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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  November 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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cleaned out! shelves and cases filled with >>laura: cleaned out, shelves and cases filled with fire arps vanish overnight. this morning all that's left is broken glass. >>russell: authorities are looking i at ohio state was an act of terror. developing this morning, what we learned about the suspect and the hero caught who saved countless lives. >>laura: and watch out. another perfect example of why you must move over when you see flashing lights on the side of the street. >>dave: 68 degrees outside on a lovely tuesday morning. yes, it's at 68 degrees. everybody warmer than yesterday. you can thank the southeasterly wind for that which is running at five to seven miles an hour.
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through central florida until the east coast when it's in the lower 70s right now from nasa all the way down through west pauch. forecast today, every bit as warm as yesterday with high temperatures running several degrees above normal. most of us will make it back to the lower 80s this afternoon. >>vanessa: thank you. and roads are getting the thumbs up right now. we want to check in on i-4. this is in polk county, westbound near the westbound rest area. lanes heading away from tampa bound developing on i-4. it should be clear through polk county for you and as you head from the polk-hillsborough line in towards downtown tampa, the great speeds continue and we're incident-free so enjoy and be safe. >>russell: broken glass, empty cases, a major gun store heist overnight in tampa. >>laura: and detectives are looking for potentially dozens of stolen guns they've found their way onto the street.
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waters avenue and we say dozens. do we have any idea how many guns we're talking about or what kind? >>reporter: good morning to you. right now we're working to gather additional information on exactly how many and what type of firearms are actually missing from this business. this has been an active scene now for several hours as hillsborough county sheriff's deputies work to collect as much information as they can. you're seeing to take you to the scene we arrived to earlier this morning. we know a call came in. a dispatch supervisor tells me a call came in from an alarm company. deputies responded a short time later to the tampa arms company on west waters and this is the scene they found. the shattered glass, the empty rifle racks, a huge mess left behind. detectives are going to be working to determine who was
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damage and they want to find any clues that that person or persons might have left behind. crime scene technicians, we expect to see them taking pictures and collecting evidence. detectives are going to be checking out surveillance video for any leads. a sergeant on the scene tells me while there are some cameras around this building, this particular strip mall, we're told some businesses here have the security bar as the sergeant tells me the tampa arms company did not appear to have those security bars along the front entryway. it's unclear at this point exactly what firearms are taken. again, the number of firearms taken, we know detectives will likely be working with the owner of this business to collect an inventory of information. some of the brands carried here include glock, smith and wesson and remington.
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brands of firearms are missing at this point. a lot still to sort out, a lot of questions out there as detectives try to piece together what happened here at tampa arms company during the overnight hours. of course, we'll stay out here and stay on top of it and i'll be back with another live report for you within the next hour. back to you. >>laura: see you then. thank you. >>russell: this is the first major gun heist in the area. a year ago thieves hit a gun a group of men shot a hole in shooting sports and they were gone along with 42 hands guns. police arrested four brothers a few days later. >>laura: we're also following a developing story out of colombia. a plane with 81 people on board, including a soccer team, has crashed. emergency crews say there are five survivors. officials say the pilot declared
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at the same time, the area was hit with heavy rain and thunderstorms. this is video from the team's facebook page. it shows them preparing to leave for the flight. they were scheduled to play in a regional tournament final tomorrow. in the wake of the crash, south american soccer federation has cancelled all activities until further notice. we'll keep you updated as the story develops. >>russell: run, hide, fight. those are the options for students and staff at ohio state. that's the message received that someone was dangerous on campus. yesterday morning, an 18-year-old somali born student injured 11 people, one of them critically. before he was killed. >>laura: it has all the hallmarks of a terror attack. >> i heard a loud noise, a loud bang and i heard a huge crowd of dust. >> there are concerns that monday's attack at ohio state
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into a crowd on campus and then got out of his car and stabbed students until a police officer shot and killed him. 11 people were injured in the incident. >> i believe it was only indicators of terrorism and i would be surprised if it's not. we can't make a final conclusion but somali refugee, the type of attack, hitting people with his vehicle. >>russell: muslim leaders are condemning the attack and believe the suspect was acting alone. everyone not to jump to conclusions until investigators do their job. responding to such a senseless act of violence with hate is never the solution. >>reporter: but some experts believe abdul may be connected to a terror network tied to the somali terror group al-shabaab. >> i think that we have to accept at this point in time our cells here.
