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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  November 29, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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minimum wage protests take off in the streets of tampa! >> minimum wage protests take off in the streets of tampa.
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>> they thought it was cool to look at the firearm. and they didn't know what they were doing. >> anchor: a joy to having our world that loving young killed in a tragic gun accident. tonight what went wrong. >> i feel like if we're out here we are standing up for our rights. ; she is talking about the right to a fair wage. why the demonstration ended with several arrests. >> it's frustrating because i work hard for my money and i know our citizens work hard for their money. >> anchor: protecting your
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shopping online. >> you're watching fox 13 and the 10:00 news starts now. >> anchor: i'm mark wilson. >> anchor: and i'm kelly ring. a poke county community is mourning the loss of a 14-year-old boy. deputies say kyler daughtry was accidentally killed when his friend was showing him a shot gun yesterday. kyler was a student at lake middle i can only imagine the shock that this must be for students and teachers to find out what happened evan. >> reporter: kelly, people here at the school say that kyler was the type of kid who everybody liked to be around. this is an unfortunate lesson that teaching gun safety is something everyone has got to do. >> that he was a good friend and a good kid.
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neighbor at the lack more resort motel where 14-year-old kyler lived with his mother for the last 7 months. >> he made me feel important and like a real friend. >> reporter: 19-year-old donovan hoover and a 16-year-old when they started playing with a shot gun legally owned by hoover's care giver. donovan left the room and then heard the teenager say. >> gun. >> she's the one that found him on the floor. what she saw she shouldn't have seen. >> reporter: family wanted us to relay a message of gun safety tonight. and sheriff grady jud says his team will spend months investigating and that charges are possible. >> we have no indication at this point it was intentional. we see a lot of negligence.
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to handle a firearm. >> reporter: the loss of kyler daughtry in a statement was a sweet loving young man who said good morning every day and was a joy to have in our world was a nightmae. >> all the police cars were gone. all the police tape was gone. oh, this didn't happen. yeah, it did. >> reporter: he'll be missed by many. >> i'm sorry for the loss. i'm pretty sure he's happy in heaven now. >> rep also tomorrow. kelly. >> anchor: evan axlebank thank you, kevin. >> anchor: new at 10 the minimum wage movement making its way to tampa tonight. several demonstrators were taken into custody for blocking off a street. crystal clark was there in the thick of crowds. how's the turn out pretty good? >> reporter: and marched through ebore.
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down in the streets when the handcuffs came out. protesters started out in ebore centennial park. some of them sat down in the roadway and then refused to get up after multiple orders by tampa police. a few minutes later 23 people were arrested without resistence. today's march was about more than increasing their pay. it was their way to showing the respect and have a right to earn fair wages. they say the fight for 15 rally has expanded. the movement spread from more than fast food workers including health care workers as well as affordable child care. protesting is their way of getting employer's attention. >> we have to struggle to make
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what we're going to do. >> reporter: the florida retail federation and other large businesses nation wide have spoken out about this. they are not in favor of increasing the minimum wage. they say what's going to happen money is going to have to be made up somewhere. reduce their work force or charge higher prices for big macs and whoppers that many of us love. coming up i'll show you that's the burden it puts on the city from hiring extra officers to shutting down roadways. some people fighting for more money could be costing you money. coming up at 11:00. >> anchor: crystal clark in our control room. crystal, thanks. >> anchor: a crime caught on camera. there is a $10,000 reward for information about it. look as merchandise is flying as a truck smashes into a gun store
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theifs swarm in stealing 40 guns. the burglary happened at 3:00 in the morning. the criminals made off with hand guns, shot guns, rifles. deputies say this was a well thought out crime that took only 60 seconds. the owner is shocked and very upset. >> it's devastating because it's -- i'm not worried about me. i'm worried about the guys that we have my partner of course and 3 other employees that count on this for extra money. a full time gun smith and 2 other gentleman who work part time on the weekends. they're out of a job for now. plans for holiday money they might have had are gun. >> anchor: this is the third large scale robbery of tampa gun shop since may. anybody with any information
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>> anchor: will murder defendant trevor duly get to go home or stay behind bars. duly is serving an 8 year prison sentence for killing james on a basketball court in 2010. in april duly won an appeal and gets a new trial. duly wants a bond while he can wait for a decision by the appellate court. james's widow is >> my daughter is terrified of him getting out. it's not fair to her. she watched this happen. when do we get justice? >> anchor: duly's wife pleaded with the judge to let her husband come home. a decision is expected sometime tomorrow. >> anchor: tonight a lot of questions surrounding a suspicious house fire in plant city. the home on johnson street
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daylight revealed spray painted anti-trump messages and quote cracker both inside and outside the home. the homeowner matthew smith believes he was targeted for being a trump supporter. >> not what i expected out of america. it should be us figuring out problems together and not one side against the other. >> anchor: smith said he did not have any trump signs in his yard. he supporting trump the second amendment and other conservative causes. investigators looking into the connection with other arson cases. anti-trump graffiti was sprayed on 2 mobile homes near mango. investigators say somebody tried to light one of the homes on fire. deputies are dubbing them porch pirates. >> anchor: hit one bay area
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take to make sure your holiday orders are protected. >> anchor: it is an incurable bone condition that makes moving difficult. see how one woman is living life to the fullest despite this debilitating disease. pretty nice outside. >> reporter: nice outside. summer time heat. many spots in the mid 80s. tampa hit 83 for a high. here's a view at 6:05. you've got venus saturn and mars on the left.
