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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  December 1, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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we are following a developing story next at 10.
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a senseless killing for what. >> tonight leave for a family whose teenage son was shot and killed in his own front yard. >> he was number 25 on the field and now the former nfl player is tragically dead. hite investigators believe that joe mcknight was killed in an act of road rage. it is very disgusting he would take advantage of an elderly woman like that. >> in a heartless scam a 74-year-old planning her own burial was victim. how they say a conman tutor out of money.
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tonight. >> thank you for joining us. first up tonight. captured after two years of hunting, police have arrested jette reginald bellman for killing an 18-year-old in his front yard. we are at tampa police headquarters. evan, how did they put this together? >> well it took dna in anonymous tips and lots of inve this case together to finally make an arrest. and when they do and ended one chapter and begin another. >> the memories never fade. >> i remember carrying him around when you just three pounds 12 ounces. >> of his friends?of his son's life. >> i cannot hear found him laying here. we were holding hands. remember being lathered in his blood from my fingertips to my
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son died after being shot shortly after midnight on january 5 2015 in his front yard. >> you know i miss him. i wish he was here that was my man. every day of his life, almost every day of his life he was with me. >> police say the shooter was 21-year-old reginald bauman. his dna was on the visor found at the scene. tampa police say they corroborated tips that he was staging a gun sale so he can rob coleman. >> a senseless killing. for >> coleman's mother sonja is bracing for what could be many months of courtroom drama if it goes to trial. >> you don't leave a human being lying in their front yard in the street anywhere to die. >> and not reap the consequences for what you have done.> his father called the arrest important but not closure. >> our community has been dealing with this for decades
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get a good handle on how we can solve these problems. because we cannot afford to continue to lose good young man. >> now, coleman story goes to the courtroom even as it hangs over the home and neighborhood that he lived in. >> i hate you know for myself that he is not here. but also hate that he is not here for the community to help do this work to make it better. >> his father has been holding street on jefferson street every month on the fifth of every month. since the incident happened. i can certainly tell you kelly that monday which is the fifth, that rally will take on added meaning. >> you know it well. thank you evan. investigators are telling us tonight that they do not suspect foul play in the death of a citrus county woman. remember this story, a lot of questions arose monday when linda's car was found burned in crystal river.
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before the fire they believe she was trying to turn around in her driveway when her car got stuck on several large palmetto roots. investigators are still working to figure out exactly how the car fire started. developing right now at 10, former nfl running back joe mcknight is dead after possible road rage shooting.t unfolded this afternoon near new orleans. >> cynthia's following the very latest for us. we are showing that he was actually apologizing right >> cynthia: that's right. the sheriff's office is a 28-year-old former jet in sheep's player was shot after an argument in an intersection which is in a suburb of new orleans. they see joe mcknight was standing there trying to apologize to the prospect as the man shot him a number of times. one witness says the shooter reportedly stood over him is" ? i told you not to blank with me. and fired another shot.hares
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daisy stated the scene and he turned over his gun. he is in custody and being questioned. will continue to follow case and see if any charges will be filed. at this point the sheriff says that mcknight did not have a gun.hey did not find a gun outside the car but they have not yet searched the inside of mcknight's car. they may be waiting for a search warrant or something. that was a high school ?in indiana with multiple s titles and a five-star recruit who played at usc. after playing for the new york jets and kansas city chiefs, he went on to play in the canadian football league. tonight he is dead at the age of 28. >> so sad. thank you cynthia. we have an update tonight out of clearwater. authorities tells a man in a motorized wheelchair hit by a truck this afternoon has passed away. james thompson was trying to cross missouri avenue at the
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after. officials say he was in a crosswalk with the light was red. no charges have been filed. scams lying her own burial plot. a 74-year-old woman from pastor say she was duped out of $2400 by michael ?claiming ?we are alive at the grace memorial gardens here in pascoe to explain. josh, what a sad case. tell us what happened. >> josh: let's say down the road wanted to be buried here. so she went ahead and signed a contract. the big problem ?she got a very raw deal. >> sergeant chris thomas with pascoe county unloading on 49-year-old michael ritz. >> 'sjudgment is obviously poor. he has no integrity. >> josh: this after he was arrested for skimming a 74-year-old out of her own burial plot.
