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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  November 24, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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shopping.. the doors are some are cooking others are shopping the doors are just opening and bass pro shops in thanksgiving message from our president-elect today. where mr. trump says our country should focus on for the future. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. hey efshthdz it's 8 o'clock on this thanksgiving morning i'm russell rhodes. i'm laura moody. good morning. thanks for waking up with us it's a beautiful thanksgiving out there. let's check in with dave right now with look a forecast today and tomorrow, just nice and nicer, right? next two days, today and
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have over next 7. so we spent all week modifying air mass modifying air mass we greet you here at 8 o'clock, it's 64 degrees in tampa. mid 50s a few spots inlands upper 50s to north. we're going finish today with a temperature around 80 degrees. we might mix a few clouds to be honest it it's going to be absolutely beautiful. get out this and enjoy it a tomorrow near 80 a maybe a bit of a drying trend. i we will talk more about in few minutes. all right dave, thank you. got to tell you we were a little surprised this morning when we sent alcides outside to basilica pro shops. there very different story last year no one waiting to get in we've since learned their good reasons for that the store opened just a few minutes ago and an alcides has been there all morning long. where are you now? you inside? >> inside. we're inside. and there are still people coming in.
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which is great especially for folks here bass pro shop especially exactly what they want to soap oh thanksgiving most of them are coming through that door and going, that way. why? because that's where the ammo is at. thv 9 millimeter ammo for 5 bucks for right now. limited supplies last. so i think there's about 400. they will go very quickly there was easily about 2, 300 people out here a little while ago, most of them are inside right now. that's where most the folks are going. with that said you were just talking about this short time 5 o'clock this morning even 6 o'clock there was really no one out here. main reason was, their thanksgiving sale actually started yesterday. most of their big sales happen yesterday. it's going to continue through the weekend. you can see, a lot of bass pro shop sweaters are going for ten bucks. buy one get one free on double layer thermals you got hats and gift gears. and again that actually started yesterday. andist going to continue into sunday.
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friday. >> you think about thanksgiving and you know it used to be no one was open on thanksgiving day. and not necessarily the case any more. walmart, targets bestbuy, macy's sears, jc penneys big box retail stores will be open today. will not they are not open now, not early this morning, but they will be open later on this afternoon. maybe even later on this evening like bestbuy they open at 5 o'clock this evening. the big draw here at bass pro shops santa. that is today and tomorrow as well. starts at di-is thanksgiving. so starts a 10 o'clock this morning and ends a 5 o'clock. that's a big draw. one thing that is new here a bass pro shops a carousel rides they got kids and whole santa area out here day of fun bass pro president obama shops no doubt like going to disney. like going to disney. at least for the guys.
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people out here right now i expect that the to continue throughout day. by ink i think they close later this evening at 6 o'clock. they open at 8. they close at 6 o'clock. also giving their combloegs free thanksgiving meals. you got to love that. lot more on their sale and what you can expect out here at bass pro shops coming up in about a half hour. back to you guys. all right. see you then, thank you. all right. if you think you have a lot of people to cook for you haven't seen anything yet. shayla is live in metropolitan min tree strooes there's it. there you. there you are. hey shayla s here i am guys. happy thanksgiving to you too. hi, good morning. certainly a lot of volunteers starting off their morning by helping others right here in our community. in fact i am here with the man in charge making sure all of this food gets out kitchen lois executive chef you had an early alarm clock today. i saw you
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morning. but i'm here. i mean we are, we're just talking about these and i think this year the difference between this year and last year is amount of people we have helping and volunteering their time. it's only 8 o'clock and we're half way there. half way there making sure that thousands of pounds of food make it out of metropolitan ministries to people who would love that delicious meal today. we've got turkey, mashed potatoes stuffing. vegetable and and how, how important is it for all of these volunteers to give their time and how does contribute that contribute to what you try to do every day here a metropolitan ministries because of a volunteers we're able to help six,000 people. they've coming last week all preparations start about two weeks ago and everything got done last night. and so this they are ones that motivate me to come in and get
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about anything else. how does it make you feel to see when all of these meals leave kitchen you get to see some people here enjoying all the fruits of your labor? how does disthat make you feel knowing that you were able to provide that for them? i think i have to wait until wie get there. we've distil still got three more hours to go i will have to let you know about that later. >> all right then. certainly still a busy kitchen for you this morning and a lot of people helping to make sure that fam community have a meal today. that's correct. thank you so much. thank you so much for your time. again, they starred early today. we've seen volunteers they've been slicing pies and cakes. preparing vegetables all kinds of food right in kitchen this morning making sure meals are available for families, for children, for people here in hillsborough county as well as pasco county and pinellas counties as well. the community meal is coming up a 11 o'clock today.
