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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  November 21, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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they're accused of starving and beating a teenaged girl whose escape into the words saved her life. he was definitely what is often an over used term an icon in the community. >> and a hero tonight remembering a man who made history as part of the greatest generation. we're not the only ones trying to stay warm. prime time good evening and welcome, i'm kelly ring. >> i'm mark wilson. first up here at 6:00, a girl escaped unspeakable abuse inside of this house by running into the woods. she was only 17. her care givers nearly tortured her to death. it is heartbreaking. gloria gomez has more following the details.
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she has been eating non-stop. she gained over ten pounds but she was on the brink of death before they found her. >> reporter: michael higginses with about to clean his car when suddenly i heard this cry from the woods this girl was here. i didn't think it was real. >> it was real, she was in the bushes she could not get out, when she did he what he saw, she came out of the woods. >> she was very beaten up looked abused. >> he told his mom to call 911. she did, they have been beating her. she has a black eye, with enthey sorted everything out they arrested these two, chris peters and his wife. >> to say we're shocked is a understatement, to say we're outraged is a understatement. >> the sheriff said the teen was in their care when she suffered
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torture. >> frightening to look at. >> she had been beaten she had huge open wounds on the topper her feet. she had a broken shoulder and she had a stab wound in her other shoulder, the 17-year-old girl who wayed 86 pounds said she was starved, beaten and could not shower. her last bath was in march. the couple. >> they had the nerve to say the 17-year-old child did it to herself. >> after suffering for months. the girl said she made a run for it the moment she noticed chris peters was distracted. peters ran after her and even tried to coax her back home. >> if you come back in we'll feed you, we'll he started being nice. she ran.
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locked up forever. >> and michael higgins who never thought his afternoon would turn into a life saving rescue agreed, i hope they're in jail for a while. >> now, there is a is 15-year-old boy who was related to the victim according to the sheriff he was not abused but is receiving counseling. the suspects face abuse and neglect charges. back to you. >> anxious to see their fate. thanyo couple of days away, travel is about to get in full swing, more people out on the roads and in the airports. aaa estimates more people will be driving to their thanksgiving holiday destination and taking the time to check your car before you head out and it may save you headaches, flat tires and dead batteries. strand more travelers than any other reason.
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are expected to travel more than 50 miles this week. aaa says the two busiest are wednesday and sunday. so plan accordingly. >> back your patience when you get ready to go. give yourself more time than you need because the airports will be busy. the roads will be busy, they are. two of the top 10 travel destinations are here in fort lauderdale at number 8. new tonight at 6:00. tourists are flocking to florida like nerve before. great news considering that the year that florida had. and dan matics and despite the years of headlines. >> the travelers from out of state they don't look at it they think florida -- a state that has seen horrible headlines in
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dumping of the gallons of raw sewage into the bay to name a few. the nightmares are not holding tourists back. >> absolutely not. >> and rick scott announced the tourists came to florida in the first nine months of 2016 that is historic a five and a half percent increase from this time last year. >> this is our second people because of that. we like the location and the weather and the people are friendly. return trip to st. pete beach and pinellas tour tour six on fire with revenue expected to top $50 million in 2016. our bed tax which is the, we're the where the rubber hits the road. how many bring and what do they spend that's up 60% in five years. this is unchartered territory. >> the governor said the visit florida campaign is behind the
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david downing is in charge of, we try to create a product. a destination. construction and growth is on the up something good for this tourist who said she will return whatever the headlines. many tourists and locals may take a ride on the cross bay ferry it is free through wednesday. at the are offering free they cannot be reserved in advance. regularly scheduled service starts next monday, november 28th. go to our web site at seen on tv. the oldest living tuskegee airman has died. he called the area home for years. he died at 101. and josh cascio has more.
