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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  September 24, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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good morning, breaking news this morning, a pregnant woman and her unborn baby are dead following a shooting in philadelphia's ogontz neighborhood. police say 20 shots fired at mid row avenue and 20th street. man also critically injured in that shooting. police are looking for the shooter. lauren johnson will be on the scene for you in just a few minutes. sad scene at that. it is wednesday, september 24, 2014. rash ash hand a, jewish new year, begins at sundown today. happy new year to those who celebrate. much more on the top stories coming up. first, let's check in with sue serio, at 4:01-ish. >> and we start off with a look at temperatures, because, if you need to walk out the door this early in the morning, first of all, we can sympethize. not too bad out there. at least compared to yesterday. it is a little bit milder in
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places, because after few clouds around. 54 degrees up in mount pocono, but only 47 in pottstown, 48 in allentown, here in the city we have 56 degrees, it is 51 in millville. fifty in atlantic city, 54 degrees in wildwood. winds are not a big factor. most of them still coming out of the north, but we're seeing little bit after change. we will continue to see a change as a coastal storm gets a little closer. you see the clouds kind of spreading in, in our satellite and radar picture, and then as we zoom out, show you ultimate doppler, this is the coastal storm that could give us a soaking by this time tomorrow. it will be raining. 56 degrees in philadelphia, right now, 80% relative humidity, calm winds, and sunrise happening at ten of 7:00 this morning. it was fine for fall, for the first full day of the season yesterday, lovely, high of 72 degrees. the average hi, 75, so we were still little below average, little cooler than normal, but
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it at this felt great. little closer to average today, 74 degrees, with early sunshine, but then cloudy afternoon, see increasing clouds throughout the day. winds will be out of the north, but again, we're talking about a coastal storm. and maybe some soaking rains with that tomorrow. so, get the future cast in just a few minutes, we'll get that to you. right now 4:01, let's check traffic. we start off early on this wednesday morning, in carney's point, new jersey, where the new jersey turnpike southbound, before the delaware memorial bridge, has an overturned tractor-trailer there. the left and center lanes are blocked. it is still early. you can get through okay. it will slow you down. now, also, in camden, new jersey, route 30, admiral wilson boulevard westbound, approaching baird boulevard. a water main break there has the right lane blocked. and the pennsylvania turnpike, northeast extension, that's southbound area past quakertown, we have construction in the right lane, which is blocked. kerry? >> sue, thank you. it is 4:02, some breaking news
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we mentioned at the top of the show. pregnant woman shot and killed overnight in north philadelphia. >> now, sadly, her baby has died. let's get out to fox 29's lauren johnson live out at the scene, lauren, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, such a sad story. homicide detective still on the scene here trying to piece together exactly what happened at 20th and major in north philly where the woman was shot. they are conducting their investigation with some very key pieces of evidence. we understand a 26 year old was lying outside of a car. it was cents a running chevy impala that is still on the scene here, when police arrived. authorities say, she had been shot in the head, the arm, and both legs, she was rushed to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead. doctors worked for hour to save her baby but they were unsuccessful. that baby pronounced dead just after 2:00 a.m. also cents with her a 25 year old man, also shot in the back and the leg. he was transported to einstein hospital, in critical condition, but he is expected to survive. police say 11 shots were fired here on the scene.
