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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  September 10, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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finally unveiling his plan to deal with the terrorist known as islamic state. or isis, orisil. what we can expect our troops to do in iraq and syria possibly. will they be deployed? we'll finds out tonight what his plan s and the rumors were true. apple shows off their new gadgets. what do you think of the iphone six and the iphone six plus? >> will that phone and watch make the on so lil -- on see loath, will you get one in a couple of weeks? hey, guys, i thought would you walk in. >> i know, they changed t we're a work in progress, new studio, you know, evolving. >> i think wants to get out of
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here. >> any excuse. you know what? we have a nine, number nine, number nine today. sunshine, returns, we have seasonable temperatures, today, we do have lingering clouds from yesterday. temperatures in the 70s, there is bus stop buddy with his phillies cap on. it is a beautiful morning, temperatures in the 50's, the 60s, pretty comfortable out there. >> 68 degrees, north-northeast wind, relative humidity at 70 press, early clouds, the sunshine will return this afternoon, and seasonable high of 80 degrees, looks fabulous, tonight, clouds increase, muggy with southerly wind, and the fog will form. probably after midnight. there is your foxcast from the weather authority cat lynn is the traffic authority today.
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>> working in unicent, new jersey turnpike where we start off. reports just past 195. overturned dump truck, has left lane block again new jersey turnpike, right past 195. so you can expect some delays, and use caution in that area. also, we've been following this accident, on 422 eastbound, it is the onramp from royersford. still an accident there on the scene. we are starting to see some backups form as a result. so careful of delays, 422 eastbound. finally in powelton village, 34th street at powelton avenue. an accident, it is causing a loft delays, so careful in all of those spots. >> nfl commissioner roger goodel feeling the heat over now banned football star ray rice's original two game suspension in light of this newly-released video. >> answering questions. some questioning whether the nfl new the video existed in the first place, and in a exclusive interview with cbs this morning, roger goodel responded.
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>> be clear, did you noah tape exist in the. >> be clear, we didn't know what occurred in the video in the elevator. we asked for whatever was ferment. we were never grant that opportunity. >> well, goodel goes on to say that he takes responsibility for not getting it right when he initially suspended ray rice for just two games. the incident happened in a elevator as you know over at the revel casino in atlantic city, back in february, race rice charged with felony, aggravated assault in the case after the police and the prosecutor there look at that tape in the elevator. but he was accepted pre-trial intervention program which allowed him to avoid any jail time. and woe have played starting friday on the practice field, because the ravens play tomorrow night. so, ray rice, issued a statement to espn saying, quote unquote, i have to be strong for my wife, janaa; so
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strong, we are if good spirits. but many people are sounding off in this ray rice controversy, including former philadelphia eagles quarterback donovan mcnabb. telling fox sports that commissioner roger goodel should step down. >> i would say not only did he drop the ball, but the baltimore ravens dropped the ball in this situation, as well, because you didn't do anything as an organization as a team to suspend him further after you heard what happened. it shouldn't be -- you shouldn't have to wait for the videotape out there for you all the sudden tone say you know what we need release him. personally to be honest that's the next step for roger goodel. >> wow. >> he will step away. >> everyone is fired up about. >> this so at 7:30, talk about what went wrong with the investigation from the ravens, to the nfl, and even the prosecutors, we'll also have harvey leaf principal "tmz" joining us just after 9:00 a.m. wow, that will be interesting. >> yes it, will. days after police in newark, delaware, say some kids beat a mentally challenged man, they
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are now looking for two other teens in a similar attack. now there is time a boy scout in a wheelchair was the target. >> and he is speaking out about his bullies. steve keeley of course jumped thon story. waist going on in delaware, steve? >> reporter: well, here is a phrase you likely never have heard before. bully is too casino of a word to describe these kids. that's what new castle county police here at headquarters are saying this morning. and they mean that bullies, calling these kids monsters. for the second time this week, police down here in delaware dealing with little kids attacking handicapped people. this second case there is helpless boy, who can't fight back, even run away, because he is in this wheelchair, see laquan mackee on the left, his father on the right, his father thinks laquan has white parents, la quan is black, this is kids may be racist, as well, maybe that's why they are attacking his son. still two other kids punching
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him in the head, shoving him in his wheelchair into a sewer great, couldn't even mover his wheelchair, then pull the lanyard key chain around his neck to yank his head back, yank off his front door key. so the police say they are is far beyond typical kid bullying. now a couple of serious crimes, assault and robbery. >> i didn't know -- i think they're complete sickos, to do this to anybody, and they keep just going around hurting people because that's not going to help you, but you got to just lock alone, and just get help, and try not to hurt people. >> the kids could just be plane evil, which i hope that's not, i have worked with kids much of my life. and i don't finds that many evil kids. my wife and i met as camp
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counselors. and they could have mental illness, in which case they need the appropriate treatmentment and i just want them to be found, and whatever appropriate to happen to them, i want that to happen to them. >> after they're arrested, police still looking for them, both short in stature, just about 4-foot 8 inches tall, also short on intelligence and kindness, one of the kids has some distinctive birthmark on his hand, and that should give him a way in the buchanon circle neighborhood near laquan's house. since the kids are probably only 12 years old, not like they are from far away. probably just doors away. police call this a real serious case here, have beaten them up before. they continue to do. >> this this is why this is the last straw this time. la quan already enough in life
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to deal with with this cerebral palsy. people commenting saying it is bringing them to tears watching this story, but the word you are seeing a lot in the comments, heart break. also hearing that word here at police headquarters, too, they deal with serious criminals, crimes, never kids on kids, and with handicap kid like. >> this now the second time this week with similar case like this. >> my gosh it, does bring to you tears. where are the parents of these bullies? it makes you sick. thank you, steve. happening today, closing arguments in the trial for the woman accused of kidnapping and sexually as ought ago five year old girl in philadelphia. prosecutors say, 21 year old christina's disguised herself in muslim clothing and took the girl from bryant elementary in january of 2013. she is the only person charged in the case. a court hearing is scheduled today foreman accused of killing two women in their northeast philadelphia home. police say james meers killed ruby thomas and house mate, dolly evans, nearly three weeks ago, as part of a robbery scheme. >> how about this? career fair is being held
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today in a couple of hours here about three hours for atlantic city laid off casino workers, in about 8,000 of them, more than 40 employers will be at the atlantic city convention center for hundreds of job opportunities, hopefully. the event hosted by the new jersey labor department is open to all job seekers, than is the time period here, from 10:00 o'clock this morning, until 4:00 this afternoon, at the convention center, so get over there. all right, if you have recently received a phonecall from montgomery county, sheriff's department demanding money, likely it is a scam. >> oh, ya. so explain this scam, lauren, she in norristown right now, high! >> hey, what's up, mike, alex? listen, there is an investigation underway this morning, trying to track down these scammers, because detectives think there may be more victims out there. they want them to come forward because they say that phony phone scam seems so real. take a listen. >> you have reached the montgomery county warrants and records office. located allentown two ears airy street f this is an emergency, please hang up now and dial 911.
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>> so shear is what happens. bad guys pretending to be montgomery county sheriff disputes its, threatening people with arrest it is they don't pay up on out standing warrants. they say they encourage potential victims to buy green dot money pack prepaid cards, load it up with cash. in the amounts range anywhere between $31,500. then the person calls the scammers back, gives them the card numbers, thinking they have cleared the debt. now the cash is gone in no time. could be adder is also so advanced, the phone numbers match the warrant division, and even using titles, ranks, call back numbers that seem all too legitimate. >> not only is there a monetary lost, but there is a cents loss of confidence in the police department in general and the sheriff department in particular. people will now behest at any time for legitimate law enforcement purposes when we need to call someone, they're going to think it is a scam, or at less hesitate.
