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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  November 27, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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twice in two months, a tow truck d >> alcides: twice in two months a tow truck driver is hit and killed on a local highway. the lates more piem in miami still celebrate in the streets. we have raeeactions from around the world. today is one of the busiest travel days of the year. find out when you should avoid hitting the road. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> alcides: good morning, and welcome to "good day tampa bay." i'm alcides segui. thank you so much for joining us. we'll get to the stories in a
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to their monday morning. uch to love it, jim. >> the cold front pushed to the south so we see the cooler temperatures working into the area. clearing out the skies as well. there's the satellite view from this morning. we start out with a little patch of clouds overhead of. those clears right on you, and it's a gorgeous-looking morning right now. we're looking at the temperatures running in the 50s in most areas. right now here in tampa we're at 59 degrees. a bit cooler to the north. seeing some 40s in brooksville. theew remember yesterday that number was running up into the 60s, so starting to feel a little humid outside. you drop the number in the 40s and you get that nice, crisp feel to the air so that humidity sits at 69%. the winds are out of the north-northeast at 6 miles per hour. plenty of sun throughout the day. we warm the temperatures up into the mid and upper 70s. despite that, that low humidity makes it feel very, very
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our way. it looks like it will give us the chance of rain as we head towards the middle of the week. i talk more about that in a little bit, alcides. >> alcides: developing this morning, a deadly crash involving a tow truck operator on i-275. it happened around 1:30 this morning in the southbound lanes near the fowler exit ramp. we can confirm a tow truck driver is dead. no word yet on what led up to the incident or how many people are involved. we have just lrn southbound lanes are now re-opening. we are following this story very closely, and we'll have a light update with kellie cowan in about a half hour. this is the second fatal crash involve a tow truck operator in a month. on october 9th troy mcguire was killed. he was one of several tow truck operators that responded when troopers pulled over three cars for racing. he was standing on the shoulder when troopers say a drunk driver hit him and his vehicle.
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the driver was charged with dui manslaughter. in the weeks since his death, his fellow drivers have tried to draw attention to the state's move over law. florida law requires drivers to move over a lane for stopped emergency, sanitation, utility service vehiclers and wreckers. if you can't move over, slow to a speed that is 25 miles per hour or less than the posted speed limit. slow down to 5 miles per hour when the posted speed limit is 20 miles per hour violating the move over law will result in a fine and points on your driving record. in hillsborough county, the ticket is $153. more truck drivers -- more truck operators were killed last year than workers in other occupation. 852 total back in 2015. truck accidents are actually down from three years ago. overall, the number of workers killed on the job dropped about 2%.
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tampa police investigate a deadly hit-and-run crash. it happened just before 3:30 this morning at the intersection of himes and hillsborough avenues. officers say a bicyclist was struck in the crosswalk by a dark-colored sedan. the investigation is ongoing, and the intersection is still closed. if you have any information, contact tampa police. a pasco county deputy was forced to shoot and kill a pit and lunged at her. listen as witnesses described how it happened. >> i saw the dog come out and attack the pasco county sheriff's officer, a female. she was backing up to get away from the dog, and she fell down. >> alcides: the shooting happened at a homeless camp in hudson. the dog attacked a man. when the deputy arrived, the dog was still agitated.
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attempt to scare off the dog, but she was forced to fire again. it grazed her hand in the process. she and the injured man are expected to be okay. a standoff in tampa came to a peaceful end. officers surrounded a home on marham avenue around 2:00 yesterday afternoon. a woman called 911 because her estranged boyfriend barricaded himself inside. he was taken into custody a couple hours after. police have not released his name or any charges. more than 30 hours after the death of fidel castro, the celebration continues in miami. this was the up scene last night in little havana. for the second night in a row, hundreds gathered to mark his death. at one point miami police had to shut down one party after the crowd grew to more than 3500 people. on the streets of west tampa, word of castro's death spread quickly. it's news cuban-american families have waited to hear for
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tampa is home to the third largest cuban population in the united states. most people say with castro's death they're optimistic about the future of u.s./cuban relations. relations to castro's death continue to come in from around the world. phil keating is in little havana with the latest. >> reporter: celebrations rippling across the world as news spreads of the death of former cuban president fidel castro. there's a stark contrast to what is actually to hanor the leader. in buenos aires castro supporters left messages on the gates of the cuban embassy. >> translator: many people consider him a saint and others a tyrant. it depends on each person's opinion. the public opinion is very divided, i think. >> reporter: fidel castro came into power in 1959 after leading a rebel army to victory. he embraced soviet style communism and defied the power of ten american presidents.