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role but good luck in geting mr. rogers to brag about about that. he was a humble man who put others ahead of himself. >> reporter: at 101 he was a member of the air men he rose to master sergeant during a time of segregation, he was able to overcome it, look past >> and his daughters, he prided himself in being a family man. when given the opportunity he gave praise and honor to good. >> he was drafted into the army in 1942. his role with the red tail was on the ground. following the service he moved
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years here at the burlington towers. >> he worked the towers the block and a half. >> the reverend urbie heads up the ame church. he would sit here for 70 years. >> he was what is ap overused termment he was an icon. >> he received his gold medal in november of 2013. despite his accomplishments he was say this is not about me, there were other people who made sacrifices. >> he will be remembered as an american hero. >> i say daddy, thank you for giving us a beautiful example what to do. how to do it. and the plans plans are to celebrate his birthday at the church. they will make that same walk from the tower to the church
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mark, back to you, remembering him for a long time. >> thank you. hundreds of families received a free turkey this morning. just look at all the people who braved the temperatures. they lined up outside of the a law firm on mlk. this is the eighth year the law firm donated turkeys. they gave away 3000 at their offices in tampa, jacksonville, fort myers and orlando. good still ahead. gentle giants on the move. the migration next. and, paul another beautiful, chilly but great day. >> a cold start but what a good looking day deep blue sky. sunshine. we bounce up to 70. the sun set is spectacular. left of the logo. that's venus shining over the gulf.
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a major migration today. the cold weather is driving hundreds of sea cows to warmer water. they're coming into tampa bay and crystal river and all along the migration is driving the sea could yous. this is the busiest day of the
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rush to warm water. >> reporter: the perfect storm was under a clear blue sky and the sea cows came, the water cooling down we have a couple hundred in here today. >> a couple hundred under water and with thanksgiving break hun credits more, at the manatee viewing center, where the water from the tougher station gives them refuge. >> it has shown a lot of interest and so t out of this. >> they arrive amid the good and bad us in. and scientists counted more than ever, 6000. but it could be a record year for the number of manatees killed by boats. >> you think the protection is helping them. they have died and you know hit by boats t is up and down issue.
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killed this year and that number could go up. and the zones went up. with more now rushing to stay warm the danger goes up. they may not survive a boat strike. they are known by their marks. >> every manatee has a scar. they log them and take pictures, that's how they identify them. >> reporter: but on this day, hind dreads see they found a place and blue sky in the warm waters of the refuge lloyd sowers, fox 13 news. >> if you have a family visiting from out of town that's a wonderful place to take them. >> decent weather. a sweater or two on. >> tomorrow we're expecting the warm up. we start tomorrow and we have
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>> and the air mass is not coming back soon. maybe next week we'll get the rain which is good. here is a look outside a spectacular sky outside. it is weather like this when the air is dry. everything pops. nothing is hazy like it is in the summertime. there is water in the atmosphere. and looking down. look at the plane landing at tia. edanother one and doing a turn around. >> good stuff from the top of the sky tower. 29 degrees in brooksville. and the coldest and january 25th. that was down to 44. coldest since the 27th. >> now the airport in saint pete was 53. albert whitted you pointed out that away from the water low temperatures today. were in the 40s. the high was 70.
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we're down to 32 degrees way back in 1914. and back in the blue zone a pair of 70s yesterday and today. warm up to 80 and by then another front and at some point next week. the lake effect snow machine and a time and the through way and i-90. and it curls down to buffalo. ground in the northeast and a white thanksgiving. the green mountains. the catskills back into the finger lakes. and snow miles up and 16% is covered in snow that's average for this time of year. the next several days with the dry air things heated up nicely
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but with the air in place now the sun has gone down now and 8:00 the temperatures are dropping quickly and holding steady late tonight. 58 in tacoma. the high was 70 which occurred with the dry air. it cools off 58 degrees. st. pete and the dew dupes are running at desert levels, this is what you feel dry lips and hands because of this. very low dew points and they modify you could be traveling tomorrow. weather across the country okay. there will be clouds and rain up in minneapolis and chicago. decent weather and hartsfield. challenge douglas. and sunny and phoenix.
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talking cold here. >> and the troll storm. is and we talked about this. and how this should be going in the caribbean sea. >> this is not going to be heading our way moving waste and slice across central america. northern part of costa rica. if it maintains itself it is a america. the dew point and northwest at 6:00. around the country we're quiet, they improve. they had some rain and more rain today. snowing in the rockies and
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and 56. tonight it will be cold. we're down into the 40s. and not as cold as it was today. the warm up is going. >> and 75 to 80. no travel trouble across the state wednesday or thursday it is good. high pressure moves our way. we're good. sun set at 535. we're down to 48. lots of sun shine dry and nice. and black friday is good.