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so, it breathes a loss of confidence, and that's concern to me. >> so the sheriff wants everyone to know his office never handles any money. you only hear from them once a warrant has already been issued, not with threats of one coming. so if you think you have been affected pipe there is if you have heard this phonecall, or know someone who has, you are asked to simply call your local police department. alex, mike? >> careful out there, folks. thank you, it is 11 past seven now. president obama preparing to address the nation tonight. outlining his strategy to combat isil isis, islamic states, whatever you want to call us. >> we are expecting big steve tonight when it comes to our security, right, doug? >> reporter: yes, big speech, pretty short address, although it will be happening in prime time, which really raises expectations for what the president is going to say. >> it is the setting and the time of address like this, 9:00 p.m. eastern tonight, already raising he can pecks takes cents of what the president will announce.
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>> my fellow americans -- >> he is expected to say that essex banding the military campaign against the terror group isis. perhaps increasing air strikes in iraq, and expanding them to syria. >> the president will layout what he clearly sees as american interests, in this situation, and he'll talk about the risks that the united states faces, and he'll talk about the strait edge that i he has cents put together to confront those risks. >> but he is not expected to seek congressional approval to do that. the president did meet with congressional leaders yesterday, while the white house made it clear that support from congress would be helpful, the administration doesn't think it is necessary. still, many in congress sissies as a threat, that must be addressed. >> i think that we need to be going after the terrorist threat, where ever it is. and anyone who thinks this is just an iraq-syria issue is not paying much attention to
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what's happening around the world. >> not calling for come bass forces around the world, instead, us will likely expand support for the iraqi army and curds i shall forces in iraq. but in sewer crashes the president may seek congressional approval to arm and train syrian rebels to carry the fight to isis strong holds backed by us air power. the president will no doubt face push back from some who will still argue that he does need congressional authority to expand this campaign against isis, but, the administration disagrees with that, saying, they are acting on behalf of us interests here, and that the president has pretty wide authority. back to you guys. >> it is ironic, it will be tonight, the night before the anniversary of 9/11, you know, when we -- when al quaida struck us. now they say that isis, and isil is more dangerous than al quaida. thank you, doug, we'll check with you tomorrow after we hear the speech. i was just wondering from our viewers; tomorrow going to be
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different for you? when this is 13 years later? >> i would like to think so. >> because of all of the chat their we've heard, and all of the threats against the united states? i don't know. why don't you get on twitter and facebook, let us know, don't want to get too serious on our show, but do you feel different about this particular anniversary tomorrow? are you a little bittner just? okay. >> all right, well, all eyes were on apple yesterday. but u2 also had big announcement at the unveiling of the company's newest products. >> oh. >> more than half p.m. itunes got the song of innocence cd at no cost yesterday. but if you don't have itunes, you can get the cd, the
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traditional way, next month. what is the traditional way? it is not going to a music store, is it? >> i think so, i think it is. >> really? i wouldn't know where to find a music store s there still one on broad street? fye, still there? >> no idea. >> the they closed the one in my mall. the dis embodied voice inside me says. >> let's get a look at the new apple devices everybody seems to be talking about here. interesting aspects. >> we finally know about the iphone six. it will be available later this month, in two sizes, both phones have new horizontal viewing mode, and are thinner than the current iphone. apple also announced an update to its mobile operating system, which will be called, this is creative, ios8. and the new phones will include a new apple payment system which can be used to make purchases at stores. now, apple also launched the apple watch. everyone is talking about this, more so than the actual phones, goes on store early in
7:16 am
next year, has health and fitness tracking with apple communications, most personal device they've ever created. >> tell you what, the other companies have made these watches. >> yes? they're playing catch up but trying to beat everybody, too. >> i think well i heard the reason people aren't buying them is because they're not stylish at all. soy this apple, the one they announced yesterday, seems to have little more style to it. >> i think we can always trust apple to be stylish. >> true. you would never -- you're stylish. >> well, thank you. >> you would never wear one of these nerd i geeky watches? >> my parents have them actually. >> yes. >> they're lovely people. >> yes, they are. >> have they left noun. >> yes, but problem watching. >> high. here's sue. >> traditional watch. look it, has hands on it and everything. >> time for the weather at our large look at our area. and we don't have any rain to show you. that's a good thing, our storm
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finally moved off shore, there it is, it is gone, moved up towards the northeast, soaked the carolinas, even virginia for couple of days, next storm is out to our west, and this is it. we're watching a lot of rain in chicago, thunderstorms popping up all the way down through st. louis. this is cold front. air behind it is cooler, we'll have a chance to get warmer and more humid ahead of the front over the next day or so, not until late in the day tomorrow that we expect the thunderstorms. so walking out the door right now, temperatures range from 61 degrees in bethlehem, to 64 in allentown, 57 in mount pocono. pretty comfortable there. 67 degrees in bensalem. here in philly, at 68. and 62 degrees in limerick. down at the jersey shore, 62 degrees atlantic city and 67 in cape may. bridgeton, mid 60s, as well. comfortable morning everywhere this morning. and for the phillies game tonight, this is the rubber match. they won last night, they lost on monday night. so hopefully will win this one
7:18 am
with the pirates. seven p 3 degrees when the game begins 7:00 # five. some clouds will still be around it. will be a cool and comfortable night at the ballpark. taking a look at our seven day forecast, today, seasonable high temperature, 80 degrees, 88 tomorrow. and then 79 on friday. less humidity. so after those thunderstorms it, will feel great on friday, weak storm system saturday bridges us shower, by sunday, it is gorgeous, sunny, nice, in the mid 70s, and we'll have a ten for sunday. monday as well. then some more thunderstorms possible on tuesday. so there is your seven day forecast from the weather authority. time to check the roads. now that we're in the thick of rush hour. >> thank you, sue. all right, start off upper merion, valley forge park road at huntington road. accident that just came in there. so take some caution in that spot. also the new jersey turnpike, just past 195. we told this about 15 minutes ago, overturned dump truck, has the left lane blocked. can you not access it, so do you have take the right or center. obviously that's going to cause stack ups, in the middle
7:19 am
of the rush right now, again that's on the new jersey turnpike, right past 195. let's get a check on the travel times. just about to head out this morning, 95 southbound, woodhaven to the vine, looking at 36 minutes there. so really heavy on 95 as it usually does at this time. on the schuylkill westbound the vine to the blue route, currently travel time of 28 minutes, and seeing delays just about everywhere due to volume. >> caitlin, nice job. 7:19 this wednesday. chris christie, the governor, announce that sports betting is coming to the garden state. but it seems the taj can't hold out. the casino filed for bankruptcy, the very next day. is this what atlantic city needs? where do we go from here? we'll talk about it, we are going to lose another casino? >> and we've been talking about this all week. the red band society, coming to fox next week, unfortunately, this is a reality for many children. and today we will talk to a woman who is making life brighter for these kids, through her foundation, kacie
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cares. we build spiralmate. and prorail. we're number one in north america. here at ductmate industries, pennsylvania workers are proud to make top-rated parts for ventilation systems.
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>> i have seen that shot maybe 6,000 times. >> beautiful today, too. >> look at the sun. peaking out. little sun showing. this will be great. >> it will be. >> so another major blow to atlantic sit. >> i what is going on here now the taj mahal casino files for bankruptcy. well, trump entertainment resorts filed chapter 11 bankruptcy, that was yesterday, and in wilmington, delaware, atlantic city trump plaza hotel and casino, already slated to close next week. concern turns now to the trump taj mahal. and it is 1200 unionized workers, governor chris kiss
7:24 am
at this addressed legal move while at camden school yesterday. >> no information surrounding the trump, using bankruptcy code to reorganize. >> is that what they are doing? because we saw a report in the wall street journal that says the taj mahal will close its doors in november. if it cannot get concessions from its union. if the taj closes, it would be the fifth lost for the resort town this year alone, comes a mid hands full of casino closures this year, as i said, we already had four. >> and next week, the trump plaza casino will shut down. marking the fourth closure in 2014. fox 29 steve joins us to talk about what's this mean for atlantic city? >> you can't blame the casino workers for saying that the governor has zero credibility, when it comes to him saying anything about the casino business down there.
