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tv   FOX 13 500 News  FOX  November 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> don't shoot him. he didn't do anything. he doesn't have a gun, he has a brain injuries, he took his medicine. >> keith, don't you do it. keith. keith. don't you do it. (gunshots). >> did you shoot him. >> on that day officers had gone to warrant when he was sitting in the car smoking marijuana and waving a gun, his daughter said he had a book not a gun. his wife said that he didn't own a gun. but the they spoke with a man who sold him a gun 18 days before the incident and they say it was the gun found near his body after police shot him. they say it had his dna on the
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store showing scott a few minutes before the shooting. he pointed out the bulge above the ankle saying that is the gun. >> and the da said it is very clear that his right pant leg is raised. that's consistent with the officer's story that he reached down and pulled out a gun, we cannot know what the intentions or reasoninging were that day. the officer could not know a gun when confronted by the police existed the vehicle and failed to comply with thesters who told him to put the gun down. >> the prosecutor said three people claimed they saw the shooting and he was not armed told investigators that he had
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protests that engulfed charlotte and fueled by the claims that he was unarmed. one man was shot and killed during the rioting there. a dozen police officers were injured. even now tonight the city is preparing for more protests in the wake of the decision to not charge the officer. >> a coalition called charlotte up rising called for a mass gathering at 6:45. linda. >> thank you, chris. >> usnews alert from gatlinburg fires has ris therein to 7. the mayor said three more bodies were recovered. it he erupted monday and is 10% contained. we go to the resort town and we have the latest on the damage and the recovery efforts. >> as the authorities predicted the number of people who died or were injured in the wildfires continues to rise.
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fog -- keep hoping for more rain. heavy and constant rain fall in the mountains followed a never racking night for the county. the chief said the rain familied firefighter as bit but was not enough to stop 8 knew fires from cropping up overnight. >> most of those were brush fires due to what we had predicted for the winds. >> authorities confirmed that the roaring blaze had swe winds and was not an act of nature. >> it appears to be human caused but we have a team that are looking into that. >> you're not sure but you believe your home is gone. >> if the fire had not been so close i may have a hope. the embers were coming at us, many people are taking shelter, grateful for the kindness of
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out what is next. >> we're concerned about people that have not been accounted for and we want to assure them, we'll do everything in our power as a community to find their loved ones. the help they are getting from the state and federal resources from across the nation is a big help. at this point they are asking for prayers as from tennessee, porsche brunner. >> they hope to open up so they can assess the damage. evacuation orders must be in place because there are places that have not been searched where lines are down. severe weather killing five people as the rain and the tornado warnings are issued across the southeast. and winds damaged homes in
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those took cover and picking up the pieces of what is left today. >> we live a quarter of a mile across the field here. we heard all the commotion and stuff, we got in the basement. i came here and the building is tore up. stuff is scattered all over. >> officials say any rain will help as the crews fight the massive wildfires in tennessee and western north carolina. history is about to close. the armed forces history museum in largo. never been. you may want to reconsider. dan matics only one thing can save it. >> and in largo there is a warehouse that's like no other. >> the vision was to provide a history of what has taken place and hon or our veterans. >> the armed forces museum which features dozens of exhibits will
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>> for years it has been operating in the red to the tune of $600,000 each year. the museum was funded and put the money to keep it alive. he passed away. >> it is hard, dad had a passion for it. >> the announcement was emotional for the family and staff, the location of the tuseum is blamed for the natural they looked to revoting but it would come at a multimillion dollar price tag. as for the history here -- >> we would like to see if the smithsonian can take them or the world war ii museum and name will live on. >> probably the most valued item here the first pair of american boots that marched in the invasion of normandy but the director said there is one thing that could save it.
