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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  November 25, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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((russell- lost and found. a mother turns >>russell: lost and found. a mother turns up on thanksgiving nearly a month after she disappeared and the story she's telling police. >>laura: and recount request. the presidential candidate challenging the results in three battleground states. sales, some things you'll miss if you decide not to shop today. hey, everybody. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day." i'm russell rhodes. >>laura: and i'm laura moody. it's ahead and more. jim web ser in for dave osterberg. >>jim: we've been looking at a little patchy fog in a few areas but overall, not that thick. it will be burning off quickly. just a beautiful view over
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sunrise there. we're starting out actually pretty mild. here in tampa we're at 67 degrees. lakeland, cooler at 67. 57 for bartow. down in sarasota, 67 degrees. across the northern counties, brooksville 54 along with crystal river. we're all heading into the upper 70s and low 80s for this afternoon. partly cloudy skies. by lunchtime, we're in the mid to upper 70s and topping out in the lower 80s as we go through the afternoon. a working across the state as we go through the weekend. we'll usher in maybe a little drier air that will clear out the skies some and drop the temperatures just a couple of degrees. we'll talk more about that in a little bit. but time right now is 7:01. let's check on the roads with courtney bright. >> we're in good shape. take a look at i-75 and state road 60 through the brandon area. as many people head out shopping, state road 60 a popular spot through the area so
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as you can see. no problems for you from the selmon expressway all the way through state road 60, up to about fowler avenue. that's the standard eight minutes there in either direction for you. 301 just forth -- north of fowler avenue is off to the side. ? here's the story of a lovely lady who was bringing up three lovely girls? >>laura: a lot of you remember that theme song from the brady bunch, right? sadly we lost florence henderson yesterday. we passed away from heart failure, they say, with her family by her side. henderson, of course, the best known as carol brady, the mother on the brady bunch. that role from 1969 to 1974 made her a television icon. later in her career, henderson
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hollywood squares game show. she was 82 years old. a california family has a lot to be thankful for. >>russell: the mother is back home after flagging down a driver on a highway ending a nearly month long ordeal. the investigation into her abduction is far from over. >> sharri papini has been located and reunited with her family on this day. >>reporter: a california family has much to be thankful for as a mother of nearly a month ago, has been found safe. >> i know that the husband is relieved and he said that he's now at his wife's side. >>reporter: she was recued after flagging down help 150 miles from the home. at least two captors are women and she was released early thursday on a rural road. >> she was bound but able to
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motorist who then notified law enfor enforcement. >> she theft -- left home on november 2 when she went for a jog. the husband knew she was abducted because she would never leave her family. >> normal days i would open the door and my family comes and gives me a hug. >>reporter: they are working to identify the captors. or suspects, the public should remain cautious. >>reporter: she was taken to an area hospital to be treated for minor injuries. she's expected to be okay. >>russell: now, we know this. her husband knew something was wrong when she didn't pick up two kids from daycare and he used an app to track down the smart phone. he found it at a park down the street.
