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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  June 28, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> tom: tonight's game on fox is and the all new 2015 fit. the new fit is a great fit for you. will little the second base umpire called tommy la stella for going out of the basepath as hernandez grabbed this one. you have three feet left or right once you establish the basepath. >> mark: i think three feet is being a little nice. you watched josh harrison last night, looked like he took ten feet from the pirates on either side and they called him safe.
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interesting, but i thought he was out. >> tom: jordan walden will take over in the eighth inning and will face marlon byrd. ryan howard, john mayberry. jason heyward stays in the game to play right field for the atlanta braves. >> mark: jordan walden, his windup if we could get that off slow motion, he actually relations the ball with both feet off the ground. it's like no one in the history of the game. >> tom: fly ball to right. heyward makes the call. one away. i think he gets thisser from he goes. it's almost as if he's pitching a softball. you know, softball players jump up when they release it. he goes over the top. they go underneath. >> mark: he's gaining so much ground. it's almost borderline illegal the ground he's gaining with his
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back foot. watch this. i mean, he#&euç never establish that back foot up against the rubber there. >> tom: ryan howard is the hitter. he's 0 for 2. it's 0-1. ray phillies one run on six hits. howard is second all time in home runs in phillies history to mike schmidt. schmidt leads the way with 548. up high. two balls and one strike.
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mike schmidt's retired number 20 is up on the wall here. next to him is jim bunning. richie ashburn is to the left of jim bunning. and then a couple of very good. iers on the other wall. representing the philadelphia phillys in cooperstown. >> mark: i'm just checking out ryan howard's career sticks. i said earlier before that injury, i mean, unbelievable stuff. 58 homers, 47 homers, 48 homers. 45 homers. >> tom: he rolls that one. and la stella throws hip out. two outs here in the eighth.
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tuesday, july 15th, baseball's best gather in minnesota as derek jeter takes to the field in his last all-star game in what promises to be an emotional and unforgettable night. special coverage begins at 4:30 eastern on fox sports 1, followed by the 2014 all-star game at 7:30 eastern here on fox. five world series titles, he's going to finish with more than 3400 hits. >> mark: what hasn't he done? take a look at that resume. in new york. >> tom: he's 40 years old. >> mark: trying to play shortstop in the big leagues every day. >> tom: i remember when he was drafted by the yankees and was in aa in albany colony in new york. played for the albany colony yankees. i met him the first time in trenton, new jersey. there was a pretty big media hype following him. and i had to tell him that the media wanted to come and talk to
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him. there was a representative from albany but no yankees representative at the time. he was phenomenal. even at that time. and man, did he look young. >> mark: i got a great jeter story but we've got two strikes. >> tom: swing and a miss. mayberry's retired, 1, 2, 3. retired in order. we'll go to the ninth. that mark derosa is going to get this yet. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] take home one of these char-broil gas grills for just $249 at lowe's.
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♪ hum-hum-hum-hu-hum-hu-hum-hum hum-hu-hum ♪ ♪ hu-hu-hu-hu-hu-hu-hum-hum ♪ hu-hu-hu-hu ♪ hu-hu-hum-hum ♪ mm-m-mm-m-mmm ♪ dah-da-dah-da-dah-da-dah-dah ♪ dah-dah-dah-da-dah-da-dah-dah da-da-dah ♪ [ pprrrrrrttttttttttttttt ] ♪ [ clap, clap ] >> tom: top of the ninth inning. and jordan schafer will lead things off for the braves. each team has left seven batters. the braves have hit well all day.
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game one, game two. schafer lines the first pitch down the left field line. it's out of play. it's 0-1. so everybody at home wants to know what do you know about derek jeter? >> mark: it's not as great as anticipated. no, in the wbc in '09, we got a chance to be around him. and i picked his brain just like i would every other teammate. i just basically said what makes you so great if the postseason? i want to know. what sets you apart. and he said i tell myself before every game that nothing's going to happen to me tonight out on this field that hasn't happened to me before. i've hit home runs. i've made errors. i've made great plays. i've struck out. i'm just going to go out and play and let everyone else be nervous. i'll come out on top. >> tom: that's pretty simplistic advice. >> mark: the great ones always tell you the most simplistic stuff.
