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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  November 26, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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oc: right now the stre right now, the streets of miami are filled with the sound of honking and the popping of champagne. it has been an emotional morning as the country's largest cuban american community reacts to the death of cuban dictator fidel castro. just take a look at this. the view from above as thousands filled the streets in front of cafe versales, it is the most famous cuban restaurant. people there say castro's death is more than symbolic. many have close family ties to
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themselves. the mood remains festive hours after castro's brother, raul, cuba's current president made that announcement. listen in. listen in. [speaking spanish] >> alcides: raul castro said his brother's remains will be cremated today. nine days of national mourning are under way right now. tampa, as many strong ties to cuba. we will have more on the local reaction a little bit later on requesting good day tampa bay." first fox's brett bahr takes a look back on his life. >> reporter: the man born as fidel alejandro castro ruiz came to power leaving a rag-tag band of bearded rebels to overthrow a dictator. he ended up becoming one himself. he stood defiantly against ten u.s. presidents.
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influence and power called castro a hero. but for the u.s., he was the all-too-close face of the bitter cold war. and while the world could never completely dismiss castro politically, over time to some critics, he seemed more like a caricature with his wiry beard, faded fatigues and six-inch cigars. the most significant u.s. response to castro's communist regime came in 1961 when backed the failed bay of pigs invasion where hundreds of cuban exile fighters were captured or sent to brigs and killed. the next year american spy planes discovered secret soviet missiles inside cuba. the u.s. naval blockade the soviet union backed down and removed the missiles. castro was enraged as the world watched two super powers walk
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unprecedented wave of cubans on america mixed in with political criminals were murderers, rapists and the insane. the mariel boat lift forever changed south florida's landscape. 14 years later as cuba's economy collapsed further, castro unleashed a second wave of human cargo this time whether america wanted them or not. 30,000 cubas -- cuban as resigning as the head of cuba's communist party in 2011, castro remained largely out of the public eye. with one notable exception in march of 2012, he would welcome a second pontiff, pope benedict xvi. the two met privately at the end of benedict's three-day visit to cuba despite the p pope's vocal opposition to c cuba's government. referred to as a tyrannical dictator, millions on the
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can stroh the charismatic leader that brought education and medicine to the masses. to mexico's cuban exiles, he was forever hated responsible for cuba's economic ruin. in washington, brett bahr, fox news. >> alcides: still no official reaction from president barack obama, the white house or president-elect donald trump, but comments are pouring in from cuba's allies. mexican president says his co fidel, a friend of mexico. venezuelan's president said he called to express solidarity and love. india's prime minister said he was, quote, one of the most iconic personalities in the 20th century. india mourns the loss of a great friend. of course this is a story we will be following here on "good day tampa bay." we will have more on our top stories near a minute, but first a check on your forecast.
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>> jim: good morning, alcides. we have cloud cover overhead and a mild start as well. enhanced satellite view over the state. there you see some of the clouds working their way across the northern gulf of mexico and just kind of streaming across right across the state. we will continue to be dealing with these clouds off and on throughout the day. mixed in there, you will still see sun as we go through the daytime. for today, right now we are sattelite starting out at 67 degrees. dew point at 60. giving us that humidity at 79%. currently the north at 6 miles per hour. a cold front working its way down the state. mild start. a little bit on the human side across the area right now. a little cooler to the north in brooksville, 58 degrees. crystal river has a 54. here this n tampa, 67 along with st. petersburg. and down in sarasota at 66 degrees. we are back heading into the upper 70s for today, but as the cold front pushes to the south, we will give them lower humidity working their way back
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and we are watching another cold front that could eve eventually give us some rain. we will talk about that coming up in a little bit, alcides. developing in n highland county, sebring police are investigating a murder along howard street just northwest of the original airport there. sects say a man in his 20s was shot and killed. they have not released names at this point and no suspects a also. we will -- continue this following story on "go d accused of being drunk after leaving a trail of devastation i his wake. hart's alcohol level was nearly twice the legal limit on thanksgiving. investigators say his boat crashed on several docks in madeira beach. officials are trying to add up all the total cost. hart is charged with operating the vessel, under the influence and leaves the scene of an accident. he has been arrested eight other time in pinellas county
