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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  November 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> alcides: a search is underway for a killer this morning after a man is found dead in a st. pete alley. plus, donald trump at hi golf course in new jersey. what he spoke with about mitt romney, and why not everybody is happy with his recent cabinet selections. history made in the sky. a special sat lied headed into orbit this morning on board this atlas 5 rocket. good morning, and welcome to "good day tampa bay." the time right now is 6:00 a.m. on this sunday morning.
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milbourne. the look he gave me when i walked in the door was like, are you serious? >> alcides: it was cold. lindsay milbourne >> lindsay: it's dropping still. the temperatures are going down. jackets for the first time for many of us this season. it's by far the coolest morning of the season until tomorrow morning. yes, we're talking even colder for monday morning. 45 in brooksville, 52 in tampa, 50 in brandon, lake placid at 57 with high clouds near want front. looking back from cooler in sport. it's that biting north wind that makes it feel chillier primarily near the coasts. i have a gust of 28 miles per hour in clearwater, and it will stay breezy throughout the day. as that cold front pushes south and high pressure builds in that sets the stage for a colder night today. today with wall-to-wall sun we are only in the upper 60s for highs.
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this evening. we time out the big chill monday morning and talk about the turkey day forecast coming up. police have released new information this morning on a suspicious home side investigation in pinellas park. around 6:15 last night two people found an unresponsive man behind a dumpster near u.s. 19 and park boulevard. at this time officers believe the man was a transient and died as a result of a blunt force trauma. investigators however still don't have a motive or know who is responsible. also new this morning, the polk county sheriff's office is investigating the death of an inmate found was in his cell. investigators say 23-year-old brandon lee van was found just after 12:30 saturday morning during routine rounds. he was arrested in september and was deemed a threat to himself. there was no apparent trauma. an autopsy result is pending. after two long days the pasco county sheriff's office
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possible body. after receiving a tip, a cadaver dog alerted to a specific area of the green key park. they searched for two days but found nothing. that's when investigators determined the dogs had a false hit. a ka dafr dog can pick up scents from a variety of things. clothing, obviously decomposition, but also body fluids, things that may be in the area. in this case we did not find any of those things, but where the dig site was set up a few random socks and a couple of other articles of clothing found. >> alcides: the investigation has been called off and the park is open this morning. polk county deputies continue the search today for the person that stabbed a lakeland man in his own front yard. investigators say the 23-year-old was stabbed just before 11:00 on friday night.
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later died at a hospital. to politics now. president-elect donald trump remains in new jersey this morning where he's expected to hold new meetings with new possible cabinet members. on schedule today is rudy guiliani and secretary of state chris cole back. 2002 republican nominee mitt romney sat with trump and vice president-elect mike pence for over an romney for secretary of state. romney spoke briefly with reporters after the meeting. >> we had a far-reaching conversation with regards to the various theaters until the world where there are interests of the united states of real significance. >> alcides: if romney accepts a role in the trump administration, it would come as a big surprise for many. during the campaign he called
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held racist views. as trufrp continues to knock out his nominations, there are number of democrats who have expressed serious concerns. incoming senate minority leader chuck schumer is threatening political payback in morning. >> democrats are having a hard time with all the picks because they represent trumps most controversial views on immig immigration, muslim and the use the waurd boards. jeff session conservative voices in the senate. he's pro-life and against same sex marriage and he's called amnesty's worst enemy. his history of racially tense remarks are most problematic in the confirmation hearing. here's chuck schumer. >> many statements are old and still troubling. the idea that jeff sessions just because he's a senator he should get through without a series of very tough questions,