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>> tom: two balls and one strike to schafer. did it help? >> mark: it helped for him. you see that resume? >> tom: that's true. >> mark: i got my share of knocks in the postseason for some reason. >> tom: schafer reached on an infield single his first time up. he lines that one to right field. marlon byrd on the run. that was a great read off the bat by marlon byrd. one away. >> mark: that's just a great jump by marlon byrd right there. a little slider that jordan schafer got out in front of. put good wood on ball. marlon byrd was right there to make the play. >> tom: one out.
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here's simmons, 0 for 4. fly ball center field. ben revere. he's under it. and there are two outs. it's time for the king plays an of the day. brought to you by burger king. tommy la stella has had himself a regood day. day/night doubleheader. game one, broke an 0 for 23 slump. >> mark: tommy la stella put the game out of reach against a good reliever in antonio bastardo. just lefty on left. same situation in game two against hollands. this time he drives the ball the other way into the gap. a couptriple, a double, five rb. way to re-establish yourself after your first -- we'll call it your first slump in the big leagues. >> tom: those are our burger king plays of the day. no balls and one strike to
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freddie freeman. inside. 1-1. >> mark: can we talk? i know we wore this out. you caught this guy's home run yesterday. >> tom: it was -- it was remarkable. >> mark: how does that happen? >> tom: i think it's just sheer luck. >> mark: how did you have your glove with you? >> tom: we were out televising the game yesterday out in the stands. it was a beautiful night. so matt stairs who is one of my partners doing the phillies games, he needed a glob to do something in the open. >> mark: okay. >> tom: so matt didn't use his glob the last few years of his career. he didn't have one. i just so happened to have one. that i brought with me. they asked if we would bring one out there. i thought all right, i'll bring it. so he was done with it. it was sitting in front of me when fredi came to the plate. ball four. >> mark: show it to me again.
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>> tom: that one smoked deep to center field. >> mark: oh! yea! >> tom: not good that he hit a home run but i was able to catch it. that was matt stairs saying tom, get it. tom, get it. >> mark: he hadn't had a glove on his hand in a long time like you said. he's screaming at you to get it. >> tom: justin upton is the batter. that glove by the way, i've had for about 30 years. you're going to keep a glob for 30 years. >> mark: it showed. >> tom: it needed a little extra care. a little tlc. >> mark: needed some oil in that thing. >> tom: yeah. upton two singles tonight. he has an rbi and' run scored. 2 for 4. swing and a miss. one ball and one strike.
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that's good location right there on that fastball from b.j. rosenberg. swing and a miss. he got him back to back sliders and the side is retired. no runs, no hits, one man left. last chance for the phillies when we come back.
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>> tom: bottom of the ninth inning here in philadelphia. the braves lead the phillies 5-1. the second game of this day/night doubleheader. turned out to be a beautiful night here in south philadelphia. game three of this four-game series. these two teams will wrap this series up tomorrow afternoon. gus schoesller who is the 26th man, he's the guy the braves added for this day/night doubleheader. it's his tenth appearance. a 4.91 e.r.a. in the big leagues. he'll face cody asche to start off. asche, hernandez and cameron rupp. asche takes a strike.