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those meals make their way out of kitchen, guys. back to you. >> very nice. all right shayla, thank you. see you later. >> and president-elect trump is spending thanks with is family in florida. late last night he sent out a thanksgiving message on youtube talking about a bringing our country together. it's about two minutes long but here's a portion of what he had to say. we're very blessed to call this nation our home. and that's what america is it is our home. it's where we raise our families, care for and live out our dreams. it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving, we begin to heel our division and move forward as one country, strengthened by shared purpose and very, very common resolve. in declaring this national hole proot lincoln called on americans to speak with one voice and one heart. that's just what we have to do. we have just finished a long and
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just don't heal overnight. it doesn't go quickly unfortunately. but we have before us the chance now to make history together, to bring real change to washington. real safety to our cities, and real prosperity to our communities including our inner cities. so important to me and so important to our country. but to succeed, we must enlist the effort of our entire nation. this is now over but now begins a great national campaign to rebuild our country and to restore the full promise of america for all of our people. i'm asking you to join me in this effort. it's time to restore the bonds of trust between citizens. because when america is unified there's nothing beyond our reach. and i mean absolutely nothing. let us give thanks for all that we have, and let us boldly face the exciting new frontier that
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thank you, god bless you and god bless america. >> and according to trump's campaign he will continue meeting with potential cabinet members on friday as you heard he mentioned inner cities, he's expected to announce formally that dr. ben carson is sek tr of housing ask urban development. yesterday he announced south carolina governor niki haley as ambassador to un and best devos as education secretary shoest juan at most avid supporters of pinellas county deputies say they were forced to shoot and kill a man who who refused to drop a knife after been asked by deputies to do that. happened at home. two children were inside deputies were called to home on mallory drive by a neighbor who said a man and woman were fighting in home next door. when they got there william was drunk, violent, she was inside the house along with ten and 12-year-old. deputies say beavers walked out the door with a knife raised over his shoulder and refused to
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times, and killed him. manatee county a 15-year-old was shot in leg while playing basketball. deputies say he was pride park basketball courts when four men came up and shot him. he's going to be okay. manatee county sheriff's office says is asking anyone with any information about this to call them. home in town 'n country quickly went up in flames, skyfox was there. as fire spread from the shed to home. six adults, one child, four animals lived in that house. one of the adults says this heart breaking thankful everyone survived. and all of animals did survive thanks to pretty incredible heroics. one of the cats rescued from home was barely breathing. firefighters did cpr gave it oxygen with one of its special oxygen masks designed just for pets. we're we're told kitty is doing just fine this morning. nice. >> all right. and we found a little gem online this morning courtesy of very
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>> yeah they took a little time to choreograph a song and distance to say thank you to people of north port. take a look. ? ? ? ? ? >> dave this playing your song apparently something crew does on a regular basis. they named this routine the thanksgiving medley it goes on for several minutes. we put whole thing on our fox 13 facebook page. talk about making most of your day i like. it one biggest turkey trots in state takes place in clearwater. jen is there still spectating
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>> gobble gobble. i love these things. happy thanksgiving. i felt like it was an appropriate this time. because it's the fun run now. so she is these are my fun run friends finishing the 5 k. look at those hats, i mean look at that one. so it's the 38th annual happy thanksgiving. 38 annual turkey trot here at clearwater high school. fun run finishers are we will to some of them including a very spia reasons to celebrate on this
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we asked woman to smell two body washes and pick their favorite. they both smell good. i like better. i prefer b. b. i would like to smell ke this every day. but what was body wash a?