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regime, the news is cause for celebration not for his life but for his death. >> honestly, my reaction was joy for my grandparents. they taught us to, you know, all the pains and the struggles they went through through their life. and how fidel cast toe symbolized all that pain. so his death in essence is a symbol of the death of -- an ending to that. >> it's sad to celebrate destructive in his path. you know, it's a relief. it's sad to say, but that's how we feel. it's the beginning of a new time. >> reporter: castro opponents have a rally planned for next week for change. >> being able to be in the street and wave the cuban and american flag, that shows what we have in this country. we should never take it for granted. >> reporter: the mayor of miami fully expecting the celebration
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days. in miami, phil keating, fox news. >> alcides: a ticket sold in tennessee had the winning numbers for last night's $421 million powerball jackpot. so far no one has stepped up to claim that prize. it's the 12th largest lottery jackpot of all time and the ninth largest powerball. the lump sum payment would add up to about $255 million. that's a lot of money. can you imagine what y there were two $1 million winners in pennsylvania and minnesota and one $2 million winner in north carolina. the tampa bay buccaneers seek their third straight win as they host the seattle seahawks. his is a big game for t. they're one game behind atlanta for the nfc south lead. despite the home feed advantage, don't expect an easy game. seattle is in first place in the nfc west and the bucs are dealing with a number of
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them. we can tell how hard they play on tape. we know this is a very physical game, but our guys are excited for the challenge. if you're a competitor, that's what you're in the business for. >> that's right. any given sunday anybody can win, right? the weather is going to be perfect. if you don't make it to raymond james stadium, you can catch it on fox 13. the usf bulls win the tenth game of the season. coming up in sports, kevin o'donnell has the firefighters are calling it a miracle. how an 8-month-old infant survived a horrific crash. we're off to a beautiful start after that cold front moved through last yesterday clearing out the skies and bringing cooler temperatures again. there's the beautiful-looking view over lakeland. lots of clear skies and mild along the coastline. winds are out of the
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hour. we head for the 70s this afternoon and track a cold front which looks like it will bring rain later in the week. all the details on that coming
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grandma is so happy to be here for your very first christmas. i hear you're quite the expert at waking people up in the morning. let me show you how grandma does it. your daddy made this when he was a little boy. this is your dad at my house, where he had his first christmas. ing the coffee. well look who's up. i'm really glad you're here mom. me too.
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there had to be devine intervention for her to be okay the way she was. >> the firefighters say it's a miracle. an 8-month-old infant wasn't hurt in a horrific crash on an arkansas highway. the baby was ejected from the car that flipped over after it was hit by a truck on friday night. firefighters found the baby 35 feet away from the crash. emergency crews checked the baby
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forehead. no wunlts was seriously hurt. get this. listen to this. this is incredible. investigators say the baby's car seat was improperly installed. wow. hillary clinton has joined green party presidential candidate jill stein's recount efforts in wisconsin. stein has raised $5.8 million toward her goal of $7 million. she's also calling for recounts in michigan and pennsylvania. trump won pennsylvania and wisconsin and holds a slim the associated press still hasn't officially called the race but his 10,000 vote lead is expected to be certified about i state elections board sometime tomorrow. trump broke his silence on the recount yesterday calling it ridiculous and a scam. until now trump and his transition team have been quiet on that recount. some sad news to report. ron glass, the actor best nn for
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barney miller has died. the role earned him a best supporting actor nod back in 1982. glass appeared in dozens of shows and movies like firefly, "star trek" voyager. he was 71 years old. we've really had warm weather this month. as you look at the calendar, all the red are temperatures above normal last week cold front that came through cooled us down a couple of days. we warmed right back up. another cold front worked through late yesterday, cooling us down for today. despite the cooler start, we're probably still going to see these temperatures just a touch above normal for today topping out in the upper 70s. our normal high for the date is 76 degrees. 59 degrees outside right now. the dew point is much lower. we had that in the 60s yesterday and dropped it into the 40s, so