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stepping up to keep this place up and running. >> this is reality, this home for veterans is going away. i'm hoping that somebody has a heart for that. and will want to continue to salute veterans and maybe they will step up n largo, dan matics. >> you heard they need a donor unless someone with cash comes forward it will close at the end of officials believe that monday's attack at ohio state university may be isis inspired. the f.b.i. believe the 18-year-old suspect may have drawn inspiration from the group and or an american born al-qaeda leader. a leader in the somali community said his mother did not notice anything out of the ordinary. they are trying to determine if
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premeditated if he came up with the plan previously or whether that he decided that work? we don't know. that's one thing we're trying to work on. the motive when he came up with the plan. that's why we're asking for help that may know any of his whereabouts that morning. >> three people are hospitalized but will recover. a sarasota serbous operator will pay $24,000 in fines after a tent august of 2015 from the high winds during the storm. a man and his 6-year-old daughter were killed, 5 0 others hurt, walker events has agreed to pay the 24,000-dollar fine. the walker failed to properly erect the tent and ignored the weather warnings. the remains of fidel castro on a journey across cuba.
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to bid goodbye. a casket containing his ashes started the journey across the island nation of 11 million people and the remains will rest in the eastern city of santiago where he started the revolution in 1953. the bond between a canine and deputy handler runs deep. they were a team. last night one was injured chasing a suspect. as kimberly kuizon is okay it put as lot into perspective. >> at the manatee sheriff's office, bonds run deep but none deeper than that between the deputy and partner. the sergeant knows firsthand. >> it is difficult to put into words until you experience it and live it. >> at a moment's notice the team must be prepared to face anything. the deputy and his canine were dispatched where a man was
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of a home. he reason through the door. ran away on foot. and the canine was behind him he closed the door that's where he was injured. >> the door slammed shut. the injury did not stop him or being punched by the suspect. >> he was not injured very seriously. >> it was a superficial scratch. >> he ended the shift on a high note. the canine brought in the opportunity's 199th arrest. >> here in manatee county we don't operate under the idea that we're going to force the dogs to do anything, we want them to do what we're asking because they care for us, love us. enjoy being with us. the bond is a big part of that. >> it is forged over time through training and working together and rarely broken. >> when we get them we're nervous. tensions are tight. but as we go through different experiences and training we
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them. >> in manatee county, kimberly kuizon, fox 13 news. >> he is at home resting. they will be back to work on friday. harming or killing a dog has a heavy punishment here and florida it is a third degree felony. glad they're okay. still ahead a heist caught on camera. the search for the man who walked away literally with a pot of gold. worth a million bucks. a neighborhood on sightings of this bear. why fish and wildlife say they're not rushing into
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(linda) a florida woman, a woman charged with trying to kill her newlywed husband goes on trial tomorrow. and the trial starts tomorrow. the attorneys will try to convince a jury she was not serious when she offered 7000-dollars to kill her husband. the encounter aired on cops in for her. she was sentenced to 20 years in prison after a jury convicted her. but a court overturned. and a tkpwhrabg bear is a problem for the people in one neighborhood. neighbors said that the biggest worry is that they're starting to see the bear during the day. >> over the past couple of weeks
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they think it is foreign ministering from the woods here. >> and thanksgiving morning. >> and about four or five. >> his neighbor saw the bear four times in the past >> and we scared it off and four 5 in the morning a lot of scratching and looked out. we don't see the bear. we looked out and clearly broke through the fence. >> it has ban few peaceful encountered but the dads fear what a bear this side could do
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>> it's an issue because of the young kids here especially the animals. we tried to scare it away. >> fish and wildlife will not remove the bear, it will come back. the best that you can do is keep your trash locked up and put it owl the morning of pick up. >> looks like it might be in the yard. but they need some louder things. >> what about the neighbors, i may have a bear spray. >> take it in as a pet. >> and looking in you would not think. >> i run as fast as i could run,
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another muggy day. it is about the wind direction. >> i went through a shower at 1:30, 1, 1:30 the rain moved over hillsborough. all it was an indicator of the moisture making a big come back. a great day today in the sense that it marks the end of the 2016 atlantic hurricane season. it is done and on average the numbers s that, just about an average season. that's above the average. this is colorado state university here. decent forecasting most predicting near that. >> and three hurricanes, we had three.
