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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  November 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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families are devastated, after a >>laura: families are devastated after a school bus crash leaves six dead and many more ho felony charge after a drunk driving arrest. now steve francis is also wanted in manatee county. >>laura: and caught on camera. a mysterious fire ball streaks across the night sky, and we found some possible explanations for last night's light show. >>dave: while tampa sits at auto degrees and i'll tell you i think only the airport is at 50 degrees unless you're right next to tampa bay itself, you're in
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the 30s like brandon at 37 and brooksville at 34. crystal river at 34. so you get all the temps in the 30s and 40s but the tremendous amount of dry air in the atmosphere and looks like temperatures today should get back in the mid 70s. >>vanessa: seven minutes. you're counting down. i don't blame you. it's 6:01 right now and we're o area in polk county. we're watching a crash, live look near the westbound rest area and according to fhp, the lanes are clear. from this camera angle, there might be a right lane blocked. otherwise, we're looking clear on the roads. >>russell: developing right now, police have arrested the driver of a horrific school bus crash in chattanooga, tennessee. six children were killed.
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vehicular homicide, wreckless endangerment and wreckless driving and more charges could be added. bus was found mangled around a tree and it was carrying 35 children at the time kindergarten through fifth grade. officials have not identified the students or who died or their ages. several students are still hospitalized. tennessee governor called the crash a tragic event and offered his assistance to the families and law enforcement. investigators believe the school bus driver was speeding around a hilly, >>russell: also this morning, the manhunt for a suspected gunman in the fatal shooting of a veteran texas police detective has ended with an arrest. >>laura: authorities say the suspect targeted the officer because of his uniform. common thread in a series of weekend shootings involving law enforcement. otis mccain is charged in the murder of maconi. he was riding in a car with a woman and a 2-year-old child
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police have not released their identities just yet but as he was taken to jail, he told reporters he was angry with the court system for not letting him see his son. despite the arrest, san antonio police chief says officers are still on edge. >> the fact that he's been taken into custody, does not negate the fact there are people out there still targeting police officers so our officers will always be vigilant and o for that. >>laura: he was a 20-year veteran with the department. his family has asked for privacy so they can mourn their loss. >>russell: in missouri a st. louis police sergeant was shot twice in the face as he sat in traffic. he survived and was released from the hospital yesterday. the gunman, 19-year-old george bush, iii, was killed in a shootout with police. investigateors believe that bush shot the sergeant because he was
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being recognized. >>laura: an officer is recovering. the officer had just pulled over a car when a passenger darted out of the vehicle and after a short chase, shots were fired. both the officer and the suspect were hit. the gunman died. the officer has bnt released from the hospital. >>russell: in florida authorities arrested a man who shot and wounded a police officer in sanibel. the officer was parked by the road filling out paperwork during a traffic stop when he was shot in the shoulder. the suspect, john ha wounded during a shootout with police. >>laura: and law enforcement officials say there's been an alarming spike in ambush style attacks. 60 officers, including the police detective, were shot to death on the job this year alone. compared to 41 in all of 2015. >>russell: of the 60, 20 were purposely targeted by their killer. and in light of the recent shootings, attorney general loretta lynch writes,
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especially dangerous year for police officers. with the significant increase in the number of officers killed in the line of duty since january 1. as attorney general, i regard this increase with the utmost seriousness and the department of justice is working closely with our partners in the field to improve officer safety and resilience. in the days ahead, department of justice will continue to assist state and local law enforcement officers in any way that we can to reduce the frequency and deadliness of these incidents. >>laura: it is 6:05 now and clearwater police may have a serial robber on their hands after three gas stations were robbed in two days. >>russell: and shayla reaves is live at the scene of the latest robbery and police say he's getting bolder, right? >>reporter: yeah. good morning to you. clearwater police are investigating whether or not a robbery who targeted a 7-eleven on drew street is linked to two other robberies monday. right now you're looking at
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crime scene technicians took pictures and collected evidence. this all started around 2:00 in the morning. they received a 911 call and officers responded to the business location. they say the investigation revealed a crook entered the building, demanded money and implied he had a weapon before grabbing cash from the drawer. the robber took off in a car parked nearby. police want to find out if the case is connected to a authorities released these images from a speedway targeted on dry -- drew street. the man and car could be linked. they want to find out if the pair are linked to another robbery on state road 590 hours later. clearwater police worked during the overnight hours with the pinellas county sheriff's office. both agencies searching by air and by ground looking for any clues that can help track down
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7-eleven robbery earlier this morning. so far, we have only a description of that person described by clearwater police as a man believed to be between 5' 9" wearing a red ron john sweatshirt, jeans and gray gloves. if you have any information about the person responsible for this crime, you're certainly urged to give the clearwater police a call. guys, back to you. >>laura: shayla reaves, thank stabbed, beaten and starved in the woods is responding well to treatment. she likely saved her own life by escaping a life of abuse. she was found by strangers in the woods of dundee about a mile from her home. she was cut, bruised and malnourished. she told deputies she had been beaten several months and had not been allowed to take a bath or use the rest room since last march.