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they found 20 shell casings, on the sidewalk, and the street. they have one suspect, they say, was running southbound, away from the scene, here. they are happy to know businesses cents had exterior cameras, trying to pull that surveillance video, and they are hoping that some witnesses here on the scene will help with this investigation. >> twenty-five year old female who was pronounced dead at ann stein hospital. doctors cents did what they k they delivered the baby. they work on the baby for over an hour. but the baby was pronounced dead at 2:18 a.m. and information we're receiving is preliminary. but the female was eight months pregnant at the time. >> reporter: right now police don't know how the shooting victims were related. they know the 25 year old male and that 26 year old were inside that car, at some point. they do believe the car belongs to that female victim. also, we have to remind up, back on september 14th,
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another pregnant woman was shot. arrest has not been made in that case. they are still searching for someone in that shooting. they have named a person of there. but again, investigators still on the scene here. this homicide investigation will of course bring awe update coming up at 4:30, chris, kerry? >> such a sad story. we talk to scott small all the time. a crack in his voice with this one. >> you know what it is like for him. >> sure, always when we talk about kids. 4:05, delaware county middle school teacher charged with having sex with a 15 year old girl. >> police say 38 year old bill barber of glen mills used his position as teacher and football coach at garnet valley middle school to sexually assault a former student in his office. his four year old daughter suffering from brain cancer, and his family created the lemon shot sal inning to help raise money for pediatric cancer. as you can imagine, a loft parents feel betrayed. others are defending him at a school board meeting. >> it is phenominal. without him as a teacher my
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caught we are not survive. she is special needs. because of his actions, he taught her to become included instead of excluded. so, yes, he is an amazing guy. >> others still skeptical. >> how many other girls did he do it to? that's just one. i bet up there is more. >> barber is in jail, and on paid administrative leave this morning, the district will have a crisis team on hand to council their students. >> fox 29 was there when us marshals and philadelphia police swat teams converged on the home of darian person, this is on the 1900 block every rowan street. person surrendered to police, suspected in the shooting death after 15 year old girl in olney on monday. police say the victim iesha and door rahum innocent bystander walking with a friend when the gunfire errupted about a block away. now, neighborhood plagued by crime is asking the community to step up and speak out against gun violence.
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>> too many people under 30 die, gun violence, in the city. and they can talk about whatever, but it is black on black crime, and it is sad. >> it is senseless murders. enough is enough. enough is enough. >> another 19 year old man was shot, as well, list in the critical but stable condition, it is not clear if he was part of a shooting or another innocent victim. at this point, three people are expected to be charged in the assault of gay couple in center city and they're expected to turn themselves in today. police released this video of the people believed to have beaten and injured the men on september 11. it made headlines across the country. yesterday the d.a.'s office announced plans to charge 24 year old philip williams, 26 year old kevin harrigan, and 24 year old catherine knot. restless endangering another person, criminal conspiracy. >> new details this morning about sore eye at this hazing allegations surrounding miss america the beauty queen said
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she was removed from her college sorority over an e-mail taken out of context. we first told you yesterday morning, that she was kicked out of her sorority at hofstra university because of hazing. newly crouds miss america is denying any reports of aggressive behavior, instead, saying an e-mail she sent was forwarded to sorority leaders, that, in part, said an evening planned would be, quote, scary, for the pledges. says hazing, that she participated in, only involved menial tasks, reciting information, or standing in line. meanwhile, the miss america organization says she was up front about being kicked out of her sorority. 4:08. happening now, police closing in on the accused cop killer eric frein, and residents near where police believe he is are shaken. why they say this is even hurting local business. and then, potential terrorist plot against the united states and other western countries, is
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thwarted. but the threat didn't come from isis. we'll tell you all about a new group that us intelligence
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>> starting to see clouds move in already this morning, this is in advance of a coastal system we've been talking about since yesterday. so, as we zoom down, little further south, there we see it. this is a system that's still casino every getting itself
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together. and it is going to move northward, and poe tenly give us a lot of rain. so looking at the future cast, throughout the rest of the morning we'll probably see sunshine, at least in philadelphia, but from south to north, the clouds start rolling in, this afternoon, with a few breaks of sun, it gets completely cloudy, by about 2:00. here's 6:00. and you start to see some rain moving in to the jersey shore, and southern delaware. by 11:00 it is here, in philadelphia. and you can see, the closer you get to the coast, the heavier the rain will be, classic, with coastal storm. now, we move into tomorrow morning, and we see during the morning rush hour, a mess, it is going to be very, very rainy, and very, very windy, as well. again, with this coastal storm, by 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon, it is still raining. by 7:00 it is still raining. 9:00, still raining. by 11:00 starting to see things get a little better, hopefully we'll get rid of this by 4:00 in the morning when we're together for the fox 29 morning news once