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$2400. >> it is discussed that he would take advantage of an elderly woman like that. >> josh: in march the woman decided to buy a future grace memorial gardens off of us 19 in hudson. deputies say she met with him who is an employee at the time. she sent a contract, payment was made by check. qwest name was left in the prices on there. michael ritz decided to put his name on the check. >> meaning that the $2400 went straight to him. and there was no burial plot. they say all she got was receipt that was back in march. fast-forward to november when she had second thoughts and wanted her money back, the alleged scheme began to unravel. >> jim did not come forward and shoot, no one would ever know and he would get away with that money. >> josh: he was fired from grace memorial gardens and the company reimbursed the woman her money. they say they do not appear to be any other victims out there
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unfortunate situation. as for michael ritz he ironically would take another job at another cemetery. memory gardens in tampa. his birthday was thursday. on his first day, he was arrested. he is charged with grand theft. >> josh: we did reach out to the parent company memory gardens in tampa to ask about his employment. they did not call us back. as for told he did confess and he said he was using the money to pay rent and to pay medical bills. >> i guess he was desperate thank you very much. >> kelly: parents arrested after five children were taken from deplorable living conditions. no freshwater, very little food. some of these pictures are just too awful to show you. police arrested amanda dean right there and joseph john
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found rotting food, bottles filled with urine and human waste throughout the home. >> thankfully the kids physically seemed to be okay. a little shaken up obviously and a little dirty but they seem to be okay physically. emotionally we will see that they get the help they need to get back on couple why they let it get so bad and the man said it was his fault and he had no excuses. he also was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. the five children remain in the custody tonight of dcf. >> mark: the searches offer a group of burglars on a break in spray. it looks like they are pretty young. pesco deputies see the guys hit to cell phone stores early this money. smashing the door with the piece of concrete.
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with a bunch of iphones. there was a similar break in earlier this week at metro pcs in springhill. if you know anything about the case please call pascoe county sheriff's office. trevor julie ?dooley is home today. >> do you have anything to say? >> dooley dodged reporters as he walked out of the jail today. the judge granted him a bond yesterday. no appealing the commission for a second time. dooley won his repeal and was granted another trial. but then they reversed the ruling and granted him a new appeal. he claims there were errors made during jury instructions. back in 2010 dooley chantel david james after they argued about a skateboarder on a basketball court. he claimed self-defense but a jury convicted him.e is now serving eight years in prison. >> kelly: it was the heart of hillsboro at the community and now it is done. a massive fire ripped through the winston park recreation
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renovation and received a 2 and a half million dollar donation this year.from tampa bay lightning owner and the boys and girls club. it also has been a safe haven for children from nearby fairmount elementary and del valle middle school. hillsborough fire rescue has not determined the cause and they also have not said how long it could take them to rebuild and get things back to normal. and how long will find out what happened here. still ahead tonight, hostages held captive. >> unfolding today in jacksonville. >> a burden lifted. off of me. you know that she is okay. >> mark: that is coming up next. what we are learning about the suspects connection to the tampa bay area. >> kelly: plus hunting for the season's hottest toys. tonight at 1030, the date later this month that you can get the best deals on toys. you will want to hear about
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adorable panel of kids. it will be impressive. all right, i know there are changes coming our way. >> today is the first day of fall meteorological winter. there is a lot of glue in the matinee. there is very fall air. it is lined up to the northwest. the cold air is heading your ? think of your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ? take a good look around... ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ?put a little love in your heart.? ? in your heart. ? (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars
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eleven hostages, held
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bank heist held in jacksonville today are safe tonight. it took a few hours to get them out. the community first credit union. deputies say the initial 9-1-1 call came in about 9:00 a.m. just after 11 o'clock to people had been hiding in the bank for the two hours, slipped out distracting the gunmen. and that is when the swat team stormed back and freed the remaining hostages.he suspect, 23-year-old nicholas family members say they are so relieved their loved ones are safe. >> she made it out. she made it out. thank god. she made it out. >> a burden lifted. off of me. to know that she is okay. >> humphreys only previous arrest in jacksonville was in september on a traffic offense. but he was arrested in hillsborough county.