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and what was the one they preferred? ohhhh. this is suave. really? that's quite a bit of smelling good.
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once again happy thanksgiving to everybody. let me throw it out to our resident turkey, i made that up. all by myself, jen. what did you just call me? >> an our resident turkey. that makes sense since i'm wearing a hat i no you wish you could out here i'm not runner i don't know how that worked out
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annual turkey trot here at clearwater high school. and this is really a family affair i've seen families come out here. they've done the race, they are going home to eat dinner including layman family. good morning, guys. good morning. >> so two reasons why this day is so special not only thanksgiving, of course and whole family is together, but it's grandma's birthday. 87th birthday? >> that's right. happy birthday. thank you. thank you. you ran the race. >> really? >> yeah. since, since it started i used to help bob, they always ran out shirts at the beginning i would help them put them in envelopes and mail out. and who behind you didn't want to run it's like birthday and thanksgiving you've got to do this for grandma? >> i think they all, yeah. they all, they all did. should i let secret be known you
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>> you beat one of your grandkids >> yes, i do how do you feel bl grandma beating you >> she's a special runner. that's really sweet you came down here from alabama to be here today? yeah, i did. what's plan for later today. you burned a few hundred calories. dinner at aunt carb load i'm going maked mashed potatoes and a bring the cider apple cider. i mean you're a runner, do you do this race every year you also take part in other activities as well? oh yes. i, you know i'm in softball player. in fact that's my first love, softball. >> 87 and i'ving been with a
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for 12 years now. and i've also co-founded the freedom spirit of florida. a woman's 75 plus softball team. >> wow. are you impressed with her or what? >> oh yes. >> oh my gosh thank you so much for staying with me and a talking with me this morning. get an. carb load and a get some fooded and happy that is and happy bi >> you you you have a great day, okay? >> how cool is that? 87 years alled running a turkey trot. layman family, guys. wow. >> what an inspiration to all of us. >> yeah. really. man do i feel like a slacker. i'm sorry i can't look at that
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i'm sorry. my sun star paramedic friends behind us they let me borrow it. fun run is happening now then next one 8:45. and one at 9. we'll talking to lot of interesting characters. i'll find someone with a funnier outfit with this one i'm sure i will go do some weather give grandma a hug for me. i will. i will. thank you. i'll do that. all right. bye. >> 8:19. as you can tell, just by looking a that liveho thanksgiving morning. we're going to get temperatures, 64 degrees already in the tampa area. lots of upper 50s still. we normally see our biggest jump between the 8 and 9 o'clock hour. so check back in at 9 o'clock. you'll see that most areas, probably all of them will be back above 60 degrees. and some will already be approaching 70. now it's going to be what i call seasonably warm thanksgiving. our temperatures earlier this
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32, 34, 37. that's long gone. air mass modified. now we're closer to 80 in keys. mid to upper 50s to gainesville to jacksonville. and in general, about 3 to 6 degrees warmer here in central florida. sunshine, we'll bring temperatures back up to i call a toasty warm seasonably warm level. 76 is our normal high. today we're going to bring it up to 80. no weather hiccups throughout entire southeast. now if you're traveling much further, new york city ste maybe a few showers. other than that nice. sun sheen, 80 degrees for high temperature. not only today but i think we'll do it tomorrow as well. now if you're going to out very, very late tonight or very, very early tomorrow morning there may be i'd call it a hit of fog around overnight low temperature mild around 65 degrees. then for tomorrow sunshine and warmth continues as the high
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really for the second day in a row. we have a weak front coming through here over the weekend. it's going to be nothing like that front was last weekend. this one dries us out just a smidge. knocks high temperature at least back to normal. but not for are long monday, tuesday we're back into the upper 70s. with tiniest chance of rain coming in on wednesday. >> well look, you know some tv stations run the fir not us. we got to share something with you right now. this is live. going on on our facebook page. it's in kelly cowan's kitchen fox 13's kelly cowan's kitchen. a live picture from her oven of her turkey rosing. daves looking me like i am crazy. really is legit. this has going on for a couple hours. and it has a ways to go. if you get bored go on on to our
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turkey cook. i don't believe it. i want her to wave her hand in front of the often so i can see it. this is really happening live. >> laura cross. laura cross who is manning the show right now says you can see her legs in the background >> no you. i see legs of the turkey. that's not kelly cowan's legs but kelly, are you anywhere where you can shake the camera? move camera toll make u >> dave doesn't buy it. i'm buying it. dave doesn't. all right. all right. she's still sleeping. she went back to bed. >> we're going to get kelly on the phone. okay. there it is. there it is. one best part being airports is seeing happy reunion we're there
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not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number...
