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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  November 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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three cities, three officers shot, >>russell: three cities, three officers shot, one of them killed. all of them ambushed. a disturbing trend has our men >>laura: and an early morning wrong way cash across from the university of tampa. wrong way driver slammed into a police officer. >>russell: and marching their way to nyc. some high schoolers, the only band in florida to march in the macy's thanksgiving day parade this year and the adventure begins right now. >>dave: 45 degrees outside at tampa international. yes, we're one degree colder
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north winds at five miles per hour. we're not the only ones. how about it's below freezing in brooksville. 30 there, 32 in crystal river, 37 in brandon, 39 in lakeland. tons of sunshine today which will warm up very quickly. it's going to be a gorgeous afternoon with high temps in the 60s. >>vanessa: bigger crash is carrying over from the last hour is still blockage out of the tarpon springs area. this is at u.s. 19 at tarpon avenue. serious injury crash is closing all the southbound lanes and reducing northbound lanes to a single travel lanes so travellers in the southbound direction, take an alternate 19, northbound make sure you're planning extra time and we watch this as it continues into the busier part of the commute. you might have to avoid that northbound direction as well. >>russell: it's almost 6:02.
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shot, one of them fatally and these are in separate incidents across america. >>laura: gunman have targeted officers in san antonio, texas, st. louis, missouri and sanibel, florida adding to an already alarming spike in the number of officers shot this year in the line of duty. and we begin in san antonio where an officer was shot execution style in his patrol car. detective benjamin marconey was writing a ticket person drove by him and shot at him. the gunman reached inside the car and fired a second shot before taking off. officials say both shots hit the detective in the head. >> i think there's obviously time in a community's life. make no mistake about it, this is pure evil executing an individual in cold blood.
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>>laura: and police released a still image of the vehicle in question. they don't believe the driver, the one getting a ticket, had any relationship to the gunman. marconi fls a 20-year veteran. >>russell: police say a suspect was shot after he opened fires on officers again nearly a mile from the first crime scene. unnamed st. louis police sergeant is expected to survive. he was shot while just sitting in traffic. another car pulled up next to his marked patrol vehicle and opened fire. again, thankfully he's expected to survive. >>laura: and then here in florida, sanibel police officer is recovering after he was shot in the shoulder during a routine traffic stop. just like the case in san antonio, the officer was in his cruiser working a traffic stop when the gunman pulled up and started shoot.
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off to a nearby home where he was held inside. the officer was taken to lee memorial hospital in fort myers and then later released. this is the first officer involved shooting ever on sanibel. and these shootings come less than five months after a gunman killed five officers in dallas. it was the deadliest day for american law enforcement since 9/11. >>russell: before yesterday, the number of officers killed in the line of duty in 2016 was at 127. of those, 58 were >>laura: tampa police are investigating a crash involving an officer and a wrong way driver. the officer was travelling eastbound on kennedy boulevard when the other driver turned on from south hyde park avenue. air bags were deployed in both vehicles. neither driver was seriously hurt. even though the officer was taken to the hospital to be checked out, lanes are open now. >>russell: police investigating a shooting outside of a nightclub, happened in the
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detectives say the victim suffered minor injures and they say the shooter is in custody. >>laura: hillsborough county firefighter wanted in connection with a bar brawl in key west will not turn himself in until next month. he's on vacation. according to police, clinton walk he were fls caught on surveillance video in a fist fight in september. authorities say the firefighter was at the bar with several members of the outlaw motorcycle gang. he's wanted for battery. now walker's attorney says his client learning of the charges against him. he's made arrangements to turn himself in on december 5. walker denies any current involvement with the outlaws but the case has led to a new policy in hillsborough county effective immediately. county employees are banned from participating in gangs considered criminal organizations by state or federal government, department of justice lists the outlaws as a violent gang. >>russell: pinellas park police released the name of a man whose body was found behind a shopping
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investigators say two people found the body of will joe hodges near the dumpsters. we're told he was homeless and may have died as a result of blunt force trauma. police are still trying to figure out exactly how he was killed and who is responsible. so far there's not found any information about any potential suspects. >>laura: and pasco county sheriff's office defending the decision to post a picture of a man crying after his arrest. take a look. the picture has been shared it's got more than 400 comments. it shows porter moments after deputies say he intentionally ran a deputy off the road. they say he was also holding 9 1/2 grams of meth. sheriff's office spokesperson says that porter was a threat to the community and that it's important for the community to know he's in custody. also important to note that porter is innocent until proven guilty, they know that, and it could be used in a civil case if