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violence. >> mark: the death toll in tennessee from wildfires this week has now risen to 11. homes, cars and large sections of force have been decimated. at least 200 firefighters are working to put out the fires and cruises and have been making progress on their efforts. hospitals in the meantime are getting busy. still treating the injured. >> we had treated 74 people at the medical center. these are results of injuries that have went to make a total of 80 people that have been treated for injuries. >> mark: authorities believe at least 400 homes and businesses have been destroyed or damaged. that number is likely to grow. while funds have been burned more than 17,000 acres. they're hoping to reopen part of the area and allow residents to return home as early as
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them. >> kelly: it has been awful. hard to see those pictures. the rain came through, are they going to get any more rain? >> i think they will early next week. the drought is not over. with the rain it is really just stopped the risk of wildfires in the immediate future. there is more rain on the way. that is good news. now for us, interesting weather today. we had some low clouds for time and then see fog developed a ? of the) skyway bridge was close with visibility under 100 see. this was from anna maia island. this is nicely done. then a cold front moved south and catching clouds. a beautiful sunset today in south tampa. this is from our buddy david. and this is late day from lindsay. as i said, we consider today the first day of meteorological winter.
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this is the view in hawaii. this is the type of volcano which is about 13,000 feet high. you go up in elevation, even in hawaii get some snow. in fact they can ski from the top of the volcano under certain conditions. what is seen today in hawaii. today the high was 80 degrees and our monthly average high is 72. the average low is 54 degrees. normal 2.47. this is the sixth driest month. n top of that the warmest day we have had this month is 86 degrees. there that last was in 2010. 18 degrees in tampa in 1962. we have a cold front going by but i will table it is not going to be eight degrees behind the cold front. high pressure builds in.
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by, we have little surge of colder weather and then the hermas begins to modify. by sunday and monday we start approaching 80. another front can give us some rain. maybe on tuesday. 45 in panama city right now. at the same time it is 80 and marathon. do you think there is a front someplace over state? dew points range from july like 76 and marathon and key west to a desert in tallahassee. that my friends is a friend. the front slowly sat south. at least initially the dry air will win the battle. but in a couple of days moisture gradually comes back. so here is the front. high pressure builds income a nice day on friday. fair amount of sunshine and a cool breeze. highs in the mid-70s. i pressure starts to slide into the east. then wind starts turning to the
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eventually, this mess back here will slide northeast. bring some rain to the southeast and maybe a panic showers for us on tuesday. we're still looking at, again this is 8 to 14 days out. december 9 to the 15th. none of this is screaming record cold. the first time i have seen in a long time where the entire country should have below average temperatures. but you get the idea. have some probably december 9 through 12th. we'll talk about that in the days ahead. jet streams will take a big dip around the country. cloudy and less humid tonight. down to 60. tomorrow a great day to wrap up the work week. partly to ?partly cloudy to study. temperatures modify sunday and monday. you could see some showings tuesday and wednesday.
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thursday and friday: off. maybe a big chill by next weekend. again we will talk about that in the days ahead. >> thank you. thousands lined the streets of downtown lakeland tonight for the annual christmas parade. >> always special and they were all waiting on the man on the final float. >> what are you going to tell santa claus when he comes by? >> i go to tom i want a new mercedes truck. [laughter] > kelly: i would like that too.