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outside. that humidity at 69%, and winds are currently out of the north-northeast at 6 miles per hour. had some 40s to our north, and still at crystal river 48 degrees and brooksville up to 54 right now. st. petersburg is a little more mild at 62 with the water surrounding downtown st. petersburg, which by the way, the gulf temperatures currently at 69 degrees. clearwater has a 59. you head into bradenton 57 degrees, lakeland is sixty what a change this cold front has made. fronts to our south, and we're running 5, 7, 8, 10, and in some cases 13 degrees colder compared to this time yesterday. that's a nice cold front that moved through. really mainly just drying out the atmosphere. since we're much drier, we cool the temperatures quickly and warm them quickly. that's why we head up into the upper 70s for today. just a little bit cooler than
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dew points mainly run in the 40s. some 50s along the coastline, and that will give us the comfortable, crisp feel to the air as we go through the morning heading into the afternoon. there's a cold front now down to the south. that continues to push away clearing out the skies. you see the beginning of the loop right here. a few scattered clouds in here and those move out. we have plenty of sun for today into tomorrow. we start to see a few more clouds and the clouds gradually return because the high pressure is back i clouds are just racing across the country as we have yet another cold front which will work into the southeast as we head through the next day or so. now, across the northeast do have some much cooler temperatures and you see some snowfall across portions of new york into maine. the front that will continue to work to the south, and high pressure moves on to the east. here's the next front bringing strong storms across the southeast. then it kind of runs out of gas
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here comes the area of low pressure that will help to kick this all through here as we head towards the middle of the week. so the forecast for today looks good. mainly sunny skies and daytime high is 78 degrees. for tonight clear skies, overnight low of 63 and another nice-looking day for tomorrow. scattered clouds and a touch warmer but still low humidity. daytime high of 80 degrees. on the water winds are out of the northeast at 10 knots and seas 2 to 3 feet and moderate chop on the bay. high tide at 1:50 this seven-day forecast keeping these temperatures running in the 70s over the next day or so. then we slowly warm things up and we get that rain chance working in, about 40% into thursday. a great day for today, and plenty of sun over raymond james. kickoff at 4:05. 77 degrees but once the sun goes down it feels a bit cooler.
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long-time rivals. yesterday the stakes were higher than ever. kevin o'donnell has the highlights. >> good morning. the usf bulls' celebration didn't last long, bull willie taggart's guys deserve a standing ovation. the bulls need a temple to stumble against east carolina last night. usf won't play for the conference championship. the best bet is liningly the birmingham on december 29th. usf with a touchdown on the first drive. marlin mack with a burst to want end zone. a 43-yard touchdown run to tie the game. bulls defense has been a weakness at times this year, but they put pressure on the knights. brown picked up the loose ball, scoop and score. 14-7 bulls. usf opens the game a little bit in the second quarter. marlin mack breaking loose for another big touchdown run. mack finishes with 155 yards on
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what makes this bulls offense so good is quinten flowers. he can hurt teams with his arm, but he's more into it with his legs. he goes 62 yards for a 31-14 lead. flowers adds another touchdown run in the fourth quarter. how is this for balance? flowers had 152 yards here and another 152 yards on the ground. the bulls put up 5:03 on ucf and win for the first time they finished the regular season with an impressive ten-win year. willie taggart couldn't be more proud of his team. >> i appreciate you underclassmen for buying into what we're doing and helping to shape the culture at south florida. we have something special because of you guys because you believe. believe and want to do something different and we're different. with that said, we have ten wins
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school year. >> those guys were pumped up. how about gators and 'noles slugging it out in tallahassee. 'noles take a 10-3 leader for the first quarter. francois across the middle to travis rudolph. he gives them breathing room right here. 17-6 after three quarters. early in the fourth, freddie stevenson up the gut and goes 27 yards to give the 'noles a 24-6 lead. florida's special up. on the punt return, gators strip murray and harris picks up the ball. first touchdown against fsu in nine quarters. too little too late. su beats the gators 31-13. miami hurricanes end the regular season with a four-game winning streak. they beat up in duke on miami. close one for a half, and then brad kaaya takes control of the
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he breaks away. 76 yards for the touchdown. kaaya throws for 396 yards and ties his career high with four touchdowns and in doing so he takes over as miami's all-time leading passer moving past ep ken dorsey. he finishes 8-4 in mark rick's first year with the 'canes. they could head to new york for the pinstripe bowl or jacksonville for the tax slayer bowl on we have another full day of football this sunday. catch our full pregame show seahawks dlsh /bucks "tailgate sunday." later on they take the field at 4:05. i am guy you can catch on fox 13. that's a look at sports. have a great day. >> alcides: thanksgiving is soefr and the turkey is in the freezer and the pie is all gone. it means one thing. it's time to go home.