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e ultimate limited edition bed. hurry, ends soon! know better sleep with sleep number. ((russell/2-shot)) one of the best part of the holidays - is spending it with friends and family.. especially those you haven't seen in one best parts of holidays is spending with friends and family especially those you've not seen really long time. is airport. fox 13's everyone axelbank was there for a few hugs. more than few smiles and some happy tears. the waiting game means more
8:26 am
on thanksgiving. >> hi. how are you? >> good. how was your flight? oh, good. oh, so good to see both of you. mother and sons. because it is a tradition. we have always gotten together for thanksgiving. back together. we're getting together with friends for thanksgiving. pretty big group of us and we're going to a play a lot of golf and have fun at the beach. >> for it's an even bigger deal. this is flynn my grandson. it's been a long time. i if know it was would happen flynn is 7 weeks old and rick from cleveland could only oh do one trip in such short period. i'm trying not to cry this is coolest thing ever.
8:27 am
i plan on him being my only child. this is just amazing to me. flynn comes a perfect time for rick who needs new reasons to be thankful this year. >> oh, yeah i lost my job. plant closure. i worked for accompany that a built battery chargers. we built them from ground up. now they come in from china already built. on thanksgiving though, for just a day, certain realities fade in favor of what's really important. there you go. that will be number one out top of the chart. this is awesome. great. evan axelbank reporting. coming up we will meet a child from lakeland that's giving away every single one of his bit of day presents.
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tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. you look so pretty ther looking you right there. gray looks great. >> you know what. metropolitan ministries is very busy place this morning volunteer as cooking dinner for thousands of people way they every year shayla has there been all morning long hanging out with them. happy thanksgiving to you, shayla. happy thanksgiving, laura, russell, and everyone in studio we're at metropolitan ministries. today & today volunteers are
8:32 am
people have a meal for thanksgiving, in fact we're in kitchen where right now volunteers have been serving up break feast on the other side of the kitchen there, behind those doors, we know volunteers made it an early, early thanksgiving morning to make sure that thousands of pounds of food would be ready to leave metropolitan ministries and head to various parts of hillsborough, pasco could and pinellas county. to give you an idea what's on nen menu, turkey, dressing all of it. you name it. and of course, the folks here a metropolitan ministries tell me they began preparing for a thanksgiving meal just last week. and all of that work came down to this morning. we were there as the first volunteers arrived. they sliced up pies. cutting cake. some of them volunteers for the first time, others telling me this where they spend their
8:33 am
giving back is something that's very important to them. so we are here and sharing some stories throughout day of volunteers who are helping as well as talking to some people who are benefitting from the work done by metropolitan ministries and a. well a volunteers giving of their time today. i will be here throughout, another report coming up in a next half hour hopefully a chance to speak with one of hours. guys, back to you. >> some families first eat and then shop. here some stores that are open on thanksgiving day. toys "r" us will be an open at 5 o'clock target tonight at 6 as well west field outlets and lutz and ellington ton. we have all your shopping times and sales you need on our website at
8:34 am
first person there this morning really, the first person in the parking lot was alcides. and let's check in. he's got company now. you've got a little company with you now, right? i've got some company. i gedefinitely got sh company. good morning. you knew i was going to do this gina garcia. >> yes. what, you shopping for? this is all christmas shopping. you shopping for? the whole family here. just alleges extra something. >> yeah. what time did you get here? i just got here just now. just got here. >> are you going to shop all day or do some thanksgiving dinner no i'm doing one stop shop. one stop shop where you doing thanksgiving dinner at your house >> at my sister-in-law's. turkey, what are you bringing? what are you bringing >> pies. pies. i spent radar spent all day