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>> >> mark: christmas is in the air tonight lakeland. about 40,000 people downtown for the 36th annual christmas parade. pthe first of many christmas parades in the bay area. and they were definitely not disappointed. >> kelly: what a perfect night to kick off the season. and chris was out there. you got to experience the very
10:26 pm
i like that. they really not what i pray. or else we find a bellydancing statue of liberty? ronald mcdonald and they thought that looked and sounds justlike the polk county sheriff? >> . [indiscernable] [video] >>. >> chris: ?saying hi to everyone a merry christmas. that was not the main attraction. all participated in the parade there were a some were very elaborate. this is from the victory christian academy. they must've worked for months on the gingerbread house. mickey and minnie were there to take in the sights. and also seemingly every fire truck in polk county appeared at the parade. around 40,000 people were there lining the streets of downtown to watch it. now the pros took their chairs on the sidewalk days ago to make sure they get the best seat in the house. >> first of all i'm looking
10:27 pm
the parade. then i am waiting for santa claus. >> 20 going to tell him when he comes by? >> i'm going to tell him i want a new mercedes truck. laughter] >> have you been a good girl? >> i have been awesome. >> chris: i can't say if she was able to get the mercedes request from santa. but it was very crowded in lakeland they should be proud of the show they put on for some new families. if you like to see the whole thing including fireworks and santa and mrs. claus you can check it out on the city of lakeland website starting tomorrow. >> kelly: it does get everyone in the holiday spirit for sure. >> mark: glad they had fun. >> kelly: glad he enjoyed
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i am here today for one main reason. to say thank you to ohio. thank you. >> mark: also tonight the president-elect beginning to think people. this is thank you to our. they stopped in cincinnati its neck. meanwhile he is celebating until he says upholds his promise to keep good jobs in america. >> kelly: john roberts has more from cincinnati. >> i want to thank all of the workers at this plant. >> still seven weeks away from taking office donald elect and
10:31 pm
the campaign promise today announcing a deal with carrier to keep more than a thousand jobs in indiana. >> donald trump was running for president he said if he was elected president, america would start winning again. today america one. and we have donald trump to thank. >> nearly every step of the campaign he singled out carrier for abandoning american workers. threatening if they moved their operations to mexico. >> air conditioning which is leaving for mexico. they will not be leaving for mexico. >> he says he will use incentives and threats to keep other companies from leaving. >> companies are not going to leave the united states anymore without consequences. >> at the transition office stated ?continues over to the top cabinet positions.
10:32 pm
?now there is concern that leaking classified information could be problematic. petraeus would also need to notify his parole officer every time he travels outside the state of north carolina. of course donald trump could pardon him. petraeus) from the military in 2011 would also need a congressional waiver to conserve.> tonight donald trump's cabinet continues to ke his announcement sent cincinnati that he will nominate general james banas as secretary of defense. the retired general be tasked with carrying out the overhaul in the pentagon. he wants that we are also learning pam bondi is set to meet with the president-elect tomorrow. details surrounding the meeting has not been released but we do know that bonding is part of the transition team. her name is also been mentioned that several high-profile
10:33 pm
>> kelly: the white house is announcing its support for requiring women to register for the military draft. and the administration has been deliberating for roughly a year about whether to back such a change to the selective service. it white house spokesperson says the obama administration remains committed to an all volunteer military. under current law women can volunteer to serve in the military but are not required to register for the draft. it would take an act of selective service. >> mark: black friday and cyber monday may be over but there are still deals to be had when it comes to toys. early to mid december they historically see the best sales. >> kelly: and i was out there and it is time now to say. we have a consumer reporter that consulted a panel of experts to find out what is hot this holiday season. you have to see this. >> fox 13 goes inside the board room. with exclusive access to a few
10:34 pm
coins. >> getting concreteness of analysis on the holiday wish list. >>. [indiscernable] >> it has to be small and the boy. >> how about a robot terrier instead? more toys or all of the rage this year. >> one thing on my mind right now it's a robot that can be like a friend. >> from animals you can communicate with through an act and others ?there are some classics coming in strong like an easy bake oven, star wars,
10:35 pm
with toys running in the $25 range entire you can stay on track with the budget but it is tough. when you get the aisles it can be a big difference. a study ?they found toy discounts on the best on the second monday in december.and another website got more specific saying you can use december toys. >> what happens if the toys want to sold out? >> get in the car, drive to another country and search the toy stores there. >> washington d.c.. >> that's what you will find it? >> be warned, some of the season's hottest toys are difficult to find.