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weekend. it looks like something off of "star wars," but this is how pilots train for the long, cross-country flights. coming up on "good day," we learn to fly and more importantly how to land.
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? ? ? you said you're not like me, ? ? never drop to your knees, ? ? look into the sky for a momentary high, ? ? you never even tried till it's time to say goodbye, bye ?
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so your stuffed with great rates for great rides. stuffing . filled with pie >> alcides: you're stuffed with stuffing and filled withie that must mean it's time to go home. millions of other americans have the same exact idea as you do. it may be best to avoid the road today. waze says if you plan to leave today, you may want to rethink your game plan. they expect traffic jams to be up to 240% today. my goodness. the worst hours are between
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the app gives monday the all clear. according to aaa, nearly 49 mooil people traveleded more than 50 miles or more this weekend. roughly half decided to fly the skies this thanksgiving. jon scott shows us how pilots train for the busy weekend. >> reporter: it looked like some kind of exotic landing craft from a "star wars" movie. it's impressive for those that love take-off and cruise craft as well. >> just slowing bring the airplane back up and climb altitude. we're flying. >> reporter: this is a state-of-the-art full motion simulator for the boeing 737-800 series. i was invited to try and fly it. my instructor was a former navy pilot who had a long akeer at southwest airlines and is a chief pilot.
7:26 am
>> reporter: the computers screens outside the windows are so realistic, it's hard to believe you're not cruising past mount rainier. >> we're coming up on 500 feet. look at the instruments. >> reporter: or you're not suddenly making a night landing in seattle in heavy fog. >> you're doing good. thrust reversers. just landed out of a cat 3 approach. >> reporter: in earlier days pilots that cam had at that kwul fie on a passengers jet flying one with no one on board burns jet fuel to get practice time. these are so realistic a new trainee can get up to speed without burning a drop of jet fuel. nervous passengers might be nervous about flying with a pilot on a video game. this enhances safety. southwest can train crews to
7:27 am
never have to handle in real life. there's 80 knots, rotate. so we just lost the left engine, so we put right rudder in, ease in with the nose. we have a positive rate. just fly it into the command bars right there. we step on the good engine. i'm going to bring the bad engine back, and see, it's not working. you can see we're climbing out pretty hand somali. >> that is wild. yes, i like that. jon scott, fox news. >> alcides: very neat. still ahead on "good day tampa bay," an update on a deadly crash involving a tow truck driver. i-275 just re-opened, but the investigation is still ongoing. a local deputy ends up investigating a crime on his own property. now he hopes these pictures can help to catch a thief. cool start for the morning. we see the temperatures in the 50s across most areas, but all
7:28 am
a gorgeous start there. 59 degrees over clearwater beach, and probably need the jacket for the first part of the morning, but things warm up nicely into the afternoon. back into the 70s and tracking a cold front. could see some rain later in the week.
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today, we talk differently.... work differently... relax differently. and all those differences take energy. at duke energy, we're doing things differently too. like new ways to generate power and even store it... ...for cleaner energy every day. so no matter how different things become, we're always here ....
