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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  June 16, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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stop. someone gets the whole thing on video tonight the new images police want to you see that could help them track down the a acuter. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. >> first at 5:00 families in one local community are on alert tonight with reports of a man trying to lure young girls into his car. thanks for goings. i'm dawn tim men. >> i'm iain page. there are two instances police are aware of. let's get tout dave schratwieser live in upper darby tonight. dave. >> police have been put on alert on the look out for a driver and a specific car that was seen in two suspicious incidents recently in the same neighborhood. tonight, police want to you take look at the car and if you see anything suspicious, to call them right away. >> upper darby police are on the alert for the driver of a newer
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merchandise model dark colored car that investigators say has been cited in two potential child luring incidents win blocks of each other near a local middle school. >> our goal is to try and identify who this individual is so that we can check him out. >> reporter: superintendent chitwood says late last week a 12 year old girl walking near shade land and state road spot add car circling the block three times. the driver stopped in what she described as a black ford taurus or mercury milan with a key pad on the door frame. >> any time you get these types of things with children, you have to do a full court press on it. you just have to find out who they are and what it's about. >> reporter: late last month there was another incident involving a 12 year old girl walking near huey and edmund streets in the drexel hill section. >> the operator of the vehicle rolled the window down and asked the young girl if she need add ride. >> it's scary. >> reporter: york, lives right at huey and edmund. he has a 13 year old sister and these reports have him concern
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concerned. >> walk her to school every day. yeah, not around here. i never envisioned anything like that. >> mark plans to talk to his little sister about the incident and you were her to be careful. chitwood says now is a good time to talk to children. i guess i got to stop and make sure she always is with somebody. >> keep on going. november the closest adult that you can come to and have police come and respond right away. now police have stepped up patrols in the area where is these two incidents occurred. tonight, and coming up at 6:00, some advice from police to children and parents. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. turning now to your fox 29 weather authority here's a live look at center city. it is the last week of spring. so summer just around the corner and it's just in time for a major warmup. let's check in with chief meteorologist scott williams. that's right. iain, temperatures they are going up. right now 87 degrees in the philadelphia area. 88 right now in reading a little cooler down the shore because of
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that sea breeze but come tomorrow we're looking at our first 90-degree day so far this year. take a look at temperatures to our south. 90 in raleigh as well as at la atlanta. phoenix 102 degrees. so some of that warmer air will continue to head in our direction because of this area of a high pressure pumping in those winds out of the south and west and that wind direction will also increase the humidity an air quality alert issued for tomorrow for the entire state of new jersey because of the heat combined with the air quality. making conditions a little unhealthy for sensitive groups. so for tomorrow, that summer preview we're talking 90 degrees or better and then by the middle of the week, yes, we could be talking about a heat advisory when you factor in the heat and the humidity. feels like temperatures by wednesday could approach 100 degrees. we'll talk about how long this
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heat will last and also some changes for that seven day forecast. >> all right. scott, thank you. a philadelphia police officer remains on desk duty after shooting his gun over the weekend. investigators say the officer may have shot two men on the 3200 block of randolph street in north philadelphia. police are still trying to sort out what led to the shooting. one of the men is in critical condition. the other is in stable condition. a third man is in police custo custody. >> and sky fox over a schoolbus accident in northeast philadelphia. police say seven children and one adult were taken to torresdale hospital for evaluation. that accident happening just after 9:30 this morning on roosevelt boulevard and good enough street. the crash involved a schoolbus an truck. no one was seriously hurt and the cause is under investigati investigation. >> skyfox over a tractor trailer accident in gloucester county. this happened at exit two on the new jersey turnpike and you can see damage to the trailer's roof with items falling out on to the side of the road. police say no one i was hurt
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here. >> a sigh of relief for commuter today's as regional rail rolled on as scheduled. a one day strike ending after president obama appointed emergency board to mediate the contract dispute between septa and two unions representing engineers and electricians. that emergency board has hearings set for next week. recommendation will be issued by july 14th. >> another bare sighting in burlington county this morning and once again residents are on high alert. police say someone saw the bear in the area of mt. laurel road and hainesport road around 9:00 o'clock this morning. police are monitoring the bear's movements based on sightings. field day activities for hillside elementary school went on as planned today. but parents were on guard. >> the police and the administration gave clearance for everything to go on as planned but we are on alert and keeping an eye out on things. >> parents say outdoor activities wer were moved furthr from the trees as a precaution. police are asking people to keep
