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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  November 24, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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let the shopping begin! from the outdoors.. the sports fans.. all right. let shopping begin from outdoors to sports fans, music fans weaver got what's hot and where to find it. and be proud of that ext jiggle around your middle. the new movement for women to show off their bods while they are working out #belly jelly. >> happy thanksgiving everyone i'm laura moody. join the club. [ laughter ] >> it's nice outside this morning. it looks nice. belly jelly here. suck it in. you this even wear a belt on thanksgiving. it just gets in way. or tomorrow.
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yeah. yeah. oh, yeah. oh, man do i have seven day up darn it's that's okay. here we go. 80 degrees for high temperature today. we're starting we're at 70 degrees right now at nine click. you can feel it. is warmer. not bad very nice. dryer second half the weekend. let's go for are run those folks doing turkey trot. starting to the a little warm on them now. almost done with turkey trots. beautiful, beautiful, much more all right we'll see you then, dave. thank you. >> so it's thanksgiving morning. and the pies are made and turkey probably in even you're peeling potatoes right about now. some people do things for others this day. they volunteer their time and their energy at metropolitan ministries. and that's where fox 13's shayla reeves has been all morning long you've met a lot of interesting people sings sings you've been there. it's good thing that they do.
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we've got great volunteers. i just had a chance to chat with yolanda she's joined by her children, grandchildren today, everyone looking forward to that thanksgiving meal, right? >> yes. tell me what are you looking forward to the most on the mean 82? >> mac reasaroni and cheese. >> how does it feel to make so pane people think about >> it feels great. it feels really especially all things we've been through this year, just happy. >> and to be able to come here and one of the goods we heard is you come volunteer look you in eye they talk to you. they are encouraging. just to have that extra you know, one-on-one contact what does it mean to you giving what year's like >> well my year with volunteers and you know
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somebody just give you that face to face contact >> it makes me feel like i'm still a person, i'm still alive. you know what i'm saying. everything that we have been through, when we came here to metropolitan ministries, i'm with family against because we were so stressed and struggling and stuff like a that. i'm just happy. i hear somebody down there at the end of the table. >> that's my grandson. i'm going to hop over here for just a minute. a few minutes ago. i think you had some favorites on your thanksgiving menu. tell me what you're hoping to have macaroni and a cheese, ham collard greens. sweet positive tau to pie. >> what about you? >> macaroni and cheese. and pie. what about you? >> some ham and yams. and last but not least what would you like to have?
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>> ham and turkey. i don't want to forget you. >> ham and turkey and eggs. she said ham and turkey and eggs. well miss yolanda and family are among thousands that will be receiving a meal today with the help of metropolitan ministries. some volunteers started a little early today before the alarm clocks may typically go off but it was all certainly for a good cause. they were in kitchen preparing the vegetables the t stuffing all of the things that that you think about when you think about that thanksgiving meal. so those volunteers started early. some of meals are going to be provided here in hillsborough county. others will be headed to pasco county and pinellas county as well. the big community meal coming up at 11:00 today. so we're going to continue to keep you posted and all the thanksgiving day festivities get under way, guys back to you. see you met the best families all right, thank you, shayla.
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automatic woman to cabinet betsy devos founded american federation for children in 2010 and has long time advocate for school choice. during education round table she was quoted as saying, what she is trying to do is tear down mind set that assigns students to school based solely on the zip code of their family's home. we advocate for as much freedom as possible. of course republicans are cheering selection education >> and that's not surprising that these two sides do not dprae. but on this holiday president-elect trump is asking for everybody to come together. he released this video last night. we've just finish ad long and bruising political campaign. emotions are raw and tensions just don't heal overnight. it doesn't go quickly unfortunately. but we have before us the chance now to make history together to
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real safety to our cities, and real prosperity to our communities including our inner cities. so important to me. and so important to our country. but to succeed we must enlist the effort of our entire nation. this historic political campaign is now over. but now begins a great national campaign to rebuild our country and to restore the full promise of america for all of our people. i'm asking you to join me in it's time to restore the bonds of trust between citizens. because when america is unified there's nothing beyond our reach. i mean absolutely nothing. >> let us give thanks for all that we have. and let us boldly face the excitely new frontier that is lie ahead. thank you, god bless you and god bless america. >> and with that doug luzader reminds us no matter what our political persuasions may be,
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for. clearly donald trump has a lot to be thankful for this thanksgiving. preparing to move into the white house and implementing new vision he spoke about out on campaign trail, plus his administration is quickly taking shape. people that as i say would make america great again. on the other hand, as saturday night live is quick to point out trump's expense, now begins the hard part >> google wt and obviously democrats may feel a little less than thankful than their current political plight. as they regroup there is in this perhaps an opportunity. being in opposition is a claire phiing experience. as republicans found in the obama era it was much simpler and much easier to be in opposition than it is to promulgate your own policy and put things forward. but there's no question thanksgiving and the rest of holiday season may be rough
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capitol hill and this may be calm before a long storm. and who who maybe most thank. for their political lot maybe the obamas who now get to leave all of this behind. what i do know is that i have to take michelle on vacation. in washington, thankful that election season is over, doug luzader, fox news. and fox news host and now author meg enkelly is probably pretty recently released a book called settle for more. within of day of being released she received more than 100 negative comments and had only earned a 1 star rating. now though, amazon is taken down most of review saying comments need to be about the book not about the political campaign. but critics think it's kelly's publisher putting pressure on amazon. it's 9:08 a last act of kindness for president obama.
