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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 5AM  FOX  November 30, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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there is no step three. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? he fell 30 feet from an publix. where shopping is a pleasure. i-4 ramp and survived. this morning, troopers are searching for the gravel truck responsible for the entire crash. let the kids go play. lawmakers are about to introduce a bill that would make recess ?mandatory at all public elementary schools. that is hitting home with a lot of parents. we'll tell you why the whole thing started because of chopped celery. good morning and welcome to good day tampa bay. i'm walter allen. it's wednesday november 30. and i'm vanessa ruffes in this morning for jen epstein. breaking overnight..
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let's go straight to dave for more on that.. and our local temperatures. (dave no closed captioning is
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the flames may be out... but danger still remains. three people have been killed in the wildfires out in tennessee. many more are coming back to rubble instead of homes. fox's "jackie ibanez" has the latest on the devastation the fire has left behind. runs: 1:38out: stdchyrons: 0:00-0:05 mayor larry waters / sevier county, tn0:17-0:24 mayor mike werner / gatlinburg 0:33-0:37 gov. bill haslam / (r) tennessee1:13-1:28 gregory pelc / gatlinburg resident:1:29-1:38 kelly wright / fox news correspondent (on-cam "fox news" tag) ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- -----------------------------
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"i have now been able to confirm the loss of three lives in sevier county." the deadly wildfires may have settled down for now in the smokey mountains of tennessee... but officials are warning heavy winds could whip the fires back up... this ... after rains mostly extinguished the flames early tuesday morning.werner says: "when you've got wind up to 87 miles an hour pushing fire, i mean people were basically running for their lives." more than a hundred homes and buildings were lost in the raging fires... after evacuation orders forced thousands out of the resort town of gatlinburg.haslam says: "it's a little numbing to be honest with you, to see the extent of the damage." even the mayor of gatlinburg was not spared from the fire... losing everything he has. werner says: "a couple hours ago, i had an opportunity to drive through town and confirm the fact that my house was gone, and my business of 31 years is gone." now the president-elect is offering any help necessary from his new administration.haslam says: "i just got off the phone with president elect trump and vice president elect mike pence expressing their sorrow about what is happening and pledging to help in any way they can." not everyone is happy with the local government response to the fire... with many narrowly escaping.pelc says: "i walked outside of my door and i looked to the right and the whole mountain w told us they wouldn't give us a ride because we have two small chihuahuas, so we had to walk down the middle of gatlinburg on the parkway." (on-cam tag) thousands are now living at emergency shelters that have been set up... while about a dozen people are getting treatment at local hospitals. in new york, jackie
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a lot ope wondering how they can help. the american red cross is helping people out. you can go to their website red- cross-dot-org... to see how you can help. or you can make a 10-dollar donation by texting the word redcross, all one word to 9-0-9-9-9. the community foundation of middle tennessee has also set up a support fund. you can find out more about that at c-f-m-t-dot-org. a man falls 30 feet from a highway overpass... and lives. but now troopers are looking for the ?gravel truck responsible for the
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reaves" is live off the i-4 connector to the selmon this
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thanks, shayla. grief counselors will be on hand at lake alfred addair middle school this morning after a teen is killed during an accidental shooting in winter haven. 14-year-old "kyler daughtry" was at the lakmar resort motel monday morning when he was shot and killed. polk county deputies say daughtry and a 16-year-old were in a room when they were given an unloaded shotgun by
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while the two younger boys were playing with it, hoover said he heard the 16-year explain how to load it... then a shot. when he got into the room kyler was already dead. polk county sheriff "grady judd" has not said whether anyone will be charged with negligence. the gun was owned by ?hoover's caregiver. the fight for 15 continued in tampa tuesday. hundreds of people took to the streets demanding a raise in the minimum wage. they were marching through ybor city.. when some of them decided to sit down in the
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that's when the handcuffs came out. police ended up arresting close to a couple dozen people. protesters started out in ybor's centennial park, but eventually marched down to the mcdonalds at east 13th avenue and north 21st street. some of them sat down in the road and refused to get up. tampa police arrested 23 of them without resistance. they've all been given notices to appear in court and were released on their own recognizance. we are still waiting to hear from a judge about whether a man accused of killing trial. monday a judge said he would rule whether "trevor dooley" would be released tuesday or wednesday. he didn't render a verdict yesterday... so we're hoping to have one today. dooley is serving an eight-year prison sentence for killing "david james" during an argument on a basketball court back in 2010. but back in april, he was granted an appeal for a new trial. and dooley wants bond while waiting for his new trial to begin. a former polk county teacher will keep her original sentence. "jennifer
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students fichter was hoping to have her 22-year sentence reduced, but a judge denied that motion in court yesterday. fichter is also facing charges in hillsborough county. those cases are still pending. world leaders visited havana to honor fidel castro. yesterday... the presidents of ecuador and south africa arrived. they joined cubans in their 9 days of mourning. for many african groups... castro is remembered as a leader who fought to bring an end to the former leader died last friday at 90 years old... since then cubans have been commemorating his life. tens of thousands of people gathered at the plaza of the revolution last night. a mass eulogy was held for castro there. it's the same place where he delivered fiery speeches to massive crowds after he seized power in 19-59. yesterday's ceremony included nearly 4 hours of speeches... marking the most high profile event of castro's week of mourning.
