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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  September 16, 2014 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. ♪ >> a local mom robbed losing thousands teens raised for their cheer team. police say it's all a lie what investigators say really happened to their hard-earned cash. >> and jumped, beat on a busy street all for their answer to one question. >> we honestly just want these people brought to justice. >> a local couple has a message for their attackers. >> breaking news though right now in philadelphia's hunting park neighborhood. skyfox over old york road in erie avenue where police say a 13 year old has been shot and the gunman under arrest. a 16 year old friend. police believe the two teens may have been playing with a gun when it went off. investigators say the victim was shot twice in the stomach and is in stable condition right now at saint christopher's hospital.
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>> also breaking right now police say they have found a missing 15 year old girl on roosevelt boulevard near pennypack park unconscious. the teen is now hospitalized in stable condition. police are are are trying to figure out how she got there and why she was unconscious much they are not releasing any other information. >> happening not search for group who launch add brutal attack on two men and police may be closing in thanks to new information tonight from those victims. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm iain page. the victims broke their silence and spoke with our chris o'connell. he's live in center city where the attack horrified witnesses. chris? >> reporter: lucy, yeah, the victims in that case have identified their attackers to police tonight through surveillance photographs. we did get a chance to speak with those victims tonight. they say they were targeted for one reason and one reason only, because they are gay. we do want to warn you some of the graphic pictures you'll see may be difficult to look at.
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>> fox 29 was there when philadelphia police detectives took away a bag of bloodied clothes evidence from the victims in the violent attack of two gay men in center city. >> we honestly just want these people brought to justice. this is not fair. >> reporter: hours after one of them was released from the hospital, the men 26 and 28 years old who have been together for six years relived the horrific beating they call a hate crime. they didn't want to be identified, but did want their story told. this picture shows how bad the injuries were. >> i have multiple facial fractures on both sides of my face. i have and orbital fracture. >> talking through his jaw that is now wired shut for the next two months, one of the victims says he was hit so badly police thought he was shot. the couple was on their way out for pizza when they say a group of a dozen well-dressed men and women in their 20s approached them about 10:30 thursday night.
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>> somebody says, as we crossed 16th, what is that your your f'ing boyfriend. i looked at him and i said it is my f'ing boyfriend. goes, oh so you're dirty bleep and i go yeah, maybe i am a dirty bleep. then he hit me in the face. >> they say the group of attackers were yelling homo tow bic slurs during the beating then they took off. leaving one of the men in a pool of his own blood. >> when i had three or four of these guys on me i turned around i saw his head hit the ground. i was horrified. i thought he was dead. >> we were just going out to dinner. having a nice night in philadelphia which we do all the time. we've never had anything like this. just wanted to make sure it never happens again to anyone. >> reporter: a police source telling us tonight they are still looking at several surveillance videos. we do anticipate photographs being released in the next day or so. iain. >> all right, chris, thank you. philadelphia police up the
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reward for information lead to an arrest on conviction in deadly shooting that killed a pregnant woman and her baby. the mother to be was hit by a gunfire while sitting on a porch yesterday morning. police say meghan dotto shot in the face. doctors performed a c-section but her baby did not survive. police are now offering a $40,000 reward for information leading to an arrestth conviction in the case. a friend sitting right neck to her when it happened has a message for the gunman. >> i don't know how you can sleep at night. i mean if you had any type of conscience, you couldn't live with yourself. you'd have to turn yourself in. >> homicide detectives believe the gunman was stand ago block away from dotto when he fired 10 or 11 shots at a white four door car headed toward adams avenue. that's where she was sitting. police believe the bullet traveling 500 feet before it hit her. she leaves behind two surviving children four and six years old. >> developing now, atlantic city's revel casino now has an auction date.