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2012. we dealt with three storms and share tracks west of tampa bay. we had squally weather and coastal flooding. we had issues with the sewage systems. and matthew up the coast. today the surge of moisture from the south and once in a while with the surge, what he had a couple of showers i'm not expecting much. the air mass is very moist. they are in the 70s. 79 and wauchula is 76.
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of almost sort of like summertime levels. it is sticky. there is a front coming our way that will drop them quite a bit. tonight, watch out for areas of low clouds and fog. tomorrow, there will be cloudy skies a couple of showers. we hav lower humidity. next week the moisture will come back the big thing is the drop in the dew point. we're dew points 65 to 70 and then starting on friday they drop that will be a welcome
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around the country. cold front producing showers and storms. this is heavy rain in atlanta and very heavy which is great news up in the carolinas and tennessee which puts an end to the fire threat there. it is cooler and kansas city is 41. the forecast for tonight. a couple of showers. and highs in the mid-70s. seas 2 to 4 feet. the 7 day forecast is okay. cooler weather for a couple of days this weekend. we start warming up and i'm
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cold. >> rain arriving in 10 to 14 days. a legal twist at 6:00. the elderly man convicted of shooting and killing a man on that basketball court will get out of jail. why he is going only and it may not be for good. this will get a few giggles with cows burping and gas. livestocks are a large source of methane gas which hurts the environment. cutting down on the gas and how the cows are part of the plan. very interesting t is coming up tonight at 6:00. back to you guys. >> hurricane planes are getting
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doctor: oh yeah... right there. oh! you got a nickel back there! heh heh! when we say a health care company should treat you like family, we mean more like this. operator: it's gonna be ok, and i'll be right here if you need me. member: really? operator: really. you deserve compassion. you deserve molina healthcare, your extended family. learn more about our marketplace plan visit or call (877) 753-8816 (linda--vo) kermit and miss piggy... making a move.. and kermit and miss piggy making a move. that's for the newest hurricane hunters they are getting a home but not going far. after years at macdill the fleet is moving to lakeland. >> and we have more on the >> the proposed agreement lasts
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brings the fleet of the 100 employees to the airport in lakeland. the new noaa anger is under construction. it will house the fleet that collects data. and it is a federal bidding process that aimed to keep the planes and jobs around here. >> we limited this search to a 50 mimes from the base. that was to keep intact. what very 110 people that have been with us for decades, we could not afford to risk losing any of them. >> and it had to move after the air force allocated more jets to macdill bud buddied not provide construction to deal with the influx. they needed the hangar that noaa was using. it needs to be up and running before the next hurricane season
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area. >> after the dinner date is donald trump closer to picking mitt romney for the secretary of state? what about sarah palin. what is she considered about. a real life pot of gold. this guy walked off with it. the theft caught on camera and
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step away from all of his donald trump is going to step away from his business. his children will take over the company while he focuses on running the country. and let's bring in craig bat rick. >> starting with the critics. this resaying it is a step in the right direction. others say they want to see more avoid conflicts of interest he will not keep an eye on all of this. so, what is happening. we have critics and yes to members of congress who feel that his interests may conflict with the public interest when he is president. they fear that trump could make decisions that help the businesses over what could be in
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up turning over his ventures to his children. they will spell out the details next month. but he is under pressure to put his assets in a blind trust. beyond that we don't know if his children will be involved in the administration. three are working in prime rolls on his when can we expect an announcement and what are romney's chances after that dinner last night. >> he is one of four finalists for the position, the other being rudy gulliani two others we tonight know for sure. and mitt romney met repeatedly
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lot of drama and a feud in team trump from many who don't like the fact that romney criticized the president-elect on the campaign trail back in march and he said tough thing also. they are no longer rivals, mitt romney made that clear. >> and meanwhile we have sarah she criticized the va. she was a irrelevant supporter of donald trump. has a good relationship with steve bannon. and there are others, scott brown, you are jeff miller. these are two picks to the administration and have news on both of them by the end of the week. >> a lot of people waiting to hear that. thank you very much.
