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tv   FOX 13 500 News  FOX  November 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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you saw in the video. let's look. this is the front door of the san antonio police department. you will see the man walk up. he speaks with someone through the int errcom they buzz him in. he had a brief conversation with the desk clerk and left. the chief is not releasing what they talked about. the man left and then later he shot the detective ben marconi as he sat in his car after it was outside of the police station where he made the stop. he died his chief said they're pulling out all the stops and looking for the killer. >> we had engaged our federal partners in the search for the individual. it has gone on since we started yesterday afternoon. it has not stopped all night.
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person is in custody. the suspect was driving away in a black vehicle. they are not sure of his motive, they do not believe he had a reason to target the detective. they believe that he wanted to kill a police officer. another ambush in st. louis but the officer survived and police killed the man suspected of shooting him. last night the officer was in his car sitting in traffic in the middle of a street. the driver pulled o fire hitting him in the face a few hours left spotted the suspect chased him and the suspect shot at them they fired back, killing the suspect. he may be responsible for a murder, rob robberies in st. louis. now to florida. lee county where an officer was ambushed he sat in this car. a police officer was filling out
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vehicle drove past and fired shots hitting him in the shoulder. they tracked him to his home where they exchanged gunfire. he is well known to police in it is not sure why he shot at the police officer. to missouri the fourth shooting in the last 24 hours in gladstone, missouri. this was not an ambush, in this case they pulled over a car for 18-year-old passenger jumped out and ran. two chased him the teen pulled a gun and shots were fired. they're not say hog fired first. they shot and killed the teen. the officer was shot in the hand. owe will make a recovery. the same cannot be said for marconi a veteran of the police department. we'll keep you posted on the search for the killer.
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take a look at the photo is that part of informing the public or shaming? the picture on the facebook page show as man getting arrested and he is crying. and kellie cowan has both sides and the sheriff's response. >> drug possession, fleeing from deputies, assault on a law enforcement officer, crying. those are among the details the sheriff's office shared arrest in a post titled sad criminal of the day. the sheriff's office is now facing backlash that is focused on public humiliation than informing the public. >> this post says that this person is not a full human being we have the right to completely dehumanise them and treat them like a caged animal.
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hun treads of responses has sparked controversy on social media. this is about humiliating and dehumanising someone said a response. others are less stick. >> if you don't like it, don't get arrested. behave better in custody. avoidable. is another tweet. >> itst unprofessional it should be taken down. >> but the sheriff's office is not backing down. >> if are you arreste county and charged with a list of crimes especially a list of crimes as mr. porter was charged with, then you can expect to see your face on the social media account. >> the suspect is seated on the ground hands behind his back as two deputies pull his head up for the camera, the sheriff's office has posted a dozen pictures of suspects in custody to their facebook page, this is
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for the photo. >> this case apparently it was not that simple. different measure high school to be taken for the photo to be taken. >> the sheriff's office tried to inject humor they do not believe there was anything wrong with it. >> he was arrested for a number of charges, he was trying -- crying and that was included in the post. it was an observation of the situation. there was humor agreed. but willing we change the way we do things because some people disagree with it? absolutely not. >> in pasco, kellie cowan, fox 13 news. >> the sheriff sheriff's office showed us of them arresting porter. he was pleading with them not to shoot him. >> povertier got -- porter got on the ground and apologized but
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police with his truck. >> woman accused of robbing a bank last week is under arrest. the 65-year-old janice elingwood. she passed a note to a teller at a bank saying she had a bomb. she appeared to be wearing a wig, clothig and carrying that bag. and she took off in a tan mini van that was missing a plate. a blaring tv l neighbors thought there was a disturbance. it was the tv. when they got there they noticed an odor of marijuana and discovered the gage had been turned into a grow house. more than $36,000. the residents were arrested on drug charges. they face grand theft charges because they were stealing electricity to grow the plants and charged with neglect because
