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tv   Fox 13 News  FOX  November 23, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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>> the bolts seem rather uneffected by losing players to injury. sure, they don't like they still win games. without boyle around brown, and the bolts shut them out on saturday, and the bolts got on the boards first, on the power play, victor hedman with three seconds to share, 44 power plays all of last year, and they take
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did not do, they turn the firepower up to 11. and we are tied at 2 but not for long, because seconds later here comes callahan. and it's 3-2 building and for good measure, five minutes later, ci kucherov looking for s tenth and he gets home, and the bucs will still practice tomorrow as they get set to face up against one of the best teams in football. but a pretty good vibe over at one buc. they have a lot to be thankful for, and on the collective mind
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and making raymond james a honestal environmnt for the visiting team. and don't say play-offs yet. >> yeah, again, you were right the first time, i don't want to talk about it. i want to feel a seattle seahawk type of intensity but it's going to make the most intensive we've got to face off against them on sunday. >> and it a.m., and fox coverage at 11:00 and then the kickoff from remains at 4:00. and how about our thanksgiving weekend. a lot of great games on fox 13. starting at 4:00 it's the redskins and the cowboys. and then the apple cup between washington and washington state
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on into the final four as we bear down on the last couple of weeks of the season, and then utah and colorado both of those teams ranked and so some good football heading your way. and i think i know what you are going to be doing. >> a side dish of gravy. >> and good day starts at a different time, 5:00 a.m. on from all of us here, have a great thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving! i love publix digital coupons... i signed up for them at and i just clip them like this...
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how 'bout you?
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and here we go. happy thanksgiving and happy thanksgiving to you. and we have hillary clinton asking those to call off her recount because they found evidence that the vote totals could have been hacked. >> and frustrated because the popular vote is up to 2 million votes. >> but i wonder how historics explain all this. >> funny you should ask because we have a tell-tail story regarding that.
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>> hillary clinton had fought her battles for nearly 25 years. she fought fire for the rose lawfirm but a loyalist always counted with excellent precision. >> but from the spring of 2016, her enemies striked for all angles. >> it's going to be messy. democracy is not always nice and quiet and gentle. >> bernard sanders was a small general and rose to the democratic insurrection. >> it's time for brother bernie to be heard. dr. cornell west.
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demanded power, many asked for the e-mails to be explained. >> i'm sorry about that. >> her adversaries rose up. >> candidate just because she's a woman. >> you go to the doctor when you need to go to the doctor. >> just as sanders prepared his march to philadelphia, the super delegates swooped in and declared that the war is over. >> it's our party and we'll do
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determine our future. >> p.s. trump, stop calling me pacahontes. >> we put together a series on these videos. just click on money, power, and politics. >> and you can click on state of money and politics. >> and that includes of a federal drug program you may not believe. >> yeah, we're talking about the same federal government that bans marijuana. >> when you stroll down the week. you'll notice the sailboat on
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>> she smokes about 10 joints a day. >> who is your dealer? >> uncle sam is my dealer. >> they've send elvy mashika. >> the epitomy of >> i would guess that i'm up to 235,000. >> the feds have sent him a ton of marijuana for years. >> marijuana is probably the
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united states. >> the united states federal government has been supplying me 10 joints a day and arresting people for the same thing that i'm smoking. >> and trafficking it will get you send to prison for 20 years. >> let me put it this way. and it's mine. >> and marissa has moved over to the kitchen table for discussion. she's going to give us a special password that at nthe others ca hear and we're going to have to talk politics.
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>> ambrosia. >> they're not saying it but we kow the promises. >> there's a bunch of politics like some kind of ambrosia and you don't know what is going to happen. >> gobble, gobble. >> and obamacare turns up his gobble, gobble, >> apalachian state. >> the democrats are so unmatched in washington and it's just like they're playing apalacian state. >> and they put it up but they just can't get very far. >> dinosaur.