7:25 am
because he's been wrong, about everything he said. including with he said the revel was going to kick start whole new life in atlantic city tan did the opposite. so now they are falling like dominoes. if you notice, if you know atlantic city from the north ends down, it was revel falling into the showboat now into the taj mahal. so that ends now looking like a blighted block, abandoned buildings, is that going to hurt the whole city because the people on the other side of the casinos can't even see the ocean from there. as veteran of reporting in atlantic city, this is the fourth time that trump entertainment has filed for bankruptcy. and they have stayed open through the previous three. so ever since that day michael jackson was on the boardwalk with donald trump, opening that place, they have now had four bankrupcies and they survived them all. bob mcdevitt the head of the union says this is likely some bean counter trying to use the problems that atlantic city has right now and the casinos close to go threaten the
7:26 am
employees and get them real scared because they've seen all of the other thousands lose their jobs into giving back their health plan, and their pension plan, mcdevitt said even if they did that, took minimum wage it, would only save this company $11 million, and that's not enough to keep making the loan payments. alex, mike? >> all right, steve, we'll keep checking with you over the next couple of days on that story. 7:26 this wednesday, let's get back to the story everybody is talking about, nfl commissioner admits he did not get it right in the case against ray rice. well, did he not get it right again? after that tape came out? did he know about this now infamous video inside the elevator. we'll talk about the legal aspects of this case, and if atlantic county prosecutors' office should be held more accountable for their investigation. >> and it is almost fall. that means you will soon see pumpkin spice everything. now or yost are getting in on the mix, do you think it is a good idea? if you think that's weird, though, just wait until you see some of the other foods we found.
7:27 am
>> pumpkin spice oreo? i think i want it. >> do you?
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>> good morning, sue, are we going to see a lot of sun today? >> much more than we saw yesterday, alex. it is starting to make appearance. there are lingering clouds from the southern storm we had
7:30 am
truck us the past couple of day, butts stop buddy ready for mostly sunny day to. specially at the bus stop. temperatures in the 60s right now, i think we will give his little noggin a pair of sunglasses because you'll need them eventually. so we have nine out of ten today. seasonable temperatures coming, sunshine returns, just lingering clouds this morning, but the rest of the day looks pretty nice. 68 degrees, with east-northeast win at 8 miles an hour, relative humidity at 70%, so really not bad. dew points low this morning, early clouds, then the sunshine returns, and then we switch to southerly win tonight. that's when the humidity comes back. so we under up with muggy night, fog forming after midnight. there is your weather authority foxcast for wednesday. seven day forecast, has few changes in it also includes the weekend in looking forward to t couple every accidents this morning, lot of construction, going start off with a live look at 95
7:31 am
southbound, this will be at girard avenue. where we're seeing normal volume pick up. some construction earlier, most cleared. but no matter what you are seeing a ton of delays on 95 few to volume. overturned vehicle, avoid this area, and you can take the alternate either falling road or 422, finally, route one northbound approaching ninth street. we have reports of vehicle, on the right shoulder. >> caitlin, 7:31,. >> commissioner roger gidel respond to the follow up from newly reviews dollars video showing ray rice punching then fiancee in the elevator. >> oh, boy, well, some questioning now whether the nfl new the video existed, and despite the outrage in a exclusive vine you, roger goodel says rice may still have a future in the nfl.
7:32 am
>> we had not seen any videotape what occurred in the elevator. we assumed there was a video. we asked for video. we asked anything that was pertinent. we were never grant that opportunity. >> race rice issued a statement, quote unquote, i have to be strong for my wife, janaa is so strong, we are in good spirits. >> let's bring in legal analyst, ken rotweiler, very fired up about this. good to see you. you and have i been talk this for about 48 hours now. >> absolutely. >> first start with the commissioner. >> right. well, you know, it is absolutely discusting what ray rice d everybody agrees with, that more discusting what the nfl and roger goodel is doing, basically trying to whitewash this whole thing and protect football. they should be trying to protect women. nobody here is standing up for women. this is not a football issue. this is a moral issue. this is an issue where somebody punched out a woman and could have killed her. you saw the videotape the way she hit that rail. she have been killed during that episode.
7:33 am
and what they are trying to do now is protect football. roger goodel should step down. the players association, and owners, should demand that roger goodel be replaced. he now is putting policy mike think about this it is ridiculous, you know what he has said to all of the players? if you punch your wife we're going to suspends you for six days. that's ridiculous policy. they ought to be -- >> ashamed. >> they should drum that person out of football. should be zero policy football. if you hit a woman, you're out a football for life. >> what i think even more weird than this, there are two players who played last sunday. >> yes. >> one of them, has already been convicted. >> been convicted. that's exactly right of domestic abuse, and still allow him to play on the field. judge has already determine he did it, he committed domestic violence, and letting him play. so football basically allowing domestic violence to happen in the nfl. it is ridiculous. >> do you think the difference here is that we have the video as opposed to other guys?