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across the u.s. brace for funding cuts a group wants tampa to be a sanctuary city. they are defined as cities that will limit how much they help authorities find and detain undocumented immigrants. leaders are calling on the mayor to protect the latino population here. since the election families fear they will be torn apart by mass deportations. >> my parents not believe they are still like this. and i'm very scared that one day they will not be here. when i get back from school. >> the president-elect is looking into cutting millions of dollars in funding to current and future cities. officials in los angeles, new york and santa fe stand by their steps. the president-elect trump is closing in on key picks for the administration. he said that nothing is final
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cabinet picks may have reveal today much on the way out the door. time to bring in craig patrick. who may be regretting his photo op? >> the candidate for secretary of state who could take over the department of homeland security. he shared part of his plan to the world. he did this after meeting with trump on sunday for nearly an hour to discuss homeland security issues. he walked out with part of his one-year plan to run t in his hand. can you see it there as he walks standard is in full view of the camera, part is covered by his hand. the and cutting off entry for syrian refugees and what we ask is not ask is the list goes on and on. it is the gaffe he don't want to reveal your plan
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world. >> that's what happened. he wrote about creating a reg city for muslims from foreign countriesment we should get announcements soon and we should get a press conference from mr. trump. and no president has waited this long to address the nation after much of that should be changing perhaps with very big announcements. a w the va. that's massachusetts senator scott brown. >> the former senator is now in the running. we know this from him that he has met with donald trump and interested in running the va. what is interesting here when donald trump months ago skpw-d a running mate long before mike pence the first name was scott brown. we know that they liked each other.
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a role in the administration. he wants to run the va, we know a florida politician is up for the gig and wants it as well. >> that's jeff miller. miller has competition and this an area where of all of the picks could be the most contentious given the problems at the va and the promise to reform it. we may find out in a matter of hours, we know that you are watching and let us know. a record breaking market. the dow passed the record and rose 80 points. and the nasdaq rose 80 points and the s&p closed 16 points up. and three days from the holiday and firefighters were handing out free turkeys with all the trimmings. they tid it at christ catholic and made possible by donations, the union.
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gras festivities for turkey dinners. they are helping families. it they will feed 300 families. and the crew gave out the help from with the help of police officers. >> it means the world to me. i mean i have to feed my kids and what a better way than getting a turkey from the pirates on thanksgiving day. >> in need of food assistance. knacked and mumbling at 5:30 the school official arrested after some strange behavior. it is a small idea it's not something i think about typically. a restaurant make as change. something you will not get when you sit down to
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there's something there is something different about this restaurant on anna mariea island that may have you looking it has gone strawless. they want to put a stop to beach trash. they believe this step could make a big difference. >> can you get lost in the white powdery sand of the island. along with the beautiful views, tourists are drawn to the area. >> but crash can get in the way of that view, there will be
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and you know it is something you don't expect but it happened throughout the day, one thing they find are the used straws. some are thrown. others buried in the sand. they are the top items that the crews find statewide. now the sand war is working to ditch them. >> and anywhere you go you will see a straw or two. but you know you come here and they're like why. they want to know more about it. >> they they are not given to customers unless they ask for them. >> i noticed when they didn't give me one, when they hear the reason why, they understand. >> it is a small item and something i don't think about. >> if they want a straw they are given one made out of organic materials. >> we're moving to a bio-degradable brought. when they request it, we'll do that.
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impact on people and the environment. >> maybe we can modify our habit as little bit and that will make another small difference. one small step. we have a news alert a large earthquake. a tsunami destroyed a new york power plant in 2011. there is a tsunami warn and evacuations have been ordered. there are reports of people the bay, a tsunami warning of 10-foot waves has been issued. i will not forget those issues in 2011. >> i remember that. that that was amazing. a town you know basically in the water. >> we'll keep an eye on that. >> and hope for the best for them. >> this is tuesday morning in japan.