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things. no way. >> reporter: some republicans have a problem with senator sessions like this congressman. unlike the cia director, the ag has a lot of independent policy authority and prosecution al. he picked kansas congressman mike pompeo for the head of the cia. he's the most establishment friendly pick and least controversial although he does support water boards and the former director of the defense intelligence agency is known for hard line views on islam and fighting isis and taken heat for ties to russia. unlike sessions and pompeo, flynn does not have to face a confirmation hearing, so that's pretty much a done deal. in washington, kristen fisher, fox news. >> alcides: president obama remains in peru today as he finishes his final overseas trip. on saturday the president spoke
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president-elect trump's new administration might not be opposed to international trade as some may think. >> the president-elect campaigned on a -- looking at every trade policy and potentially reversing some of those policies. but once they look at how it's working, i think they'll determine that it's actually good both for the united states and our trading partners. trans pacific partnership and the white house has stop actively lobbying congress to pass it. president obama is expected to leave for washington, d.c. sometime tonight. time right now is 6:07. a pinellas county family is pleading for help this morning after their dog was snatched from their home. this is bella. a neighbor says he saw someone park a few doors down from a home on indian rocks beach and then grab the dog and take off. bella is a pure breed yorkie and
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finding her woenlt be easy, though. bella's collar was removed and she was never microchiped. the family hopes the person that took her will realize she's loved and deeply missed. five, four, three, two, one. and lift-off of noah's goes arc, america's most advanced weather eye in the they waited until the very, very last minute, but nasa successfully launched the most advanced weather satellite ever built. he heard him say it. the gozar satellite is part of an $11 billion effort by the united states to revolutionize forecasting and replace an aging system. it will track hurricanes, tornadoes, light nining storms
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the usf bulls are on a roll. they won last night 35-27 against smu. they have nine victories on the season tying a season record for wins. quarterback quinten flowers throughout for 195 yards and three touchdowns. the bulls can clench a spot in the conference game with a win over ucf next week. as for university of florida, they beat lsu on the road 16-10 earning a trip to the s.e.c. title alabama crimson tide. it's a tough game. florida state got a big win 45-14 against syracuse. he ran for 225 yards and four touch downs. cook is the all-time leading rushers. the gators and seminoles play each other next week. to the nfl. all eyes will be on bucs wide receiver mike evans this
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national anthem. he said he was protesting donald trump's election. after a lot of criticism, evans apologized and said he would stand today. as for the game, we're playing the kansas city chiefs. and they're on a roll. we have won the last four games against them. we'll see how it turns out. of course, you can catch all of the games right here on fox 13. scott smith is live in kansas city for "tailgate sunday" at 10:30 this morning. it's the bucs and chiefs at 1:00. 13. we'll be live in the locker room for all of the postgame reaction. still ahead right here on "good day tampa bay," a holiday homecoming for hundreds of soldiers. the scene as they join their families right before thanksgiving. plus, trouble at the top of the u.s. intelligence committee this morning. why president obama is being asked to fire the head of the nsa. it's 6:10. the ac probably turned off.
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as well, so if you're just waking up, jackets, look for them. you need them brooksville, and it's 45. 52 in tampa, and 57 in sarasota. think that's gold and gainesville is 35 degrees. could see some 30s on the map likely in the northern counties. so we'll talk how long it's going to stay this cool coming up. with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. time now is >> alcides: time is 6:13. two people are under arrest this
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6-year-old sophia was kidnapped from her home in wichita, kansas on thursday. police say her mother was found shot to death inside the home. two people are now being questioned in connection with to the murder and kidnapping. a motive has not been released. baby sophia is okay and back with family this morning. president obama is reportedly being pressured this morning to remove the director of the national security agency. several reports indicate the nation as top mierl michael rogers dismissed. president-elect donald trump has been considering rogers to remraes place the director of national intelligence, james clapper, who is asking for the removal of the nsa director. an unannounced meeting between trufrm and rogers seems to have upset the superiors. rogers head the nsa since 2014.