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again, as we are with you at this time every day. so, you know, maybe left over shower or two by the evening, but should be okay. rainfall totals, potentially this could be a soaker. we could get over an inch of rain in philadelphia, but maybe two, two and a half inches of rain, just depends on how close this system stays to the coast. temperatures, as you walk out the door right now, it is 54 up in mount pocono, but only 48 in bethlehem. 49 degrees in doylestown, and 53 in bensalem. 56 degrees here in philadelphia. fifty in atlantic city, and 56 degrees in cape may. head today high of 74 degrees today, early sunshine, but as we mentioned, increasing clouds, then tonight, as the rain begins, we get down to about 60 in the city, 50's in the suburbs, and that's your weather authority forecast. time to check traffic for you. we start off in carney's point new jersey, that's where the new jersey turnpike, approaching the delaware memorial bridge, overturned tractor-trailer there. here we go again with a tractor-trailer problem. >> this one has the left and
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center lanes blocked, but, just really slow going around that area, this morning. in camden, route 30, admiral wilson boulevard, westbound, approaching baird boulevard, a water main break has the right lane blocked. and finally, 295 northbound, the off ramp to 42 freeway, 76, there is construction, that should wrap up around 5:00 this morning. chris? >> sue serio, thank you. meantime, happening now, closing in on the accused killer after pennsylvania state trooper. the search for eric frein is now in day 12, state police say he killed corporal brian dixon and injured another trooper. >> police have surrounded the area where they believe he is in the pocono mountains, actually not far from where his parents live. that's where fox 29's dave kinchen caught up with some of the residents to see how it has affected them. >> reporter: pa state troopers pull out heavy fire power at the price township perimeter set up around the area state police believe macon tape survival lister i can frein. meanwhile, keeping steady
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presence up snow hill road filled with houses, 11 days after frein allegedly killed corporal brian dixon. >> hope they finds him soon. life or death, either way. >> reporter: area residents we talked with say they want frein captured, but they also want to get back to their normal lives. >> you have kids, families, schools -- >> sort of getting mixed information whether we're supposed to leave our community, or, you know, whether or not we can go back. you know, it is kind of gray. it is not very black and white, as is to what's going on. >> businesses likeness blooming onion italian restaurant also suffering with empty tables. the manager says people just aren't coming out. >> it has been dead. people are afraid to go out. afraid to get locked out of their neighborhood. can't get back in once they do go out. but the roads being closed down. >> businesses around eric frein's hometown are also quiet, many say the sooner he's captured, the better off they will be. >> for a small town like there
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is definitely been something big. that was fox 29's dave kinchen reporting. newark delaware police are on the hunt for an arsonist, they release surveillance of the man they believe behind it on saturday. those incidents happened victoria court once again in newark. police say the man is a college age person, who was wearing bluejeans and clearly no shirt. if you know anything that might help find him, call newark police. happening today, the governor of pennsylvania's governor i should mention says that he will make philadelphia cigarette tax law at 11:30 this morning there is highly debated bill cleared its final hurdle in the senate yesterday. it authorizes $2 per pack tax on cigarettes in philadelphia. the money generated would go to the city's cash strapped school district. school officials say this new tax will pump about $83 million into the philadelphia school district every year. looks like an option will happen for the revel hotel casino today. yesterday, with the deadline
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for potential buyers to put in bids for the casino, bankruptcy court judge approved an auction for the property for today. if at least two bids come in. we're hearing the option rounded up at least that many. meantime, probably the last thing atlantic city residents want to hear about, but more layoffs could be in the works yesterday. the city asked for the state's permission to hand out pink slips. why the state's per anything? the city sent out letters to municipal workers warning it intends to file layoff plans with the state on october 1st. officials did not indicate how many workers they might target. yesterday, ac credit rating was downgraded a mid the closing of four casinos. a lot happening overseas. 4:17 right now with new developments by the minute. in a crisis in the middle east. president obama crediting a multi national coalition for caring out new air campaign against isis in syria. the expanded military action comes as leaders of 180 countries are gathering at the united nations, today,
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president obama is expected to push for binding resolution against isis. including a international travel ban on for infighters. meanwhile, he's also thanking leaders from the arab nations that joined the united states in a its first set of air strikes against isis inside of syria. along with isis, american planes also target add al quaida cell known as the coreson. says the coreson group was grooming western passport holders to carry bombs onto flights bound for the united states and europe. officials say this decision to target this group happened within the past week, and it was based in part on updated location information for its senior leadership. meanwhile, it is life in prison for obama sama bin laden. his son-in-law it, was defiant to the very end in a new york city courtroom. he's the highest ranking al quaida figure to go on trial on us soil following the
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september 11 attacks. he suggested that a backlash would wash across the muslim world for his sentencing. the 48 year old acted as the voice of al quaida following the attacks. he testified during the trial that his role was strictly religious. >> federal health officials laying out the best and worse case scenarios for the deadly ebola outbreak in west after cam says the number of people infected could explode to at least 1.4 million people by mid-january. but if efforts to control the outbreak are ramped up it, could peak while below that, nearly 6,000 people have contracted ebola since the first outbreak six months ago, since then, at least 2800 people have died from it. >> 4:19. topping your national headlines, suspect now charged in connection to the disappearance of a missing virginia college woman. jesse matthew has been charged with abducting hannah graham. she has been missing since september 13th. police say that that guy was spotted on surveillance camera interacting with gram.
