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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  November 24, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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welcome to disney springs. your place to shop, dine, and be entertained like never before. ((russell- a message from the president-elect. >>russell: a message from the president elect, something that he wants all of us to try doing. he's praying for it this thanksgiving. >>laura: and the benefits of being thankful. why your maral status and gender may help. >>russell: need 100 million reasons to be thankful?
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welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day." i'm russell rhodes. >>laura: and i'm laura moody. it's ahead and a whole lot more. first your holiday forecast from dave osterberg. >>dave: up and at em and the best holiday. just my opinion. 63 degrees in the tampa net cam, showing us how gorgeous it is. sun came up a couple of minutes ago. maybe you're going for a walk along the beach this morning. that looks stunning with a temperature of 64 57. everybody is mild. it's going to be a nice, warm afternoon. clouds and sunshine and high temperatures today around 80 degrees. enjoy it. >>laura: thank you, dave. new this morning, pinellas county detectives identify the man they fatal the shot during a confrontation last night. >>russell: william beavers told
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him. he deputies were responding to a fight between beaver and his girlfriend. deputy green has been put on routine, paid leave until the investigation is done. >>laura: police are charging johnny moore with second degree murder. he's accused of killing his friend, randall wright. wright was found after reports of a gunshot. neighbors say moore was living in a camper on the property and an officer saw that camper on u.s. 301 near martin luther king, we have not been told a motive yet. >>russell: florida state student accused of killing a couple on the east coast had no lawyer says he's mentally ill. (laura) solutions in his system. his lawyer says he's mentally ill. >>laura: and president elect
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he sent a message on social media. here it is. >> it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving, we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country, strengthened by shared purpose and very, very common resolve. >>laura: president elect trump went on to acknowledge that tensions will not heal overnight. he is spending his day at his estate in florida. thanksgiving may be the quintessential holiday. >>russell: two election and it's probably a good time to remind ourselves we all have a reason to be thankful. as doug reports, it doesn't matter what party you belong to. >> clearly donald trump has a lot to be thankful for this thanksgiving, preparing to move into the white house and implementing a vision he spoke about on the campaign trail, plus his administration is quickly taking shape. >> people that, as i say, we will make america great again.
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night live points out, now is the hard part. >> google what is isis? >>russell: and obviously democrats may feel a little less than thankful about the current political plight but as they regroup, there is, in this, perhaps an opportunity. >> being in opposition is a clarifying experience. as republicans found in the obama era, it was much simpler and much easier to be in opposition than it is to have promulgate your own policies and put things forward. >> there's no question, thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season may be rough sledding for democrats here on capitol hill and this may be the calm before a long storm. who may be the most thankful for their political lot this thanksgiving? maybe the obamas who now get to leave all of this behind. >> what i do know is that i have to take michelle on vacation. >> thankful that election season
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>>russell: well, you can call it the trump bump. dow is at a record. the nasdaq is the s&p 500 both up as well. president elect trump will be happy to know that his star is back on the hollywood walk of fame. took awhile. workers had to replace it after a vandal hit it with a sledge hammer and ax last month. trump got his star in 2007 when he was starring on that show "the apprentice." >>laura: at least two turkeys will enjoy freedom the rest of their lives. president obama gave tater and tot the traditional pardon. 40 pound birds from iowa will spend the rest of their days at a new farm in virginia called gobbler's rest. typically the president has two daughters with him for the turkey pardon. not this time around. they had other things to do, they say.
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took it in stride. here it is. >> sasha and malia are thankful this is my final presidential turkey pardon. what i haven't told them yet, we're going to do this every year from now on. no cameras, just us every year. no way i'm cutting this habit cold turkey. >>laura: not bad. this tradition of the presidential pardon goes back several first public event was with kenry in 1963 and nixon and ford shows not to pardon turkeys. the tradition came back in 1989 and has been a regular event ever since. >>russell: metropolitan ministries are serving a bunch of turkeys today. shayla reaves went to check on the meal preparations. good morning.