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all food items like trash cans, bird feeders and even pet food inside untilly bear moves on. residents say police are keeping them notified of the situation through social media. right now police in somerdale, new jersey, are looking for this man. he's accused of robbing the td bank on white horse pike. police say the man walked into the bank and handed a note to the teller demanding cash then ran out of the bank towards nearby patco station. if you recognize him, please call police. >> and developing tonight, president barack obama is weighing options to confront the chaos in iraq. officials say the white house is considering sending special forces soldiers in but the president has ruled out deploying combat troops. fox's jennifer griffin reports from the pentagon. >> reporter: the violence in iraq is moving closer to the border of baghdad as al-qaida inspired militants seize more territory. now the united states is saying it is open to the possibility of consulting with iran's government in a move that might
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stabilize the region. >> i think we are open to any constructive process here that could minimize the violence, hold iraq together, the integrity of the country and eliminate the presence of outside terrorist forces that are ripping it apart. >> reporter: kerry also said the us might use drone strikes to blunt the conflict but the pentagon emphasized any involvement with iran will not include military coordination. >> let's see what iran might or might not be willing to do before we start making any pronouncements. >> reporter: many congressional leaders include don mccain -- john mccain are pushing back much the u.s. needs to minimize involvement with iran and not encourage it and others contend there should be quick military action as iraqi prime minister al maliki seeks to reassert control in a splintering region. >> if we use military intervention to assist this crisis, this urgent crisis that we have, i believe that in and
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of itself will give us significant leverage to move maliki in the right direction. >> pentagon officials ordered the uss george h.w. bush aircraft carrier and three other ships to the persian gulf as a measure of protection. at the pentagon jennifer griffin, fox news. >> army says it has begun an investigation into the disappearance and capture of sergeant bowe bergdahl. the two star general in charge of the investigation says he will not interview bergdahl until the men and women helping him recover from his five years in captivity give the okay. of course bergdahl was released by the u.s. military back on may 31 after a lot of controversy. he returned to san antonio texas last week. >> a new jersey man is accused of killing his mother herbert row little is in police custody tonight. police say he called them last night to report his mother's murder. she was found in their home in pemberton township. now investigators say the 44 year old called police around
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5:40 yesterday evening. authorities arrived at the home to find 71 year old maryann roll let dead on the living room floor. authorities say herbert was the only other person home at the time of the killing. he has been charged with his mother' murder and answer as has been ordered to determine her cause of death. police are looking for a motive. meantime neighbors are simply stunned. >> shocked. i didn't actually believe it at first. so i'm kind of shocked that it actually happened in our neighborhood and we've got a pretty quiet neighborhood here. so -- >> reporter: nothing of violence ever around here? >> i've been living here for year and half and haven't seen anything. it's been very quiet. i'm kind of shocked it happened here. >> nothing ever happens out here. ever. for somebody to -- for somebody to kill their own mother in the neighborhood i grew up out here i've been out here 30 years and it's so peaceful and everybody waves and says hi and we all know each other. we all grew up together. it's awful. it's awful. >> he was scheduled to have his
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first court appearance this afternoon but that was called off. he is in jail on a half million dollars bail. if you or someone you know works at starbucks there's an added benefit for employees. college tuition. >> that's right. where workers can get a free education while serving up your favorite drinks. also, a father grateful to be alive after a lightning strike leaves him trapped and helpless under a tree. his daughters jumped into acti action. how her post on facebook helped save her dad's life. >> traffic stop turns into a drug bust. police say this guy had marijuana hidden under his belly sack but that's not the problem that got him pulled over in the first place. >> plus it's a story you first saw on fox. an innocent man punched in the face while sitting at a trolley stop. up next the new images police want to you see that could help them track down this attacker. tom? >> phillies begin a stretch of games that could very well define the rest of their season. why this week ahead is so important coming up later in sports. >> and get ready for some of the hottest air so far this year.
