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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  September 29, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> next on fox 29 parents looking for answers after a preschoolers death from a mystery illness. is the school safe for their children? we've life next. >> emotional night for family grieving a mother killed by a septa bus. how they're holdin fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x finity the future of awesome. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10:00.
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>> right now on fox 29 news at 10:00 we start with breaking n new. a possible data breach at acme grocery stores in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. the breach happened twice this summer. credit and debit cards used at stores between june 22nd and july 17th and august 27th and september 21st could be at risk. acme's parent is still trying to piece together if any data was actually stolen but names, account numbers and card expiration dates may have been captured from customers as stores across the country. acme set up freemon touring for customers who have been affected go to for all the details the link is right under top stories. we are also following developments in the death a pre-schooler from our area. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm timmeney in for lucy noland. nervous parents coming out in droves tonight for an emergency meeting how they can keep their children healthy. fox 29's dave kinchen is live in hamilton township tonight and dave, parents are worried and
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the cdc still has not determined why this little boy died. >> reporter: that's right. in fact we were told by health official here that the cdc just got those test samples today. they say it will take at least three days to get the results back. in the meantime the school district and the health department here at hamilton township did their best to try to ease tensions with parents. >> my daughter was very afraid to come to school today. afraid she was going to get sick and die. >> reporter: parents at yardville elementary school pack the auditorium demanding answers from district and health officials after a four year old boy died suddenly at home last thursday from an undetermined respiratory illness. and they wonder if the school is safe. >> three and four year olds all they do is put stuff in their mouth and touch each other. >> nearly half the school students were kept home on monday fearing the boy may have died from aggressive enterovirus d68. many say schools should have been canceled until the district had more information.
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>> closely the school for snow but for something like this which is a little bit more serious, you know, which is terrible for the family they don't close the schools. >> other parents say they weren't even told the boy died. >> i know myself i never got the call. communication was absolutely horrible. report roar district leaders explained they could only say so much. >> we were trying to balance, um, the protecting the privacy of the family and the child along with the fact that we didn't have a lot of informati information. >> reporter: township health team says initial showed the boy did not die from the flu but they're waiting to the cdc to see if he had the enterovirus. they insist the school is clean and safe. >> i would send my own children to this school tomorrow. >> reporter: many parents aren't so sure. >> my children won't be going to school tomorrow. not at this school until we know what we're dealing with. >> reporter: the school district tells us there was never any reason to cancel classes. they say they have a system in place to monitor absences.
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they stress the school is safe. in the meantime the health department says the parents need to tell kids to make sure they're washing their hands and taken basic care of themselves. dawn? >> dave, thank you. the philadelphia zoo is investigate a deadly accident involving one much its workers today. skyfox over the scene just before noon. the employee was found under a golf cart. the zoo says he was a mechanic who works on the golf carts used to get staff around the zoo. how exactly the accident happened is still not clear. and the zoo has not yet released the worker's name. a nasty argument between two philadelphia police officers is under investigation tonight. police say it involved mail and female officers from the 18th district in the female officer was reportedly struck. fox 29's dave schratwieser live in southwest philadelphia for us tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain, no criminal charges have been filed but internal affairs is investigating tonight. we're told these are two veteran officers here at the 18th district, ton night one of them
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has been placed on desk duty. as 18th district officers went about their duties monday night internal affairs investigators were looking into reports that two officers in uniform and on duty got into a physical confrontation that ended with the female officer injured. >> the department, you know, takes any type of incident like this very seriously and so therefore it's going to be investigated in a serious way. >> reporter: it happened friday night and was reported to police internal affairs on saturday. female officer reportedly suffered injuries to her face. there was no word whether the male officer was also injured. >> internal affairs will look a little deeper in items of being domestic in nature or not. but again they'll look at all aspects of this and investigate thoroughly. >> reporter: the male officer has been removed from the 18th district and assigned to headquarters on restrictive du duty. his gun has been taken away. >> the officer involved, the male officer, had been removed from the street pending the out come of this investigation. >> reporter: with the recent video taped domestic violence incident involving baltimore
