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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 2, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. >> right now on fox 29 news at 10:00, a damaging blast of winter like weather brutal wind
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gusts brought down trees around our area and check this out. an suv destroyed in west chest chester. good evening everybody. i'm joyce evans. >> i'm karen hepp. those cold winds came pretty much a shock to anybody stepping outside today. let's get right over to katelyn roth with a check of what we have now. it's a shock to the system the first time we feel like we are entering a new season and we are actually enter agnew month. november began yesterday. it did come in with a vengeance luckily all the wet weather we saw on saturday long gone. storm system now wrapped up across portions of eastern maine and the canadian maritime. a lot of snow here. this is of course for central and eastern sections of maine far away from us, but on the back side of that storm system, tight pressure gradient delivering very gusty winds all day long. breezy outside right now. temperatures in the mid 40s here in philadelphia. 43, 39 in pottstown. 39 in allentown. already at the freezing mark up in mount pocono. we still have a steady breeze
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sustained winds outdoors you feel consistently between 15 to 20 miles an hour that's enough to keep our temperatures up at night but it's also enough to create wind chills that are about 10 degrees cooler. so what it feels like when you step outside and what it felt like mainly all day is temperatures in the low to mid 30s feels like 34 here in philadelphia. so the forecast as we go through the rest of tonight clear skies out there. the winds should subside a little bit. i think we'll see winds around 10 miles an hour by sunrise. 39 in the city. the overnight low temperature. 32 in the suburbs. a cold start to your monday morning but thankfully we are going to see some thawing. all of that still ahead in your wake up weather forecast. karen and joyce. >> thank you caitlin. runners in fairmount park found this rude surprise when they came back to their cars after their run several drivers had to dig their cars out from under fallen trees and branches. some had to find another way home. at least it's not snowing. this is a picture taken today in somerset county, pennsylvania. it's about 50 miles east of
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pittsburgh. as you can see it stuck. hopefully we won't be seeing anything like this around these parts any time soon. and you can track the temperatures and wind gusts any time you want at myfoxphilly.c just click on the weather tab. >> we are learning this evening that britney maynard that young woman advocate death with dignity has ended her own life. according to a spokesman. confirmation of her death was just posted a short time ago on the web compassionate choices. the 29 year old had terminal cancer. chris o'connell joining us right now in the newsroom with the latest oh and what we're hearing right knowledge chris. >> reporter: karen. terminally ill woman who sparked intense debate assisted suicide did in fact carry with her through her promise to end her own life on own terms yesterday. according to that group the death with dignity group compassionate and choices 29 year old britney maynard died under her doctor's care in her
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bedroom surrounded by familiarly. >> i hope my family is still proud of me -- >> britney maynard was thrown in the national spotlight making the controversial decision to end her life. planning the date for her own death on november 1st days ago appearing in this online video explaining her decision. >> i'm getting worse. that's when happens when you're terminally ill you get sicker and sicker. >> reporter: she moved to oregon to die under the state's death with dignity act. shortly after being diagnosed with highly malignant and aggressive form of brain cancer in january, doctors only gave maynard six months to live. she has since sparked a national debate and has become a lightning rod in the issue over assisted suicide. >> my goal, of course, is to influence this policy for positive change and i would like to see all americans have access
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to the same health care rights. >> reporter: in a final message posted on facebook, maynard wrote goodbye to all my dear friends and family that i love. today is the day i have chosen to pass away with dignity in the face of my terminal illness. this terrible brain cancer that has taken so much from me would have taken so much more. >> social media flooded with reaction including a facebook post from her sister. her sister-in-law saying, fly with the angels, britney. i know you'll watch over all of us. karen. >> thank you very much, chris. our coverage continues and you can join our conversation in the discussion on this issue dying with dignity by coming to our facebook page candidates get a big push from big names in the final days of the race for the pennsylvania governor's office. our commander in chief touched down in philadelphia tonight. president obama walked off air force one as you see there before heading over to temple