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0 o 0-2. tomorrow coverage starts at 1:00 p.m. eastern. >> mark: gus schlosser right here, full name in the media game, august c. schlosser. that's a tough name right there. >> tom: it is. 6'4", 225. fly ball to left. upton makes the catch. one away. a little different delivery. over the top. >> mark: i was just noticing that, as well. he's not a true submarine guy. kind of somewhere in between submarine and three-quarter. these guys always gave me fits. i think back everyone always
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asks who is the toughest pitchers you faced. those relievers, darren o'days of the world, those submarines, there was a guy chad bradford, nasty. i don't even know whatted you call him. >> tom: the body's upright but the arm's down. >> mark: steve see shack down in miami. nasty. >> tom: right now pat nishak from the cardinals is having a great year. >> mark: probably going to the all-star game maybe. >> tom: two balls and no strikes to hernandez. it's 2-1. >> mark: there's always a place in a big league bull pen for a guy who shows a team a different arm angle, deception. something to be said for that. >> tom: moments happen every night in baseball but in one night they all happened in one
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place. don't miss the 85th all-star game at 7:30 east eneern on fox. beautiful target field is the site this year. a great addition to downtown minneapolis. >> mark: it was the one park i hadn't played in until last year. >> tom: pretty tough to hit home runs in that ballpark. >> mark: it's a big yard. >> tom: three balls two strikes to hernandez. followed by cameron rupp here in the bottom of the ninth. off the end of the bat. that will slice out of play. >> mark: i don't think any of those guys in the home run derby
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at the all-star game will have any trouble making target field look very small. >> tom: giancarlo stanton has agreed to join the national league team. join troy tulowitzki's team. two of the five have been selected. >> mark: he's the only one i want to see. >> tom: ball four. hernandez draws a one-out walk. and cameron rupp will be the batter. chase utley is out of the on-deck circle to pinch-hit for the phillies. pitcher's spot is up after rupp. cameron rupp is 2 for 3. >> mark: he's had a nice night tonight. he's hit the ball hard.
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>> tom: got a chance to make his major league debut last year for the phillies. now with a concussion to carlos ruiz, he'll get some time this week. >> mark: and koyie hill will back him up. he was a teammate of mine in chicago. he's been around the block. he knows how to play the game. &sr'e. 0-2. to right center field. heyward on the run. back toward the track. makes the catch. and there are two outs. hernandez back to first. and chase utley will be the batter.
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chase utley hitting .296 this year. he comes into this at-bat with 1,499 base hits. so' bat for b.j. rosenberg. first pitch is over. it's 0-1. change up at 81 miles an hour. his fastball is about 9. 88, 9. hernandez goes. the pitch is inside.
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>> mark: i love watching chase utley hit. he's just so relaxed at the plate. he really makes it look like he's just walking through the park. he trusts his hands. he knows what he's about. if schlosser misses middle, he could put a charge in it. >> tom: that one's a line drive. picked on one hop by simmons. throws to first in time to get utley. the braves have swept this day/night doubleheader against the phillies as they've taken tonight's ball game, 5-1. so schlosser is able to finish it off. this is tom mccarthy wishing you a good evening from philadelphia where once again the braves, 5, the phillies, 1.%qñ coming up after this quick break, we'll take you to ryan field in our los angeles studios. so long, everyone.
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one in two men and one this three women in the u.s. will get some form of cancer. and in a year, it will claim over 8 million people worldwide. but for the first time, the possibility of stopping cancer is real. fox sports and major league baseball ask you to join our team. so that we can turn everyone diagnosed with cancer into a cancer survivor. stand up with us. stand up to cancer. >> welcome to the chevrolet "baseball night in america" post-game show in los angeles. ryan field alongside tom sweeney talking about the braves win over the phillys. atlanta sweeps the doubleheader. won game one 10-3. a big day for the braves offense. >> yeah, and they needed it. only 3.5 runs per game. that's 29th in all of baseball. and that's what was big today. i thought the offense definitely came out swinging the bats. you saw in the second inning, this is what has to happen.
10:28 pm
upton has to start powering the baseball, getting more hits because this is a guy that can carry an offense. you see the offense going the opposite way. that's a conscious effort of swinging the bats. then the home run power in philadelphia. that's what you need to have. also, tommy la stella, 2 for 3 today. outstanding day. they're getting production up and down the line-up. this offense is talented. >> braves all of a sudden won five out of six. they're keeping an eye on the nationals, washington playing a doubleheader at wrigley. game one, scoreless in the four. justin ruggiano, span, that route though. >> not a great route but great adjustment. when the eyes on the baseball and going into the ib have i. >> result is all that matters. nats win 3-0. in theio0pñ nightcap, after a 55-minute rain delay in wrigley, that's how they celebrate the rain delay. >> i love schwimers. >> wilson ramos the very first pitch back from the delay takes
10:29 pm
je samardzija. the braves with a half game lead as it stands right now, four games up on the marlins in the east in a race sure to go down to the wire. next saturday on fox "baseball night in america" features an a.l. east battle between the 0s and uld see the rangers take on the mets. next on fox, except on the west coast, it's your late local news followed by a double episode of animation domination. animation domination. have a good knight. -- captions by vitac --
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we are! fox sports!