7:34 am
>> video everything is, we saw it in the ferguson case. video makes everybody outrage. but outrage should have been before the video. now the video shows it, the video, like a point in time, like teaching moment. nfl now should make a stance, should stand up for women, not football. we as men the nfl there will be no dom he is being violence among our ranks. >> let's go back to the tape, not that you would need the tape. what do you think happened in the elevator when he is dragging her out? how do you think she got into that condition? >> that's why roger goodel's position is ridiculous, he said we saw the first tape and, you know what we gave two day suspension, he had to know she was punched out in the elevator. >> clearing up legal issues, well, he couldn't receive the tape because it was a pending case. >> that's crazy. nfl could have gotten that tape easily. lots of people had that tape. >> the other thing well they didn't charge him with differ charges because she didn't
7:35 am
press. >> she doesn't have to. they don't need her testimony. they do have done this on her own. >> why did he get off with such a light -- >> the ac prosecutor basically kick this to grand jury, let grand jury investigate t the grand jury determined that they indicted him for aggravated assault. >> they saw the tape. >> they saw the tape, indicted him for aggravated assault, but then the pros cents cute ers office decided you know what we will let him plea out, do this pretrial intervention program which basically lets him get this record expunged. which is crazy again prosecutor's office. >> i notice senator steve sweeney, steve sweeney, asking maybe the attorney general should look into it. >> everybody should be looking into it, the biggest issue in the country you know, dom he is he can violence going on as we are speaking right now, women getting beat never this country in domestic violence situations, the nfl could basically be the leaders in the country to stop this. >> well, hopefully that will be the only good thing that comes out of it, discussion is
7:36 am
really ramped up. you know that every minute in this country, 20 women are hit? doctor that's what i am talking about, mike, that's the reason why the nfl should stands up for women. they have an opportunity to do it, point in time when they can do it, dropping the ball because roger goodel is not being a leader on this issue. >> anything he can real dow at this point in your eyes? >> absolutely. if i was a lawyer for the nfl, i would say we stand up, we have zero tolerance policy, you hit a woman, urban dollars for life. just let pete rose banned for gambling. for gambling for life. and they won't ban somebody for hitting a woman and almost killing her? outrage, absolute outrage. >> thanks for coming. we'll talk to you later this week about this. oh, here is another legal issue maybe you can way in on. there is a new report out about joan rivers death. something obviously went wrong. but was a doctor to blame? what the new york daily news is saying in that little clinic before she was rush to the hospital. that should have only been done
7:37 am
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>> pumpkin anything. that's why i say i'm going to love this pumpkin oreo. >> everyone talking about pumpkin oreo. i saw release of the pumpkin, other companies jumping on that pumpkin bandwagon with some treats of their own, so like you mention, pumpkin spice or yost will be available later this month on september 24th, you are going to be going to the store for this? >> not kidding, i really want it. >> really? like a lot for an oreo. so vanilla cook which layer of pumpkin flavored cream in the middle. will only be available, though, for eight to six weeks, you have to stash them all. >> oh, just experiment. but if we eat enough of them it will be on the market for
7:41 am
good. i will take this on as my personal responsibility. >> companies now making pump kin flavored malt balls. >> you like that too? i don't know. >> i'm a big fan of the malt ball. mostly positive reviews on line, with one person saying they taste like christmas. >> oh, how sweet. >> now, jello has also ruled out pumpkin spice instant pudding it, can be used to make pies, so put it in pie, i get. that will. >> that's interesting. pudding pie. i like that idea. my mother, maxine elizabeth fowler made the best pumpkin pie, and i have a recipe and i can actually make it. >> you can? >> doesn't mean ill. >> okay, this might be the most extreme pumpkin flavored nutritional supplement, protein blend can be used to make post work out shakes in your favorite pumpkin flavor. >> there is also pumpkin flavored hershey kisses, pumpkin flavor chi tea, and
7:42 am
pumpkin flavored vodka. when will it end? >> pumpkin flavored vodka? >> a lot of people like it because the first sign of fall, especially when starbucks comes out with the lat april, everyone oh, it is here, fall is here, but a lot, though, a lot when it comes to pumpkin things. >> you think too much pumpkin? >> i think too much. >> out of their gord? >> oh, look at that. >> hey, it is not your typical playground, the place you are about to see is made up, well, basically for grownups. where adults are acting like kinds again, and how it is helping more than just their childish spirit. we need one of these parks in the del war val. >> i jenn fred taking a look what it is like to live in eutopia, jen? >> yes, very eutopia like in here. >> i've got my stuff. i'm going to tell but last night's episode. i'm ready. see, i'm in the bushes. i'm ready. see, iit makes me happy to go on the computer.
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pocono mountains, still some clouds around this morning, but it is getting better. we have a lot of improvement in store for today. ultimate doppler no precipitation in our area at all, there is the storm, off shore, that brought our clouds yesterday, and the day before, still throwing back some cloud cover. but the next system to watch this one here, which is bringing some rain to chicago right now, and all the way through st. louis. this is a cold front, could get pretty loud tomorrow night. future cast, shows, a lot of clouds, by 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. but it is a dry morning, looks like not until 4:00 p.m. until the storms first in the lehigh valley then in the philadelphia area, and some of them could be kind of strong. and then we're talking about everything moving from northwest to southeast so by evening, 8:00, 9:00. hear the rumbled of thunder southern delaware maybe not until little later on. but by friday morning, it
7:47 am
looks like we're dry again, just about everywhere. and that's a good thing, so weaver excellent day in store spore friday. tomorrow hot, humid day, thunderstorm day. back to now, six is degrees coatesville. sixty-four west chester, in philadelphia, 68 degrees, we have 66 in glassboro, 69 degrees in middletown. and as we head up to ocean county, toms river, has 66 degrees, 65 in mt. holly, at the moment. headed to high of 80 degrees, later on. and, philly's should be pretty comfortable night at the ballpark, 70:00, a pirates runs again rubber match as we say, we won one, they won one. tonight at 73 degrees, when the game begins, at 7:05, but high temperature today should be around 80, and 88 tomorrow, 79, nine, maybe even ten, on friday, depending whether that rain lingers into friday morning. saturday, a weaker frontal system comes through, few showers, but sunday looks absolutely perfect with mid 70s, sunny skies, that lingers
7:48 am
into monday. looking at glad wine, morning commute, in the throws of it headed toward 8:00 a.m. westbound little heavier. actually, i take that back, doesn't look that bad. still seeing some decent movement there, on 76 westbound around gladwynn. little heavier, though, headed into the city on eastbound 76. and looking back on the new jersey turnpike southbound, past 195, still the overturned dump truck that has the left lane block. finally, upper merion, valley forge park road at huntington road. we've got overturned vehicle, so avoid this area, if you can, take one of the alternates either falling road or 422,. >> so sweet you're coming to the tonight. red band society is the name of the show. this is a good show, alex and have i seen it.
7:49 am
>> and love it. >> so special screening to make sure eye ' hook of this new show tonight hosted by me, and mike jerrick, we start at 7:30, at dave and buster's in philadelphia. and we'll have some special give aways, soy you better be there basically. >> cool. that's good show. so is this one now that i am hooked on t eutopia, casino of social experiment, here on fox, watching last night, seems to be a lot of fighting, jen? >> yes. >> who were you wore bid yesterday? >> dave. dave is a problem for me. >> dave is the problem. josh, who was the village, just two days ago, was the hero. bee turned the lights on. hey did you guys stay hooked? because the eutopia team, they want me to experience what it is like to be living in the elm. they sent me fish hook and line and water purification tablets, and even led light, just in case you people actually stick me outside in the elements. now, the one person that
7:50 am
everyone is talking about besides dave and josh and red is bella. bella is a sweet sweet girl from the south. or is she? >> she has been storming back and for the and like accidentally kicking the pillow all night. >> okay? >> okay, she a little passive aggress enough that way. been slamming her things, keeping me up all night. for some reason that is in for mow. >> plus your tools, when you thought ... can you move where i was? so the tool section, hell know. that was her response. >> i'm sleeping where i want to sleep. i was here and i was like okay, just asking, and i walk away. >> all i'm saying is i want her gone. >> this thing reminds me of a tv news room. not in the morning, because alex, we haven't talked about this yet, but we don't believe on girl on girl crime on good day. >> but they believe a woman on man crime.
7:51 am
this is what i have never understood about that phrase. >> well, ya. here is the thing, though, too. she is like i'm not going to say anything, but i want her out of here. like she not messing around. so do you have figure out what exactly happens on friday. now here is the other thing, mike, good for you. when you are not watching the bed, bath and beyond show that you watch. >> yes, bold and beautiful. >> there you go. this is on 24/7. okay? go to fox their website. you can see these people. i click on this morning at 5:00 a.m. >> what were they doing? >> in southern california. >> sleeping? >> naked in the frig. couple people are sleeping. but then another make guy was like looking, because they got the lights on. >> probably red -- >> could have been. now, if they're going to put me in this casino after situation, i'm going to need a couple of things. i need my kit. i also need my wawa. and i need to be within walking distance of a kraft beer wine and whiskey output.
