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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  November 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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do the math. little under 10 million each. >> anchor: that's a pretty good pool. can you imagine it. >> anchor: dollar or 2 each. >> anchor: time now for the fox 13 11:00 news. >> anchor: a fight for 15 ends with several people behind bars. ; that isn't stopping the push for higher wages. >> if that's what it takes and we do it respectfully that's what we're going to do. >> anchor: only problem the fight for more mo money from taxpayers. >> you can see the fire. this is just terrible. it's devastating. >> anchor: running for their lives. raging wild fires burning communities and forcing thousands to evacuate from this tenessee inferno. >> teenagers handling a shot gun that didn't know how to handle a shot gun. >> anchor: and a young life gone too soon.
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boy. >> the 11:00 news starts now. >> fired up. >> can't take it no more. >> anchor: starting with this tonight. nearly 2 dozen demonstrators arrested during this rally in ebore city. it was part of what's called the fight for 15. that's a national protest to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. that comes at a cost to many of you. crystal kalaray jos our control room to explain. >> reporter: a lot of people don't realize every time there's a protest in the city planned out or randomly announced on facebook. police have to spend money bringing in enough officers to monitor it. that's money coming from taxpayers. as they chant and march, fighting for $15 an hour in
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falling on local law enforcement agencies tasked with monitoring their protests. >> we're out here to make sure the city is safe. >> reporter: tuesday was no different. as service works met at centienial park for fight for 15 rally. tampa police were in the background. dozens of officers on bikes riding along side protesters in the streets. tampa police must pay their officers to work come on days off in order to keep the peace. >> the last several months there have been several of these. it's a routine thing. this is a burden on personnel. >> reporter: tampa like the rest of the nation has seen an uptick in protests from the dump donald trump protest rallies to the black lives matter movement there's no one to send the bill
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is running the protest. >> reporter: protesters say marching is the best way to get voices heard. >> protest is really just so our senses our eyes our ears our touch, sound occur penetrate into psyche. >> reporter: others say excessive police presence is the result of the high cost of a protest. >> we're not going to bother anybody. the city spending money on officers that's their problem. >> reporter: tonight's rally is why police say they can't pull back. protesters sat in the middle of the street blocking traffic and refusing to move. recent protests have not turned violent or caused property damage which would be a bigger bill for the city. in the control room tonight crystal clark fox 13 news. >> everything's on fire.
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>> anchor: fast moving flames with 90 miles per hour wind swept through the mountain towns there through the region of gat lin burg and pigeon forge. hundreds of buildings and homes destroyed. officials say those wild fires are to blame for 3 deaths and more than a dozen injuries. jonathan serry monitori tenessee. >> reporter: fire fighters had been hoping for rain. the storms were preceded by heavy winds that spread wild fires through the drought stricken region. >> this is a fire for the history books. because it is unlike anything most have ever seen. >> reporter: fires which had largely been contained to the wilderness are threatening popular areas in eastern tenessee. including the tourist town of
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damaged resorts. >> we were in our cabin and preparing supper and a knock at the door and it was a policeman. said he would recommend we leave because the fire was getting close to where the cabin was. we got all our stuff we could gather up and put it in the truck and came down here. >> reporter: the fires are affecting the neighboring town of pigeon forge. dolly's twitter account announced it's suspending operations due to the fires. >> don't park vehicles on dry grass. a camp fire can spark a wild fire. >> reporter: one day before her theme park was evacuated the country star appeared with smokey bear in a public service announcement. a community is pulling together to look out for residents and visitors while fire fighters
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back the flames. >> as we speak there are teams going into areas in particularly in gat lin burg and in the county that we were not able to get into last night because of the speed of the fire and how quickly it spread. >> reporter: jonathan serry fox news. >> anchor: emergency management officials urging people in that area to limit cell phone use. if not for emergencies try to keep the air waves free fighters and first responders who mead to use them. >> anchor: a 14-year-old boy is dead in what police are calling an accidental shooting in winter haven. a 16-year-old was likely holding the gun when it went off killing kyler daughtry. more from lake alfred adare middle school. >> reporter: grief counselors will be here at school tomorrow to help students at this school