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>> alcides: florida highway patrol is investigating a deadly crash near i-275. we're going to have a developing story on this and hear from fox 13's kellie cowan live with an update coming up. plus, a pasco county deputy learns he's the victim of a crime. now he hopes these pictures can
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good morning, and welcome to "good day tampa bay." i'm alcides segui. we thank you so much for watching. it has been a busy day here on fox 13. first, let's go to our forecast. it's going to be a busy travel day for a lot of folks out there, right, jim? >> a busy day but a nice-looking area. the cold front dropped want humidity and cooled us off a bit. in tampa we're at 59 degrees along the coastline, beautiful-looking vw winds are currently out of the northeast at about 15 miles per hour. beginning of the loop, you do see a few scattered clouds working through the area, but those push quickly onto the east, and we see plenty of sun through the afternoon. there you see all the clear skies over central florida, and really a nice, cool start to the morning. 59 here in tampa, and the dew point is the drier air working
7:32 am
tampa are out of the north-northeast at 6 miles per hour. we warm it up into the afternoon into the mid and upper 70s. a few scattered clouds during the afternoon, but with the lower humidity it really feels very pleasant. we also have a cold front heading our way towards the middle of the week. that looks like it will bring rain. we will have more on that coming up in a little bit, alcides. >> alcides: developing this morning, tampa police investigate a deadly hit-and-run crash that happened just before 3:30 thisor hillsborough avenues. officers say a bicyclist was struck in the crosswalk by a dark-colored sedan. the driver fled the scene. the intersection is still closed. if you have any information at all, contact tampa police. also developing this morning, for the second time in just over a month florida highway patrol is investigating a deadly crash involving a tow truck driver. fox 13's kellie cowan is live at the scene with a little more on this story.
7:33 am
alcides. at this point the details are very scant about this crash, but what we know is it occurred just after 1:30 this morning on i-75 near the fowler avenue exit. or 275 i should say near the fowler avenue xit. several lanes were shut down overnight as detectives investigated the deadly crash, but everything has since been re-opened this morning. now, this fatal crash comes just about a month after another different tow truck driver. that one occurring on i-75 just earlier in october. that one involving a hit-and-run driver, and we also know that that driver is accused of being drunk behind the wheel. at this point we don't have any further details from florida highway patrol about exactly what caused this crash on 275 this morning, other than the fact that a tow truck driver has
7:34 am
identity of that driver either. so we'll stay on the story all morning for you to bring you the latest, alcides. >> alcides: thank you so much, kellie. >> kellie: thanks. >> alcides: there was a shooting at a mall in fort lauderdale yesterday morning at the coral square mall. after hearing gunshots, witnesses say dozens went running for cover. the victims were few other details were released. while looking for a crashed drone in a wooded area, a man found something much more disturbing. human remains investigators think it's been there for several years. the medical examiner will conduct an autopsy to determine the cause and the time of death. a pasco county sheriff's depth see says someone stole items from under his car port,
7:35 am
it happened early yesterday morning. the thief is walking around in that car port area, and then he takes something. investigators say there have been multiple burglaries at that deputy's home, but they're not sure if they're all related. anyone with information is urged to contact the sheriff's office. and sheriff grady judd has a reason to be thankful. the holiday weekend has been relatively uneefltful when it comes to major crimes. they posted this thank youn county, you were all for the most part on your best behavior the past two days. sometimes the holidays are stressful, and our deputies are always ready to assist when the stress gets to be too much and we are required to intervene. this year, though, thanksgiving wasn't too crazy, and for that we are grateful. maybe everyone was sleepy from eating too much turkey. we hope you have a wonderful weekend and for those of you who
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on today. be safe, everyone. we'll be here if you need us. still ahead on "good day tampa bay," scherr sherry introduces us to our pet of week. a very unusual holiday tradition. the streets of austria.
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it's time for the "pet of the week." thanks for being with us. >> this is elsa. >> elsa.