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russell. all the volunteers are doing their part to make sure some 6,000 people have a thanksgiving meal. you're looking at some of the work happening right now. this crew here is working on vegetables. i'm toll it's going to take some 1,300 pounds of vegetables to feed thousands of people here in the community. but you can't just have the turkey and not have the stuffing. i'm here with ruth anne. she's been morning. tell me, this is your first time to help out at metropolitan ministries. why did you decide to come? >> i've heard so many wonderful things and they do so much for the community. it's impossible not to be here. >>reporter: what are you working on? >> stuffing. >>reporter: and you didn't come along. you brought a couple of young ladies with you. what do you hope they take away from being part of this today? >> i would like to make this an active part of life.
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else around me. >>reporter: and i understand you all are working on stuffing right now and there will be no shortage of things to do. ruth anne is just one of the many people here in the kitchen who decided to start the morning out by giving back a little bit of their time. i'm going to step over here just a second and give you another look at the kitchen. this crew here is working on venl t-- vegetables and throughout the kitchen there are different stations set up and people are working on their part to make sure fil some of the stations include mashed potatoes. they are working on gravy. 80 gallons of gravy are needed for this operation. and then 1,000 pies, each one has to be sliced and each slice will be heading out of this kitchen shortly. so the community meal is coming up at 11:00 today but certainly the folks in this room, we're told that some of the preparation began last week.
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course, is the final preparation, the stuffing, the turkey, the mashed potatoes, the gravy, each one of the items that i just mentioned will be making its way out of this kich republican and into the mouths of people not only here in hillsborough county but also pasco county and pinellas county as well. each volunteer giving their time to make this day a little bit brighter for another family in our community. back to you. we'll see you later. thank you. >>laura: all right. we're going to take a look at roads right now. man, is that nice or not? pretty empty. most people are already where they're going to be today. a few will be travelling today and others will hit the road later this afternoon. 49 million americans took a trip of 50 miles or more this holiday season. most of them will be heading out on sunday so be careful. don't think about that just yet. enjoy where you are. >>russell: exactly.
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the balloons that will stand out today at the macy's parade. >>laura: and something else, too. plus a scary thought for parents. staggering number of children who have been the victim of stalking. and the long-term effects are alarming. >>dave: time is 7:10 on a lovely, lovely thanks giving morning. happy thanksgiving to you. getting up, out and about and ready to crank through the lovely holiday. we're starting at 49 degrees in brooksville. trust me, it's not going to last long now t we have 63 in tampa. a lot of mid to upper 50s as we're inland and the overall forecast today, 80 for a high today. 80 for a high tomorrow. a little drier for the second half of the weekend and maybe a shower next week? i don't know. we'll talk about it in a few minutes. but first, i almost forgot, let's go to break with just one of the best thanksgiving clips
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? think of your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ? ...and if you're lookin' down, ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ?put a little love in your heart.? ? in your heart. ? (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars
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(dave- >>dave: here's a sight you're not going to snow falling in tokyo this time of year. in fact, this is the first november snowfall in the japanese capital in more than 50 years. you have to go all the way back to 1962. something peaceful about a nice, freshly fallen snow. as long as you don't have to go to school in it or drive in it or do anything outside, just watch it fall. it's pretty. there are places that are
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areas to the north, it's not whether they have a white christmas. it's do we have a white thanksgiving and i can tell you that upstate new york does. i'm looking at the radar out of the corner of my eye. we're sitting at 57 degrees in lakeland. 51 in brooksville. 63 in tampa, 64 in st. petersburg and 63 in sarasota. now, you compare this to yesterday at this time and it's about four to eight degrees warmer than it was yesterday. so central florida just in november. again, the only thing we can say negatively is has it rained in the month of november but it's going to be a gorgeous day. you're going to enjoy it. there's nothing to worry about if you're travelling around, really the entire southeast. it's once you start going further north. i'm not saying you're going to have big airport delays because a lot of people will actually fly on thanksgiving itself just to save, you know, the time and
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little bit further north but in general, it's not tremendous. do you know what i mean? you can deal with a few showers or a couple of snow showers there in upstate new york. a couple of light rain showers over ralraleigh, going back to t virginia. i think the worst every the weather is the pacific northwest. heavy rain is coming down in parts of washington and oregon but then it changes to higher elevation snows. in general, i'm talking aut i think you're going to be okay. for those going to the macy's day parade, it's cold. then i sit there and think, how are those people doing their dances and their cheers and jumping around in shorts and t-shirts? it is what it is. mostly sunny, warm today, 80 degrees. i think we'll top 80, especially away from the water. then tonight, mild. don't be surprised if you have
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morning. there could be a little hint of fog and those fog favored areas. not a big deal. low of 65 degrees. and then for tomorrow, more sunshine and again, your temperatures should get back up to around 80. i'm thinking great boating. a lot of people like to get the early morning boating in, maybe some of them catch their thanksgiving dinner. why not, right? 80 degrees for a high temperature tomorrow. 79 on saturday. you might notice a the big difference is you're going to notice it's drier on sunday and then just a 30% rain chance that we have for you coming in by the middle of next week. all in all, a very nice seven-day outlook. >>russell: 9:00 this morning the macy's thanksgiving day parade starts in new york city. >>laura: and we have a live look as they get ready there in new york city. they're ready and waiting. parade always draws a huge crowd. they expect 3 1/2 million people to line the streets.