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caring child. he is said to be the type who said good morning to everybody every day he came in. he was in the resort motel monday morning when he was in a room with a 16-year-old boy. the boys were given an unloaded shot gun by 19-year-old donovan hoover. while they were playing with it hoover heard the 16-year-old say this is how you load it. and then he heard a shot gun blast. friends and family to see kyler dead. >> he made me feel important like a friend. >> all the police tape was gone. oh, this didn't really happen. yeah, it did. >> for whatever reason the firearm went off and the 14-year-old is dead. and it's sad. and it shouldn't have happened. and that's what we're investigating now. >> reporter: the sheriff says detectives will determine whether anyone will be charged
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kyler was in the 8th grade here at lake alfred adare middle school. his principal said he was a joy to have in this world. >> anchor: we have an update to a story we told you about last night. the death of a popular musician in pasco county. died sunday riding his motorcycle. troopers say a car turned in front of him. there's a petition traffic light at this intersection here. 600 people have signed it in 24 hours. too often drivers make an illegal u-turn at an intersection and they think a traffic light will prevent that. the fiddle player at a popular band called the bearded brothers band. >> anchor: deputies want to find a man who robbed a circle k at
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the robber was carrying a kitchen knife and demanded money from the register. forced the clerk into the office. the suspect there is between the ages of 18 and 21. they say he mostly spoke spanish. >> anchor: 2 battles took place inside a poke county courthouse a legal one and a personal one. this happened for a hearing for jennifer victor. who was convicted of having sex with 3 ofer victor was hoping to have her sentence reduced. the judge denied that motion. there was a heated exchange between victor's mom and the parents of one of her victims. >> i don't hate you. >> i don't hate you either. is your son alive. >> is yours. >> your daughter. >> stop it. >> stop it.
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and those cases are still pending. >> anchor: what was supposed to be a celebration turns into tragedy. >> anchor: our last look at the brazilian soccer team moments before their death. what led up to the fatal plane crash are at 11:23. >> reporter: i'm josh casio if you're ordering gifts online this year you need to be on the look out for porch pirates. from your porch. next. >> reporter: summer like day today. temperatures in the mid 80s. the front is producing tornados
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tis' the season for porch pirates... thieves looking >> anchor: it's that time of year again for porch pirates. theifs looking to steal your holiday packages off your porch or front door step. they're brazen. >> anchor: i guess this is an official term now. porch pirates. >> anchor: porch pirates.
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if you're not careful your presents could be plundered next. >> reporter: packages at your front door are too tempting for theifs. these 2 teens were arrested in pasco county this week after they were spotted stealing mail and packages from homes inside the 7 oaks community. deputies are warning folks tonight to try to have a trusted neighbor pick up packages for u home. hold the package at the facility so you can pick it up later. and don't forget to lock your car doors. that is another hot spot for theifs to target. tonight deputies have this warning for those porch pirates. in pasco county. >> if you're out there thinking you're going to get an easy package we don't play in pasco county. we will enforce these laws to the fullest extent possible.
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safe to say that warning extends to law enforcement across the bay area. theifs, if you are listening to this you could be facing theft charges burglary and more. and as for those teens they did confess and the packages have been returned. back to you. >> why take when you can give. today is giving tuesday. got 45 minutes left. a global effort designed to encourage people to help out that take care of those in need. and fox 13 care fors teamed up metropolitan ministries. and they're especially busy this time of year. 18 thousand families registered for food and toys during the holidays. we broadcast live today in downtown tampa asking for help. you sure didn't let us down.
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there's really not an excuse not to do it. i work near downtown. i can just drive through here. it's an easy way to give back. >> put people back to work and train them. for families in need. can't beat it. >> anchor: fox 13 viewers dropped off hundreds of pound of food and toys. the shelves are filling up. this won't last long, folks. 18,000 families cong more is needed. more on drop off locations or a monetary donation go to fox 13 care laser spine institute dropped off 900 pounds of food. >> anchor: wow. >> anchor: several hundred dollars of gift cards. that's awesome isn't it. >> anchor: we like to see that. >> reporter: lindsay mill born was up in pasco county.