8:35 am
listen i appreciate you talking to me i know you didn't want to i thought you did great. you're welcome. she's not only one obviously. bass pro shops in brandon is not i don't want to say it's packed early this more than when they open their doors 8 o'clock easily about 100 people that woukd in here obviously more and more are coming through. they are going all the way to the back of the store in case you're wondering why it's because their ammo, the nine mill meter on it may be gone because there was a limited quantity of ammo. i think most of that is gone. >> most of the sales happened on yesterday here, yesterday here a bass pro shops. that was kind of interesting. because we said earlier russell and laura we were first one here expecting expecting a large crowd. yesterday they had a big crowd here outside bass pro shops. it wrapped around the building.
8:36 am
continue 32s u weekend as well again you can see folks still trickling in here, not last minute holiday but getting holiday shopping under way even if it is thanksgiving. all stores that are open today, bestbuy and target, and macy's and jc penney'sal all big box retail stores will be open at that not this morning later on this afternoon. later on this evening as well. big hit for folks here bass pro shops. i think lot of families will be checking out today is a free again that's going to be happening from 10 o'clock this morning so about another hour and a half until 5 o'clock in the evening. i understand that is a big hit and lot of people come out to that. all right. enjoy your shopping, guys. back to you. >> some day. some day they will not take it so well. it will be fine. they love it. >> you need to go back and say a thank you to that woman for
8:37 am
you sure do. you should have seen eye roll she gave me. we felt it all the way here. see you later, man. >> bye. >> it's true. it's true. >> all right. a little boy in lakeland certainly knows the true meaning of giving. he just turned eight years old big party a roller skating rink got lots of presents he turned around and donated every single one of them to lakeland's cops for kids as reward for police chief let him take a spin in his chair and presented him w lakeland police badge. he calls ethan very special young man. i think we can all dprae. >> yeah. cute picture. here we go. dave osterberg you watching we fox 13's kelly cowan on phone right now to debunk any doubt >> i've heard we have? some nonbelievers.
8:38 am
put your hand in front of that camera so that dave it's dave that doesn't believe it's really you. >> uh-huh. dave are you believing it now? i don't have my make on. it's too early for that. look at that. oh. yeah. [ applause ] >> wait, wait, wait. kelly. let's prove it. when you put that down a little baster thing i want you to turn your hand around and wave to the camera. she's got to job to no, no, this could have been a video of her basting it earlier. through ago. now i believe you. that. my next question laura and russel and i want to know what time is dinner. what time is? you know truth be told this is a practice turkey. >> really. this is just for our facebook viewer's turkey. people are saying how small the bird is this is actually for my we are live in the common wealth
8:39 am
with this turkey. you're not even here >> you're with your family. it is not beyond three of us to eat a practice turkey. we're okay with that. >> yeah the real, real turkey for thanksgiving dinners in house with toddler we didn't we might unaffected stream. i see. how long have you cooking it? >> i think we put it in at 7:30 this morning. just a little over an hour. nice. >> okay. >> you know clearly nothing is going on here because we're just staying with you basting a turkey. >> yeah. yeah. i'm not loving that part. >> hey kelly? >> yes. what is like big tradition at your house on thanksgiving? is there a big tradition? >> well, there's always a big
8:40 am
the ham. because for a long time, there was a team hone baked ham and a there was a team adamantly now i'm team honey baked ham. grandma passed away, we stopped getting hone baked ham. it was a big coup. so one year hone bake sweetener stuff that was thrown on the stable next to the family and i was told to honey my own ham. and ever revolt now we brought it back honey baked ham is part of things once again as it should be. >> you know kelly, i think you've started a new thanksgiving tradition in america. the yule log you were mentioning. now this. some people have a yule log we have kelly cowan's turkey. it's good. its great. be safe my friend. have a happy thanksgiving tell family hello. happy thanksgiving everyone.