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matthew had spoke win police before the weekend as named as suspect but hasn't been seen since. residents in ferguson, missouri, rebuilt memorial in honor of michael brown after it burned at the site where the teen was shot and killed, that angering many people, although people are not quite sure how it started. brown killed last month by a police officer. he was unarmed. grand jury currently deciding, or currently trying to decide, if the officer will be criminally charged. a former army private convicted of leaking government documents is suing the defense department for refuse to go pay for hormone treatments for her gender identity condition. chelsey manning, of course formerly known as bradley manning, also seek the right to follow female grooming standards. manning is serving a 35 year sentence, in a military prison, for sending classified documents to wikileaks. >> we are asking to you join us, to salute our troops. shutting down market street here in front of our station
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at fourth and market, to the brave men and women in uniform. join us this friday, here at fourth and market. we'll have music, food, of course the men and women who serve in the military will be here in uniform, come down and show your support. yesterday i got to golf with a legend. an olden any. joe size man, former quarterback of redskins, was therefore the golf torn many. >> amazing organization, you're absolutely right, heist been for so many years. well, now our job is to make sure the weather's good for salute the military day on friday, and so far, it does look like it will clear up, after a very rainy day tomorrow. today you'll see increasing clouds, high temperature every 74, tomorrow, only 68 for a high. rain, and wind sometimes gusting to up 30 miles an hour, sun and clouds on friday but it should be dry, 76 degrees by then, 80s over the weekend, even into monday
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so warming up and feeling like summer in time for the first weekend every fall. that's look at your weather authority forecast. and time to check traffic. our early problem this morning in new jersey turnpike southbound, carneys point, just before the delaware memorial bridge. overturned tractor-trailer there, that has left and center lanes blocked. it is good idea to take 295 as your alternate. chris? >> all right, sue. >> kerrey will read, i'm going through puberty, i apologize. >> well, let's do that on your own. labron james showing offer his skinny figure after he lost a ton of weight. how he shed the pounds. >> breaking news, after pregnant woman is gunned down, she was not the only one hit by the gunfire. what police know so far.
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>> after last night, it won't happen, to miami. >> coal ham em, another good game, don't score runs. single in the fourth. >> scores only run miami needed. phillies can do no worse than
4:26 am
tie for last place, lose to the marlins two to nothing. kerrey williams had apologizing to do, chip kelly, on the way he treats his players in practice, also jumped on his teammate, nate allen, made mistake on coverage, so talked to kelly monday and teammates yesterday. >> i toll him it will happen again i told him i won't talk negative will about the team. it is cents cents something to be proud of. and i am happen that i we are three and zero. cause things could have gone otherwise. >> and the eagles are a five and a half point underdog on sunday against san francisco, that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> always the underdog. >> always the underdog. >> i know. >> we're three and zero, and one and two. >> labron james revealing how he lost the weight. told sports illustrated very
4:27 am
strict off season guy, responsible for his slimmer physique. he cut out everything, except meat, fish, fruit and vegtables, for 67 days. very specific. he said it was a mental challenge, originally planned it, planned to do it for just a month. but he decided to keep going because his body felt so good. welcome home banner for one lucky pup. he ended up thousands of miles away from home. >> drug store customer tackles away from home. >> drug store customer tackles woman running out of store
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>> it's wednesday, september 24th it's the jewish new year begins at sundown today. happy new year he to those that celebrate it. rights now. by surprise down i'll see the rain and we'll be with family tonight. bring the umbrella. pocono mountains temperatures in the 50s. so are temperatures wilmington, millville, atlantic city, wildwood and dover, delaware, winds not an issue this morning. what we're watching is a storm