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watching from home. and there are 16 giant character balloons in this year's parade, including the trolls, plus new versions of felix the cat and charlie brown. there's been snoopy, never a charlie brown. macy's day parade has more than 60,000 participants and 1,000 clowns. marching band from newsome high school in hillsborough county is there, too. and that is the spotlight for us. >>russell: let's talk about the ba lns for a minute. red morph inpower ranger, 178 people. tallest is elf on a shelf, 64 feet. there's a tie for the widest balloon between trolls and hello kitty at 38 feet. here we go with snoopy. it's made the most appearances, 39 since the debut of the parade 90 years ago and snoopy, not in the lineup this year. >>laura: not in the lineup?
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>>laura: peanuts are represented. all right. some of you will spend a lot of dough on thanksgiving between the food and shopping and lauren simonetti breaks down some business of thanksgiving. >> many retailers are closing doors on thanksgiving day, but that does not mean there aren't big bucks behind the turkey and stuffing. the american farm bureau federation says the average turkey day feast will cost less than $5 a person. >> the highlights of this year's thanksgiving day surveys for first time since 2014, we see the cost of a thanksgiving dinner for 10 below $50. we've seen turkey prices come down. we've seen milk prices come down and ultimaely that leads to some relief for the consumer at the retail level. >> americans consume 45 million pounds of turkey on thanksgiving day alone. of that figure, 20 million pounds of it is butterball which is pretty amazing if you think of it. consumers, they want to have that picture perfect turkey,
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>>ru >> americans will gobble up 80 million pounds of cranberries. ocean spray will get about $2 million in sales. >> experts say you should have a plan before the shopping spree begins. >> black friday and consumers. it's hard to figure out what to buy, what to wait on. my recommendation would be to focus on three categories that are the most deeply discounted around this time which would be electronics, also apparel and accessories and then beauty items. >> thanksgiving is also one of the busiest travel days of the year. 63% of people plan to drive to their destinations with more than half travelling more than 200 miles.
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calls today. they've had operators work around the clock for two weeks, answering questions about the turkey, how long to thaw it, how long to cook it. 1-800-butterball. apparently they're changing with the times, too. they're answering texts. >>russell: so we tested it. i tested it. and i texted them earlier. can i thaw my turkey in the microwave? and the answer, great question. there are options. thaw in fridge, for every four pounds. we are beyond that. or quickly thaw using the cold water method and it gives you a link to get there. butterball says, we do not recommend microwave thawing. they're answering. they're up. they're answering. there it is. >>laura: better make the sides really good. >>russell: or find a pizza. coming up, how much the next
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>>laura: and your marital status may see a lot about your level of gratitude and gender, too. first jennifer epstein is at the turkey trot this morning. so excited to be there. >>jennifer: good morning. you said -- >> good morning. >>jennifer: he wanted to say good morning. >>laura: oh, no. >>jennifer: what was to random. anything goes at the turkey trot. you know that. you told me, no, no, no. don't do it. >>laura: you can't help yourself. >>jennifer: i got a turkey hat. thanks to my friend jan, she gave me this. but today isn't about me. it's about the runners. sweaty, hot, probably hungry runners here. this is the first race. it's the wing ding. matt mc gee finished in first place and here are the rest of them coming through the finish line. it's going to be a very happy thanksgiving here in clearwater and the rest of "good day."
