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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  November 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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months, and we just moved back in. >> bad luck or bad location? how the family is trying to bounce back. i can't believe that this is happening a third time in a short amount of time. >> crime happening right outside an iconic steakhouse. why the valets at burn's may be a bit edgy. right now there's a big hol. >> that family broken after a deadly crash. how they're remembering this m musician, friend and father. we begin with a family stunned after what appears to be or may appear to be a string of the worst luck imaginable. for the second time in a year, a car crashed right through their house. fox 13's evan axelbank tells us they had just moved back in, and he reports from their tampa neighborhood. >> reporter: for the second time in seven months a car came
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their yard and bashed through the wall of the home. the first time it went through the wall of a living room and the second time through the wall of a bedroom. both times it left a family homeless. it's hard enough to go through once. >> a drunk driver plowed through at 5:00 in the morning. >> that put the father of her children in the hospital. >> they ran him over 50, 60 miles per hour. >> after seven months staying on supported by disability checks was able to move back in. >> we weren't even unpacked or anything. >> friday night she was out when -- >> i received a call from the sheriff's office stating please give us a call. they're an dpkz at your house. >> it happened again. this time driver danica zagara didn't realize that pine lake end and drove through the home at the t on oregon. deputies say that she was drunk.
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or something.pi don't know. it's pretty much bad luck, i guess. it's not good luck for sure. >> since deputies say it's unsafe, they're forced to scramble again for a place to stay. she has a history of medical problems and survives on social security. >> right now i don't have the means or way to move, but trying to get something set up. >> there is one thing to be thankingful for. everyone she loves survived. >> we're strong and all thankful no one that's the main thing. >> after all this she's not sure whether she wants to move back in a home, why risk a third strike? also developing tonight out of south tampa, another ral lay driver for burns steakhouse was robbed at gunpoint last night. you may recall two other drivers for burns were robbed in may. crystal clark joins us live from
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you spoke to a victim, right? >> reporter: that's right, chris. the very first victim. he didn't want to give us his last name because he's very much afraid. the suspect that robbed him is still out there. he said he left his job at burns after he was robbed because he didn't feel safe. joshua, want man we spoke to earlier today, says he was walking through a nearby alley in may to retrieve a customer's car. a man came out and demanded moin and he gave him $200 and ran. he installed lights near the alleyway, but a few weeks later another valet was robbed. this third incident on sunday night, all the details are the same. same alley, same description of a tall, thing white male. joshua says more teeds to be done. >> it's a combination of the
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department and maybe the city. it seems like not much is done. >> joshua was contacted one time by a detective after the robbery. he left two voice mails afterwards and never got a response. the second victim was even asked to take a lie detector test. despite the similars and the suspect descriptions, they call sunday's case an incident. at this point as far as we know, none of those suspects in all three cases have been arrested. back to you. >> see if burns does anything to address this as well from its standpoint. crystal clark live in south tampa. thank you. zo this is the first look at the student that carried out an attack on ohio state. they released this photo of 18-year-old abdul razak ali artan. he's the man that injured 11
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drove through the crowd and got out and stabbed people. now investigators are trying to determine if artan had any ties to terrorist groups. mike tobin has more on that. along the young university officer that stopped it fast. >> reporter: a monday morning attack at ohio state university. >> we have a vehicle that struck several pedestrians and gunshots fired and one down. >> reporter: officials say an 18 d 18-year-old osu student drove a car into a crowd o then got out with a butcher knife and started to stab people. >> he appeared on the sidewalk. it hit everyone in front. >> i thought it was an accident until the game came out with a knife honestly. >> reporter: a nearby police officer quickly responded, shooting and killing the suspect. >> it is the remarkable what these first responders did. >> 11 people were injured, 1
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both doctors here they expect a full recovery. >> sources tell fox news the suspect was a refugee from somalia who became a legal, permanent u.s. resident. >> we can confirm that the suspect was an osu student named abdul razak ali artan. >> reporter: now looking into motive and the suspect's background, they were searching his home on monday. >> i'm completely astonished. he was nice and decently >> the house committee says it bears the hallmarks of a terror attack. law enforcement sources tell fox news the suspect made a social media declaration on monday complaining about the treatment of muslims. at the ohio state university campus, mike tobin, fox news. a man who touched many people with his lively music and personality died last night. tonight an entire pasco county community remembering rob
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turned in front of his motorcycle last night. cartwright was not only a father and friend to me, he was a fiddle player for the group called the bearded brothers band. here's video of that band performing. the family said the group was on the verge of really taking off. one of his proudest moments was when he played with charlie daniels at the hard rock. his family said he had a big spirit that will never be replaced. >> an person and musician who touched a lot of people everywhere around the area through his music, through things that he's done to help others. >> he is one of the most greatest people i have ever seen in my life.