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they will not have to pay back the bonuses. the pentagon ordered them to repay them to the tune of tens of thousands. they are now forgiving the tebbits. details as recordings show the final moments of a doomed charter flight. in the leaked recording the pilot is heard requesting permission to lan of fuel the pilot said he was 8 miles from the airport. there was no fire at the site they believe it had no fuel left. of the 77 on board 6 people survived. most killed were the members of a soccer team a surfing play her to have his leg amputated.
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officer for shooting a black man. michael slag ser charged with the death of walter scott. he was shot running from a traffic stop. he was shot in the black. slayinger pleaded not guilty and he did it in self-defense. and closing arguments are underway. he could get 30 years to life. 2 to 30 if guilty of manslaughter. in a mentoring program. and the chief welcomed more than 2 dozen teens to the first ambassadors of am bish cross. and the program is run by officers and members of the fraternities hoping to offer advice to young men if they deal with law enforcement. >> i think the more information we can give them the better they will be. when they have that. and act properly they will be on
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they hope that the program will grow and mentors will help lieu high school and college, veterans and others suffering from ptsd could get help from a drug trial approved by the fda next. oh yea, everything is digital now-a-days. this thing never leaves my side. that is why i signed up for publix digital coupons. and i got the paper ones too. so retro... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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for me, shopping is a three step process. step one: walk the aisles. two: find the deals. step three: see, that's what's great there is no step three. publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. ecstasy made headlines earlier this year when autopsies blamed the drug for two deaths at the sunset music festival in tampa. now the f-d-a is going ahead with a large study to examine ecstasy as a ?treatment drug.. for conditions such as p-t-s-d. it is a treatment for the condition such as ptsd.
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it is a drug like ecstasy. >> and we saw them to treat the mental condition. and it lasted in the individuals for 17 years. they were firefighters and course. >> and andet therapy counseling. this is very important portion of this. they found a huge reduction in ptsd. 2/3 of the individual nos longer qualify as having ptsd after a trial was completed. the fda is giving the group permission to go forward. they will enroll patients t is a phase 3 study. it has promise.
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>> it is possible. if it ends up on the market it may be a breakthrough. it will be around 2021. i have to stress this is done in conjunction with significant behaval therapy. and they have doctors working with them over an eight-hour period. there are three sessions where they get it mixed. they have to continue with video conferencing. some had benefits u years after being given the drug. some are taking anti-depressants or the therapy. the point is that this is not something that someone should try on its own. within we look at the deaths we heard about there is a possibility it was laced with other things. >> we'll switch gears now.
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live longer. >> i'm learning to play pickle ball. are my odds any better? >> they probably are. it is a rocket sport. it was done in britain. 80,000 followed over 9 years and what they found is those individuals who played racket sports have a lower risk of dying but from some of the runners up were swimmers. aerobics. one of the interesting parts when we looked at cardiodeaths like stroke and, that could be tennis and or squash, swimming was second. aerobics was third. when we looked at running or jogging, guess what, they did not see a decreased risk.
5:40 pm
nowky not run any more the pickle ball is fun. >> racket sports. >> learn something new every day, tech me that. >> a welcome site for fans of tiger woods. he returned since august of last year. he played in the pro am. woods has taken time off to recover from bag i'm sure he will move up. >> if he whens he will be in the top 150. >> quickly. bucs in the playoff picture. the main reason for that turn around next. and the quarterback brought a game ball to the press conference. he wanted to give out a game ball for the win over seattle. who he awarded this to.
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y26pzy yy6y ((linda )) lake apopka in central florida is coming back and lake opapca is coming back to life. 35,000 fish were dropped into the water. the large mouth bass have a new home.
5:44 pm
will restock the lake with 1 million. the goal is improve the habitat in the lake. >> 20 years ago it was a dead lake. the state has spend 250 million to restore the lake and the land around the lake and so putting the large mouth pass into today indicates that the state feels like it has made a come back. >> it is the third largest lake in florida. >> paul. >> look at this. this is video of an eagle defending the nest at fort desoto, that's a fight. that's a territorial dispute. they fight to the death. the females.