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how long will it last and also the changes with that seven day forecast later this week. ♪
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♪ >> in upper moreland man accused of murdering his two month old baby girl pleads guilty. the trial against edward doyle was scheduled to begin today. police found the baby unresponsive back in february of 2013 at the wellington apartments on horsham road. an autopsy found she died of
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multiple trauma injuries. that did not match her father's story that he had tripped and fell on her. police believe doyle was drunk at the time. >> happening now, police relea released disturbing surveillance video of a story you saw first on fox. we brought you this story last night. a man minding his own business in drexel hill is punched in the face. police believe the attack is part of that so-called knock-out game and now they're looking for those responsible. fox 29's dave kinchen has been following this story and he joins us live outside of upper dash plea police headquarters. dave? >> reporter: dawn, the video you're about to see shows a conspiracy in the works. according to upper darby police, teens planning a vicious attack on a man just minding his own business. >> newly released surveillance video from a bank shows what happened before the knock out game style attack in drexel hill last week. you see several teens hanging out outside the aronimink trolley stop. upper dash plea police are plotting a surprise attack on a 58 year old victim inside. they reach for their cell phones
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as they go inside the station. which brings us to cell phone video recorded by one of the teens. it shows the attacker up close. he's only seen pacing around the victim before he is cold cocked. the surveillance video outside then shows the group running away afterwards. >> it's a real shame that something like this could take place. >> reporter: fox 29 spoke exclusively with the victim. he said he was just minding his own business when the punch came out of nowhere. >> it could have been worse because they didn't hit me with glasses on and they could have sent my glasses right into my eyes. >> this was planned. there was no reason for this type of attack. they're lucky they didn't kill the guy. >> reporter: upper darby police superintendent says one of the suspects even posted the video on facebook. he says it's a big help in their investigation. >> we're coming. we're going to get him and that's the end of that and they'll be off the street. >> reporter: superintendent says that they have -- they're actually in the process of identifying the teen that did punch the victim. they are working on identifications of others.
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so if you recognize any of these people give upper dash plea police a call. iain? >> dave, thank you very much. a man is killed in a hot air balloon accident in chester county. police were called out to the 500 block of wall street in east pike land township early sunday morning and when they got there, they found the balloons pilot 47 year old jeffrey hoot 10. he was taken to the hospital where he died. police say hoot 10 was trying to land the balloon when he fell out and got caught between the basket and the ground. 10 other people were in the basket. no one else though was injured. >> police in delaware need your help tonight. they're searching for a missing new castle woman. officers say 46 year old nancy petrillo was last seen on saturday morning trying to board a flight at dulles international airport. police are concerned for her safety and welfare. if you see petrillo you're asked to call police. >> a set of are dedicated in memory of a fallen montgomery county here o they bear the name of plymouth township police officer brad fox. fox was shot and killed in the line of duty by a felon with an illegal gun back in 2012.
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they're located along the schuylkill river trail near a memorial for fox. >> people of montgomery county respect and rely on their police so heavily and they realize the sacrifices that they make every day. >> the rotary club donated the bolaards designed to keep cars from driving on the trail. keeping runners and cyclists safe. >> care fell packing up at the national constitution center in old city today. 42 life size statues of our founding fathers are being wrapped and stored away from the signor's hall exhibit all for construction of a new gallery there. the statues will remain under wraps through the summer and into the fall when work on the new gallery will be complete. all right. turning back to your fox 29 weather authority now. this is the lehigh river in easton where some people are out enjoying a walk today and it is going to feel like summer this week even though summer doesn't officially start just yet.
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our chief meteorologist scott williams joins us live now with look at your steamy forecast. >> we're going to get summer preview, iain, over the next couple of days. even though the official start to summer doesn't arrive until this upcoming weekend. so five days away from that summer solstice we'll have the longest day of the year and of course right now we're looking at that summer preview across the area. look at temperatures right now. 88 degrees in reading berks county. we have 87 right now in philadelphia. a little cooler because of that sea breeze down the shore. low 80s wildwood. 79 degrees comfortable right now in atlantic city. the heat today more of a dry heat because the humidity values are still comfortable. ultimate doppler it's showing dry conditions. but look toward the central and also the western part of the state. a few pop up showers and some thunderstorms. some of that activity could clip the lehigh valley as well as the pocono mountains late tonight. but otherwise, we're watching this weak front. it will mainly fizzle out as it approaches our area.