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what is up with that. we look back. >> when the forecast is good let's repeat it. coming off a win. we're several plays made by role players may be better than you think. street racing provides
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(scott)because of all the because of the injuries the bucs h but given opportunities for a number of players. it carried the baton. and rogers and barber stepped up when the chance came yesterday in kansas city. and vernon he stepped in for grimes and did a nice job and had one bad play that bounced back. and offensively how about the rookie tight-end. having his number called in the
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and it is a touchdown that proved to be the game winner. everybody said they are doing their part. >> we talk about role playing there. understand your role could change. it is easier to do the dirty work when you are getting some of the glory, we have been doing a great job of playing the holes. and you know, the coaches putting them in positions. theol >> there are concerns about the game being played in mexico city. first,s altitude. it is higher than the bronco's stadium t is almost a mile and a half. >> and it is heavily polluted. and more than the usual number along the sideline.
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renovated, nord has a brutal start. combaters playing the first -- gators are playing the first 11 games on the road. and before the first real home game florida will play three games in jacksonville, three in orlando and one each in lakeland, tampa, sunrise and tallahassee. all but two are home games instead of hating it they say they are everyone is folksed. it is another -- everyone is focused. >> it is another day. everyone is taking it well and getting the treatment, taking care of their bodies. getting to sleep. it is not that big of a difference. we have to stay focused and practice we'll be fine. >> and jimmy johnson makes history winning his 7th cup series championship ties him
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series. this during the most competitive period of the sport. johnson is the young toast get number 7 and may not be done. he has not raced in the macaw grand prix. and the course slams into the wall. sliding on the roof. it slides down the straight-away. no one hits it. the driver walks away a good piece of video. >> all right. >> goodness. it shows you how -- you see the velocity. >> no one would give the buc as
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upset. he let the team. you did a great job. >> they are turning a corner. offense is stepping up. and kicks nailed. ask me. >> they have the seahawks, i'll think about that. [ laughter ] late breaking news in on a >> the earthquake coming up. we'll have the latest on the trump transition and the
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i think the uniform was the under attack police are again finding themselves the target of violence. workers at o'hare make an announcement. millions of travelers will be happy to hear at least for now. and been abortion announcement. the pope makes an announcement about the procedure. could it be a signal from the church. but first up at 6:30 tonight.
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the 6.9 earthquake hit fuse off the coast of fukishima it was feld 150 miles away in tokyo. tsunami warnings went up and there were forecasts of a 9-foot wall of water to wash on shore. residents were told to evacuate. only a wave up to three feet has been it is home to the power plant that was destroyed hit by the tsunami. and reports of a cooling pool has stopped but the situation is not an emergency. >> we're keeping an eye on what is going on in japan. >> over the weekend four officers across the country were shot and one of them in texas was killed.
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sanibel island. we have the latest from dallas. >> four police officers around the nation shot in separate incidents. three are alive and a fourth a detective here in texas, was shot. >> it happened while he was writing a ticket. the 50-year-old detective was attacked outside of san antonio police headquarters by a driver who pulled up from >> the uniform was the target. the first one to come along was the target. >> this sis a suspect they describe as 20 to 30 years old and standing 5'7" to 6 feet tall. the person bent to -- went to the department about four hour before opening fire. >> he talked to the clerk. he asked a question.
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he said never mind. >> and law enforcement targeted in st. louis that's where a sergeant was shot sitting in his vehicle on sunday evening. the suspect was killed and others injured in other shootings. and the other in sanibe and one in gladstone. the motive is unclear. and it has been a for attacks on iowa and members of law enforcement this month and the high-profile killings of officers in dallas and baton rouge over the summer. and just moments ago police announced an arrest in the shooting of the police officer, the suspect who is the same man seen in the video was stopped on i-10 about two hours ago. with him in the car was a woman
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we'll have more about the arrest coming up tonight. , we have people flying in from all over meet with him to give advice and counsel. >> that's kellyann conway. and they were expecting arrivals up a cabinet con contenders. and he spend time executives. >> one politician most did not expect to see today a former bernie sanders backer and liberal progressive, they spoke about current policies regarding syria, the fight against terror groups like isis as well as other foreign policy changes, she has been tough on the president's national security