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next wednesday the almost $2.5 billion resort goes for auction. a florida developer made a 90 million cash bid for the site next week. parts of the building could reopen just a couple of weeks after the sale goes through. straub says that casino will likely operate again, but his bid does not include a requirement he get a license to run a casino. revel's attorney says the property did not receive any other qualified bids. meanwhile trump plaza closes its doors at 5:59 tomorrow morning. it is the fourth casino to shut down in atlantic city this year. parent company trump entertainment says it could close its other property the taj mahal in november. >> on to your weather authority, and a wet start to your day. here's a life accurate radar showing what's headed our way right now couldn't make mess of your morning commute. here's chief meteorologist scott williams tracking your timeline. >> right now the cloud cover has already begun to stream in overhead and off to the west you can see this area circled it's a disturbance a weak disturbance
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nonetheless it will bring light rain our way for that tuesday morning commute. so as we roll the clock you can see the cloud cover continues to move in overnight. by 4:00 a.m. we're watching west of the area for those light showers, by 6:00 a.m. continuing to move toward the philadelphia area and it will be with us across the area for several hours tomorrow morning. here's the timing at 10:00 a.m. you can see we're still looking at some of those showers as they move a little farther to the south and east. right now it's 65 degrees. humidity increasing to the low 60s right now and that tuesday morning commute, you might want to allow a little extra travel time. temperatures will be in the low 60s once again with scattered light showers across the area. we'll talk about when this system finally moves out of here as well as how long to expect the below average fall like temperatures. iain and lucy. >> thank you scott. to night state police are working around the clock to find a shooter or shooters who ambushed and killed a pennsylvania state trooper and left another trooper in critical
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condition. >> i want to say to you, you are a coward. we will find you and we will seek justice. >> funeral services for corporal brian dixon are thursday in scranton. dixon and trooper alex douglas were shot friday night at the blooming barracks. police believe the gunman or gunmen might have a gripe with authorities and experience with a rifle. the reward leading to an arrest and conviction in the case has now jumped to $75,000. >> a woman is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from a local youth cheerleader association and police say she staged another crime to cover her tracks. cheerleadercheerleaders held a d fundraiser tonight. fox 29's jennifer joyce is live in mt. laurel, burlington county tonight. jennifer. >> reporter: this whole ordeal has been really tough on this team. they've had a number of fundraisers. so far this year all of that money gone. despite what they've been through the team remains positive.
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they brought their cheer and their positive spirit to rita's water ice on maple avenue in marlton, new jersey. hoping to score much needed ca cash. a portion of the monday night's water ice sails benefit a new jersey cheer association. a mt. laurel squad whose budget was busted after police say the team's former commissioner stole more than $9,000. leaving them with no money for competitions, practice space or clinics. >> it was kind of an unexpected discovery. you know, we all felt a little be trade by the previous commissioner. >> what happened was upsetting, of course, but with all the support from the community, the hard work of everyone involved with this organization, the coaches, everyone on the board, we've been really pushing through things. >> reporter: 44 cereal janine hamilton of mt. laurel charged with theft and making a false police report. the mt. laurel pd says officers caught on to hamilton's crime after she reported her purse stolen in august. and said thousands of dollars
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belonging to the cheer soaks was stolen, too. police say hamilton later confessed that she lied about the missing money to cover up her own theft. >> we stopped by hamilton tosses home for answers. a man opened the door and said janine hamilton was not around. the cheer squad says no hard feelings. >> i believe that it was a mistake and that there was no harm meant to be done to us as cheerleaders. >> reporter: high school squad is turning these sad circumstances into a life lesson that they can learn from and move on. >> it's definitely has made us realize if we can get through this, we can get through anything. >> reporter: and if you were not able to get to rita's tonight but united like to help this he'll head to our website there we've post add link to the team's website. you can head to their contact link still out a form and connect with them. iain. >> jennifer, thank you. students, teachers and parents are making a big push for more philadelphia school money together with education
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advocates they held a rally in point breeze. they want state lawmakers to approve a $2 a pack cigarette tax to raise cash for the troubled schools and today lawmakers returned from summer break to harrisburg to begin the fondle weeks of their session. leaders of the house and senate say they are optimistic they will get the cigarette tack do done. >> as early as tomorrow congress could vote on president obama's plan to train and arm moderate syrian rebels to take on isis. meanwhile in an emergency meeting in paris, world leaders are pressing for a global strategy to combat the terrorists. president obama is calling for a coalition of western and middle eastern countries today dozens of countries including iraq signed a statement saying they are committed in the fight to defeat the terrorists before they gain any more territory. so far the us is the only country carrying out air strikes against isis in iraq. international outrage intensified over the weekend. after the islamic state beheaded british aid worker david haines. it is now threatening another hostage.
