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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  November 25, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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>> this is one of the ones you had to be here for, and i thought it was too good to pass up so... >> black friday here early and in full swing, find out what people are braving the crowds for. >> it is my prayer on not thiffithanksgiving that we begio forward as a country. >> why the shotlight is now on n trump's seaside resort. >> good evening, i'm haley hines, thanks for joining us on this s thanksgiving night. shoppers are hitting the stores
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evan, what are the crowds looking like out there? >> haley t, it's still pretty by here. people are walking by us to go into the stores and best buy will be open just for a few more hours and then close and reopen early for black friday. some people planned well and that was the 49-inch toshiba 4k tv for $200. some waited in lines for hours this morning, and lines snaked outside of other stores like target. some opened later because of
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national retail federation says 59% of americans will shop this weekend and it's all about the deep discounts. >> i'm going to get a laptop and he is going to get a laptop, and some game systems and i'm paying for everything and i'm in and out, within 10 minutes i will be out of the store, gone, you won't even see me. >> many stores and malls are opening up early tomorrow. tampa premium all night and into tomorrow, and if you stayed home today to get family time, there is still plenty of time to brave the crowds tomorrow. >> good luck to everybody and may all of the shopping by peaceful. >> hi, everybody. on behalf of the obama family, michelle, and will the girls and bo and sunny, i want to wish you
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thanksgiving. >> this was his last thanksgiving in the white house during went he took time to make nine phone calls to service members on deployment, and he also took time to ask the county to unite. >> it is my br prayer on this thanksgiving that we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as strengthened by a shared purpose and very, very common resolve. >> he is still trying to figure out who will come with him to the white house because he sent the day at his seaside retreat in florida and now the costs and challenges of the mara sp lago a estate.
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challenge, protecting the next president in palm beach, a cavalcade of cops and secret service agents bringing a mixed reaction. >> i just hope it doesn't ruin the experience. >> the faa issues warnings to pilots and to boaters from the coast guard, it's a necessity to keep the next commander in chief safe, especially on much an unpredictable campaign. >> everything about donald trump and his ascent to the presidency is unprecedented. unquestionably you want the proper security, i don't think anyone can argue with that. >> telling "the washington post", mira largo is a secret
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residents keeping fingers crossed for a quiet holiday. >> i'm hoping that everyone is kind of over the hype but we'll see what happened this weekend. >> no official word on the exact price tag but according to some reports taxpayers may be on the hook for $7 million in security costs. and happening now in lakeland, there is a deadly crash involving a m the crash but lakeland police tell us you will want to avoid the area. and the leat leader of al sovern citizens group, ronnie davis appeared in court on charges he held a woman against her will. she came from texas to study under him but claims that have been held for three months
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davis denied that, hear his exchange with the judge after he said he didn't want an attorney. >> you understand that off right you havea right to an attorney. >> i understand that, your honor. >> and you understand if you can't afford one, i will appoint you >> i overstand that, your honor. >> you overstand it? >> yes, i can't understand it the jurisdiction of the state. >> the southern poverty law center tracks the sovereign citizens movement saying they clog up the courts with frivolous lawsuits and complicated sounding lawsuits. >> and homeless families and
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downtown tampa to have turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and all of the trimmings. it took dozens of volunteers to help prepare and serve the meal, and we spoke with one of them. >> navigating his way through a crowd of people, bob always has his eyes set on seo yourself. >> at 79, he is making sure others are taken care of, and that is his passion. >> you have not eaten at all today, have you? >> i plan my thanksgiving around my work here. i'm here because i want to be. i'm here because i enjoy it. >> those in need are not viewed any differently by this man. >> they are treated like people
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wonderful. >> he makes sure everything runs smoothly as meals are given out and he makes sure every guest is treated with kindness and compassion. >> you're a hard in and out crack, bob. >> he spent 11 years volunteering here and in a way he is an unofficial boss. >> he keeps me in line. >> from this the kitchen never met you would think he had known them all his life. >> even after being diagnosed with lung cancer three years ago, he has not slowed down much. >> i think god has called me. >> and he plans to be here year after year celebrating thanksgiving with those he knows. >> i can't think of anything illustraiwould rather do on tha.