5:45 pm
>> who decides to let go. sometimes they don't? >> remember the females last week know found them in the drain and they were locked together. one flew away the other had injuries she died. this is at fort desoto. >> great job. over. if you want to see it one more where they do it one more time. we'll be putting it on the station. >> and the cell phone tower there is where they gather and nest. can you find a better police, they get 4 g reception. it is unbelievable. >> if you like the heat.
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a double rain blow. the showers moved from south to north and they were enough to road the rainbow. and we'll show what you is going on now. great sun set. the issue is hen time you have the dew and you have to watch out for the cloud and we'll not see much, here we go. wrapping up november. another warm month. >> we have.
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trace that's not much. i'm not expecting anything a few sprinkles. and now moving into hardy county and p and. >> and very cold weather in the west. and. >> and a trough here and ridge here. >> and that goes according to
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and cold front. it will not produce for us. and and good news. and rain over the drought witchia 50. tonight way above average. and the temperatures will hold in the 70s to the low 80s. and down to 70. >> the forecast for friday is mostly sunny.
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>> and the potential of colder weather in two weeks. the bucs will head west. they don't want to talk about the playoffs now but they are getting closer. >> and the a >> and the game and you maynd up getting the start. they signed major wright number 31 with the team. he had been waived before. and earlier in the day.
5:50 pm
a game ball. >> i just want to give this to the fans. >> and i hope this is in our faut. >> and can you stop by the bucs believe there are many reasons. and they have contribute the wiggest is come on the d. >> it for the first half. they struggled to stop anyone. they were near the bottom of the
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and they have seen enough. they demanded a change. >> and that's okay. >> it is a complete turn around. and a defense leading the way. they allowed three touchdowns giving up 11 points. players point communication. >> the communication was not great. that's what we have been working on. making sure every play, every guy know was he has to do. and we're getting it out. we're playing good defense. >> it comes from one thing. time in the system. and darryl smith played for mike smith and knew it would take time to absorb the scheme.
5:52 pm
now. we have a team to work and get better. >> the turn around has let them play into convention and they hope to build on the new success. >> things have turned around. >> and a pot roast and it has to cook. >> another week. working on the >> million dollar heist.
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((cynthia )) a man in new york city saw an opportunity a guy in new york saw an opportunity and took it. grabbed a bucket out of the back of ap armored car. it was quite literally a pot of gold. and we have the video. >> the man had only a few seconds but that's all he needed to swipe a bucket when a guard with the car company went to the front seat a container filled with 1 skwr-ld 6 million gold flakes. >> and he is a third generation jeweler. the flakes look like this. >> interest there is gold and
5:56 pm
back into like a physical bar and there is value to it, he escaped by you can walking away slipping into the crowd of tourists in daylight. and the bucket slowed him down and police don't think he knew the true value of his treasure, the fact he walked through with this and they still he come up with it is shocking. >> the company is offering a reward of $100,000. hethey believe that he is in the orlando area trying to pawn off the gold. >> stocks are lower and utilities fell the most. the dow fell back and landed up one point.
5:57 pm
5 points. ky not get over that story, they have so many pictures of him: the 6:00 news is next. >> mark and kelly. now the cars are more automated. and next the technology for the car that's coming to tampa and make getting around easier. >> take your netflix with you when you leave. the annnc binge watchers happy.
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now at six... he shot and killed a man after an argument on a basketball now at 6:00 he shot and killed a man after an argument on a basketball court. after two years in jailed a decision to set him free for now. >> there was a strip ul over the road. he fell from a overpass. one of the most abused parts of tampa bay is making a come back. i'll have the story. >> this is the 6:00 news. i'm mark wilson, i'm kelly
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it ended with gunfire and a man dead. now the man convicted is going home. he will be released on bond. we're live were more on the ruling today. gloria. >> the judge gave dooley a 100,000-dollar bond. he could be released from jail any time. >> and n serving eight years in prison for killing david jane. it was over a dispute on a court in 2010. it watts in front of jame's daughter who was 8 years old att the time. she is now a teen. but this bring he learned he gets a do over after winning an appeal and granted a trial. they revised the ruling and offered a new appeal.


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