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>> there are reports tonight that minnesota vikings running back adrian peterson is accused of injuring another one of his four year old sons. the news comes just as the team reinstates peterson. the running back facing child abuse charges for using a switch to spank another four year old son last week's indictment by a texas grand jury on a child abuse charge led to the vikings benching peterson in yesterday's game against the new england patriots. the vikings take the issue seriously but they want the legal process to take its course before making a final decision. peterson will play in this cun day' game fence the new orleans saints but he has a court appearance wednesday on the charge. >> and before this newest allegation, peterson released a statement that read in part "no one can understand the hurt that i feel for my son and for the harm i caused him. my goal is always to teach my son right from wrong and that's what i tried to do that day ". >> meanwhile it's expected that former baltimore ravens running back ray rice will appeal his indefinite suspension from the nfl. the ravens released rice last
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monday after new video surfaced showing him punching his then fiance' in an elevator at the revel casino. according to published reports, rice is expected to claim he told the nfl and the team the truth about the incident and now they're punishing him twice. he initially faced a two game suspension. rice has until 11:59 tomorrow night to file that appeal. >> virginity rocks. one middle schooler's shirt she was forced to change. why her school says it was too sexy for class. >> a love triangle goes sour. police say this doctor new what to do the special coffee prosecutors say she served to the man who rejected her. >> plus going to the high school football game requires more than a ticket. the test teens have to pass in one suburb to get in. >> and no more waiting for pay day to get your paycheck. >> this is got to be a scam. i mean it looks too good to be true. >> but it's not. how you can get your hands on the money you earn the day you make it. >> and forget telling a woman
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she looks thin. the one compliment women now say they want to hea
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>> a man with local ties faces formal charges in the murder of four people in the tampa bay, florida area. prosecutors have charged adam mattos with four counts of first degree murder in the deaths his ex-girlfriend, her parents and her new boyfriend. mattos moved to florida from lehigh county with his ex-girlfriend and her parents. investigators say the four bodies were found piled on top of each other in an open field about a mile from their home earlier this month. and police say mattos took his four year old son from the home after the killings. they found him and his boy at a
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tampa hotel on september 4th. >> a new york city judge is now deciding whether to allow the video taped confession of a man charged with killing a boy who disappeared 30 years ago. eight tan patz disappeared back in 1979 while walking to school. his body has never been found. two years ago, pedro hernandez of maple shade, new jersey, was charged with his murder after confessing. but his lawyer says that confession was not legal. his client lacks the mental ability to understand his rights. a hearing will determine whether the confession is admissible in court. hernandez has pleaded not guilty to hearing expected to last several weeks. >> boots on the ground for firefighters in south philly, they weren't fighting fires today, though, they were going door to door to prevent them. firefighters handed out home fire safety checklists and gave homeowners tips for keeping safe. today's efforts came on the heels of a deadly fire on saturday. a big day for a shop rite employee but maybe in the quite as big as the day he helped catch a robbery suspect.
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dan, works at the brooklawn, new jersey, store and today shop rite gave him a plaque for his efforts to catch the man. last month an 85 year old woman was putting her groceries into they are her car. the robber asked her for directions and then ripped off her wallet and took off. he went through hours of tape and led to the man's arrest. >> i'm glad i could help and keep the shoppers at brown's shop rite safe. >> the community is also of course glad. suspect eventually turned himself in. >> fox 29 getting results again. back in 2012, we pressed the philadelphia streets department to hack down the overgrown weeds making live dangerous for pedestrians it's on the 3,000 block of west abbotsford avenue in the east falls section of the city. and now the mess is back and more dangerous than ever. and so the woman who called us back then reached out to us again. so our bruce gordon went back out on the job.