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(avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. new at 10 - a warning about porch pirates! with holiday p >> anchor: new at 10:00 a warning about rc with packages on the rise so are the number of theifs looking to take stuff off your door step. josh cerbio following the case. that time of year sadly isn't it? >> reporter: as they say santa's not the only one watching this time of year. theifs see those packages as an easy target. you the fox 13 viewer need to
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sticky fingered teens watched in the act. delivered to homes in wesly chapel. theifs looking to plunder your presents. >> it didn't surprise me. >> reporter: tiler fin heads up the crime watch in the 7 oaks neighborhood. both teens were busted and the gifts were given back to rightful owners. >> we try to increase security patrol this ti >> reporter: they know we're going to get electronics. >> surprise surprise these thefts spike like an icicle this time of year. work with your neighbor so packages don't stay unattended for long. >> ask them to hold that at the facility for you and pick that up after work so you don't worry about that. >> reporter: one tim we hear over and over again.
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if you're a neighbor stay vigilant. stay alert. >> reporter: stopping a couple would be grinches trying to steal christmas. >> who knows what's going through their head. i hope that they learn from this. >> reporter: and there are a number of charges theifs can face from theft, burglary, potentially more. the bottom line here is if you steal packages you're going to get coal in your stocking number >> anchor: we have to do this every year. probably do this story again in a couple of weeks. >> anchor: major changes coming to the water front in downtown clear water. the current memorial park is underdeveloped and has the potential to revitalize the downtown area. it's almost 3 types the size of the current park. and includaise larger venue for concerts and other events.
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tourists to the downtown area. >> i think it's awesome. absolutely awesome. it will bring more people downtown. they have a lot of events in that park. it needs to be bigger. >> anchor: consultants did present a draft to city council today. town hall style meetings with everybody in the community who shows up and wants to talk about it. it goes back to city council to be approved for a city referendum vote. around here we're tweaking about the access around the beaches. >> anchor: on the water front it's so pretty. >> anchor: it is. >> reporter: we have great sun sets to talk about that. we showed you during the commercial break talking about the situation up in gat lin burg. >> anchor: so bad. >> reporter: first off is man societia key. sun set tonight beautiful from karen lynn black ford.
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the foreground. sunset in the background. sunny mets nicely done sunny. this from gala more on boca see ega bay. this is a scene you hate to see before and after pictures from the 8 gables in inn in gat lin burg. the number of people in this inn in gat lin burg. they will be rebuilding. this is a scene repeated many times the past 24 hours up in tenessee. on top of that now they're going to talk about tornados. not far away. the risk is high tonight. in fact the severe weather in northern alabama approaching
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chattanooga and there's multiple tornado warnings in effect. one close to huntsville. that is moving northeast. they will get an inch or 2 of rain tonight. that will put an end to the risk of wild fires in the mountains of north carolina, tenessee and north georgia. and another risk of severe weather in mississippi and louisiana. this weather by the way as close as it is is certainly not coming warm and muggy. high temperatures back in the mid 80s. now and 10 days from now rain fall will accumulate in mismiss and birmingham and atlanta. this is not enough to end the drought. it will do a nice job of reducing the wild fire danger. this is typically a dry time of year in the southeast. more so in our state than to the
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early december. almanac data today. 83 the high. and the morning low a sticky 68. it's all about the wind direction. and our winds will stay gusty from the south tomorrow. with that in mind it makes sense that spots inland i think will be in the mid 80s tomorrow. the cold air is out in the west. denver is 28. casper is 18. more zuch an in alaska. models have that cold air from the west to the east. if cold air is your thing you got to wait a while longer. beyond that middecemberish there could be significant cold heading our way. 73. the dew point is 65. all these numbers to me say low
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fog. it all breaks up tomorrow then back with wind and warm afternoon. severe weather underway in southeast. snowing in bismarck. rain and snowing in minneapolis. 50 chicago. 71 in birmingham. tonight warm and sticky. tomorrow looks like an air conditioning day especially inland highs in the mid 80s. tonight low clouds mixture of clouds and sun tomorrow. back up to 82. thursday variable cloudy. couple showers around with the weakening cold front and turning 77. briefly cooler and less humid early in the weekend. moisture comes back next week. a cold front in 10 to 14 days. >> anchor: all righty, paul, thanks. as he mentioned it.