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>> high pressure developing to our south. that will act as heat pump over the next several days. the clockwise winds meaning more out of the south and west pumping up that moisture as well as the humidity. but 87 degrees. that's the current temperature right now. beautiful conditions, and look at that humidity, only at 32%. so that makes the difference. stepping outdoors we're looking at temperatures staying pretty warm. 76 degrees by 9:00 this evening and then by 11:00 o'clock, low 70s. the humidity starts to really increase overnight and especially during the day tomorrow. you can see air quality alerts posted for south jersey, also, now just issued for north and western suburbs as well as sections of delaware. it will be in the code orange category and that means unhealthy for sensitive groups. we'll have much more on this as well when to expect a cool down later this week. >> all right. thank you, scott. so when do threatening comments made on social media
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sites cross the line? that's the question and it's going all the way to the supreme court. how a local man's facebook page got right in the middle of the case. >> what if this were happening in your neighborhood. thousands of monkeys flooding the streets stealing food and attacking people. how far the monkeys go as they cause mayhem. that's coming up. >> and thousands of athletes are living out their dreams at the 2014 special olympics. this year the event is being held in new jersey. coming up, intense action for a delaware teen.
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>> a wildfire in central california threatens more than 500 homes and its path. the flames broke out friday. near the sequoia national forest. more than 1,000 firefighters are battling the flames and forecasters say it could get worse as warm weather in the region will only create dry conditions over the next few days. arrest is made in connection with the murder of a priest in phoenix. gary moran faces multiple charges. investigators say he's the man who shot and killed reverend kenneth walker and beat reverend
5:24 pm
joseph tear rah. he was released from prison in april after serving eight years for aggravated assault. >> a the supreme court has agreed to hear local man's case about his facebook posts. back in 2010 anthony, made a threatening status on facebook about killing his wife, shooting up the school and harming an fbi agent. authorities say two lower courts have already ruled that he crossed the line. his attorneys maintain he was expressing himself in the form of rap lyrics and frustration after his wife left him. the supreme court has previously refused to get involved with such cases. however, with the popularity of social media courts are begin to question the line between threatening posts and criminal activity. the case is scheduled for this fall. >> and former nfl football star aaron hernandez is back in court. his attorneys are fighting for a piece of evidence to be kept out of his murder trial. hernandez a former new england pate tree yacht accused of killing a man near his massachusetts home last june. attorneys say the surveillance
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video shows hernandez holding what looks like a gun in his hands. hernandez also facing charges in a deadly 2012 drive by shooting. >> a florida man busted after cops find pot hidden under his belly fat. this happened during a traffic stop investigators say 42 year old christopher mitchell was a passenger in the car and he wasn't wearing a seat belt. and mitchell who weighs 450 pounds told deputees he's too fat to wear one according to investigators mitchell and the driver of the car were acting nervous so deputees called in a drug sniffing dog and when they searched mitchell, they say they found 23 grams of marijuana hidden under his stomach fat. >> a pilot carrying sky divers sees his plane is about to crash he jumps out too. sean martin lost control of his plane when a jumper hit the tale. at first he thought about trying to land but eventually made the decision to bail out. >> i jumped out of the aircraft. it was at 2,000 feet so i only had 1,500 feet left till the
5:26 pm
ground and when i jumped out the plane spiraled and crashed in the field over there. the wind carried me and i landed in this soil bean field over here. my chute finally did deploy. that point i was kind of hit the rush of skydiving actually fly through me at that point. >> ken martin landed safely in a nearby soy bean field. he said that was the first time he had ever jumped if from a plane. >> lucky guy. >> absolutely. >> a local mom admits to drinking vodka before taking her six year old daughter to sesame place. >> what an officer says the woman did in the parking lot as her daughter looked on that forced him to get involved. a father grateful to be alive after a lightning strike left him trapped and helpless under a huge tree. his daughter jumped in to action to help. how the facebook post may have saved had he ever dad's life. >> red cross is dedicated to helping families in need. but now they need help. the high-tech way the organization is trying to recruit more volunteers.