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larger communities. >>reporter: witnesses are describing their reaction to the moments when the violence broke out. >> people like really running and like really screaming. i'm like, oh, this is something going on. then i heard the three gunshots and from about that same area and i was like, what do i do? >>reporter: the motive of the attack is under investigation. >>laura: and the ohio state university police officer who shot and killed him is being called a officer took down the attacker one minute after they plowed a car into a crowd of people. he was responding to reports of a gas leak and he happened to be nearby. the 28-year-old graduated from ohio state in 2012 and started on the police force early last year. >>russell: it's 6:07 and here in tampa, a valet driver at bern's steakhouse robbed on sunday. this is the third time an employee at the restaurant has been targeted since may. most recent robbery happened
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the valet was walking through the alley off south howard avenue when a man robbed him at gun point. officers searched the area, could not find him. detectives do not think that sunday's robbery is related to the two earlier in the year. after the first robbery in may, bern's put up lights. a month later, another valet was robbed, same spot. it's also where sunday's robbery happened. >>laura: the search is on for a moth w dang he were. rachel madison was staying with family after leaving indiana to distance herself from her estranged husband. she was leaving sunday afternoon to go for a jog on the beach and never came back. authorities believe that rachel could be with her husband. right now they're working to determine whether she left with him willingly or if she's in danger. >>russell: former lakeland teacher who admitted having sex with several of her students is asking a judge to reduce her sentence.
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sentenced to 22 years in prison on more than 30 charges. the judge called her a predator. after serving nearly a year and a half, victor wants her sentence reduced. her attorneys plan to argue two points. one, that the boys were willing participants and she has mental health issues and cannot get appropriate help in prison. >>laura: a 21 gun salute kicks off a week of mourning in cuba after the death of fidel castro. thousands lined up to pay respects to the man who ruled the island for 49 years. after two days in revolution square, castro's ashes will move east to sant iago.
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whose kids like to punch and kick. >>laura: why some forms of martial are not for everyone. in tennessee, smoke from a massive wildfire blocks out the sun near a popular tourist destination. >>dave: good news is they're getting some rain up there in tennessee at this hour. we're sitting here very warm and somewhat muggy. i've got 68 degrees outside at tampa international. go north and it's in the lower 60s. east in the mid beautiful day, clouds, sunshine, warm, breezy and high temperatures sneaking back into the lower 80s this afternoon. well when i shop, my coupons are in a neat little stack, and my weekly ad is folded like this. ready to go... that's how i save a lot at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. ? think of your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ?
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that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. welcome back... >>russell: welcome back. it is 6:13. fox 13 is teaming up with metropolitan ministries to my hope for the holidays. >>laura: it's giving tuesday and they're collecting food and toys from 7:00 this morning to 7:00 tonight and you can bring donations, you can meet some of your favorite fox 13 personalities if you want to.
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pasco tent locations today. tampa tent is on governor street near nebraska and cass and that was a little hard to get to we noticed. >>russell: it's not at the usual metropolitan locations. it's in a different place. it's down town. >>laura: if you look for it, you'll find it. if you live in pasco county, the dropoff point is on u.s. 19 and holiday. if you want more information, find it on our website at i told siri and we worked together to get there. >>russell: really? if she can find it -- >>laura: anyone can. >>russell: it's kind of behind the train station. >>laura: it is. >>russell: that gives you a vantage point. there it is. >>laura: giving tuesday. >>dave: we hope to see everybody down there. we're in the 60s this morning. waking up, 10 degrees warmer in some spots, especially up to the panhandle where they're still in te 70s, believe it or not.
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join you with that exact same temperature, new tampa, best chase at 65 degrees. so is wesley chapel. inverness, the only spot on the hourlies right now to get down to the upper 50s but even this, even this number is above normal. look at these temperatures and this screams south wind. it really does because you've got to have some southerly component to our wind to have temperatures like this late novemb and that's indeed what we have. we have a southeasterly wind and notice the difference. four to 13 degrees warmer than it was for your monday morning. 11 degrees warmer in wauchula, eight in winter haven. nine in crystal river. i mean, it's just -- you get that warm and somewhat muggy feeling, too, because the other thing that the southeasterly wind does is it drives up that lower level humidity so the dew points are back into the mid 60s as well.