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and in south florida, hunter becomes the hunted. wildfire officials say an gate bit a man while he was hunting for ducks. the 50-year-old man was airlifted for a ft. lauderdale hospital after an alligator bit him in the thigh. appears be too -- in the thy, it appears to be a flesh wound and did not go through the muscle. the man was fishing in the holly land wildfire area north of the everglades. > river cruise ship crashed into the main street bridge leaving the vessel wedged underneath. the incident closed the downtown bridge for several hours. thankfully no one was hurt. the ship was attempting to dock in the north bank of the st. johns river when the current allowed it to drift back and took three thundershowers get it loose. chaos at wal-mart as black
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bargains. this is video from a store near florida-georgia line. hundreds of people dug through piles of doorbusters looking for all the great deals. there were no reports of any major problems despite all the big crowds there. closer to home, shoppers packed the brandon mall. at one point the parking lot was so full, mall staff actually to open an overflow parking area that is located in the grass area not too far a away. it was aif for macy's web site, it crashed due to flood of black friday traffic. visitors were greeted with a message telling customer to wait 10 seconds to enter the site. some shoppers also experienced a glitch preventing them from adding items to their carts. the web site is currently back up and running. there is a good chance a lot of people are waking up with their feet hurting this morning after yesterday's marathon shopping, but the weekend is just getting sta
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on the holiday shopping tradition. >> the international council of shopping centers predict that 150.7 million americans plan to shop this weekend, lured into by black friday and small business saturday deals. >> i am a big black friday shopper. planning out the sales that are going on early. most of the time you make friends with somebody right here. >> reporter: the national federation of retailers report that last year more people shopped online than stores this holiday weekend even ahead of >> any time you can get out of waiting on line at the mall and going through that whole fever of parking, why wouldn't you just want to with two clicks buy what you need. >> reporter: to pull shoppers away from cyberspace and back to the mall, stores are offering deep price cuts this weekend. the wall street firm jeffrey's estimates that wal-mart is offering 4% more in discounts over next year and not alone. >> there are a lot of stores that will do things to innocent
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the stores. movie tickets, et cetera. >> reporter: shootings outside stores in new jersey, tennessee and nevada killed two people and wounded another two including this dispute over a parking space that left a man dead in reno but shopping across the rest of the country is going smoothly. the national retail say shopper also spend more this holiday they are basing those rosie numbers on lower unemployment numbers, higher wages, and possibly a so hchbd called trump bump, a further stabilizing of the economy following the uncertainty ahead of the election. >> looking for folks with lots of bags, lots of shopping going on. i think it is a good indicator that we will have a good se season. >> reporter: this entire weekend is an born bellweth eer. black friday is no longer the
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super saturday, the weekend before christmas. they are hoping that crowd will make these crowds look small. carolyn shively, fox news. after spemding cash at the big box stores, it is important to remember the local folks. today a small business sat saturday. to push people to support restaurants and shops in their neighborhood. at that started back in 2010 and since then 90 million shoppers taken part spendsing more than $16 billion. little ones on rocky creek drive is offering door busters and 40% off deals. tampa fishing outfitters on osbourne avenue of luring customers with free hats and accessories. in gulf port, shop-paloo sfwlshtion a. they are setting up shop at beach drive and 5th avenue. for more information, head to for a map of all
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of two florida's biggest rivalv facing off today. usf going for a record ten wins this season. a win over rival ucf is one thing, but in a big game and means more than just bragging rights for usf. this year there is a trophy and the bulls are contending for the conference title. the winning team will take home the war on i-4 trophy until the team meets against next week. the bulls have a 5-2 lead in knights. kickoff at 12:00 at raymond james stadium. still ahead at 7:00 a.m. kell is getting local reaction after the death of fidel ca castro. and how do you pick the right christmas tree? always a question i want to ask, especially when i go to lowe's to get mine. for some it is all about the colors. for others, it is bigger and better. coming up, how not to end up like charlie brown.
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like charlie brown, especially wth the trees. we are waking up to a mild start this morning. we have scattered clouds moving over the state. we will deal with these as ge through the morning hours but then we have a cold front pushing down the state, bringing lower humidity for the
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thanksgiving is thanksgiving is officially over. now like a lot of families, the first family is decking the halls. yesterday michelle obama accepted the first white house christmas tree.