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accept that donald trump is our president elect. she has the 1.1 million dollars she needs to request a recount for the state of wisconsin. she's not done. she wants recounts in the battleground states of michigan and pennsylvania. recount fee in pennsylvania is $500,000 due on monday. fee in michigan is $600,000. that's due two days later. all three states were in trump's favor, a total of 46 votes. hillary clinton's campaign didn't ask for a recount. thing a cyber attack had a role in the vote count even though there's no evidence of that. donald trump has had a twitter account for seven years. >>russell: almost 16 million followers, too. now he's on the verge of taking it to a new level. doug has that from washington. >>reporter: president obama may
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the twitter age, but president trump could bring it all to a new level. he's called people dopey, losers and of course, crooked. soon he'll be handed the reigns of the official white house twilter account. some see trouble ahead in the event of a foreign policy crisis. >> his ability to control this side of himself in such a crisis, if it comes, will have a lot to do with everything else he's trying to >>reporter: trump has promised to be more restrained since the election. sometimes he lashes out, sometimes he sounds magnanimous. and as many talk about the discourse, soon to be first lady melania trump will go after cyberbullying. >> it's not a new topic. it's a new aspect. when you go with kids, you can't
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improve their lives. >>reporter: when president trump takes over, it will be a step down. trump's account has 16 million followers. the white house has just over 12 million. both are behind katy perry who is approaching 100 million. >>russel his thanksgiving at his estate in palm beach and he had a lot more security this year. a coast guard boeat has been patrolling the area. we're told that the estate has a few bomb shelters. those were in place before the election. >>russell: president obama spent his thanks giving in washington. made nine phone calls to service members who are currently overseas. also made a video message calling for americans to unite,
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differences, we're still one people. >>laura: a lot of you went shopping after you ate yesterday. retailers predict $2 billion in sales but today will be even better. about $3 billion. alcides segui has a little advice to keep us all safe today while out there, right? >>reporter: that's right. if you're going shopping today, you know, make sure you are aware of your surroundings. and here's a perfect example for you. sarasota police tweeted out information to keep during the holiday season. it's not just today but the next 30 plus days. one of the main things is be aware of your surroundings. if you're walking to your car, put your cell phone down, in your purse, your pocket, know exactly what's going on in and around your car. the next thing you want to do is carry your purse or bag close to your body. your wallet may be inside a coat or maybe your wallet in your front pocket. that's a really good idea.
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check the back seat and around the car before going in, tell a security guard or a store employee if you see an unattended bag. don't leave your package or valuables inside your car where it's visible. it's an easy target. those thieves will get into it, take your stuff before you know it so again, keep it maybe even in the trunk, make sure your doors are locked, of course. if you're going into the store, don't carry a large amount of cash. a lot of law enforcement officers are saying to cards. those gift cards are great because you're not carrying a lot of cash. also try buying with a credit card. you know, also be patient. you know, it's going to be pretty crazy today and the next couple of days. be very, very patient, head out to the store early, maybe even get out early and try to get it all done as quickly as possible. i don't know about you, laura and russell. we haven't even started our christmas shopping at home yet, so we may do it starting monday
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to love., my favorite. back to you. >>laura: just you and the phone. you and the computer. >>reporter: that's it. >>laura: and the next big shopping day is cyber monday. retailers call that the best online shopping day of the year. $3.2 billion last year. average order was about $102. shoppers 35 to 55 spent the most money. and 52% of the orders on cyber monday last year were made from work. >>russell: i can't imagine. a very lucky man. he went from a near death experience to making wedding plans. >>laura: and wearing out her welcome. the fashion designer that is snubbing melania trump and why they're asking others to join the boycott. >>jim: a little patchy fog in a couple of areas this morning but now the sun is up. that will be burning off pretty quickly and we're looking at a beautiful start to the day. scattered clouds overhead.
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another warm one for today. we're heading into the 80s.
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>>jim: we've seen a number of cold fronts working through the month of november, but despite that, we really haven't had a huge amount of cooler temperatures. remember, on monday morning, we were down to 44 degrees. here in tampa, the 20s. to our north, a quick warmup. yesterday, thanksgiving, we topped out at 83 degrees and then it's going to be another right now not bad. 67 degrees, although the dew point, that's been climbing over the past couple of days, currently running at 62. you hid -- head outside and it feels humid. humidity at 84% and the winds are currently out of the north-northeast at five miles an hour. over to wesley chapel, 62 degrees. if you want to find cooler temperatures, brooksville 54 along with crystal river.