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next: tragedy in brewerytown as a toddler is killed outside a rita's water ice. plus a plane goes down in some marsh but remarkably nobody is hurt. keep it right here.
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live from center city in philadelphia. this is "fox 29 news" at 10:00. we begin tonight with a tragic story in philadelphia's
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brewerytown neighborhood. a toddler killed in what police are calling an awful freak accident. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm joyce evans. now, investigators say security door fell at this rita's water ice, location, right here behind me, killing that little girl. fox 29's dave kinchen looking into how it happened. he's live in brewerytown tonight. dave, what have you learned? >> well, joyce, the department of licenses and inspections is investigating this case right now. there was a fundraiser going on for a fraternity and sorority when this tragedy happened, shaking up this whole neighborhood. >> i'm pretty sure the girl just died right in front of my face. >> heart break outside right a's water ice at 29th and girard in brewerytown, what crime scene investigators are working after a three year old girl was crushed by this detached security door. investigators calling it a freak accident. >> seeing her lifeless, can't
10:36 pm
imagine. >> shocked that this happened. >> police say the girl was attending a fraternity and sorority funds raiser with her mom around 4:30, when the game came loose without warning, screws littered the grounds. >> i was walking in the door when i heard the boom. i came out. all we could hear was yelling and screaming. she just looked lifeless. >> witnesses say 20, 30 people returned in to lift the gate and give the girl cpr. >> all around on each side, just trying to hold it up over, you know, but i guess -- i think once it hit her, it was too late. but to pick it up. >> the girl was taken to hahnemann university hospital where she was pronounced dead. police and licenses and inspections went to work searching for a cause. witnesses say they'll never forget this day. >> going to be something that is going to, you know, haunt me for a long time. >> members of the owe mega sci-fi fraternity anal if a kapa alpha sorority have been
10:37 pm
hosting fundraisers here for at least five years, according to neighbors, and we tried to track with some of them, they were just too emotional, now we also understanded that l & i says there are no open complaints or violations relating to the gate. we actually did some digging and saw that ourselves. meantime, the victims' name has not been released. joyce? >> thank you, dave, terrible story there. well, planes claimed the lives of great grandmother and great grandson. happened after midnight along the 1500 block of sixth street in north philadelphia. sixty-nine year old glendolin co-field died along with her five year old great grandson tj. both perished in that fire there. relatives coping with the loss. >> the mother of that house over there, the mother, really of the neighborhood. she would do anything for you, any time. >> now, authorities say the home did have working smoke
10:38 pm
detectors. the cause of the fire is under investigation. a small plane goes down in the south jersey state park, but amazingly, those on board barely even suffered a scratch. the emergency landing happened just before 11:00 this morning, at fort moth state park in pennsville. drew dickman explains what happened. >> helicopters from delaware and new jersey state police, as well as us coast guard ships, swapped the banks of the delaware river looking for two men and their single engine aircraft. they found the plane in fort-mott state park. >> awed any marsh area, not water, it is 6-foot, 4-foot of mud. >> lieutenant says the aircraft ended up thereafter it lost power for an unknown reason. >> i mean, sounded like it was coasting, it sounded kind of like an air conditioner unit. it was odd. >> matthew and laura were hike whg they saw the plane 50 feet above their heads.