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o the traditional horse-drawn carriage in a tree farm in wisconsin. some folks in tampa spent their black friday shopping for their own christmas tree. the day after thanksgiving is the busiest days for tree lots. that brings the questions for you, how do you pick out the right christmas tree. here is fox 13's crystal clark with more on that. >> reporter: for some, the greatest sound of the holiday season is not the sound of shopping carts on black friday. bu >> reporter: the buzzing of chain saws at christmas tree lots. buying a frazier fir the day after thanksgiving is a tradition for the fritz family >> the smell. you can't beat that smell. sets the tone of christmas like the switch that begins. >> reporter: every year he chooses his tree at great lakes christmas tree warm on north 52nd avenue in tampa. abusiness that has made its way through 40 christmas
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be the fifth generation and he year we are all involved in it. >> reporter: tradition goes on friday and its first shipment of trees fresh from north carolina and michigan. he says his stocked warehouse will easily be cleared out by the end of the weekend. >> it seems like every year everybody wants to get their tree up a little earlier than last year. >> reporter: but getting there early is not the only strategy that shoppers use to pick a winning pine. >> definitely something that is has a very balanced shape to it. >> i like to make sure the stem is safe. so the tree will stand vertical really nice and has a nice top to it. >> if as samsoni, a little tlc goes a long way to make your tree last through january. >> get the air to the tree and the water to the stump. >> shaking the tree out opens up the branches and removes loose pine needles and put the stump in water as soon as you
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like charlie brown, take the advice of a man who knows his trees [chain saw buzzing] have you gotten your christmas tree yet, jim? >> jim: i have not. usually a week or so. >> alcides: a week or two when i go out. yesterday was too chaotic. >> jim: you a you know, i am not big on crowds. we had this discussion before. [ laughter ] >> alcides: yes, always plenty. we will get our tree. but today not a bad opinion looking day. we got the crowds working its way through the area. a weak cold front working down the state. we still have the humidity around for today, but by tomorrow, we kind of knock some of that humidity out and a little more sun as we get into tomorrow as well. and we have another cold front that is headed our way as we head to the middle of the
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could have enough moisture with it to give us some rain. and you know what, we really, really need the rain because so far this month, we only had . .001 of an inch of rain that was back on november 9. a front move through with $.001 of an inch. right now we are at 67 degrees. that dew point at 60. humidity at 79%. currently the winds are out of very mild start all across the entire viewing area. just a touch cooler once you work your way up into brooksville. crystal river at 54 degrees. dew point at a 61. st. petersburg at 67. down in preyed, 64. sarasota checks in at 66. throughout the interior, temperatures running in the low to mid-60s. lakeland currently at 63 degrees. winter haven in the mid-60s at 65. you look at the dew points and beginning of the week, these
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20s. we were talking about just how dry and refreshing it was. now as we get the numbers up into the 60s, this is where you head outside especially during the afternoon hours. do not have the nice crisp feel to the air and flip your humidity back on because the humidity is creeping back in across the area. we will continue to be dealing with that throughout the day. there is the cold front to the north and west. that will be working its way down the state as we go through today. behind that, we do hav once that moves through, we get back to that more refreshing feel to the atmosphere as we get into the first part of next week. we do. a little more humidity will start to creep in. this time of the year we don't have that push to get a lot of this cold air back down over us you. so that's why even though we have a cold front pushing down the state, we will not see a big dramatic change. just kind of drying things out
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partly cloudy for today. daytime high of 78 degrees. then for tonight, mainly clear skies. overnight low down to 58. for tomorrow, a bit more sun around. daytime high of 77 degrees. on the water, winds are out of the north at 10 to 15 knots. seas 2 to 3 feet. moderate chop on the bay. high tide at 104 this afternoon. the seven-day forecast. the daytime highs staying in the 70s. the next cold front headed our way wednesday, thursday of next week. up to showers and cooler temperatures behind that front to am wrap up next week. >> alcides: thank you, jim. coming up at 7:30, police react to the world of a tv i icon. what carol brady's kids are saying of the death of florence henderson. as presents pile up under the christmas tree, fox 13 consumer reporter sorboni
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. you are watching "good day tampa bay." >> something told me to look at the video feed. i looked there, they are in my house. someone is in my house. >> home security system linked to straight to our smartphones. the greatest line of defense against as the market gets more crowded. how do you know what is best. consumer reporter sorboni banerjee show us how to shop for security. >> reporter: a south tampa crime spree caught on camera ultimately leads to the suspects being caught by po police. >> just providing layers of deterrent. depending on your budget. >> reporter: new technology it helping you stop a break-in without breaking your budget. >> you don't have to spend $1 million to do it. you spend hundreds with a
7:25 am
simple doorbell camera that snapped this image of one of the south tampa suspects. >> takes 4 hd pictures. >> systems are getting smarter where systems that you can control with your phone. >> reporter: you will be able to communicate with the alarm system and arm and disarm. if the kids go home from school, you will want to lock the doors. >> reporter: law enforcement say the goal of the home security system is to deter, identify and notify. what you spend depends on which of those criteria hit. >> they are dummy cameras, $15 apiece. >> no budget, fake it with mock cameras. >> i had this these on my own house. >> reporter: mid-range, go wire sprinkles this can go battery powered or plugged in. anyone can install it. you take it and magnetic and take it and plug it in and there you go. you have the camera. >> reporter: products that don't require professional installation can run in the low to mid-100s.