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ravens star running back ray rice and his fiance', at an atlantic city casino, police know this investigation will be closely watched. >> we just don't like to see anything like this especially among officers. we have a hard enough job as it is to respond to the need of the citizens let alone having something like this happen. >> reporter: now, police would not say where this altercation took place. and if it was within the confines of the 18th district where the two officers were assigned friday night. there is also no word to neat on how long this investigation might take. iain. >> dave, thank you. wal*mart is blaming tracy morgan and his friends for not wearing seat belt when one of its tractor trailers plowed into the comedian's limo van back in june. the company filed their response to morgan's federal lawsuit. the crash happened in juneing the new jersey turnpike. a friend and fellow comedian was killed. morgan township others suffered severe injuries. report by federal transportation officials say the truck driver was driving 65 miles an hour
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before hitting morgan's vehicle. >> the man who jumped the white house fence earlier this month made it much further into the building than previously known. the washington post is reporting that omar gonzalez sprinted through the front door over powered a secret service officer and ran through much of the main floor before being tackled in the east room. the secret service claimed gonzalez was quickly detained at the main entrance. the post also says an alarm box near the front entrance had been muted at the request of the ushers office. >> now a first look at your fox 29 weather authority forecast. there's coal scott william we had beautiful weekend, scott. not a bad day for this monday. in the a bad day but we saw cloud cover role in and that little disturbance has been bringing a few light showers across our area. many locations seeing less than a tenth of an inch of rainfall as the system rapidly moves out in time for tomorrow morning. but right now, you can see, south and east of philadelphia, we'rlooking at some of those pocks of light showers. not heavy rain more of a
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nuisance wetting the pavement making some of the roadways slick. so just be mindful of that. but your wake up weather, we're looking at mid 50s north and west. low 60s in the city. comfortably cool. grab that light jacket or sweater. coming up with the complete weather authority seven day forecast we'll talk more about rainfall chances this week as well cooler temperatures on the way. iain and dawn. >> scott, thank you. philadelphia police are searching for the gunman who shot and killed a woman walking along the street in strawberry mansion. it appears 42 year old catherine berry was targeted. police call it an excution. she was shot in the head on morse street while walking home from grocery store with her 13 year old child. >> it's an execution. we don't know what it's about. you can -- we do have some vid video. where you do see her walking down the street and all of a sudden this male appears, and he goes right for her. he doesn't shoot at the daught daughter. >> berry's oldest son told thus this mom doesn't have any enemies and can't imagine who
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would want her dead. a bombshell is dropped in court today by former philadelphia sports personality don tollefson. he's now admitting to carrying out a massive charity fraud scheme over several years. his guilty plea in court today ended his trial before it even began. >> nearly 200 people came forward saying tollefson ripped them off and now the local celebrity could face jail time along with having to pay back thousands of dollars to victims. fox 29's brad satin spoke to one of those victims after the plea today. >> reporter: still signs of the old don tollefson as he entered the courtroom in doylestown. shaking a hand and sharing a kind word. >> i really appreciate. thank you very much. >> reporter: but his victims weren't buying it. >> it takes a pretty low person to prey on a dead officer's family and then go and rip off everybody. >> reporter: tom fox's son brad a plymouth township police officer was killed in the line of duty two years ago. the charity in his son's name the brad fox foundation was one of the victims of tollefson's
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scam. its supporters were among those court in. prosecutors had 200 witnesses set to testify against tollefson for the start of his fraud trial which now won't happen after the 62 year old pleaded guilty just before it was set to begin. prosecutors say tollefson's broad scheme duped more than 200 people out of at least $317,000. >> i think they're relieved but they're ready to -- not going to exhale until he's zen tendon and i don't blame them. >> reporter: he was arrested in february following claims they used his good guy reputation to sell them bogus travel sports packages that were never authorized and instead of the money going to charity as promised. tollefson kept it. his attorney says his down word spiral was the result of an addiction to and painkillers a deepened see he's since kicked. >> as part of his sobriety he continues to stay clean he wants to make amends for the wrongs he's done report roar this former friend and victim doesn't accept the drug use claim. >> it makes it worse.