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along with sarasota. bradenton at 65 degrees. throughout the interior, most locations either in the lower 60s or some 50s showing up from bartow all the way down towards arcadia, between 57 and 59 degrees. lake placid at 59 as well. very mild once you get down across the southern tip of the state. miami at 75 degree as long with marathon and some 40s showing up, up in tallahassee right now, currently at 49 degrees. we have mor across the state. that means we're not tapping any of that cooler air to our north. it all works across the state which really allows for the temperatures to warm up during the afternoon. we do have maybe a couple of small showers off the east coast but overall, when you look at that red shade on the water vapor imagery showing a lot of dry air is still in place. that's why we keep the rain chances out as we go through the weekend, even though we do have some cold fronts back to our
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they work their way towards us, they're just running out of gas. we're not going to see any rain with the fronts, just scattered clouds and eventually as we go through the weekend, we clear out some clouds and drop the humidity just a touch and the temperatures, maybe by two, three, four degrees cooler as we go through the weekend. eventually we are looking for yet a third cold front to swing through here. that will be towards the middle of next week and that one may have enough actually give us a chance of some showers. it's quiet across country. as you work up to the great lakes, we do have a few showers, across michigan heading to new york and then some snow across the u.p. of michigan and also up to maine seeing a few snow flurries as well. back closer to home, we're watching a cold front working down across the state and see any shower activity, just kind of dissipates. we clear out the skies as we go
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giving a little bit lower humidity as we get into sunday and monday of next week. so the forecast for today, really looks pretty nice. partly cloudy skies, maybe a touch on the humid side during the afternoon with the daytime high of 81 degrees. then for tonight, scattered clouds, overnight low of 65. for tomorrow, another nice looking day. daytime high of 80 degrees. high tide at 12:11 this afternoon. high tide, next one this evening. winds, they're primarily out of the northerly direction. doing about 10 to 15 knots. seven-day forecast keeps the daytime highs in the upper 70s and we start to dry things out a little bit with some slightly lower humidity as we go through the first part of next week. we have a third cold front as we get into the middle of next
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courtney bright. >>reporter: most of the traffic around the shopping centers and malls this morning but as far as the major roadways, we're pretty much delay-free. no problems for you in either direction of the courtney campbell, across the span. a standard seven minutes for you. all bay bridges running up to speed. southbound 275 normally this time of morning would be bumper to bumper. nine minutes from bearss avenue to i-4. give yourself about eight >>russell: another macy's thanksgiving day parade is history. >>laura: it's 90 so far. millions of people were there yesterday to watch the parade through the heart of new york city and security was extra tight. we reported that. more than 3,000 police officers were keeping an eye on the crowd. they also had 82 city sanitation trucks full of sand and salt at major intersections. they did that as a barrier against the type of deadly terror attacks we saw in nice,
7:19 am
they had to haul away about 30 tons of trash. that's about 60,000 pounds. ? ? >>russell: how cool is that? that's the students from newsome high school marching in the macy's day parade yesterday. they were one of only 10 bands chosen in the parade. they had $350,000 to take the trip to new york. we think the memory will probably last a lifetime. >>laura: here's a lifetime commitment. new york city police department sent a tweet showing an officer's marriage proposal during the parade and his girlfriend said yes. officer andrew dossey had a brush with death a few years ago when a robbery suspect shot him in the elbow and the back. >>russell: beautiful. >>laura: making a moment there. isn't that great?
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a collector's item. a christmas tree ornament to remember the presidential election. coming up, the staggering price tag. >>laura: and a turnoff. piles of garbage along the streets. caribbean island that is trying to clean up its image. but first, jennifer epstein with the cutest dog you've ever seen. that's a new one. >>russell: that's pretty. >>jennifer: oh, my gosh, you guys. look at this little chihuahua. box of chocolates, but there are so many sweet, adorable puppies just like this little one. we'll talk about the black friday deals at the humane society and all the good work
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welcmoe back to good day tampa bay. >>laura: welcome back. the time right now is 7:23. a new report is shedding light on the dangers for police officers. >>russell: 60 law enforcement officers have been fatally shot, some of them in bambushes.
