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tv   Fox 13 News  FOX  November 24, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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so as long as we continue to do that, the sky is the limit. >> the bucs have just three more home games remaining. one of them when they host seattle. and ricky reynolds discusses why the seahawks could have an edge over the bucks this weekend. >> they have been to the super bowl and the bucs are striving to be. >> and they will be without some key defensive players but sherman will still be there. is he one of the key players. >> oh, surely. >> and what is mike evans going
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down-the-field passes, he is a big guy and a great strider and running well, and so he is going to have to mix it up and some he some double moves, some slant and goes. >> and russell wilson on the offensive side of the ball? >> phenomenal. he has led his team to two straight victories, against the >> how well is he playing at this point in the season compared to years past? >> he is one of the best in the league right now. this guy is on a pro bowl level, and he is doing a great job of not throwing intersections. he has only throw two this season. >> and source tha of course thag up this sunday, along with ricky and i.
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preview, and then the network takes over after that at 11:00, and later on the seahawks and bucs take the field at ray-j at 4:05, it's going to be a great time. >> thanks, and before we go, why not start celebrating christmas? the wonderland of lights opened tonight in east brandon. crews worked hard to transform the pole. it runs about a mile long and once you are are done you and your family can stop by the christmas village to meet santa himself. the news keeps going on line, at and our news app on your phone. money, power, and politics is next, and the news starts
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you a great night and a happy
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money, power & politics 50th anniversary special. starring craig patrick, merissa lynn, charley belcher, bae arthur, diane carol and the jefferson starship. now here's craig. [clapping] >> happy 50th. look at that. >> okay. thank you, char leechlt our 50th. here we are. >> so glad to be here. but aren't you kind of sitting a little high it's talk show. this is how we do it. i'm feeling nostalgic. >> we have a lot of things lined up. >> a lot of clips. you've been with us since the start. i takes us back to 1953. remember the guessing game you used to do to figure out who they are? >> yeah. >> what do you make of the state of politics today? could you imagine trump versus
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>> sit fun to watch? >> yeah. >> mmm. are you ronald reagan? >> ronald reagan. [clapping] >> there you go. you nailed it. >> i couldn't have done it. you scored the big interview. remember the big one in 1974? >> that one. >> that one. >> the big one. >> that one. >> we made news on that. >> i have never been a quitter. >> how will you spend the remanlder of your second term? sgli must put america first. to continue to fight through the months ahead for my personal vindication. >> you do realize we have the missing tapes and deep throat will join us tomorrow night. >> therefore i shall resign the presidency effecttive at noon tomorrow. >> wow! >> that was a big one. charley was directing that night. remember how he left? >> i remember when he left the studio. good-bye, craig. it's been real.
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historic. >> he seemed miffed that night. >> he was a little off. but we've had worse. >> remember the one with vice president bush. >> there's a back story. it was the night before in the heerer sal. i was supposed to meet him and walked offset for seven minutes. kept him waiting. >> hermed that one. >> show that tlip from the 80s. >> mr. vice president, dan quail, really? >> everybody admitted mistake. i've admitted mistake. >> i thought this was a news program. >> what does that say about your judgment? >> how would you like it if i judge your career by the seven minutes when you walked off the set. >> craig, you looked different! styles change. you haven't changed a bit since 1953. >> what are you talking about 1953? >> we just showed it on the 50th anniversary special. the whole thing with you and musky came in. >> 50th anniversary. that's not right.
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same difference. >> no. they're not guilty the same difference. they're opposite. >> we shot the pilot last year. >> pilot. that means it's the 51st episode. 50 plus one. 51. not a 50th anniversary. >> charley, what say you? >> it's a 50th anniversary special if i've ever seen one! what else should we show? >> if you want to be nostalgic pick up the dean martin let's do it. >> donald trump likes to sue people. he should sue whoever did that to his face. >> i call him little marco. he's nice though. >> he's like six two, which is why i don't understand why his lands are the size of someone who is five two. you know what they say about men with small hands. >> i guarantee you there's no problem. i guarantee it. ? ?