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z26kzz zy6z ((laura welcome back
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is 7:--. the death toll >>laura: welcome back. time is 7:25. death toll has risen from a bus crash in chattanooga, tennessee. it's another elementary school student. >>russell: and we're learning more about the driver of the bus. here's jackie. >>reporter: police confirm a sixth child died following a school bus crash on monday afternoon. federal investigators are on the scene looking why a bus flipped a telephone pole, all as the bus was taking 37 children home from elementary school. >> we're looking at the brakes, the steering, the mechanical conditions of the bus to see to what extent was that part of the cause of this accident. >>reporter: at this point, the 24-year-old bus driver is facing charges, including vehicular homicide, wreckless driving and wreckless endangerment. however, police say tests show no drugs or alcohol were found in his system. authorities are looking into why
7:27 am
narrow roadway well above the 30-mile-per-hour speed limit. so far, school officials won't say whether they received complaints about the driver before the crash. >> the media is reporting claims that the driver asked the children on the bus if they were prepared to die. i want to be very clear on this. no witness we have spoken with has that information or provided it directly to our investigators. but we have also n >>reporter: police say the driver was involved in another school bus crash two months ago in which he veered over the center line of a road while navigating a curve and crashed into an suv. >>russell: it's estimated 67 people are dead after a construction site accident in china. scaffolding being used to prepare a power plant collapse. several workers were standing on it. otherwise were underneath.
7:28 am
people who are still trapped. more than 200 firefighters were sent to the scene. >>laura: 4,000 people have been told to evacuate in costa rica. forecasters expect hurricane otto to make landfall today just north of the border in nicaragua. winds of about 85 miles an hour but it's the heavy rain that's causing the biggest problem. and that increases the risk of flooding and landslides there. otto is already to blame for three deaths in panama. hurricane season officially ends wednesday. >>russell: a new in seven kids in sixth to ninth grades have been the victim of stalking. 14% of girls spent the pressure to start or continue an unwanted relationship. experts say stalking can increase the risk of post traumatic stress and mood disorders and the children are more likely to experience substance abuse, dating violence and other dangers. >>laura: all right. can't play if you -- you can't win if you don't play.
7:29 am
last night. we now have the 13th largest in lottery history. next drawing is on saturday and there's a chance you may have won a million dollars by matching all numbers except the powerball. winning numbers from last night are 7, 32, 41, 47, 61 and the powerball is 3. get that ticket out, dave. jackpot has been growing since mid september. your odds of winning are always better when you use the quick pick option but you never know. >>russell: hustle or maybe find it on netflix. we're not talking about gilmore girls, either. that's at 12:01 tomorrow morning, by the way. classic thanksgiving day movie that will make you laugh. >>laura: the clock is ticking for this one over heerl. we're watching. first hunting for a bargain. alcides segui is at the bass pro shop in brandon.
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>>dave: 7:33. top 'o the morning to you. how can you complain about that shot? johns hopkins all children's hospital camera, beautiful shot there. hilton clearwater beach, there's another one. lakeland where we have a few clouds mixed in. but an absolutely gorgeous start to the day. right now we're at 63 degrees. dew point is 59. can't complain. we're going to warm it up. close to 80 for a high temperature this afternoon. i'll just use lovely and warm to describe the forecast. >>laura: thank you. up until a few years ago, most people spent thanksgiving at home but not anymore. retailers are tempting us to shop on thanksgiving.