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favorite responsibilities. he officially pardoned the thanksgiving turkey. two of them. tatar and tot. they are get to live out their days n farms. 40 pound birds will be raised by students and veterinarians this tradition that goes back several decades. first public pardon was in 1963 with president kennedy. nixon and mored did not continue at tradition came back in but president obama's daughters just wish it would go away. >> thanksgiving is family holiday as much as national one. so for the past 7 years i've established another tradition, embarrassing my daughters with a cornucopia of dad jokes about turkeys. this year they had a scheduling
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my jokes any more. they were fed up. get it? so fed up in fact that they had their cousins fill in for them. he went on to say there tradition that will continue or not i don't plan to quit this cold turkey. you know no one knows for certain how this tradition came to be. but speculated it was abraham lincoln who inspire it had when he spared his son'sur christmas dinner in 1863. >> and the other tradition on thanksgiving day, shopping. and while it used to be only a friday event, it has become a whole weekend thing. alcides is a place that has open forking that for very long time. this is a tradition for them, right? >> it is a tradition. they've doing it for 40 years something a lot of people did.
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tish, she's folding countless sweaters how is it that you do this. and she was giving me on 101 how to properly followed shirts shirts and sweaters pause we have to appreciate our employees on thanksgiving day. this has to go first. yeah. and we have to appreciate our employees, folks that working on thanksgiving. i want to give you shout out and tell you you're doing a great job. hello. i'm i just got shy. and then, that, then this goes this way, right? this goes back and this goes this way. right and this comes here. perfect. and then i asked tish, do they sell this for black friday? i'd love to have this this makes things so much easier for are all mountains of clothing i have at home. tomorrow you will using using this lot for black friday. tish you did great. thank you very much.
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8 o'clock this morning. about an hour and ten minutes ago. and it will be open until later on this evening. and you know, we were here early this morning a 5 o'clock this morning. and there was nobody here. and we were wondering why. and that's because their big sale actually started yesterday. so there were hundreds of people out here yesterday. and that sale actually continues through the weekend. now, with that said, have a big black friday sale. like a lot of the retail stores that big box retail stores. bestbuys and jc pennies and maysing and toys "r" us and walmart. all of those folks are going to have big black friday sales. including bass pro shops. now i will tell you get out there early. because earlier the better. although i did tell you russell early this morning we went to bestbuy in brandon i didn't see
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that crowd to continue to build up as it gets closer and closer to black friday. so weaver got one more live shot a little bit of shopping i will tell tish thank you. and we will continue doing all what do all morning long, alcides, alcides >> yep. >> i have one of those. >> shut up. no you don't. >> i do. i do. i've had it forever. >> really? >> yes. wra did you get is it t.? >> i think iet got it at am soppy. i've got one. yeah you c as seen on tv things a while back. listen. all right. all right. i got an answer. wait, wait. so all you do, amazon? 10.99. anne marie told me 10.99 amazon right now. you want me to get you one. so my wife, my wife does the laundry. she's probably watching 50, 50 she is or isn't i hope she doesn't kill me she does laundry at home if i give her one of
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she's going to be? i think you should offer to do folding i'll get you one for christmas. >> oh i love it okay. done. i have to try to find something. it will be here by saturday. >> see you. all right. bye. in about 20 minutes. all right bud certainly not thanksgiving day without the macy's thanksgiving parade. balloon and favorite characters. this year charley brown even made the marched down 6 the avenue. this isth year for parade that traditionally marked beginning holiday season because at the end of it you know this, santa claus always rides into manhattan into macy's store a harold's square we will watching new some high school marching band. thisser one ever eight marching bands asking asked to join the parade and only one from there. they had to raise more more than $350,000 to make the trip and more than thanksful to all community and sponsors who
