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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  November 3, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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then into a car that woman has not been seen since. >> it happened last night in germantown. and tonight the woman's family is sick with grief and fear. hoping she will make it home safely. good evening, i'm lucy noland. i'm iain page. let's get straight out to brad satin live near the scene of the abduction in germantown tonight. brad? >> reporter: iain, this crime at this point is about 19 hours old. it was quiet for a good part of the day but investigators are once again back here on the scene cleaning up some glass. talk about that glass in a moment. to the right of this investigator you see the young woman's father there. now the family certainly concerned this morning about what happened last night. but they were flat out horrified when they had a chance to watch this individual a short timing a captured by this camera on the side of this apartment building there. >> don't hurt her, please, don't hurt her. >> reporter: reaction from the family of 22 year old carl leisha gaither moments after viewing this dramatic video of her being confronted around 9:30
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last night the suspect's vehicle stops out of frame of camera on the 100 block of west colder street. the suspect gets out an approaches the woman confronting her at the corner of colder and green streets and then in what surely appears to be against her will as witnesses here yelling for help she's pulled down the street and back into the car which then takes off. but not before a side window is kick out. the glass still on the street here. car leisha phone and glasses were also found. family members think she may have known her attacker. >> i believe she notice the person. i believe she know the person who did it. >> reporter: possibly someone she saw earlier in the day they say. as police search for her including under cars, her father and other family members were busy putting up flyers in the neighborhood asking for information. >> my only concern receipt now getting my daughter back. bring her back home. >> confrontation was a couple blocks from germantown friends school. where children were outside playing this afternoon. she had been at a family get together last night. had gotten off the bus and was
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walking a few blocks to her home when she was confronted. this video helps to explain some of the what that happened but her grandmother says not the w why. >> very sweet child, we don't know if she was talking to that boy and he was asking her questions and just grabbed her. we don't know what happened at all. >> reporter: again, as it is getting dark the cleanup of that glass continued. descriptions here car leisha, 5-foot three, 125 pounds wearing gray and white sweater at the time and jeans and wearing shoes described as tan and green. as far as that car, it is believed to possibly be a four door gray ford taurus. talk to some neighbors here. interestingly, the not the first scare they've had in the course of the last few days and we'll have that part of the story, another incident that happened not far from here coming up at 6:00 o'clock. iain. >> brad, thank you. we are following breaking news in delaware county tonight. a student has been removed from radnor high school after police say she discovered threats that
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she had made against a teacher. investigators say the 17 year old girl wrote the threats in a notebook. at this point they have not said what those threats were. authorities have promised to update us. we do have a crew on the story right now and we'll bring you a live report coming up later in this newscast. >> it is a tough rush hour commute. home along i-95 northbound. parts of the roadway remain blocked in tinicum township following a deadly crash this afternoon it happened just before 2:00 at the bartrum avenue exit and state police are now investigating. >> a developing story in north philadelphia tonight. officials serving evict notice make a dangerous discovery. skyfox over a warehouse rigged with shotgun shelled booby traps. this happened on west sedgley avenue. fox 29's chris o'connell live in north philadelphia tonight. chris? >> reporter: iain, philadelphia bomb squads and homeland security teams just clearing the scene here in north philadelphia. but they will be back here tomorrow after finding booby
