect pence, i see you walking down but i hope you wil- >> pence booed after a broadway performance. backlash on social media and what his running mate is saying
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loud booing and a curtain call lecture isn't your typical broadway theater experience. but that's >> loud booing and a curtain call be lecture is not your typical theater experience. but that's what mike pence experienced during hamilton. >> reporter: vice president mike pence lectured by the audience and booed i city. the show uses rap and hip hop to show the story of alexander hamilton. actor brandon victor dixon pulled out a cue card and read a message directly to pence. >> we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. but we truly hope that this show
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american values and to work on behalf of all of us. >> pence had left his seat before the message but heard it from the hallway. he did not respond but waved to a crowd including protesters as he left. but now president elect donald trump is demanding an apology, tweeting, our wonderful future vp mike pence was harassed by the theater of hamilton, cameras blazing. this should not happen. the theater must b special place. the cast of hamilton was very rude last night, to a very good man. the perpetrator responding, truth is not harassment. over whether this act was appropriate. in new york, brian llenas, fox news.


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