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it's a big deal. all right. still ahead new movement for women to be honest about their bodies and all that jelly around the middle. that's coming up next. why walmart has to fork over 54 million to some truck drivers. we will have that story coming up 9:30 jen epstein is at the turkey trot this morning. what are you doing now? >> remember when i was telling you about woman nine months pregnant and running t t sara is here. wow she ran 5 k fun run little easton over here they are all doing okay. they are hungry and ready to eat >> this woman is pro >> just one of hundreds of families out here definitely pro. excited about the 38th annual turkey trot. we'll talk to some of other
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((dave//wipe vo)) and look at this... if you don't know what to get someo and look at this, if you don't know what to get someone tore trms tampa bay along have plaza. they will open 9:00 a.m. with the official ribbon cutting thunder bug lightning girls. lightning execs will be there as well. store new dillard's on first floor. they say it will be a full sports experience. and take a look at this, dave. >> nobody won the powerball. >> nobody. so you know yesterday i said drawing on saturday. it was yesterday.
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if you take lump it is 243 >> wow. i can buy a lot of christmas presents with that >> yeah. >> and i'm heading out of town this weekend >> going up to rhode island. bt they have powerball up there too. if winner comes from rhode island. or florida i'm trying to cover every state. cover all your bases. >> we are sitting in 70s >> it's warm. it's warmest 9 o'clock temperature we've had this week. and no doubt about a few spots are left in the 60s like sun city center, apollo beach. westchase in upper 60s. crystal river. how about this, a few days ago. sitting freezing now they are 70 degrees. sarasota's at 71. inland locations where wauchula you won the race you made it to 71st. who would be first to 80? we're get back up to that this afternoon everybody.
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and it's just stunning outside. so mostly sunny, warm your high temperature around 80 degrees. mild, 65 tonight. i through in this a hint of fog. we didn't see much this morning but there may be a little bit out there early tomorrow. but sunshine and warmth right back over with your black friday high temperature around 80 degrees. it may dry out a little bit. second half of the weekend. go back to 77 degrees for a high. 78 on tiniest little chance of a shower for you on wednesday. so pretty nice next 7 days. oh. that forecast looks amazing. okay we told you about this movement. we hate to tell you the average american will eat about 3,000 calories when they sit down for thanksgiving meal today. don't need to talk about it too
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dessert. i know, right? a constant battle against the bulging. but there's new campaign, if you will, that says so what if you the "move-meant foundation".. .and they say, that all so this campaign is from the movement foundation. they say that all women have it's natural and it's time to own it. and that by working out in just a sports bra you're being radically honest. and that that is empowering. and a woman empowered is beautiful. they want more women to join this revolution. post videos pictures of yourself working out with the #bellyjelly. not sure if it's going to catch on but another example of women taking control over the hype of
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different shapes and sizes. and we should appreciate that. thank goodness for that. there is joy in our individuality. the joys of gift giving from sounds of presley and sinatra to favorite tv shows lit hottest items coming up a little later. then jen wis some people that
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good day tampa bay. we are live at the 38th annual turkey trot a lot going on this morning. let me tell you this. it was a little chilly out this morning i had my jacket on. i'm sweating to death for this an in case you're going oh for a
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it's so hot. i'm intaeting i'm getting hon's with you i if realize it was coming up so soon with live report. singing turkey. and, look what i found. it's not very hard to find a turkey on thanksgiving at the turkey trot. >> good morning. good morning. mcdonald family >> mcdaniel family. >> hi. how are you? happy thanksgiving to you. i'm more flustered. we did 7:00 a.m. first time? >> around there yeah. >> have you run before? >> yes. yeah. >> uh-oh. uh-oh. are you upset you're not on camera. hi. >> you want to say something? . she's taking microphone away from me everyone. okay. i will let her have it for a minute. that's a microphone. can i have it back i may never get microphone back. thank you. >> okay. so talk to me about your day.