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and muggy feeling to our day. high pressure way up here. top right-hand corner of the screen off the coast of the carolinas pumping in the southeasterly wind. at the same time, you have a weakening cold front that's slowly trying to drop south. the good news out of this is you want to talk about a place that desperately needs rain, it's from alabama all the way up through the carolinas, including, and you've probably seen it if you've been watching for gatlinburg, tennessee the past couple of days. they're getting some rain right now. it won't be the last, either, because the forecast or computer models are pinpointing the whole area over the next week to see several inches of rain. and while we need some, too, let's get these fires out and i think that will be the theme over the next week or so as they do see plenty of rainfall. for us, not so much. i think we're going to see a
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chance but really, the lion share of the rain -- hey, if you're going to atlanta, you'll run straight into it. parts of tennessee, mountains picking up rain this morning. good for them. they need it. for us it's more of the same, just a little bit warmer. partly sunny, breezy today. south-southeast winds will bring us into the lower 80s for high temperatures. we've got warm and muggy again tonight. mid to upper 60s will be the 5:34 so check that out and partly humid, breezy tomorrow with high around 83 degrees. the one thing i've got to say is that the wind is strong enough to kick the caution flags in. we have a moderate chop expected with a water temperature in the upper 60s, low tide at 8:09 with a high tide at 3:09 this afternoon. next seven days, you'll see there are two rain chances, one
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pushed back to sunday and that is around 30% as well. vanessa? >>vanessa: thank you. overall no big complaints on the roadways but i do have a heads up and word of caution for folks hitting 75 in the pasco county area. we have a hit and run reported southbound just a little ways south of state road 54. the good news is, lanes are clear but it looks as though you might have a situation of a move over law in that area. so please closure, this is going to take place tonight and it will run through tomorrow morning so it could affect you if you're heading out later in the evening or early in the morning along the selmon expressway. the northbound 75 ramp from the selmon is going to be closed through the hours you see on the screen. 8:00 to 5:30 in the morning. walk around is faulkenburg to state road 60 to 75. >>laura: you mentioned wildfires
6:19 am
there are mandatory ee vac -- evacuations. it's set fire to 30 buildings. >>russell: dylan roof charged with killing nine people at a black church in charleston will represent himself in the trial. the judge told him it was extra -- extra -- strategically unwise but granted it. >>laura: there are no plans to forceably remove protestors. the sheriff issued his own evacuation. he said he has no plans to enforce it. >>russell: president elect trump
6:20 am
leading critic of the health care law. he will play a central role in the republican efforts to repeal and replace obamacare. search continues for a new secretary of state. >>laura: president elect has summoned mitt romney back to trump tower and their meeting comes as another familiar face. on monday, trump spent an hour with david petraeus. once the top military commander, he was sentenced towo last year for the unauthorized removal and the retention of classified information. scandal forced petraeus to resign from the c.i.a. in to 12. >>russell: today is called a day of disruption. protests planned across country as workers demand more money. live shot right now. there's one going on in hills hillsborough. ken is there. we'll check it out with him at 6:30. >>laura: and a close call caught
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it's time to see what's >>laura: it's 6:23, time to see what's clicking on the web. >>russell: what are you doing? >>jennifer: good morning. we're going to start off with something different. first hot click is one that everyone needs to see. it comes to us from the florida highway patrol following sunday's deadly crash involving a tow truck driver. take a look. the sergeant shared this on twitter. it's dash cam during a traffic stop as the vehicle is we know according to florida's move over law you're supposed to, yeah, move over if you see an emergency vehicle on the side of the road or slow down 20 miles an hour below the posted speed limit. that's clear the not what happened here as the car in the front of the trooper pulls off, you saw it, a driver is in the lane that's supposed to be clear and they nearly crash. the trooper takes off after the offending driver and pulls them over. hopefully other drivers paid
6:25 am
this traffic stop. >>russell: good example of t. best i've ever seen there. oh, dear. >>jennifer: russell loves his own elephants. omg. this video is posted from western plain zoo in australia. baby elephant loves the water. zoo keepers happily water them down of it. one day, russell, you will have a baby elephant to water down. >>russell: is that just incredible? oh, my gosh. you know how that makes me crazy. >>jennifer: from one small animal to a whole bunch of others, virgin america helps fly these little chihuahuas across the country to new york.