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he's just using that as an excuse. >> reporter: tollefson and his torn insist they're working to pay back some of the victims but when asked when -- >> time will tell. >> he'll be sentenced in about 60 days. >> thank you again respecting my privacy. >> reporter: don tollefson a former fox 29 employee faces a maximum of 37 years in prison but it's likely elsie much less time than that. in the newsroom brad satin, fox 29 news. >> a former philadelphia police officer once hailed a hero no longer faces trafficking and sex crime charges. the district attorney's announcing today there's not enough evidence to proceed to trial on those charges against richard decoatsworth. he was accused of sexually assaulting two women at gun point last year and forcing them to take drugs. prosecutors say he still faces domestic violence charges though. decoatsworth was shot in the face while pursuing a suspect back in 2007. he left the force on disability in 2011.
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♪ >> danger in the park. culling up a woman attacked and a popular walking trail. what police want you to know before you head out. >> plus a driver plows over a seven year old girl and keeps going. fox 29 is there when the girl's mother is told someone surrendered. but that moment of joy is short lived. why investigators still have a long way to go. >> also ahead, monument controversy. high school football players turn to this stone centerpiece for good luck but some say it's wrong and they want it gone. >> a popular convenience store trying a new way to ward off panhandlers. >> it's the high pitched sound heard throughout the neighborhood. heard throughout the neighborhood. find out who is complaining
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guess what? the money we need to fund our schools lies right underneath your feet. that's right. down in the ground, pennsylvania has deep deposits of natural gas. but because of governor corbett, we're the only state in the country that doesn't make oil and gas companies pay an extraction tax. as governor, i'll make the gas companies pay up to help fund our schools for a change. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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♪ >> skyfox over a crash involving a schoolbus at 15th street and passyunk in south philadelphia today. the happened just before 5:00 p.m. police say 28 kids from islamic academy in germantown were on board. at least five kids were taken to chop with minor injuries. no word yet on what caused the crash. >> a little girl is in the hospital tonight but the person responsible for putting her there remains on the loose. police have recovered the suv that hit little seven year old allure mclane the child was struck on sunday in a hit-and-run on her street. >> the family and community want the culprit to surrender. our bruce gordon has the story. >> i just want him to turn himself in. >> reporter: we just got this message. suspect surrendered. >> oh, my goodness.
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suspect surrendered just now. >> how does that make you feel. >> what do you think. >> police investigators would later say no one was in custody are in arrest made but an early afternoon police tweet had latoya do you do overcome with emotion. do you don't seven your old daughter allure mclane was hit by a lime green mitsubishi suv around 7:00 sunday night. the little girl ran into the street while playing outside her home near 42nd and penns grov grove. one vehicle stopped. but the driver of the suv went around that vehicle, struck mclane and sped away. a witness snapped a photo of the fleeing mitsubishi giving police the description they needed to recover the vehicle monday afternoon. >> baby's blood in the street we want to get that up. >> reporter: concerned neighbor washed the blood from the accident scene, mclane's grandfather vented his frustration to the hit-and-run driver. >> that's the best thing i can say. just turn yours in because you're making it worse for yours being being out there. >> reporter: latoya do you do
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said she was inside the home when the accident occurred. >> like a thump a loud thump. >> reporter: she still relives the sight of her daughter lying on the street. >> as soon as i heard it ooh jumped up and i -- everything went blank after that. i just remember trying to pick me baby up. >> reporter: la loy at a do you do said her daughter suffered a foot and ankle, causes and bruises and self gashes to her head in the accident. the driver is described as a black man in his mid to late 40s medium build with facial hair with bit of gray in the beer. in the newsroom, bruce gordon fox 29 new. >> skyfox over a deadly fire in kensington today. firefighters were called to the 2700 block of helen street around 6:30 this morning. they found one man dead in the home but they have not identified him yet. tonight firefighters are still trying to figure out what may have sparked the fire. autopsies are planned for tomorrow for the president and ceo of cooper university health care and his wife. john and joyce sheridan died in fire at their somerset county,
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new jersey, home sunday morning. crews arrived to the home and say the fire was confined to the couple's upstairs bedroom. the cause remains under investigation. >> family and friends come out tonight to remember the victim of a deadly septa bus accident. a vigil was held tonight to celebrate the life and memory of sheena white. the 29 year old mother was killed by a septa bus while crossing the street with her young son and another pedestrian on friday. sheena's mommed dressing the crowd tonight. >> i'm trying to be because i'm got baby to be strong for. once again, everybody, thank you, thank you so much from the bottom of your hearts, my daughter thanks you. my grandson thanks you. the rest of my family thanks y you. >> that vigil was hell at 15th and washington in south philadelphia where the accident occurred. the septa bus driver was off duty when they were hit. family members believe they were
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in the driver's blind spot. happening now, the manhunt for a cop killer. the search for the suspect in the deadly ambush of two pennsylvania state troopers has moved slightly to the southeast. but investigators say the focus of the search remains in the same general area as it was over the weekend. they believe they have eric frein contained within a five square mile perimeter around his parents home. frein is charged with killing corporal brian dixon and serio seriously wounded another trooper outside their barrack 18 days ago. >> a woman is busted for allegedly having more than $64,000 worth of cocaine in her shoes and a purse. while returning to the united states from jamaica. u.s. customs and border protection officers thought her shoes were unusually heavy during an inspection earlier this month at jfk international airport when they took her to private screening room they say they found a white powdery substance inside her shoes and in a pocketbook in her luggage. they say the substance tested positive for cocaine.