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some roast. >> never overcooked. always served perfectly. i love roast. wait. what was your question? >> i used to do impressions. >> you still do impressions of those guys. take a look. >> let me say my firm belief. we choose to do the other things. not because they are easy but because they are hard. aggress is defeated and the war is over. [clapping] >> as i said, good night, god ble america. >> that's the job of the side kick to tell you you're doing a great impression even if you're not. >> thank you, charley. remember when the nfl asked us to host the draft this year. >> that was awesome. i really like clevelands pick. >> with the 8. >> we've got darren. >> yeah. >> let's try that one more time. try to say that with a straight face. >> with the 8th pick, the
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yeltzen. ? ? >> yes. >> see, charley likes the pick. >> it was a good pick. my favorite was tampa bay's pick. >> with the ninth pick, the tampa bay buccaneers select... jeb bush. [cheering] [singing] >> merissa, i didn't see that one coming. let's see a show of hands. who thinks that was a weird that's what i thought. especial laf somebody hacked his twitter page and posted this unflattering picture. it looks as if he was smoking something. we had jeb bush on our show a couple of times. >> remember when you tried his hand at stand up comedy! it's cooler to do it diagonally rather than straight up. and it's better to do it higher than lower because you look skinnier.
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crowd. >> remember when you read the fake story to all those kids. >> we do that every week. >> mr. ted said to the world. >> what did he sna >> the whole world son fire. >> the world is on fire? >> yes. your world son fire. >> he said the world is a beautiful place and he loves kids very much. >> do kids love him? >> >> yeah. >> well, if we're going through the old stuff what about the civil war series? >> we had a seven part. what would happen if ken burns made a documentary on 2016. >> regrouped to the stronghold of wisconsin and blasted the trumps as they crossed the border. >> establishment preaches and talk show hosts unite. for today and forever our battle
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>> never trump. never trump. >> never trump. >> trumps loss in wisconsin gave the resistance false home. they charged in gettysburg and never came home. >> we can't forget about new segments too. >> like political squares. do you have any other political jokes? >> i don't approve of political jokes. i've seen to tao many of them get elected! that's funny vanessa. >> ooh! >> your water off. >> and you're the bottom right square. but didn't you get your own show after that? >> this is judge merissa. >> yeah. we run that one on tuesday nights. >> tuesday night. >> mr. patrick, which side does your show take. >> no side. we're equal opportunity harasser. >> what is wrong with you? >> no. that's figure of speech.
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both sides. >> enough with the cliches. >> he has a loft those. >> you're a fair judge no matter what donald trump says? >> ooh. >> yeah. and charley likes that you know he'll like this. >> i like that. >> we always of when charley read yours e-mail. >> so many clips. i don't know where to start. >> hello, this the craig. mr. trump, i'll be right there. >> wow! he gets the coolest phone calls. look at that. he left his e-mail up. craig is a pretty busy guy. i'll help him. i'll help him return his e-mails. >> wait, mr. trump. >> mr. trump. >> these idiots on television.
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he's watching the charley belcher but he wasn't happy about it. >> what belcher bit >> >> the one on tv now. >> what's he doing? >> making fun of you. >> you're fired. >> one more. >> looking at those makes me want go through our mail. >> let's do it. >> send it to charley belcher. >> coming up. charley reads my mail. we'll take you inside the radio show with very special guests. >> everybody love yous and so do i.
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hello money, power & politics audience. charley belcher here in the fox 13 mail room. yes. apparently i did such a good job answering craig patrick's mail, now i'm in charge of delivering all of the mail here at fox 13. that's okay. i'm fine with that. besides it gives me an tount me. sadly, nobody is talking about me. not yet, at least. all right. i also have some mail i printed out from the mpp mail bag at we appreciate you guys responding to our request for e-mails. here we go. this is good. i love these kind of e-mails because i've got two here to read you that are quite interesting. francis says, watch youing lately you sure are a right
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but liberal bias. time to start being fair and balanced. mike, francis... we'll keep on trying. i don't know who some of these people are. hey. rus russell, i have some your mail. i'm delivering now because i do such a good job on money, power & politics they want me to... maybe i'll be the department... have a good day. karissa says, this is in reference to the debate with judge merissa on whether you have a right to be stumd. everyone has a right to be stupid. even the lek to rat. however we should hope enough chooses the least stupid of represe representatives. yes, we should hope so. let's see. shannon says, i agree. it can be fun to be stupid.
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politics. we appreciate the stupidity. for you, sir. all right. one last e-mail. jill mcguire from riverview says. watched your anniversary show. one of the funniest things we've seen. i peed my pants. what? jill, oh, my goodness. i need to talk to craig patrick about this. like a good neighbor, craig patrick is here. >> i'm leer to grant you your wish. >> i love how that works. >> i'm here. >> we goot problem. we've got a problem. by the way, what about the wishes? >> i'm not going to grant that wish. flot the one you were saying before the break. >> okay. jill mcguire from riverview loves the show but look.
