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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 430AM  FOX  November 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the holiday travel season... hits its ?peak today. this is one of the ?busiest travel days of the year. especially in the ?air. fox 13's shayla reaves joins us now from tampa
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today... but it looks like
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a trip to the a-t-m turned extremely dangerous for a man in osceola county. a group of thieves ?shot him. surveillance video shows how the scary scene played out. the man's white s-u-v was parked by the a-t-m. then.. out of no where.. two men run up with a gun! police say they asked him to get out of the car.. instead, he hit the gas!
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this all happened last week. the men are still on the run. florida memorial university will reopen today in miami... a day after the campus went into lockdown because of a shooting. a man was shot outside the front gate... causing the campus and nearby st. thomas university to go on alert. the man was shot in the leg and taken to a miami hospital. no word on his condition. the lockdown was lifted around 1 p-m. no arrests have been made in the shooting. st. pete police are looking for a very ?revealing pick-pocket. the shocking part wasn't ?how she stole the money... it was where she ?put it. surveillance video from the "south side food mart" last saturday shows a woman stealing 50-dollars from a man's pocket right by the front counter. when the man confronts her about it... there's a small argument... and then this happens: the woman lifts up her dress and stuffs the cash in her underwear. we spoke to the man who got robbed... and he was pretty shocked by the
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police hope someone recognizes the woman in the video. they say she's in her late 20's... early 30's. she got away on a bicycle. if you know anything, give st. pete police a call. a victory in the fight against zika in florida. the infection area in south florida, appears to be ?shrinking. governor sc miami beach tuesday to make the announcement. he says a three mile area of the city is now considered free of zika transmissions. the department of health believes zika is now only spreading in the ?southern part of miami beach and the little river area. pregnant women are still being advised to stay away from those areas. and the state added ?ten new travel-related cases on tuesday. the current total of zika cases in florida is
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the new and improved "planet hollywood observatory" at disney springs, may be open ?soon.. management hopes to have the restaurant open by mid-to late decemeber... just in time for the holidays.. the 22 year old themed restaurant is currently undergoing a major re-model.. crews are replacing the iconic blue and green globe, with an observatory.. hopeful customers can make reservations for january 3rd... even though the restaurant has not released an ?official opening date... this is your last day to get a free ride... across tampa bay. the cross-bay ferry has been "testing the free. normally it's ten dollars each way. the boat travels from the tampa convention center to the vinoy basin in st. pete. it leaves st. pete at seven this morning... and its first departure from ?tampa is at 9- 30. you can only get tickets in ?person, and it's a first come basis. later this morning... you can see an amazing sight sail into tampa bay. the "tall ship lynx" is arriving in st. pete... to dock at it's winter
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the ship is expected to sail under the skyway bridge around ten this morning, before docking at the vinoy basin. the marina will even give the boat a four gun salute. they will open it up to
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another brush fire burning in the bay aa. up next... the major store, that's not far away. plus... why the state is warning that ?more wildfires... could be on the way. when good day continues.
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a busy night for hillsborough county firefighters. there were out battling a small brush fire in the riverview area. it's been burning behind the publix on mcmullen road. but they say no buildings are in danger. it's still not clear what started it. but there's a good chance the fire was sparked... by ?dry conditions. the florida forest service just issued a "fire danger" warning, for the entire state... because of those dry
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the most at ?risk counties. purple is the ?highest... and that includes pinellas and manatee. ?red is the second highest, and that includes hernando, pasco,
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"don't you know who i am?" after the break: who i am?" "don't you know "don't you know who i am?" after the break: the major celebrity who ?couldn't get past white house security... because she forgot her i-d! plus: disney's latest animated adventure is in theaters ?today! and we'll tell you why ?this princess... is already marking a
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the time is now 4xxx. and here's a look at the top trending stories from overnight. thanksgiving is almost here... and that means a big week... at the box office. several big new holiday releases are hitting theaters today. and we can ?already predict... the week's number one film: it's the newest disney animated adventure... "mo- ahh-na" . it features disney's ?first polynesian princess. and dwyane "the
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"maui." it even features music from "lin-manuel miranda"... the guy who created "hamilton." disney already has the top ?four highest grossing films in the world this year... and this could be number five. and now... to an amazing honor for a few dozen famous americans. they recieved the "presidential medal of freedom" but one of the recipients almost ?missed the ceremony. that's because the white house wouldn't let her in! ellen degeneres twee afternoon... of her sitting ?outside on a bench. she apparently forgot her i-d... so she couldn't get through the secret service security check. she even added the hashtag: "not joking." and ellen ?did eventually get in. and right before the ceremony, she even got all her fellow honorees to pose for what could be the most ?star-studded "mannequin challenge" ?ever. pretty much everyone in the room... world famous. from robert deniro and bruce
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and now... it's time to talk about the finale... of "dancing with the stars." and dont worry... if you still haven't watched, no spoilers here. just a highlight from one of the ?performances... featuring a ?very unlikely duo: yup... thats vanilla ice...and former texas governor rick perry! they were both ?contestants on the show this season. and
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from the classroom... to the comedy club. after the break: we'll hear from the "funniest teacher in the country". and he works right here... in the bay area. plus... before you head outside: dave joins us after the break, with another
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job, just fly down to sarasota. they're holding a hiring event at the sarasota international airport. the company "g-a-t airline ground support" is looking to fill positions for ramp agents and wheelchair agents. it runs from 8-30 this morning until four this afternoon. it's at the dan mcclure auditorium. today in clearwater... one non-profit group will be helping out another. "habitat for humanity pinellas" will be at the "?humane society of pinellas" habitat will help the animal center with much-needed
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where they help another non- profit. this is actually vided of habitat workers taking a ?break from all the work earlier this week... doing the mannequin challenge, at another construction site. and... you can start burning off that thanksgiving dinner... even ?before you eat it. the "total body results" fitness boot camp is holding free workouts... today through saturday. they call it their "turkey busting workouts." just one can of food to donate to charity. the workouts start at six a-m today. they take place at north redington shores public beach... and seminole city
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and... you can see "america's funniest teacher" tonight in pinellas county. it's "mike rivera" , a seventh grade civics teacher from osceola middle school in largo. he's performing at coconuts comedy club on st. pete beach. it starts at 9-
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((//2shot)) toss to dave... ((vanessa tossback... coming up in the 5 o'clock hour of good day tampa bay: how some tampa residents are ?cashing in... on college football's biggest game. and you might be able to join them... depending on ?where you live.
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it's their first week home with their new baby. but instead of waking up to cries... they woke up to their house on fire. how a neighbor saved the day. the airport - leave early! construction at the airport could make for a slow travel day. and: talking turkey.. why you shouldn't wash the bird before cooking.. and - how long those leftovers are ?really good for... good morning and welcome to good day tampa bay at 5. it's wednesday november 23. i'm walter allen and i'm


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