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she was arrested. >> outcry for increase in minimum wage across pennsylvania. a statewide coalition rallied in 10 cities for post pa a raise day. this group gathered in center city before heading to the governor's office to protest. they are calling for the hourly rate to increase to 10.10. that's boost of three bucks an hour. they say a lot of businesses are taking care of themselves but not the employees. the last minimum wage increase passed in pennsylvania was back in 2006. the current rate in the state is $7.25 an hour. a community turns out to help those in need. >> the cinnaminson police department hosting a blood drive this afternoon. they say supplies are low and more donations are needed. residents in the area heard the call and i'm happy to say they came out to help. >> a significant break. coming up the arrest of a suspect in the disappearance of a missing college student helps police in another case. how cops say their main suspect could be tied to young woman's
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murder. >> plus unprecedented. a new drug to fight late stage breast cancer showing promising results. how it's helping some women live a longer life. >> a woman spent self weeks in jail after a routine traffic stop. how spaghetti os are to blame for her time in the big house. ♪
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>> dozens of junk cars did nothing but add fuel to this fire outside of miami, flor. look at that spectacular scene there. firefighters say a few explosions broke out. possibly fueled from the car's gas tanks. the tight space also complicating toasts put out the flames. thankfully no one was injured non word yet on a cause. >> the suspect accused of bringing two of the nation's busiest airports to halt was in court today. authorities believe brian howard set fire to app air traffic control center on friday. officials say the 36 year old started a fire in a control center before trying to take his own life. more than 2,000 flights were canceled between o'hare and midway airports because of the incident. things are slowly get back to normal but it will take sometime before service is fully restored at both airports. >> a man jailed in the connection with the disappearance of a university of virginia student could be linked to the murder of another young woman. police in richmond say they're investigate a forensic link between jesse matthew and a 20 year old college student who was abducted and murdered about five
10:24 pm
years ago. matthew is charged in the disappearance of nan graham. surveillance video near the university of virginia campus shows him with her the night she vanished more than two weeks ago. today search crews and dogs looked in ditches and along the sides of local roads for any sign of graham. and a suspect is arrested in the disappearance avenue wheel estate agent in arkansas. 33 year old erin lewes is facing charges to night as a massive search effort to find the missing woman goes on. volunteers are searching for beverly carter through 10 miles of brush, farmland and neighborhoods. the real estate agent went missing thursday after showing a home. >> now, to the latest on the danger in the middle east. white house is defending president obama's comments that the cause of isis caught u.s. intelligence officials off guard. the president told cbs that us intelligence agencies under estimated the threat from isis militants in the middle east and he admitted the us miscalculated the strength and ability of the
10:25 pm
iraqi army to take on isis. >> i think the president was pretty clear both then as he was back in august that nobody predicted the speed and pace with which isol would advance across the syrian border with iraq and make dramatic gains across the country side. >> u.s. led forces launched air strikes early today on isis controlled territory in northern and eastern syria. >> attacked in a park. coming up a woman says a man knocked her to the ground on a popular walking trail in philadelphia. what of one needs to go before going out to any park in our area. >> plus, strike a pose watch one man is accused of doing right before taking this epic picture that the police station. is this the happiest mug shot ever. >> sleepy hollow fans you'll -- you know that ichabod crane you know that character how one of your favorite characters is joining the 21st century. scott? >> dawn, right now we're looking at a few light showers moving
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through. coming up the timing of more rainfall later this week, muss when to expect the fall chill. rainfall later this week, muss when to expect the fall chill. that's guess what? the money we need to fund our schools lies right underneath your feet. that's right. down in the ground, pennsylvania has deep deposits of natural gas. but because of governor corbett, we're the only state in the country that doesn't make oil and gas companies pay an extraction tax. as governor, i'll make the gas companies pay up to help fund our schools for a change. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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>> right now philadelphia police are looking for a man wanted in two deadly shootings. here's the man officers believe may have been involved in the death of 25 year old jazz minute william and her unborn child. he's march quiz martin. police also believe he shot and killed 42 year old kenneth woods in the parking lot of a popey's chicken on the 4200 block of broad street. a warrant has and issued for his arrest in that case much the shootings both happened last week hours apart. if you have seen this man, you're asked to please give police a call. and detectives are also hoping you can help them track down two robbery suspects. police say that's right seen here on surveillance video holding up a 49 year old man this happened last week on the 3,000 block of third street in philadelphia's fair hill neighbor. the victim says he was approached by two hispanic men
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one of them demanded hug water little while shots were fired at him. less say the having testimony was hit in his arm and treated at temple hospital. >> warping for people who leak to go out walking and exercise along some of philadelphia' trail. police say a w and run was assaulted in an tempted robbery and now it's got many people on edge. fox 29's chris o'connell joins us live in roxborough tonight. chris? >> reporter: iain, assault actually happened on friday night. we're just getting the details tonight. a 51 year old woman was taking a walk on a wissahickon park trail friday night when she was a from behind an tack. tonight police are trying to find that man responsible. >> walkers and joggers along the city's most popular trails are hearing the news that a woman was assaulted walking on nearby path. >> that is shocking and makes me feel uneasy. >> reporter: police say 51 year old woman was walking in
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wissahickon park at gate house lane near mccallum friday afternoon about 4:30 when man came from behind, grabbed her by the shoulders and demanded money. when she didn't have any, the man pushed her to the ground. started choking her, shoved dirt in her mouth and demanded sex. after a 10 minute struggle, she was able to break free and run to call 911. >> makes knee in the want to go out at night. sarah montgomery always runs with a friend or two including her dog lucy. but she knows how vulnerable women can be running or walking at night. >> i usual vol my headphones on and i'm in the zone. anyone could come up from behind or anything. >> i don't worry as much about it. i guess being a guy. it wouldn't be obviously as a target. runners don't carry me. >> the friends of wissahickon are warning its members to be on the look out, be smart and call police if you see anything out of the ordinary.