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>>russell: trump officially won florida. we know by now that trump won 113,000 votes. president elect had just over 49%. hillary clinton received 47.8%. and as mr. trump continues to meet with his potential picks for cabinet, vice president elect mike pence is reacting to an unprecedented and unexpected curtain call >> this message needs to be spread far and wide. >>russell: mike pence talks about being booed during his show hamilton. president elect donald trump condemned pence's treatment on twitter. >> i heard the remarks that were made at the end and, you know, what i can tell you is i haven't offended by what was said. >> mr. trump continues to meet with potential white house
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nominee, mitt romney. >> we don't know where it will lead right now, but i can tell you that it was a great first step and people should be proud of the way things are going here in president elect trump's operation. >> some democrats aren't convinced the president elect will honor his campaign promise. >> he's not draining the swamp. he's filling it up more and there's going to be more swamp creatures than ever before. >> others expect to try and work with him oney work with us. and keep your promises to blue collar america. >> president obama while in peru for the apec summit says that ever should take a wait and see approach since he hasn't put forward any policy proposals. >> my simple point is that you can't assume that the language of campaigning matches up with
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legislation, regulations and foreign policy. >> president elect trump has yet to make appointments for secretary of the treasury along with 10 other cabinet positions. >>laura: this morning a local high school band is heading to new york city to march in the m macy's thanksgiving day parade. >>russell: i did not know this. they are the first band in the history of hillsborough county to go t too cold for you to be out there? what's going on? >>reporter: it feels like a break any time i get to join you in the building. i learned something new today, too. said to be the first in the history of hillsborough county to receive this invitation. buses took off around 2:00 in the morning and our cameras rolled as they headed off to new york today. now, 172 students are on the
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made this possible. the news of the marching high school band is the only florida high school marching band invited to participate in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. the group will march 2 1/2 miles in front of three million people and perform three songs live on national television. one student had this to say about the experience. >> it's so exciting. there's been so much buildup and we worked so hard. we're ready to get going. >> the fund raising. we're told the trip costs about $350,000. their performance takes place thursday morning. back to you. >>russell: thank you. talk later. developing this morning, tensions i go viet over a controversial pipeline in north dakota and still ahead this morning on "good day," new pictures as hundreds of protestors face off with police in riot gear. and a gold star family booed on
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coming up, the reason why and how the airline is responding. >>dave: and quite a cold start to the day. 30s and 40s and grab the jackets and the winter gear, luckily for us, we live down here so sunshine will warm us up and even though we're starting freezing to the north, we'll finish in the upper 60s for high temps this afternoon and even nicer tomorrow. oh yea, everything is digital now-a-days. this thing never leaves my side. coupons. and i got the paper ones too. so retro... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. ? think of your fellow man. ?
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>>dave: oh, boy. 6:14. here west chase, plant city, brandon in the upper 30s right now. so if you are walking out the door, getting ready to, you know how you have to dress. 41 in new tampa. brooksville at 30. inverness, crystal river, both at 32 degrees. dade city at 38. bushnell at 37. i got right at 50 bradenton,
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area. north port is at 36. it's like, wow. wauchula, arcadia, lakeland at 39 and 42 for our friends in frost proof. this is colder than yesterday morning. here's some spots, brooksville is at 15 degrees colder. brandon is at 13 degrees colder. frost proof 10 degrees colder than it was on your sunday morning. i thought it was kind of chilly when i woke up yesterday, but if you think back to yesterday and how fast it warmed up and the same thing is going to happen today. we're just starting off colder so we have more work to do to get it up to the 60s. dew points are incredibly dry in the 20s and lower 30s. it doesn't get that much drier around here. the whole southeast continues to be like this. cloud-free, high pressure in control, sinking air, dry air warms up very fast so even though we're sitting in the 30s
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should have no problem getting back to the upper 60s and believe me, a few spots are going to touch 70 degrees for today so that's the good thing. you know when you get a cold nap like this up north, it just doesn't warm up. it stays cold. but for us, we may get the cold starts, the cold, dry starts but with unlimited sunshine again today, we should quickly warm back to the upper 60s. but let's say, for instance, you're travelling to the northeast might want to bring your snow gear. first snow is of the season and it's snowing heavily in syracuse so these lake-effect snows are really cranking up this morning and a few flurries east of boston and south -- east of new york city so it's not a big deal. but winter is really cranked up in the northeast over the past 24 hours. and let's talk tropics for a second. i know what you're saying. what? it's snowing out up to the north. it sure is but we have a
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this is central america. okay? and you got the yucatan peninsula up here. it's way down here in the southwestern caribbean and it's not moving much. this will become otto. it has the potential to become a hurricane before making landfall in central america sometime between thursday and friday and then eventually moving out over the eastern pacific. obviously it is not headed toward the gulf. big ridge of high pressure will show you sitting out here, you can always head to if you want more on soon to be otto. tons of sunshine, cold start, mild finish. 69 for a high temperature. tonight beautiful but quite chilly. it's not. it's going to be cold again. 47 in the tampa area so pretty similar to today. maybe a degree or two warmer. then sunshine for your tuesday and high temperature goes right back up to the mid 70s.