7:52 am
so we're clear about my needs. also, here is the thing, if you think you're up for this, if you think you're as captivating asbell an or as rugged as dave, josh or red, you can -- they're constantly casting because people are always getting kick out. they say there are thousands of people that really want to get on the show. and it can be you, baby. >> where do i do that? from our website? >> yes. >> and you can be on the show, eutopia? >> so they say. >> if you want to be. brave words for some young man's bullies. he was attack. that kid right there. attack, he is in a wheelchair for goodness sake. while trying to earn a badge for the boy scouts, he gets a take. his message for those punks this morning. >> and new report this morning of pain by the new york daily news claims to know what happened to joan rivers in that clinic during the routine endoscopy. what a doctor did in that room that should have neve
7:53 am
7:54 am
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>> iphone six and six plus, i was wonder, what is it that you cannot live without in this day and age as far as technology? >> i keep it streamlined. i can't live without my xbox one, ps4, ps3, my phone, my blue ray player. i just kind of do old school. >> has everything. he has absolutely every single gadget you can possibly imagine. >> my apple tv, no, aim tech junky, but comes counsel it, talking the watch, what apple does so well, are you going to use it? you know? is it something you actually use? aspirin ton had -- you talk
7:57 am
about how many apps people have on their phones, and don't use. >> yes, yes. i mean, whatever the amount of usage, all of the things that are available on these smart phones, i use maybe five to 10 percent. so can i call, can i text, can i take pictures and can i organize my calendar, listen to music, that's about it. >> alex found a survey, five things we can't live without. >> one you said, the cell phone, guys agree with that? have utley. >> here is the ipad revolutionized for travel. bring it with you. >> i agree so i use it for that. and so that would be one i couldn't live without. >> here is the is a big one, that i feel like everyone should agree on. gps. >> oh, yes. absolutely. and i was so like oh, come on.
7:58 am
pick up map, you know, i used to use the olds rand mcnally, there we go, now, i'll put it on, even when i know where i'm going. >> wilfred brimly, what i collect, the old crumbogeon works for me. mine, the generic's woman's voice. >> you can make her voice deeper or higher, whatever you want. >> i yell at her though. >> i know that's not right. >> shut up. >> when you are making the wrong turn it keeps correcting, going down major thorofare? make a left.
7:59 am
reroute. >> could you ever get rid of your cable and go back to rabbit ears television? >> no way. >> no, no, no. in fact, i have 200 different ways to watch netflix. tv is just accessible in every room at multiple levels. >> remote control? >> can you live without that? >> who wants to walk to the tv, flight. >> it is a good six, 7 feet! >> too far. >> who has time for that? >> ridiculous. >> they have those tv's now you can just yell at it and it changes channels. >> oh,. >> if you integrate through. xbox one, actually pretty solid. i sit there, i call to change the channels, to raise and lower the volume. then have it split between watching it. v and playing video game at the same time. i need help. horrible, i'm addicted. >> fellows, it is time for us
8:00 am
to go. >> all right, bye, guys. >> so glad we got to do it this time. >> finally. >> today is wednesday, september the tenth, 2014. here we go. >> controversy continues, januaries defending her husband. coming up just how often situations like this happen in america. steve? >> well, we're down here in delaware for the second time already this week, dealing with some bad bully kids. and this time, the police say they've never before had wanted suspect both under 4 feet 9 inches tall. but sue, that is who they are looking for in this case where they beat up something they never seen before. they had a case of somebody beating up a kid in a wheelchair. >> meantime saw the sunshine in delaware, seeing more of it
8:01 am
today than we did yesterday. but, there are thunderstorms, in our forecast. find out when when we bring you the weather authority outlook coming upment jen? >> sue here at bran i wine royalty commerce square. these two will practice doing that, repelling down the wall, they'll raise money for a great organization, we are going to beat quincy, because it is going to be a team sport this year, and you guys are going to get a little taste whatever it will feel like to rep he will 31 floors. you'll be fine, keith and holily do it live. this is their practice, you can cheer for them. join the team. i'm tell you all about it. >> i have to tell you something, that's just something dow not do. next month q and jen are going to rep he will down a 31 story building. >> oh, my gosh. >> live on tv. >> of course. >> amazing. >> and for a good cause. >> if i was out there and they asked me to do it i would be praying from rain. lightning! >> that will do it.
8:02 am
call it off. >> work on. that will. meantime, no rain today. so -- >> better go. >> so here we go. in fact, things improving all the time. bus stop buddy, in the 60s at the bus stop, off to very nice start. so polo shirt, phillies cap, yeah, that he won last night. weather by the numbers is a nine out of ten with seasonable temperatures, and sunshine returning. few stubborn clouds are still around this morning. it is 68 degrees. winds out of the east, relative humidity at 73%. so the foxcast has 08 degrees for your high temperature today. still win out of the north-northeast. but we switch to southerly wind tonight. that will means, it gets muggy. and fog will form, probably, after midnight. so we will talk about potential weather drama for tomorrow evening. >> always drama, thanks, sue. before we get to the latest accident though we start off with live look at 476, volume
8:03 am
continues to pick up here right at 8:00 a.m. on a wednesday morning. so, here's 476, both the northbound-southbound looking like heavier volume though i believe that that southbound some of the heavier volume heading south of philadelphia. now in worcester, germantown pike at quarry hill road, reports of accident that just came in, the latest accident. so use caution in that area too. also, on the new jersey turnpike, southbound, past 195, still following overturned dump truck. that has the left lane block. finally, upper merion, valley forge park road, at hundred g ton road. there is an over turn vehicle. avoid this area. you will have to take one of the alternates either falling road or 422, al next. >> roger gidel, still feeling the heat over now banned football star ray rice's original two game suspension in light of this newly-released video. >> i don't know if he did himself any good with the television interview, some questioning whether the nfl new the video existed from inside the elevator. in a exclusive interview, mr. goodel responded.
8:04 am
>> be clear, did you noah second tape existed? >> well, we had not seen any videotape of what occurred in the elevator. we assumed that there was a video. we asked for video. we asked for anything that was pertinent. but we were never grant that opportunity. >> so the commissioner goes ton say in that interview that he takes full responsibility for quote unquote not getting it right when he initially suspended ray rice for just two games. the incident happened in that elevator at the revel casino in atlantic city, but all the wack back in february, still talking about it, ray rice had been charged with felony, aggravated assault in the case, after the prosecutor's over there in atlantic county saw this inside the elevator tape. but he was -- he accepted a pretrial intervention program instead. never had to go to jail as you know. and if the ravens, well, they are playing tomorrow night, had he played in that game or he couldn't play in the game
8:05 am
tomorrow night, but could have been on the practice field this friday. >> oh, wow. >> before all of this started. >> now i wonder what he is doing? >> well, i saw a picture of him yesterday, in his home, with his wife. but they got a shot of them through a door. they're making statements, we'll give you those statements in just a little bit. but this. >> days after police in newark, delaware, say come kid beat mentally challenged man, they are now looking for two other teens in a similar attack. the latest target is a bow scout in a wheelchair. now this brave boy is speaking out, steve, what's he saying this morning? >> reporter: heart wrenching outrage just about to be forgotten or cam up down at least from what you saw in the videos monday, here we go, day after a kid who has to get around in life using handicap ramps, already bat lot in life, suffering with cerebral palsy, hard to believe the kids in his neighborhood can be so cruel. going to the video, show you 12 year old la quan mackey.