10:39 pm
>> we were waiving, because we didn't know it was going down, we're waiving oh, hi, and we felt foolish. thank god they're okay. >> investigators say the plane slid across the marsh before coming to a stop. other than being up to their chest in mud, the two men barely suffered a scratch. >> i consider them very lucky, that they even walked away from it. >> the pilot and his passenger of the downed plane shielded their faces as they entered the pennsville police station to answer questions from the faa. >> lucky to be alive. >> police say two men in late 70s from west chester were playing to millville. now removing the plane could take several weeks. meantime says they're work to go prevent 50 gallons of fuel from leaking into the state park and the river. >> so we have to find an emergency cut off switch. at that point, once we do, that we'll have to find some way to get the seal off the airplane. >> police say the insurance company of the plane's owner is now involved. meaning that could slow down the process of removing the aircraft t could also present complications for them dealing
10:40 pm
with the fuel problem. reporting in the news room, drew dickman, "fox 29 news". skyfox over deadly shooting in philadelphia's frankford section, this happened just after 3:00 this afternoon, the 4200 block of penn street. twenty-five year old man died at the scene, police have not yet made any arrests. in philadelphia police are looking for two suspects who made off with $400 in ten packs of cigarettes in a grocery store robbery. it happened about a week ago, at the food land market on the 5500 block of rising sun. that's in lawncrest. this is the surveillance video here, now according to the cashier, the pair came into the store, one of them pointed his gun right through the plexiglass window there, the other jumped over the counter. they ordered the workers to hand over the cash and the cigarettes. then they both took off on foot. a developing story tonight out of washington, d.c., a key figure in those deadly benghazi attacks. makes his first appearance in
10:41 pm
court. the libyan millitant pleaded not guilty before a judge this afternoon, fox's jennifer griffin has more now on what happened. >> a senior defense official says katala flown by helicopter from the uss new york at dawn, then brought by lands to the u.s. district courthouse in washington, d.c. where he appeared in front of a federal judge. katala accused of being involved in the benghazi attacks that led to the deaths of four americans including us ambassador chris stevens. >> he was a, we believe, and gathered the evidence to support the notion that he was a key figure in the benghazi attacks. and based on that evidence, and that information, and a painstaking process of gathering not just the evidence but the intelligence necessary to get him, we got him. and now he's off the streets. >> in court saturday, a single
10:42 pm
count was red from the indictment, a charge of providing material support to terrorists, katala pleaded not guilty. government official says there will likely be superseding indictment at a later time including additional counts. he has denied involved in the attacks, saying he was just trying to organize a rescue of trapped people, but insist it is an important arrest. >> he matters. we believe we have a strong case. >> authorities say they're still investigating and seeking more information that could lead to the capture of an additional co-conspirators in the benghazi attacks. in washington, jennifer griffin, fox news. happening now, in new jersey, still no sign of the woman wanted for the brutal beating of another woman and it is all caught on tape. twenty-five year old tia harris still has not turned herself in to face charges of aggravated assault and terroristic threats. bail has already been set at $35,000. police say she is the woman
10:43 pm
you see here in this video attacking another woman, tan happened while the victim's two year old son watched in horror. then the attacker allegedly threatened to hurt the boy too. the victim is recovering at home tonight. her son was not hurt. pen national gaming gives up its bid to build a $480 million casino in south philadelphia. that leaves only four applicants in the running for the city's second casino license. pen national ceo says that favor being voice for casino to be located downtown contributed to the company's decision to withdraw its application. he also cited the region's saturated gambling market. meantime, it is business as usual this weekend at show booth casino in atlantic sit, resort announced yesterday it is closing at the ends of august. >> it will be the second casino in ac to close this year, the atlantic club close in the january taken
10:44 pm
down by bankruptcy. and just last week revel said if a buyer doesn't step forward soon, it, too, will be forced to close in august. >> drawing attention to the closings of community parishes in philadelphia. their journey started at 6:30 this morning, in mt. airy, it ended at 19th and spring garden. they wrapped up at the basilica just before mass. the group hopes archbishop charles chaput will meet with them about how the parish closings are affected them. >> if you notice your wallet is a little lighter it might be because you're shelling out more for gas. >> summer gas prices are the highest they've been in six years unleaded rose to 3.68, the highest since july 2008, when it topped $4 a gallon, officials say, the instability in iraq is impacting prices,