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we are on a mission to make it to 80. will it be thanksgiving? the day after? you see how warm it's going to be later this week so we'll bear the cold and then we're good to go. >>vanessa: thank you. 6:18. we have sky fox arriving on scene of the u.s. 19 crash in tarpon springs and you'll recall from previous reports that we reported on the southbound shut down and we can see that's here. very big scene and this is a serious injury crash. this was reported as a trauma alert and so we're seeing all of the southbound lanes blocked and as we are hearing over the phone from authorities, the northbound lanes are reduced to one. so traffic is being diverted. looks like alternate 19, pinellas avenue is the biggest work around here. we'll keep you posted as we learn more information about this crash. out of pinellas county, evans
6:19 am
lanes are blocked. please be careful, plan extra time if possible and then here out of manatee county, state road 64, hearing a possible lane blocks. we have yet to get the final report back from authorities but it doesn't hurt to give yourself extra minutes here as well. >>jennifer: tensions are running high in north dakota as police clash with hundreds protesting the dakota access pipeline. these are pictures from the morton county sheriff's department. 400 cross the bridge and they were forced back. the pipeline is being built to carry oil from north dakota to a shipping point in illinois. construction has been protested by the standing rock sioux whose reservation lies near the pipeline route. >russell: one of the busiest airlines will strike. o'hare in chicago, they're seeking a union rights and $15
6:20 am
wheelchair attendants and they don't plan to shut down the airport only to create skrupgs. they'll announce a start date this morning at 10:00. >>laura: father of an army soldier killed in afghanistan says he and his family were booed as they flew to meet his son's body. john perry was crkilled in bagr this month. perry's fathe son stopped the suicide bomber, likely saving hundreds of lives. they were flying from sacramento to dover air force base when the captain told everyone to remain seated so they could leave first to make their connection. after their announcement, stewart says that several people booed. >> to hear the reaction of the flight being delayed because of a gold star family and the first
6:21 am
upsetting and it made us cry some more. >>jennifer: american airlines said they were honored to have the family on board and made every effort possible to ensure a smoother journey in such difficult circumstances. the perrys say an airport representative stayed with them to make sure they boarded their connecting flight. he will be laid to rest at arlington national cemetery. time is 6:21. buccaneers may as well have been in tallahassee. >>russell: a florida ste another win. hundreds of people waiting in line to meet a celebrity. find out how who or what it was.
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>>jennifer: time to see what's clicking on the web. >>russell: all right. hey, vanessa. >>vanessa: musical hot clicks today. well, we're going to start with this. we've all had that experience where we see an outfit on the
6:25 am
looks like on me. never looks quite the same, does it? this happens to everybody, even celebrities so take a look at this. on the ride we see jennifer lopez. wowee. and then on the left, actress olivia vaughan. >>russell: she looks great in it. i love her. >>jennifer: i do, too. >>vanessa: look at her expression she wrote, owe, that's what it's supposed to look like. my gosh. ben there, done that, right? i haven't been here. the dress retails for $16,000 so i hasn't made that costly mistake. she did not pick the outfit to wear last night. she picked a plunging floral dress instead. >>russell: i love her. >>jennifer: i do, too. >>russell: i love j-lo, too.
