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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  November 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> he talked her off of the ledge. >> find ie out how he saved her. >> when the news came down, my heart was racing. >> a judge grants trevor dooley bond. when he could get out of jail. >> a person across the street is picking up signals and data right out of the air. >> florida ranks third in the nation in identity theft, find out how to protect yourself from something called snooping. >> we begin at 11:00 with a life-and-deaths are. and a winter haven police officer says he was just doing his job, but this woman who threatened to jump off of a 13-story building may owe him her life.
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ledge 13 stories up. >> the first thing i did was say a prayer. i would tell myself that this person's life is the most important thing to me at the time. >> russic a trained negotiator was the p.d.'s lead. >> she music plays when i opened the window, and she held one foot over the ledge. i decided to show her i meant no harm. >> her dad passed away and then her mother. >> they talked up there near the top of the second tallest building in winter haven, and
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her again and again. >> that i cared and i was there now. my heart was beating out of my chest, and i just kept calling her name out, and eventually she turned and looked at me and said i really don't want to die, and i just held my hand out and she grabbed it. she basically just grabbed me and hugged me and cried. i hope she find the help she needs, she is little family to help her grief. remember grieve. >> and amazingly he nearly didn't come to work that day. >> i had a long drive home the day before from visiting family in florida and i debated calling in and asking for a day off, and i'm glad i didn't. >> this man was sentenced to eight years in prison for myself
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dooley would walk out of jail, this morning a judge granted him a $100,000 bond. our josh c cascio has been speaking with the family, any word on exactly when dooley will be released? >> we spoke just with his bail bondsman and she says likely be tomorrow morning when he is released from the orient road jail. to recaps, he was given a $100,000 bond by a judge after he and his attorney argued that he should be let out while the court proceedings move forward. he is appealing his manslaughter conviction for a second time after shooting and killing james after an argument.
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himself. the victim's family reacting with disappointment to the judge's bond ruling. >> he gets to spend how many more holidays with his family which we don't get to get that back with dj because he took him from us. it's basically like opening an old cold scar over and over. >> per the judge, dooley have no firearms nor have contact with the victim's families and he cannot leave unless it's for medical reasons. we are live from the orient road jail in tampa. >> josh, thanks. you know ybor city is known for being noisy after the sun goes
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spent roughly 12,000 to staff the protest, much of that overtime for bicycle officers who were not originally scheduled to work, and it cost them $8,000 to bring in troopers to help. and it's not just a taxpayer funded agency. some business owners in ybor is also feeling the pinch. >> enjoy dinner or a cocktail and see a comedy show, or get to go through chaos to get to the businesses here, so it creates an uncomfortable setting. >> and when protestors march through the streets, they often have to close down the streets
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>> and tonight we know what caused a deadly fire at an odessa mobile home park. someone left candles burning. a disabled man was trapped and did not make it out. his wife ran across the street to get help, but there really wasn't must have anything can do. the couple apparently fell asleep with and the smoke alarms did not go off. >> and there are some things you can do to protect yourself from identity theft. one way that thieves get information through your credit card, when you swipe it. the introduction of chip. based cards was supposed to protect us but experts say it's only a matter of time before
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>> ven eventually, they will fid way to hack those, too. >> but on the horizon is biometrics. at the gas pump, try using a credit rather than a debit card, and avoid public wiify wifi. and look for misspellings on an app, and at the number of downloads. if it's only been downloaded a few hundred times orless, that t is a sign to stay away. >> and so many people have lost
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least seven people lost their lives. >> we get a report tonight from east n tennessee. >> heavy rains across eastern tennessee cooled hot spots from wild fires that have extended into residential areas but it's come as a bigged blessing for firefighters. >> a new challenge that the weather is creating for us after the fires is we are experiencing some rockslides, so there is no longer that foliage that is holding everything today. >> the storm also produced high winds that toppled trees and downed powerlines. >> survivors are sharing stories of narrow escapes. michael posted this video after he and his brother fled a fire
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they had to turn around and flee back the way they came to avoid the fire. this house was completely destroyed but the home next door was left untoutouched but the homeowner had a close call. >> we have animals and i came back to get them, and i was not about to let them just burn up. >> heat from the approaching flames was so intense it actually melted the plastic molding on the side of his suv. >> three more bodies have been recovered and that could raise as recovery crews move into new
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receding. >> and we now know more about the final moments of that plane crash in columbia. the pilot reportedly requested permission to land because of fuel problems but air traffic control told him to keep circles because another plan was landing right then with mechanical problems. the pilot -- >> with are going to wait for concrete explanations to bring us as close as possible to what happened. >> soccer fans around the world this evening held a vigil in the team stadium in brazil, and at