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after this bizarre foam explosion in saint at that clara county. a fire suppression system went off on friday in an airport hangar sending a human amount of phone on the streets. much is gone this morning. officials say the foam did pose potential environmental and health hazards. the fire department doesn't think it has long-term impact. hello, sir. i heard you went "hamilton." how was that? >> it was good. a got a free lecture. >> i heard they booed you. >> absolutely. >> you're the reason i won't ever again impeached. >> alec baldwin returned. the two made sure to poke fun at donald trump's latest feud with the cast of "hamilton." whether you're for or against donald trump, i think no doubt
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ail alec baldwin does a great job. >> lindsay: i wonder if he'll part of the full-time cast. speaking of koofl, what's going on outside this morning, right? >> alcides: it was too cold for this this morning, and it will be colder tonight? >> tonight is colder because we're going to drop the winds. this morning we have breezy winds and cool conditions and tomorrow morning downright chilly and perhaps patchy frost in citrus and hernando counties. day is this bright blue hue to the sky. behind the cold front did slow down a touch, so still impacting some of our southern counties. as you join us this morning, it's just some chilly readings. 52 degrees in tampa makes it so far before we get to tomorrow the coolest morning of the season. we have a north wind at 13, and higher gusts and dew points are low so a bone-dry air mass in place. waking up in the 40s and 50s,
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56 degrees although you're surrounded by 70-degree water temperatures. it's 4r5 in inverness, 45 in weeki wachee and had high clouds overnight with the cold front. the southern counties are not as cool, but there's lakeland at 48. i expect us to drop another couple degrees before all is said and done. how about the gusts out of the north. the yellow are the gusts near 30 in sarasota and clearwater. a breezy day, and not a good small craft advisory in place. as the front dives south and high pressure builds in from the north and west, it will set the stage for the coolest setup. radiational cools will help tonight. that along with the dry air and the reason is chillier late. the dew points in the 20s and hasn't been this dry since february or march. this looks more november-like. 25 in chicago and 37 in d.c. and snow throughout the show in the
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kansas city. 1:00 kickoff, and that's close to where we're at right now. 51 degrees for that kickoff in afternoon. with all the sunshine in the world, get this. we only climb to 67 today which means it's the first day we'll stay until the 60s since late march in the afternoon. cooling down tonight by 6:00 p.m., and we're at 60 degrees. futurecast showing that clear sun and lots of sun today. winds gradually relax by late day in the aft evening especially in inland counties and by the beach and near the coast. all the winds are down, setting the stage for a big chill on monday morning. monday during the day a cold saturday but we bounts back to near 70 in the afternoon. tonight no mistake, 36 in brooksville, 46 in tampa, waking up tomorrow morning in the low 40s from sebring to arcadia and we're still talking tropics, disturbance near the caribbean and still a 70% chance that
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into central america. breezy with wall-to-wall sunshine today and 67 for the high. watch what happens mid-week, if it it's too cold for you and you love thanksgiving and 80 for turkey day. a couple more cold mornings monday and tuesday morning. a group of army national guard soldiers are back home this morning after being deployed to the middle east. fox has more on a tearful homecoming just in time for the [ music ] >> reporter: loved ones wipe away tears assist a long wait finally coming to a happy ending. after nearly a year serving in the middle east. >> my heart stopped. like i just needed to find my husband. it been so long. >> nothing compares to the first hugs. >> we have missed him so much. it's been so hard. >> the first kiss and for some the very first time they'll wrap their babies this their arms. a welcome back for more than a
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after a successful deployment in kosovo, hundreds of life hive saving commissions complete over a nine-month demriement, and now they're home in time for the hol holidays. >> spend good quality time with the family. >> sxa the simple things. >> mow the grass and swim in the swimming pool. >> hundreds of families getting their heroes back and feeling incredibly proud of their sacrifice. >> pride, successful deployment and a safe return. >> alcides: welcome back home. after the break, how to send your salaries soaring. in any negotiation whoever is willing to walk away has the leverage. >> fox 13 consumer reporter will break down the six keys to negotiating your pay and the won