6:26 am
it went viral this month after a man dressed like a ninja, broke into a comic book store in alaska and stole a gitona sword. we have an update to the story. there it goes. after vanishing with the ninja, the sword reappeared. he bought the sword from the thief and brought it back to the shop after hearing about it on the news. the sword was slightly damaged. the there he goes. >>jennifer: that's very weird. >>vanessa: this is not weird at all. this is adorable. do you know about this adorable little guy? jen does. of course. he's the celebrity dachshund and that's video of him and a friend playing hockey and this is video of the adoring fans, right?
6:27 am
hazy a "new york times" best seller book. >>vanessa: he's an internet icon. >>jennifer: he is. >>vanessa: 600 to 700 people were waiting three hours to meet the dog? >>jennifer: i was there. of course i was there. and also, cruso will be on our show on wednesday. so he has a facebook page, posts fun video, a blog, a book, calendar. >>vanessa: everything you thought it was going to be your mind? >>jennifer: oh, yeah. >>russell: still ahead, how the crowd in kansas city may have helped bucs quarterback jameis winston have a really great game. >>jennifer: and ken has his eye on the sky this morning. hey, ken. >>reporter: i can tell you the temperature is going down a couple of degrees. it is cold out here. who would camp out overnight? especially way up there? we were in lake wales this morning and a father and son
6:28 am
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good morning.. thank you for waking up with good day tampa bay on this chilly, >>russell: thanks for waking up with "good day." i'm russell rhodes. >>jennifer: and i'm jennifer epstein in for dave. how cold is it? >>dave: i think we're beyond chilly. p>>jennifer: we're going down. >>dave: i think we're just going to call it cold. >>jennifer: cold it is. >>dave: 45 degrees in tampa. it's beautiful. now, don't get me wrong. it's going to be an absolutely gorgeous day and once that sun gets going, we will quickly warm things up. yeah. 37 in brandon. 39 in lakeland, 40 wesley
6:32 am
the season. we're going to go back to upper 60s for today but we're not going to stop there. who is going to hit 80 first this week? we'll talk more about that. it's going to get warm this week. we'll discuss it in a bit. good morning. >>vanessa: see you in a couple of minutes. we're still watching this, this big crash on u.s. 19 and tarpon springs. basically between the northbound and southbound directions, only a single lane is moving. southbound is completely blocked. northbound lanes you can see moving in a single right lane looks like we're focussing on one of the vehicles heavily damaged there in the northbound direction and southbound there, you see the turn lane area is where it looks like there's a second vehicle. southbound traffic is being funneled through a parking lot. look how far back the backups go. very, very heavy. please avoid this area completely, take alternate 19 in that southbound direction and the good news is northbound, while it is reduced, is not
6:33 am
seeing in this direction. yikes. >>russell: developing this morning, three police officers have been shot in three separate incidents in what authorities are calling targeted attacks. san antonio, texas a detective writing a traffic ticket was shot to death in his squad car. st. louis police sergeant was shot in the head while sitting in traffic. he survived. gunman died in a shootout with police and last night in sanibel, a he survived and suspected gunman was arrested. >>jennifer: gas surprises in tampa bay have fallen five cents per gallon in the past week. that's down to $2 a gallon. these are the lowest gas prices for thanksgiving week in years. >>russell: u.s. coast guard has suspected a search for a missing boater off jenson beach.