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they're going to just -- >> it's going to be like crancra cranberry sauce. >> yo, yo. >> and trump is like yo, yo, yo. >> and here we go >> jeb bush thought he had this and he thought he was going to grow this bush garden but ended up with this bush mountain. >> mashed potatoes. >> maybe in the senate and they can hold things up. >> democrats are like mashed potatoes. >> they were mashed in the
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were spuds and they thought they were going to come together. >> pepe mcturkey. >> we all pulled into cafe mcturkey and we pulled in. >> do we all win? >> wa-hoo, turkeys for everyone. not as easy as it looks.
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okay, well a few years ago, charli found out a story about a woman who needed help and she would not take no for an answer. >> and we want to show you what happened next. ? well, i'm feeling down and put out, i like to drive through the city's neighborhood. it lands a special sperspective. >> so i came through a crumbling house and a woman named annie lived there. we did a story about her a few years ago.
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happens. >> i heard noises but i did the best i could. i told you i prayed. and that's all i could do is pray. annie was a recluse, a shut-in. i wondered what became of the old girl. >> it's been three years. >> she's still living there. she has heat, water, and light. there's not too much more. ? you might remember herald too, annie's neighborhood for
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but she is a human being. along with your help, herald got a annie and her water. >> and he cleaned out her gutters. that's called >> i was always worried that she locked herself in there and could not get out. >> annie, are you in there? >> she's here. >> i was worried for a second. >> so was i.
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happier. >> yeah, i just had a shot of liquor. >> what are those, hats. >> yes, i turned them into boots to keep my feet warm. >> my bed is now nice and warm and i hate to get up in the morning. >> do you want to say thank you to all the people who helped you. >> a lot of people helped me help you. >> like wh labor and did a lot of dirfferet things. >> they gave money to give to your sheets. now is your time to say thank you. >> when you give to others, god blesses you in many many ways.
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with a sandwich. >> you get my step-ladder. >> bye, annie. >> i'm not leaving. ? this holiday season, whether you celebrate the birth of jesus christ or the birth of the profit of rebuilding of the hebrew temple, and if you can't remember anything else, just remember an old man, and an old woman, in an old part of town. well, you know he has no
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and to me he was special, you know. and he's a good man. >> i've got everything. merry christmas, everybody. and herald, my favorite, merry christmas. >> coming up, we'll show you how the election is driving up more stocks than others. z26jnz zy6z
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y26kry yy6y oh, we're just reading news and getting incredible tips. if only we had the man who wro >> oh, here he is. >> matt polster is an investing goo-roo. >> and tell us about it? >> well, trump has been good for some sectors and bad for others. the bottom line is taking a hit.
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and at one point, the s and p future is down and then it would race back up. there's a trump positive flow. it's in areas like infr infrastructure and areas like steel that are sort of out right now from the technology stocks who did so obama. >> it makes sense and with his background as a business man. >> all. >> and you follow who the president likes and who the president works with. in this case we had a president who worked closely with google. and when it became time to work
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infras infrastructure. and we have a president that likes to build things. >> well, you know newt gingrich. >> he wants to be the planter and takes the broad view and to different agencies and say here are your problems and let me look at how you operate and here's how we need to reorganize. it's my understanding that the president of the united states wants to continue and write other things because newt is a man of all seasons. he's a renaissance man and i
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the cabinet position. >> thank you for squealing. >> thank you for the insight.
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congratulations. hey, hey. >> well, president obama
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afternoon. tator and tot are their names. and those will be the only turkeys pardoned. >> well, it started with lincoln. >> is that tate or tot? >> well, they didn't actually head to a farm, they went to the slaughter house. and then they saved the turkey with bush. and so goes the story and so goes the story tonight. >> thank you. we'll see you tomorrow night. ?
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welcome to dish nation, one day before thanksgiving. we have get to today. like justin bieber punching someone in the face. we're going to talk about that. kelly, i'm sure you're excited about this one. gucci mane got engaged. >> the rapper, yeah. >> and our atlanta team is going to join us in a little bit. first, yesterday president obama gave the presidential medal of freedom to 21 artists, sports


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