8:06 am
so he has this wheelchair he gets around in yet we learn from him that he has couple of kids in the neighborhood who have been punching him until the head every chance they see him, but monday was the worse, they twisted the lanyard front door key he had around his neck pulling him from behind. pushing his wheelchair into a sure great so it was stuck and he couldn't my. he can't run from these kids or fight back, and start pomeling him until he screams, they finally run away. his father also happens to be in a wheelchair. so he feels a bit helpless. but he thinks because la quan's parents are both white, will quan is black, maybe these kids are not just young little bullies but young little race ills, as well. >> then they punched me, and they kept punching me right here on my face like right there. and still hurts, because it was pretty hard blow. on this side they tried to push me out of the chair. and i put my hand up to block it, they grabbed my lanyard, wrapped it around my neck,
8:07 am
then it was already on my neck, they just twisted it and put it back on and tried to choke me with it, and then when i start today scream they ran off. >> they could just be upset because it is a trans-racial family, i mean, his parents are white, he is black, and that upset some people. they could not like disable people. two out of three of just this house are disable. and so i don't know what it is. >> well, if you feel as angry as many of the hundreds of viewers who commented on this story in our website feel, feel free to read those comments, and you will see, that everybody wants these kids caught, only bad news we have as an update from tracey duffy, one of the police officers here, wants these kids caught as much as anybody. she called these two kids monsters. i just got off the phone with her and she said no tip has led to them yet even though
8:08 am
they likely live in the same neighborhood as la quan, buchanon place over there in newark, delaware, and she says the one addition continuing tiff thing about one of the two kids that are both un 5 feet tall is one kid has a birthmark on his hand you can't miss, hopefully a parent or somebody at school, teacher perhaps, knows the kid or suspect that kid and will call in the tip here to lead to the arrest. not only are they going to charge him with assault, but because they stole his front door key, charge him with robbery, too. two, 12 year olds, probably un 5 feet tall. >> somebody watching right now knows those kids. >> hopefully they'll say something. >> call the cops. call us if you want. steve, thank you. 8:08. shocking new information about the death of joan rivers. what went wrong? >> the new york date i news is reporting rivers had unplanned biopsy on her vocal cords, causing them to seize and cutting off her air supply. rivers arrived athen does copy for routine procedure august 28. but according to the daily
8:09 am
news, did the who arrived with the entourage performed biopsy which the comedian never signed off on. and provide yours like that are typically done in a hospital. >> so she brought a doctor to the endoscope surge i center, not a hospital, and said oh, there is something on the vocal cord, let's take quick biopsy? >> probably too much at once. >> seizes up. at least what the paper is saying. boy that story is really expanded. >> 8:09. >> a scary moment on stage during the first round of the miss america pageant last night. >> yes, started over in atlantic city. miss rhode island fainted, her name is ivy de pew, great name. dropped to the floor while standing near the back of the stage while new jersey lieutenant governor was speaking. so pageant officials say the 23 year old was taken to nearby hospital and treated for heat stroke. no word on whether she will continue with the competition, the pageant of course this this
8:10 am
sunday. >> is the competition outside? >> i don't know what they were doing last nightment normally inside the board walk hauley think. >> maybe the lights or something? maybe she not eating? >> he will, you know, pageant people sometimes they don't eat. despite the first lady said yesterday when the little girl faint in the front of her. >> eat a healthy breakfast. >> maybe lunch and dinner, too. good lung to her. still ahead, is it okay ever to treat your child like you treat your friends? >> not so fast. why experts say there is more that this can do more harm than good. >> doug, not supposed to be our children's friends? >> i guess not. but first jena rice standing bust her husband. america is taking sides. what to do when you fine yourself in a dangerous relationship.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
>> wacking out the door, quite pleasant. cooler in mount pocono.
8:14 am
here in philadelphia, 68 degrees, down in millville, new jersey, 66. sixty-seven in dover. and 66 degrees in wildwood. pretty nice morning, now, our breezes are still out of the north-northeast, many of them, or easterly breeze, anything from that way, means, we're getting cloud cover from the ocean, eventually, we expect things to change, but, we ' casino of in transition right now, so 7-mile per hour winds in millville, 8 miles per hour in wildwood. nothing on the extreme side. little breezy out there. so as we look at ultimate doppler, not much to show you. we have the off shore storm, then the cold front that's going to head our way tomorrow. that will probably lap in the afternoon. looking at the seven day forecast, it shows 8 degrees today. >> close to 09 tomorrow. one day special of summertime, we've got the late day thunderstorms on thursday. the pay off friday less humid.
8:15 am
stray shower possibly saturday afternoon, sunday locks gorgeous, sos does monday, storms possible tuesday. that takes you through the next week, back to this morning and traffic with caitlin. >> hey, rancocas, 295 northbound just past rancocas woods delran an accident moved to the shoulder. just got it in, on the shoulder, not causing too many issues. barrett road at bartrum road. accident just came in there. finally still keeping an eye on the new jersey turnpike just past 195 overturned dump truck. left lane still block there. mike? >> let's get into this again. we can only imagine how life has changed just in a matter of days for ray and januaries, after the former baltimore ravens running back, former now, isn't it? was cut from the team. and from the nfl indefinately. >> the public's response is not surprising, considering that the video has surfaced
8:16 am
showing rice punching jena in his then fiancee at the time, now wife, inside a casino elevator. >> watch cents the video released, womb took to social media with own personal stories of domestic violence, using the hash tags why i stayed. and why i left. as of this morning there were about 100,000 different personal stories from women who had been beaten up. >> since the video went public, rice issued a statement to espn saying quote i have to be strong for my wife. janaa is so strong. we are in good spirits. janaa yesterday ripped the media over the ordeal on heroine is that gram. posted quote no one knows the pain that the media and unwanted options from the public has cosmid family. to make us relive a moment in our lives that we regret every day is a horrible thing. now while some people found this response surprising, others say it is typical after woman who has been abused. >> here is some light on this, our good friend doctor rj
8:17 am
allen, director of couple and family therapy department. i bet you were not surprised by her statement? >> i absolutely was not surprised. >> no? >> it happens too frequently that women stick up for their man, they make excuses and they blame themselves. and what we need to understand, it is not her fault. but this is systemic. >> you know what, look at this headline, i don't like t i don't like t here is a picture of them in their home yesterday, somehow they got this show when they opened the front door, wake up janaa. you know, get rid of him. get rid that far guy. >> don't they call her victim blame willing. >> yes, victim blaming but we tend to re traumatize the veg tim over and over again. even the continual clips of the event can be re traumatizing. a lot of times this needs to be dealt with with deep and ongoing intervention and therapy. but i would never suggest that they have gotten married, and stay together, in a relationship when there is active abuse. >> some people wonder is she doing this out of fear, how
8:18 am
she is responding? >> listen, there are always signs and symptoms, warning signs in the very beginning. some of the signs are if you are fearful, if you always agree with your partner, if you are isolated from family, friend, if you still lick this person is dominating or possessing you or wants to control you, those are the signs i need to pay attention to, but keep in mind all of this conversation has been about ray rice. not talking about as much janaa and how to take care of -- >> wake up, janaa, why would you stay? how about why are you hitting, why are you hitting if your guy is smacking you around? i don't know. but is this true? the daily news, silent epidemic. still these cases cents not being reported? >> oh, my goodness. this is happening every ten seconds in the global world. and so as we're talking someone is being ace buys dollars. like a silent tsunami. the good thing about this is when it happens it celebrities raises the consciousness. >> say that ray and janaa, who
8:19 am
have been together since high school, high school sweethearts, that's why i don't like she's in it for the money. >> they lived together. if they came into our office for therapy, and he has already hit her, what do you say to them? >> first i never see them in my office together if there was active violence, it is unethical for any therapist to do that. so -- >> i didn't know that. >> yes, can't do, that because you can't control what happens after they leave your office, part of they are being is he a doctored egg people, things they don't opportunity address. but we would recommend that they do individual counselling, if they want to stay together, if they have addressed the issues at the core, of why this is happening, and we really don't know whether they're predispose today violence, just like a person grows up in a alcoholic family predispose today alcohol glick they say first time it ever happened. >> it may be. but i guarantee you that there is a cycle, psych sill abuse, thank you, then excuses, and then normal behavior, then the
8:20 am
fantasy it won't happen again which is a set up for it to happen again. >> of course this is casino of fine line here. some people say it might be both of them that could be the issue. is it possible it is just a very toxic re ship and sometimes things get out of hands? or -- >> good point. it is possible it is a toxic relationship. but we also know that there is no excuse for anyone to put their hands on another human being. so if they're both predisposed, perhaps being in a toxic have i lent relationship, him being perpetrator consideration they both as human, need to get help. >> early on in the tape we dent vaux it show often but down the hallway, she smacks him once and apparently spit on him. i like the way you put it. none of us should be putting our hand open each other many women shouldn't being hitting other women, women shunting hitting men. >> exactly. >> what do you do if you have a friend, now he a lot of people in their relationships this is my relationship, stay out f you are someone you now is happening what do you do? what do you say to the person or the victim like hey don't
8:21 am
bore he moo he? >> great question. a lot of times people in abusive relationships islip themselves. the worse thing a friends can do is butt out. somebody could be real nay lot of danger. >> have safety plan, call message hotline. don't isolate yourself. tell somebody. >> tell someone. in our friend you stay in their business until they get help. give them hotline you may not tell me you are calling, but you call on your own. >> you know the number of hotline. >> 1800-national hotline. >> i think it has the word safe in it. >> yes. >> we'll put it on our website, in the next five minutes. good to see up, doctor. can we tell everybody that you're engaged in a. >> yes, we can. >> she is engaged! >> congratulations. >> great guy. >> coming to the wedding? >> i'll be there. >> is it here in noun. >> yes,. >> okay, then i will a be there. >> thanks, doctor. still ahead, did apple just
8:22 am
kill the wallet? is the wallet now obsolete? a new iphone, a new watch, brand new way to pay for things, we'll explain this, tear this phone apart. tell us about the good things and the bad things. >> first, a playground for parents, why moms and dads are catching up on needed downtown. x-ray, toes.