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keep it was under the see floor and gee gravy coming in. by nature the forecast something not great but the east coast of japan has to pay attention in the hours ahead. we had to this morning. you talk about a winter feel you have the blue sky and we have the cold wind. the front arrived on schedule saturday night and behind it a crisp and cool sunday. after temperatures early today. 29 degrees in brooksville. that's the cold that's way back in january earlier this year. tam tampa 44. a lot of you made a point. albert whitted. there were temperatures in the mid-40s. cold tonight but not as cold as
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it is after a cold start. 69 so far 72 in brandon and brooksville and bradenton t is a winter the first snow fall has put across the berkshires and vermont and lake effect snow underway. right now there is about 16% of the country covered in the rocky as white thanksgiving. >> and maybe some rain at some point during the middle of the week. we're high and dry. the dew point last your was
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desert like. dry fingers this is the dry mass we see. >> and and as we put this in. this is tuesday into wednesday this is wednesday into thursday. the approaching front has little impact we are quiet. should be quiet and should be okay at douglas up in charlotte with dry conditions. on tuesday 48 in denver and cloudy. 35 and we were watching that area of disturbed weather in the
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central america and maybe move in late this week. our forecast is really simple. we're clear not as cold. sunshine and a nice day and temperatures up to 75. lots of northeast winds 259 feet on the bay. our next tide coming up at 924 a chance of rain with temperatures in the 70s. to near 80. and thank you. the sheriff said a man and woman under arrest deserve to be locked up for the rest of their
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teenager in their care was put through a man who found the teen hiding in the woods. two and a half million people in florida will travel this thanksgiving. they will be driving. what strands more travelers. you should tune in. that's tonight at 6:00. back to he is charged with a dui crash that killed a mom of 5. he asked for the evidence to be
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li driver to killed a mother of 5 and charged with her murder when a small victory in court. and the latest in the case. gloria. >> it was unexpected but the judge kind of let the sides win in a sense. he was in court this morning. you can see him there in the courtroom as the judge decided what he was going to do with all the evidence. he is charged with killing the father of five who was driving
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he was driving drunk and drove off the road killing her, ejecting her from the car. her children who were in the car at the time survived the crash but they are suffering and recovering from the injuries. he says that during that stop that police took a sample of his blood illegally without a warrant and made statements to police without him being read his rights. the judge decided there was some discrepancy in what the police were testimony during a hearing. and therefore he ruled that the jury would not here of his refusal to take a breathalyzer and have the blood drown but he criticized the cops for her things. >> the court is not convinced to the standard that the rights were read prior to that time.
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enforcement officers. >> now keep in mind the jury will not hear he refused to take the sample they will be told though what that blood sample result was that the warrant was justified. they said that the jury will hear the results of all the blood alcohol levels and everything else that was taken from him that night. my understanding the trial will start in january. we'll cover it and let you know how this plays out in gomez. students were the target of vandals. that was for supporting trump. they sprayed swastikas outside of the fraternity house. the facebook page said a protest marched by the house and some responded with their own views.
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>> people that want to bring hatred we'll seek them out. >> they have painted over the graffiti. the president of the university denounces all statements that and symbols that hurt or disparage. a school administrator found naked and wandering through the streets. he was not on drugs or mentally ill. ill. what they are z26kjz zy6z
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new tonight naked, mumbling, scaring his friends. and stuffed into a police cruiser. police say he was not on drubbings or having a break down. the behavior was caused by a bacterial infection. and we have i didn't see it. >> this is the deputy body camera of a man tackled after running through the middle of palm coast naked. >> i tackled a naked guy, they saw someone on state road 100 he had disrobed and running on the
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flagler county administrator. his friend and co-worker said there have been signs something was wrong. >> he is not himself. this is the most down to earth well rounded person. i organized the last couple of days he has been chasing butterflies. >> deputies baker acted him. >> but here is where the story takes an even weirder turn. he was sick but not m according to his family doctors, the behavior was caused by a infection no mental or drug problems. get this, it happens more often than you think. >> how do you acute psychosis can happen five to 10% of the population here. that's a significant number. >> we don't know the specifics of the case but experts say they can spread to the brain from
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>> when they have an infection here in the lobe area it is very common to experience confusion and psychotic symptoms, talking out of your head. and seeing and hearing things that are not there. this is the area of the rain that controls the memory. people are confused and they lose that typical sensibility and personality they may have. arrested after police say he threatened his neighbors with a sword. patrick esepki chased them but did not hit them. the neighbors don't know why. he admitted and charged with assault. anti-pipe pipeline protests turn violent. they are trying to cross a bridge which was closed because it was unsafe.