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university to cam page for tom wolf. meantime, republican incumbent governor tom corbett also got help from a famous friend. new jersey governor chris christie campaigning with corbett at a at an event tonight in ivyland, bucks county. >> fox 29's dave kinchen on top all of this life on temple university's campus in north philadelphia tonight. dave how did it go out there? >> reporter: well it was certainly a big night for tom the democratic candidate for governor here in pennsylvania. president barack obama throwing his support behind the wolf campaign, and of course this is the final push, final weekend push before tuesday's election. let's go to video right now both men shaking hands and embracing each other at times on stage before hundreds of supporters at the lea cower rays center at temple university tonight. obama calls wolf a practical guy who has been successful in the business world even sharing profits with his employees. wolf has the right understanding of the economy by focusing the
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expansion of the economy around the middle class. the president also said wolf notice how critical education is and painted a contrast with incumbent republican governor corbett and cuts to school funding that happened under his watch. listen. >> here's the thing you know about tom. he doesn't care whether the idea is republican or democrat as long as it work. yes! >> he's a practical person who just wants to make it work for the people of pennsylvania. >> yes! >> so he knows, for example, that education is the key not to economic growth but also to personal advancement in a modern economy. so he's not going to run on agenda of splashing -- slashing budgets for schools or laying off thousands of teachers. he knows teachers matter. >> reporter: meanwhile governor corbett making a big sunday night push to keep his job calling up new jersey's chief executive governor chris christie also a possible 2016
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presidential contender. the two rally supporters that stopped across bucks county today. their event in ivyland happening at the same time obama backed wolf. christie says corbett is the right choice for the next four years. having made tough decisions ne needed to keep pennsylvania moving. >> for four years, he's worked on lowering taxes, increasing jobs and opportunity. making pennsylvania a more prosperous place improving education system that needed improvement. he's worked on all that. you've been able to count on him every day to do that for the last four years. and now, in these last two days, i'm asking you, i'm asking you, to let him count on you. to let him count on you to do what needs to be done. >> reporter: meanwhile the website real clear politics has an average of several polls across the state giving wolf the edge by 11 points. but both campaigns of course will tell you the only poll
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their concerned about is the one on election night. karen? >> always, thank you, dave. hunting park tonight the search for a shooter who opened fire on a car hitting at least one person in the head, two men both 18 creatures old sitting inside a vehicle on the 1,000 mock of west tioga street this morning. one of them says somebody drove by a dark colored car and started firing. a bullet hit one of those men in the head but the victim was apparently still able to speak. he got to the hospital. he did have surgery. the other man was not injured. so far no arres arrest or suspen this case. >> charges have been upgraded for a delaware man beating a delaware man to death. fernando flores is charged with manslaughter. assault happened back on october 19th at a home on the 800 block of samantha circle in bare delaware. the victim 21 year old unconscious. she was raced to the hospital where she was held for 10 days
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but she died on wednesday. her baby was delivered and right now is in critical condition. >> the state police are testing a arrival recovered at an abandoned airport hangar to see if it's the weapon used to kill a fellow trooper. eric free was captured on thursday near the hangar following a seven-week manhunt he's accused of of ambushing two state troopers outside a pike county police barracks one of them was killed. the other wounded. he's charged with first degree murder. prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty in this case. a football player from a western pennsylvania college is now under arrest. accused of of brutally beating a west chester man. police say the freshman linebacker at california university of pennsylvania turned himself in yesterday. five of his teammates were arrested on friday. police say they attacked the victim as he tried to stop an argument between his girlfriend and one of the players. it happened outside a restaurant
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near the washington county campus on thursday in the early morning hours. the victim is in intensive care suffering from severe drain trauma. >> more injuries for the birds. their game witness texans today but when it was all over the eagles had had their sixth win of the seasons. nick foles injured his collarbone on the final play of the first quarter. so in came mark sanchez. he threw two touchdown passes. eagles beat the texans 31-21. there's no official word on how long foles will be out but it did look like a couple of weeks. howard isocline have the complete coverage of our birds later on sports sunday. fishtown man handing out candy to trick or treaters has his wheelchair swiped. but we have a very happy update to tell you about tonight. how fox 29 viewers stepped in and got him new wheels it's ne neck. >> plus it's one of the most popular chat online sites out there right now. it is one of the most dangerous. why you will want to keep your
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kids away from this one.