8:41 am
live from a common wealth of virginia. >> i love it. never know what's going to happen. ever. >> you know what it is? if we have to work, everybody has to work. between jen and that i'm awfully glad i'm here today. >> you know what i'm going to say about, that kind of gig you want to have jen epstein in turkey hat hanging out with people. and kelly cowan basting a turkey. there's life is good. there's a time wn news or serious weather or traffic for that matter but times like this, just enjoy it. have fun. because this is what people are doing have having a great time doing it. it is 8:41. let's jump into this forecast. obviously, you know, you just look outside and you can see how absolutely adore rabl awesome it is. 64 degrees. i'm looking weston kennedy. and we're close to 9 o'clock. and i'm counting cars.
8:42 am
roads here. beautiful sunshine, light and variable winds. another shot, this time over the brook dale bay shore camera. i'm sure by the dozens, they are having their own little turkey trot. jogging, walking pooch down bay shore first thing. really, just whatever outdoor activities you want to do gorgeous u.s. marine science camera equally as nice with that 64 degree temperature. so southeast is mild. gets colder as toward the northwest. but you obviously anticipate. we around anticipating dew points to run close to 60 to 62 degrees for the next couple of days. but then there's a front back here which before l. provide us with drier air by time we hit second half the weekend. that's only change honest will i see over next few days. we get slightly dryer air in by sunday. sunshine today, warmth and high temperature around 80 degrees.
8:43 am
and then more sunshine, nice and warm tomorrow with high temperature back to 80 degrees. i mention second half the weekend, a little bit dryer. what was that? who did that? do that again. everybody watch. somebody catch there turkey. you can't do it again. okay. 77 degrees on sunday. and maybe a quick little rain chance on wednesday about 30 percent. stick around we've no idea what
8:44 am
z26jnz zy6z y26jny yy6y
8:45 am
? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix. where shopping is a pleasure.
8:46 am
y26kry yy6y well, it is something we've reported on far too many times people get too close to a cliff trying to take that perfect photo then they fall. what if there was a way they could warned they are in danger zone. exactly what some students came
8:47 am
certainly, life saving technology. hey joette. yeah, great that is if they listen to app. we need to tell everybody right away the app is still in development not out yet, right? . that is correct. what these reefrnler are trying to do create an app that will kwarn you when you're in a danger zone to take that selfie. what they did is they looked all selfie deaths they tried to crunch those numbers and find out where are people dyin fall n from somewhere. they get to peak or area they want to take selfie and fall over the edge. the other thing for groups especially is watery lated selfie deaths. individuals that go in a water way. there was one incident they were all in a boat they can'ted to take selfie the boat tipped over, seven people died in that particular event. so they went through multiple ways people die including standing on a train track for
8:48 am
the app to say hey look you're in an area where there may be a danger zone. but they did loot more to try to figure out what and how to identify those individuals who are in danger. and i know that neither of you or i have a level of expertise in technology that's going to explain how this works. but this app can actually tell you you're in a dangerous place? >> that's what they hope. so what they did was they were testing certain things track you're on train track we can figure that out and look and say okay you're on train track this is bad. they also looked ad geo positioning. so satellite technology various other that things you will you are in an area very high level and then there's drops great drops or ravines or that might indicate or on danger zone or
8:49 am
a #s what were #s when were they the clues when you're taking a lot of this when they are looking a where people are taking pictures from where they were looking at those. but what seemed to be the best correlation was at image itself. so how they are going to incorporate that into the app, i i got to say very complex task that they are trying to achieve. >> and i are they far enough along with it yet you how they are going to warn you if you're in a dangerous situation? there is a buzzer? is something that tells you to move or be careful? you know if they will add audio i think there a text or some sort of warning signal that they are planning to make it, you know, make you aware. but again you know the bottom line you're in a dangerous situation you're doing this thing potentially because it