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>> it concerns my friends and family more than concerns moo. i think i should probably take more precautions. >> reporter: now this attacker is being described by police as a black man, 25 to 30 years old. dark complexion, sick foot, large build, short curly hair with around face. last seen friday wearing a red polo shirt with white writing, tan pants and a baseball cap. of course, if you know this person, if you have any information on this attack friday at wissahickon park, call police. dawn? >> all right, i know that area well. pretty frightening stuff, chris. thank you. and now to your fox 29 weather authority forecast. the virgin river in ions national park over knowing its banks over the weekend. heavy rain causing flooding in that area and forcing campers to look for higher ground. fortunately we are not seeing any rain like that in our area. chief meteorologist scott williams back now and we needed our umbrellas but nothing like that. >> yeah, it's more of a nuisance
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rainfall, dawn. good evening. as we take look right now at ultimate doppler you can zoo he a few pockets of light showers in south jersey around voorhees over to medford lakes moving into toms river, tuckerton, down the shore we're looking at some of those light showers making for some slick roadways out that but once again, mainly less than a tenth of an inch. all because of little disturbance we were tracking earlier this afternoon and evening rot now most of that activity is lifting on out and we will see mainly dry conditions tomorrow. but tomorrow afternoon we can see the redevelopment of more spotty showers. the low this morning philadelphia 64 degrees. the afternoon high we made it up to 76 degrees. now that's a few degrees above normal but yesterday's high temperature it was more like summer at 86 degrees. temperatures right now upper 50s in the pocono mountain. mid 60s in lancaster. 66 degrees currently in wilmington. 67 right now in atlantic city. so a few leftover light showers
10:34 pm
sprinkles tonight. a few more rainfall chances ahead tomorrow as well as wednesday, and then the return of a fall chill in that seven day forecast. as we talk a little bit about the days ahead moving into the upcoming weekend we'll watch that fall front move in friday night and into saturday. we're talking some cooler air with highs struggling to make it to 60 degrees. but right now we still have few light showers. that disturbance lifting on off to the north and the east. so we'll time it out. you can see a few leftover showers down the shore overnig overnight. 7am tomorrow morning, we'll call it mostly cloudy out there but we will see some sunshine during the day tomorrow. but tomorrow afternoon here's 4:00 o'clock. spotty showers at best many more in the wave nuisance activity similar to today. moving ahead toward wednesday, we'll keep some clouds around and also a cold front will be approaching and spark off yet again a few scatte scattered scs not anticipating a washout or heavy rain with any of the rainfall chances later this we
10:35 pm
week. so for tonight, movely cloudy, quiet conditions. light winds a few leftover sprinkles early. low 60s in the city. 57 degrees in the suburbs. and them as we move ahead to tomorrow mostly cloudy. spotty after and evening showers. but temperatures above average. we're looking at highs tomorrow in the upper 70s. that weather authority seven day forecast showing you spotty showers tomorrow afternoon and evening. so keep the umbrella handy you may or may not need it tomorrow as well as wednesday. mid 70s on thursday. then a better chance for rain friday. but look at the temperatures. saturday only 70 for the high. and then look at sunday morning. low 50s in the city. we'll be in the 40 it's north and west and then a high of only 64 degrees so it will be chilly for that eagles game at the linc sunday. >> i have an early morning dog walk for cancer on sunday. bundle up. >> it will feel like fall. >> well, could it be a medical break through? still ahead a