6:26 am
chihuahuas on the west coast so they transport them here and the chihuahuas sporting the seasonal sweaters. >>russell: they could have come straight here and left them at your house. >>jennifer: you're right. one of these days we'll have an elephant chihuahua animal form. >>russell: we're working on it. >>laura: thank you. >>jennifer: you're welcome. >>russell: straight ahead, the latest on burglary in tampa. >>laura: and from airports to fast food drive-throughs, the fight for $15 an hour continues this morning. ken is on that story. good morning. >>reporter: we're on hillsborough avenue in front of mcdonalds. hundreds of protestors out here, maybe a dozen or so cops.
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((russell 2shot) good morning.. i'm russell rhodes..((laura >>russell: welcome. i'm russell rhodes. >>laura: and i'm laura moody. let's start off with a look at the forecast the way we always do and dave osterberg. >>dave: good tuesday morning. beautiful outside. i'm looking at the lakeland net cam now and you can see a little cloud cover. what you can't see is it's a lot warmer and a bit muggier than it was yesterday at this time. a lot of us, a lot the coastline. we have mid 60s for you inland and that will translate as temperatures get back in the lower 80s this afternoon. i'm thinking 82 degrees with a mixture of clouds and sunshine. okay? >>vanessa: all right. thank you. and everything seems to be moving along quite nicely on the roadways right now. 275 in the area of bearss is where we're checking out and just a couple of cars on the roadways. ideal travel time southbound and
6:31 am
only taking nine minutes from the interchange up to the area where we're looking live. it's nine minutes between fowler avenue and the selmon along 75 and one minute longer, 10 minutes along westbound i-4 between 75 and the interchange. >>laura: on any other morning the tampa walls company are filled with guns but this morning they're bare. >>russell: thieves smashed through the store, cleaned the place out. shayla reaves is live did they just break through? >>reporter: it's unclear exactly how they managed to get in, if there was any sort of tool involved or what resources may have been available to them to shatter the front entryway glass. what is clear is right now, they're a huge mess left behind and authorities are asking questions, looking for any clues, trying to find any evidence to determine who might
6:32 am
i'm going to step aside here and give you a closer look. you're looking at the tampa arms company here off west waters avenue. we can tell you detectives are on the scene as well as crime scene technicians and deputies working to piece together the events unfolding. this all started sometime before 3:30 in the morning. a dispatch supervisor tells me the sheriff's office received a call from an alarm company. deputies responded. our cameras rolled as they secured the area. this business is actually we're told the strip mall has cameras around it but while some businesses appear to have bars securing the front entryway, a sergeant tells me he did not see bars on front entrance of the tampa arms company. we're waiting for information on the exact number and types of guns missing from the business. the company does carry a variety of firearms and accessories but
6:33 am
so detectives are going to be working to sort the details, review surveillance video and try to develop leads in the case. at last check, they said it did not appear any other businesses in the strip mall were targeted. here's only the tampa arms company was targeted and there's no sign of forced entrance in the back of the business. we'll continue to follow, keep you posted and as new information you. >>laura: it's a lot of guns and a lot of ammunition. thank you. >>russell: it's 6:33 and hundreds of workers at chicago o'hare expected to strike today. >>laura: it's the fight for a $15 an hour minimum wage. 500 workers are expected to walk off the job at noon. that includes baggage handler, janitors, workers at 19 other
6:34 am