7:34 am
hook, line and sinker. >>laura: like that? >>russell: because alcides segui is at the bass pro shop. i didn't write it. brad did. but i like it. good morning, my friend. you got people. you got people behind you. >>reporter: yeah. i know. that's what i said. we got people. we have -- i don't know -- about three dozen people here. this is the best of the best. hunters are here. bass pro shops open up official until 25 minutes. general manager, thanks for being with us. sgho happy to be here. happy thanksgiving. >>reporter: you have a small line out here now. yesterday was the big sale. >> well, our sale, five-day sale started on wednesday. what a crowd. great day yesterday. it was a lot of fun. >>reporter: so russell and laura, that's why we don't have the line wrapping around the
7:35 am
you can still get the sale today. >> yes. goes through -- five-day sale so it's going through the weekend and thanksgiving day, santa comes always at 10:00. hat's a huge draw on thanksgiving day. after the turkey, after a little football, maybe come visit with santa with the kids. >>reporter: that actually started on wednesday but the big draw today is you get the free santa pictures, free 4x6 free photo with santa. >> 10:00 santa will be here. you get the free frame with the 4x6 photo today. >>reporter: you had a big crowd yesterday. talk about how many people were here yesterday. >> oh, god. >>reporter: a couple of hundred? >> at least or more. we needed not to even use the turnstiles. we just opened the gates and let everybody in. it was a fun, busy day all day yesterday. >>reporter: so thanksgiving day isn't necessarily the big day. tomorrow will be huge. >> yes. >>reporter: talk about tomorrow.
7:36 am
biggest day in retail. everybody gets excited. >>reporter: what's your hot item? >> just look at the ad. there's a six-hour sale. they're all hot. we expect large crowds again this year like the first year last year and we're excited about black friday and stuff that we have to offer. >>reporter: i appreciate it. >> happy thanksgiving. >>reporter: and happy thanksgiving to you. there it is. larger crowd yesterday. hundreds of people. now not so much. but of course, the sale started yesterday, continues get a big sale on nine millimeter bullets that are five bucks. the ammo is on sale right now. so that's where a lot of folks are going to be. the rest of the folks will do the five-day sale that continues to sunday. bass pro shops is not the only retail shop opens today. you have jc penny's, sears, macy's and a handful that open up today as well.
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it can make you happier, make you healthier and marital status helps. take a lake-effect at the -- look at the numbers. 51% of married people are more likely to express gratitude on a regular basis. 18 to 24-year-olds express gratitude less than any other age group. and women tend to be more grateful than men, almost every measure. >>russell: and a lot of folks are going to be grateful to have somewhere to go today for free meal. metropolitan ministries in tampa is going to feed thousands and they're already getting things ready. shayla reaves is there this morning. >>reporter: good morning to you, russell and laura. kitchen is busy today at metropolitan ministries and thousands of pounds of food are going to be headed out. you can see the cranberry sauce. they're opening that right now. thousands of pounds of food will be making their way out of the kitchen today and into the mouths of people right here in
7:38 am
i'm here with metropolitan ministries president, tim marks. to see so many people giving of their time and starting their thanksgiving day in this way, how does it make you feel? >> it's just another reflection of how great this tampa bay community is. your viewers and donors alike have all come together. you know, 6:00 a.m., there was just a line of volunteers just wanting to give back and make a difference, find a purpose in their life and volunteering on these kinds of days are so together as well as those that may have suffered a loss, find purpose in volunteering on the holiday days. >>reporter: we talked about it earlier. you were seeing a change in the need. more people need help this year compared to last. is that right? >> yeah. we're seeing an increase, close to 1,000 more families. we're still doing the census count but personally, we quick serving families at 2:00 in the tent yesterday but up to 4:00,
7:39 am
families coming, saying is there anything you can do? we served each and every family. but the other encouraging thing is donors are still coming in to meet that need so we're able to serve everybody. we didn't turn anyone away. >>reporter: when we talk about serving, what else is on the menu? what will all the families get to eat today? >> they're going to get a great traditional holiday meal, right? they're going to get some great desserts and great cakes that have been donated to us. the turkey, the stuffing, the items but we also serve one more thing up here and that's hope and that comes from volunteers, just loving on our families. you know, our community meal, loving on them. volunteers are doing this throughout the community. not just on this campus as we serve 6,000 meals a day and hope is the most important ingredient. >>reporter: thank you so much for your time. and so many families will be making their way through metropolitan ministries today