7:39 am
elsa is a puppy about eight and a half weeks old. she's probably going to be, i think, alcides maybe 20, 25 pounds when full-grown. she's a terrier mix of some sort. her story is she started off kind of tough. her owners decided to move away and told the neighbors they'd be back for her and put her in the garage. a week later she's stit if in the garage. they rescued her from the garage and couldn't keep her because allergies. she's a baby and not house trained and all those things that have been to be trained. i think she's adorable. look at that face. >> she is adorable. so congratulations. >> mishgs goi sh. >> what an outpouring of support. black friday was a huge hit for you guys. >> it was a huge hit. 96 adoptions in one day. we've been around for over 100 years and never do that many adoptions. i don't know. it was a lot of different factors, i guess. the box of chocolates certainly
7:40 am
this morning when i walked through the kennels, it was almost eerie. we have some large dogs left, but not that miles per hour. we have some kitties left, but now we have room toe take in more pets, which is wonderful. >> it's like a fresh start. >> it's like a fresh start, which is really cool. i can't say enough about the community out there supporting us. >> we thank you for adopting those cute little pups. >> absolutely. >> talk to us about you have an upcoming event, right? >> next saturday is december 3rd. crafts this is the third year they're doing it and it's in st. pete. it's the shuffleboard club in st. pete. it's a cool place to play shuffleboard. it's all the area breweries and beer tating and this year it's dog friendly. come out and taste beer and bring your dogs. it's a cool place. it's on our website as well. >> great idea. talk about the pet that was here last week. pinky. >> look hat that. little chihuahua mix. the williamsons fell in love,
7:41 am
>> if you want to dopt this little guy? >> come early tomorrow, because i think there will be a big command command for her. we're open 10:00 to 5:00. >> get there early, she's a
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
the florida >> alcides: welcome back. the time is 7:45. the florida highway patrol is investigating a deadly crash involving a tow truck driver. it happened at around 1:30 this morning on i-275 near the fowler avenue exit. i-275 southbound is open again. the tow truck driver was hit and it's unclear what caused the crash, and we follow the dwoming story throughout "good day tampa bay." 16 years ago elian gonzalez and his mother sought refuge from cuba. their both capsized and his mother drown and elian was the center of an international custody dispute. he was returned to cuba and grew up with his father. yesterday he told reporters fidel castro was like a father
7:45 am
tomorrow giant rallies are planned at revolution square. foreign dignitaries are expected to arrive on tuesday for a memorial service. we'll have more on the stories at the top of the 8:00 hour. here sobani and kati with some sunday savings. >> reporter: time for the sunday savings as millions get so busy with the holiday shopping. a good amount of wai cyber monday deals. here with tips on how to save while doing that is founder, kati kiefer. you say to load your cart ahead of time. what do you mean by that? >> a lot of people don't realize -- they know the best deals possibly were on black friday. cyber monday is come upping as a great second choice. so a trick that i have is to load the items that you want ahead of time into your cart that you're going to buy that you plan on, and then you hit
7:46 am
is. if it came down in preese, so you kind of already have reserved your item, and then you hit refresh and be ready to check out. this is all about speed on cyber monday. >> you don't want to waste time saying what do i want? it's really strategy. knowing what you need and sthoping at the right time. >> yes. >> it's also, you know, though you're ordering online and not going into a store, so shipping can add up if there isn't a free option? >> right. a lot of times there's a actually know -- well, one surprise is you can choose ship to store and get it free every time. you already have the items in your cart and ready to check out. it's $15 to $50 in shipping depending on how heavy it is. one really good thing to buy on cyber monday are those fire pits, and they're really -- >> they're heavy, you know. that's a big item that you pay a lot of shipping. so ship it to the story and get shipping for free.
7:47 am
money, my friend. you say compare before you buy, too? >> yeah. just like black friday compare prices and you know what you're doing. use google shopping where you type it in and it tell mes you the different prices at stores. knowing ahead of time what you already -- you basically see all ads and everything for black friday, so knowing hey, i want to get a fire pit. i only want to spend less than 50 bucks because that's the price for the fire pit, and then ready. >> you have to fill up that cart and keep it waiting and click, click ready to go. what about restocking fees? how does that affects. >> these make me really mad. you buy an item and it's a gift and you give it to someone and you say i already have this. they have to pay to give it back to the store. it's frustrating. you have to look at the fine print before you check out. most of the stores do have it right on the actual item, and it will say, hey, this is going -- don't open it.