7:24 am
state of texas had the most, 18. five were shot by a military veteran during a protest in july. three days later, a former marine killed three baton rouge police officers. a group of police chief $ asking donald trump to assemble a national criminal justice commission to address the issue. >>laura: it is double trouble for in thnicaragua. storms hit with winds 110 miles an hour. about an hour landfall, a powerful earthquake shook the west coast of nicaragua, had a magnitude of 7.0. the president is declaring a state of emergency. >>russell: dramatic video out of northwest italy showing flooding. the water is moving so fast, it's knocking down barriers and rushing under rivers. it's threatening homes and businesses. emergency workers are checking
7:25 am
that does not become a problem. that's a lot of water. >>laura: kanye west spent thanksgiving in a los angeles hospital. he'll be there for a few more days. wife kim kardashian is spending a lot of time there. he's reportedly suffering from fatigue. some people were wondering about his behavior after he went on a political rant before leaving the stage last weekend. >>russell: trying to do better waste management in cuba. mountains of trash is piling up on the roads. even in to take more pride in appearance. >>laura: hunting for bargains. >>russell: let's see if kenny is having luck. i'm impressed so far. >>reporter: really? you're going to be more impressed when you see these chocolates. this is not the cheap stuff. this is godiva and i'll taste it in a few minutes. all i'm praying is that brad makes this a short commercial
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? music ? welcome to disney springs.
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>>jim: it's 7:29. we're waking up to a nice morning. we've had a little bit of patchy fog in some areas this morning but as we look over lakeland right now clouds. right now sitting at 61 degrees. head out to the beach, same story. patchy clouds but very mild at 66 and a light wind out of the east-northeast at three miles an hour. more of an easterly flow today means mild temperatures and a warm afternoon. here in tampa, we're currently sitting at 67 degrees. bradenton 65. still looking at 50s to the north in brooksville. 54 degrees.
7:30 am
and down in arcadia and lake placid, also sitting in the upper 50s. we warm up quickly for this afternoon. partly cloudy skies. daytime highs running in the low 80s as we go through the afternoon. we do have a series of cold fronts that are going to be working across the southeast, across the state as we go through the weekend. eventually we usher in a little bit of drier air as we head into the first part of next week. so time now is 7:30. people are kind of from their turkey comas and hitting the roads. >>reporter: we're still quiet along the interstates. not a lot of issues for drivers this morning. this is a live look at 75 looking to the south in the area of bruce b downs. about eight minutes from this point to i-4. now, we did have a reported accident just north of the camera view. still in the southbound lanes but authorities just getting word of this, just responding. it looks like it's off to the side and delay-free through that
7:31 am
were all accident and delay-free. busiest traffic going to be in and around the shopping centers. >>laura: thank you. you might notice heavier than usual traffic today. a lot of people have the day off. >>russell: and many folks plan to do some shopping. some are getting a head start on all of it. kenny is at the tampa premium outlets with that. good morning. >>reporter: this is black friday but for me, it is red friday. take a look at this. godiva. it says belgium 1926 so it's been around a long time. i want to complete the outfit by putting it on this. this makes me an official godiva chef, chocolatier. you're going to let us eat what? >> chocolate truffles we have to mean from the ultimate dessert box. we have a lot of flavors in here like the chocolate lava cake
7:32 am
>>reporter: we'll see how many i can eat. >> we have cookie dough, one of the top favorites in our store. red velvet cake is really good, one of my favorites with white chocolate, a little dark chocolate and red velvet filling inside. >> this is on sale, i believe 25% off today and we also have 50% off our other chocolate boxes. >>reporter: i'll take the whole thing. >> all store. they're really good dark chocolate with a cherry inside and a liquid fondant and nice flavor. >>reporter: i don't need to tell you this is good stuff. follow me. jeremy from brandon? and carrie? >> yes. >>reporter: you just won. i don't know what they are. >> how do i choose? >>reporter: i don't know.