o'hare is the only airport going on strike. airport officials do not expect the strike to affect air travel, though. this is the fourth anniversary of the fight for 15 campaign. >>russell: it started with a few hundreds fast food workers in new york city and now includes thousands across country. ken is live in hillsborough -- on hillsborough avenue where the latest round of protests started at 6:00 this morning. >>reporter: it's a very good turnout. lots of or so. you'll see people holding signs, they're chanting, just out here trying to get the word out to many who drive to hillsborough avenue. then on the other side of this, look over here. you'll see tampa police, at least a dozen policemen in uniform. doen know if anybody is undercover but trying to keep track of things. the only interaction between the police and protestor $ when the police we want out and tried to
6:35 am
mcdonalds and keep people off the street. now, this is called the day of disruption. let me go to a protestor here. i have to ask you, what kind of disruption are you talking about? how far are you willing to take this? >> we're willing to go as far as it takes, man. >>reporter: civil disobedience? doing what? >> not quite. maybe a little taste of something this afternoon but as far as being out here this morning, we're bringing awareness to the fact that people in america, we can't live off the wages they're now and these fast food companies, child care companies and home care. like a lot of other industries. we can't live off that. >>reporter: they've closed the walk-in part of mcdonalds. yu can only drive through. they were concerned you would go in there and create disruption. was that part of the plan? >> not at all. when they see protestors, they automatically assume we're violent. we put in a lot of non violent
6:36 am
business more than they want to protect or pay us. >>reporter: protestors are saying close it down. we're talking about major, major corporations in the united states and worldwide. wal-mart, mcdonalds, you're going against the big guys. do you think it's realistic to close it down? a business like that? >> the thing is, you know, if the workers at mcdonalds stop coming to work, you can't make money, right? we're federally protected. we went on strike and we are saying we're not going to work today b pay us a living wage. we know the ceo's has plenty of money. mcdonalds c.e.o. makes like $9,000 an hour. >>laura: later today you'll be at st. petersburg, press conference there and later tonight they're going to be in ybor and do a march and rally. starting early in the morning and continuing well into the evening. back to you guys. >>russell: all right. we'll talk later.
6:37 am
texas has become the second state in the continental u.s. to transmit a local case of the zika virus. state health officials say the patient lives in cameron county near the border with mexico. they no longer think she poses an infection risk, though. state is working now with the cdc to increase mosquito control efforts. earlier in year, the first case of chicken detected. >>russell: challenges may lead to blood shortages in the future. in 2013 more than 14 million units of blood were collected from about 15.2 million people. 13.2 million units were trans fused. medical advances such as lessen vasive surgeries and new drugs have reduced the need for blood and that could cause many blood
6:38 am
that government intervention may be needed to keep this from happening. >>laura: a new record recommends waiting until a child is emotionally mature before participating in contact based martial arts. 6.5 million children in the united states practice martial arts. while these sports can improve fitness and motor skills and emotional development, they can also lead to neck trauma, concussions and fractures. the report recommends delaying little older and also recommends eliminating tae kwon do role for extra points for the head. even watching too much mma may put children at risk because they'll try to imitate what they see. >>russell: okay. we shopped on friday, we cyber shopped yesterday. now it's giving tuesday. we sure hope you're in the giving spirit today because fox 13 has partnered with
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>>dave: a but is a lot warmer outside this morning as the sun will be up just a few minutes past 7:00 this morning but when you look at the temperatures, it's a whole difference. west chase is 64 degrees. brandon in the mid 60s. mid to upper 60s. you go north, there's a couple of spots in the lower 60s and there's one inverness at 59 but everybody else mid 60s north port an exception.