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>> welcome back. we introduced to this fishtown man last night after the game. he was simply handing out halloween candy turned his back for a couple of moments and that's when somebody swiped his wheelchair. the man is mike, devastated because he has no way to get around. >> thanks to fox 29 viewers, this story has a very happy ending. our sabina kuriakose explains how one local family is paying
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it forward tonight. >> better than the one i had. thank you so much. >> reporter: this is the moment when mike mower got this mobility back. >> i didn't know there was still good people in the world. >> reporter: you can understand why he might be skeptical. we first met mike the day after halloween when his wheelchair was heartlessly stolen from his fishtown home front stoop as he handed out candy to trick or treaters. >> handing out candy and came out and there was people here. my chair was here. >> mike was heart broken and unable to get around. >> i have no legs. no way to get around. >> amazing fox 29 viewers. >> after this story aired we had nearly a dozen people get in touch with us wanting to help him out. one of those people the subject of another getting results story from a few years ago. she says she wants to pay it forward.
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>> that was a perfect opportunity to give back. >> reporter: heather peco a sun gesingle mom. her son's wheelchair was stolen a few years ago along with christmas presents. she called us and bruce gordon got the story. >> seventh street medical donated the wheelchair for us and we use it all the time. >> reporter: this time even dominic wanted to give back. >> are you happy? yeah. >> the moment heather delivers dominic's extra wheelchair to mike, pure goodness. two strangers bonding over one simple act of kindness. >> it seems like you have tears in your eyes. i do. i'm trying to hold them in. i didn't expect the response like this. i really didn't. >> mike and heather not the only ones to be moved. we were pretty blown away by this moment, too. >> oh, my gosh. thank you for calling us. for offering to do this. >> i feel great thanks to his perfect stranger.
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i expect -- thanks for fox 29. you did me something i couldn't do for myself right now. >> thank you to our viewers for always making a difference. sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. >> well somebody did find mike's wheelchair and they got it back to him this evening. unfortunately, we're told it was heavily damaged. we're not sure how. mike says he's so grateful for heather's donation. >> it's happened again for the second time in just two days. police say something dangerous has been found in a local child's halloween candy. this time it happened in lower macungie township. police say teenager found a pin in her candy bar. she was out trick or treating. no word on who gave her that candy. the lower macungie police are warning parents to be on the look out for the same thing meanwhile police in buck county they are trying to pig out who razor blade in a 13 year old's candy bar. the 13 year old says he found the blade in his bag after he was trick or treating in towamenson township. he says he found it in a snack sized nestle crunch bar.