7:33 am
that. >> how about this one? >>reporter: jeremy has put his fingers on every single one so he gets the whole box. >> this is butternut squash -- not squash. butter pecan and carmel. it's milk chocolate. >> let's go for it. >>reporter: we'll toast to black friday sales. >> to black friday. >>reporter: that's good. >> that's really good. >> excellent. >>reporter: let's see what else we have over here. now, everybody knows that you do chocolate but you do other stuff as well chocolate. i have to hold the mic halfway. >>reporter: godiva shakes. i don't want to ask how many calories but i'm sure it's good. and what's this? >> ice cream. we do a soft serve ice cream. it's probably the best thing you'll ever have. we have a dark chocolate and white chocolate vanilla bean and
7:34 am
and then we have our chocolate covered strawberries as well. >>reporter: you have both. >> we do both. yeah. we have so many things in our store. like our strawberries are the best. we dip them fresh every morning. we have dark chocolate, mirlg chocolate and white chocolate. >>reporter: how much of the stuff do you eat through the course of the day? >> i can't say but i do like to try a little bit of everything new. i am very -- the reason why i know ery had almost every piece in our store. >>reporter: people say i have a good job. i want desiree's job. i'm chunky as it is. imagine i'm going to put on 20 pounds the first month or so. >> we are hiring. >>reporter: i think this morning clearly i got a better gig than alcides segui. i know you're jealous but take it away. what are you up to? >>reporter: i was jealous up until a couple of minutes ago where they let us inside of best buy here on dale mabry. earlier this morning, we were
7:35 am
lot and it was not the best assignment but it was good and informative for all the people at home to make sure everyone is safe during the holiday season. we're inside the best buy on dale mabry. this is a tradition here at fox 13. every year we go live at the best buy on northdale mabry, across the way from the wal-mart. we'll keep that tradition going even if the black friday happened yesterday. good news is, if ush coming to the best buy in the -- i think the 1,000 block of northdale mabry, there are door busters available. how many? too many to show you. here are the list of them if you're walking into the store. you've got some tv's down below you as well. vizio saves you $300. the big ticket item this year,
7:36 am
again, $350, save you $250. a little bit to the right, if you're not going to be the 4k, just the 1080p, you're going to save a lot more money, but you're not going to get the 4k quality. with that said, there are still plenty of door busters at this best buy and i'm sure that's the case for a lot of them across the bay area. so if you're going shopping, get out there early because some are still available. back see you later. and shoppers international plaza in tampa can check out the new lightning store today. there's a ribbon cutting ceremony at 9:00. it's near dillards. 1,500 square feet. we'll show you lightning games and some players will even stop by on occasion. i wonder if there will be any there today. >>laura: seems like duchess kate
7:37 am
without someone commenting on her sense of attire. fashion designers clamor to dress women in the lime light like this. and when it comes to dressing incoming first lady melania trump, the fashion world is as decided as the political one. >> fashion world fell in love with michelle obama. she's graced the cover of vogue three times. she became the darling of designers and she made the career of up and comers. now that in, the french designer is refusing to dress the fellow immigrant and next first lady z. she came on the map because michelle obama found her. there's a weird hypocrisy saying she won't dress melania trump. >> the rhetoric of racism, sex ism are incompatible with the shared values we live about. that argument is similar to a
7:38 am
was fined for refusing to make arrangements for a same sex wedding. she said it would have violated her valued to do so just like she now says she's morally opposed to dressing melania trump. >> thank you. i bless you. and god bless this beautiful country. >>russell: >>reporter: this is a fashion snub of historic proportions. >> i think it's unprecedented for someone to absolutely refuse to work with the first lady even more so to ask others to do the same. >>reporter: one of the founders of the fashion label told the "new york times" it would be hip indicate -- hypocritical to say we're not dressing a trump. we have to put that before prsonal, political beliefs. >> i think at the end of the day, fashion is going to play its mark. they have a new first lady. she's a fresh, clean slate in terms of her look and style so
7:39 am
her. >> when we see melania at the white house, fashion designers of america are asking people to keep an open mind when it comes to the first lady. >>laura: president elect donald trump's presidential campaign is selling a 14 karat gold christmas tree ornament. red ornament is shaped like a hat and bears trump's winning slogan, make america it's sold on the trump-pence campaign website. >>russell: lightning home tonight. they play the blue jackets. they'll leave for a short road trip after that. bucs are getting ready to play the seahawks on sunday. it will be a test how far they've come this season. seattle one of the best teams on the nfl. the became from raymond james stadium starts at 4:00 and you can watch it here on fox 13.
7:40 am
home team beat the vikings on a last second field goal and cowboys beat the redskins. steelers beat the colts. pittsburgh wide receiver brown caught three touchdown passes from ben roethlisberger. did you watch football? >>laura: it's like the background noise at our house. jim was cooking and watching and cooking and watching and then we much rather hear. what about you? >>russell: i spent some time with my friends and we had dinner with them last night and it's always fun. always fun. big shindig. >>laura: we did have a good meal. turkey, ham, low and slow. jim weber, we'll bring you in and talk about the forecast. did you have a good thanksgiving? >>jim: it was good and i'm still trying to wake up.