8:23 am
well, not that kind of fresh. on the freshness of our chicken. but i can guarantee the freshness of our chicken because we go beyond what the usda requires... with extra inspections in american family owned farms, refrigerated trucks that deliver daily and everywhere in between. that's what it takes to bring your family a fresh tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken.
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8:25 am
>> we'll show you this park basically for adults, this happens to be in wisconsin, small town. i guess the adults can say that they feel like kids again, because it is casino after playgrounds for adults. >> idea, for the adults to stay in actionment one health worker calls it free alternative to the gym. >> this is a way to get people another opportunity to be active, but little different, out here in the environment, on beautiful jogging or
8:26 am
walking path, so this is a way that people can add couple more physical activity minutes without making it feel like a chore the question, is it here? >> no, it's stupid. don't call it playground for adults. it is a gym outside. >> i guess glow isn't it? >> fun to say playground. i'm going to the playgrounds. >> that's not a playground. but i like the idea, because normally in the exercise parks, you have to move around it. this is moving with you. >> if it gets you working out, bring it here. >> i need something, desperately. still ahead, new fox show is getting a lot of attention, red band society, now why, because it is good. >> it is very good. it follows group of kids and children's hospital, but this is also a sad reality. the local foundation helping kids in need, we'll have that
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
were you eating smoked sausage in here? no! could have gotten me one. i did. grab a spicy smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. it's the smoked sausage you crave, now spicy.
8:30 am
>> phillies won last night, we put budd nay fill ice cap. probably up to 8 degrees, temperatures at the bus stop this morning, still waiting for the bus, about six off's, probably mid to upper 60s at this point. nine out of ten today. only negative, clouds around, seasonable temperatures all day, it is looking pretty good. 68 degrees, and you can see that the sun is starting to break through, some of those clouds there, winds still out of the east at 7 miles an hour relative. tiff humiditiment tonight more clouds, more humidity, will be a muggy night, and the chance of some fog forming with all of the humidity late in the day. so there is a look at your
8:31 am
foxcast from the weather authority. another check of traffic now with caitlin ross. >> thank you, sue serio. in hainesport we start off route 38 near creek road, we have reports after accident, just came in there. also, upper merion, valley forge park road at huntington road. we've been following this overturned vehicle. still there, causing to have to avoid the whole area. so stay out that far area, and use your alternates, either falling road or 422, finally on the new jersey turnpike past 195, that overturned dump truck, still has the left lane block. >> i need some help down here. >> she needs a heart monitor. >> hello, i can hear you. >> i know, babe.
8:32 am
>> i does it hurt? >> it does hurt. >> not the way you think will. >> won't be me any more. >> your body is you, your soul is you, they can never cut into your soul. >> this series on fox is based on true story happening around in hospitals, called red bands society. we talked a lot about this week. it follows group of kids, you know, mostly teenagers in a children's hospital like chop or st. christopher areas, so reality for many children. but next guest doing what she can to help. and she with an organization doing it, called, kacie cares. and so weaver inch ritter here, hello. >> thank you for coming, in thanks for the shirt. >> little superman logo on it. why is that? >> well, because, we -- our kids are superheros, things they have to deal with on daily basis are remarkable, their families are amazing, out they really are our inspiration. >> so this red band society, you know, they provide
8:33 am
parties, and just different ways to get out of their minds that they are dealing with cancer. >> sure. >> make their lives better, inside the hospital. so, does chop have something like that, saint christoff areas hospital for children have programs like that? >> all casino of programs that help critically ill children and kids hospitalized for extended periods every time. we do pajama parties for the kids, on monthly basis, provide pajamas, kids going through treatments, then also do things outside of the hospital for the families. focus on the family. >> tell us about kacie. >> sure. she really felt like there was unmet need a lot of great groups that maybe do once in a lifetime opportunity for these families, or an once a year, what kacie started with something that is every other month, it is ongoing, the whole time kids are in active treatment. for additional year after that leukemia treatment three years long if everything goes perfectly. every other month they get to do something fun, tickets to the circus, "disney on ice",
8:34 am
going on mini vacation. having a birthday celebration. >> so would the hospital contact kacie cares? >> yes. most every us come from social workers and child, so they refer patients. >> individual families or provide this for the whole hospital? >> we help individual families and then we also provide programs to the hospital. >> i love this. >> sounds good. so it has been in existence since when? >> 2,000. >> thousand we get ahold of you? >> kacie >> that easty? >> kasey? >> that's right. >> okay. >> yep, that's right. and we also have facebook page. check it out. see all of the things that we're doing, all the things we're working on, some of our needs as far as donations or gift cards, new pajamas for the families, so kind of follow along, see the work that we're doing. >> i love this. i like you. >> well, thank you. >> really cool. thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having us. >> speaking of the red bands, we have a screening tonight,
8:35 am
so you can see it before any of your friends. red band society tonight, alex. >> yep, at clock 30, dave and buster's and we'll have some give aways tonight, so you better come out. >> do you have any idea what we're giving away? >> no, that's why you need to come. >> you know what people want? show me your twitter, that people want these little mugs already. >> they do. these are new, new ones, aren't they? >> tell you what. maybe we can find one at least one to give away tonight. >> one that's clean. not one that you have been using? >> after we watch wash it, i'll wash it, guys, don't worry. still ahead, before they were famous, i love pictures like this. >> you won't even recognize some of these hollywood a listers, how celebrities like britney spears, morgan freeman rose to fame next.
8:36 am
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[ female announcer ] two stores. two amazing ways to score. t.j.maxx and marshalls. >> a look at pictures, some of your favorite celebrities to work through pretty tough times, you no, none-glamorous gigs, before they became famous. did you know that brian kranston became drug kingpin walter white? we know that from breaking bad. that he actually was in a hemorrhoid cream commercial? >> really? >> yes. >> you expect hemorrhoid
8:40 am
medicine to relieve pain and itch. but you get extra therapeutic action with preparation h. >> all i want to do is eat. what's wrong with that? >> can we have an understanding? got to have -- >> i just have to tell you about the whopper game at burger king. >> could be the best lettuce tasting hamburger ever. >> just in time for fall and halloween. >> hold on. okay, saying in my ear. >> hard to tell. >> you got to pay the bills. >> look at this one. steven could coal bear. >> tina fay? >> ya. michelle geller?