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>> penndot plans to be hard at work on area roads this week. this is a live look from our fox 29 traffic camera cameras the be
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route in springfield delaware county. penndot will do row paving work there on wednesday and there's also some repaving work being done along 95 this week between philadelphia and delaware. >> but that road work isn't the only bit of construction that could cause headaches for drivers along i-95. penndot also plans to begin the long awaited construction at girard avenue. the $211 million project will rebuild and improve the highway between girard and allegheny. it is the second largest construction contract in penndot history. last week bad weather postponed the start of work that will affect traffic patterns in that area. >> officials believe a problem with plane's landing gear forced it to return to philadelphia international airport shortly after taking off. this is a picture of the flight's pattern as it circled over the area. airport officials say lou fan is a flight 427 took off around 5:45 last night. the pilot was not able to get the plane's landing gear to retract so he dumped fuel for about 45 minutes. and then touched down at the airport about two hours later. no one was injured.
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>> more than $102 million in federal grants have been given to 11 states to protect against another hurricane sandy. a big part of that money will go to new jersey. which has the most approved projects right now. those 13 projects include restorations and beaches, salt marchs and urban areas. delaware and pennsylvania will also get some of the grant money. >> for the red cross the summer months typically mean a much greater need for blood donatio donations. but our local red cross is wor working to fill another need. volunteers to provide vital help to victims when disasters strike. fox 29's joyce evans shows us why the rules are thinning and high tech way the red cross is working to boost the number of volunteers. >> we had am rooming house fire early this morning. >> reporter: tom working the bridge. >> nobody was injured but all of them need add place to stay. >> reporter: and the team
5:32 pm
scrambled to get red cross volunteers out there to help. >> i've been with the red cross since 1979. >> reporter: because it's not rocket science says this retired aerospace engineer. it's simply people helping people in times of tragedy. >> you knew you weren't going to cure. you were going to help little bit. >> reporter: the little bit that money can't buy. humanity in the worst of times. now, at 85, tom no longer hikes his way through rubble or remote areas. >> i'm slowing down lot. i like to volunteer in the office now. >> reporter: now down to one day a week. >> bye-bye. >> reporter: determined to volunteer as long as he can. >> reporter: while he trains new worker bees like laura. >> i really wanted to participate and do something. >> reporter: she's been doing a little bit of everything in just seven months here. >> the need for volunteers is enormous. >> reporter: especially during the summer months. >> when hurricane season starts,
5:33 pm
we need even more volunteers. >> reporter: you may not think so when you consider the astounding number of volunteers the local red cross officials say they used to have listed on their roles. but they say, a recent checklist found most of those 13,000 were either slowing down, one timers or volunteers who had not responded in years. >> we have got -- report red cross ceo judge renee' card well hughes is looking to expand the roles in several different areas of need through assign up app called team red cross. >> you take pictures and photos and videos. >> reporter: and through the first group of so-called digital volunteers who were frock home. >> wherever the disaster is, these digital volunteers use social media to get out reliable, accurate information. >> reporter: but you don't have to be computer whiz, a disaster zone traveler or have a ton of spare time to offer help. >> anything that you can do, trust me, the red cross can use
5:34 pm
you. >> i do photographer. >> reporter: recent college grad laura is volunteering more while looking for work. she's actually accomplishing both. >> it's a great way for me to get experience doing something that i enjoy, and kind of having that in my background a little bit. >> reporter: card well hughes says volunteering in tough economic times is the fastest way to network your way to job. >> get to learn new skills and showcase the skills you have and most importantly meet new people. isn't. >> reporter: it's a bonus but not the reason this young woman is here. >> being able to give back to the community no matter what you have going on in your life, it's a humbling experience and it's satisfying experience. and, you know, you hope in the end that people do pay it forward. >> reporter: while our local red cross says it's not in any danger of cutting back any emergency services, they could use more daytime responders. multi link gallon volunteers,
5:35 pm
spiritual counselors and mental and physical disability therapists. joyce evans, fox 29 news. >> we're following breaking news right now. skyfox is live over the 2000 sand block of hamburger street. police say a 13 year old boy was shot there. we're told the child was shot in the arm and the back side. he is now in stable condition. so far no arrests but police say there are two men barricaded inside a home on the 2,000 block of mountain street. we have a crew on the way and we'll bring you more information as soon as it is available. >> well if you were or someone you know works at starbucks there's an added benefit for employees, college tuition. >> that's right. how workers can get a free education while serving up your favorite drinks. and thousands of athletes are living out their dreams at the 2014 special olympics. this year the event is being held in new jersey. coming up a delaware team, their story a ahead. >> atlantic city plans to throw a more inclusive party this season.