7:41 am
you know, sometime at 1:00, 2:00 this afternoon i'll snap out of it and wonder what exactly happened. but we're looking at a pretty nice looking day. we have scattered clouds, nice, mild start to the day. 67 degrees outside. we are heading for the 80s this afternoon. have a couple of cold fronts working their way across the state this weekend. i'll let you know what they mean
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>>jim: we really have had a nice warmup this week.
7:45 am
a morning low in tampa of 44 degrees. it was 29 degrees in brooksville and we've steadily warmed these temps up through the week and brought more moisture back. right now you're looking across the gulf of mexico, just a few clouds off in the distance. as we jump across the bay and look over downton tampa, there you see scattered clouds. we've had patchy fog in a few spots but now the sun is up. that burns off very, very quickly. outside right now, mild, 67 degrees. the dew point is up when you step outside, you're starting to notice it feels maybe a little bit more humid outside. humidity currently sitting at 84%. light north-northeasterly wind right now at five miles an hour. still in the 50s to the north. brooksville, you're at 54 along with crystal river. that is 67 here in tampa along with downtown st. petersburg. all the way down in sarasota, it's 67. bradenton at 65. lower 60s throughout the
7:46 am
placid. wauchula is 61. over in winter haven, 62 degrees. we've had a warming trend the past several days and today we're warmer, running four to some cases up to seven degrees warmer compared to this time yesterday. so yesterday we actually topped out at 83 degrees across the tampa. as we go through the afternoon today, we're in the lower 80s. view across the more of that easterly flow across the state so we're not tapping any of that cooler or drier air to the north that allows for the temperatures this afternoon to get into the lower 80s. but even though we've got some cold fronts back to our north and west, pushing our way, the water vapor loop really shows a lot of dry air in place so even though we hav the cold fronts heading our way, we're not going to see rain with them.
7:47 am
that humidity a little bit and we drop the daytime highs by two or three, maybe four degrees in some cases. right now fronts are back to our north and west. you do see maybe a couple of showers along the boundary. that's the first one that swings through later today and then we have another one back across texas. that will be swinging across the southeast as we go through the weekend as well. as you look across the country, there's really not a whole lot going on. we do have some rain and some mountain snow across the pacific great lakes, you have a little snow flurry activity, some rain a bit further to the south. once you get to maine, you see a little sleet and freezing rain. same time we're talking about the winter conditions starting to spread across the country. we're looking at the tropics, hurricane otto made landfall yesterday with winds of 110 miles an hour. now, it's now made its way out into the pacific.
7:48 am
to a tropical storm but still seeing winds at 70 miles an hour. it's working its way towards the west at 13 miles an hour and since it made its way all the way across land without losing the tropical characteristics or the designation, it keeps its name so even though we've moved the storm from the atlantic basin now into the pacific, it still maintains the name tropical storm tuesday of next week, it will eventually dissipate over some cooler waters. now, we're going to watch the fronts working their way across the southeast down over us, some scattered clouds, warmer temperatures. over the next couple of days, as the fronts move through, eventually they dry the atmosphere out so we turn a little lower on the humidity as we go through monday and tuesday of next week. but yet again, we'll be watching another front, that third front
7:49 am
of next week and that will eventually bring us a better chance of some showers as we get into wednesday and thursday of next week. for today, partly cloudy skies. daytime high of 81 degrees and then for tonight, overnight low of 65 under scattered clouds. for tomorrow, a mix of sun and clouds, pleasant afternoon. daytime high of 80 degrees. high tide at 12:11 this afternoon. marine forecast through the weekend, looking knots and seas running two to three feet as we go into the weekend. seven-day forecast, daytime highs stay in the upper 70s. overnight lows mild as well in the 60s and that rain chance does finally come up which we could use a rain. so far only .01 inch of rain for the entire month. we could use a little bit of that. time is 7:49. let's check on the roads with courtney.