7:26 am
>> sorboni: anything happening why the your house you can catch on. >> real time. >> reporter: some will have free cloud storage a week at a time. expect fees to keep video after that. >> that can go to from $44 to $54 to $64 depending on how much storage you need. >> if you need a lot of storage a hard-wired option for you but now in the 1,000 range. >> all goes back to the dvr. hard drive and dvr. >> how much space? >> how much do you want. it can really -- it can get expansive. >> reporter: inexpensive products have changing the way we watch over our homes. >> there could be a trouble or break, and you pull out your phone and look at it and a live feed from the video and could you communicate right there with the thief or robber. and stop right there. >> reporter: because when it comes to security, it is all about being smart. >> not just the panel on the
7:27 am
you punch a code in. they can really control your whole house. >> reporter: sorboni banerjee, fox 13 news. still ahead right here on "good day tampa bay." , some are calling if the biggest stories in decades. the death of fidel castro. we will have fox 13's kellie cowan live from ybor city to get local reaction coming up next. and we are you off to a nice, mild start this morning. although we are dealing with some cloud cover overhead, right now over degrees. a light northerly wind and we will continue to see the mix of sun and clouds as we go throughout the day. along the beaches are seeing a bit more sun and mild temperatures. we are heading into the upper 70s for today. a cold front looming down the state and this will bring some i'm a coupon guy... i signed up for the publix digital ones... i clip the paper ones... in fact if there was a third kind, i'd probably love those too. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is ""good good day tampa bay." >> alcides: good morning and thank you so much for joining us this saturday for "good day tampa bay." i am alcides segui. we will get to your forecast for in a minute with jim, but the latest on breaking news out of cuba. the death of fidel castro. [speaking spanish] >> alcides: breaking this announces the death of his brother long-time dictator fidel castro, a sobering end to an emotional chapter in cuba's history. a different kind of emotion in miami though. thousands filled the streets to celebrate all over the city. people are waving cuban flags, banging pots and honking their horns, even opening champagne bottles for the cubans who fled the communist regime. this is a day that many thought they would never see. tampa bay alsos had strong ties
7:31 am
far has been mixed. fox 13's kellie cowan is live in ybor city with local reaction. a far cry from the massive crowds we are seeing in miami. good morning, kellie. >> reporter: good morning to you, alcides. a lot quieter in the streets in ybor city. on the main drag here in ybor city and not seeing people out just yet. we are stopped by a couple of the cuban classic bakeries in our area. a lot of smiles on faces that we spoke to at those locations but -- [inaudible] >> alcides: all right, looks like we are having some issues, technical issues with kellie cowan out there in ybor city. what you are looking at now is video taken from miami. thousands of people, again, celebrating the death of fidel castro. in cuba, nine days of national mourning. the government is not allowing
7:32 am
flags will fly at half-staff, and, of course, we will continue to follow this developing story throughout "good day tampa bay." we really have a nice mild start to the day although we have cloud cover overhead, over lakeland right now. you will see breaks in there. seeing a nice-looking sunrise, currently sitting at 63 deg degrees. head out to the beach, 66 degrees and a little more sunshine out there and moderate humidity that worked its that by, and more clouds that will continue to work its way across the state as with ge through the rest of the day and a cold front that is pushing down the state and what that will do is eventually bring us lower humidities that will not drop that temperature all that much, but it will help give us a little bit drier air as we work our way into sunday. right now here in tampa. we are at 67 degrees. the dew point is currently sitting at 06. that makes the humidity at 79%.