10:45 pm
but most of that country's oil production is in the south, in that area, has not been affected by the conflict. not exactly the can conned meant you would expect to get with your fries, instead of some catsup, one woman finds some pot in her bag. why she is so upset about it, plus, pope franciscans else another appearance watch some people think may be behind the schedule changes. dominica? >> reporter: hot temperatures today, 87 degrees, our high at the airport, temperatures, though, are going to be soaring into the 90's, with heat and storms lingering out to the west. we'll have a look at the holida
10:46 pm
10:47 pm
roaring flames here ripping right through a california mobile home. it is actually a controlled burn. set by an authorities. worried about some bomb making materials that were found inside the mobile home, now, man who lived there was arrested on suspicion of drugs earlier in the week. officials say bern the home was the quickest and safest way to dispose of the materials, and protect the community. nets to prevent suicide jumps from san francisco golden gate bridge have been approved. it has taken decades for officials to agree on a plan to install the steel cable nets that would catch somebody falling from the bridge. supporters of the project say 46 people have died by jumping from the golden gate, just last year. it is expected to cost around $76 million, and it will take at least three years to
10:48 pm
install. a skating report delivered to president obama, says the va healthcare system needs to be overhauled immediately. this after a scandal broke out, involving slow responses to the medical needs after lot of veterans. fox's elizabeth pran in washington with the latest. >> the white house says the department of veterans affairs needs to be restructured. president obama receiving the report friday afternoon, from selected top deputy rob neighbors and acting va secretary sloan gibson. the two setting a quote corrosive culture, that can only be fixed by almost overhauling the entire system, the report suggested the required 14 day appointment guarantee is arbitrary, and it may have been a motivator for secret list and ann prepare re at behavior. it also said the scheduling system is dated in cumbersome, needs to be updated. report also charging the va is slow to adapt to changing demographics among veterans, including female patients, young veterans. while report was met with mixed reaction frost congress,
10:49 pm
law makers in both chambers this week say they're ready to work with the administration, for comprehensive change. >> i really, truly believe this, bottom of my heart, that throwing more money at a system that's behaving like this would be the wrong thing to do. i think we have to change this system, the way it is currently working, or we're going to just make the problem worse. >> if you don't fix the real problem, you will be back here again, and the commitment to our veterans will be wasted, and the most important thing, we have ways add opportunity to actually make a difference in their lives. >> lawmakers work to go hammer out differences between the house and sent at versions, but, remember, the house and senator both off next week. in washington, elizabeth pran, fox news. pope franciscans else the planned trip to a hospital in rome and it is not the first appearance he's broken. now, many are asking questions about his health. he was supposed to visit the hospital yesterday. the 77 year old was going to celebrate mass, but in the
10:50 pm
statement, the vatican said, it was, quote, an unexpected indies position. earlier this month he skipped two days of audiences because of a stomach bug. >> course nobody thinks that pope francis is very ill. we know only that from time to time he has bronchitis, and that he has sciatica. >> the pope has a major mass plan for saint peters square tomorrow, he also has a trip to south korea in august. >> now, to the ongoing crisis in iraq, after seeing the local government losing so much control, the iraqi military is now fighting back sending out helicopter, gunships and more. the very latest now. >> very critical one, gives iraqi force as chance to stop
10:51 pm
militants from getting any closer to baghdad. >> now, iraqi military officials say helicopter gunships are hoping in on and attacking the sunni-led militants with helping from special forces, ground troops. air strikes had helped the iraqi military stop isis from taking control of the oil refinery just north of tee keith. tee keith has been among the bloodiest battlefront so far. it is where the al quaida inspired insurgents reportedly executed 160 people two weeks ago. at this point, however, iraqi officials are reporting the military has regained control of the city. now, at this kit's location is critical one if the fight, sits in the middle of mose you will and baghdad, mosul remains under ice ice control. so the fight for tikrit has military significance but also historic significance, as well, it was saddam hussein's hometown and also it is very close to where us military
10:52 pm