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trapped explosives planted inside this warehouse near the corner of 18th and sedgley take a look. it is the old joe pack incorporated warehouse. one of those explosives actually caused a minor injury to the new owner of this warehouse. allegedly placed there by the former owner who was being evicted today. police say the old owner of the building rigged spring loade lod shotgun shells packed with plastic beebees with fishing wire in several locations around the warehouse at least four different locations. it all started aid round 19:15 police were called her to serve an evict notice on the owner because the property had been sold and the former owner and his wife were still living inside the warehouse. the former owner told police that the warehouse was booby trapped with some sort of explosives to keep trespassers out. that's described when the bomb squad was called in. the building was cleared but the
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new owner stumbled upon another device when it went off. he suffered minor injuries to his back. chief inspector joe sullivan calling the devices sophisticated and will continue to search for more. >> 10 buildings, there's underground, they're multi sto story. so this is going to become a very lengthy and very costly operation. >> reporter: do you think there could be more devices in there? >> i'm going to -- we're going to assume that there are. >> reporter: these are the three new owners of the building being briefed by police. the injured owner still talking with detectives. they tell us they bought this property in march as an investment but the owner, the old own are in, refused to leave. now those former owners a man and his wife described in their 50s and 60s still talking with police. charges are expected tonight. charges of reckless endangerment and simple assault but this investigation is not over yet. police are holding the scene. they'll be back tomorrow to look
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for any potential new devices. guys? >> chris, thank you. another dangerous piece of candy surfaces in a local child's trick or treat bag. this time in manchester township, ocean county. police say a woman went trick or treat wig her child and bit into a toots tee role her child had been given. inside the candy the mom found a shard from a tooth pick the woman was not hurt. saturday a razor blade was found in 13 year old's candy bag in towamenson. that boy was not hurt. >> terrible. early shot of winter in your fox 29 weather authority. we didn't get any snow but a lot of folks to our north, my goodness, saw a whole lot more than they were expected. we don't have a lot to plane about around here. i have toll you, scott, i was trying to catch a cab last night, it was bone chilling cold. all right. hopefully a little bit of reli relief. they were doing swift business, too, because it was chilly the lows this morning, lucy, in the 30s. 36 degrees in philadelphia. 38 in wilmington. mid 30s at the atlantic city international airport.
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right now, temperatures in the mid if you have tees much the sun has already set. so, of course, those temperatures will be dropping. low 50s current until millville as well as dover. upper 40s in the pocono mountains. it will be chilly but not quite as cold as it was this morning. we're looking at low fours in the city. 30s in the suburbs. coming up we'll talk about temperatures flame to go near 70 degrees and also already tracking our next chance for rain. iain, back to you. >> actually i'll take it scott. tonight a septa police officer accused of of committing a lewd act on a subway car. prosecutors have charged 44 year old kevin fan with indecent exposure and open lewdness. last week septa social media teams stumbled upon a video on the internet showing a man committing a lewd act by himself on a broad street subway car. septa police immediately recognized the man who was off duty when it happen. he is on administrative leave tonight and he's been on the septa police force for 12 years. all right. now, to the eagles yesterday's
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win over the texans in houston was costly a broken collarbone side line quarterback nick foles for awhile but how long? howard eskin here with what could be a big set back for the birds. howard? >> yes, well it could be a big set back. it will be most of the the season. i'll get to that. obviously not good news. nick foles had the mri this afternoon. no official word from the eagles. but it is a broken collarbone. but i do know he is out for at least six weeks. now remember there's only eight games left in the regular season. but the good news is, i understand he will not require surgery. so now mark sanchez is the quarterback and i know there were some fans that wanted sanchez to start but losing a quarterback clearly not a good thing. nick foles got hurt on the final play of the first quarter on this sack right here. when i saw him on the side lines i could tell he was in real pa pain. so now the coaches will tell you, the next man up, that would be mark sanchez, he's the man chip kelly has followed sanchez believe it or not since his high school days.