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police are warning parents there to check their children's candy. >> a woman in central pennsylvania is killed after she was run over by her own car. police in york county say the accident happened friday night on the 600 block of silver spring road in dillsburg. now investigators believe 62 year old patricia thomas put her car in reverse then got out of it and when she realized it was drifting backwards police say she probably tried to stop it by leaning into the back of the car but the car ended up running her right over. her death has been ruled an accident. tensions start to go ease in the latest e bowl lie controversy. she squared off against the governors of maine and new jersey and now tonight nurse casey hicks ox says we can all learn something from her story. when she first came back from the u.s. last month hicks ox was forcforceed into quarantine in w jersey despite not showing any
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ebola symptoms. after getting pushed back from the public and the white house governor christie allowed hickox to go home to maine where authorities there also tried to force her into honoring a 21-day quarantine. then a judge ruled on friday that hickox can come and go as she pleases. but she still has to monitor her health daily. on nbc meet the press this morning, hickox says everybody is just relax. >> we know a lot about ebola. we have have been researching this disease for 38 years since its first appearance in africa and we know how it -- the infection is transmitted from person to person, and we know that it's not transmitted from someone who eye a stott mat tick as i have and only aid workers when they return. >> after everything has gone on hickox says she will respect the wishes of down residents and avoid going into town for the rest of the incubation period
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which for her ends on november 10th. >> a teenager and her dad help bring a missing baby home after they hear an amber alert. police in washington state say cassandra wilhelm assaulted her husband and then drove off with her 18 month old son and she does not have custody of that child. so police put out an amber ale alert. there happens to be a 15 year old teenager very alert cameron woods she was with her dad saw ththe alert while driving their car. they followed the car to the hotel. and that's where police come and get the baby. >> 21 years in the army. you're always looking around. >> if there's somebody that needs our help and we have the opportunity to help then we're going to take that. i would not have got that if he would not have got that where we that kid be? >> that suspect mother is now facing several charges this evening. we're told the baby was not hu
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hurt. checkups for kids in the ed snider youth hockey program. doctors from temple health gave physicals to more than 100 boys and girls in the schneider hockey program. the exams were all done down at the wells fargo center in south philly today. temple health has teamed up with schneider's organization for the past several years. >> meteorologist caitlin roth is back now with a look at your wake up weather. we're hoping to shake the chill off. we should. it will be cold tomorrow morning but once we get into the afternoon many improved. not gusty winds like today. recapping some of that the highest wind gusts reported cape may and bush kill township in north lamb ton county pennsylvania 50 miles an hour. so i saw a couple of sweets out there. comparable to having a tropical storm bring the winds on shore. smyrna, dare, 49 miles an hour. philadelphia 48 miles an hour wind gusts at the airport and mount pocono 47. gusts right now still out of the northwest occasionally over 25
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to 30 miles an hour. the gusts should subside but breezy as we head into the overnight. temperatures in the 40s now. your seven day wake up weather forecast 39 in the city. 32 in the suburbs. lighter earlier sunrise at 6:32 a.m. tomorrow. warming trend still a head in your seven day forecast. >> thank you so much, caitlin. a mom accused of of forcing her small children to drink toilet bowl cleaner? now the children are okay. but coming up the shocking thing children are okay. but coming up the shocking thing police fou
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there are 211 lawyers in congress. but not one electrician. so here's a bright idea. donald norcross. a union electrician for 30 years... in the state senate, he stood up for working families and he'll stand up for south jersey in congress. working to make college affordable. fighting to create jobs that can support a family. and pushing equal pay for equal work. donald norcross. a congressman for us. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. newspapers speak out. tom corbett has been something of a disaster. tom corbett cut spending on education by a billion dollars...
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it's time for a change. elect tom wolf, and you'll get the type of governor we haven't seen for a while... who looks out for average, hard-working pennsylvanians. it's wolf who has solid ideas for bringing in new business and for boosting the economy. tom wolf for governor, a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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♪ >> welcome back everyone. people of boston pay final respects to a legendary former mayor. thomas ma nino lying in state until he's buried tomorrow in hide park. family, friends and politicians including sex of state john kerry paid their respects. menino served more than 20 years as mayor the longest in boston history and became a familiar face to people around the country in the aftermath of the marathon bombings. he died thursday from cancer at age 71. >> a florida mother is accused of forcing her young children to drink toilet bowl cleaner. >> absolutely horrifying story. police say then she tried to take her own life. police say this is a 28 mother. amelia west now under arrest facing all kinds of charges
10:25 pm
child abuse and attempted murd charges. she's accused of of making her two and three month old drink the cleaning chemicals before she took some herself. the children were rush to the hospital. they have been released. everybody is stunned. >> you don't know what's going on in someone's house. so you should be, you know, you should be good to your neighbo neighbors. >> police say she's being held in jail without bail. they're still trying to figure out what may have led to her two attempt murder suicide. >> dare definitely nick willenda pulled off the first of two sky scrapers tightrope walks in chicago. the stunt televised around the world. the 35 year old dare definitely walked uphill at a 19-degree angle from the marina city west tower to the top of the a building on the other side of the river. next he's he'll walk blindfolded between the two marina city towers. he's performing the walks without a net or harness.