7:48 am
plastic if you know you don't keep it. they charge up to 20% of a restocking fee. one really good thing to do is today on sunday before monday happens, if you know where you shop, set up an account and have it ahead of time and load your shipping information, your credit card information. it's all secure anyway. that way you don't waste time going in when you go to hit refresh. >> you say don't waste time. it's because it's counting down the timed out sales? monday or things sell out. >> that's the biggest problem, is the things sell out. you missed out. they only had a limited quantity, and you left it in your cart. it happened to me several times where i miss out. i think i have to waste more time picking an alternate item. so frustrating. >> good advice. thank you so much. >> u that. thank you. now your skytower radar
7:49 am
cold front moved through late yesterday. that brought the cooler, drier air across the state. right now we're at 59 degrees and the dew point has dropped down to 49 making the humidity at 69%. currently our winds are out of the north-northeast at 6 miles per hour. that 55 over in wesley chapel, 52 for lakeland, haines city and winter haven at 56 degrees. in brandon you're at 52. a little more mild along the coastline with st. petersburg in bradenton is at 58 degrees and clearwater is at 59 as you work across the northern part of the state. there are 30s up there. tallahassee is 36 degrees and panama city 38. a bit warmer in pensacola and still on the cool side at 46 degrees and over the past 24 hours what a change it's been with that cold front working down the state, across the panhandle. temperatures 12, 16 degrees colder compared to this time yesterday across central florida
7:50 am
really the big key to all of this is drier air. the dew points, which were creeping up into the mid-60s across central florida yesterday, now they're back down into the 40s. so you head outside especially this morning with the cooler air in place, and it feels really crisp outside. as we get into the afternoon these daytime highs, they warm back up into the 70s, but with that dew point down into the 40s, is it still feels very delightful outside. you don't have find that moisture yesterday. it's still down across the southern tip of the state. there's the cold front. that's why you still have some moisture down to the south. that will continue to push to the south and clear things out. had some clouds yesterday, and a lot of mid and upper level clouds. they were still around through much of the overnight hours, but they now have cleared out. we see beautiful-looking weather for today with very pleasant temperatures as high pressures jump into control across about
7:51 am
you don't have to go far to find the clouds. the clouds continue to race across the country. we have another cold front, which will be working its way across the country, and that looks like it's going to bring some rain as we head towards about the middle in the second half of the week. the first front continues to work towards the south. high pressure will shift to the east, and here's the next cold front. some big storms across the southeast. front initially kind of runs out of the gas, so it doesn't make we get an impulse that rides along to help kick it through and give us that chance of some rain as we head into late wednesday and into thursday. for today, though, it's a beautiful day. mainly sunny skies and daytime high is 78 degrees. for tomorrow another gorgeous day, scattered clouds and a little bit warmer but still that low humidity is in place with that high temperature tomorrow at 80 degrees. winds are out of the northeast at 10 knots and seas 2 to 3 feet
7:52 am
high tide at 1:50 this afternoon. we show that gradual warm-up over the next couple of days. humidity is still under control, but then rain heads our way
7:53 am
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runs: 10oc: >> alcides: yeah, good lord. santa's evil side cabbing goes through the street of austria. this weekend thousands took part in the traditional krampus run. he's basically an evil santa that punishes bad kids by beating them. over 100 charged through the streets scaring the crowd. they want to make this a tradition here in the u.s. wow. retailers say sales are up this holiday shopping weekend. all told, the national retail federation believes shomers spend $655 billion in november and december. locally owned businesses cashed in on the holiday shopping weekend as well with small business saturday. in st. petersburg some 150 artists and local vendors took
7:56 am
some say meeting shoppers face-to-face was a breath of fresh air. >> i love it. unfortunately, a lot of times people are fixated on the big box stores and what's quick and easy. what i love is an opportunity like today that gets people out in the co american express 95 million customers took part in small business saturday spending more than $16 billion. if getting out to the stores is not your thing like me, don't stress. you can get the holiday deals thanks to cyber monday. consumers spent $3.3 billion online on friday, a 21% increase from last year. experts predict tomorrow will do even better. we have a lot more in store in the 8:00 hour of "good day tampa bay."
7:57 am
another tow truck driver is killed. kellie cowan has the latest on this investigation. people around the world are still reacting to the death of cuba dictator fidel castro. what his death means for the u.s./cuba relations and what we
7:58 am
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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." it happened again. another tow truck driver is hit and killed on a local highway. what we know so far about this investigation. >> thine day nine days of mourning are under way. good sunday morning, everyone. welcome to "good day tampa bay." the time is 8:00 a.m. let's a check on the frarz. jim is in for lindsay. >> jim: good morning, alcides. the cold front has pushed to the south and cleared out the skies. a nice, cool, beautiful start to the day. in clearwater beach, 60 degrees and winds out of the northeast at 11 miles per hour. satellite view over the state, we start out with a few scattered clouds through the overnight hours and they move on to the east as that drier air, the ridge of high pressure


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