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new breast cans sr. drug showing incredible rum. how it's helping women with late stage cancer. >> and a secret to star buck. the high level government department that is said to have its own java joint. what makes it different from your favorite starbucks spot. >> and pitch not so perfect. popular convenience store using a high pitched sound to keep away panhandlers. behind out who is complaini
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>> amanda bynes buffed again arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence of a drug in on sunday. police stopped her after she stopped in the middle of an intersection and this is around 4:00 o'clock in the morning. she was released on $15,000 bail. she remains on probation for dui back in 2012 where she apparently clipped an la sheriffs patrol car. >> the united nations set up shop in gone in with new headquarters to coordinate trying to fight ebola epp depth mick. officials say this outbreak has spiraled into the worst ever for ebola with more than 3,000 deaths now linked to the virus. liberia's president made a rare visit to the country's parliament today to brief
10:40 pm
lawmakers on the steps she is taking to control the outbreak. the session was behind closed doors but her press secretary says the government does have an action plan and it's thaiing the virus very seriously. >> how many persons have to die. it could be myself. my children ca could die. >> four american aid workers are infected with ebola have been treated at hospitals in georgia and member nebraska one remains in the hospital while the other three have recovered. >> a look at your money news now. it seems fast food may be on the decline. mc donald's has posted big losses and many other traditional fast food companies are as well. experts say they thought the waying to was to off dozens of new meals but apparently that is back firing and people are flocking to place like chipotle instead. >> this next story mitt you want to deep or keep your facebook friends much those friends could soon affect your credit score. experts say banks may request to
10:41 pm
access -- may request access to client account to see if you have stable friends network. not only would your spending predict your score. guess what? your friends, family and social profile could soon have an impact. >> when people say star buck is everywhere, they mean it. you'll find famous cough tee shops inside the cism a headquarters in langly, virginia and get this, on receipt receips referred to astor number one. one major difference you'll also notice at this locate, well there are not any name on orders like at most starbucks only nine workers there and they had to go through rigorous interviews and plenty of background checks. the location is described as america's busiest starbucks with lines sometimes snaking down the halls. >> it's one tricky rescue still a head a man crashes his atv and falls into a mine shaft. the one tiny thing about the atv from pluming in with him. >> monument controversy. high school football players turn to this stone centerpiece
10:42 pm
for good luck but some say it's wrong and they want it gone. >> oh, how spaghetti o's land one woman in jail forever week. i should say ut-oh spaghetti os landed one woman in j
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>> this happened last week in somerton. he rides up leaving this wheels in front of the home at 1800 block of tomlinson road. he jumps a fence and use as ladder to get into the second floor bedroom of the house. later police say he made off with several of the owners items before biking away. >> taking a look at your health and a breast cancer drug development that's seeing unprecedented results. researchers say the drug pro jetta appears to extent the lives of women fighting an aggressive type of the disease by 16 months. the drug was testified more than eight hadn't dread women from all over the world with late stage me static breast cancer.