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criticized the president and hillary clinton for their reluctance to use the term radical islamic terror. others making their way through the revolving door were the former house speaker. mary fallon and rick perry. >> it has been as tos of people who represent all walks of life and the parties and genders. orientations and record with those who cover politics for a living, the media. the president-elect speaking with executives and anchors from the five networks the group he off chastises for being biased. and mike pence returning to washington for more meetings at the transition office. >> the commission said it found
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campaign. >> the president-elect is spending thanksgiving here in florida a spokesperson said he will be at his resort. the vice president will stay in is stationed where he trains to become a pilot. thanksgiving travelers can breathe easy, workers at one of the busiest airports will hold on on strike plans until after thanksgiving weekend. they say they want the public's support they would not want to workers -- hundreds of those are fighting for the minimum wage to be raised to $15 an hour. they are looking for better conditions and benefits. >> i was injured on the job i have to pay my treatment out of pocket. united and others need to take responsibility and give us
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start tuesday november 29th. the chicago department of aviation said it does not anticipate any disruption in services. a deadly new jersey crash is prompting action from regulators tonight. in september a train crashed into a terminal, killed a person. the engineer of the train was found to have sleep apnea it keeps people from getting a restful night and leads to fatigue and have no memory of. regulators are urging train companies to test engineers for the disorder. airline pilots with sleep ape apea -- ap pee ya cannot pilot until treated for the condition. and an announcement from the vatican. priests can be a solve a woman who confesses to having an abortion. and we have more on the
6:38 pm
continuing his transformation of the church that all priests can be a solve a woman who has an abortion t is extended not only to the women but their partners and staff who participated in the procedure. >> the sin is inclusive forgiveness is all inclusive and extends to those who are participants in the sin. >> it continues an exemption granted for the year of mercy which finished sunday giving priests the sin of abortion. but the stance will not be changing any time soon, he continues his opposition to the procedure which. >> getting rid of the beans is a crime. they get rid because it is better and convenient and a responsibility. that is a sin. >> the change is causing some controversy most rank and file catholics are welcoming it. many are calling it another
6:39 pm
catholic church. >> no human action is bigger than god's grace and mercy. and i think what he is saying here is that, remember, there is always a new beginning. >> in the church those who perform abortions face excommunication. there is no sign that he is considering a change to that rule. lauren green in new york, fox news. candidate trump promised industry. can president trump deliver?
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during the presidential campaign donald trump made promises one was to coal miners. he said he will rescue their dying industry now they say he hassing something to prove. >> the promise of bringing back coal is how he won over coal country. they are fed up with being on the losing end. >> and >> and the miner was laid off and burned to work w more mines closing the industry is in a decline. >> there are homes for sale and vehicles that have been repossessed t is sad to say homes are burning. you know people cannot pay for them they cannot afford the credit to go down. it is bad. there were 66,000 jobs nationally.
6:43 pm
, can you only pray you get them that get elected they talk before they are elected and they go backwards. >> he vowed to undo regulations that would drive the industry under. concerned about climate change the administration imposed a new moratorium on lease sales. mines out west would gain the most because of a public lands and montana. >> a lot of lives depend on it. >> if he rescinds of moratorium it will unleash the carbon dioxide. that's emissions worth 700 million cars according to the e.p.a. that's frightening the world is looking to the u.s. for leaership on the issue.
6:44 pm
action on climate change. >> and continued pressure to reduce the emissions regards of who is in the white house. that's why talk of a recovery is measured. trump has delivered something that's been missing for years that's hope. >> now the president-elect has promised to rebuild the infrastructure, bridges and roads and coal is used to make steel. officials say if the steel is needed to do that.
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hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more?
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happy thanksgiving from publix. where shopping is a pleasure. almost all of us have almost all of us have dealt with damaged luggage at some point. how do you get the most bang for your buck when getting a new our reporter is going to show us what it takes to make a suitcase last. she gets access to show us how luggage is put to the test. she takes us in the lab tonight on the fox 13 10:00 news. a record-breaking day and the dow rose 88 points today. the nasdaq beat the all time high with 46. the s&p closed at a record
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in your headlines harry potter's movie tops the box@ officials. now kanye calling it quits. he will not return to his tour citing exhaustion he cancel the rest of his concerts. he canceled his concert at the last minute. he walked off after ten minutes after a rant. and eye meal ya clark joins the game of thrones actress will be in the stand ahone hans solo movie. no word on the role she will play. and harry potter fantastic beasts and where to find them took the top spot. $75 million. that pushed dr. strange.