10:26 pm
yikes! his previous feats include high wire work over the bring of niagara falls and across the little colorado river gorge. >> i get chills just looking at it. how about this one. all fool's day today. parade of zombies. a thousand people taking part in one of the days of the dead. they had a lot of fun with it. eww, wounds and ghostly walks. a lot of folks in rio continue to go century old tradition across latin america. the begins each year the day after halloween. the day of the dead allstates day. all souls day today. and continues the next few days. >> it's a popular. experts say it's one of the most dangerous. while you'll want to kee
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>> welcome back everybody. have you heard of the online chat sight called a.m. iga.
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>> talk to strangers. internet safety experts say it's very very popular but one of the most dangerous sites out there right now. here's fox's karen scullin. >> reporter: it's hugely popular and internet safely experts call it incredibly dangerous for children who are easily lured in. >> it is 100% advertised to talk to strangers. that is the immediate draw and pull of that the site. >> there's an age restriction of 18. but there's no way to police that. >> it's simply are you 18, yes or no? you click yes and you're in. >> reporter: the site is unbelievably easy to use. all you do is go to and click on the text. text. they're finding a random stranger forme to speak to right now and there are 27,000 people right now and on omgele to
10:31 pm
choose from. what's stabbed is age, sex and location sometimes coming up as afl. he's male and he is also 20 years old i typed in i was 20 you can put any age you want. >> all of a sudden more personal questions and more details are all of a sudden revealed in the blink of an eye almost. >> reporter: this first chat we had on the big screen but most of the chats on omgele are taking place on i pads or i phones. i've had 10 questions today o onism pad and most of them win the first three to four questions turned sexual. >> once you disconnect you will likely never find that same person again. that's why the user may try to direct the person he's chatting with to text privately or ask for a phone number and that's when some sort of relationship can develop. heading -- she recommends talking with kids about online dangers, the earlier the better. >> let's put it this way. when i've talked to students in the past, i've had many, many kindergarteners talk to me about all sorts of different social networnetworking sites web sited
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apps they use on a regular bas basis. >> reporter: karen scullin, fox news. >> santa claus made an early appearance in our area today for a great cause leading the 34th annual for the kids motorcycle toy run right up columbus boulevard. who is that with him, philly phanatic on one of those bikes along for the ride. >> there we go. the motorcyclists dropped off thousands of toys up at the electric factory. united states marine corps toys for tots, such a great one. free concert put on for everybody that showed up and donate. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority now. caitlin roth we had all kinds of stuff this weekend. all of it was cold. >> it felt like christmas time, didn't it. >> wet, blustery. >> very chilly. no snow here. many spots across eastern seaboard including many states towards our south saw their first snow. we'll have to wait for it not coming yet. i can wait. >> everyone will feel that way after this windy. it felt so chilly all day long.