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police fired water cannon and rubber bullets. one person was arrested, 17 taken to the hospital. a crew of 7 off the coast of new bedford and someone on board that boat used a radio to sill for help. and a station responded and the crew from cape >> a story in washington state a couple managed to walk away and a huge tree came crashing on to the roof of their car. and it was near seattle. the woman in the passenger seat crawled out through the back door. the driver was trapped in his seat but helped from the rear door. witnesses say this is nothing short of a miracle.
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them, the wife was in shock, i don't blame her the timing is unbelievable. >> the couple had minor injuries only. police are looking what caused the tree to topple on to the car. >> that he amazing when you see that. bogus bills at mickey's house. and we have arrested after trying to pass off counterfeit bills. when it comes to cash it is tough to spot a fake. and. >> would you know how it felt and looked. >> i would not. >> they're supposed to be, and the counterfeit ones are thicker. i'm not sure, right off the bat it is a federal crime.
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bills will be investigated by the secret service. if you pass a fake bill you will not be cargoed. you may answer questions. the office says it is most important to take a look when you get it in change on the web site they show pictures of bills from 5s to 100s with things to watch out for. overall the advice is look for water marks when you hold it up. and copper to green when you inside. orlando gets millions and lots of money changes hands the we saw vistors like tony hunter who protects himself by leaving the cash behind, always us use a cad we get. otherwise use the card. >> and he can at least spot the
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stripes. if you rub it on paper because the ink never degrees. cathy castors is helping people spread the word about small business saturday. she met with business owners t is the day after black friday it is promoting shopping at small locally owned businesses. several new stores have opened in seminole heights giving them more places to >> the dollars stays here as when you spend your hard earned cash at a retail store less than half of that stays in the community. if we want to throw the economy and build jobs. tied to small businesses. >> i love that. >> she kinds better deals on items at small stores than the major retailers.
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>> too. >> teaching life saving lessons in the classroom. >> it is like a dream, the new cpr requirement for high schoolers the tampa bay is amazing. i work here, i raise my kids here, i even take care of my mom here. but you know what? i could use a hand. hey! we hear you!
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with free tools and resources. and we're making our community an even better place to live, work and play for people of all ages. if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think a-a-r-p, then you don't know "aarp."
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math, science, and math science, english they prepare for the future and a new course being caught in hillsborough may help them save a life. and dr. jo has that. >> i know that you guys will have a test later. this class at brandon high school may look like any other class.
5:40 pm
title, one more minute. the schools requires all students to learn hands only cpr. that is a dream come true. >> it is important to catch them before they go off into the world where they' cure in the u.s. alone. >> we may never see them >> and we worry about it, the cases cardiac arrest in the home they may be practicing this on one in their own home. >> i have not been through the experience. he learned for the first time and it will be handy considering how much time he spends with his niece. >> i love i would not do
5:41 pm
>> a freshman baby sits her nephew and sees how it could play a role in her life. >> if the circumstances we were swimming or at the playground or something that is good to know, they find one of the oldest ways of cpr. >> staying alive. >> it is the best. >> number up with it has 100 positive message are you trying to keep that person alive. >> i didn't know how far you had to press into the chest. >> educating a general ration in lessons of the heart, preparing them for situations that can occur anywhere and anywhere. >> we got an army of people out there that will step up there. >> for the fox medical team. >> that is made possible by a
5:42 pm
fire, the school board and the heart association and it is so successful that the officials are hoping to add all middle schools in the next couple of years. the mike alstott family says thank you. he and his wife and kids delivered full thanksgiving meals to 30 fire stations in pinellas county. they are the men and women who have to work on thanksgiving day. on thursday deliver a meal to the family saying at the ronald macdonald house. >> good guys. the bucs and bolts heating up. they are doing it and in nashville and wins and a doug martin. and the bucs on the season with 6 games to play. dirk koetter said the tep has
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and this is why what a great person. >> and >> and it is amazing to me.
