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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  November 22, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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a serial robber - on the run. clearwater police say this man is getting more bold with every hit - and he's always hiding behind a hoodie. ((jen tragedy.. just 24- hours before thanksgiving vacation.. six children are killed in a school bus crash in tennessee.. and new this morning - the bus driver has been charged. ((jen hot.. the lines are expected to grow today - as people line-up for the biggest black friday sales. ((walter)) good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen. ((jen)) and i'm jennifer epstein. those stories in a minute, but now, a first look at your
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a tennessee bus driver is facing charges this morning... after a deadly elementary school bus crash. 6 children died when the bus slammed into a tree.. and then a house. they are young kids... from an elementary school. 23 other students were taken to hospitals... some of them are in critical condition. the bus driver... "johnthony walker" is facing vehicular homicide, reckless endangerment, and reckless driving. he's just 24 the pain the families are going through...
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warrant has been isseud to remove the black box from the bus... and review any evidence. right now... the cause of the crash in under investigation. but officials say they think speed was a factor. developing this morning... clearwater police are searching for a serial robber. it comes after a several convenience stores were robbed. the first 2 happened just hours apart... and another robbery took place not long ago. fox 13's shayla reaves joins us live from clearwater this morning... shayla-- police believe the same man carried out at least some of
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thanks shayla thanks shayla she escaped unspeakable abuse by running into the woods with the strength she had left. it's a case of child abuse that polk county sheriff grady judd calls heart- breaking. the vicitm is 17 years old... but for months the sheriff says her caregivers nearly tortured her to death. last week... michael hickins heard a cry coming from the woods. he thought it was a joke-- until he saw the victim. she had been severly abused and was begging for help. his mother
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caregivers-- kris and melissa peters. the sheriff says they denied abusing the girl.... but she was hours away from dying. the 17-year old girl weighed a mere 86 pounds. she told investigators she was starved... beaten... and wasn't allowed to shower for 8 months. the couple faces abuse and neglect charges. a 15 year old boy related to the victim was not abused-- but is now getting counseling. drug possession... aggravated assault... and
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titled "sad criminal of the day" in the post... 2 deputies are holding up a suspect's head by his hair. the pasco county sheriff's office says their deputies had to do that so they could snap the photo. they also admit they tried to inject a little humor into this particular facebook post... which they said was meant to inform the public. but some feel the post was more about humiliation rather than information ... and the pasco county sheriff's office is now feeling the heat. the sheriff's office also showed us this body camera video from marquis porter's arrest... in it, porter apologizes and complies with
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that was after he tried to ram his truck into a patrol car and ran from them. the sheriff's office says it will not make any changes to the way it posts about arrests on its social media accounts for the past few years.. thanksgiving and black friday have merged into one big shopping extravaganza. around tampa... black friday shoppers are already lining up. it seems like the shopping holiday is starting earlier this year is no exception. fox 13's haley hinds shows us how black friday has shifted toward the internet. out here at best buy on dale mabry... there are already two tents lined up. rick hilton, who's first in line, told us it's worth it to snag a 200-dollar t-v or a hundred dollar laptop. if
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buyer, you may have already started your shopping. some stores have offered black friday sales for weeks... well ahead of cyber monday. in fact, walmart is taking on amazon pushing up its big internet deals to friday, a day earlier than last year. earlier seems to be the trend. we spoke to jennifer burton, an assistant professor of marketing at the university of tampa about what she calls the "holiday creep." stores opening up earlier and earlier for black friday. she said in 20-15, opening on thanksgiving morning actually hurt some stores as they received a lot of backlash and threats of boycotts. so, this year, she said they're taking a more casual approach while still catering to the dedicated black friday crowd.having people feel warm and fuzzy about the retailer , they had to stop with the early thursday salesthe incremental profits just weren't worth it so what we are finding this year this year, is retailers taking what i think is a more sensible approach and they are opening up at 5:00 or 6:00 on thanksgiving though online deals may be tempting, burton says retailers still want that foot traffic. so, for those who are lining up days ahead of time for rock bottom priced electronics -- she says, yes, it's still worth it. doors at best buy open at 5 p-m research ahead of time. don't just show up expecting deals. compare retail and sale prices to make sure what you're buying is really worth
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and you can't forget about small business saturday. congresswoman kathy castor helped spread the word when she visited local shops in seminole heights yesterday. small business saturday is shopping at small... locally owned businesses. castor says she often finds better deals at these smaller stores... than she does at major retailers. if you plan on going black friday shopping this weekend... you're going to need some cash. but if you're change jar is running a little low this year... there's another way to jack up your checking account. the powerball jackpot keeps growing! it has reached 359 million
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since september. the next drawing is tomorrow night. a fun fact about the lottery -- the biggest jackpot ?ever was earlier this year in january. you may remember.. the powerball jackpot climbed to a whopping one-point-six billion dollars. good news for people traveling out of town for thanksgiving... you won't have any through chicago's o-hare airport. but-- if you have a return flight through them... be prepared for a headache. we'll tell you why next. plus... the man arrested in an officer's death says he was angry when he opened fire. his motivation - for ambushing a san antonio police officer. break 1: 2:00break 2: 1:45