7:50 am
and parking lots. you'll find some busy traffic there. as far as the interstates go, we're in good shape. checking on the travel speeds, looks like southbound 275, an average of 57 miles an hour in the area of busch boulevard. you can see the veterans expressway clocking in at 60 miles an hour south of gunn highway and of course, no problems for you in either direction across the howard frankland bridge. southbound i-75 before bruce is off to the side and traffic sensors still in the green. no problems to get through this area. live look at the sunshine skyway bridge, a beautiful shot here across the bridge near the north fishing pier, looking to the south, no problems between pinellas and manatee counties. >>laura: thank you. >>russell: jennifer epstein at the humane society. >>laura: that's all you need to
7:51 am
>>jennifer: box of chocolates, this is what 900 applications look like. this is how many applications there were. yeah. for the box of chocolates. and "good day" did this. we did this. >>laura: they came on the show. >>jennifer: we brought them on the show. everybody fell in love. you guys are going to freak out. in about three minutes, you're going to meet all of the box of chocolates. they're a little grown up. they're a little feisty and they are ready to go home.
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>>jennifer: this is what puppy heaven looks like, everybody. puppy heaven this morning on "good day tampa bay." these are the box of chocolates. they're a little grown i'm going to try to get up. here we go. so as puppy mania here on "good day," we're live at the humane society where the box of chocolates are ready to go home. look how big they are. we just had you on the show a couple of weeks ago? >> some of them have almost doubled in size. >> you're a mess, by the way.
7:55 am
>>jennifer: good morning. thanks for coming out early with us. >> thank ou for being here with us. >>jennifer: so maybe the two people in the world who don't know what we're talking about, these box of chocolates, 12 chocolate labs came to you, in need of a home, right? >> they were very, very skinny, full of fleas. they weren't well taken care of. we put on facebook and you picked up on that and we came on your show. the next day, little did i know -- i had no idea. we know that chocolate labs are wonderful for them overwhelming. >>jennifer: we just showed in the tease how overwhelming. >> and some people got mad at us. there's 12 so we picked what we thought were 12 of the first come, first serve qualified people. but you know what? we have so many other great puppies and dogs and cats and kittens that we have available. >>jennifer: over 100 waiting for homes.
7:56 am
>> so many of them. all together. >>jennifer: you have a special sale. it's black friday. >> anything over four months of age is going to be 75% off and our goal is to clear our shelter. people wait to bring their animals in. we have a large number of animals that want to come into the shelter for various reasons. we want to clear the shelter so we can help other people that want to place animals with us. age. there's no reason not to come and adopt. if you want to get an animal for a relative, we have gift certificates as well. >>jennifer: talk to them. >>reporter: a gift certificate with a box of treats and then they can pick it up after christmas. >>jennifer: i'm going back in.
7:57 am
you guys -- >>russell: please tell me they have the puppy smell. >>jennifer: they smell like puppies. they smell like puppies. oh, wow. it's a "good day tampa bay." >>russell: yeah, it is. >>laura: thank you, jen. >>russell: it's quite the morning here. you have jen with the puppies, ken eating chocolates and buying purses and alcides segui is shopping for tv's. >>laura: we have a whole lot more of that at 8:00. and then we're going to tell you about the brothers making a small fortune on this they call it the hatchamole. we'll be right back. ? think of your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ? take a good look around... ? ? ...and if you're lookin' down, ? ? put a little love in your heart. ?
7:58 am
(avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars
7:59 am
8:00 am
((russell she was a familiar face in so many of our homes.. right there on she was a familiar face in awful our homes. right there on tv sets. this morning we remember the life and the career. >> we're scan ago mall park parking loss for you beef to tell you it's not bad out there. look at spaces. there was a time when there would have been a traffic jam. >> impossible. not today. >> interesting. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. new age. one we can do right here. 8 o'clock i'm russell rhodes. i'm laura moody. it is friday, november 25th. it is the day after thanksgiving. >> we got a warm weekend coming up. a lot of family hanging around the house today.


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