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life of misery. 33-year-old melissa peters and 45-year-old chris peters. >> she'd been beaten, she had these huge, open, gaping wounds on the top of her feet. she had a broke shoulder and she had a stab wound in her other shoulder. do you know they had the nerve to tell us that the 17-year-old child did it to not released the couple's relationship to the teen. they're being held in the polk county jail. deputies say there was also a 15-year-old boy living at the home at the time who was not abused. judd said the girl weighed just 86 pounds when they found her. she's already gained 11 pound back because she's eating again. she still needs several surgeries, though. judd said she would not have survived much longer if she had not escaped. >>russell: steve francis is
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driving over the weekend. new this morning, we learned he's also wanted for burglary in manatee county. on saturday, francis was pulled over in harris county, texas for speeding. according to the report, deputy smelled alcohol and francis was belligerent so more deputies were called. francis was arrested. he's accused of threatening law enforcement. the former orlando magic and houston rockets player was wearing a $1 million gold chain when he was taken into officers also found 21 grams of marijuana. francis will face those charges on wednesday but there's still more to the story. he's also wanted for burglary in manatee county. in june, turned himself in to bradenton police after taking $7,000 in cash and jewelry from an unlocked car. authorities didn't have a report of any crimes so francis was free. now there's an active warrant out for his arrest and he could face extradition.
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santa. the department is cracking down on crime at malls. from today through january 1, expect to see more officers patrolling mall parking lots and shopping areas. according to the national association for shoplifting prevention, more than $35 million in goods is stolen each day during the holiday season. retailers say that shoplifting adds to a store security expenses, costing customers more in the end. officer roadway from the tampa join us for traffic tip tuesday and he has a list of tips to stay safe while out shopping. >>russell: maybe it was a test flight. apparently, maybe santa spotted overnight. we received a lot of calls about unidentified flying object over tampa bay. >>laura: we got new video of a massive fire ball racing across
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shows a utah state trooper driving state at a driver. what he did to save a lot of lives, including his own. >>dave: a beautiful, yet quite chilly tuesday morning. the temperatures are ranging from 34 degrees in citrus and hernando county, winter haven, some spots have gotten back into the upper 30s. brandon in the upper 30s. upper 40s for bradenton, for sarasota. 24-hour temperature change may be positive but you'll need the jackets for a few more hours today and then we'll carry them home with a high of 75. tomorrow even warmer with a dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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be noisy. be silent.