5:36 pm
the three day beach party. >> get ready for the heat. >> we're talking about 90 degrees for the first time this year. details on how long it will
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♪ >> how about this beginning this fall starbucks employees are eligible for free college tuition for online courses. partnering with arizona state university starbucks will allow workers to graduate from asu debt free. employees who enroll he is a freshman and sophomores can receive scholarships towards tuition. those who enroll as juniors or seniors will receive full tuition. starbucks hoping employees take advantage of this unique opportunity. >> we are here so that you cannot be held back. knowledge and education is the new currency. without this, it's hard to move it's hard to travel, doors don't open for you. >> starbucks employees must work 20 hours week or more to be eligible for the program. >> in your health news knew study looks at the effects of caffeine on gender.
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researchers at the university of buffalo found after drinking coffee children between the ages of eight and 17 show a decrease in heart rate and an increase in blood pressure. the study also found the relationship between gender and caffeine doses. it suggests boys are more affected by caffeine than girls. these differences are present in children who have already experienced puberty. researchers say although caffeine is not proven harmful to children there's little evidence that it's beneficial to their health. well monkeys are causing mayhem in northern india and residents are fearful. there are thousands of monkeys flooding the streets in india. they are going so far they're breaking into houses, stealing food and clothes. they're attacking passing cars even people. residents are guarding their windows and doors hoping the monkeys don't come in. city development has cut into the monkeys natural habitats. >> singer justin beiber back in the spotlight tonight. >> the charges the judge is expected to hand down against him today. and this man says his
5:41 pm
daughter helped save his life. what she did when a lightning strike left him trapped and helpless under a huge tree. >> and dawn, remembering one of the greatest hitters of all time. this guy hall of famer tony dead tonight at the age of 54. reflections on simply marvelous tonight at the age of 54. reflections on simply marvelous career a a
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baand frustrating. e tough. but now, there's a better way. introducing the first-ever raid defense system. it attacks the bugs you see. controls the bugs you don't see... and prevents... by keeping bugs out. the raid defense system... get the answers. beat the bugs. raid. kills bugs dead. scjohnson. a family company.
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>> so is justin beiber ready to clean up his act. according to tmz beiber accept add plea deal on friday for a dui related charge earlier this year in florida. this is video of the pop star as he face add judge in that case
5:45 pm
in january. today a california judge is expected to file vandalism charges for another january incident. beiber and his entourage are accused of egging a neighbor's home. that egging resulted in an estimated $20,000 in damage. >> assess me place guest with her six year old daughter accused of having a blood alcohol content more than four times the legal limit. police say 36 year old laura bayonne could barely walk through the parking lot and eventually fell down. they say she initially told police she had not had anything to drink but after blowing a .339 she admitted to having some vodka. police arrested her because she say it would not have been safe for her to cross the street to get to the park. she is now charged with endangering the welfare of a child. a west virginia girl uses facebook to help save her father's life. the vans familiaring was sit owing and that their porch when lightning hit a nearby tree and pinned the father gregory beneath tree limbs. the area was without cell phone
5:46 pm
signals 10 year old brianna post add video on facebook asking for an ambulance. vans notice the situation could have been worse. >> if she would have been a little bit longer it would have hit her. the pain of burying one of my child i could not bear that. i can handle this. >> van social security expected to make a full recovery. brianna was glad to have her dad home for father's day. >> the 2014 special owe limb games are now underway in new jersey. and it is a dream come true for some 3500 athletes participating in this year's games. the excitement and the energy is truly contagious and fox 29's sharon crowley joining us live at the college of new jersey where athletes hit the basketball court today. hey, sharon. >> reporter: listening it has been such a great day, dawn. i have to tell you, the weather cooperated. the athletes have so much enthusiasm and behind me i don't know if you can see it but it looks like a reply calf the jersey shore because that's what