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that's nice go pie. we run for pie. and turkey. run for pie. and now we're waiting for dad he's outdoing at 10 k right now waiting on him to finish so we can actually have real pie and turkey. so why, why do you decide it's thanksgiving i could a sleep in or run like a couple miles >> oh, you know we're just grateful we have health to be able to do and the beautiful weather in florida. and just this opportunity to be with so many thousands of people to enjoy the day. it's a great way to start it. isn't it fun. absolutely. i also notice not only are you celebrating i believe you're still celebrating halloween. it's just fall. candy corn earrings they have to match the socks. >> oh my goodness. i didn't even, i ran over here screaming turkey i didn't. let's just take a minute and admire the whole outfit. i didn't notice candy corn socks which by way are my favorite the actual candy. i like the socks too. and hats. the hats.
9:27 am
jusz so much fun. enjoy pie. enjoy the turkey. are you good now? you feeling all right? happy thanksgiving. >> bye. you say pie. i think she said pie russell. pie. >> pie. she wants some pie. you want pie? >> yeah. yes. ask her where she got those socks. >> our anchor is sock enthusiast. correct? >> yes. so he wants to know where you got your socks? >> amazon. she think it's amazon. all right. i you're a sock enthusiast. i like that. i like sock enthusiast. i like that. he i'll take it. all right. love you sweetie. she's crying. no she's good. love you guys. talk to you soon. yeah, see you.
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half hour including why hundreds of truck drivers sued walmart and they won. like $54 million the don't miss our black friday specials, at havertys furniture. big savings in store only. this friday, eight am to eleven am. and get thirty-six month, no-interest financing. black friday specials, while supplies last. friday, three hours only. with havertys, your home can be perfect, even when life isn't. don't miss our black friday specials at havertys.
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>> from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. bad news for a nations largest retailer. walmart lost a big court case in california. and a jury awarded truck drivers $54 million. the jury agreed with the hundreds of drivers that walmart intentionally did not pay them. suit said company did not pay driver when they had to do other things then drive like washing their trucks. going through inspections. and for the lay overs when drivers allegedly are told to stay in their vehicle.
9:31 am
simply penalties will be determined by the judge. that's on top of the jury's $54 million verdict. some experts say between the two, walmart could pay close to $150 million. >> thanksgiving morning, and some people need a little help this holiday season. this is one place that folks can always count on that's metropolitan ministries. shayla has there all morning long. very, very nice this morning. oh, thank you, russell. it's so strange right now because it was a hustle and bustle of thanksgiving day just a few hours ago. it's still busy here but a little bit quieter than the earlier reports we brought you here inside metro ministries. but certainly work that's continuing as all volunteers including tony here are making sure people right here in the tampa bay area have something to eat today. tony, i know you mentioned
9:32 am
shelters for the last 30 years. you've involved with metro for the last year, year and a half. why was is important for you to continue to 5 back as you move throughout your own professional life? >> well, like i tell everyone, i was one of them. i grew up very poor. and so now i own a successful business i just feel it's my importantly to much that's given much is expected. one day of the year for thanksgiving or christmas. for you this is a year round thing. you're familiar face here. >> yeah. i already did 25 hours this week alone. i come every week. but i usually come in the morning kind of hard to find volunteers. like 6 o'clock in the morning. what do you hope that families, there's thousands of them that will benefit from work volunteers like yourself are doing today. what do you hope they feel today knowing that you and others are
9:33 am
>> that other people care for them. there's hope out of that situation. i try to talk to as many as i can. i was in their situation. now i run a very large company. there's always hope. did you notice all of badges says hope. all volunteer badges says hope. there's hope that people care about. there's hope that you can get out situation that you're no matter how bad it is. thank you so much for your time, tony. tony volunteers giving their time today to make sure that this thanksgiving is a special one for so many families right here in the tampa bay area. we know they've got a pretty extensive menu today. it includes turkey, it includes vegetables, you have the mashed potatoes and the gravy. sop many things on the menu as well at desserts, if you have sweet tooth but certainly, for many of the folks, something that they enjoy doing.
9:34 am
others we've chatted with this morning, this is just work that they want to continue. because they've been in a position where they maybe needed help from another agency or someone else. and now they want to give back to others who are maybe where they once were themselves. so that's what's happening here at metro ministries. appear community lunch gets under way a 11 o'clock. i will send it back to you guys in studio. thank you, shayla. he was wonderful. >> he was wonderful. thank done with meal maybe you're done volunteering maybe its time to do a little shopping. >> yeah. fox 13's alcides segui is at bass pro shops where they have a 40 year tradition of being open on thanksgiving? >> thanks for watching. >> yeah. they are open on thanksgiving. thanks for watching he was watching this morning. nice. i've countless people i saw a 5 o'clock this morning just you by yourself. that was us. not any more though.