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>> anchor: pictures are frightening to see. burning blaze that's being called historic. >> this is a fire for the history books. because it is unlike anything most have ever seen. >> anchor: after the break the extent of damage and the i really did save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. i should take a closer look at geico...
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those who survived said it was like driving >> anchor: those who survived say it was like driving through hell. at least 3 people have died. more than 100 homes and businesses destroyed in the largest wild fire to scaryto see those pictures. the popular resort towns were surrounded by flames. ; 24 hours ago 14,000 people were evacuated. strong winds pushed the fire down from the smokey mountains. the fires are still burning. >> reporter: they're smoldering tonight. rain is fall nothing eastern tenessee. those fires were raging last
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flames. they wished it had come 48 hours earlier. heart breaking for many of us who spent time there. wind gusts of up to 87 miles per hour ahead of that rain pushed walls of fire into the resort town destroying 100 structures, cabins, resort hotel and apartment building. 3 people died. they were in separate who lost his home and business in the fire says it's a miracle that the loss wasn't greater. >> it happened so fast. it was staggering. when you've got wind up to 87 miles an hour pushing fire. i mean people were basically running for their lives. >> reporter: 14,000 people again evacuated.
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today in the after math. businesses reduced to smoldering rubble. the fire chief says they haven't been able to get into some parts of severe county where cabins are located. some of the areas most popular tourist attractions were spared from the fire. ski resort, riply's aquarium and dolly wood in pigeon forge. dolly wood resort opened as a sheltefo residents from the fire. >> anchor: still ahead tonight investigation -- attack investigation. >> anchor: we are learning more now about the suspect behind the ohio state university rampage.
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was the ohio state
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>> anchor: was the ohio state university attacker inspired by isis. the osu student plowed into a crowd with a car then jumped out and stabbing people with a big knife. >> anchor: there were a few red flags before this attack. >> reporter: combing through rattan's apartment looking for a link to a motive. investigor one of rattan's victims recounted the attack. >> it happened so fast. maybe the time frame is compressed. literally 15 top 30 seconds i heard the shots and it was over. >> reporter: investigators tell fox news artan was not on the radar prior to the attack. arriving in 2014. he was a legal permanent resident. he excelled in school.
10:31 pm
associates degree. he did leave hints online. he ranted about the treatment of muslims particularly in burma. he praised as a hero alacy the cleric killed by a drone strike in 2011 who evolved as a symbol for wannabes. dhs is especially concerned that terrorist inspired individuals ma target public events or places. recent online jihadist propaganda encouraged loan wolf attacks. >> there is plenty of available evidence to indicate that this individual may have been motivated by extremism and may have been motivated by a desire to carry out an act of terrorism. >> reporter: the university
10:32 pm
have been discharged from the hospital. at the ohio state university campus mike tobin fox news. >> anchor: and tonight columbian officials lowered the death toll to last night's charter plane crash. the number is 71. 41 people did not board that plane. heading to the biggest match ever that was to be played a number of journalists from fox sports brazil. 6 people did survive the crash. they're in the hospital. the plane broke into pieces when it crashed into a mountain side. investigators believe some sort of electrical failure may have caused the crash. they should know some answers soon. the soccer team was headed to columbia to play in the south american championship.