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welcome back... the time is 4:xx. a man arrested in the ambush shooting of a san antonio police detective says he did it because he was angry over a child custody battle. as "otis tyrone mckane" was led past reporters... he told them he quote "lashed out a somebody who didn't deserve it". officials say detective banjamin marconi was in his car on sunday... writing a ticket for someone else wh window and fired. the 50-year-old had been with the department for 20 years. officials say they gained a lot of information from the detective's dash cam video. "mckane" was arrested yesterday afternoon in a car driven by another woman. he's now facing capital murder. holiday travelers returning home after thanksgiving may be in for a headache. hundreds of workers at chicago o'hare international airport plan to walk off the job. yesterday... workers announced their strike will begin next
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mess up anyone's holiday plans. most of the employees are baggage handlers, cabin cleaners, janitors and wheelchair attendants. they're seeking union rights and 15-dollars per hour. chicago's aviation department says air traffic control and security screening will not be
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not a great night for the lightn the bolts just didn't get enough shots on goal and one goal wasn't going to get it done... we'll tell you why they're not too upset with
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is 4:xx. time for some morning sports...the lightning know they're not going to win them all... but they'll take 4 out of 5 any day. that's exactly what the bolts accomplished on thier 5-game trip and they return home in 2nd place in the atlantic division... just under 5 minutes into the game... the preds win the faceoff. viktor arvidsson is camping in front and beats bishop for the early lead. it stays that way until the second perioid.... the preds pick up a power play and ben bishop doesn't have time to
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slapshot... 2-nothing nashville. the preds keep up the pressure... a rough night for the lightning... vladislav namestnikov takes a shot head first into the boards... he comes up bloody and would later return. but this night belongs to the preadtors. they shutout the bolts 3-1... still lightning go 4-1 on the trip. and... the newest team in the national hockey league finally gets its ?name today. the las vegas-based franchise will have a formal ?name and logo unveiling tonight at "t-mobile arena." the team name came down to three finalists... "the silver knights" , "the desert knights" or the "golden
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and the "desert" appears to be the fan favorite. and because it's vegas, today's reveal has to be a spectacle. right before the annoucement, "cirque du soleil" will do a special show... right on the ice. this is the gators 4th stop on its sunshine state tour... the o'connell center's 65-million dollar makeover won't be finished until next month.... the gators feeling at home against belmont... deviro to open up the game.... the bruins came as close as 6- points, but it's all florida in the second half. canyon barry extends the gators lead to 9-points with his dad... former nba great rick barry watching. robinson drops the 3... as florida goes on another big run.... the
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have another check on your tuesday forecast. do you ever wonder what "travel tested tough" really means? we'll take a step into a lab where scientists are beating up your ?when you've got...? ?...nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!? ?nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!? here's pepto bismol!
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almost all of us have dealt with damaged luggage at some point... check out this video of bags being unloaded look carefully - that's just a handle... with no bag on it anymore! and then there's always bad
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suitcase last??? fox 13 consumer reporter sorboni banerjee gets inside access to the company that invented the rolling suitcase - to find out. nats - montage of bag abuse welcome to boot camp --- for bags!!! - can we head in? - yeah absolutely so this is where it happens? this is where we test everything travelpro lets us inside their quality control lab... (nats - montage - the outer area warehouse where they're really torturing the bags... ) simulating when the handlers are actually grabbing the bag tossing it and lifting it its where they push their luggage... to the limit... we have to make sure we test above normal usage to make sure the consumer doesn't have any issues rollerboards and spinners... do some "distance training" so wait these bags will be on the treadmill for 2 days? correct - 70 miles rolling that's way more than i would ever put inthen --- it's seeing how much the handles can... handle.nats and whether the bags can withstand... weather... including cold air a mile high... straight outta the freezer it's got frost on it bang ( bang ( you're looking for failures in the material any cracks what happened to this one? well that is one of the big things of the cold crack test in this case one of the wheels broke testers are looking for the material they use to last for 15 years of "normal use"00118j.mxf 00:14:44;03 we cut a piece we put it in the machine 00118j.mxf 00:14:08;15 and these wheels will rotate constantly for 200 cycles 00118j.mxf 00:15:25;08 so we compare against light they deliberately bring the bags 0010gx.mxf 00:12:30;24 we're hitting start and testing the zipper... to their breaking points - 0010gx.mxf 00:12:16;16 how many times do you zip unzip zip unzip 75 hundred times 75 hundred !0010gx.mxf 00:12:49;03 it simulates when your bag is really really full and it's actually pulling - who would ever overstuff a suitcase like that... travel pro wants their fabric to stretch to accomodate at least 60
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speaking"... if i were to you know... 0034mm.mxf 00:37:05;25 put my clothes in there my shoes in there my makeup in there some more shoes...003353.mxf 00:36:31;16 everything is pulling the two ends of your bagso 72 pounds we're good. good to know... asking for a friend. sorboni you're torturing more suitcases??? laughs we have to insure before production the bag is fine and will stand up to the rigors of normal use.and that's how the rigors of use... get rigorously tested - beating up bags... in an attempt to beat the
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travel pro tests samples from each batch of luggage before it's sent to production.. and then every 6 months after it's on the market. travel pro invented the rolling suitcase and they only have a one percent rate of return on
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still ahead in our next half hour: if you'd like to experience the thrill of free falling from a plane... without actually ?jumping out a plane... you're in luck-- a new indoor skydiving facility is opening today. plus... fox 13's shayla reaves is ?live in clearwater... where police may have a serial robber on their hands. stick with us-- we'll be right
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