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>> reporter: heather kovac walks his stretch of abbotsford at least twice a week taking her young son to the fast food down the street. >> that pile of trash wasn't there about last week. someone came and dumped that. >> reporter: what do you think about somebody would do that. >> i think it's i was awful. i think there's other ways they can get rid of their trash. >> reporter: two separate piles of junk block the way for pedestrians. there's construction debris and household waste, clothing and old tv's, toys and tires. all of it dumped under cloak of darkness. the women who walk this stretch from the bus stop to their workplace are fed up. >> it's like a little bit and then i guess people see it, they say, okay, we can dump our stuff here and then it's like each day it accumulates. >> how could you? people had to actually put stuff in their cars to bring the here. it's like why? >> reporter: one of the women told me she call the city's 311 line back in may to get the mess cleaned up. >> i was told that someone would be out to resolve it in five
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days, and nothing has happened since. >> reporter: that was memorial day? >> yes. >> reporter: there's been fair amount of illegal dumping that's going on here all over the sidewalk, um, and on to the street. >> when the women reached out to me, i reach out to the streets department and in no time at all, a man in a marked city truck was on scene taking pictures. right after that, came an e-mail response from the city. help is on the way. "this had already been scheduled for cleanup tuesday morning". the ladies can't wait. >> it's scary, for number one you don't know what's going to hop out of there. you got to jump over stuff, you don't know what's in there. that's all i'm saying. >> reporter: already scheduled for cleanup? that's a heck of a coincidence just a few hours after we called but, hey, either way san teague crews are due out on abbotsford first thing tuesday morning. we'll check back to make sure the area gets cleaned up and is once again safe. in the newsroom getting results i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> good job, bruce. all righty. we've got a rainy drive to work. we have a stabbed but what about
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the rest of the day, scott. >> you know i think the rain will be moving out of here after that morning rush and we'll actually see some sunshine during the day tomorrow lucy but right now not so much. the cloud cover has already begun to stream in. we're still dry across the area. but off to the west here's that weak disturbance that will be bringing us some of the light showers tomorrow morning. so as we time everything out you can see overnight we're dry, but by 4am we're watching some of the rainfall to the we have of the area and then it starts to fill in by 6:00 a.m. continuing across the area by 8:00 o'clock and we're talking light rain, less than tenth of an inch expected as we watch this quick disturbance move through. during the day you can see how we gradually start to clear out and we're looking pretty good into the afternoon and also evening. temperatures right now already in the 40s for the pocono mountains. mid execs in philadelphia. mid 50s right now in millville. so overnight the clouds continue to increase not as chilly and tomorrow morning, light
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scattered showers. less than a tenth of an inch of rainfall expected so it's not going to be a gully washer of a system and then by tomorrow afternoon, gradual clearing but that taste of fall continues for how long and also we continue to watch the tropics coming up next. iain and lucy. >> all right. talk to you then, scott. beautiful pictures all one of a kind. they depict a piece of you. what people are actually sending this couple to turn into works of art. >> and this soldier's bravery finally honored more than 40 years after his service. his extraordinary act that sounds just like a movie script. >> wasn't eighth graders
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>> hurricane odeal slams into mexico. residents and tourists are cleaning up and assessing the damage. od limit le a category three hurricane making landfall over night. officials say hotels in the area like the wes tin were severely damaged and tourists at emery sorts have been left trapped. the storm moved out of the area tonight and expected to slow down over the next few days. >> los angeles police followed protocol when demanding id from an actress an celebrity chef boyfriend. the cops were investigate a 911 call of lewd comment. police say they got complaint of
3:24 am