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>> i feel great about mark. we felt great about him all along. one of the things we wanted to do i always said we needed to have two quarterbacks and a chance to get him in here. i thought he done a great job in our system. i thought he played outstanding in the preseason showed no rust or anything when he got in the there. um, against houston yesterday and i feel real confident. feel bad for nick that he's out but i feel confident in mark if we have to the to go in that direction. >> foles clearly a loss but maybe a bigger loss is linebacker demeco ryans who i'm told has a ruptured achilleas tendon. he's out for the season. now, i believe he will have surgery probably sometime this week. that is a six to nine month injury. coming up in sports, we will look deeper into the injuries and what happens with todd harremins and a look back at a win on sunday. back to you guys. >> howard, thanks. happening now an investigation into the cause of a fire that hurt a firefighter. the fire broke out at this home on the 200 block of north kay
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back street late last night. officials are not saying how the firefighter was injured but say that he is in stable condition at a local hospital. red cross is helping a resident who was forced out by the fire. >> seven trucks torched in bucks county early this morning. skyfox over the scene on collide weight road in bristol township. firefighters say they found trucks burning in two different spots in this lot. the trucks were a total loss. investigators say this is clearly arson. the bristol township fire marshal bringing in some help to figure out who did it. >> obviously the police department is involved in this investigation and i've also solicited the assistance of the atf for the resources they bring to assist me with the investigation. >> the damage estimated at nearly half a million dollars. >> philadelphia police are thanking the public saying anonymous kim tip led them to two people wanted in queen village shooting. carmen and rita, are jailed and charged in the assault and shooting of a man on carpenter street didn't days ago. a camera caught the attack and
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police say the woman hit a man with a baseball bat and her father shot him in the leg. prosecutors and p have champed the two with aggravated assault and other offenses. >> 13 years after the september 11th terror rift attack the resurrected world trade center is opening for business. it's emotional milestone for new yorkers and the nation. publishing giant, started moving into one world trade center today. it's a 104 stories tall and costs $4 million to build. eight year construction project coming after years of fighting that threatened to derail the entire project. voters set to cast their ballots tomorrow all the polls show governor tom corbett trailing badly in his bid for re-election as pennsylvania governor. >> but as a single biggest claim against corbett he slashed public school funding really true? we're going to sort out the numbers and give you some perspective. but first, deadly crash of a commercial space craft. what's ahead of virgin galactic says about the future of the
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program. >> and it's one of the most popular sites around right now but also one of the most dangerous especially for children.
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♪ >> you decide 2014 and the race for pennsylvania governor is all the buzz. every pre election poll shows democratic businessman tom wolf leading incumbent republican tom corbett and often by a wide margin. polling shows education is the governor's achilleas heel. >> it's biggest issue on voter's minds.
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bruce gordon joins us live in studio. bruce, education funding has generated some of the harshest attacks and counter attacks. >> reporter: no doubt and for very good reason. franklin and marshall poll shows those who believe governor corbett has done a fair or poor job as governor put education spending at the top of their list of complaints. but is the single biggest complaint against corbett accurate? >> the allegation from the wolf campaign has been made repeatedly on tv. >> tom corbett cut a billion dollars from our schools. he took an ax to education. >> reporter: with schools in philadelphia barely able to open their doors -- protests over school funding staged seemingly every week this summer and fall the claim has resonated in a city where democrats out number republicans by nearly eight to one. >> a lot more has to be done for these schools. kids are the future. it's that simple. >> reporter: you don't feel like governor corbett has done enough? >> i don't feel that way, no. >> reporter: governor corbett fires back in his own campaign ad that include this claim by his wife. >> he's increased spending in