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a lot of action in the southeast. unfortunately it's not good action. severe weather. strong winds. heavy rain. the fires ongoing in north carolina. this is sky tower. the good news is despite the fact there is severe weather. that rain you see over tenessee, north georgia, and alabama is going to help a lot. it is heavy rain. a round of rain go by last night. the problem last night with the wild fires ahead rain the winds were gusting up to 75 miles an hour in the mountains of tenessee. that obviously was enough to fuel the fires and make the fires spread. now they had a round of rain last night and another round coming in tonight. that's going to help out a lot. the rain is now east of nashville. that's the highway here. i-40 i believe. moving into northeast tenessee.
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over the state line top chattanooga. slide southwest another severe weather watch here. another here. there could be other tornados developing tonight. for this time of year this is an active set up. this is typical of what you'd get in april and may not june but april and may in the southeast. none of this is heading our way. a weak way thursday. none of this activity with it. 83 degrees so far in november. we've had 4 days just 4 where high temperatures were below average. average high now in tampa is 75 degrees. low 80s tomorrow. if you're a cold weather lover and you want a big cold front i don't see anything on the 7 day. there are signs that 10 to 14
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be cold air rushing our way from the plain states. winds tonight from the south and southeast. ain't lot of wind. watch out for low clouds and fog later tonight. this cold air is not heading our way. and the moisture increasing. this is the reason for the severe weather. dew point in new orleans 72. dew point little rock 49. frontal there's an active jet stream across the gulf of mexico. 73 the dew point 65. we stay warm and muggy tonight. patchy clouds. this front is not going to make it. snow in the plains. beneficial rain today in the northeast. 28 denver. 62 in san antonio. tonight warm and muggy.
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over time tomorrow. some areas inland 85 to 87 for a day time high. maybe a sporadic shower inland too. mix of clouds and sun. 82 near the coast. the winds could come in off the water for a time. if you're watching us east of 75 you'll easily be in the mid 80s. couple of showers likely thursday under variably cloudy skies. after that slightly lower humidity. temperatures over the weekend in the 80s. small showers monday and tuesday. >> anchor: thank you sir. did the so called trump effect lead to a surge in hate crimes. >> anchor: at least that's what one reporter is suggesting. what they're asking the president elect to do to stop them. >> jill stine said she called for a recall because she's
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prayers from around the world are wit >> anchor: prayers from all over the world are with the 6 surviving members of this brazilian soccer team. flying to a championship match last night when the plane crashed in columbia. 71 people died. that number is down from 75.
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of fox sports brazil. traveling with that soccer team on the way to play in the south american championship against the columbian team. the pilots declared an electrical emergency and slammed into the side of a mountain. hoping to learn more from the plane's black boxes. 6 people somehow survived the crash. they're still in the hospital tonight. brazil's president declared 3 days of ti >> we were moved and shared a lot of the dream with them. the dream is now over. >> anchor: the columbian team wants the south american cup to be awarded to brazil in honor of those who died. >> reporter: demanding this from president elect donald trump. a forceful and public deannouncement of racism and bigotry. the southern poverty law center
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hate incidents. although the group hasn't verified each and every one. it weeded out any reported hoaxes in a survey of teachers they learned of 2500 fights and incidents related to the election. in plant city investigators looking into the connection between the election and this house fire. spray painted anti-trump messages found inside and outside the house. the homer matthew smith li trump supporter. >> reporter: some hockey tonight. the bolts finding themselves in a slump now. highlights columbus next. and tiger woods ready to play some golf finally. only been 467 days since his
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the bolts owned the columbus blue >> anchor: the bolts owned the columbus blue jackets last year. 3 and 0. that was last year. this year the jackets seem to be getting revenge. it seems to be happening within a 4 day span. lost to columbus on friday. here they come agai doesn't take long for columbus to get on the board. tampa bay seemed to be off tonight. seth jones over to alexander winburr 2 zip jackets. between the pipes tonight. peppered all game long. columbus crowding the net.
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shut out. we don't see it here. yes we do see it here. here's the shot the score. the 5th of the season. bolts losing third straight 5- one the final. a big time rookie year for noah spence. after his performance in the win over the sea hawks that included 5 tackles. 1 and a half sacks. a hurries on quarterback russell wilson. we'll find out the results of that poll tomorrow. in tallahassee quarterback has been named acc rookie and offensive rookie of the year. deandre francois. 18 touchdowns. the only freshmen in the country with 3,000 passing yard this has season. so congrats to him.


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