6:34 am
he said he was headed south to go fishing. coast guard crews covered nearly 31,000 square miles before suspending their search. >>jennifer: it is the coldest morning in months, but that's not stopping a young boy from polk county from completing his mission. >>russell: while many are still warm in their beds, he's 21 feet up in the air, asleep. is he asleep? on scaffolding. >>jennifer: i'm sure ken has woken him up by now. ken is live outside of impact church in lake wales to tell us why he's doing this. >>reporter: he's doing it for a good cause. is he still sleeping? he is for a little while buttic during the next live shot, we're going to talk to him. in the meantime, we have his dad over here. this is the pastor from the impact church. you were up there for years and all of a sudden, your son, 11 years old, decides, dad, this is what i want to do as well. why so? >> he just has a burden for kids charities and missions work and
6:35 am
>>reporter: it had to be cold last night. >> it was freezing last night. we had two heaters up there. he's nice and warm in a sleeping bag so he's nice and warm. >>reporter: the temperature was not the only problem. >> no. the wind. the wind blows and comes through the tent and shakes the whole scaffolding system. it's crazy up there. >>reporter: you're talking about the heaters. they don't always work. >> when the wind blowing, it takes the heat right out the tent. >>reporter: this is something he's done for years. you decided he was other people. >> correct. >>reporter: and he's been building. tell me the projects you've done together over the years and how much he's gotten together so far. >> as of last night, he's right around in his lifetime, raised about $88,000. his goal is to get to $100,000 by the end of the year. >>reporter: not 8800. 88,000. how does one raise $88,000? >> he does go cart races. i did belly flops for him to
6:36 am
flop. he collects change with little buddy barrels and has people all over the church that has containers collecting for him. >>reporter: this is his thanksgiving vacation so most kids are going to be relaxing. he's doing his thing, raising money for charity. he went up last friday and he's going to come down wednesday, the day before thanksgiving. how do you live up there? that's something we'll discuss a little while from now. i'm going to get warm because it's still cold >>jennifer: i don't know how he's asleep up there. >>reporter: it's great. he's sleeping and we're freezing but we're going to wake him up after this. >>russell: of course you are. see you later. take care. a local student is one of only two floridians chosen to be part of the prestigious roads collar program. he will attend graduate school
6:37 am
says he wants to be a politician. he and 32 other american students were chosen from 882 highly competitive applicants. >>jennifer: something in your family? >>russell: no. >>jennifer: bucs won two in a row. quarterback jameis winston said he felt right at home as he led the bucs to beat the chiefs 19-17. they faced off in arrowhead stadium which holds the guinness world record for stadium. that plays to winston's advantage since the chiefs do a version of the tomahawk chop. kansas city is just 1,000 mile drive from winston's alma mater and he enjoyed all of the seminole support. >> man, the crowd noise was amazing. every third down, they did a chant and i was so pumped up. it really made me feel at home so i love playing here.
6:38 am
chance, i was even doing it with the fans at the beginning of the game. >>jennifer: before the game, he learned that fsu senior athletic director had passed away after a battle with brain cancer. winston dedicated the game to him. he was 59 years old. >>russell: and tony stewart wrapped up his championship career on sunday. nothing remarkable about his finish at the ford ego boost 400 at homestead. he ran mid pack mt regardless of how he finished, nothing will take way from his three championships and 49 wins. eemz just retiring from nascar driving. he has an ownership stake and will continue to race all over the country next year at the grassroots level. jimmie johnson took home the win at homestead and along with the 2016 sprint cup championship. this is his seventh career championship. listen as he explains what was going through his head when he
6:39 am
>> i had this crazy, weird calmness through the last couple of weeks and even through the race amongst all the chaos we dealt with and the fact we ran like behind those guys all night long, fifth, sixth, whatever we ran, there's just some calmness that was in me. we restart in the 19 rack and i'm like, oh, okay. we have a shot at this thing. i don't know why i've been cards. >>russell: johnson's seventh cup series title ties him with richard petty, dale earnhardt, senior for the most all-time. >>jennifer: willie rogers, long time st. petersburg resident and one of the oldest surviving members of the tuskogee airmen has died.
6:40 am
he was a member of the 100th fighter squadron, one of the original of the group. he was not a pilot which is why he didn't reveal his service until 2012. he worked logistics but that didn't keep him out of danger. roj he weres was wounded in action during a mission in italy in 1943. he spent three months in a hospital before returning to war. he died friday due to complications from a stroke. st. petersburg mayor rick kriseman shared this picture along with the caption, rest in peace, our fr was 101 years old. time is 6:40. it is cold. how cold? we'll check in with dave. he'll have that for us next. >>russell: and pretty cold on the cross bay ferry today. they're offering free rides, though. might as well do it. line up.
6:41 am
6:42 am
6:43 am
>>dave: it is 6:43.
6:44 am
let me tell you, that's like the warmest temperature we have because as you starting to away from the water, first you go to the tampa net cam where it's clear. it's gorgeous. it's 45 degrees. but wait. let's go over to lakeland. there you go. 39 degrees. inland locations, a lot of you in the 30s and as you go further north, you get up to hernando and citrus counties and some temperatures are a this morning so yeah, lower 30s well to the north and to be honest, we're running about 17 to 15 degrees colder than we were on sunday morning. so a big, big difference. we do have clear skies. we have a ton of dry air in place so it's only going to be a matter of time before it warms right back up but still, if you're going to walk out the door in the next few minutes, you're going to need the jackets. dew points in the 20s and 30s this morning. this is very, very dry.