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the education department $1.5 billion over what it was when he came into office. >> reporter: that's a $2.5 billion swing. so who's claims are accurate? fact and good government advocate both say that depends. >> each of them has accurate claims depending on what you're counting. >> reporter: what you're lead leaving out. >> and what you're leaving out. >> reporter: wolf compares corbett's spending levels to those of the predecessor ed rendell who the benefit using lots of federal stimulus dollars on schools. >> was always going to go away. never any doubt that money was not on going. >> it was always going to go away. >> reporter: the spending cut claim is exaggerated but corbett's claim that he boosted spending boy big time and is just as questionable. >> money has gone into the state employees pension fund and not gone into the classrooms. >> reporter: the truth on school funding lies somewhere between the competing claims. which may be why some perspective voters are throwing up their hands. >> you believe either candidate
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in terms of the claims they're making? >> not really, no. >> reporter: you don't buy either one them? >> no. >> reporter: of course, truth and perception aren't always in sync. in philadelphia in particular, the study drum beat of claims about spending cuts have energized the anti corbett movement. which is one of the big reasons the polls look the way they do just this day before leck. lucy? >> polls are about the only thing are any shade of gray in this one. that's right. >> thank you very much, bruce. if you have any problems at the polls by the way or questions about the election, the committee of 70 is ready to help you out. hotlines set up ready to take calls from voters here's the number (855)738-3689. you don't have a pen don't worry you can find it at our website that hotline is open from 6:30 tomorrow morning until 9:00 tomorrow night. we'll have complete election day coverage on our website you will find race results right
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here tomorrow night just click on election 2014 on our home page. >> former university of pennsylvania professor in prison for killing his wife is back in court. raphael rob pleaded guilty back in 2007 in connection with his wife's death at their king of prussia home. ellen rob was bludgeoned to death as she robbed holiday presents her family is suing rob for wrongful death. jury selection in the civil suit began today. rob is currently serving a five to 10 year prison sentence. >> second case of whooping cough now confirmed at a suburban philadelphia school. let's take look from skyfox angle of the wissahickon high school in ambler. letter sent to parents friday officials say a sophomore has the respiratory disease known as pertussis. other students may now be at risk. whooping cough is a highly contagious disease unless you've been vaccinated. the school had its first confirmed case in september. a property next door has neighbors and community leaders up in arms. fox 29 investigators gets to the
5:19 pm
bottom of this region wide problem. jeff cole is in the newsroom with a look ahead at his investigation airing tonight at 10:00. >> lucy, weeds, rodents a ban donned vehicles and potential danger that's what residents say they face from from a troubled property. neighbors called us to this house in king of prussia where they say it was a nightmare to live right next door. they had big concerns about the pool and a large saw to cut stone sitting right out in back. we wanted to know why the house is being left to sit and literally fall apart. we pressed the lawyer of a big bank that own the place. the perception left somehow the bank doesn't care about the residents of that neighborhood and that they allow what was an unsafe condition to stay. >> they addressed all unsafe conditions. they cover the pool. >> reporter: right. >> that was an unsafe condition. you cannot touch other people's property and until you have an
5:20 pm
order of eject many and that's the issue are. >> reporter: the judge just didn't believe you? >> he made an error of law. i'm sorry. >> reporter: he certainly did not believe them. hear from very frustrated neighbor. see just what's wrong with this place and learn what the local community is at least trying to do to force some change that's ax fox 29 investigates tonight at 10:00. lucy we hope everybody will take a look. we think it's important. >> absolutely. we'll see you then, jeff. some relief from the wind and cold in your fox 29 weather authority. but we're already i hate to break this to you we're tracking trouble on the horizon for more. chief meteorologist scott williams. >> that's right. lucy, we are keeping tabs on the potential for more rainfall in that seven day forecast but right now it looks pretty good. temperatures in the low to mid 50s if you're stepping outdoors. compared to this same time yesterday, it's 7 degrees warmer in philadelphia. 12 degrees warmer in reading. so grab that jacket or sweater if you're stepping outdoors there will be a fall chill in the air we're looking at temperatures by 11:00 o'clock right around 49 degrees. but you can see high pressure is
5:21 pm
in control now. but often to the west this is our next weather maker. coming up how much rainfall to expect and when that rain arrives iain and luce cease back to you. >> scott, thank you. in arizona trick or treater got a very special treat this halloween. a diamond wedding ring. the mix-up that got one woman begging neighbors to check their candy bags carefully. >> and apple lovers, your patience could soon be tested. why the tech giant could delay the release of its first ever smart watch. >> and these people in russia definitely not apple fans. why they dismantled the memorial to steve jobs.