7:40 am
place where they can find someone who cares and wants to make sure they get the meals so many families around florida, around tampa bay are going to be enjoying with their families as well. we are going to be out here, we're going to be in the kitchen throughout the morning and i'll be back with another live report for you guys in the next half hour. back to you. >>russell: thanks. i'm so glad that fox 13 teamed up with them this year. what a great organization. i'm glad we're getting to be a part of it. see you >>laura: giving tuesday, right? new york city attracts a lot of tourists this time of year and some of them are experiencing the next trend in travel. hotel rooms that are very small. >> whole concept of micro hotels didn't start in the u.s. but it's definitely growing here and it's moving into states around the country. very, very quickly, too. >> micro hotel trend taking off in urban cities in response to
7:41 am
one of the pioneers is open in manhattan. it has rooms that take up just 160 square feet each. >> you need a great bed, a great sleeping experience, a great bath experience, great shower. give guests everything they need and 150 or 160 square feet and then provide these common spaces where community, where people can come together. >> they use efficient storage design, desks, smart technology. each room features large windows with city views, some even have an outdoor ter rterrace. >> when guests check in, they only pay for what they're going to use. when i travel, i don't like paying for things i'm not going to use. i want to have an option of consuming something. >> they have some established competition. pod brand is credited with
7:42 am
in new york. it has two manhattan locations and a third coming soon to brooklyn. >> we built a product that is in the mid price point of a hotel market which really covers 2/3 of the travelling world who would stay anywhere between a days inn and hilton garden inn. >> rooms with bunk beds are called pods. >> you'll see everything is being built in high quality materials. stones, metals, everything is very well designed and very fits. >> they're small, not for everyone but they are very functional and they have big sort of communal areas which travellers tend to like. >> the brands betting on the evolving needs of millennials. the generation is steering towards open areas rather than their private rooms. guests can meet for work or play in lobbies transformed into living areas. >> i think it's generally accepted now this is the environment in which people can really get things done.
7:43 am
>> micro hotels are expanding outside of the big apple. watch for a pod hotel in washington, d.c. and miami and los angeles as well. >>dave: in sports, lightning get to enjoy thanksgiving at home. no game tonight. bolts beat the flyers last night. two scores 12 seconds apart in the final period. the goalie had another strong game with 29 saves. he was coming off two straight shutouts. lightning play the blue jackets at home tomorrow night before going on a three-game road trip. okay. sit back, folks. there were three games on the nfl schedule this thanksgiving. first one features the vikings against the lions in detroit. both teams sit on top of the nfc
7:44 am
that game starts at 12:30. the 4:30 game is in dallas. the cowboys hosting the redskins. dallas has won nine straight games. red skins are close behind. you can, by the way, watch that game right here on fox 13. and the last game tonight is from indianapolis. the colts will be playing the steelers but without their quarterback andrew luck. why? he's in the concussion protocol. both teams need a win to keep pace in the afc folks, this is what it looks like outside our tampa net cam this morning. there's no cars. it is a quiet, a gorgeous start to the day. and we'll have your seven-day forecast in a few minutes. a lot of people are getting a jump start on burning the calories this morning. jen? >> i'm yes, ma'aming at the guy
7:45 am
guilt-free thanksgiving dinner? come and run the turkey trot and thousands of people have been doing it for like over three decades, including one gentleman who we're going to talk to coming up after the break. he was here for the inaugural run and he's still running 38
7:46 am
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>> quiet, mild, loverly west chase, new tampa, plant city all in the upper 50s here in the 7:00 hour. so a little bit warmer than it was yesterday at this time. it's to be expected as we continue to modify the air mass. 52 in crystal river. inverness, brooksville at 52. a shade chilly, not for long. sun has been up almost an hour, give it one more hour and that should be about it for that morning chill. 62 in bradenton. sar society arcs venice 63. friends in englewood enjoying a
7:49 am
recollects -- arcadia, wauchula and lake placid. mixture of clouds and sun today. we'll do our best to get it up to 80 degrees. some spots may stay in the upper 70s but a lot of us are going to touch the 80-degree mark today. several degrees above normal. 76 is our normal high temperature for this time of year so we're going to go up a lot warmer than that. i do want to check around the thanksgiving day and maybe you're heading to portland where it's 29 degrees this morning. 40 right now in new york city as they get ready, that's right, get ready for their big parade. back to the northwest, 39 in milwaukee, 38 in chicago and this is where the worst weather is. 51 in seattle with heavy rain. the are st -- the rest of the