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will begin a procession across cuba. right now... they're being held in an urn at the plaza of the revolution-- but not in a public viewing area. the procession will retrace the path of castro's rebel army to the city of santiago. the 550 mile journey will take 3 days... ending where the first shots in the cuban revolution were fired and where castro claimed victory. his ashes will be interred there on sunday. we joined forces with giving tuesday and our viewers came out in force to make the holidays a little brighter for those in need. fox13 viewers dropped off hundreds of pounds of food and toys at their downtown tampa and pasco county tents. the shelves are filling up, but more is needed. for more information on drop-off locations -- or how
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fox13 care speaking of giving tuesday... a manatee county man's generous donations are making him this morning's good day good deed. ray baden is a former flower shop owner... who invested in real estate. he and his late wife started the "sara and ray baden fund" with the manatee community foundation. each year... they grant awards to local nonprofits. and this "giving tuesday" was no different. ray traveled around the county 10 nonprofits. that included the south florida museum... boys and girls clubs... meals on wheels plus... and more. over the years... ray and his wife have donated 400-thousand dollars to local groups. lots of news out of new york city this morning, as president- elect trump continues to fill out his cabinet. coming up in 5- minutes.. his latest picks and why one may have a tough time
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and: freedom of speech versus public opinion. a controversial tweet by president-elect trump has people debating whether people should be punished for
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some good news out of ohio state university. eight of the 11 people injured during an attack on campus have been released from the hospital. three of the victims are still recieving care, but are expected to make complete recoveries. some of the students who witnessed the attack say they are getting counseling. the university has also organized a campus unity event they're calling "buckeye strong." meanwhile, we're learning more about the man responsible for that attack and his potential ties to isis. law enforcement seized two electronic devices from "abdoul razak ali artan's" apartment yesterday. investigators say "artan" was ?not on their radar before monday's attack, but he did leave hints online. he ranted about the treatment of muslims in burma. he warned of sleeper cells. he even praised a u-s born cleric killed by a u-s drone strike in 2011. isis has claimed that "artan" was an
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terror groups and this was a lone wolf attack. we're learning more about the crash that killed a brazilian soccer team in colombia. colombian officials are saying 71-people died.. the number had been 75.. but four people did not get on the plane. among those killed in the crash, members of a brazilian soccer team headed to a championship match... and six journalists from fox sports brazil. investigators believe an electrical caused the crash. crews found the planes black boxes in perfect condition and hope they will give them more answers. six people miraculously survived the crash. there's another "much-talked-about" tweet from president-elect "donald trump". he took to twitter to say people who burn an american flag should lose their citizenship or even be jailed. the white house even
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disagreed with the president- elect. and even though flag burning is controversial, it is protected by the constitution. president-elect trump also announced a victory tour. later this week mister trump and vice-president-elect pence will bring their thank you tour to cincinnati and new orleans. trump will also stop in indiana on thursday to make an announcement about carrier a-c staying in the area. the president-elect is also filling more of his cabinet up. former u-s labor secretary department of transportation. 63-year-old chao served as labor secretary under president "george w. bush" and is the first asian american woman to serve in a president's cabinet. the president-elect is also expected to tap billionaire investor "wilbur ross" to be his commerce secretary. commerce secretary serves as the government's chief business advocate... and as a liaison between companies and the white house. ross was a vocal supporter of mister trump.. saying a new radical approach to government is what
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class americans. but he will have to make it through a
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"donald trump's" win has been good for wall street and stocks... but one they say their sales have gone down because of the president- elect. plus, there could be a lot more presents under the tree this year. why some americans say they aren't putting a limit on holiday spending.. but first here are last night's winning lottery numbers. no winners in either big jackpot. that means the mega millions jackpot rolls over to 30-million-dollars. while the lucky money is going for 1-point-2-million-dollars.