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it's a task i didn't think i'd have to bear. >> the bearded brothers band also released a statement saying that rob's love for life and music lifted everyone up, and there will never be another man like him. six years after he killed a local father, trevor dooley could be released from jail. there he is there preparing for a new trial and asking to be let out on bond pending the hearing. josh is in the courtroom today. what happened, and make people remember this story, it was very big when it happened. essentially we heard from attorneying on both sides and loved ones on both sides, but the judge is holding off on a decision for a day sore so and they ask you to set a bond between $50,000 to $100,000 while he awaits his new trial. he killed david james in 2010 on
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james' daughter. at the time dooley claimed he was defending himself, but the jury did not agree and he was sentenced to eight years. now, back in april an appeals court ruled there were errors during his sentencing and his appellate lawyers were ineffective, so he gets a new trial. he wants to be out on bond awaiting that new trial. >> every time this happens, it's like, you know, it just rips open those old it hurts just as bad. i feel like we still have to fight for dj because he doesn't have a voice anymore. he needs justice. >> reporter: and that, of course, david james' wife reacting to the bond hearing. so the big question, will he or will he not get bond? that's the million dollar question. today the judge said he would make a decision in a day or two, so we expect tomorrow tuesday or possibly wednesday.
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latest. we're live in tampa, josh cascio, fox 13 news. this update out of st. pete tonight where the state attorney's office ruled that the shooting death of john zamola was justified. they shot him after he charged at them with a knife on november 5th along north 64th street in st. pete. they said the lives were in danger and they had authority to use deadly force. coming up, the death of fidel castro adding fuel to already palmtics. politics. that's judge so many people are frustrated and voted for a change candidate in the last election. >> what the white house has to say, and how this could change that thaw in relations with cuba right after the break. what's our week shaping up to look like? >> it looks changeal and warm and muggy tonight. >> they're done and track a couple of cold fronts and talk
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sounds from the sounds from a 21-gun salute filling the air in cuba today, a tribute to long-time dictator fidel castro. there's a week of memorial services to bid farewell to the man half a century. president obama won't attend the services, but the words he used to describe castro's death have sparked yet another passionate political argument. fox's kevin cork reports. >> pathetic. that's how some described president obama's statement regarding the death of cuban dictator fidel castro who died over the weekend at 90. in a statement the president said in part, we know this moment fills cubans in cuba and in the united states with
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countless ways in which fidel castro altered the course of individual lives, families and of the cuban nation. adding, quote, history will record and judge the enormous impact of this singular figure on the people and the world around him. obviously, unimpressed congressional lawmakers pounced immediately. florida senator marco rubio tweeted, president obama issued a pat thettic statement on the death of fidel castro with no mention of thousands he killed and imprisoned. then there was this from florida congressman carlos c whose fame was personally targeted about by the castro regime. >> that's why so many voted for a change candidate in the last election. because they see and listen to politicians like the president in this case who are unwilling to state a simple truth. that fidel castro was a di dictator, a murderer, an enemy of the united states. >> today in calling him a towering figure, white house press secretary josh earnest
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whitewash his past. >> to issue a blistering statement and engage in the mutual recriminations that are tied to the past doesn't advance freedom or democracy on the island nation of cuba. >> reporter: at the white house, kevin cork, fox news. >> castro's death comes as the obama administration renewed relations with cuba, but the thawing could easily refreeze under the trump presidency. trump tweeted today, if cuba is unwilling to make a better deal r cuban-american people and the u.s. as a whole, i will terminate the deal. the first commercial flight from the u.s. to havana departed from miami today. this was an american airlines flight. southwest flights from tampa to havana will begin on december 12th. these flights are made possible under those newly restored and perhaps tenuous ties between cuba and the u.s. pope francis appointed a new
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petersburg. parks sat in on several meetings today as the transition got underway. he comes to the diocese of st. pete after leading in tallahassee and pensz cole. opportunity and calls his leadership style approachable. >> as a bishop, i've always tried to be a pastor, so i try to be pastory in my work and relationships with priests and with those i encounter through the ministry. >> with the area, because back in the '80s he worked in the financial sector before going to seminary. checking outside again now, it's been a -- so dry for so long. we haven't seen rain in a while. >> i looked at the pictures from gatlinburg, tennessee tonight. >> right now last i heard 16 buildings are burning in gatlinburg, and there's a mandatory evacuation in some of