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be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. new this morning, we've received several reports >>russell: laura? we have several reports coming in of a bright object in the sky. if we pause it, you can see a big red fire ball at the end of the video. a lot of other people saw it, too. the american meteor society has gotten dozens of reports from
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west palm beach area. i just saw the biggest asteroid fly down like a fire ball in the longboat key area. jason caught a glimpse driving south on 275 in tampa. and listen to this. mark wilson, yeah, that one, caught a glimpse of it. says he spotted it crossing the howard frankland bridge, described it as amazingly bright. now, one here is a satellite launch on saturday so it could be some debris from that. we're hoping that nasa can step in and clear some of this noise out. but something was out there. >>laura: you have to fire up the rocket boosters, make sure you're ready for that big time delivery. santa test flight. >>russell: there could always be that. he has the new gp s going on. >>dave: i'm going to go no on
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>>russell: he's fast. that could be the trail. >>dave: okay. okay. well -- >>russell: here we are. >>dave: 50 degrees this morning. i'm looking at the temperatures and thinking, wow. it seems colder than yesterday but it's not. it's actually warmer than yesterday. sun city center in the 60s yesterday in the lower 40s. brandon at 34. 34 34 is a popular number. 44 in englewood to north port, upper 30s around bartow to upper 40s in frost proof. grab your jackets. whatever you do to keep yourself warm, yesterday morning, do the same thing again today. maybe tomorrow as well. and then we'll scour out the cold air. these dew points, it's
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temperatures to plummet when the sun goes down. of course, on the opposite side, it warm us up quickly as well and i think after today, we'll see an increase in this number and in turn, you get more moisture back in the atmosphere. no rain, just a little moisture. it's dry. you're going from a whole southeast, mid levels of the atmosphere so we're going to have another one of those just stunningly beautiful days, that wall to wall sunshine which we had yesterday happening again today and dominating weather, really for the next several days, going right through thanksgiving, going right into friday as well. now, later in the weekend, we may, as this front comes sliding through, catch just a few degrees colder weather as we go late in the weekend into the beginning of next week. but that's really the only change that we have in our seven-day forecast. it's going to be relatively quiet and i know what you were thinking.
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have been thanksgiving with the cooler air. now, it's going to warm back up ad i think many of us touch 80 for thanksgiving afternoon. today, 75 degrees. sunshine, pleasant sunrise at 6:56. clear skies tonight, not as cold. i think there will be a big difference tonight versus this morning in the temperatures. we're still a few degrees cooler this morning. bigger difference tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon with sunshine, we'll squeeze it back up to around 78 boaters, light chop for you on our coastal waters with that northeast wind around 10 knots and a high tide at 8:17. next seven days, there's two days of 80-degree temperatures, thursday and friday. then we cool down a little bit sunday and monday, back to the mid 70s. vanessa? >>vanessa: looks good, dave. thank you. 6:18 and we want to touch on something that's now brewing in the sarasota county area to be more specific, north port. a new crash that's reported
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a little bit south of river road. hearing a possible lane blockage, mostly due to debris in the roadway so please be careful as you pass on by. of course, you don't want to drive over any of that debris and you want to be careful for any emergency crews out there. good news here on i-4, polk county, we have a crash in the last report. westbound direction near the westbound rest area, looks like that's completely cleared and we're not seeing any slowdowns in the area. powerful earthquake off the coast of japan. skwak struck near the fukushima power plant. geologists say what happened yesterday was actually an offshock from that quake. >>russell: dramatic dash cam video from utah shows a state trooper speeding toward a wrong way driver. he does just what he's trained to do. he puts himself in harm's way to
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the car, causing it to spin out. neither he nor the driver of the other vehicle were hurt. >>russell: brooklyn man has been arrested for a plot against times square. he tried to join isis at least five times. however, he had trouble going into isis controlled areas. he was caught on wiretaps discussing ways to stage a similar attack >>russell: and donald trump released a video to discuss some specifics like his energy plan. >> on energy, i will cancel job killing restrictions on the production of american energy, including shale energy and clean coal, creating many millions of high paying jobs. that's what we want. that's what we've been waiting for. >>russell: during this three minute video, the president elect does not mention one of
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obamacare on his first day of office. he does promise that work on the wall between the u.s. and mexico would start day one. >>laura: coming up, how a company in japan is already profiting from trump's presidency. >>russell: and why is the letter m crossed out of all of these signs? we've got the answer to this mystery coming up in the hot clicks. >> you want wonderful, crisp vegetables. >> can body does?p>> lean protein, fre. >> a fitness program is hoping to change how people work out. >> nice, fast feet. >> it's a lifestyle. >> mind over fatter tonight at
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get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen
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it's time to see what's clicking on >>russell: let's see what's clicking on the web. >>jennifer: he was scolding me during the break. that's what you didn't see. >>laura: that's one word for it. take it over.