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night's winning numbers.. in case you won a smaller prize. it's 5:xx good luck and
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it looks like people plan to be a little more carefree with their money this holiday season. a survey by lending tree shows more than half of americans plan to shop for the holidays ?without a set budget this year. that could lead to more debt. last year, 27-percent of americans were saddled with holiday-related debt in the
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are ?still paying off those bills! tiffany's in new york says its sales are being hurt.. because of the election of president-elect trump.. it's flagship store is neighbors with trump tower. much of the area is blocked off.. because of people trying to get close to the tower to take selfies.. and that's preventing people from going to tiffanys. some of the cutest holiday visitors someone could ask for! the kids at rady children's hospital in san diego got a much needed holiday surprise. they were visited by the penguins and other animals from sea world! rudolph was also on hand to spread some christmas joy. in addition to the penguins the kids got to meet a two-toed sloth, an owl and a cockatoo. and 50 athletes from
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temperatures for the antarctic ice marathon. the 12th annual marathon brought runners from seventeen countries to the south pole to battle snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. the runners lap around the union glacier exploration camp ?twice, wearing layers of clothing, goggles and gloves. and just because it's cold they're not skimping on the mileage. the marathon is 26-point-2-miles long... the winning time.. just over three and a half hours. some exciting news for video game lovers. you'll soon be able to hang out with some of your favorite characters... in ?their world! and: 20-17 will bring another battle over recess in florida schools.. kellie cowan will bring us the latest on the fight, coming up at
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let kids play. that's the thinking behind a new bill that has been ?reintroduced in the florida legislature. it would require recess at all public elementary schools. fox13's kellie cowan is live in pinellas county this morning. kellie this is a big hit with a lot of parents.. but there are two
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thanks, kellie.
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in plant city, investigators are looking for the person responsible for setting a house on fire. fire crews found anti-trump messages spray painted both inside and outside of the home. the homeowner "matthew
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no one was in the house when the fire was started. hillsborough county deputies are looking for the man with a knife who robbed a circle-k. this happened friday at the store on west hillsborough avenue. the man walked into the convenience stores with a kitchen knife and demanded money. he then forced the clerk into the office. deputies say the man is between the ages of 18 and 21 and mostly spoke spanish. if you know who he is you're asked to call the hillsborough county sheriff's office. the death of a popular musician in pasco county, "rob cartwright" was killed sunday night while riding his motorcycle on u-s 19 and beach boulevard. now, there's a petition going around to put a traffic light at that intersection. in just over a day, 600 people signed the petition. they say a lot of drivers make illegal u-turns at the intersection... and they could be stopped by a traffic light. a terrifying story out of tampa. a man falls off an
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survived... but now troopers are looking for the truck that started the whole thing. fox13's shayla reaves is live off of i-4 this morning.
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thanks, shayla. a south florida man is recovering this morning... after being bit by an alligator. it happened while krit kruchiyan was on a duck hunt in the everglades last friday. the 50-year-old and his
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water at holey land wildlife management area in palm beach county. he says he brushed up against something... which at first he thought was a log. but seconds later... an 8 to 10-foot alligator sunk its teeth into krit's left thigh. but he wasn't finished... 2 off-duty firefighters heard the attack and rushed into help. they cut off krit's waders and used them as a turniquet. he was then airlifted to a hospital... and immediately underwent surgery. krit was released 2 days later... doctors say he should make a full recovery in about a month. some of you in our southern counties could be paying more for electricity next year. state regulators have just approved a rate hike for florida power and light. the 800-million-dollar
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the state's largest electric utility. the company initially wanted a billion-dollar hike, but scaled back during negotiations. the rate hike will be phased in over the next four years. people can expect to see the first increase in january when residential bills are expected to go up by about 7-dollars a month. some good news for gamers.... you'll soon be able to immerse yourself in the world of nintendo, right in our own backyard. nintendo-themed areas will studios japan, orlando and hollywood. the areas will host multiple attractions, shops and restaurants. they will also be expansive, immersive and interactive! universal says it will feel like you are inside your favorite video game. planning for the areas is underway right now... we don't know exactly when they will open but universal says it will be over the next
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even perfect parents mess up every once in awhile.. coming up next - russell rhodes brings us the story of a mom's mistake.. and her viral facebook post.. and it all started - with chopped celery! and: in sports - in anticipation of some bad injury news the bucs make a big signing. scott
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some say being a mom is the toughest job in the world. there's so much to keep up