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resort town in tennessee. a gateway to the smoky mountains. here's a picture of the mountains pretty much on fire. the good news, and i tell you, it's really good news the fact there's bands of rain moving over eastern tennessee right now. without a doubt this is a dire situation in gatlinburg, tennessee, and you'll be seeing i think in the news tomorrow some video. of a hotel in gatlinburg where - the hotel. so it's a bad scene. it really is. now, this is kind of interesting folk froms a weather state on the east side of gatlinburg, 118 degrees. now, that's not because it was a hot, sunny day. this is understand arizona. this is literally heat from nearby fires that have made the temperature at that station 118 degrees, and then the station
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here. humidity was 21%. look at the winds. south-southwest at 43, and gusting to 69 miles per hour. again, this station stopped working soon after we saw the 118 degrees on the east side of gatlinburg. so here it is. there is light rain over eastern tennessee. in the short term there's a lot of wind with the front, blowing the fires around the city. there's also fires elsewhere. is good for the folks from birmingham all the way up to huntsville near atlanta now, which has been very dry. they get some rain up along the blue ridge parkway and up by boone and banner elk we get rain, too. it will rain for a couple of days, so that's good. the situation right now, the short term is dire in gatlinburg, tennessee.
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around. we had a brief surge yesterday, and now the winds to the southeast. even had showers in sarasota county along coastal manatee and sarasota for a time tonight. enough to turn the windshield wipers on. right now we're in the 60s and low 70s, getting kind of muggy, too. dew points are up and watch for patchy fog late tonight. right now we're 71 and the dew point at 65 degrees. the winds are east-southeast at 8. here's a slow-moving cold front, rain from michigan and then rain all the way down the bend to about coastal louisiana and mississippi. in front will slow down and produce more rain for them. this front won't impact us in the short term, but there is another front heading our way next week. it has a better chance of rain monday and tuesday, and by the way, the long-range all looked at what i look at through mid-december looks cold for us.
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sprinkles tonight end and patchy fog and mild and 68. mix of clouds and sun and kind of breezy and a human day tomorrow with highs in the low to mid-80s and more of the same on wednesday. kind of sticky, a mixture of clouds and sun and back in the low to mid-80s. there will be a weak front impacting us on thursday briefly cooler, a little, friday and saturday and hopefully a better chance of rain sunday into >> all right, paul. thank you, sir. when we checked the video out of gatlinburg, the pictures are absolutely heart-breaking. >> it's so sad. parts of pigeon forge. it's strange to see an advisory saying it's evacuated. praying for those people tonight for sure. cyber monday fever. >> while you shop from the comfort of the computer at your home, people at the amazon fulfillment center are busy as
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>> reporter: it's 28 football fields large, 1 million square feet in ruskin. it's the second one of kind in florida. there are seven enormous facilities in america. they're all cranking right now for cyber monday. you have 3500 employees back there plus a bunch of robots. what are they doing? >> it's great. they work together with the associates. the robots actually bring over the items, and the social will pick it and put it in totes behind you. something off, it goes in a yellow tote like you see here and go to our pack ship operation to an associate to pack it into a box and go to the shipping operation where it enters a truck. zo this is like the raw material if you will, so to speak? >> that's correct. >> how does it b to go down which conveyor belt? >> our software is designed to read labels on the totes and divert them towards the line they need to go for that
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cyber monday last year. do you break that this year? >> we are going to. that's our plan. >> david martin, fox 13 news. it's another victory monday, what's left of it. third straight for the bucs. what caused in mid-season turn-around? i'll show you. vernon got a lot of support from every corner of raymond james o. he's the seahawks hugged him after the big win. verner plays the game of his
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the old band was there. warren sapp and derrick brooks
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defense at the stadium. the young bucs want to make them proud. they turned in their best performance of the year against the best team in the nfc, the seattle seahawks. they sacked russell wilson six times and a season high of four right there. also hit him 11 times and picked off two of his passes. the bucs have racked up 27 sacks on the season, which is ninth best in the league right now. dirk koetter says the offense just lights-out defense. >> we're not going to win very many games scoring 14 points. last night or defense ruled the day. our defense stole the show and deservedly gets the credit. you know, the flipside of that is we need to take advantage of opportunities and and that was a game we should have scored 28 points. >> the bucs verner played a big


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