6:43 am
highlands county, hardee and de soto, you know, you look at the temperature difference between yesterday at 6:42 and today and you're running from four to 11 degrees warmer. noticeable difference, not only that but the dew point numbers are up a little bit. it's sticky and oppressive outside and you can feel the humidity as you walk out the door and it's because of this. notice the wind direction bringing up that warmth, bringing in the little extra moisture that we have at the surface. i wish i could say that was going to translate into some decent rain chances but it's not. the rain now to the north, let me tell you, though, if you had to pick a spot, let's say tampa or up to tennessee, who needs rain more? it has to be those folks. they've got these unbelievable
6:44 am
going to the mountains of north carolina. really the appalachian, the great smokies in general. this front is going to peter out but another one is going to come into our area by thursday and give us the only rain chance that we have this work week. that will be on thursday and honestly, it's only going to be around 30%. so not great but this morning, from atlanta up through the great smokies and going up towards charlotte, we're finally getting some rain there in the southeast and the future cast little bit and then another line of rain begins to develop tomorrow. good news for a lot of the southeast is that i'm looking at the computer models and it looks like it will be wave after wave after wave of rainfall for those folks. the only chance of rain we're going to get this week would be on thursday, mainly in the morning. a couple of quick showers coming through. honestly, that's about it. but 82 degrees for a high temperature today. that's seven above the norm so
6:45 am
above where they should be. not only for highs but for lows. our lows should be in the upper 50s this time of year and we're going to sit in the upper 60s tomorrow morning. very similar setup to what we have right now. and then breezy and humid again tomorrow with a high of around 83 degrees. and when you start to introduce a south wind, especially up around 15 knots, things get a little choppy offshore. coastal waters, seas running two to four next seven days will get back in the 70s eventually. i got two, 20% rain chance, 30% rain chances but you can't add them together and make a 60% chance. doesn't work that way. >>vanessa: i'm glad you clarified. thanks, dave. you can try but it won't work. on the roads it still looks good and we're back here in pinellas checking on 275. 38th avenue north is our camera
6:46 am
smoothly. just want to remind drivers the water main break we've been dealing with since the weekend along george road causing that full closure between memorial highway and olympia should be clear later today. we've heard 5:00 in the afternoon is when the lanes can be expected to open at the latest. all right. it is 6:46 and we're going to switch gears. we'll get over to charley. hi. i missed you yesterday. we didn't get to talk. >>charley: i think you had -- you were >>vanessa: yep. >>charley: you were too busy to talk to me. >>vanessa: but i still wanted to. >>charley: you have your black friday. >>vanessa: oh, no. i'm getting denied again? oh, you're back. >>charley: am i back? >>vanessa: you disappeared briefly. >>charley: am i coming in clear? you got your black friday, your cyber monday which leads us up to giving tuesday and i love that because you've got two days
6:47 am
and the giving to your immediate family and probably buying stuff we don't really need but we buy the stuff to give each other for christmas because that's what we do. today is really about thinking about those in need and fox 13, we've been talking about this for several weeks now but fox 13 has teamed up with metropolitan ministries to be an arm in arm partner to make a difference to those in need in our community and i couldn't be more excited to be a part of this today. giving we're at the main metropolitan ministries holiday tent in downtown tampa. there's a lovely shot peeking over the tent right there. that's cass street. cass street is right there. it's a new location. it can be difficult to find. if you put in your gp s405 north governor street, you'll find us. or cass street next to hank ballard. i never knew that street existed
6:48 am
here's the goal. you see what this is right here? 2,500 plates. that's what we have stacked up there. that's how many plates we need to fill a day this month, well, in the month of december to take care of those in need for the holidays in the tampa bay area. we need 60,000 plates filled so one plate -- to provide one plate for someone in holidays, $1.96. you do the math. >>vanessa: i would rather not. it would be wrong. >>charley: but you can see, it is that symbol. you can see what a $20 donation can do. today i love these matches. generous, anonymous donor says today they'll match up to $50,000. we just had a gentleman named tom came by a few minutes ago with a crisp $50 bill and said, here you go.