7:33 am
elsewhere across the area, cooler up to the north in brooksville at 58 degrees. crystal raifer 54. you work our way to the southern counties at sarasota at 66 degrees. wauchula, 61. throughout the interior, you are seeing most temperatures running in the low to mid-60s with winter haven currently at 65 degrees. so we warm things up for this afternoon. newspaper the mid and upper 7 70s. a mix of sun and clouds and humidity still around for today, but then drier air is working its way in. we have yet another cold front on the whether i bring us some rain toward the middle of next week. talk about that in a little bit, alcides. >> alcides: jim, thank you. tampa bay honors willie rogers. the oldest surviving member of the tuskegee airmen before he died last week. this morning his family is holding a memorial walk that starts just before noon at burlington tower in st. petersburg and ends at the best
7:34 am
church. rogers was 101 years old. tributes are pouring in for beloved tv icon mom florence henderson. the actress to played carol brady died thursday night. karen mccue reports. ? the story of a lovely lady ? >>reporter: actress florence henderson died suddenly of heart failure surrounded by loved ones at a la hospital. >> you are losing that tv mom. it's sad. >> reporter: h henderson was expected to be bounced back as recently as monday. she attended a tv shove taping and and in good health. >> oh, that is perfect. >> reporter: known best as carol brady, mother of tv "brady bunch" sitcom that continues in reruns. >> i can't tell you how many young parents say their kids watched the show because very little innocence left on television that represents what
7:35 am
the kids get along. i think you teach them how to tell the truth. you fight, you make up. honor your parents. and respect your teachers. >> reporter: ever since her passing, mourners have been visiting henderson's star on the hollywood walk of fame where there is a growing memorial. >> that was the only kids tv show basically that we watched growing up. it was the blended family. >> i remember that she was very -- she was very understanding on the show and very nice and good for all the children, even the kids that weren't her own. >> reporter: henderson herself grew up in indiana. >> i grew up the youngest of ten children. we didn't have television. but when i went to new york, i studied at the american academy of dramatic arts. the first year i got my first job in the broadway show. >> reporter: survived by her four children and five grandchildren, florence henderson was 82. caren mccue, fox news.
7:36 am
is just a number. at 81 lieutenant johnny young
7:37 am
7:38 am
you are watching "good day tampa bay." >> alcides: johnny young knows how to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders. at the sheriff's office, his responsibilities are big, you but not the heaviest challenge, instead how much weight he can actually lift on his shoulders. as fox 13's kimberly kuizon
7:39 am
level. >> good morning. >> reporter: at the sarasota county jail. >> is he available? >> reporter: lieutenant johnny young works to make sure things run smoothly, but before he put on this uniform, he wore another. lieutenant young was born that a family of acrobats and he traveled the world working for royalty. he decided to put his career on hold and he wanted to try something different so he got a job here at the sarasota services sheriff's office. >> one of my friends told me, johnny come off the road and make sure you work for something talk fall back on. >> reporter: after joining the sheriff's office, he found another calling. a co-worker asked him to lift weights. >> i benched 300 pounds the first time i ever benched, and he looked at me and he says, are you telling me the truth that you never benched before in your life. >> reporter: he credits his strength to day as an acrobat. he entered competition and won, time after time. >> i get butterflies.
7:40 am
first fifth. >> reporter: he has broken records over the year, at 71 bench pressed 441 pounds. the state's oldest correction deputy. >> i used to show off, you k know, when things were going bad and they found out that i could rip phone books. so i started ripping yellow pages and then all the inmates saying oh, my god, you better not mention with lieutenant young because he will tear your head off. >> reporter: now at 81, nothing is stopping him. one large medal on th he won the title for his age group last week after bench pressing 250 pounds, proving age doesn't mean a thing. >> you got to follow through. you got to keep working at it. >>reporter: in sarasota county, kimberly kuizon, fox 13 news. >> alcides: lieutenant young is already practicing for next year's competition. he will be back at the international weightlifting competition and competing in a new category. he will lift in the raw division. 81. that is incredible.