10:33 pm
wind chills in the 30s but we'll improve over the next couple days. back to normal like temperatur temperatures. start off with a view of ultimate doppler. departing storm system was very very potent low pressure system. still is. well off towards our north and east. clear skies over pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware, much of the northeast the exception is all the way up into eastern maine. and central sections of the state, too. still seeing a lot of snow. heaviest snow off into canada around new brunswick a mix and rain lifting on the warm side of the storm that brought snow to massachusetts earlier today, t too. and part of this storm a piece of it brought the snow to the appalachian states and the higher elevations of some of our south states yesterday morning. wild weekend for some of us. we did not see the snow but we saw the rain and chilly temperatures. today's high here in philadelphia 49 degrees. the normal 61. sunset earlier today at 4:58 p.m. so you gained that extra hour of sleep but here we go very short
10:34 pm
days with turned dark before 5:00 p.m. that's the way it will be as we head towards mid december. 43 degrees in philadelphia right now. 39 in pottstown. 39 in allentown. 40 there in trenton, new jersey and 42 in millville. winds are still out of the northwest. sustained around 15 to 20 miles an hour. we are still seeing occasional gusts up to 30 miles an hour measure at the airport right now. still breezy. those leaves flying around out there like they were all day today. and that still makes it feel even cooler wind chills right now in the 30s. this will be closer to our air temperature for a lot of us tomorrow morning. the winds should subside overnight tonight. fox future cast showing clear skies. we're clear outside right now. we may have some more clouds mix in through the day tomorrow. we'll call for sun and clouds. still ab breeze just nothing like today. fair weather as we go through tuesday. and it's not until wednesday until we start to see clouds increase out ahead of our next front. that front doesn't look to ring brain rain until thursday. thursday into friday we could have another coastal storm on
10:35 pm
our hands that could be kind of like a replica of what we saw this weekend although every storm is different. 39 in the city overnight tonight. 32 in the suburbs. clear skies, those winds do subside a bit. 58 degrees will be the high temperature tomorrow. we'll tack on a good 10 or so. and then the bus stop weather forecast for the kids they head out tomorrow morning temperatures near freezing in a lot of our spots by eye eight at m. winter jacket needed and probably the gear to go along with it. temperatures quickly respond to the sunshine, though. your seven day forecast shows we hit 58 tomorrow. improvement. how about 66 on a beautiful tuesday election day. 68 and close to 70 there on wednesday. some more clouds start to increase there through the day wednesday. showers look like likely thursday. then into friday and we'll see the same scenario where cooler air moves in by next weekend. crazy days. thanks, caitlin. >> sure s that will do it for the fox 29 news at 10:00. >> keep it right here or forts sunday. howard is back. >> i'm back. ♪
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>> oh, yeah, coming up on sports sunday just back i was in houston 3.5 hours ago. eagles are back in first place in the nfc east after they beat the texans in houston. the cowboys are hitting the bottom losing to arizona but big injury concerns with nick foles and demeco ryans we'll talk about that. all how long they'll be out watch it means for the eagles with eight games to go on the regular season. dave spadaro will join us.
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♪ >> good evening every welcome to sports sunday. i'm howard eskin and i'm back! the eagles wouldn't game but they lost two players to injuries. that's the bad news. now i'm told demeco ryans suffered a torn achilleas out for the year. nick foles suffered a broken clavicle that's the collarbone. he's likely out for six weeks and it could be the season. re-examine him tomorrow with an mri.
10:40 pm
eagles went to houston without safety nate allen. when it was over, the eagles did have a 10-point win and a six and two record and again lead in the division. let's go to houston and take a look. in the first quarter, nick foles he's run this play before to jeremy maclin this is 59 yards. it's a touchdown eagles up seven to nothing. maclin had two touchdowns. 150 yards. first quarter this is not a good play. it wasn't because he had pressure from jjwatt throws the interception to boil. and he returns it 51 yards. that's not good. houston didn't score a touchdown on on their own after turnovers. still in the first quarter, bad play. nick foles gets sacked. he leaves the game. later found out it was a broken collarbone. mark sanchez in there. what a great pass to jordan matthews. in the second quarter eagles lead 17-14 at the break. chris polk four plays 70 yards
10:41 pm
finishes it off eight year touchdown eagles up by 10 but this is big play. interception was nice, but when demeco ryans goes down, he fumbles the ball that's not the bad part. here he tore his achilleas tendon. he played in houston. players wishing him the best waving to his former fans in houston. but he is out for the year. all right. fourth quarter eagles need to seal it up. how about this mark sanchez two touchdown passes did he throw a couple of interceptions one was not his fault. that was an 8-yard touchdown pass to maclin. chip kelly didn't change the offense when sanchez came in. >> since day one here, you know what type of professional he is. he takes copious notes. he's a real professional and i said since day one you better have two quarterbacks in this league and we were fortunate when nick did go down we could bring mark in. i don't think we missed a beat offensively. >> our offensive coaches do a great job making sure the starters get reps. the second team guys get reps. you know, stand behind nick
10:42 pm
every time when we're in walk throughs and stuff making sure i'm taking on the mental reps. and, you know, you never want to get caught off guard. so i was just happy i prepared well. happy i was ready, and happy i could help the team. >> we're not satisfied yet. you know, as far as, you know, the people that -- they're entitled to their own pins. i had, you know, an organization that believed in me. an organization that, um, was with me every day of my rehab. understood what was going on. that's all i need. >> 35 on those situations, you know. it's been happening for us as the season goes. and we love to go out there and kind of react. and make the stop. obviously, for us, today we didn't get the turnovers we needed to and that needs to be -- the team we play defense we go against we got to get two or three or four ourselves. we compare ourselves against the other defense in that category we need to be a lot better.