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team. and their families. >> and alarming tree trend has experts urging homeowners to keep an eye on their palms. i will have that story coming up. >> and a cold front is on the way for tomorrow but the real cold air should be arriving in
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>> talking aboutom a troubling and unsightly prap problems attacking trees in the tampa bay area, and if you have palms, experts are urging you to keep an eye on them. >> this is a real concern for free experts. this palm tree is a healthy one but if it were infected by the disease you would be able to
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within a year of makes. several famouses have been palmd with a disease called texas phoenix palm decline disease, and there is no cure and scientists don't know how it spreads. experts say don't focus on that number. >> people but for us in this industry, it is a large number, and the fact that we are seeing more and more we are sorried it could grow faster and decimate the strie. industry. >> we are told that the disease is more likely to thrive in a tropical or warm, wet climate,
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infected palms' dead leaves will still be bowed out instead of laying flat because they die so fast, and if you want to be concern, call an expert. in clearwater, aaron mesmer, fox 13 news. >> the ashes of fidel castro are on a four-day, across cuba. he will be laid to rest in the eastern city of santiago which is where he began his revolution in 1963. the route traces the victory tour he took after overthrowing
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>> we feel really proud for everything he left us. he will remain with all of us. >> he will be interned on thursday, ending the mourning period for the county. and meantime hundreds of people gathering along the famed calle ocho street in little havana and there was a moment of silence for those who died fleeing the regime. >> and the fleet of hurricane hunters are moving, to lakeland. they have spent the last 20 years at macdill but now they have to move because the air
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here construction on a new hangar is already underway. >> but it's going to go by just like that. >> and glad to see this one go by. sometimes out in the middle of the atlanta atlantic there is r of the >> this was the busiest season since 2012. the forecast overall noaa thief
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six. we had seven in 2016, and major hurricanes are three, we had three storms impact our state, the first was colin and h then hermine, and that name will be retired. and no longer be a storm that we have in the named systems every six years. a very warm month in november is in the 25 out of 30 days we had highs that were above average and obviously very dry, we had a measly 100th of an inch of rain, the dryest month of 2016 which coincidently november is the dryest month of the year, and for areas inlan inland, for a t, there was a surge of moisture from the south and now we are watching and waiting for the
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on thursday, and produce a cooler and dryer air mass on sunday, and tonight it is warm and sticky and watch out for patchy fog and low clouds. the air behind the front is certainly cooler and dryer but it's not really cold. all this is going to do is knock our temperatures back to average and average this time of year is nice. mid 70's po and 60's for lows. high pressure over the east on sunday and eventually the high shifts away and we warm up. i think this is going to make headlines in the next couple of weeks. a lot of cold air diving south out of alaska and the yukon and the good folks at the climate
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seen the entire country in blue and that means everyone will be experiencing below-normal temps in several days. warm, muggy and low clouds, and tomorrow, a mixture of clouds and sun, and a cold front passes by and when it does, watch out for the showers and then a beautiful day, less humidit thing gets going, the first of many, and temperatures in the mid 70's over the weekend and a cold front about 8 to 14 days from now back in a bit, don't go
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some of the money from the b-p oil spill will be used to restore part of tampa b will use some of the money to restore the bay. that is mckay bay. now the state is about to spend a million on new restoration projects. >> we certainly view this area as an urban oasis, and this is a jewel for the city.
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on land near the bay that was already cleaned up. >> well, self-driving vehicles came to tampa today. why he would would they be here? they showcase autonomous vehicles and show how all of those would have a positive impact on florida's roadways. >> there are two types of technology, there is autonomous car, and there are also connected vehicles where my car talks to yours and to the traffic lights and it talks to the pedestrian signals to know there is a pedestrian because the pedestrians touch the signal. >> i don't know if i want my car talking to other people. the expressway authorities will be testing these vehicles
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federal grant. >> i know what scott's car could say to him: hike! >> go, car! >> and the bucs change now to the play-off-contending buccaneers. how they fairs against niu, the update coming up and tiger is set to tee it up tomorrow for the first time in over a year,
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>> the bucs feel there are many reasons for a mid-season turn-around, jameis winston's letter to the team and getting
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better, but alls that contributed to the biggest improvement. >> for the first half of the season, the bucs defense struggled to stop anyone,. they couldn't get off of the field and ranked near the bottom of the league. they gave up 31 points to the falcons and that was the rock bottom, and ayers addressed the team and demanded a change. >> he was telling to pick it up and stop being babies and babying each other. >> from that point it's been a turn-around, they have allowed just three touch downs in three games and giving up just 11 points. and players point to better communication for making the difference. >> the coach said our communication was not create, and that's what we've been working on, making sure every


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