10:46 pm
another group had placebo and to us found doctors saying per jetta survived longer. it is very pricey. the cost nearly $6,000 a month. >> a respiratory illness saiding through young children getting worse. nine children in denver have come down with the enterovirus. with a very troubling side effect. doctors say these children have limb weakness and in some cases paralysis. health officials say it's uncommon to have nine such cases of a rare illness in an area like denver. the children are recovering. >> police in georgia are saying, ut-oh, spaghetti o's an officer there locked woman up in july july after pulling her over for driving violation. she seemed a little nervous he says he she spoon in her car with less is he did you on it. the woman told the officer she used to the eat so getty os.
10:47 pm
he did a field test on the spoon. it was meth. lab tests came back positive for spaghetti o's. she's seeking legal counsel for missing her kids birthday and losing her job while she was behind bars. >> 45 year old michael whittington's toffee smile he didn't he'll seem to be arrested for robbing a bang last week. he escaped on the light rail train. officers caught him a few blocks away he's facing a robbery charge. >> a california man says he's lucky to be alive tonight after plunging 30 feet into a mine shaft. ears a look at some of the photos of his rescue. investigators say believe that the 70 year old driver hit a tree stump and ended up falling into the shaft. rescuers had had to use a special harnessing system to lift him to safety. >> one strand of barbed wire was holding it up. >> he was very happy to be out of the hole. it was dark and cold down there. >> firefighters say bashed wire
10:48 pm
survives mineshafts so people don't fall in. it stopped the vehicle but the money man managed to topple in any way. he has cuts and bruises but he'll be just fine. >> people going in and out of a california 7eleven may want to hold their ears much that's because there's a new high pitched sound system that has been installed to keep panhandlers out. >> but it may be also keeping pain customers away as well. fox's doug johnson spoke to some of them who are annoyed with the constant beeping. >> reporter: it's the sound which is hard to ignore. >> annoying. >> loud piercing noise and it was like, ooh, hurt my ears and stuff. >> reporter: the tones are helping this 7eleven at watt and hurt pell able to get rid of vagrants. since putting the speakers in a week ago the difference is night and day and regular customers tell us before the beeping it was rare if you didn't get asked for spare change. >> app anything. they'd come out here and ask you for money.