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hoping to make the big bucks >> alcides: hoping to make big bucks so the dame at your dream j job? could depend on the offer you get right out of the gate. sorboni banerjee has tips on how to ask for more money without jeopardizing your career. >> reporter: want that sky-high salary? >> i would never be scared >> reporter: we let you in on the secrets recruiters know. >> you never get an answer unless you ask. >> reporter: how you ask for the money could determine your window of opportunity. >> if somebody asks for too much money you're off the table. >> what if we said what you earn over the course of your entire career could heining hinge on what you get day one. >> if you start low you end low under most circumstances, so the
6:24 am
say yes right away. never. >> reporter: we sit down across the table from lisa jacobson. after years of making hiring decisions at verizon and coca-cola, she switched gears from hr to career coach. she can show you how to ask for more money. >> that's our offer. what do you think? >> well, i've given it some thought, and i have some other offers on the table. honestly, they're about $5,000 higher. >> well, it sounds like maybe that might be because this is a great place to work. our salary is what our salary is. i think you're a good fit here, and we really want you, but i don't know that there's that sort of breathing room. >> i feel like we're in the same page, too. i really want to work here more than the other companies, but $5,000 is a significant amount of money, and if i start by 5,000 less than i would at another company, that could hurt my down the road. is there anything you can do for
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the top. this is a corporate decision. i don't make those final decisions. we have a set amount of money for this job. so i don't know that there's any sort of room here. dollar figure. >> hmm. i think what i'm going to do is give it more thought, then. >> let's talk about the key thing she did here to get you an action plan. first, know the marketplace and standard salary to be able to compare it to other offers. >> $5,000 >> be trenthusiastic, flattered and grateful as you push for what you want. >> ask for any leverage to raise the base salary. >> if the answer is no, ask for signing bonus and moving incentives. get creative and sometimes hours can be negotiated. ask for 24 to 48 hours to think about it. recruiters add if you're going to ask for more money, have specific reasons why you deserve
6:26 am
that you have as an employee and being able to show that. if you don't keep track of the things you're doing internally within the organization, you don't have much of a leg to stand on. >> you have to be willing to say no and thanks but no thanks and walk out. you get a call the next day. >> you think so? people are scared to walk away. >> whoever is willing to walk away has the lefrj. this is the one and only shot. you take what they give you. >> reporter: sorboni banerjee, fox 13 news. >> alcides: still "good day tampa bay," accusations of voter fraud right here in florida. we tell you about a case of a known felon voting from prison. later on "good day," check your fridge. the popular brand of humus the fda is recalling this morning. >> you want to find your jacket this morning, and we have 40s and 50s and wind factored in out the door. it's clear and nice and bright later today. 50 is it brookdale bayshore. right now it's the coolest
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the southern counties are in the mid-50s, but brooksville in the mid-40s. we talk about how much we thought on you this afternoon coming up. carrabba's new meatball magnifico. e and stuffed with delicious melted mozzarella. ? dramatic italian aria ? it's the most dramatic meatball you've ever eaten. for a limited time only.
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like country crock's recipe made with real simple ingredients. and no artificial flavors or preservatives. real country fresh taste from real ingredients. welcome to crock country. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day
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>> alcides: good morning. thank you for joining us this sunday for "good day tampa bay." i'm alcides segui. we'll get to your forecast with lind day in a minute. a quick check on the headlines this half hour. pinellas park police investigate a suspicious homicide this morning. around 6:15 last night two people found an unresponsive man behind a dumpster near u.s. 19 and park boulevard. at this time officers blooech the man was a transient and died as a result of blunt force trauma. investigators however still don't have a motive or know who is president-elect donald trump remains in new jersey this morning where he's expected to hold for meetings with possible new cabinet members. on schedule today former new york city mayor rude yie guiliani, njdz governor chris christie and kansas secretary of state chris colbach. on saturday he met with mitt romney where they talk ford an hour. romney is reportedly being looked at four the secretary of state position.