10:33 pm
thought it was a bad dream. >> anchor: sending condolences and holding moments of silence during matches. the brazilian team was supposed to play the columbian squad as well. the finals game again scheduled for tomorrow night. >> anchor: president elect donald trump announcing 3 more additions to his cabinet tonight. expected that trump will announce former goldman sachs executive steven munchin will act as treasury secretary. representative tom price will over see the nation's health care system. and former labor secretary elaine chow will head the department of transportation. trump and chief of staff reince
10:34 pm
message to those who want to burn the flag. he tweeted today that nobody should be allowed to burn the flag. if they do face consequences a year in jail or face losing citizenship. banning flag burning was deemed unconsitutional by the supreme court saying it was protected under the first amendment as symbolic speech. >> anchor: a courageous bride find >> anchor: karen hep shows us her determination and her journey. >> i was immediately drawn to her. >> reporter: kathy and chuck don't have a conventional love story. >> he was the first one to message me. >> reporter: they met on ok cupid 5 years ago. shared so many adventures. their first date was 11 hours.
10:35 pm
someone i'd known forever. >> reporter: wasn't an easy journey. kathy has a rare disease. just moving is difficult. >> i was diagnosed with fibro malacia. a disease that creates a second skeleton in your body. i have extra bone in my legs, arms, in my jaw. wherever there's trauma bone grows over that area and immobilizes it. >> reporter: kathy is good at making her goal ace reality. she graduated high school and college and got her dream job as an atlantic city dispatcher. she surrounded herself with wonderful pets. she wasn't sure she would find romantic love. >> i wanted a dog and a parrot. they say a dog is a man's best friend. a parrot talks for ever.
10:36 pm
>> reporter: true love against the odds. a beaming bride a smitten groom. >> you may now kiss your bride. >> reporter: kathy is funny and witty. chuck doting and loving. soul mates. >> honestly for me it's just been -- it's been amazing. she's my heart. anything i need to do to take care of her i will. i'm happy to do it. 1, 2, 3 off we creating solutions to every challenge. when her hands got stiffer she learned to type upside down faster than most folks right side up. a remote for the door. chuck bustles around kathy making sure she has everything she needs. and they can't help but smile. kathy's only regret she can't drive now.
10:37 pm
it together. >> we can't worry about what is a year from now. we worry about today and this week. >> what's now. >> so we make it work. >> reporter: karen hep fox news. ; we wish them all the best. >> anchor: yes we do. so inspirational encouraging. >> anchor: still ahead tonight. a warning before you buy. >> anchor: a look at the most
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coming up tonight at 11... emotions still running high after the >> anchor: coming up in just a few minutes at 11:00 emotions running high after the presidential election. do recent hate crimes and trump's victy some activists say so. and a confrontation outside a poke county courtroom. the words between parents on both sides of this case. tonight on the fox 13 11:00 news see you then. >> anchor: thank you cynthia. some of the christmas gifts you may buy could be hackable. >> anchor: smart phones tablets and even drones. electronics on the top of the
10:41 pm
cyber criminals. intel security is here with tips on how to secure your device this holiday season. >> if you get a new pc and take it out of the box do 2 things. make sure it has active anti-virus running. also make sure you have a fire wall set up. the operating system almost always includes a fire wall that will protect being exposed. >> anchor: hackers can attack your smart thermostat in your house. if you have control of it on your phone hackers can get into it. make sure you you change the default pass words to something that's harder to guess. big news. >> reporter: the all important college football play off ranking came out tonight. who is the odd man or odd men out in this case. how our state schools faired in
10:42 pm
ranking. feel like we just watched this game. bolts taking on columbus blue jackets. what about this game felt like a rerun. >> anchor: i don't know if i want to see that. giving tuesday. donations poured in today to metropolitan ministries.