10:43 pm
>> chip kelly breaking out the big words today. copious notes. that's nice. and now it's time for our verizon call of the week. we want tonic company lions or nick foles who's the big good -- demeco ryans or nick foles, who's the bigger loss. we'll read a few coming up up later in the show. we'll be back to go over what is different this week about chip kelly. you'll be interested and dave kelly. you'll be interested and dave spadaro
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newspapers speak out. tom corbett has been something of a disaster. tom corbett cut spending on education by a billion dollars... it's time for a change. elect tom wolf, and you'll get the type of governor we haven't seen for a while...
10:45 pm who looks out for average, hard-working pennsylvanians. it's wolf who has solid ideas for bringing in new business and for boosting the economy. tom wolf for governor, a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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>> our play of the game came in the second quarter. mark sanchez's first pass in almost two years throws a 52-yard pass to jeremy maclin. sanchez would finish the drive with a touchdown pass to jordan matthews. but this pass maclin was our nrg play of the day. jeremy maclin stats the last two weeks almost unbelievable. 18 catches, 345 yards. toe four touchdown after the game i asked maclin what's been different the last two weeks. >> playing football, man. trying to do everything i can to help this team win.
10:47 pm
happy came here and got the win. back to the drawing board on monday. >> when you lose your quarterback, what do the players say to each other when you lose nick foles. >> rally around mark. we got a guy nick foles, i think sorry, in mark played a lot of football games. played at a high level. we got to rally around and help him be successful. >> joining me back from houston dave spadaro. dave, jeremy maclin, i know he's -- he was a good receiver. but my gosh, the last two weeks i mean what seems to have happened to him? all eight games he's on pace or 90 games, 1600 yards. 16 touchdowns. remarkable first half of the season getting down the field. he's a little bit wiser physical al little bit stronger got his body really strong with the injury last year. and he's come back with that explosiveness we wondered if he
10:48 pm
would have after a knee injury and being the number one target having this number called really responded to that and he kind of played in desean jackson's shadow a little bit with that deep ball. the underneath refer the red zone receiver now he's doing it all. >> i hate the cliche people fall into the trap of using, chip on your shoulder. he doesn't have a chip on his shoulder but he obviously did want to prove to people that he was a good receiver. you think that's part of it? that's part it absolutely owes on a one year crack. this offense is a great offense for him and he's a very good football player. you think about what he did in college in my sore wreak first round draft pick. he's taking advantage of his opportunity to shine. i believe this howard when you take football away from players, they certainly come back with a little bit more vigor. how much they missed the game and how much they love the game and he's with that kind of energy. >> mark sanchez will now be the quarterback probably for at least five, six weeks maybe even
10:49 pm
longer maybe the season. how do you look at mark sanchez now. came in, tempo was no problem. in fact there were times in the game he was shoeing the official to the side. to get things going more quickly. came in and chip kelly didn't break him in with any screen pass right down the field showed the arm strength. moved the ball well. moved around the pocket very well. probably a little bit more athletic than nick foles. so there might be a few read options you see added to the offense. again, a one-year contract for mark sanchez, howard. this is his chance to show everybody that he could be an elite quarterback. >> he made a point, he gets chip kelly gives the back up reps but stands behind nick foles. i don't know that lot of backup quarterbacks take advantage of the practice it's not practice in there. >> training sessions. >> training sessions. and mark sanchez obviously did that well. he's been coached very well. he's taking it very seriously put a lot of time into it. i think the wrap early in mark sanchez career he wasn't asthma