6:49 am
see me. food, clothing, toys, we need it all. we'll tell you this morning what they're doing with it, what they need and how far your help goes on this giving tuesday. it's going to be a good day giving tuesday. together we can always make it a "good day." >>vanessa: that's such a visual, too. russellmented me to ask you, you said 1,000, right? >>russell: you said 2,500 plates a day? >>charley: that's 2,500 plates a day we need t of the 60,000 plates we need for the holidays. >>russell: there's our goal. >>vanessa: hopefully we get folks out at the tebt today. >>charley: i'm sure they're coming. >>vanessa: thank you. >>jennifer: 6:49. top stories, florida's overall crime rate is dropping but reports of murders, rapes and car thefts increased during the first half of 2016. according to the florida department of law enforcement,
6:50 am
six month period. the crimes that went down include robberies, burglaries and aggravated assault. the clearwater city council will take a look at the waterfront master plan. it includes expanding coachman park, adding a new walkway with views of the intercoastal waterway. consultants will unveil the plans at 9:00 a.m. and the public can give their input during two workshops. first is 6:30 tonight at countryside library. pope francis has bishop to lead the catholic church in st. petersburg. bishop gregory parks will replace bishop lynch who is retiring after nearly 21 years. parks leaves the church in tallahassee and pensacola. almost two months after it was hit by a car in clearwater, a bald eagle is ready to spread its wings. busch gardens and other local rescue groups helped nurse it back to health. they say it's ready to go home. eagle will be released this
6:51 am
kind to our bank accounts after black friday, small business saturday and then cyber monday. maybe it's time to take a break. >>laura: find out how many americans are racking up the holiday debt. >>russell: and what's old is new again. metallica set to seek and
6:52 am
6:53 am
? think of your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ? take a good look around... ? ? ...and if you're lookin' down, ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ? (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars
6:54 am
we did it .. we made it through the first big holiday >>russell: we did it. we made it to the first big holiday shopping weekend. >>laura: while it feels great to spend, that debt does not disappear. to talk about it, lauren simonetti is with us. good morning. let's talk about this alleged holiday shopping day. >>reporter: one for bring it on. do you set a holiday budget at all? >>laura: almost always go over. it's hard. >>reporter: i know, because it's so easy to say, i want to spend 100 bucks on this one item but then you like something else more and you do that over and over and over again. lending tree finds this exact problem across america. more than half of those surveyed say they don't even bother setting the holiday budget but as a result of that, over a
6:55 am
yeah. 2017 right around the corner. we're going to face steep bills and maybe go into debt as opposed to not having a budget. >>russell: i didn't spend a lot of money yesterday. i was not impressed. >>reporter: hold on. i was not impressed until late last night, i was with my mother. it was like 9:00 at night which is, you know, very late in our world. we did major damage to getting our shopping everything i needed and she needed. i'm scared for the bills but we're done. >>russell: i have a ways to go. we'll talk later, okay? >>reporter: there's always christmas eve. >>russell: there is. bye-bye. >>laura: it's tradition. thank you, laura.
6:56 am
>>russell: metallica has reached the top of the billboard charts for the first time since 2008. hard wired to self destruct sold more than 290,000 units last week. it's the sixth number one album for the heavy metal rockers. bruno mars debuts in second place with new record followed by mariah lambert. >>lindsay: plans are underway to celebrate prince. he will be honored with a four-day music festival at his paisley park home. celebration 2017 will take place april 20 to the 23rd. prince dayed april 21. he was 57 years old. >>russell: presales for rogue
6:57 am
fandango website. they sent out a star wars themed weet promising a fix. that didn't stop fandango competitors from chiming in. new this morning, potentially dozens of stolen guns and ammo on the streets after a massive gun store burglary from overnight. we're live as the search continues for these weapons. >>laura: and breaking a plane crashes with 81 people on board, including an entire brazilian soccer team. but there are survivors this morning. >>russell: and a live picture of the fight for 15 protest going on right now at the mcdonalds. hundreds of protestors and a lot of officers trying to keep things calm. live update at 7:00. >>dave: a beautiful start to the day. temperatures running in the mid 60s right now. you can see from the u.s.f.
6:58 am
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twenty four meals under four dollars! just like in 1934! four dollars was a lot in those days. that can't be right. no, i was there! back then, you not only got to choose from 24 meals under four dollars, you also got a shave, a shoeshine and a new suit. used to be called "steak 'n shake 'n shave 'n shoeshine 'n suit." they even put it on the sign! 'til it broke. is that a steak 'n shake suit? walter, does this look like a steak 'n shake suit?
7:00 am
(russell gun store burglary. the thieves drove through the front of the building >>russell: gun store burglary. the thieves drove through the front of the building. we're live with an urgent search right now to find who is responsible. >>laura: and tragedy for a successful soccer team. the plane crash kills almost everyone on board. only a handful of survivors remain. >>russell: and dozens of workers fight for higher wages. we're talking with fast food workers about their protests and why they say they deserve better. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day." i'm russell rhodes. >>laura: and i'm laura moody. all that ahead and more. first the forecast from dave


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