7:50 am
79 by saturday, though. a little bit drier on sunday with a high temperature of 77 and maybe some clouds and the tiniest little chance of a shower on wednesday. 30% and high of 77. okay? >>laura: thank you, dave. >>russell: we did our own turkey trot. i was waiting for vanessa to do traffic. and just didn't get >>laura: you're watching. >>russell: the average person is consumed about 4500 calories today. 3,000 on the main meal alone. the rest is appetizers, dessert and drinks. >>laura: and some people are getting a head start burning off the extra calories. they're already running. jennifer epstein is at the turkey trot in clearwater this morning. hey, jen. are you all right? >>jennifer: did you guys just get busted? >>russell: we made it by the
7:51 am
>>laura: we're fine. >>jennifer: out of breath f. you're out of breath, imagine how these people feel. 30th annual turkey trot at clearwater high school. we've talked to so many different kinds of people from little kids to grownups to people dressed up in turkey costumes. they've burned off some 4500 calories they're going to eat later and it's a lot of fun. energy out here is pretty amazing. and there's one guy that you have to meet. bob the inaugural run. he's done the turkey trot the last 24 years straight and he has the pins to do it. can you do a spin for me so everybody can see the pins? good morning. >> good morning. >>jennifer: happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >>jennifer: talk to me about your run today. you did the first one, right? the wing ding? >> just the wing ding today. half marathon on sunday. all the races are fantastic.
7:52 am
24? >> it's a way to celebrate clearwater. i went to clearwater high, went to school, came back and settled in the area and how can you beat holiday traditions like this when you have the weather? >>jennifer: you said you've come here once and has done all three races. >> actually quite a few people are doing that now. it's the clearwater challenge. people that want to make an effort ought to give it a try. it's a lot of different people in all kinds of races. whether it's a tuneup for something stronger o good day. >>jennifer: you're going to come back next year and the year after? >> i'll come back until they stop making it. >>jennifer: you're going to fill up the hat. >> my wife has figured that out. we have to add layers. >>jennifer: and the best part about the outfit, can you do it? i'm going to put the mic up there. it gobbles, too. thank you so much. have a happy thanksgiving. it's a great place to be to start off your thanksgiving holiday here at the 30th annual turkey trot.
7:53 am
7:54 am
hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
7:55 am
(laura- >>laura: welcome back. after you're done eating and you're done doing the dishes, you might want to relax and watch a movie. >>russell: we have one suggestion for you. a clip from a thanksgiving day
7:56 am
where is your other hand? between two pillows. those aren't pillows. ahhh! >>russell: that is steve martin and john candy in the 1987 comedy, planes, trains and automobiles. martin plays a high strung marketing executive while candy is a shower curtain ring salesman. two strangers meet during a both of them from flying. >>laura: and martin wants to get home to see his family in chicago desperately. candy, desperate himself, he decides to take along and what should have been a two-hour flight turns into a funny three-day ordeal. the money had a budget at the time of $30 million. it made $50 million at the box office. >>russell: and much more later, probably. what a great movie. i remember watching it when i
7:57 am
and he was travelling a lot as a salesman and so i think he had a different appreciation for it and he laughed like i've never seen him laugh. ever since i've loved the movie. >>russell: and a very touching ending. >>laura: it is the best. >>dave: but that was something like anything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. and you're just like, oh, my gosh. just stop. >>laura: it's so sad so think that he's gone, john candy. >>russell: dave, thanks. >>laura: all right. there is a nap that keeps you safe while taking selfies. dr. jo tells you how it could save you from a dangerous situation. >>russell: and bass pro shop is ready to open. ? think of your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ? take a good look around... ? ? ...and if you're lookin' down, ?
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? in your heart. ? (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars
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shopping.. the doors are some are cooking others are shopping the doors are just opening and bass pro shops in thanksgiving message from our president-elect today. where mr. trump says our country should focus on for the future. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. hey efshthdz it's 8 o'clock on this thanksgiving morning i'm russell rhodes. i'm laura moody. good morning. thanks for waking up with us it's a beautiful thanksgiving out there. let's check in with dave right now with look a forecast today and tomorrow, just nice and nicer, right? next two days, today and


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