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sarasota served nearly 1,000 people today. >> and why debris still sits in some neighborhoods months after hurricane matthew. and for some of you the sunday in the books and we may have a cold front on the day that could impact our weather on sunday. >> and before we go to the break here is a look at what some of you said you were this year. >> i'm really thankful for my friends and family and especially health. >> i'm thankful for my family and how we have a happy life. >> i'm thankful for the people we serve, our home bound and our seniors who have give so much to this community we now enjoy and
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new tonight at 11... this >> new tonight, this is the scene in madeira beach, beach marina. the man was found hours later in his boat without the lights on. he was arrested and his name has not been released. it' been a while since a hurricane wre wrecked florida's coast, but there is still trash in this neighborhood still
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island neighborhood there is pile after pile after pile of seven-week-old hurricane debris sitting at the end of the driveways. >> what does this do to the look of the neighborhood? >> it looks horrible. >> in addition to the decayed pile of vegetative debris there is stack after fencing almost all with rusted nails protruding. one confided in me and he would not go on camera because he came up with a secret plan to chop his pile into pieces and put it into the can for regular pick-up and over the course of four
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his pile, but others are still waiting for the double-trailer clam cl trucks that are bringing the debris here. they total thousands of tons of debris. >> we know it's out there, we are doing the best we can. >> the county says 90% of have been picked up and are being condensed into a pile of mulch before being hauled to the landfile, but all of that at a cost to taxpayers. memeanwhile residents complaints are piling up just like the debris. >> what do you want them to do?
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it! >> in merit island. >> here on florida's west coast, the people who will worked the holiday are grateful for the warm weather. >> they are at the beach and with their friends and family, a really enjoyal day out here for everyone. >> and this man says there was plenty of business at his rental >> 86 cr degrees today, the hign sarasota and it was in the 50's and 40's a couple of mornings ago, but now we are on a role and it will continue right through the holiday. let's take a look at this, we've been talking all week about hurricane otto that was in the caribbean, very, very usual to get a storm in that location,
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central america and now it's a tropical storm and it's just about to get into the pacific ocean, so you are talking about a storm that was initially in the atlantic basin, in the caribbean making a trip to the west, it will keep its name, otto as it moves west and west-northwest, a lot of flooding and mud slides and coast al flooding on the east side it will eventually be a nontropical low in a couple of days but you don't see this playing out often on a thanksgiving weekend. now, for us, we are pretty good. partly cloudy now. the issue tonight is going to be areaing of fog tomorrow morning. temperatures now are much warmer, running in the 60's and
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thing is that the dewpoint drops water in the atmosphere and the nights are long this time of year, and this drops the dewpoint and that will likely cause some patchy fog. the first of the temperatures on the map doesn't do much for us but the second may help to usher in a slightly less humid air looking at long-range models and doesn't look like we have a cool down but for the first or the second week in december. so here is how things play out for the remainder of your long weekend. the long shopping day, about 80, and sunday more of the sunday. there will be a sea breeze near the coast and if you're watching me inland, maybe 82 to 84 the
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nice and the rain chances maybe a sprinkle, but that's about it. the dewpoint 60 and the winds basically calm, there is the first front, and it was kind of a lousy thiffing in the lousy te northeast, cloudy and rainy and for the parade, mostly cloudy, damp and snow, and kind of a cloudy, snowy day in in chicago. 60 in mobile, and tonight we stay in the mid 60's for night time lows and tomorrow, a lot like today. 80's near the coast and then low to mid 80's as you head inland. the rest of tonight as i mentioned, patchy fog, and down to 65, and tomorrow a nice day, back up to near 80 and coming up saturday, partly cloudy and
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bit cooler on sunday, but i'll tell ya not much, and then maybe a couple of showers wednesday and thursday, and it has not rained in atlanta for 3 # 39 straight days now, that is a rain-free stretch, and they need rain, and we need rain but nothing coming up of note in the next couple of days. >> and up next, a cell phone battery breakthrough. wo charge up in seconds and last for days. sure, you could buy this. but why miss out on this? it's baking season.
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free white breast meat chicken in all our chicken soups!