4:32 am
that is down here in the klooip s, it's still getting the act together and about to become a coastal low. you hear that and you think about coastal storms and you think about high winds and heavy rains and beach erosion and all of that could happen. tomorrow, but for right now it's calm, 56, 80% relative humidity and sunrise time 6:50 this morning. beautiful yesterday, 7. cooler than afternoon lovely, 74 today,en increasing clouds through the afternoon. as the storm approaches and by tonight will be raining in many places, 60 in the city and let's get out to new jersey and talk about what is happening open the southern part of the new jersey turnpike around delaware memorial bridge and carneys point, overturned tractor-trailer has lanes of southbound blocked 295 is good
4:33 am
alternate for you there. camden, route 30. westbound approaching baird right lane blocked and will be borough, roxboro place reports of an accident there. >> let's goat breaking news now to a pregnant woman shot this death in north philadelphia. >> second time in less than two weeks police have been to a shooting where a woman was shot and killed. live at the scene this morning for us, lauren. >> reporter: good morning you to. police are on the scene here trying to figure out what happened to this neighborhood at 20 and nesra in north philly. you can see evidence markers lining the street. they're conducting an investigation with important pieces of evidence and we understand the 26-year-old expecting mother was lying outside of running chevy impala on the grounds here when police arrived on the scene. authorities say she was shot in the head, arm, and both legs and rushed to the hospital where she
4:34 am
was pronounced dead. doctors worked for an hour to save her baby. they say she was 8 months pregnant. they were unsuccessful. also a victim in the shooting a 25-year-old man found outside the running car suffering from two gunshot wounds to the back and legs and he was taken to einstein in critical condition. they expect him to survive and help them with this investigation. the ghaun fired 11 shots and there are bullet casings on the sidewalk near the car. also in the street. right there near the car. as for motive, police don't have one yet. as for a suspect, they say they only know one man was seen running away from the scene. in addition surveillance and witnesses are now being questioned and they're hoping the car open the scene proves to be helpful in this investigation. >> there's a chevy impala on the scene. the engine is running. now we believe that both of the victims or one of the victims were in that vehicle at the time of the shooting.
4:35 am
however, when police arrived on the scene, both of the victims, male and female, were on the sidewalk laying on the sidewalk right next to that chevy impala. there is blood in the impala. it appears to have been struck by gun fire. however both victims were out of the vehicle when police arrived laying next to the vehicle. and the vehicle in question the engine is running and we believe the vehicle belongs to the female victim who was pronounced dead. >> as you mentioned, back on september 14, another reg are pregnant woman was shot and killed. megan doto. two pregnant women in the last month so the and killed. right now investigators are combing the car for evidence. if anything happens we'll bring you an update, carrie, chris. >> this is a shocking story,
4:36 am
middle school teacher is now behind bars accused of having sex with former student. >> 8 william barbre they say had sex with a 15-year-old girl in his office garnett valley middle school. >> the lemon shot challenge to raise money for pediatric cancer research. students told staff about the incident. >> i feel sorry for his wife first of all. i don't know how anybody can do that. >> we'll let the legal process take its course and be involved in supporting our students. >> barbre is on jail and paid administrative leave. this morning the district will have a crisis team on thoond council students. >> 4:46. happening today three people are expected to turn themselves in. this video of the people believe to have beaten and injured men
4:37 am
back on september 11 that made headlines across the country. yesterday the district attorney's office made plans to charge 24-year-old philip williams and 6-year-old kevin harbegan and katherine not with aggravated assault, recklessly endangering another person. we'll bring you the latest as it comes in. >> 4:37, cleanup or pay up. sick of dog waste left behind by owners? what they're doing to fight back. >> leonardo dicaprio has strong words about climate change and why it's his job to play pretend words about climate change and why it's his job to play pretend not ours.