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school it gets even worse! russell rhodes joins us with the story of one mom, who we think a lot of people will relate to. a mother from indiana is going viral and it's all over her post about chopped celery. "kara lewis newton" was getting her son ready for school when she looked in his assignment folder and saw he needed to bring in chopped celery for a soup-making activity. she didn't have any in the house, so she sent him to school without. she then made store to get some and raced to school hoping he would get it in time. she then posted ?this picture with a heartfelt message.... that every parent can relate to. " i miss things. my kids don't always have clean socks. we ate at wendy's last night. i forget to r-s-v-p to parties. we never have cash when we need it. my kid doesn't always have his coat. there might be halloween candy in their lunches. i sign without reading sometimes. and i
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folders. but. i love them. and i work dang hard for them. and i'm banking on the fact that 20 years from now, they won't remember that their mom forgot the chopped celery. i am praying they remember how hard i fought for them everyday to have a good where they know they are fiercely loved no matter what." and it looks like other moms on facebook could relate. within a week her post had gotten 44-thousand likes, more than 2-thousand comments and nearly 2 shares. it's now 5:??. time to check the forecast with dave. it is 5:??: time now to find out what's happening
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12.. florida 15winners? btw.. fsu conference michigan? of who gets in... clemson loses... washington or pac 12 title... if washington in the 8... they face week... colorado is 10 title game next they play in the big st are 6 and 7... wisconsin and penn interesting... it gets to 5... here's where wolverines down up to 3 and 4... washington slide loss... clemson and with the michigan state still top 2... bama and ohio rankings are out... college playoff the next to last columbus wins 5-1all around as a tough night the season.... score... his fifth of the
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a tough night all around as columbus wins 5-1 the next to last college playoff rankings are out... bama and ohio state still top 2... with the michigan loss... clemson and washington slide up to 3 and 4... wolverines down to 5... here's where it gets interesting... wisconsin
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game next week... colorado is 8... they face washington in the pac 12 title... if washington or clemson loses... who gets in... conference winners? btw.. fsu 12.. florida 15 the orlando city soccer club will honor the victims of the pulse nightclub shooting with a special section in their new stadium. the 25-thousand seat stadium will have 49 seats installed in the colors of the rainbow flag... to represent solidarity with the l-g-b-t community. this is just the latest move the team has made to honor the victims. they've dedicaded home matches to them, blocked off seats and have changed their corner flags all to
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"kanye west's" stay in a l-a hospital. a week ago he was admitted on a psychiatric hold. people magazine is reporting that west is very paranoid.. and being kept under constant watch. people close to the rapper said he usually had big ups and big downs, but this time it seems to be much more serious. some good news for one direction fans. it seems the boys still have a whole lot of "history" to make. "niall horan" told a british newspaper that despite their hiatus earlier this year... the group ?will be back. he said that they would be silly not to. what's not clear is if former fifth member "zayn malik" will join them whenever they do decide to reunite. check out that cut on singer "ed sheeran's" face. no, he didn't get into a fight with someone... or even cut himself shaving... that ghastly cut came courtesy of a royal. princess beatrice to be exact. the two were at a party at her father's house when she
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knight singer "james blunt". well, she pulled the sword up and didn't realize ed was standing right behind her! he was taken to the hospital to get stitches... but he played the whole thing off and eventually returned to the party. still ahead, looking for some fun today. we'll tell you how you can get the
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in tampa today, you can gamble for a good cause. the seminole hard rock casino is hosting a slot tournament, that benefits metropolitan ministries. the entry fee is just ten dollars. half the money raised go to the charity... the other half goes into the jackpot. the person with the best slot score gets ?half the pot. to enter, you between two and six p-m at the hard rock ?cafe. and of course, it's only open to people age 21 and up.
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taking the stage at the amalie arena tonight for her "the music, the memories, the magic" tour. she's the only recording star to have a number one album in ?six different decades. she's planning to sing songs from each decade, along with songs from her new album. tickets start at 115-dollars and the show starts at eight p-m. t over to russell and jen to find out what's ahead in our 6 o'clock hour. ((jen/2-shot)) act fast.. to fly cheap.. coming up at six - we'll tell you how to get 20-percent off a flight.. as long as you book by tonight! (russell/take vo) and: a story of desperation in the middle of a disaster.. a man is desperately searching for his wife and two daughters - who were caught in the gatlinburg wildfires.. what she said to him - the last time they spoke. (jen/take vo) and: marco rubio talks trump.. what
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most about working with the president-elect.. it's all ahead at six.
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flames are subsiding... and evacuation orders lifted in tennessee... but the wildfire threat is far from over. once rivals... now allies. new this rn about donald evacuation orders have been lifted. the fire is far from over. >>jennifer: and marco rubio opens up about donald trump. >>russell: the old building is still standing in downtown tampa. >>dave: straight up at 6:00 this morning. we have a little fog to the north in the sumter county area. look at that 71 degrees, the


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