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right now there may be no rivalry bigger than the one between number two ranked ohio state and number three michigan. it has gotten so bitter, ohio state has banned the letter m from the campus completely. take a look. this is create. the buckeyes shared these pictures on twitter from street signs to campus monuments, class notices. this is crazy. students are finding red tape covering up the first letter in michigan. >>russell: i think this is >>jennifer: ohio state has beaten the wolverines four consecutive times. they hope that will finally lead to victory. well, it looks like they missed one. find it. see it? check out the tweet from the football team. they forgot the m in from. also kind of impossible to get rid of the m in a.m.
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in columbus. i should warn you about this one. a company in japan is making serious cash thanks to presidential election here in the u.s. it's the only place in japan that makes rubber masks of the president elect donald trump. there are so many. they've been flying off the shelves since trump's victory. they're trying to make 350 masks a day to keep up with the surge in demand. why are people buying masks of each of them costs about $22. the factory also produces masks of hillary clinton, president obama as well as japanese politicians and celebrities. coming soon, russell rhodes and laura moody masks. up close encounter with a dolphin. mark is the owner of adventures in st. pete and he captured this video over the weekend. you can see the dolphin. it comes straight up to the
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mouth as if it's begging for food. very interesting. while it's a cute video, some critics say it's bad behavior and it's a reminder to the public to not feed wildlife. >>russell: good point. >>laura: cold weather is here. have you been outside yet? it's bringing with it the flu. >>russell: kenny will explain why health officials say you should get the flu shot before thanksgiving. an watch as a teenager punches, kicks and stands on a very
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((russell 2shot) good morning, i;m russell rhodes.
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forecast. >>laura: good morning. grab your jackets, folks. dave has a look at the chilly forecast. >>dave: i would show you how beautiful it is this morning but like yesterday, all of a sudden temperatures are back in the 30s and 40s. now don't get too excited when you see the 50 in tampa. most areas are colder than that. 41 over in lakeland overlooking lake mirror. stunning up beautiful start to the day and it will finish just as pretty as well. we have temperatures climbing stdi high temps later today. vanessa? >>vanessa: all right. thank you. and we're going to check out eastern hillsborough county. i-4. this is the camera west of thonotosassa. it's starting to pick up particularly in the westbound direction as we usually see this time of morning, but our drive times look good along i-4 as well as these interstates. northbound 275, stretch over the howard frankland only taking six minutes. that's ideal. southbound 75 looks good heading
6:32 am
pasco. five minutes it should take you to get from the 275 junction near the hillsborough-pasco line heading to state road 54. >>russell: search continues for a serial robber in clearwater. the man in the pictures targeted three gas stations, they hope that somebody can help identify them. investigators think he could be linked to a fourth robbery in pinellas county. police believes he drives a if you recognize him or the car, call clearwater police. >>laura: st. petersburg police arrested a teen accused of breaking into a parking garage and costing $80,000 in damage. police say that dovan franklin broke into the garage and smashed his way into two cars. they say he also damaged two expensive cars parked nearby. detectives say this surveillance
6:33 am
>>russell: a cable truck driver accidentally opened up in a large hole in orlando. the back of the truck was almost completely submerged. water continued to pour out of the ground for hours. >>laura: two visitors from argentina were arrested after trying to pass off counterfeit 100s and 50s at disney world. a lot of money changes hands and that's why the secret service is telling visitors to take a close change. they say you should store it in a ziploc bag and fill out a form on the website immediately. >>russell: you do not want your special family time stolen by the flu. get the shot and get it now. >>laura: it's not too late. ken is live for us in tampa on why you might want to get the flu shot the next few days. >>reporter: it's thanksgiving and after that, christmas,
6:34 am