8:50 am
it makes you wonder. also you thing about too i've taken a selfie tess top mountain when i'm skiing not a dangerous place i'm on flat land. how did this make this work? i'm really curious to see. i am too. i guess in the end the goal is to keep people from dying from bad selfies if it just raises awareness saves a couple lives, you know, that one other thing they did mention in the u.s. and in russia there seem to be more selfie deaths not biggest number but deaths from guns. so, so that's something they are saying they could pretty much not be able to fix. that people take chances with some sort of a weapon. >> fascinating though. it really. i mean, we criticize these apps all time we talk selfies all the
8:51 am
something that could used for good. fascinating. i hope so. joette, thank you. >> thanksgiving morning and it's thanksgiving traditions turkey trot. and you know most people out there are running they are working hard. not jen epstein. look at that. a tough gig folks. she's one relaxing spot at the drive. hey, jen. can you hear me? >> i love sara with big hair. i so you were on turkey trot or out here reporting all morning you come out here and get a massage. how can this day get any better on thanksgiving? i don't have anything else to say. but i'll be back after break
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good day tampa bay and happy thanksgiving everyone. what a better way to celebrate holidays with your family and 38th annual turkey trot in clearwater. thousands of people are out here this morning. running all the different types of race 5 k wing ding, to the turkey trot official clearwater ten k.
8:55 am
bit. i have found quite an amazing family here. happy thanksgiving. happy thanksgiving. yes. so you guys we'll talk to little ones first of all. you you ran? >> yes. talk to me about it. she puked. [ laughter ] we were trying to avoid that. okay so some people get sick it's cool. you feel better? >> you had a couple you feel good. talk to me a little bit about you run once or twice before >> when i was six years old my mom had her sister in her tummy we ran. oh, that's really cute. speaking of let's go oh grown ups i'm going to call you out one person missing she's still walking she's nine months pregnant, right? >> that is your >> my little sister. >> okay. she's pushing our three-year-old in the stroller. she's nine months pregnant. but she wanted to.
8:56 am
this baby has already happened >> we hope not, we hope not. we hope not. this is tradition for you guys? it's a first time as family. so talk to me about plans for later today. what are you going to do? family just eat lunch. >> going to grandma and grandpa's maybe. i would like to know favorite thanksgiving meal food >> pie. you want to specific about pie >> apple pie. favorite thanksgiving food >> ice cream. ice cream. turkey. turkey. all right my turkey girl. high 5. turkey turkey. and one last question. who beat who was the winner? >> winner winner grayson, my man. you guys have a very happy thanksgiving. thanks for stopping by i hope your wife is okay out there. congratulations to when baby
8:57 am
good day tampa bay as 38th annual turkey trot. we'll talk to some other people out here finishing tampa bay is amazing. i work here, i raise my kids here, i even take care of my mom here. but you know what? i could use a hand.
8:58 am
family caregivers like you with free tools and resources. and we're making our community an even better place to live, work and play for people of all ages. if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think a-a-r-p, then you don't know "aarp."
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let the shopping begin! from the outdoors.. the sports fans.. all right. let shopping begin from outdoors to sports fans, music fans weaver got what's hot and where to find it. and be proud of that ext jiggle around your middle. the new movement for women to show off their bods while they are working out #belly jelly. >> happy thanksgiving everyone i'm laura moody. join the club. [ laughter ] >> it's nice outside this morning. it looks nice. belly jelly here. suck it in. you this even wear a belt on thanksgiving. it just gets in way. or tomorrow.


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