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>> all right 10:45 has become our favorite time. time for great stuff or good stuff. >> anchor: we love to share this with ery 60,000. that's the number of meals served to those in need. today is giving tuesday. fox tv cares for teamed up with ministries which provides food, clothes shelter to those less fortunate in the tampa area. raising enough money to make warm meals for 60,000 people between now and christmas. we broadcast live throughout the
10:46 pm
boy did you guys respond. >> that's what we love about tampa bay. tampa bay gets it. they give back. they care for others. we see it time and time again. we couldn't be more grateful for fox 13 and their viewership. >> anchor: fox 13 viewers brought in hundreds of pounds of food to metropolitan ministries. very important because 9,000 families have register assistance. that starts december 15th and they'll come to the tents to get food and toys for children. if you'd like more information on where you can donate go to fox 13 care or go to metro ministries. >> anchor: turned out to be a great day on giving tuesday. couple weeks to make somebody's christmas for sure. normally when we think of
10:47 pm
fondly. this is one adorable baby raccoon. the raccoon is doing much better. fell out of a tree had an injury to back right leg. flagged down the deputy. and now at the odessa wildlife rescue and sanctuary for rehabilitation. send us a message. pictures help. video is better. sometimes pictures are better than your capabilities. send it to facebook pages. get it on the air. that's what it's about. >> anchor: turn your phone around and horizontal. >> anchor: we love to hear the good things your life. >> reporter: this is certainly crunch time. start with hockey tonight. lightning. they face the blue jackets 4 days ago. a game that john called a
10:48 pm
bad loss in boston. a quick rematch against the blue jackets in columbus. doesn't take long for columbus to get on board. it's 3 on 1. carlson scores. 1 nothing jackets. tampa bay seemed to be off a bit tonight. seth jones over to windburg and it is 2 zip bad guys. andre he was at the start between peppered all game long with shots. josh anderson puts it in. gives up 5 goals on 38 shots. lightning managed to break the shut out in the waning minutes. the wrist shot for the score. smith for the season. tough night all around for the bolts. they lose their third straight. tomorrow we'll get a better idea of the extent of chris injury
10:49 pm
the team signed depth at that position. after playing last 2 years with the bucks. team waives lewis murphy and mike james. the bucks defensively have been much better the last few games. david is having a down year on the stat sheet. due to mike's new defense. changing david's role within that defense. pivotal force fumble and recovery on sunday against the playing well if he's not putting up the gaudy numbers. >> it's all numbers based. i don't look at it that way f. if the guy is trying to play our defense. one of our leaders. one of our captains. i think devanty's playing fine. >> reporter: college football
10:50 pm
bama and ohio state top 2. those are your top 4 teams. wolverines slide down tom 5. wisconsin and penn state 6 and 7. colorado they are 8th. face washington in the pack 12 title game. if washington or clemson loses who gets in. does michigan slide right up? florida state meanwhile they are at 12 and florida at to the high school grid iron. facing lee high school out of jacksonville. averaging 40 points a game. the general scored 61 points. that will get your attention. has coach robert weener's. >> this year of course is going to be a difficult task to get back to the game.
10:51 pm
they coach them up and do a great job. our advantage is they have to come to dad stadium. we got to go out and play. the stadium itself is not going to win the ball game. >> anchor: it's going to come down what happens in the college championships. i have a hard time seeing michigan sliding up. if they're one of the teams that loses in the bottom 3. i think you get the big 10 mark hellfritch fired at oregon. all those rumors those have new life. >> anchor: thanks scott. coming up next. the cyber monday record. the eye popping amount of cash
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z26pjz zy6z y26pjy yy6y >> now your sky tower radar forecast with fox 13 chief meteorologist paul del gado. >> reporter: all it takes a couple showers to go by yesterday afternoon. we had a double rainbow in
10:55 pm
when you can see the end on both sides that's a great picture. nicely done rose. perfect perspective too. all this was was sprinkles light rain south to north across tampa bay. goes out to rose. we may see a couple of sprinkles or light showers tomorrow. not in my forecast. wouldn't be impossible with temperatures in the mid 80s to witness a quick shower sometime wednesday afternoon. not going to be much. now weakening cold front moving down the peninsua. you see it developing right about here. that will be moving south. that may produce showers mainly north of tampa bay. that's about it. slightly cooler and dryer weather behind the front. temperatures will stay around 77 at 10:00. 80 at 1:00.
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the next night. >> anchor: the next power ball drawing is set for tomorrow night. >> anchor: not quite $400 million. thanks to a lucky ticket out of tenessee. it will be split 20 ways. a pool between coworkers at a metal manufacturing plant outside of nashville. i love when the pools win. gives us hope. each person will get close to
11:00 pm
do the math. little under 10 million each. >> anchor: that's a pretty good pool. can you imagine it. >> anchor: dollar or 2 each. >> anchor: time now for the fox 13 11:00 news. >> anchor: a fight for 15 ends with several people behind bars. ; that isn't stopping the push for higher wages. >> if that's what it takes and we do it respectfully that's what we're going to do. >> anchor: only problem the fight for more mo money from taxpayers. >> you can see the fire. this is just terrible. it's devastating. >> anchor: running for their lives. raging wild fires burning communities and forcing thousands to evacuate from this tenessee inferno. >> teenagers handling a shot gun that didn't know how to handle a shot gun. >> anchor: and a young life gone too soon.


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