5:47 pm
it's intended to do. let the athletes and their family and friends below off a little steam after a long day of competition. special olympic athletes from delaware and california spent intense afternoon on the courts at the college of new jersey today locked in a fierce rival rivalry. guard heidi was the high scoring player in this game. >> how did the game go. >> really really good and exci exciting. >> reporter: heidi feeted in the special olympics for the past 18 years. >> what do you love about it? >> meet new friends and meet different people did from different states and country. >> reporter: basketball is a number of athletic competitions that go underway during the 2014 sew special olympic games in new jersey. they hit homeruns in baseball, scored goals in soccer and played tight matches on the tennis courts. these games, of course, are about much more than just the final score. these competitions give those
5:48 pm
with intellectual disabilities a chance to feel included. >> sean very extra veried after all of this and work wig all of these ladies she's just become a bigger person. her and all of them have grown so much together and just like it's great to watch. >> reporter: she helps coach the special olympics team that her sister is on. she says she has seen first hand how it has changed her sister's life. >> how did you play? >> eh, awesome. >> i think it's great. i mean it just joins the community together as whole and i know when people watch special olympics and they witness what it is they just want to be part of it. it's amazing. >> reporter: i couldn't put -- i couldn't have put it better myself. it certainly was amazing to see all of these athletes working so hard and you should know it's being held in new jersey the number of different athletes the -- venues the athletes are from all over the country. that is what i'm told makes it such a unique experience. i'll send it back if you in the
5:49 pm
studio. >> thanks so much sharon. we will be following all the action from the special olympic games. a link to our coverage is right under the home tab on >> time to check back in with scott williams now an check on that steamy forecast. scott. heating up outer there, ia iain. 87 degrees right now but thankfully the humidity is not that bad today. 32% right now. the sun will set this evening at 8:32. so actually beautiful conditions stepping outdoors. but eighths little warm. the high temperature today made it up to 88 degrees. that's above the normal this time of year of 83. but back in 1991, the century mark that was the record high for today's date. tomorrow it will be a different story as temperatures will be at or above in many locations. the exception will be down the shore. that sea breeze kicking in temperatures right now 79 degrees in atlantic city. as well as wildwood. we're looking at low 80s in wilmington. look at reading. 88 degrees. 86 right now in allentown.
5:50 pm
so temperatures will be heating up as we move over the next couple of days. it's 90 right now in raleigh. 90 in atlanta. 94 degrees currently in dallas and look at phoenix, 102 degrees. so that air mass is headed in our direction. thanks to high pressure to our south we get the clockwise winds around it. so winds more out of the south and west will pump up that moisture as well as humidity. ultimate doppler right now dry across our area. a few spotty showers and thunderstorms off to the west. even a lot of severe weather taking place through sections of the planes this afternoon and evening with tornadoes in nebraska, iowa and moving into southern sections of minnesota. that mess will stay out to the west. rolling the clock you can see those temperatures by 11:00 o'clock right around 70 degrees in philadelphia. there could be a spotty shower that enters the picture mainly to the west, and then as we move overnight, we're looking at temperatures by tuesday morning what about 74 degrees in the
5:51 pm
philadelphia area by 7:00 o'clock and watch what happens by tomorrow afternoon. 90 degrees by 3:00 in trenton as well as philadelphia and there could be a few pop-up showers and thunderstorms during the heat of the day when you combine that humidity across our area as well. so what to expect. we're looking at warm conditions tonight. that spotty shower west. summer preview tomorrow with 90-degree heat. there could even be a heat advisory by the middle of the week with feels like temperatures approaching 100 degrees. also, of concern, we have an air quality alert. along i-95 into south jersey all of delaware. mainly meaning that it's going to be unhealthy for sensitive groups if you suffer from asthma, upper respiratory disorders just keep that mind during the peak heating of the day tomorrow afternoon from two to 5:00 o'clock. 70 degrees the low temperature tonight in the city. tomorrow 91 degrees. hot and humid. there could be a pop up shower or storm. even hotter for wednesday.