10:50 pm
cher in that situation in new york as some up there wanted him to be. now he's really applying himse himself. and he's great for this offense and the eagles understand now you take zach ertz away like the texans did today maclin is in the game. running backs involved in the passing game. a lot of weapons here and i don't think the offense will skip a beat at all. >> you mentioned the first pass to chip kelly called for mark sanchez. but what chip kelly did this week is back to being chip kel kelly. because last week in arizona you've got inches fourth down you make it the game is over in arizona. today similar situation, only up three, late in the fourth quarter you got close to a yard. fourth down. and he goes for it welcome back chip kelly. i disagree with you. they still had to put points on the board in arizona it was a tied game. >> nonsense. jason kelce at center today. big difference we saw the way the eagles ran the football
10:51 pm
190 yards. they were playing downhill smash mouth physical football and that's without todd harremins in the game in that late going. andrew gardner came in and played very well at right guard. chip kelly has been chip kelly put it in the hands of the defense last week. it didn't work out. >> he got the today hone niece back actually. demeco ryans how much are they going to miss demeco ryans? >> it's a huge loss. >> giant. in many, many ways from emotional standpoint look he was the leader of this team and has been the leader of this team. everybody looked it's a ryans as the -- kind of as mufasa as chip kelly said after the game from on field standpoint you got to be a little bit creativity. s -- add creativity here. four man fronts you miss in casey matthews. ocho. it's going take a group to replace this single individual. just a heartbreaking seen in houston with a player and a man
10:52 pm
that everybody loves dee me company ryans. >> billy davis at the coach in the booth. demeco ryans the coach on the field. yeah. it's a big loss and the thing about the nfl as weeks go by offensive coordinators will look for ways to exploit the defense. >> the eagles used the running came quickly. four plays 70 yards, actually lesean mccoy think they should run more but they really got the running game going. they got the running game back. evan mathis back next week. chris polk involved. downhill smash mouth running. you like to see that particularly in the red zone talking about it all year. eagles three of three touchdowns in the red zone today. and that is why philadelphia eagles team in first place. todd harremins you gave him all he had trying to get through this game to get them to evan mathis this week and move tobin over. i think todd harremins is probably played his last game of the season today. would you agree? i think it will be very difficult to come back. that's an injury in the by september it won't come back. i gave him a lot of credit for
10:53 pm
playing today. >> guts. going against jj wats an absolute beast. they adjusted and ran the football away from him. they took him out of the game in the second half. >> next week carolina you move on to green bay. the schedule gets really interesting. >> thanks, howard. >> thanks, dave. we're coming back. back to h
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
♪ >> i told you we'd be back. weaver back with our verizon call of the week. earlier asked demeco ryans or nick foles, who is the bigger loss for the eagles and why? here's what you had to say. all right. ronald says, ryans is team leader and foles was struggling. joe thomas says both are pretty big but the depth hyped ryans is set which. quarterback now -- bark system all right. we'll see about that. log on to, click on the facebook tab and join the conversation. all right. cardinals and cowboys today. no tony romo. to texas. cardinals down to seven carson palmer throws an 11 touchdown pass to brown. gave the cardinals the lead for good. arizona beats those falling cowboys 28-17. meaning the cowboys are falling fast. now trail the eagles by half game in the inform fc east and
10:57 pm
head to london. nine involved andy reid chiefs. let's go to kansas city chiefs. chiefs and jets. alex smith pass gets batted down at the 2-yard line in the air and caught by tight end anthony cass san know sitting on his and caught by tight end anthony cass san know sitting on his rear end rolls into the jen intd
10:58 pm
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