6:45 am
that around here. now, slowly not only the moisture levels modify but the temperatures will as well. by the middle of the week and going into thanksgiving itself, our high temperatures are going to get back close to 80 degrees but we have a cold start. probably the next two or three mornings we'll have the cold starts. however, mild finishes. high pressure in control, light north bunked and temps today should go right back to mainly the upper 60s so today we're going to be below normal but we're going to rebound nicely. come in this morning and i just happen to check the tropics and as soon as i did, they issue a tropical depression 16 out there in the southwest caribbean. it's hard to fathom because you have temperatures in the 30s and the tropics are still active. this will become otto but then drift towards the west and eventually over central america into the eastern pacific so obviously not a bother at all. tward the gulf or toward the
6:46 am
just wanted to point out that it is out there. in the meantime, we're going to go back in the neighborhood of upper 60s for today, maybe somebody inland touches 70 degrees. the air is so dry, we'll have tons of sunshine and a fast warmup. out and about tonight? that's right. take those coats with you because starry skies are coming right back at you. another cold one. i'm going to put 47 for tampa but that means east and north, i easily think back in the 30s and then with a high temperature around 75 degrees. a mild afternoon for tomorrow as well. boaters, once you get past the cold temperature of the morning, you should be fine. north winds 10 to 15 knots. two to four feet, light to moderate chop and high tide about 20 minutes ago so low tide is next at 2:05 this afternoon right through the holiday itself. it gets warmer and warmer.
6:47 am
thanksgiving itself but the weather does look fantastic, though. >>vanessa: thanks, dave. about to switch over to 6:47 and we're still watching this. the lane blocks along u.s. 19 and tarpon springs, no big changes since the last time we reported on this other than i'm assuming we have more vehicles on the road so the southbound delays are going to probably be worse than the last time we saw this. we're looking at the northbound reduction to a single lane and then southbound completely shut do the pickup truck that's spun around with a lot of damage to its side. traffic still being funneled southbound direction through the parking lot. you can see lots of backups already building in the area so continue to use alternate 19. we're seeing the serious injury crash. big delays here. we'll move on, get to updates to this crash in pinellas. evans road at park drive, improvements to the lane blocks.
6:48 am
that's better news for folks travelling in the area. majors look normal as far as the congestion we're seeing. moderate in nature and we'll update you in a couple of minutes on the road conditions. we want to get over to charley right now. >>charley: good day. how are you? >>vanessa: i'm good. look at your jacket. >>charley: yeah. not only am i a florida boy and i get cold when it's 45 degrees outside, but i'm also in an ice rink all so it's a little chilly in here anyway. i've got an interesting today in history before i tell you why i'm at an ice rink this morning. it was this day, november 21, 1877 that was only 139 years ago -- >>vanessa: i'm sorry. russell just interjected. he said, i was there. >>charley: russell was a wee boy. russell was only a child. >>vanessa: not that wee.
6:49 am
>>charley: thomas edison announced the invention of a fonograph, a scene to record sound and play it back. the phonograph which is really the beginning of -- it was the first time man could record something, save it and play it back later which basically led to our industry which will pave the way for radio and then radio paved the way for tv and here we are 139 years later, these things can do everything. it just kind of blows when you think, i mean, 139 years and a long time, sure, if you're waiting at a doctor's office, that's a long time. but in the grand scheme of things, 139 years -- >>vanessa: it's not that long. >>charley: so now you think, imagine 139 years from now. >>vanessa: i don't want to think about it. i don't want to think about it. >>charley: those are the things that keep me up at night. i sit up out of bed and go -- wow. 139 years. so anyway, thank you,
6:50 am
in fort myers, his summer home. >>vanessa: they probably have it decorated with christmas lights by now. >>charley: gorgeous place to visit down there anyway and a great museum and learn about thomas edison and so yeah, it was -- and ford. right. ford's summer home. there you go. 139 years ago the phonograph. what a great weekend, all my teams won. what a great weekend. i'm and i love traditions, vanessa. i just love traditions. maybe because i don't like change. and we've added tradition here on "good day tampa bay" at least for the last six or seven years. every week, thanksgiving week, we come to the tampa bay skating academy in oldsmar to talk about goals for a cause. now, this is a senior hockey tournament that happens this friday, saturday, sunday. it's free.