10:36 pm
>> attached to hash and it's like a real live bird. >> now these are hard to get. >> yes they are all sound ? sold out. >> my suggestion is to call every morning because we will get more in. >> most stores not only offer their own discounts but on a toy manufacturing coupons. saving money so you're sitting holidays. fox 13 news. >> we really liked having them around.nd another money saver many companies will offer free shipping for in-store pickup. not to mention packages that cannot get stolen off of your step. that is something to think about. but having a parent call every day to try and find a toy? >> it can be tough but with an
10:37 pm
the most intimidating. >> coming up next, a $40 million fine. >> the princess cruise line is paying for the polluting the
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>> kelly: in a few minutes at 11, living on death row for 36 years. but now the state supreme court could spare the life of a man convicted of killing a deputy. why this is taking a personal trauma quote county sheriff. he has really paid the price after this car slammed right into the side of a local charity. we will have these stories for you and more in a few minutes on fox 13 > mark: new at 10, the princess cruise line is in hot water today. >> kelly: they agreed to pay $40 million in fines and plead guilty to seven federal charges of illegal ocean pollution. authorities say that the penalty is the largest of its kind. the agreement requires princess and the parent company carnival corporation to submit all cruise ships to a five-year environmental compliance program.verseeing actually by a judge.
10:41 pm
princess ship was illegally discharging oily waste from 2005 until 2013. that was until a whistleblower engineer informed authorities. ?authorities say cost-saving was really the motive in these cases. >> mark: three people dead and two others injured. a crush officers say an older man was driving the truck.. he was taken to the hospital with injuries. the bucs were once as lean as could be at the runningback situation... but the backfield is now loaded once again... how dirk koetter plans to use
10:42 pm
(scott/and the bolts with another furious final period of play... was it enough to snap their 3-game losing
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(mark/ >> mark: now is time for some good stuff. firefighters paid a visit to elementary school students stay. >> they lined the sidewalk. they were so excited. and a santa they had some of the restart first responders. it was santa claus at the kids were most interested in.ere he comes. he arrived on a fire engine. the event kicked off the sincerely center program so people can buy gifts for kids. there's plenty of time to help a child. >> we have probably over 4000 children's letters that are still currently waiting to be sponsored. the letters are at the shopping center in brandon.
10:46 pm
they are delivered by firefighters and police officers to the kids. after today's parade santa held a storytime and they even got the gift of a will to take home. they are so excited. >> looks like they are having a great time. quest an 11-year-old girl in massachusetts is being called a hero tonight. >> the quick thinking saved the life of her two day old baby sister parents take a look. this a seven days old she is a happy healthy baby.ut two days old and the baby started choking. the mother started to panic but maranda's 11-year-old sister stayed calm and sprung into action using the skills she learned of cpr and heimlich maneuver in her sixth grade class. she saved her baby sister. >> i told my mom to turn her around and at an angle and pat
10:47 pm
>> how about that? the 11 notes that she was happy to save her sister. and her choice of a future profession she hopes to save animals and become a veterinarian. let going on in her life can't wait to see how many people she saves. >> what's going on tonight? >> the lightning trying to recapture the defense of identity. a worthy pursuit after three straight losses. tonight getting back a piece of the identity. the the previous nine games. but, quickly finding themselves down at a deficit the first 10 minutes of the game. they finally get on the board here. and then ?when put back a two ?one game. they took a four ?one lead. lightning started to chip away tyler johnson gets in.. down to. this wouldn't be a game without
10:48 pm
within a one score game. st. louis answers, it is unbelievable tonight. third in the game, and a hat trick. a five ?advantage. tampa bay response quickly. and here they finish with a lean back down to one. on the road tonight, the bolts can't close the door so they fall five ?four. the fourth congrats to the fox defensive and spencer they need the nfl's effective rookie of the month. a great game last week against the seahawks. but in the month of registering 11 tackles to force formal student access bring his total to five and to have sex after the second most among. and ?philip rivers in the offense. they are happy to get a boost
10:49 pm