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>> it is still flowing in hawaii. lava from the volcano threatening to wipe out a town. a little lava has advanced since thursday it's spreading sideways. it's very active. experts are saying artificial barriers are channeling it but obviously there's no shutting off that volcano. former mayor of boston is laid to rest about a thousand
5:25 pm
mourners gathered on sunday to say goodbye to the citi' longest serving and many say most beloved mayor. me nino remembered a relentless big hearted people loving urban mechanic. vice-president joe biden was among the prominent leader who's attended a private funeral mass. me nino passed away at the age of 71. he was diagnosed with cancer in february shortly after leaving office. >> arrest in a deadly halloween hit-and-run that killed three teenage the girls in southern california. police arrested 31 year old man, 13 year old twin sisters and a 13 year old friend were in a cross walk in santa ana friday night when a driver slammed into them. police found a damaged suv not far from the site and arrested the suspect over the weekend at a motel. >> we're all just grieving as a community and just being with the family and with all the friends here and everything. it's just -- it's sad. you know, um, there's no winners in this. no one wins. >> police say the driver had two
5:26 pm
teens in the car with him at the time. people in russia dismantle a steve jobs memorial after apple's current ceo tim cook comes out as gay. the memorial in st. petersburg it looks like a giant iphone. the company that made it just took it down citing two reasons. tim cook coming out as gay and edward snowden' revelations about nsa spying. snowden's documents suggest apple products were used by the nsa to conduct surveillance. the company says the monument violates russian law which bans gay propaganda to minors. >> online shoppers, beware. he was it be getting charged more than other customers for the same product from the same store. >> what you're doing that could lead to higher prices. plus, panned minute yum in the pitt. nascar drivers and their crews, these guys are throwing punches. tonight nascar officials say they're looking at this video very carefully. what set the whole thing off. >> but first deadly crash of a commercial space craft. what is ahead of -- the head of
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fighting to create jobs that can support a family. and pushing equal pay for equal work. donald norcross. a congressman for us. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> skyfox live over the scene avenue traffic nightmare for commuters. only one lane is getting by on i-95 northbound on tinicum
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township. this is the aftermath of a deadly crash this afternoon that happened just before 2:00 at the bartram avenue exit. state police are still investigating what exactly happened. here's a live look now at philadelphia international airport. the winds have died down. things are starting to warmup. i guess it's all relative our early dose of winter is not over yet. we are tracking more trouble come the end of the week. chief meteorologist scott williams will tell you what to expect coming up in your fox 29 weather authority. >> it's hard to believe take look at this video. this is north carolina, my friends. this is what it look like over the weekend. band of snow caught most folks there by surprise. they're making the best of it shredding and such. several places got as much as 2-inches. however, that made travel very tricky in spots. >> if you're going to be out, get your four wheel drive. >> four wheel drive is a must today. >> i'm saying to all the locals isn't this wonderful? and they're saying to me, hmm, you don't live here, do you? >> obviously not.
5:31 pm
in case you're wondering the weather is much more pleasant in north carolina today. temperatures reached nearly 60 degrees in charlotte w a difference a day makes. utah the trouble with high winds gusts hitting 80 miles an hour. now to put that into perspecti perspective, hurricane status is 74 miles an hour. those utah winds just blew over tractor trailers on interstate 80. blew them around like toys. nobody is hurt. >> philadelphia police are looking for a pair of burglars who got into a house through the front window. the bold crime was caught on surveillance video. cops say it happened last week on the 3,000 block of eighth street in north philadelphia. the video shows one of the suspects appearing to open the front door. officials say when they couldn't get in that way they used a front window. police say they got away with $1,100 from a lock glocks investigators are zeroing in on why virgin gay lag tick spaceship two crashed ton night the man who wants to bring tourist noose space richard branson is talking about this the future of his dream.
5:32 pm
fox's william la jeunesse reports. >> we can move forward. >> reporter: virgin galactic founder richard branson is speaking out about the future of his company's space tourism program after a prototype space craft crashed last week. 39 year old co-pilot michael always bury died. the pilot of the mission 43 year old peter sigh bold parachuted to the ground and is recovering at a hospital. >> he didn't actually eject as has been said in the press but fortunately he did get out and did get his parachute open. and i'm delighted to say that he's -- there's nothing -- nothing too seriously wrong with him, and -- i think he'll hopefully be back walking out of hospital in the next few days. >> reporter: federal investigators say the space tourism rocket broke apart in flight over california's mohave desert after a device to slow the experimental spaceship's decent deployed too soon. >> branson is not giving up, but will remain focused on the safety of the program.