7:41 am
everything at walt disney world. get ready for surprise. how to find secret attractions at the happiest place on earth. and next year, the its will experience the first transcontinental solar eclipse in 99 years. we will have that story and a whole lot more coming up next. hey, jim. >> jim: hi, alcides. not a bad start of the day. cloud cover. breaks in the clouds and seeing is a decent amount of sunshine. a mild start of the day as w well. temperatures in the mid- t moderate humidity, but we will dry things out as a cold front is working its way down the state.
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t the bold?. go to to join the bold percent for the chance to win a trip of a lifetime. tampa bay is amazing. i work here, i raise my kids here, i even take care of my mom here. but you know what? i could use a hand. hey! we hear you! it's why a-a-r-p is supporting family caregivers like you with free tools and resources. and we're making our community an even better place to live, work and play for people of all ages. if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think a-a-r-p, then you don't know "aarp."
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a rare ec you are watching "good day tampa bay." >> alcides: getting a lot of attention and still about a year away. how sky watchers are prepping for this unique event. >> reporter: the united states will experience its first transcontinental solar eclipse in 99 years. and it doesn't happen until next year. >> i am just looking forward to seeing it myself, you know. a once in a lifetime viewing area.
7:45 am
>> we have had calls from people in europe, south ame america, and so people will come from all over the world to see this and chase this ecl eclipse. >> reporter: the best place to see the eclipse on the east coast, columbia, south car carolina. anyone within 100-mile radius of the city will experience two and a half minutes of pure darkness. in the middle of the afternoon. 12 states are along the path the eclipse which will travel from oregon to south carolina on monday, august 21, 2017 massive evident to have all kind of events throughout the midlands of south carolina so people will have options, places to view them, places to do. >> which means a major boost of spending from dining and restaurants to visiting mus museums. and weekend stays at hotels. >> i would say 75 to 80 rooms are booked up right now at this time. >> reporter: that is 80 out of 130 rooms. a year in advance. the columbia chamber of
7:46 am
a million tourists coming to see the eclipse, the economic impact will be powerful. in columbia, south carolina, te r ese guardier, knocks news. a pretty nice start especially if you are going out shopping. >> jim: a mild start of the day. scattered clouds overhead and we wil continue to see these moderate temperatures throughout the weekend. a cold front is working its way down the state which will get rid of the humidity. cool us down ever so slightly what it will do is cool us back down to more close to normal. if you look at the month so f far. we have a lot of red on the calendar. temperatures above normal and that quick little cooldown at the beginning of the week. that was nice to see. freezing temperatures to the north. we warmed up pretty quickly. we need the rain as well because so far this month you can see back on november 9, had that .001 of an inch of rain and that's it. our driest month of the year,
7:47 am
bit of rain. right now we are at 67 degrees. the dew point is at 60. humidity at 79%. currently the winds are out of the north at 6 miles per hour. very moderate temperatures across the area. a touch cooler up to the north in brooksville at 58. crystal river at 54. temperatures generally running in the mid-60s. places like st. petersburg, 67 degrees. down in sarasota, 66. lower 60s in a few wauchula at 61, arcadia at 60, but lakeland, currently at 63 degrees. haines city 65 along with winter haven and down with b bartow at 64 degrees. and dew point which is simply the measure of the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. now this big cold front that came through over the weekend last weekend. that dropped these numbers down into the 20s. we had this cold, refreshing air. and step outside during yacht
7:48 am
the air. now that we have these numbers into the 60s. doesn't have that crisp refreshing feel in cold front that will work its way down the state will drop the temperature 2, 3, 4 degrees, but what it will really do is tend to dry the atmosphere out which will really help to make things feel a lot better but you still have some of these clouds and we will at least deal with the clouds through the afternoon and into this evening giving back to a little more sun as we get into tomorrow. but still, partly cloudy skies for today. daytime high of 78 degrees and skies. overnight low of 58. looking good for tomorrow. mainly sunny skies and daytime high of 77 with the lower humidity. winds are out of the north at 10 to 15 knots. seas 2 to 3 feet. moderate chop on the by a. high tide at 1:04 this afternoon. the daytime highs in the 70s the next couple of days. another cool front toward the middle of the week and a rain chance of about 20% to 30% as we get into wednesday and