socialize more this time of year. if any of those people have the flu that you're hugging and kissing and socializing with, there's a good possibility you could catch it. the answer is simple how to tip the odds in your favor, not to get the flu and that's to get a shot. experts are saying this is a really good time of year to get a flu shot because it's just the beginning of the flu season so it hasn't kicked into high gear yet. last year the height of the flu season was in early january. to go on and on forever. starts now and can go to march and sometimes all the way to may. the cdc recommends that everyone over six months of age get a flu shot, especially people in high risk groups such as pregnant women, the elderly and anyone with a chronic condition. they say it's better to get a shot than use a nasal spray that was popular at one point. the nasal expressway is not as effective as the flu shot itself. even if you get the flu shot,
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they're talking between 40% and 60% effectiveness. if you get it, you're certainly tips the odds in your favor but that doesn't mean you're not going to get it. if you do get it, you know it's miserable to go through and it could be very dangerous. get this. up to 49,000 people in one year died from getting the flu. it's about $25, a little time out of your schedule but it is certainly worth making that effort, at least to avoid the that you all know about and certainly to prevent something like hospitalization or even worse than that. go do it now. >>laura: thank you. >>reporter: from dr. ken. see ya. >>russell: see you later. 6:35 right now. more than 2 1/2 million floridians expected to travel over 50 miles this week for thanksgiving. that's a 5% increase from last year. aaa urging drivers to get their
6:36 am
the road. dead batteries and flat tires strand more people than anything else. two of the most popular destinations for thanksgiving are in florida. they are orlando number four, fort lauderdale at number eight. top spot, vegas. >>laura: 13 families have asked the pinellas park fire department for help putting turkeys on the table this thanksgiving and the fire department is stepping up in a big way. this morning, firefighters and their families will go shopping at publix for turkey and all the homes of each of the families. in the next hour we'll join the firefighters as they prepare to make the holidays a little happier for these families. how about that? >>russell: when the weather starts getting chilly, you know what happens. we bundle up and then the manatees go to apollo beach to get warm. >>laura: they snuggle there. we spotted hundreds of them. we'll show you them snuggling together next. and then gray hair? don't care. a mature woman turns herself in for a bank robbery in st.
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take a look at this ... hundreds of >>dave: take a look at this. hundreds of manatees snuggling together at teco's manatee viewing center in large crowd showed up to watch them enjoy the warmer waters. any time there's a cold night and the temps drop, the manatees gather together in warmer waters given off by the power plant. if you have never been down there to see this, you have to just stop. it's so cool. it's so nice to see. beautiful, beautiful, docile creatures all hanging out,
6:41 am
in a while, snuggling. that's the scene. it's beautiful this morning. it's gorgeous this morning. it's cold again this morning. we have temperatures really for the most part in the 40s. we have some 30s, scattered 30s around there and one or two temps in the 30s but again, that's few and far between so even pinellas park, once you get away from the immediate water and parts of probably south tampa, maybe close to 50 because you're next there. 46 palm harbor, 44 in west chase, 42 in new tampa. i got mid 30s in brooksville, inverness, freezing for the second morning in a row and crystal river, mid to upper 40s, bradenton, sarasota and venice, wow. upper 30s in bartow. low to mid 40s from lakeland to haines city. cold stuff. dew points are big time low again. over the course of the next
6:42 am
to go up. they're going to get back in the 50s and modified. once that happens, overnight lows are going to go up. so this is hopefully the last morning for the really chilly air and tomorrow will be somewhat chilly. how does that sound? that makes me hungry. i keep saying chilly. drier air not only at the surface but aloft. gorgeous sunrise, still 10, 15 minutes away from that but it will be pretty and we have the quick cooldown morning which will rebound immediately right back up, i think in the mid 70s for high temperatures for today. we're not going to change things much. going through thanksgiving, blue black friday, once we get into saturday, there's a front coming into the area. it's not a big front but it will cool us down for sunday into monday. now, there are some hints that next week, middle of next week, we may see some decent rain.