5:33 pm
>> we have spent many, many years building a space craft and mother ship and space port that i think can do the job, and can do the job safely. but we will not start taking people until we finished whole massive series of test flights. >> branson remains focused on continuing the program. >> we must push on, and there is incredible things that can happen through mankind being able to explore space properly. >> reporter: virgin gallon lactic original planned to send tourist noose space early next year and has taken more than 700 flight reservations at $250,000 each. in los angeles, william la jeunesse, fox news. >> tonight people are still talking about the death of brittany maynard the oregon woman who just ended her battle with terminal brain cancer by taking her own life on saturday. the 29 year old took lethal drugs which are available in these circumstances under oregon law. she was surrounded by loved ones when she did it. maynard had been in the spotlight after she and her
5:34 pm
husband moved to portland to take advantage of the law. she planned to die on novembe november 1st and she stuck to that schedule. in her final months maynard were you a strong voice for dying with dignity movement. >> what a day for the strawberry mansion garden. got an overhaul today with the help from some philadelphia eagles. there they are. they planned trees and bulbs and harvested fruits and vegetables with students by their side. >> we're giving back in the right area, you know what i mean. i think teaching these kids about sustain ability, giving back to your local community, about how important eating healthy is and growing things locally. some of the things not that many people are talking about so it's important to be here talking about those things. >> grid iron yesterday to the garden today. the event is part of the eagles community monday initiative. all righty, parents. even before your baby can talk, make no mistake, they are listening. >> why they might be listening more to mom than to dad coming up. an arizona trick or treater got
5:35 pm
a very special treat this halloween. a diamond wedding ring. the mix-up that's got one woman begging neighbors to check their candy bags carefully. >> and coming up at 6:13 years after the terrorist attacks that changed everything, a huge boost for the american spirit. one world trade center is now open for business and it's reverberate aig round the world. scott? >> lucy, it was a frigid start across our area but temperatures are going up. i'll talk about how warm it gets, plus when to expect more
5:37 pm
5:38 pm
>> we're on top of breaking news in delaware county tonight. that's where a student has been removed from radnor high school for allegedly making threats. fox 29's dave schratwieser life in wane tonight where officials just held a news conference. dave? >> reporter: iain, radnor police just wrapped up that news conference where they detailed this columbine like threat made at radnor high school by a 17 year old senior, a girl, at the school. she was brought into police headquarters think afternoon with her parents. complete details on this. these threats were written in a
5:39 pm
notebook that the student had. they were quite detailed. i'm being joined here right now by police superintendent william cole rullo. bill, talk to us about some of the threats in that notebook. >> dave, it's disturbing because as you read these entries into the notebook, they progressively get more and more dangerous in nature, more violent. the student goes on to explain how she wants to kill one specific teacher and then house she goss to kill her fellow students. she journals where the majority of students are congregating, how she's going to do it, different locations. and it's just very disturbing and the fact that she's a girl even adds to the danger of it because, you know, we're not used to n and one specific part you mentioned alcohol columbine she actually hand wrote a letter to the parents of one of the shooters responsible for the columbine massacre. whether she mailed that we don't know yet. >> reporter: walk us threw the decision to go public with this. i'm sure you want to make sure everything is safe and sound at the school. that's the reason for this. >> everything is absolutely safe and sound at the school. we have an excellent relationship witness regard nor school district dr. mike kelly and i spoke numerous times.
5:40 pm
we want to put any fears to rest the students may be having that the parents may be having. you know sometimes you get these kinds of threats and say to yourself, well, should i make a big deal out of it? if somebody threatens to kill students and teachers how do you not take it seriously. talk to us about the 17 year old girl charging her as a juvenile. you can't say much but her background if you could. >> she has history of some mental illness, and she is going to be treated at a -- at a psychiatric facility right now but that does not alleviate her responsibility for making these kinds of entries after she gets the help she needs shell be facing criminal prosecution for terroristic threats and related charges. your thoughts when you start reading through the notebook and see these detailed -- this detailed information about what it is she wants to do one of the quotes was, i want to fill the floors with corpses. >> she even goes into graphic detail about watching the blood splatter. she had a fixation about columbine. she had a keen interest on serial killers. just very disturbing stuff. >> reporter: superintendent, thank you for joining us.