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everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple. make every piece count. let other people know what you're made of. cial, but always be sweet. and of course, wear sunscreen. nature valley granola bars. no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. just good. >> imagine if if you could charge your cell phone in seconds and it would last a
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central florida. >> orlando internatioal is a great place to spot people on cell phones. they are everywhere and you can hardly toss a suitcase without seeing people charges their phones. >> so many people needed to do so that the airport adding charges stations and all of the charges that has to be done sometimes leads to healthy relationships between users and their smart phone batteries. >> depressing, mad, you get aggravated. >> but researchers at the university of center florida are working on an and advancement in power technology that will make a lot of the people waiting in this cell phone recharging area at the airport a lot happier.
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ultra thin supercapacity per, made of nano material and it could change the way that your smart phone is powered. after 1500 or so rechargers traditional lithium ion cell phone batteries wear out and die. and the science of it really is complicated but just know that the super longer, a lot longer. >> imagine charges like your phone within two seconds and then it stays charged for a week. >> they recently published their proof of concept and it's getting really buzz in the scientific world. >> this is a real break through. >> but nowhere near the buzz it got in the airport. >> that would be amazing.
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supercapasupercapacitors can do. >> that is crazy, i don't know if i believe you. >> do you hear curse words? >> oh, yeah, and it would be much less and less stressful, too. >> opin an advancement worth phg home about. >> the next step is to patent. >> they need one of those. >> for sure. >> and then why jameis winston says the team has found their stride as the regular season begins to wind down.
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serve a turkey, don't serve a turkey. bring classic flaky crescent rolls, or not so classic pizza sticks. and don't forget something sweet, and golden brown fresh from the oven. set the table, set the coffee table, set no table at all. the only rule to follow on friendsgiving... is make it your own. happy friendsgiving. warm up with pillsbury. >> scenes from last week's bucs win over the chiefs, will that momentum from that two-game win
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they are still a game back with six games remains. >> right now our team is really playing as a family. you see guys playing for each other. the concept of fighting for each other is very important to me and we're doing that. so as long as we continue to do that, the sky is the limit. >> the bucs have just three more home games remaining. one of them seattle. and ricky reynolds discusses why the seahawks could have an edge over the bucks this weekend. >> they have been to the super bowl a and they have been to whe the bucs are striving to be. >> and they will be without some
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sherman will still be there. is he one of the key players. >> oh, surely. >> and what is mike evans going to have to do. >> i think sherman does a great job of defending the down-the-field passes, he is a big guy and a great strider and running well, and so he is going to some double moves, some slant and goes. >> and russell wilson on the offensive side of the ball? >> phenomenal. he has led his team to two straight victories, against the patriots and the eagles >> how well is he playing at this point in the season compared to years past? >> he is one of the best in the league right now.
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not throwing intersections. he has only throw two this season. >> and source tha of course thag up this sunday, along with ricky and i. >> on sunday catch our full preview, and then the network takes over after that at 11:00, and later on the seahawks and bucs take the field at ray-j 4:05, it's going to be a great time. >> thanks, and before we go, why not start celebrating christmas? the wonderland of lights opened tonight in east brandon. crews worked hard to transform the fair grounds into the north pole. it runs about a mile long and once you are are done you and your family can stop by the
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himself. the news keeps going on line, at and our news app on your phone. money, power, and politics is next, and the news starts tomorrow at 5:00 a.m., from all of us here at fox 13, we wish you a great night and a happy
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>> judge judy: you didn't pay him anything yet, did you? >> no. i have not. >> announcer: he wanted his house to be energy-efficient. >> judge judy: is this completed? >> yes. it was stated to mr. drummond that we were not going to be doing any stucco repairs. >> judge judy: this is the way you were gonna leave the house? >> yes, until he can repair it. >> announcer: but this contractor didn't seal the deal. >> we definitely offered to come over and take a look and see if there was anything we could do to help him, uh, if there was damage. but -- >> judge judy: i don't think this is a way to finish a job. you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. ted drummond is suing contractor jeff foxworthy for causing damage to his home while he was working on it. >> byrd: order! all rise! your honor, this is case number 75 on the calendar


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