9:35 am
8 o'clock this morning, they will closing later on this evening and getting ready for tomorrow's big, big black friday deals. where they are expecting hundreds of people to wrap around the building. and get ready for that holiday shopping. of course, you know best, i keep saying bass pro shops is only big box retail store that is open today. you've got bestbuy, you've got target. you've got maysing and jc penny all big box retail stores are open today. again they are going to be tomorrow. we are expecting large crowds and all of those big box stores. one thing that if you are coming out here to bass pro shops today. expect a lot of people towards tail end of the day. and about half hour. russel and laura you'll never believe who is going to be here. oh. i get bet i already know. >> big man. who? all right. the big guy. the big man. the man in red. see you later.
9:36 am
all right. it's dave osterberg time. we need to check of the forecast. how's it going to be today? i've got seven day up again already. what's wrong, stick with me here for second. we're all same way. but that kind of day. that kind of day. nobody cares. it is that kind of day nobody cares to be honest buses aren't here, nobody cares. and now, what i'm going to do is now i'm going to put up the temperature. because we're westchase, tampa, brandon, plant city. this is the warmest 9 o'clock, these warmest 9 o'clock numbers we have had. i mean literally all week. running in some cases 5 to 9 degrees warmer than it was yesterday at this time. now, yes, we'll have a little bit of cloud cover. and i'm kind of mix in with our sunshine. that's the worst we're looking for. i think the main question today is how many of us can touch 80 degrees this afternoon.
9:37 am
couple of days. 78, 79, today. lot of us going to get up there to around 80. and not much of a change as we go into the weekend. very week front come through the area. nothing like the front we had last weekend. as it slides southeast ward going to bring us just a little bit of dryer air come second half the weekend. so that's about all. about only change we're talking about. is getting some drier air in for the second h sunshine we'll at mild temperatures and that will continue at least through the middle of next week. now, the computer models are kind of up and down about the middle of next week. maybe a shower, maybe not a shower, i put 30 percent rain chance in for wednesday we'll deal with that on monday. 80 for you this afternoon. beautiful thanksgiving afternoon. and next 7 days, back to 80 again tomorrow. upper 70s, saturday, sunday. a little bit drier second half
9:38 am
potential 30 percent whopping rain chance to finish off the month of november. we've got a bunch of first birthdays sit back, happy thanksgiving. and happy birthday at the same time to our friend mohammed who likes watching daniel tiger's neighborhood. loves playing with siblings and going to grandma's house. that is where you're going tore furbying day today my friend? happy first birthday. jackson turning one today. he loves playing outside and walking his dogs and we're told he loves his fruits and veggies. happy first birthday. way to show rest of us. how about olivia. we had a technical issue. we in f. show her beautiful face. we wanted to do that. we hope you had great first birthday yesterday. she likes mandarin oranges. loves dogs once again two days in row happy first birthday. look at this. look at this.
9:39 am
the wait because i love that bow tie and hat. jackson lovers playing peek a boo. dancing and loving running around and cuddling with mommy and daddy. we hope you had a great birthday, final emily turned one earlier this week. she loves playing with her sister, chasing the dogs and swinging on her swing. so happy first birthday to each and every one of you. and to double bonus for you happy thanksgiving as well. true. from the best movies and tv shows to best singers like sinatra and presley. coming up next the hottest
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((laura/2sh)) last week at elementary schools around the country, students learned of the story behind the first thanksgiving. last weekend a students were learning a story behind first thanksgiving. and story pilgrims and indians has change ad lot over last few years. some might say it's become too politically correct. to show just how that's so late night host jimmy kimmel had elementary students perform a
9:43 am
>> look. over the coming months the indigenous people taught nonindigenous people how to hunt, fish and grow crops. that's not to say that those who dn't know these things are somehow lesser than those that do. >> in august of 1621 they all met in a safe place and a had locally sourced feast. >> let's say grace. dear to our higher power, we choose to believe in or not believe in. thank you or never mind. let's eat [ laughter ] and it continued to go on. for next three minutes including one of the pilgrims having an allergy to maize.