6:43 am
southeast. i'm crossing my fingers for that. i don't think people realize that even though november is dry, we still only had .01 inch of rain. we'll get through the holiday weekend good and maybe next week bring in some rain. i know it's eight or nine days out but again, just trying to think ahead. 75 for the high temperature today. sunrise at 6:57. tonight clear skies, not as cold. now, tampa may be at 59 but i'll the upper 40s and then mostly sunny and seasonable tomorrow with a high temperature around 78 degrees. boaters, northeast winds 10 knots, seas two feet, light chop, can't complain about that. next seven days, temperatures on the map for thursday and friday and then 77 for saturday and mid 70s for sunday and monday. vanessa? >>vanessa: let's check the roads. 6:43. in case you missed it from previous hours, we're watching
6:44 am
reported brush fire. possibility of some smoke in the area so if you have any visibility concerns, make sure you're slowing it down. look here at the veterans expressway. still yet to see any congestion here. speeds in the southbound direction are nice. 16 miles an hour just south of gunn highway and overall taking 11 minutes either way you're going on the vets. all right. ladies and gentlemen, i need your attention. i've just been handed this urgent and wonderful news story pay attention. happy birthday, charley. >>jennifer: charley belcher! happy birthday. >>vanessa: we're all standing by. >>charley: don't do that to an old guy. you're scaring me. thank you very much. thank you. thank you. i thought maybe we would just go and not mention that today. >>vanessa: you thought wrong.
6:45 am
>>vanessa: the book of faces told everybody. >>charley: speaking of today in history, speaking of today in history, it was wednesday, november 22, 1995, 1995, vanessa, disney released its first featured length film. it was the first time it ever completely used computer generated imagery in a name that film. >>vanessa: 95 he said, russell. >>russell: beauty and the beast. >>vanessa: toy story? >>charley: you got it. ding, ding, ding. >>vanessa: i got it? >>charley: yes. >>vanessa: yay. >>charley: toy story and i share a birthday. 1995. yeah. i'm a little older than that.
6:46 am
i didn't remember that until i saw the today in history. and 1995, gosh, i would have thought -- i think i would have thought toy story was even older than that. i don't know where i would have thought. last night my daughter said, daddy, what's your favorite pixar movie? i said toy story. well, no. monsters, inc. oh, finding nemo and basically i listed all of the pixar movies. >>vanessa: they're all good. >>charley: i think i love all of them. some of the didn't like finding dory as much as finding nemo. >>vanessa: i haven't seen that one. i've seen the original. just not dory. >>charley: and monsters university not as good as monsters, inc. thank you for birthday wishes. november 22, 1969, my poor mother. i pained her on that day and most every day since. so thank you, mom. and dad, of course, for your
6:47 am
there you go. >>vanessa: ahhh! >>charley: thank you, mom and dad. thank you, world. here i am, another year older and having a good day. and speaking of celebrating, all right. vanessa. you got pie on your menu for thanksgiving day? are you going to make it? >>vanessa: yes. ooek. long story short is we're going to different relatives' house throughout the day but for one occasion i will be bringing -- i think i'm going to make a chocolate pumpkin pie. i haven't decided completely how i' think it's going to happen. >>charley: we knew that this week, pie was going to be on the menu for a lot of thanksgiving meals so we thought, gosh, where do we want to go and talk about pie making? how about mike's pies? there may be no more famous pie maker in the tampa bay area than mike. this is a wonderful story of the american dream of never quite knowing where life is going to take you and following your passion. it all started because mike was too impatient to wait for his
6:48 am
cobbler one year so he made it himself. now it is sold nationwide in restaurants, grocery stores. a huge factory here in tampa. not too late, by the way, to stop by and pick up one for thanksgiving day. yu can start thinking about christmas for special orders but you can stop by the place here off waters. wait until i tell you about this story. you'll meet mike and talk about th making. and cakes and cookies and brownies and it's going to be a sweet, good day, tampa bay. >>vanessa: hopefully a birthday treat in there. >>charley: i didn't tell him it's my birthday. >>vanessa: we'll fix that. >>laura: the new florida legislature meets for the first time today. statehouse and senate are installing new leaders, tooshgs in the house. both leaders are from the tampa bay area.
6:49 am
speaker. senior citizen walked into the st. petersburg police department and said she was wanted for a crime and when the officers asked which crime, she told them to look it up. he did. 65-year-old janice wood was promptly arrested for robbing a bank earlier this month. surveillance video showed her walking in, wearing a wig with long black hair. she news and wanted to turn herself in. buccaneers offensive line is teaming up with publix and coca-cola to provide meals for hundreds of families. each family will get a 12 pound turkey and all the fixings, give away starts at 5:30 tonight at one buc place. >>russell: holiday travellers can breathe a sigh of relief. why airport workers in chicago are putting a planned strike on hold.