two people indecently exposed in a silver mercedes last thursday in los angeles. what's said police handcuffed her and through her in the back of the cruiser. police thought she was the prostitute and he was the client because of their race much she's black, he's white. >> when they asked her for id she refused. >> i just felt like it was win my right to say officer, i'm a responsible citizen. i'm not causing anyone harm. and i know that i'm not required to give you my id. >> police are kicking an internal investigation into the matter and what's and her boyfriend are now speaking with attorneys about what they will do next. hundreds of people are leaving their homes in ma dare row county california as a massive wildfire once burns out of control. the fire started yesterday near the entrance to yosemite national park. it has grown to nearly 4,000 ache considers. winds and high temperatures are fueling the flames. the area is an extremely popular destination for tourists and hikers throughout the year. >> eighth grader in arkansas
3:25 am
told to change a t-shirt that she wore to school. >> it wasn't promoting drugs nor violence. it was actually encouraging students to wait to have sex. here's what the shirt says right there. plain and clear. virginity rocks. chloe says she got it at a christian festival. however, staff members at her school did not like the shirt's content. they say they were worried it would disrupt classes by leading to coverings about sex. she had to report to the principal's office where she was told she couldn't wear it. >> i just really like the shirt, because i was always raised that way. i didn't really any think anybody would make a big deal out of it. >> she says she's still wear her shirt in public but follow the school's wishes innocent wear it on campus again. >> watch high school football you better prove you are sober. the local school making kids take breathalyzer before the big game. >> forget waiting until pay day. get your paycheck as you earn it every day. the app getting you access to
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your cash right here right now. and the one key to a long happy marriage. it may sound simple but, guys,
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>> show up a football game and take a breathalyzer. that's what happened to fans at a high school game in phoeni phoenixville. they had to pass a test proving they had no alcohol before the game before that you could of they can get into the stadium. it came as a surprise to lot of folks. >> tonight the school says it shouldn't have. fox 29's dave kinchen brings us both sides of the controversy as the players focus on their next game. >> reporter: football players at phoenixville area high school practice on the very same field where school administrators worked to combat under aged drinking at a friday night game. but it's the method that's raising questions. >> the breathalyzer before we went into the gate. kind of a different thing to go into. >> you weren't expecting that. >> no. >> reporter: junior jeffrey convoy says administrators were waiting with a breathalyzer when he got at the game. they were set up at a gate set
3:30 am
acid for students attending the game alone. >> people weren't going to show up drunk. it was a good thing i guess. >> tracy says her son get the test, too. >> i think he was more shocked that they did it. i wish they would have at least did a phone call or e-mail. i'm not against it but if there's an issue with the school i think the parents should have been aware of what's going on. >> reporter: administrators declined to talk on camera but tell fox 29 they heard some students were going to the game drunk so they took action. the superintendent's office released this statement for many years the faux 96ville area school district has beth lied students prior to a tepp dan at extracurricular activities. students are row minded procedure to the events. in this case they were reminded of the breath liesing procedure earlier in the week. the ability for the school to breath lies is also in the student handbooks and district policy. >> lisa ron go says the district wasn't fair with the crack down since students attending the game with parents were not required to submit. she wants the aclu involved, t too. >> i think if it's good for the
3:31 am
goose it's good for the gander. why aren't we testing everyone? drinking and driving is not good for kids it's also not good for grown ups. >> many parents say the district is doing right by them with the testing. >> the school is doing everything they can to try to keep things safe and keep the kids safe when they're on school property. >> reporter: phoenixville police were not involved in issuing the breathalyzers on friday. administrators are trained to issue a breathalyzer and ask for an extended drug test if they find any sign of underaged drinking. the district says they did not have any violators on friday. in phoenixville, dave kinchen, fox 29 news. >> nationally known cancer specialist on trial accused of trying to kill her former lover. attorneys say the woman was involved in love triangle with her co-worker. prosecutors say he chose his pregnant girlfriend over the doctor sending her into a rage. they say in january, she served him coffee containing the main ingredient in antifreeze. he survived but he does have kidney damage.