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trolls. >> yes. my 17-year-old liked it. >> i want to see trolls. let's go to paul to find out about the cool weather. we're enjoying it, it will not last long. >> the thing is when it warms up it will stay close to average. for a lot of us this a great time of year. love this. this is how it looked on the beach camera. can walk up to the set and squint a bit. can you see mars as well. and it is right -- let's see. right, it is not that tough to see right here. it is red. that's the red planet. thee is mars and a view on the camera. all clear. highs today officially in tampa. the high was 70. we're at 69 on the hourly data.
6:50 pm
and highs on tuesday. and should be in the 70s. no travel trouble. down to south florida. i don't see the rape. visibility is good. patchy fog that's it. and the loop was void of clouds but for fair weather clouds over the what ham moos. look how extensive it is and the loopho no clouds. the air mass is too dry. right now 58 in tampa. 54 in brooksville. and 61 in sears sarsment we had a dew point in tampa of 15 degrees. that's dry.
6:51 pm
myers. we this and as soon as the sun is down the temperatures drop rapidly. and it cools off and respect whats up more effectively. that's why we don't have the temperature swings usually in the state. you get the temperature swings. where it is dry. and that's going to move away. for the holiday in the day. clouds will increase. there could be issues up at o'hare and midway with rain. add flight delays. where the wind was the big factor this weekend. now a front and not producing much rain where they need it. it could be more significant
6:52 pm
weekend. 58 is the dew point. a northwest wind at 6 miles per hour. across the state. high pressure is west of us. snowing in the northeast. you get rain and snow and out in the west. the snow is piling up. 56 in denver and tampa and 53 atlanta. as i said it is snowing lake effectnd whats coming down from lake ontario t is snowing and buffalo. albany and burlington, vermont getting snow squalls. we'll be in the 30s and the 40s. chilly. tonight holding steady and tomorrow a day like today it will be 5 degrees warmer. the forecast is simple. crystal clear. not as cold as it was earlier today. 48. sunshine tomorrow. nice day back up to 75.
6:53 pm
highs approaching 80. thanksgiving is great. the good weather continues. a the lot of people in not in gn the car and had the low tire warning light because of the cold weather which reduces. >> a 10-degree drop per one pound inch. >> ask tom brady he knows about that. >> he does. >> nice forecasting. a brand of plantain chips got its start in a tampa kitchen. tampa bay is amazing. i work here, i raise my kids here, i even take care of my mom here. but you know what? i could use a hand. hey! we hear you!
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with free tools and resources. and we're making our community an even better place to live, work and play for people of all ages. if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think a-a-r-p, then you don't know "aarp."
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coming up tonight at tonight at 11 a lawsuit why a student says the rules for him and his dog are unfair. he is accused of causing tens of thousands worth of damage to luxury cars. how it happened on the 11:00 news. and the great snack they are a hit across the and the plantain chips got the start here. the story behind them is what's right with tampa bay. >> back of after bag of the chis are making their way down an assembly line. at a 20,000 square foot facility in tampa to stores all across the country. >> it is amazing how many bags
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week. the founder peggy argudo remembers when it was her. her husband and a pressure cooker in their kitchen back in 1963, we started by doing all the buying and cooking, they got the idea living in cuba. they enjoyed snacking on fried plantains, i thought it it was crispy not a lot of oil, they would buy them from street vendors, we thought they were tasty. it was something special. >> once they settled in tampa, they struggled and sacrificed to make the business work and it paid off. >> you have a good product a good idea can you success but tough sometimes have patience and have the determination. >> following the death of her
6:58 pm
could not be prouder of what her parents have accomplished. >> there are opportunities to say this is not going to work. they could have done that but they didn't. >> there was no such thing as failure. we just would not accept that. we were not going to fail. >> kelly ring. >> no such things as failure. >> it does a long way; we keep on going. we'll see you tonight a i ve and at publix what's on the list also happens to be what's on sale. stuff you actually want... on sale! isn't that something? that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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you know what i love? when i see all the savings at the bottom of my receipt. it's proof that i'm a smart shopper. which is why i always show it to my wife. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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? lights, camera, action ? i had to stop. i was absolutely broken inside. >> support for selena after her emotional on-stage revelation. i'm liz hernandez. we're breaking down a night of intense gigi's melania moments. >> i love my husband. >> i can tell you, i wasn't offended. >> the president-elect is demanding an apology. >> i heard. >> was it the right time and place for mike pence to hear those words? straight from the cast of "hamilton," i'm natalie morales. you may be surprised to hear who besides president-elect trump has a problem with it. >> how is colin? how is he doing? >> there's someone missing from our family.


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