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guess what? the money we need to fund our schools lies right underneath your feet. that's right. down in the ground, pennsylvania has deep deposits of natural gas. but because of governor corbett,
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we're the only state in the country that doesn't make oil and gas companies pay an extraction tax. as governor, i'll make the gas companies pay up to help fund our schools for a change. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania. >> welcome back the platt bridge and the way to the airport, no delays. rain is in the forecast. we'll have that weather on the ones, meantime firefighters are making progress and they're still a little worried hi winds could stoke the flames later today and more than 7,000 firefighters worked to strengthen containment lines and fire is 30% contained and it threatened thousands of homes east of sacramento for more than a week now. nearly 3,000 people remain under evacuation order and officials
4:41 am
believe this fire was deliberately set. of course they've been having huge problem with drought there for the past three years as well. is that the, of course, adding to the worries as these wildfires many continue to grow. 4:41 now. we on the other hand are in store for a little bit of rain. and i know it's a bite full shot as we look at old city this morning. clear and cool. it was like in the upper 40s as i was driving in. but sue is joining us. we're going to look at the planner today. >> we're going to plan on seeing some increasing clouds as the day goes along. so, yeah, some temperatures in the 40s. where we've had cloudy skies it's in the 50s this morning. it depends where you are. it's not chillier than yesterday. you got through yesterday, you'll be fine. 72 by lunchtime mix of sun and clouds. we should be socked in with clouds by the end of the day, 74 degrees. rain arrives later on. of course, we have rush rosh
4:42 am
hashahan beginning sundown and if you go out with family have your umbrella. sunset 6:55. there's your wednesday planner by the weather authority. let's get to the roads, i-95 southbound approaching philadelphia international airport we have an accident. car ran into the guardrail. more on that as we get more information. carrie. >> sue, thank you it is 4:42 if you don't cleanup after your pets outside it could cost you. a
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4:45 am
>> continuing to follow breaking news a pregnant woman and unborn baby are dead following a shooting in the philadelphia ogontz neighborhood. we'll bring you updates throughout the morning. >> florida suspects on the run from police turning up where the cops want them outside of the police station. >> police tried to stop the toyota for expired tags when a paerm in the car tried to explain. they say the driver took off. they say the speeding car hit an off duty officer's parked mercedes and rolled over and hit a streetlight. >> our k-9 responded to scene and k-9 officers longted the two that fled from the vehicle still on the municipal complex parking lot. >> driver and two passengers were arrested.
4:46 am
police are searching the car and found four guns, one stolen and the car they say was stolen as well. in florida things got wild at a drug store check outline. >> a good samaritan swooping in to help when police say he saw someone stealing. the woman goes to the cashier to buy a pack of gun. when the clerk opens the register she grabs a handful of money and takes off. she didn't get far. a customer tackles her to the groundch the woman told police she lost her job and needed money for her cat. she was arrested and is facing a number of charges. >> all right. it's officially fall. and for coffee lovers that means it's time for pumpkin spice latte drink so popular even the president of the united states of america can't put it down. check out this video of president obama exiting the precedential helicopter marine one posted on the whitehouse instagram page keeping his hand on what appears to be a
4:47 am
starbucks while saluting the servicemen. i like the quad grande americano with room. >> room for cream. >> cream and sugar. >> i like my americano black no cream no sugar that's the way. puts hair on your chest. >> leonardo dicaprio joining the summit for climate change. >> un recently appointing dicaprio as merge of peace to promote their goals. >> every week we're seeing new anden deniable climate events and evidence that accelerated climate change is here now. droughts are intensifying and oceans asid fewing and methanes rising up from ocean floor
4:48 am
seeing scream weather events and green land ice sheets melting unprecedented rights decades ahead of scientific predictions none of this is rhetoric or hysteria it is fact. hardly even looks like him. >> must be filming a movie now. >> indeed. >> robin hood or something. >> un secretary general would like all countries to sign an international agreement putting limits on carbon emissions from the burning of fossil fuels bit end of the year. 4:48 now. one local community getting touch. what your pooch is leaving behind. cracking down on people that do not cleanup after their pets and violateers could face step fines. fox dawn timone has that story. >> i would like to catch the people that don't pick up after their dogs. >> so would falls township officials. >> failing to pick up dog pop has gotten so problematic township voting to slap pet owners from fines ranging from
4:49 am