10:49 pm
>> i hate the harrah's many. >> still opinions on which is more annoying differ. what is worst beeping or people bugging you for change. the beeping. people bugging you for change you can say sorry i don't have it. this you can get rid of. >> people bugging me for change. the noise can be heard past the 7eleven property. it's even awed double across the street. at the golden coral next door manage says shave gotten several complaints. >> how could these people work there with that squeaking all day that would drive you nuts. >> the solution might be temporary. people has been using similar device for several years according to employees and the panhandlers have returned. >> they should have hired somebody to run them off rather than put up this with annoying squeaking. >> customer tell us the walk from their car to inside the store where the sound is less irritating is brief. fewer are planning to stay long any way. >> it's convenience store. i'm here to stop. in and out, you know much that's
10:50 pm
what i'm her to do. >> this isn't very convenient. >> like i sedum here in and out. >> that was fox's doug johnson reporting. well a gift to a georgia high school football team is causing some controversy off the feel. the stone was donated to the team and since it was installed back in august players have been touching the stone before heading off to the field. but atheists say the monument's biblical scriptures violate the separation of surge and state. a lot of residents say it should stay. >> i'm is he proud to be part of the community that would it something like that there and that's part of us and i don't think it should be taken right up and my opinion people don't like it. look the other way. >> it's not clear yet if or how the school district will modify the monument. the fox show sleepy hollow now knots second season. >> and this year its main character ichabod crane is getting with modern times. the show is returning. the season's biggest change could be with ichabod. you see him sport agnew look
10:51 pm
with new clothes. he good yoga a try and he has his first taste of a fancy coffee drink. >> there's a scene in a coffee shop with abby. i think it's about three or four episodes in and he has his first taste of cappucino. >> sleepy hollow airs on monday nights at 9:00 o'clock right her on fox 29. all right. how war what's coming up in sports. >> it's the rope a dope. you've heard of that but it's in a kids football game. kids pull it off. the eagles didn't pull off anything. they're trying to find answers for an offense that scored zero points on sunday. chip kelly tells us if he was supposed to --
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
♪ >> not a good sin day for the eagles offense. defense played maybe their best game of the season. offense could not score point. chip kelly said with all the injuries his offensive line is not good enough. help will come next sunday against st. louis at the linc when the left tackle -- right tackle lane johnson is back from suspension. when legs the quarterback is usually the focus. now nick foles did not have good game against the 49ers. last season he was one of the more accurate quarterbacks in the nfl. that was not the case sunday and for other parts of the season, as well, so many fans wonder if chip kelly thought about
10:55 pm
changing quarterbacks on sun today. >> the position of quarterback obviously is the one that gets all the focal point when things are struggling on one side of ball it's ease is he to let's take him out. i never been that way. i don't think -- you can't pin this on nick. there's plays he probably wants back. they're play calls i want back. there's blocks up front guys want back. plays on the parameter everybody wants back. i don't think that's an issue. that never came across my mind during the game. >> they just points on eagles. the eagles didn't cross the 50-yard line until the fourth quarter yesterday. nick foles missed the open receivers. the eagles did not run the ball. lesean mccoy not many yards. he had 17 total rushing. you can blame lack of excution the players were more than unhappy. frustrating. kind of embarrassing. we as an offense we got to execute better. i mean that's just unacceptable especially the way special teams
10:56 pm
and defense are playing there. >> the phillies season ended yesterday with another season of 73 wins. now one dismal season goes in to another. the sixers who want a lose as many as they can, yes, you heard me right. the sixers had media day today. before the opening of training camp on the roster filled with mostly below average players. one of the few good players on the team is the rookie of the year last year michael carter william. he woulwill not be ready for trg camp after shoulder surgery. mcw dodge the question. >> you know, i don't know the timetable. i know it's not, you know, anything, you know, long, but, um, you know, i'm not sure yet. hopefully i'll be back as soon as he says i can play. >> whenever. all right. kids do the darn nest things. to missouri. watch his quarterback middle school game. he picked up the ball and he's pointing up, he rope dopes the other team. rope a dopes the official. that was a snap of the football by the way. the kid runs it in for a
10:57 pm
touchdown. he got the snap. this is a football. look at that. how about that? see you later. >> that's hysterical. >> it's a touchdown is what it is. >> you're right. >> eagles can try that. anything, right. >> remember to. what tm seem at 11am. we're
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
>> today on "tmz" -- >> george clooney did something so diabolical at his wedding. >> invited everyone with a digital camera. and they all have access to all your photos. >> the guy who had the most fun at george clooney's wedding. >> he left the wedding with no shirt on? >> this is why they don't want photos. >> amy and samy bouzaglo. they were on "kitchen nightmares." this guy came to their restaurant. they asked him to leave. for some reason, samy comes running out of the restaurant with a knife in his hands. >> the guy brought up the fact that they're crazy on the tv show. >> you can't tell a crazy person they're crazy. >> i'm not crazy, i'm going to stab you now! >> we got jerry seinfeld in malibu. >> any advice for derek jeter for his retirement? >> he has advice on how he should have ended his career. >> as opposed to w