forces captured him in 2003. in injury all almost, john huddy, fox news. a factory in israel is engulfed in flames. look at that, after being hit by rockets from gaza. one person was hurt. now, tension in the region has been even hire for the past three weeks, after three israeli teenagers disappeared. , last seen hitchhiking near a settlement in the west bank. the national weather service confirms a tornado touched down in the village of coalfax wisconsin. downed trees, debris, left scattered everywhere, the storm also caused damage to the roofs of the middle school and elementary schools. so far there have not been any reports of injuries. now, checking in with the weather in our area. here's meteorologist, dominica davis. hi, dominica. >> reporter: hi, joyce. nothing like that around here this weekend. we are looking at dry skies. we did have a little bit of cloud cover around today. probably noticed those clouds
10:53 pm
coming in and out. they've been do you have leave thus evening. and that has been really keeping temperatures on the warm side. so we haven't seen much movement. and i don't think we'll see much movement in these temperatures until tomorrow morning. so here's a look right now. we have really up through nazareth, 76 degrees, allentown, 71, pretty uniform temperatures, across the board here. in philadelphia, we're still holding at 74. it is a very warm evening. few 60s, as we get closer to the coast. now, temperatures, because of this cloud cover, being stubborn, won't move that much. a look at your wake up forecast, 7:00 a.m., 68 in the city. sixty-seven in the suburbs, we are on our way to another dry day tomorrow. with temperatures in the 80s, once again, but the 90s, and the humidity, make a come back. we'll have a look at the complete forecast in a bit. >> well, stepping right into the movies. film makers want you to see, smell, and actually experience their art. we'll introduce you to 4b
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movies. but first, new advances in heart health. doctors say, they may be able to re-build the muscle. hear about this amazing break
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it was a perfect day for taking care of our streets. the clean block caravan paid visits throughout philadelphia, to several neighborhoods, fox 29 cameras caught up with residents on
10:57 pm
the 4800 block, representatives from the water and streets department donated items for those taking part in beautifying their communities. well taking a look at your health tonight, and the air we breathe. new nasa images show major improvements in the air outdoors. now, scientists say change can be seen in air quality in major cities across the country including los angeles and new york city. they say nitro gin dioxide place critical role in pollution, but nasa representatives say those levels are declining every year. the bottom line is we're getting bert. we've got a ways to go. and what you're seeing right now is where you can find more information on how planet effort is doing. >> the scientists also credit the clean air act, and pollution reducing technology,
10:58 pm
for significant improvements in our air quality. but they say more than 120 million people still live in the areas around the us, that have unhealthy levels of air pollution. well, stints, pacemakers, are lifesavers, now there is something new out there. and promising to make life better for heart patients. fox's doctor gillette shows us how cardiologists are training the organ to heal itself. >> this is a delivery promising to improve the lives of cardiac patients. doctors are depositing special genes deep inside the heart. >> the genes are only acting as it was explained like a vacuum cheaper to attract your own natural stem cells to the dead muscles that they're trying to rejuvenate. >> pete those will help for him, recovered from a massive heart attack. >> i'll never forget t it was a sunday night. i don't think they thought i would make it.
10:59 pm
>> he's stable now, bus his heart still weak. he is hoping this clinical trial here at florida hospital tampa will make it stronger. >> injecting the gene they are my this vein. >> right into that vein. >> doctor charles lambert is medical director at the pep inch heart center. he said the gene implant acts as biological blueprint, beacon of sorts. >> which helps stem cells circulating in your own bloodstream to hone into that area where the molecule has been delivered. and transform themselves into other types of cells. >> and those healing stem cells don't come from a donor. they're already in our body, floating in our bloodstream, the hope they'll grow new blood vessels and muscle, helping the heart pump more effectively. >> their hearts are shrinking. >> restoring hope after better healthier life for patients, like pete. >> as long as i am kicking i'll keep doing everything i can to stick around as long as i can. >> i'm doctor joete, fox news. that is amazing, so is
11:00 pm
this new survey, finding men are dying from skin cancer, twice as often as women. and doctors say it is because men are less willing to get screened. according to the american academy of dermatology, women are more likely to have skin exams, especially, when they notice something abnormal. doctors say many skin cancers are curable if they're caught early enough. a woman orders fries at a fast-food joint. but her bag comes with a unwanted bonus. marijuana with her male. what she said she was bothered about most about this mistake. and 100 years ago today a single event sparked world war i. we take a look back at the moment that changed history forever.


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