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>> long time coming for a vietnam war veterans he receives the presidential medal of honor at the white house. president obama presented the medal to command sergeant major bennie atkins for his bravery during the war. in 1966, atkins ran wounded through enemy fire to drag injured soldiers back to safety. atkins thanked his physical low soldiers by dedicating the med medal to all those who served with him. >> and what i would like to do is to be sure that you know that this medal of honor belongs to the other 16 special forces soldiers with me. >> atkins was deployed three times to vietnam with special forces. ly receiving the nation's highest military honor the brother of fallen army specialist donald sloat. he died in vietnam in 1970 when he through himself on a life grenade to protect other soldiers. amazing heroics. absolutely. >> all right. so you tired of waiting for
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those wages you've earned. now you can get paid when you want with no fees or penalty for early access to your cash. >> fox's steve noviello takes look at the app that unlocks your earnings. ♪ >> need cash? they've got it. big money loans ripe for the picking but with big money, comes one big consequence. >> you're going to lose a lot of money in fees and stuff. >> steve has been there himself. when times got tight he turned to an online pay day lone service. the fees were overwhelming. >> i got caught in just a continuous loop of having to pay them fee just to keep the lone going because i couldn't bay pack the entire amount. >> recently another bind much this one almost cost him his home. >> i was on the cusp of being evicted from here. >> reporter: but this time he turned to technology instead. >> it doesn't make any sense to match your life with a part of the money. ron is the president of active hours the smart phone application that gives you
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access to your money as you earn it. that's right. now, pay day is any day. >> i don't know why we've this two week waiting period on wages. >> limiting access to cash until pay day doesn't keep us from spending. it makes us count on credit and keeps us overdrafting our bank accounts to the tune of -- >> $35 billion a year. >> reporter: as a country we spend less on fresh veggies each year. which gave rom a fresh idea. users up load their hours to the active hours app. anyone with a digital or online timecard is eligible. then as you work, you can access your day home pay. yes, there are limits to keep you in control. with just one click your cash is deposited into your bank account. all of this for the price of -- >> there's no fees. there's no interest. we ask the customers to pay us what they think is fair. >> reporter: yup. no interest, no fees.
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the payout for these pay day loans is purely from customer tips. >> i don't know of anybody that could just not pay anything for a service like this because it's really helpful. >> reporter: steven was except al at first. >> this has got to be scam. it looks too good to be true. >> he tried borrowing 100 bucks against the hours he had already work. he got the cash, no problem, no fees. no interest. now, not only is he unlocking his pay -- >> what did we get. >> 2,500. bm. advertisement i he's unlocking the door to his new car. >> i wouldn't have been able to get the car at all. just the couple hundred dollars i needed for the down payment i was little short. >> consumers should be careful. that had employees from more than 250 companies already -- >> it's their money. they've already earned it. >> cashing in. >> there are withdrawal limits
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about 100 bucks day. come pay day active hours will debit your bank account to immediately pay back the lone. the available cash by the way is post tax and post deduction. so you never have access to more than you actually earn. >> seems like wildly successful. it does. >> you just off whatever you want, the fee. let's see how that work out. >> peek speaking of money you tip your waitresses, cab driver, hairdresser. what about the maids at your hotel. >> one hotel pushing to you thank the staff with cash. >> ditch the comfort food. researchers say it doesn't exi exist. what you should do before you reach forge your favorite snack to feel better. >> i do like cheetos. i don't like the orange fingers. ladies, what do you think? apparently we no longer want to hear we
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♪ >> you have a certain food that you like to eat when you're in bad mood maybe a scoop of ice cream arc few potato chips will make you feel better but does it really work. the american psychological association says emphatically no. researchers tested whether foods can turn a frown unside down and the results found comfort foods
3:40 am
did not provide any significant changes in moods. researchers believe we simply give comfort foods credit for our mood swings. >> taking a look at your money marriott hopes leaving envelopes in guest rooms encourages them to leave tips much the company's new campaign called the envelope please is partnering with maria shriver to launch the program starting this week marriott will start placing envelopes in its rooms across the us and can in a today. many travelers don't even realize tipping is customary. marriott ceo says a dollar to $5 is a customary tip depending on the room rate. this is a little stunning. stutter out of the uk says 41% of women prefer to hear they look young rather than slim. so it appears that two-thirds use anti aging products to fight off father time. >> that is true for me. i was wondering. age 39.5 is the time when most women find themselves concerned about getting older. >> all right. turning what's supposed to be a beautiful moment into a work of
3:41 am
art. >> some people think anything to do with childbirth and babies is a little -- there's an ick factor to it. >> that's right. you're looking at the remnants of childbirth. what people are actually sending this couple to turn into art for their walls. >> plus anyone knows marriage can be hard work. next the one piece of advice that lead to a long and happy relationship. hey, scott. hi, lucy. things are heating up in the tropics. we'll talk about two hurricanes coming up and also we'll talk abou