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you are watching "good day
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>> alcides: been there. done that. it is how some floridians feel about visiting disney. but not so fast. there is a world within the one walt created. grab your wallet because you will need extra cash to find it. fox's david martin show us the secret to finding these premium experiences. >> reporter: if you are a local din knee-phile you know how this navigate the crowd, when to get fast passes, when to watch fireworks, the 1,000 hidden mickey even the one inside small world [whispering "africa"] 90 add-on experience at walt disney world. 90. 9- >> somebody has got to do this. >> reporter: this woman manages them all. dotty mccleanen and they are best for repeat guests, you mrs. and mr. local. >> some come back frequently
7:53 am
surface a little deeper. >> reporter: for example, animal kingdom. most get shaky cell phone vi video, but that is child's play compared to the wild africa trek. >> it's our version of the three-hour tour. >> reporter: on this trek, you will crouch along trails, traverse swaying foot bridges above crocodiles and find adventure across untracked areas of the park. >> gives that you up close and personal with our xi zebras and our hippos you get to spend the time on that savannah. >> you can get african food and beverage. at 189 per person you better. savor the savannah. you will get a private safari vehicle, an exclusive and a different menu of food including beer and wine from africa. >> you have three guides that are there giving that you personal, amazing quiet stories of what it is like to live in africa.
7:54 am
it will be silly if you never surfed, if that's you the two-and-a-half-hour surf lesson might be the premium lesson you need. >> a novice or immediate su surfer, a very controlled environment for to you learn from the best. >> reporter: without the dangers of being in the actual ocean. >> or the wait time. you have to wait for the wave to come. we bring that wave for you. >> reporter: all for cool $165 per person. to the magic kingdom, how about a child's first haircut on main street it can be the harmony barbershop with this awesome add-on. >> the barbershop quartet will do it right in front of you. >> reporter: then show off the new do on board disney's pirate adventure cruise. two hours in the morning, kids venture on foot and by sea in search of buried treasure. >> those little tigers that need to talk and walk and on the plank. it is dress up. a lunch experience. >> reporter: happens around the
7:55 am
with multiple exotic ports of call. this experience is for kids ages 4 to 12 and only $34 per child. a great ay to make family memories. >> i am a mom. i understand that. you can't pay enough money for that experience. >> reporter: you can go grand by booking a luxury yacht sail on board the yacht 1. >> now we are getting fancy. >> reporter: disney's most pampered vip boating experience. a stunning buy it view fireworks at night, completely butler service from the grand floridian. $800 an hour but divide that by as many as 18 people. why not dine with the imagineer. >> people want to look under disney and see how they do it. the imagineer is a part of our cast. >> reporter: do lunch with one on brown derby and dinner with one at the flying fish. al all your questions what it
7:56 am
magical places on earth. prices vary. gentlemen just scratched the service of the 90-plus premium experiences. they do come and go, if something grabs your interest, don't wait. >> we re-create ourselves every day. >> reporter: david martin, fox news. >> alcides: disney is developing a magic online portal but that won't be available until call to book a premium experience. still a lot more to come on "good day tampa bay." we are willing to the death of former cuban dictator fidel castro. reaction from around the world coming up. this thanksgiving is over, so is black friday, but today is all about small businesses. we are taking -- talking with someone from keep st. petersburg local about small business saturday. and big bragging rights and a big trophy is on the line
7:57 am
usf versus ucf. both gearing up for the war on i-4. we will tell you about that and a whole lot more coming up n
7:58 am
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breaking overnight, former cuban president fidel castro has died at the age of 90. this was the scene in miami overnight. thousands of people hit the streets to celebrate his death. the crowds cheered and celebrated. many carried flags. his announcement on late-night television last night. castro was the mo divisive and controversial leaders. brett bahr has more on his death. >>reporter: in the end his speeches had grown shorter, his appearances more rare, but fidel castro's tone remains defiant as ever. [speaking spanish] >> reporter: socialism or de death. fidel castro loved to hate america at every political t turn.


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