8:41 am
so cute. >> look anything like that now? >> how old are some of these commercials? >> andrew motorcycle carte? >> and they ended up in a commercial together, didn't they? i mean a movie together? >> burger king. >> oh, darn. >> michael j. fox. >> are you kidding me? burgers, too? >> mcdonald's, yes. >> look at that. >> oh, this should be good. (laughing). >> i wonder what they were thinking? oh, meg ryan. >> what?
8:42 am
>> had hair. oh, look at that smile. >> oh, my gosh. >> i wonder what they would think if they saw some of those videos. >> probably not much. >> meg ryan, boy, shy has changed her look over the years. no idea. where are we? what time is it? why is this not working? >> jen, help us out. going to you. >> jen? >> what you need to know. >> oh, no. >> common. >> good morning. >> going down. going down. going down. >> listen, i have my guy. where is marshall mitchell? >> listen, i'm so excited i'm about -- you're going down, jen. down, down. >> let's talk about what the heck we're doing. i'm crying, crying for your ancestors right now.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> out l california live look at brush fire going on right now sam dimas california. so far you can see widespread, no homes are threaten, and this fire has burned about 5 acres so far.
8:46 am
>> populated probably by 15, 20 miles or so. but also have the fire problem still going yosemite, that time of year. >> our jenn fred did this last year, held my breath, most frightening thing i've ever seen her do. she repelled off 31-story skyscraper here in philadelphia. she did it live. and for some reason, you have agreed do it again next month. >> i've agreed do it, for guys like sergio, this here little bit after twist. two teams, my team, which you can join, and quincy's team which you probably don't want to join. >> why not join my team? raise money, $2,000 per person, then do practice there is was only 60 feet, babe. >> i this is easy. we have more --
8:47 am
>> q, we have you go, lights out. >> like right snow. >> right now. >> okay. >> i do have to say, not to make fun of them. this is real a super scary thing. kate, why do we do this, why? >> so this is our big annual fundraiser. every year we have to raise an enormous amount of monday any order to be able to serve the students in philadelphia public and charter schools. over the edge, really, remember, this is only 60 feet. on a big day, do you remember? 418 feet. >> i want to hug him but he's my oponent. >> you want to help these people, especially this part, where he has his feet in against the wall, and lean back, and he's got nothing to hold onto. >> yes, you guys provide services in school for children, so casino of push
8:48 am
themselves. give them confidence. sergio, you went through all of this, right? >> yes. >> were you a student. i know still a student. but how does this become a better you? >> i got you too. >> so, hey, here is the deal. there is q. he is going down. quincy, you're doing very well. >> where is the camera? >> are you guys walking this? >> quincy, however say, you're fine now, once you go over, you're good. >> yes, doing this 31 stories? >> yes. >> man, i may get sick that day. >> like what day is that? >> yep. >> i'm sick. >> october 24th. pay attention, please. >> not looking down. >> so i have my team. >> i feel like mcgiver. >> now, you ready for this,
8:49 am
not only the fun raising part, but the going over the edge part. >> i'm ready to go, i'm scared but ready to go. >> you guys always encourage people. but this is really good message, not only for people like sergio, everyone, right? >> oh, definitely. everyone of our clients are going to be -- >> it is about helping these kids in inner cities get different experience, i'm from philadelphia, from the inner city. so donate, team jen, let's go. >> so here is the deal, basically we have to raise $8,000 minimum. >> way more than that. >> i love. that will by the way, just so we're clear -- >> okay. >> this guy showed up in a mass rathje. he shows up -- driving a maserati. >> this guy spends time in los
8:50 am
angeles. >> that's what i do. >> i walk here. >> to rittenhouse square? >> seriously. talking a lot of trash right now, can't really hear. >> drives a maserati. who drives a maas ratty? >> quincy harris. >> how are you doing, q? >> you all did t it was nothing. it was nothing. >> he's down, jen. >> that's more than nothing. >> so they're going to do 31 stories. >> oh, my heart. >> it is hard to watch. i would never do it. so we'll do that, next month, live on the show, but jen's going to do what q just did in the next hour. >> see if she can do it a little better. >> stunned. >> in fact my stomach hurts. >> all the ladies know how to say this name. have you met him? >> never met him. no. >> you are going to, he is on the show today. >> oh, ya, and talking about his new movie no good deed, but this has shocking twist,
8:51 am
he'll tell us what we need to know before it even hits theatres. >> i don't know, but i'll go. i get scared at movies like this. >> oh, you have to go. >> okay. our dad's a plumber. a business manager. and a stickler for homework. i'm john kane running for state senate. dad says the road to a good job starts in the classroom. [ lori ] he's a great dad who sees taxes going up but schools not getting the funding they need. [ john ] so i'd put back the billion dollars corbett cut from education and make sure corporations and natural gas drillers paid their fair share. time to close the loopholes for the tax cheats. dad thinks a lot about education. i'm john kane and it's about time harrisburg did too.
8:53 am
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still few stubborn clouds around, look at ultimate doppler shows no rain. none in the forecast until tomorrow. so, watching the cold front that's bringing rain to chicago, and st. louis right now, eventually, that will maurice ward, and get here, but probably not until tomorrow afternoon. so you have got pretty decent day today, and a look at the future cast has some clouds by tomorrow morning. but after about noon, maybe 3:00 in the afternoon, that's when you have to start watching out for the thunderstorms, they come from northwest to southeast. so by 4:00 they're in the lehigh valley, 7:00 in the evening it, will get noisy around philadelphia, wilmington, delaware, and then
8:55 am
more thunderstorms popping up around the shore. maybe 9:00, 10:00 at night. so that's what we've got in the future cast. it is going to be pretty noisy, but the pay off will be an excellent weather day on friday. now, right now, 58 degrees in the mount pocono, 68 degrees in allentown, as we head down to philadelphia, it is 68 degrees, as well. once we get that sunshine temperatures will get to where they're supposed to be for this time in september. 80 degrees for hi, 88 tomorrow. hot, humid, headed into the weekend there. is your seven day forecast, here's one more look at traffic. >> thanks, sue. one last look as the commute starts to winds down on a wednesday morning, start off on the schuylkill, eastbound between conshohocken curve and gladwynn. disable vehicle. that has the left lane block. and that's definitely going to cause some stack ups. already seeing it on the schuylkill there. also in upper providence, cider mill road egypt road report of accident that just came in, avoid that area. finally in camden, route 30,
8:56 am
admiral wilson boulevard, westbound, that's approaching the toll plaza, we have disable tractor-trailer, that has the right lane blocked, and obviously causing a lot of delays so careful there, al next. >> still ahead for the first time in history, there are now more single people in america than there are married people. the big reason for that next. >> ♪
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
about 30 seconds from 9:00. sue joined us hi, hi, sue, and alex. why chris murphy sent rye tie. he thought i should change to red. >> all right, well, patriotic. >> good day, it is wednesday, september the tenth, 2014.
9:00 am
real quickly here, before we get into this area, i wanted to give birthday shout out to heather fisher, hi, heather. >> happy birthday, heather. >> your husband reached out to us and said that you are a very big fan. he'll be home in february. >> apparently he does watch the show. i emailed him last night, probably late in the afternoon there, way overseas. >> but you can watch anywhere, as we stream on line. >> he is watching on >> so thank you for watching. >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday, heather. hey, did you ever think it was okay to treat your child like your child was your friends? you know? >> no. >> parents, friends, you shouldn't be doing it, i don't think, experts say this can do a lot of harm to that kid. we'll explain. >> plus, did apple just kill the credit card? new iphone, new watch, and brand new way to pay for things. we explain apple