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>> one pet owner in australia stops at nothing to save the life of her pet gold fish. the tumor started to affect the fish's quality of life. the vet says the gold fish is now swimming normally again. >> i had that with my fish. i really did. it underwent surgery. did news story on it nature is filled with beauty but a utah couple's art could be taking things a little too far for some tastes. that's right using umbilical cords to create their work. don't expect to see these pieces in the philadelphia museum of art any time any time soon of
3:45 am
soon much. >> these works have their fans. >> most people when they see it hanging in our house have no idea what it was much it's a combination between science and art. >> it's a picture of the umbilical cord. >> keith and stephanie duffy' home is decorated with umbilical are a. >> we got the idea for it in 2009 when our son luke was born wed asked the doctor to keep a little piece of umbilical cord. we hung it on the wall and all of our friends thought it was really mazing. >> luke's umbilical image was the first but not the last. we saw many around the world in asia particularly. >> customers send samples of umbilical cords to the duffys to be used in the process of crea creating a scientifically guaranteed one of a kind image. >> i can just change different magnifications just to see different cell structures and different cord structures. >> reporter: keith is a doctor
3:46 am
specializing in dermatology and cancer surgery. who uses micro scopes to search for some of the more eye catching cells. >> we can achieve up to about 600 times what the make eye can see. we can take very thin slices of the cord that's already pre serve. and then you can use different stains to make it different colors. >colors. report we get a lot of interesting reaction to the art. some people thing anything to do with childbirth and babies there's an ick factor to it. >> for the cuff fees and their customers -- >> it's a custom piece of art that's very meaningful for lot of people. that was hope wood side reporting. >> happy wife, happy life. >> we're learning that may hold quite a bit of truth. >> ink that. >> researchers at rutgers university say a woman's happiness is more crucial than her found to keep that wed bliss and also helps the overall wel well-being and health of men and here's how.
3:47 am
researchers say when a wife is happy and satisfied, she's likely to do more for her husband and he then maintains a positive attitude while having less health issues. there you go. >> interesting. >> guys don't need a whole lot to be happy. >> you just need a golf course and nice warm weather all you need. >> exact. maybe watch game. >> for iain, scott williams is crucial for the wedded bliss. >> the below average temperatures, iain, will continue. you'll need your winter coat. how about that? >> that's not good. i going to south. >> you got to stay here. we do have some cloud cover moving in as well as some showers for that tuesday morning commute. ultimate doppler right now, though, it's dry. but off to the west, we're looking at some weak disturbance moving through early tomorrow morning. so mostly cloudy right now overhead but you can see the highlighted area here. watching this move out of the ohio river valley. light scattered showers for that morning rush so as we take a
3:48 am
look at that forecast we're looking at mostly cloudy skies. 7am temperatures right around 62 degrees. so it will be a little cool to start and we're looking at those light scattered showers continuing for the balance of the the morning. how much rainfall are we talking? not whole lot. it's going to be scattered about and most locations will be pick up less than a tenth of an inch of precipitation out of this system so once again it's not going to be a gully washer at all. the employee low this 53 degrees. the afternoon high 72. we should be in the upper 70s for this time of year. by the way it is the last official full week of summer and look at the temperatures. in the upper 40s already for the pocono mountains. 54 in pottstown. mid 50s in millville as well as atlantic city. we're looking at temperatures in the mid askings around philadelphia. so expanding the view. you can see the milder air to the south. 70s but look at the 50s north and west so we'll be locked in this pattern with below average
3:49 am
temperatures really throughout the entire week. things heating up in the tropics. watching hurricane edouard as a category two storm. maximum sustain winds 110. this storm will be moving back out to sea. not threat to land as we take look you can see we're watching a lot of heavy rainfall. hurricane odile weakened to a tropical storm. 70 miles per hour winds but it is producing a lot of rainfall along the baja peninsula and this rain is headed right back toward the phoenix area. remember a couple of weeks ago, that area was devastated with lot of flood concerns so there could be a repeat later this week. we'll keep you posted. 60 degrees the low in the city tonight. 54 in the suburbs. increasing clouds. morning showers across the area. temperatures, though, recover after cool start. mid 70s for highs. so weather by the numbers tomorrow on a scale of one to 10, we will give it a seven. we're looking at the morning rain but it will move out and we
3:50 am
keep temperatures comfortable. so it's not really going to be bad day. the seven day forecast showing you, 74 degrees for wednesday. 76 on thursday. low 70s on friday. so a little cooler with a front that comes through. upcoming weekend we're talking mid 70s on saturday and and that we warm up a bit into sunday with temperatures in the low 8 80s. >> all right. we got a couple of tens coming up. >> there you go. >> wednesday and thursday. >> all right. thank you, scott. >> tom srendenschek here with what's up in sports. >> no pressure to live on those tens. no pressure whatsoever. >> pressure on the eagles and colts tonight and looking ahead to sunday passion well. eagles and redskins coming up sunday at the lingering and desean jackson guys he may get his homecoming after all. and major league baseball doesn't waste any time pun machining jonathan papelbon for his ugly gesture yesterday. punishment he deserve, the punishment he got coming up next in sports.