$100 to $300. >> if they get caught it will hit them in the wallet. >> people should take care of their messes. >> and it doesn't get any easier than to pick up after your pet at the falls township community park they have doggy waste bag dispenseers all over the place. bell have no excuse. but believe it or not some dog owners dodge dispensing of fido's feesyes. >> we ride our bike through the park and there's always dog pop on the path. >> our animal control officer will be involved in the process and we'll do our best to try to stop the problem. >> a lot of people we talked to think it will be tough to catch violateers. >> nobody is really going around watching people walking their dogs. i really don't think it will deter anybody. >> i think people will still do the same thing you know what i mean. >> even if freeze facing a $300
4:50 am
fine. >> well maybe they'll think twice. dawn timoney. >> dog's business is nobody else's business. you think common courtsey would move people in the right direction. apparently not. >> let's go with the dog theme we mentioned our producer melissa loves dogs. a local family reunited with their dog at the philadelphia airportch the reunion almost didn't happen. >> this adorable jack russel tearier, gijet, arrived from oregon 11:30 last night. her family super excited to get her back and staged a huge home coming up when the happenedler put gijet down to reunite with her family she took off and darted down the street. i would say she doesn't want to live with them. thankfully airport workers were able to catch her before she reached i-95 and thank fullly her owner has has a good sense of humor. >> we know how she got to oregon
4:51 am
she's a fast runner. >> a good samaritan spotted her and took her to a shelt are a couple months ago. the saving grace in getting her home is the fact she was micro chipped. >> that woman did not sound happy it was a tight laugh. >> it's a good thing that dog was micro chipped i have a feeling gijet will get out again and again and again. >> look at gijet's eyes she has wild eyes there she's off to no good. >> she was smiling. >> my husband doesn't think dogs can smile. i do. >> she was smiling. >> you can see the smile. she knows she'll get fed, right. >> that's right. >> and i have a part -- my dog is part jack russel and he's a runner too. and now, let's take a look at ultimate doppler and we have the satellite picture on her as well to show you there's clouds around. that's why it doesn't get as chilly overnight in some places. we're watching the coastal low
4:52 am
starting to form. it's not a tropical system. it's just a coastal surface low pressure system and it will be moving north ward are to outer bands of rain should reach us by tonight as we look in the future cast. we see that increase in clouds from south to north and then the rain moves in from south to north. not until about maybe 6:00 tonight in southern delaware and southern new jersey. and then, by 11:00, we're all starting to get rain unless you're up in the mountains or lehigh valley and then everybody gets a chance to get some rain tomorrow with this storm and it looks like it will be heavy at times. where the heaviest bands set up that remains to be scene depends how far inland that storm is. but by 1:00 in the afternoon we see on and off rain in the area and by 7:00 we're starting to see the storm pull away. and maybe by 9:00, 11:00, it's finally out of here as it starts to move towards the northeast or continues to move towards the northeast. we may have leftover clouds but
4:53 am
it looks likes it will dry out friday and that's good. because we have been under pressure for salute the military day. it's dry for that. wonderful day. over an inch expected in philadelphia and closer to the coast the more chance you have of seeing rain that's heavier in the high winds as well. we'll talk about that in a little while. but as we take a look at the forecast for today it should be about 74 degrees as the rain rolls in tonight. 65, 60 in city i should say and 50s in the suburbs. that's your weather authority forecast. time 4:53 we should get to traffic now. if you have not left and go by the new jersey turnpike by delaware memorial bridge take 295 instead. southbound there's an overturned tractor-trailer that has left and center lanes blocked. chris. >> okay. thank you. so apparently there's a science behind how you're supposed to board an airplane if you want to be efficient. but we've been doing it all wrong evidently.
4:54 am
what the right way is
4:55 am
4:56 am
>> good morning it's a little before 5:00. we'll be back with weather and traffic if a moment. >> we're relying on you this morning to get it all out. >> that's scary. >> airlines may be doing their job all wrong when it comes to boarding an airplane. >> most board back to front
4:57 am
experiment found that is slowest way possible. myth busters looked at six different seating methods used to board passengers. back to front took more than 24 minutes get everybody on while fastest method involved no assigned seating at all that took 14 minutes get everybody seated that method has worst passenger satisfaction rating. we have not solved anything for you. >> i love that myth busters looked into this. >> isn't that funny. new developments in after a pregnant woman shot and killed in north philadelphia and what we're learning about the other person that was hit in that hail of gunfire. >> and also a teacher once featured on "fox" 29 accused of having sex with a former students, 15-year-old, where and when cops say this happened and why some parents say this
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> tlees are open the scene after a pregnant woman is shot and killed overnight. more details are coming up in a live report, chris. >> thanks so much, day twelve of manhunt for accused cop-killer eric frein what investigators are saying this morning. >> and plus could revel have a real buyer by today. what we're hearing about the