6:31 am
and lift-off. >> alcides: it didn't happen until literally the last minute of their launch window, but there it goes. the zogar weather satellite takes off from cape canaveral. it promising to deliver high-tech views of hurricanes and other storms and can take a complete picture of the hemisphere every five minutes much faster than the ones up there. >> it's incredible when we show you images, and thanks goodness it didn't hold until today for launch because the wind would have made it cancel again. we have a wind and chill this morning and it's winterlike from the view. gorgeous shot of downtown. it's cold and it's 52 and we have a north wind gusty in places near the coast and we
6:32 am
39 and sarasota is 57 and had some high clouds so we may drop next hour before we are all said and done. anywhere from a few degrees cooler to ten degrees cooler compared to this team yesterday, but the wind makes it feel quite chilly. sustained at 13 in tampa but gust the to 39 in sarasota. cold back to near 70 south and upper 60s in tampa for the first time during the day we don't hit 70 since last march. the average low of 59, and the coldest of the season comes in tonight. 46 in tampa but we're into the 60s for lows by turkey day. >> alcides: thank you. a st. petersburg crossing guard who was hit and killed by an alleged drunk driver has been laid to rest. family and friends and hundreds of crossing guards attended a
6:33 am
72-year-old david roundtree. it was held at the greater mount zion ame church. charles walton hit and killed roundtree while the crossing guard was setting up school zone cones. roundtree has been a crossing guard for three years, and he was arrested and charged with dui manslaughter. a pinellas county school employee remains behind bars this morning charged with trying to meet a minor over the internet. they arrested nathaniel price o complex. they list has job as a night foreman. his charges include lewd or lascivious conduct. pinellas county schools have not commented on the arrest. volunteers were out this weekend helping tampa bay watch mark storm drains in south st. petersburg to discourage people from dumping waste there. the placards are meant to educate the public that everything that enters that storm drain ends up in tampa bay and can affect our water
6:34 am
>> not only do we want to educate the public about anything in the storm drain, we want to clean up the local area so the debris isn't in the storm drain and into the bay. the volunteers also worked on cleans up around the booker creek area that empties into tampa bay. a felon serves time in south florida voted by mail in the november 8th general election. a reports that haidz of vero beach submitted a vote by mail ballot to the supervisor of elections office. apparently the system that keeps felons from voting failed. the newspaper says there were no other instances of questionable voting on the treasure coast. a jacksonville man is desperate to find his missing dog. he's offering his pickup truck as reward. he has posted this message to facebook several times.
6:35 am
gmc truck in exchange for boxer. buddy boy was last seen wednesday afternoon. in world news this morning, at least 90 people are dead and more than 150 others are hurt this morning after a passenger train accident in northern india. hundreds of people were trapped inside, and the number of deaths are expected to rise. there's no word yet on what caused that train familiar right here at home with. a highway in algeria collapsed on wednesday. it swallowed up five cars and hurt 1 is people. the sinkhole was nearly as wide as the road itself. they used cranes to lift the cars. the sinkhole was caused by an outdated sewage system. there are 17 new cardinals in the catholic church this morning. a ceremony on saturday, pope
6:36 am
races and faiths around the world. he called on the new cardinals not to allow versions of divisions to impact the way they think or act. cardinals are close advisers to the pope, but their key job is to elect a pontiff. whether we come back, they're not retiring, they're refiring. why more people take on a new career at the age of 60 and beyond. this week on tower as the transition goes full-speed ahead. we'll talk with vice president-elect mike pence about trump's picks so far. then, senate democratic leader chuck schumer on his party's agenda and how democrats try to recover from a tough election. plus our sunday group including laura ingram who is being considered for white house press secretary. and our power player of the week
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twenty four meals under four dollars! just like in 1934! a lot in those days. that can't be right. no, i was there! back then, you not only got to choose from 24 meals under four dollars, you also got a shave, a shoeshine and a new suit. used to be called "steak 'n shake 'n shave 'n shoeshine 'n suit." they even put it on the sign! 'til it broke. is that a steak 'n shake suit? walter, does this look like a steak 'n shake suit? get 24 meals for under four dollars.
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retirement used to be part of the >> alcides: retirement used to be part of the american dream. fewer americans are doing it these days. part of that is for financial reasons, but the other part is because baby boomers aren't ready to slow down. as fox 13's chris cato shows us, 60 is now the new 40. >> reporter: you can call chris give fin a lot of things. lawyer and he's a successful commercial litigator in tampa.