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>> and the one thing about this is that the visibility it pops you look through a camera or in the distance when the air mass. and a few minutes and venus showing up in the western sky. and worked out nicely. and 80 and 70 on sunday and the warm up we'll stay near average and nothing getting at getting crazy between now and early next week. close to average for the next several days. and i see some fair weather clouds out in the atlantic. it is crystal clear and cool. we have low to mid-60s. and the dew points that last year. wish i could show you. the dew point at 4:00 was
5:48 pm
tucson and scottsdale and arizona. 24 dew dew point. and there are 18 and there is no water in the atmosphere. when it is this dry the temperatures drop. dry air it cools off effectively and warms up. which is why you get the big temperature swings in the desert. not because here the moisture climate. high pressure is northwest of us. and drift in a couple more days it is flying in the northeast. moving up through the saint lawrence valley. and a wild night on 90. and the throw way was blowing and drifting. there is rain and snow out in the west so snow is piling up and more rain in california which is good for them.
5:49 pm
at lan it 57. 63 and the same temperature in dep ver they are 63. and 38. tonight it is chilly. back in the 40s. nights like this can be colder south and southeast. it drains down the peninsula. and tomorrow sunshine around and temperatures gradually modifying. we're back in the 70s. we're 70s upcoming weekend and no rain in sorry. and not as cold as it was today. we're down to 488. looking good. >> and no mention of rain. and that's way out there.
5:50 pm
and next monday it will be dry. 70s and 80s for highs. mostly in the 50s below. and a great one for sure. >> and the span of just a couple of weeks a team spiraling down ward and generals. to now a game out of first place in the division. better on both sides and in the play with six to play that helps. and jameis winston was phenomenal. the bucs did not punt until the 4th quarterback. they are making strides. and good d and the interception. six games to go. good teams this very to face mixed in there. and dirk koetter says one thing about the team the group that is working to get better as the season wears on.
5:51 pm
working at it. i have been on teams where the guys would not do that. and then the fact that the coaches are working with them and pushing them you want to learn and get better. >> and so the bucs are now 4-1 on the road. already the most since the 2012 season. looking at the best road teams. and if elite company they are trailing the to see them carry over and home successes as well, they are not the only road warriors trying to wrap up a perfect road trip. they win against the predator as 5-0 trip. that's kind of the defying logic here they are losing players. and this on top of steven stamkos going down. the bolts are winning thanks to
5:52 pm
and solid between the pipes. they say he is going to continue alternating. >> i think that in the day and age. you need two of them to give yourself a chance. and you know we're in extremely fortunate significant the caliber. and you know has been around not in the the other guys he has been pro and they're kind of patsing information on to each other helping each other out. it has been great to watch them. as i said before we're fort made to have them. >> rivalry week say that ten times past. usf has their game with ucf here. a big game for the bulls a win on the season. and right now they're the
5:53 pm
college and pros, congrats to navy quarterback will worth the american at athletic conference of the week. worth piles up the sats be aring for 159-yards. four touchdowns against east carolina that's 10 straight for a score. for the season he has 22 rushing touchdowns. no other has more and at this point they have a outside shot game. it will be nice to see them. they are bound for the championship game. keep our fingers crossed. maybe they are not very good but
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z26l7z zy6z
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z26lnz zy6z y26lny yy6y a record breaking day on the stock market. the dow jones surpassed the record close it set last week.. look at that almost 89 points. the nasdaq up 46 and the s&p closing gaining 16 points you know we'll be happy for now, right. this morning the chilly temperatures did not get in the
5:57 pm
mission. >> he is camping out above lake wales. most -- motorist kids are playing games or glued to their phone, carson is camping out on a platform to raise money for those in need in other countries. he is not alone his dad who is a youth pastor is by his side. they started the camp out on friday. they raised more than $6000 they wednesday but they will come down just in time for thanksgiving, that's a great message. >> it is chilly up there on that platform. the 6:00 news is next. >> here are mark and kelly. have you noticed more cars on the road or found it tougher to get parking spaces on the beach. tourists. nix at 6:00 what is behind the surge. remember the train that
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they're accused of starving and beating a teenaged girl whose escape into the words saved her life. he was definitely what is often an over used term an icon in the community. >> and a hero tonight remembering a man who made history as part of the greatest generation. we're not the only ones trying to stay warm. prime time good evening and welcome, i'm kelly ring. >> i'm mark wilson. first up here at 6:00, a girl escaped unspeakable abuse inside of this house by running into the woods. she was only 17. her care givers nearly tortured her to death. it is heartbreaking. gloria gomez has more following the details.


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