6:51 am
free to do with your families. it's great hockey on the ice and for a wonderful cause, all for charity. they charge the people playing hockey. that's how they raise money and there will be silent auction items, really cool stuff going on so i want to have all that for you. i'll preview the event, goals for a cause friday, saturday, sunday. it's free for a great cause. we'll tell you all about it and have a "good day" as we kick off the holiday week. >>vanessa: if it's ve >>charley: that's right. >>vanessa: thank you. see you in a bit. >>russell: 6:51 right now. florida is bringing in a record number of tourists. today governor scott expected to announce 85 million tourists visited the state during the first nine months of 2016. that's the highest nine month total ever and 5 1/2% increase over last year and listen. this is despite zika and hurricanes. according to a new report, orange county leads the state in juvenile arrests, more than 6500
6:52 am
30. that's according to the department of justice. florida department of justice. that's 38% more than miami dade where the population is nearly double. part of the reason, though, may be that some law enforcement agencies choose to arrest juveniles rather than write them citations. federal prosecutors say a romanian man has admitted to his role in a large scale role to rip off atm's in several states, including florida. he has pleaded guilty to prosecutors say he installed skimmers in atm's and used that information he collected to create thousands of fraudulent atm cards. he made at least $5 million before he was caught. he faces up to 30 years in prison. now cross bay ferry is offering free rides this morning. first come, first serve starting at 7:00 a.m. at downtown st. pete. return trip leaves downtown tampa at 9:30. daily service is scheduled to begin next monday.
6:53 am
>>jennifer: i would like to try it. >>russell: we should do it. >>jennifer: we've seen exploding phones, exploding washers, now we're getting reports of exploding toys.
6:54 am
hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes...
6:55 am
let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other.
6:56 am
it's black friday ?week .. yes, these days it's a whole week .. and right now >>russell: it is black friday. it's a whole week and right now kids everywhere are writing their letters to santa. >>jennifer: usually involves a lot of toys but there are some that parents will have to avoid. lauren simonetti is with us. one of these toys can explode? >> yeah. okay. it's a big truck. you actually sit in the truck and ride in it. it's battery powered, 12 battery. it's the 12 volt tonka mighty wheels dump truck. a man bought it for his grandson in washington. toys r us put the truck in the back of his truck. both trucks went on fire two times coming home from the store and then going back to the store to return it. toys r us says they're investigating. they ever pulled every single
6:57 am
their stores. >>russell: wow. okay. >>jennifer: that's scary. wow. >>russell: hey, we have to run. we'll pick it up later, okay? >>jennifer: thanks, lauren. >> see you guys. >>jennifer: coming up at 7:00, we're getting a jump on cyber monday. >>russell: why this year the early bird really does get the worm. kanye west -- do you want me to read or not? go, dave. it's 46 degrees outside. we're up a degree from last hour. yes! however, as we'll have freezing temperatures in crystal river and brooksville, 39 in lakeland, 37 in brandon, folks, grab your jackets. it's a cold, cold monday morning. watch how fast it warms up this week. 69 for a high today, tomorrow 75
6:58 am
? think of your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ? take a good look around... ? ? ...and if you're lookin' down, ?
6:59 am
(avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. (russell- danger on the job. three police officers shot. one of them is >>russell: danger on the job. three police officers shot. one has died. the search now for the killer. plus -- >> who is in and who is out in trump world?
7:00 am
trump transition effort just ahead. >>russell: a head start on everyone else and a chance to save money. retailer offering cyber monday deals early. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day." i'm jep jep filling in for laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. have you looked outside? you been outside yet? it's cold. hey, dave. >>dave: it's pretty, though. >>russell: it is. >>dave: the sun just came up. it is a beautiful day. but it is a cold start. 46 in six miles per hour but then you look around the area and you see scattered 30s there. brandon at 37, lakeland at 39. wauchula, arcadia at 39. freezing at brooksville. the big difference. you go to the coastline, st. petersburg at 53 degrees. cold but drier air and sunshine equal a lovely afternoon. in fact, our temperatures should easily get back to the upper 60s


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