6:40 am
>> explorer. he goes backpacking, climbing and packing. >> i go to the tetons other yosemite or things like that. i can't live without it. you can call him all of those things, but please don't call him grandpa. >> i don't allow that. no use of the word grand. >> reporter: his 2-year-old grandson dubbed him bop with a b. >> it has a kay shea to within the family i'm bop. >> fitting for a man at age 62 is still bopping along, putting in 50 hours a week at the law firm and cramming ought the add vend tur he come into his week jebbed and he doesn't plan on slowing down anytime soon. i feel better physically than i did 20 years. >> griff tin isn't an exception. people live longer these days and stay fit well past the
6:41 am
50-somethings that live, wore and play like 40-somethings. retearees or soon-to-be retirees who still want to work but maybe in a different way. >> it's the most exciting time of your life. it is not a time where we're all going to go drive around in government carts and so it on the front porch and read books. >> reporter: after 35 years as a corporate consultant, bevin row gull was burned out and approaching 60. >> i basically went t husband and said, you know, i feel like i'm in the fourth quarter of the football game and i want it to count, but i don't know what that is. >> she came across a book by mark friedman called "encore: finding work that matters in the second half of life." >> whether i read that book, it was like a light bulb moment. there's 80 million boomers who may think the same way i am and don't know what it is that they want to do next. >> reporter: se decided her new
6:42 am
figure out theirs. she founded encore tampa bay, a local arm of a national nonprofit that helps bookers figure out what's next. >> getting involved in a nonprofit. starting a nonprofit. starting a new career. starting a business. >> reporter: encore works in sink knee with aarp tampa bay. >> people in their 60s are doing phenomenal things. >> jeff johnson is the state director of aarp. it has a program called life reimagined, an online tool t they're passionate about and figure out how to turn that into a second career. >> old is what you make of it. when you quit -- when you quit growing is when you really start aging, and that happens at different times for different people. >> it hasn't happened yet for chris griffin who has advice for 60-somethings that they the best part of their life is over. >> if you think that way, the better part of your life is behind you.
6:43 am
>> call it an encore and call it life reimagined, just don't call the 62-year-old grandpa. >> not even a grandpa? >> no, just bop. if you're interested in exploring what kind of encore career awaits you, we posted links to encore tampa bay and the aarp life reimagined tool on after learning that 60 is the new 40, what does that mean for 55? for one man it meant to college and playing some football. look at that run. we'll explain what we're talking about coming up next. it's football weather this morning. winter-like by florida standards. not everyone is a fan, but it's what we're dealt with. it's a lovely start by appearance and this morning clear and windy and it's cold in lakeland. 48 degrees and the coolest of the season until tomorrow morning. 45 brooksville, and we're at 56 in st. pete. we could see some 30s creeping
6:44 am
morning for some. we talk how cool for how long after the break. what's the best way to get two servings of veggies? v8 or a fancy juice store? ready, go! hi, juice universe? one large rutabaga, with eggplant... done! that's not fair. glad i had a v8.
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what's the best way to get two servings of veggies? ready, go! hi, juice universe? one large rutabaga, with eggplant... done! that's not fair. glad i had a v8. time now is the original way to fuel your day. >> alcides: time right now is 6:46. check your fridge.
6:47 am
of popular humus products this morning because of a possible listeria contamination. the company says it was found at a manufacturing facility. no illnesses have been reported. they're advising people to throw away any products with best before dates through january 23rd of 2017. disney has unveiled a glimpse of what the new "star wars" themed land will look like after dark. the theme park giant plans to take you to a away inside disney's hollywood studios in orlando. you know this is going to be a big hit. while work continues, disney's chairman says she add a new mission to the current "star wars" tours attraction. it's a big hit. my kids will love it. who says age is a factor? with a 3-yard gain on saturday, joe thomas sr. became the older player to ever play in a
6:48 am
thomas is the father of green backpacker linebacker joe thomas jr. the 55-year-old walk-on got to carry apparently -- appropriately on senior day. after the game thomas said to never give up on your dreams, keep driving forward and don't listen to the other people who say you can't do it. what an inspiration! 55-year-old is playing d-1 football. that's great stuff right there, son plays in the nfl and dad plays in college. cool stuff. a lot of people in my family, my dad and brother play football on thanksgiving in the morning. >> alcides: i used to do that all the time. we called it thanksgiving bowl. >> lindsay: a lot of people do. it would be nice to move this weather to thanksgiving. kind of festive by now. by thanksgiving we will warm it up. >> alcides: i'm very happy. 52, and i just saw the degrees.