5:52 pm
what about 93 degrees sizzling across the area. and then 87 for thursday. into friday, in the upcoming weekend a little cooler but look at the weekend. we're talking some shower chances so it doesn't look like this upcoming weekend is going to be as nice as the last several that we've seen. low humidity, sunshine, dry conditions. >> still time for that to change, right. right. >> tweak it. >> tweak it. >> when we felt good about the phillies they sweep the padres last week they lose two out of three to the miserable cubs much it's going to be a very interesting week for the phillies. three games against the braves starting that night. then four games in st. louis over the weekend. the phillies start tonight 6.5 games behind the braves and this could really be separation week. decisions whether to continue with this club and hope to hang in the race or whether it really is time to break up the band. ruben amaro, jr., hined as much over the weekend. >> there's not any teams out
5:53 pm
there without warts and i think you're right. i mean, these next several weeks are important to us because, um, we'll find out a lot more about where we stand. >> starting tonight in atlanta cole hamels will make the series debut and he pitched like an ace this month. look at these numbers. in three june starts era of just 0.40 over a strike out an inni inning. hull yo tehran pitches for atlanta. baseball world tonight is mourning the death of one of its greatest hitters. tony gwynn lost his battle with cancer this morning. he played 20 seasons with the san diego padres had over 3100 hits and won eight batting titles. mr. padres has he was known was only 54 years old. among his survivors his son tony gwynn, jr. of the phillies who was placed on baseball's bereavement list. >> tony gwynn, jr., tweeted i lost my dad, my best friend and my mentor. i'm going to miss you so much,
5:54 pm
pops. i'm going to do everything in my power to continue to make you proud. >> eagles begin three day mandatory camp tomorrow at the novacare complex and after thursday, they're free until training cam in that begins in late jute july. it's still different not seeing number 10, desean jackson. seeing wide receivers is important. eagles have added more bigger and more physical receivers this off season plus they get jeremy maclin back. at that spot in the eagles offense bigger really is better. >> when you have, you know, bigger receivers, um, you know, the bigger targets guys that can catch the ball and run with it, it just -- and you have more of those types of guys running around on the field, it's easy for the quarterback to pick one out. >> a little shot at desean. in caved you missed it last night the san antonio spurs wrapped up their fifth nba title since 1999. they beat the miami heat in five games. tim duncan, tony parker and
5:55 pm
which noblely the winnie yesterday trio in nba post season history but the spurs team isn't about numbers and super stars it's about playing the game the right way. their performance last night was simply symphonic. >> ♪ >> it is sweeter than any of the other. ♪ >> they're a classic and the best basketball team i've ever seen play. unbelievable the way they play as team. no real super stars. just five guys that do it the right way and they beat some fabulous three guys from another team. >> exactly.
5:56 pm
>> impressive. thanks tom. >> we have another half hour of news straight ahead at 6:00 a bare scare in south jersey with one spot close to where children play. the search to find that animal before anyone gets hurt. >> remember sarah murnaghan. she made national headlines while get a controversial rung
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> right now at 6:00-a murder suspect officially charged. the alleged victim, his own mother. how police found her body. ♪ >> plus --
6:00 pm
>> children always have to be on the alert. >> a warning to children and parents in a local neighborhood. someone may be trying to lure away children. the similar clues in two different incidents that have investigators on alert. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. >> and first at 6:00 breaking news in south philadelphia. all of it connected to the shooting of a 13 year old boy. skyfox is live over the 2,000 block of mountain street where two men are barricaded inside a home there. police say the men are armed. police also say they shot the 13 year old. that shooting taking place on the two thus sand block of hamburger street about a half a mile away. skyfox over that seen a short time ago. you can see police and ambulance there. police say the child was shot twice. once in the arm and once in the back side. he is in stable condition right now at chop. we have crew on the way and we will bring you the latest information as soon as we get


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