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[ woman on p.a. ] now boarding track 6. ♪ do not leave bags unattended. [ male announcer ] maybe you see something suspicious. but you don't want to get involved. it's nothing, you think. can you be sure? ♪ if you see something, say something. report suspicious activity to local authorities.
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♪ >> guys the last time eagles started two-zero it was two years ago they finished four-12. it is very young in the national football league season. eagles and colts wrapping up week two under the monday night likes of luke cass oil stadium in indianapolis. eagles, well, trying to put together yet another come back. they trail the colts 20-sick in the third quarter. and they have come back to tight game right now at 20. eagles first half consisted of pair of codey parkey field goals. that was it. another brutal first half. from lesean mccoy 1 yard touchdown one in the third. darrin sproles just added one from 19. eagles and colts tied right now. 20 all in the fourth quarter. no robert griffin sunday eagles will take on the redskins here at the linc but the prognosis not as bad as originally expec expected. mri monday showed robert griffin the third does not have a fractured ankle just a
3:55 am
dislocation. sounds good writ there, guys. well, griffin's foot and ankle are in cast right now. he will be re-evaluated in couple of week. kirk cousins will start sunday here for the redskins here at the linc. what about desean jackson? injured his shoulder on sunday against the jacksonville jaguars on this play. he'll do whatever it takes to play sunday again the eagles and redskins coach jay gruden he's optimistic as well. >> i think it's just a great one and he'll be day to day. if he can play with pain he'll be good to go for sunday. we'll have a better idea thursday or friday where he is. >> i think desean jackson plays sunday here at the linc. phillies starting seven game west coast road trip tonight. three in san diego and three more ought in oakland. they trail the padres one to zero in the fourth inning. seven games out west east coast and all seven without their closer. papelbon suspended seven games
3:56 am
for this class less gesture again the miami marlon. papelbon will not appeal the decision in aim is it a they support major league baseball's decision and a apologized to you the fans for jonathan papelbon's actions. >> the ball more orioles, tonight down in camden yards against toronto taking on the blue jays. they starter the night the magic number three. the diving catch. orioles do all the things right. homerun from ryan flay heart tee. baltimore wins five-two. magic nunnery dud to just one. one more orioles win or blue jays lost orioles will be the first team to clinch. >> jonathan pap pell been major league baseball got it right. i think he's pitched his last game in philadelphia. trade him off in the season much he's done, guys. >> thank you. >> remember to tune into tmz11:00 o'clock and fox morning news at 4:00 a.m.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
a 13 year-old boy dead, found by his girlfriend's father. the the issuing ises that led to this deadly shooting in northeast philadelphia coming up, chris. dawn, thank you. shooting inside a local bar what police believe went down. our sue serio tracking your tuesday weather, hi sue. >> a few showers on the way, a little later on, this is just confined to the morning hours, we will tell you what is happening after that, coming up in your weather authority forecast. all right, sue thank you. and then fly, eagles fly they sore right into another victory fans are racking post game, what they had to say. look at that. how about that codey parkey.


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