formidable ones. they are cutter's biggest problem now. just figure out how to get ? >> it will be a little tricky working that out as we get healthier at running back. you know we went from dire straits to know an abundance of guys that we like. you know it will be a little trick to that. see how the game goes and you know the other thing is just as the first game back so we see, just going through the practice right now seeing how he adjusts this week. >> baseball in december can only mean one thing. annual meetings coming up next week. also have a new five-year labor agreement. no strike this year. among the changes in the agreement, no longer will the all-star game determine home-field advantage in the world series thankfully. one thing the agreement does
10:50 pm
satisfaction of the gm silverman is a disparity between small and large market clubs. quest obesity is the competitive imbalance continues to grow. we've been hopeful that they would be measures that will help shrink the imbalance. that would help this morning level playing field with the other clubs. so far we have not seen details about that. we missing any major changes to the amateur draft fr example. so we will review this morning at the details we work with in most events but right now, seen so far. >> and nascar's top recency this is a new sponsor. monster energy drink. they are taking over for sprint next season.hey built nascar for 13 years now. nascar is still working on the official name of the series. they have always been involved in the sports sponsoring bushes part, more depressed series entitled ?and tiger woods. >> what you say? monster? >> i think it is a monster of
10:51 pm
news out of pennsylvania today.this is a lie look as firefighters try to battle these claims. you can see the smoke and flames. this is a watershed here. this looks like it is contained to one building but there are several units involved. certainly for the families involved, never a good time for something like this. especially down the holidays. firefighters battling this fire, some of these houses on fire in allentown
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sunset in clearwater a great view. this get an umbrella. if you go to my facebook page and like if there's an app, upload the photos and monday through friday we given umbrella away. nicely done. a cold front continues to slide south. there is quite a difference around this date. we look at temperatures now. it is 60 now in tampa. that is the low for the day.
10:55 pm
morning. but since the cold front has done by the low temperature will likely occur at midnight tonight. and there is dry air filtering in behind the front. dew point is 55 in the same time the dew point in fort myers is 70. so we literally have a cold front right on top of us now. that will be cited to the south. the cooler air is going to hang around for maybe 2 to 2 and half days. there will be sympatric clouds around small but eventually the window start turning around the compass again over the weekend. we watched the next front to arrive tuesday. could bring some rain and then after that we can see some more significant chill next weekend. 64 degrees at 10 o'clock, 71 by 1 o'clock. awesome autumn day. >> sounds good thank you. i finesse an unexpected visitor drops by an area school. >> he is green and scaly. after the break where he showed
10:56 pm
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florida's wil florida's wildlife continues to pop up in unexpected places. >> this time an elevator found
10:59 pm
school. it was a big one too. >> this video comes to us from linda vasquez.he was in the car circling drop up yesterday. she found the big gator walking along the fence near the school sidewalk. the vice principal says they called choppers out but by the time they arrived the gator had wandered away on its own. best case scenario for all involved. the gates to the school or shut down from parking lots so no children were in danger but sometimes just going on about >> how big is that? it was big. okay it is december 1 and that means it is time for us to continue our tradition of spotlighting some of the best holiday lights displays all over the tampa bay area. this is the wonderland of lights drive through. it is in the fairgrounds on sydney washer road in dover. tickets are available. the show is sponsored by the greater brandon chamber of
11:00 pm
spelled right. that's always important. >> time now for the 11 o'clock news. >> and right now at 11 a sinking woman had a terrifying encounter in the last place she expected. quest she was fast asleep when she woke up to a nightmare. >> you never think you will wake up in the middle of the night in some strange person is standing in your bedroom. >> no you don sleep.nd what he did as he left. >>. [indiscernable] > a painful memory that no amount of justice can erase. the arrest finally made two years after his son's murder. quest just totally lost control and went running through the parking lot and ended up going through our food pantry. >> a local charity takes a big


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