9:44 am
and jimmy kimmel hits in the head that's totally politically incorrect. with thanksgiving though comes official beginning of shopping season. before you go out, fox's jonathan hunt shows us some hottest items this year. >> here around few suggestions for your holiday shopping list. elvis presley the complete album collection is a 60 disc anthology box set that include albums, plus three new discs rarities from 50s, 60s and 70s. >> the fanning citra tra collection continues centennial celebration of legendary singer with three new titles old blue eyes is back. the main event after royal festival hall sinatra in japan and happy holidays with frank and bing.
9:45 am
pictures compiled favorite animated films for limited edition lunch box gift set. the smurfs cloudy with a chance of meat balls and hotel transavailable ya are among the ten movies included. >> a 40 edition of a classic film taxi driver is now available as well as the 30th anniversary labyrinth which include rare photos and a look behind the scenes. complete series comes in a nine disc collection. and the complete series of the emmy award winning naked city is available in a 29dvd box set collection. for vinyl fans come rock and roll portable briefcase turn tables available in three different models. and old school gamer can pick nintendo class equilibrium i
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news. that brought back memories. sure did. still lots more ahead including business of thanksgiving. they don't call it black friday for nothing. and jen is still trying around clearwater. hello my friend. im on the race track. not because i'm running but because john, four time winner turkey trot he just did a ten k i like 33 minutes. you feeling okay? thumbs up? we're not going talk to him he' that's amazing. you can eat whole turkey if you want today, right? and all the pies. you feeling okay. happy thanksgiving. wow. impressive. he's just one of thousands of people out here in clearwater high school for 38th annual turkey trot. i just found a huge family like 20 of them hanging out over 20 of them hanging out over there having 20 of them hanging out over there having we live in a pick and choose world. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime why settle for this? enter sleep number.
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u slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! give the gift of amazing sleep. only at a sleep number store, right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. hurry, ends soon! learn more at
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((laura/2sh)) ya know, some people are just way too healthy for me today. they won't get some people are way to healthy for me today. they are skipping dessert. others got day off with a run in the turkey trot. let's get to jen. dave. she's out there all morning. she's a big sport about it how you doing, jen? >> wait.
9:50 am
jen. can't hear a word. she's saying she's hot. can't hear a word she's saying. first syllable. the on button. is on button on? yeah wait a minute. got nothing. we've got technicians involved. now see normally normally we wouldn't care that we didn't hear her but it is thanksgiving and lot cool people she wants to talk. last family one guy he 10k that's incredible. six miles, a little over 5 minute miles. that's crazy. that's. almost. we get her back yet? i >> i hear something. he looks surprisingly not winded. some people that just have, just have that factor. that speed factor. we got you. hey jen. >> they can hear me.
9:51 am
yes we're good. i don't know what happened. maybe i'm sweating so much maybe it affected microphone. maybe. gross. >> really hot out there. we're back. we're good. we're on t v. so look at this, this like a whole family, whole family. i think i counted 15, right? huge we're going to hughes because grandma hughes, you started this all, didn't you? >> right. >> one big family, huh? one big family. yes. so were you out there this mo yes. >> you did? i had to go in a wheelchair but i did go on. >> that is fantastic. congratulations to you. >> you we've doing it for many years so i didn't want to miss this year nobody can say no to you, right? no >> well-- [ laughter ] >> so what are rest of the plans for the day? we're going to my granddaughter's for dinner. >> how wonderful. >> most of us, yeah. can you tell me a little bit
9:52 am
what's going on there? >> pilgrim hat >> she made these for the games >> the bulls. it's its a bullgrim hat. i feel somebody nudging me to side. leader of this pack? would you like to tell everybody your name is and how old you are? >> i'm five years old. sweetheart you go go have to talk allot louder if you're the leader old. >> awesome. tell me how much you love this family you got here? >> a lot. a lot. you want to tell me what you're thankful for >> my mommy and my famu. that's wonderful. did you, were you walking too? >> running. running. whoa. whoa. so you were out there with the family but you were ahead of them you were moving fast.
9:53 am
leader, guys. >> and you got a little one behind you? is that your sister? >> hey. what's your name, girl? >> my name is scout. i love my family so much. >> you love your family too? wow. you guys, that's great. how many times have you won this? you said since the beginning you want to come talk? yes. i know. some of them bright orange shirt that was probably years now. come on over here. you've running for ten years. >> yes. ten years who are you in this family? i'm connie. i'm the grandma's daughter. grandma hughes' granddaughter. we do this every year and really look forward to it. you know this, what is thanksgiving is all about being with your family out here in florida sun. get something exercise.
9:54 am
happy thanksgiving, jen. pretty nice isn't it? >> yes.
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