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decadent. wait until you find out who sells these hey! is this enough? a little more...
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there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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holiday travel >>laura: welcome back. holiday travel is filled with frustration. web that.
6:53 am
busiest airports almost made it worse for nearly two million passengers who will fly through chicago. >>russell: a bit of reprieve. let's get to lauren simonetti to talk about that. they're still doing it, right? >> they're still doing it. if you're taking an extended vacation, meaning coming back to tuesday, the 29th, good luck because about 500 chicago o'hare airport workers walking out of the job. they want higher pay. they're not alone. they're going to be joined by mcdonalds workers and other fast food workers and airport workers in over 340 cities across the u.s. they're all pushing for 15 bucks an hour. they're hoping to get it. we'll see. >>laura: they want attention. >>russell: that will do it. >>laura: that will get it every time. let's talk about the gift for the woman who has everything is how we billed it.
6:54 am
this is absolutely ridiculous. or beautiful. you be the judge. >> i'll go with the former, ridiculous. cheetos fine jewelry. earrings and ring are made by cheetohs as in the snack chip. orange sapphires, 18 karat gold sold together for $2 >> yeah. what are you calling it? what did you say? >>laura: it's a set. at least you get the set. >> yes. the set for $20,000. i thought you were trying to make cheetos sound more like cheetos. >>russell: how many are they -- did they make? do we know? >> one. we hear just one.
6:55 am
that thinks this is beautiful -- >>laura: or who leaves cheetahs, right? >> something for everybody. >>laura: that's exactly right. >>russell: this morning we ask, do you feel you can fly? >>laura: today the area's only indoor sky diving operation opens in tampa. what a sight this is to see. walteral ebb -- walter allen is this is the newest addition. >>walter: tell me something, russell and laura. has the lamb stopped screaming yet? >>laura: is that your anthony hopkin? where are you? >>walter: i'm behind the glass. >>russell: i'm sorry. i'm sorry. it took me a second to figure out what you were doing.
6:56 am
>>walter: yeah. well, dealing with that character or sky diving, you know, it's deadly either way. okay. i'm at ifly. if you don't want to jump out of an airplane, you can come here and it's just as fun and it's safer. ifli, it is in the brandon area. you hit on it earlier. here in the brandon area so now you can buy your fishing poles at bass pro balls at top golf and now you can simulate jumping out of an airplane. we'll be here all morning. we have the pros that will show us how they do what they do in there. we'll talk about how this place is designed. it's really interesting how they get the wind as powerful as they do to get you to float and simulate sky diving. we'll be here all morning. it will be fun. >>russell: neat. put your hand on the glass and say it. put your hand up on the glass. >>walter: oh, yeah.
6:57 am
i have been and shall always be your friend. >>russell: sorry. that's it. thank you. we're done. all right. ahead in the -- wait the next hour of "good day," a school bus tragedy up north. we're expecting a live update from tennessee. terrible story at the top of the hour. >>laura: and then danger driving this holiday season and the problem is where you're parked. how to stay safe while you shop and our traffic tip tuesday. hey, dave. 20 seconds ago, look how pretty it looks over lake mirror. it's cold. we have the 41-degree start in the lakeland area. temperatures this afternoon should get back up into the mid 70s and then slightly above normal from there on out through the rest of the week. look at the 80-degree high temperature in the forecast for thanksgiving, for black friday, back to the upper 70s for saturday. stick around. 7:00 hour of "good day" starts
6:58 am
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7:00 am
((russell / ahead this hour: a robber... on the run. and police say he could be behind a ?string of crimes. >>russell: a ronner on the run. he could be behind a string of crimes. >>laura: a school bus flips over, killing children and police are now calling it a crimin most secure city in the country this thanksgiving and it's right here in florida. where donald trump is heading today to celebrate the holiday. welcome to "good day." i'm russell rhodes. >>laura: and i'm laura moody. it's tuesday, november 22. we'll start with a check on the chilly forecast with dave osterberg. >>dave: top 'o the morning. it's cold to the north. 34 in brooksville, 44 in leesburg and 42 in wesley chapel. you have this real cold start. let me tell you, the sun just


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