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>> sorry. i didn't mean nar to happen. no. we can't have that. >> incontinence is not funny. >> if this happened do you send us an e-mail. no. don't send an e-mail. we don't want to hear about it. >> no. that's terrible. there's nothing funny about ruining a fine pair of pants. >> hope it's not ruined. >> should you pay the dry cleaning bill? >> well, no. >> ok. we should not. i apologize, jill. we did not mean for you to ruin good clothes. if it was craig that did it, on behalf of craig i would like to apologize. >> charley or merissa. >> if it was a commercial that's fine. you know, candidates will sometimes, i guess, they'll make a joke and it gets big laughs like this maybe. do candidates make jokes on the
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one time! he asked far full length mir rofrment i don't know why. the podium goes up to here. he wanted a full length mirror. maybe to smak sure her pants weren't wet. >> i wanted to bring this to your attention. we're here to serve and entertain. but for goodness sake, we don't want people ruining good clothes. >> maybe we should show people how to find it on youtube to wacht. >> sure. let's ruin pants all across the tampa bay area. go to y ware! or maybe not. or maybe. >> yeah. >> you'll get the wish. >> okay. yeah. i wish you would go back to the set now. >> i'll head back. >> there you go. my next swish for you to keep e-mails coming. mpp mail bag at keep watching us on tv fox 13. find the shows on youtube that i have air here and be careful of your dry cleaning.
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does he work here still? >> coming up. a weird night on our radio show. >> what did you want to say? >> good riddens. >> you're not a sure, you could buy this. but why miss out on this? it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. at progresso, we are now using 100% antibiotic and hormone-free white breast meat chicken in all our chicken soups!
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let's go to william jefferson blithe online one. you're on the air. >> i love women. >> that sounds an awful lot like bill clinton. >> my mother named me william jefferson blithe ii. >> can we call you bill. >> do it. >> what if we called you bubba? >> shut up. >> what did you call sflr >> advice. >> what's wrong? >> i screwed up anymy car. >> what happened? >> i'm stuck? a ditch. >> don onl i don't know what you heard but clinton is stuck in a ditch. >> i understand. >> can you pick him up? >> no. >> do it. >> no. >> i got whacked. >> there's something wrong with you. you're not very good. >> this is getting out overhand. >> let's bring in george online three. >> i'm george w. bush. >> how do we know that's him? >> say something only george w. bush would say. >> too many obgyn is aren't able to mrakt their love with women across the country.
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>> this is merissa. >> everybody love yous and so do i. >> thank you. >> wait a minute, he called with a message for don. what did you want to a? >> good riddens. >> you're not a nice person. >> shut up. >> let me say something. >> george can you endorse don so he can help bill? >> i'm absolutely adamantly opposed to that. >> you're not very good! i find it interesting that when the heat got on you dug yourself a hole. >> i'd >> bill hasn't donald trump already given you enough help with the politically damaging things he said this summer? >> until the end to have summer i hasn't thought i was coming back. >> what about the e-mails? >> part of a larger pattern of errors. >> don't do it again. >> okay. so clinton drove into a difrp. trump's office script and bush won't help. >> where do we go from here? >> howard online four take us down the path! not only are we going to mn
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north dakota and new mexico and we're going to california and texas and new york and we're going to south dakota and oregon and washington and michigan. [cheering] >> and then wooir going washington, d.c. to take back the white house. yeah! >> what better way to send it off than yeah. >> yeah! >> higher. >> yeah! >> we'll see you next week. >> coming up. a special send off for our
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volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen sign then drive event. so please subscribe to our youtube channel. craig patrick money, power & politics for more parody and political satire segments. tnight we leave you with charley belcher celebrating the money, power & politics anniversary show as only he can. >> wait. i got to that's good thing i got another bag of confetti.
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? dish nation ? ? hey, welcome to "dish nation." and more importantly, happy thanksgiving, everyone. >> gobble, gobble. >> we got a great show for you today. you know why? because you, "dish nation." we know one of the biggest thanksgiving traditions out there is going to the theater with your family. right? so we're going to kick things off by letting you know what your options are this weekend. >> all right. >> okay. >> let's kick it off with "bad santa." i know it may be thanksgiving but it is time to get ready for "bad santa 2" because christmas is right around the corner. >> i loved the first one. >> you're going to love the second one, jenna. >> you are standing on my spot. >> that's funny, i don't see


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