6:49 am
clear and still dropping and tomorrow morning even colder. we have changes this week. the colder ones. we have the strong cold front we were discussing yesterday and it moved through late last night and it's 50 degrees and skies are clear and we have a north-northeast wind at 8 miles per hour. no clouds all day long, obviously no rain. no rain with the front either. just some high clouds, and even cool in st. pete but the thing about today is this is why you're not boating. the waves are building and those winds are we have a small craft advisory and it's 56 degrees and sunrise in about six minutes or so. check out the chill. we have 39 in ocala, 50 in wauchula and 56 in st. pete. notice southern highlands through southern sarasota, you're milder than anticipated because the cold front is low down a bit. early way we're in the blue, 10 degrees cooler than this time 24 hours ago in tampa. we combine this with this north wind that will gust at times he
6:50 am
you need a jacket all day and stay cool, and we have winds out of the northeast at 29 in sarasota. all that red is dry air, and that is why our air will cool down nicely tonight. we have high pressure building in behind this front diving south, and that will keep us quiet in the days ahead and cool in the days ahead. how about some winter weather for you. we have lake-effect snow from this low right here spiraling around. some areas in upstate new york by tomorrow afrn up upwards of eight inches of snow. so we go from snow to 40s here. we have cold air in chicago and 25 in flint and 38 in atlanta. this is a chilly air mass, and that will set the stage for highs today in the upper 60s. monday we're at 70. we don't return to average until tuesday. then for thanksgiving, well, we're above average. i know your family visiting up north will like that. lows tonight in the 30s. brooksville and crystal river,
6:51 am
tomorrow morning. elsewhere we're down to 46 in tampa, 42 bartow, 47 in blade denton. as we stand right now, it's the coolest morning of the season. by tomorrow morning that's the coolest of the season. winds drop once the sun sets so breezy today and 67 for the high for the first time since late march. lighter winds tonight down to 46 and chilly. we bounce back to 70 this afternoon, below average temperatures with lighter winds. the waves are 6 to offshore. seven-day forecast shows great boating mid-week and great beach weather mid-week. bring the family to the beach on thanksgiving, and we're at 80 on thursday and a weak front back to average on saturday and 77 but a couple of chilly mornings coming our way tuesday morning, too, and 48. >> alcides: you have to love that seven-day, and thank you so much. after the break, a local jazz legend that gets ready for his close-up on the big screen. he's a trumpet man with quite a
6:52 am
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documentary tells >> alcides: a new documentary tell mes a story of a bay area man that brought music to hundreds of young people and made a difference in so many lives. lloyd sowers has that.
6:55 am
yard. >> he's 90 years old now, but he was a trumpet prodigy, inspired as a child at the apollo theater. >> the only white people in the band, the only kid or white people, but we loved it. we had count bassey. it was so thrilling as a kid. i'd love to be doing this someday. >> reporter: he would grow up to tour with face big bands, area, he formed the band he's most proud of, america's youngest jazz band. a bunch of kids from all backgrounds. >> he worked with a lo of underprivileged children and gave a greater appreciation of jazz to the children and gave thim inspiration and hope. >> filmmaker troy bowman sent three years making a documentary called "the ambassador of jazz." follows his life from his childhood in the great depression through his
6:56 am
with his band. on his walls are the memories and the greats from dock severson to winston march sal lease who admired sonny as a trumpet man. >> one kid said, i want to thank you so much for what you did for me. and i said, i don't remember what he played. he said, i don't play anymore. i'm a dentist. >> it was the confidence and the music that the trumpet man brought to the kids. >> he could have went on to play the rest of hi life in the big-time, but he stepped down to step into the lives of other people. >> reporter: from a child prodigy to the trumpet at 90. fed to play it all over again, he'd play it with the kids. >> i have no regrets about anything, especially with a band. geez, that was -- that brought some happiness to me.
6:57 am
lloyd sowers. fox 13 news. >> alcides: we have much ahead on "good day tampa bay." kellie cow man is live at tampa international airport ahead of a very busy travel week, and say hello to pinky. lindsay, are you kidding me? this sweet little girl is looking for a new home. how you you can make her a part of your family coming up in the "pet of the week." today, we talk differently.... work differently... relax differently.
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a body found by a dumpster beh >> alcides: a body found by a dumpster behind a shopping center. now police are trying to figure out how it got there and who is responsible. the holiday shopping season is here. we all know it. how you can protect yourself and your information when you go good morning. welcome to "good day tampa bay." the time right now is 7:00 a.m. on this sunday, november 20th. i'm alcides segui. let's start off with a check of your forecast. i saw the sunrise right behind you, lindsay. 51 degrees is gorgeous. >> you saw that right. chilly to start out the day. we have 40s and 50s, and it's


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