5:41 pm
appreciate that. wrapped up a news conference. radnor police just wrapped up a news conference superintendent colarulo detailing all these again wants to emphasize totally safe at this point. police have been at the school. they've been at the girl's home. they searched the home. no weapons were found. nothing that would indicate they were -- this was going to be furthered in any particular way. but, again, she is receiving treatment as we speak. and according to the superintendent, she will be charged as a juvenile with making terroristic threats. much more on this coming up at 6:00 o'clock. guy, back to you. >> dave, thank you see you at 6:00. online shoppers look out. you may be getting charged more than other customers for the same product from the same sto store. >> maybe something you're doing that could be leading to the higher prices but we'll sort it out for you and one of the most popular chat sites online right now. experts say it's also one of the most dangerous especially for children. howard? >> eagles quarterback nick foles he had an mri today. not good news but it really could have been far worse. i'll explain all the eagles injuries that's coming up in
5:44 pm
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>> fox 29 looking out for your health tonight and the health of your baby. why do babies pay more attention to mom during their first year of life? well research shows the way mom talks to them catches their attention more. researchers outfitted babies with special vests that recorded audio. they recorded when the babies were newborns right around one month old, then again at seven months. results show babies were more responsive to the female voices than the male ones. the team isn't sure why. take away for dads, here you go,
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the more interaction you have with your baby, the better the response will be to you plus they also like sing sewing voices. iain you were probably a sink sog guy when you talked to your kids. not so much. these findings appear by the way in the journal pediatrics. it's going to take more time before apple starts selling smart watch the company planned to launch the apple watch early next year, but now the website nine to five mack is reporting that apple will delay the release until next spring. apple unveiled its first wearable watch in an event back in september. but now some reports suggest the company wants to improve the device's battery which currently needs to be charged every day. >> have you heard of online chat site called omgle. >> it's easy to use an lot people looking for something besides a casual conversation. >> internet safety experts say omegle is the most popular and the most dangerous sight out there right now. here's fox's karen scullin. >> reporter: omegle is hugely
5:47 pm
popular and internet safety experts call it incredibly dangerous for children who are easily lured in. >> it is 100% advised to talk to strangers. that is the immediate draw and pull in of the site. >> reporter: there is an age restriction of 18. but there's no way to police that. >> it's simply are you 18? yes, or no? you just alcoholic yes and you're in. >> reporter: the site really is unbelievably easy to use. all you do is go to and click on the text you don't have to have an account or anything. there's finding a random stranger for me to speak with right now and there are 27,000 people right now on omgegl to choose from. every single time immediately what's stabbed is age, sex and location. sometimes coming up as afl. he's stabbed that he's male and he is also 20 years old. i typed in that i was 20. you can put in any age that you want. >> all of a sudden more personal questions and more details all of a sudden revealed in the
5:48 pm
blink of the eye almost. >> reporter: this fir chat we had on the big screen here but most of the chats are taking place on i pads or i phones. i've had 10 conversations today on anism pad and most of them win first three to four questions turned sexual. >> once you disconnect you will likely never find that same person again. that's why the user may try to direct the person he's chatting with to text privately. or ask for a phone number. and that's when some sort of relationship can develop. heading -- she recommends talking with kids about online dangers adding the earlier the better. >> let's put it this way. when i've talked to students in the past, i've had many, many kindergarteners talk to me about all sorts of different social networking sites, web sites and app that is they use on a regular basis. >> reporter: karen scullin, fox news. >> online shoppers look out. it appears some retailers are making price adjusts and you don even know it. researchers from northeastern university looked to at prices of 16 different retailers. they discovered price discrimination based on the
5:49 pm
customer's geographic location and whether they used a pc or a mobile sight to buy. they also noted price differences based on what customers paid for previous items. >> now i want to know is it cheaper for my own line mobile device or pc. i don't know. >> an arizona woman accidentally gave her wedding ring away to trick or treaters. brooklyn put herring in ajar of candy while helping her daughter carve pumpkins on friday. she says, the night got hectic and she forget to take herring out of that candy jar. you guessed it. she started handing out candy to trick or treaters and now she's desperately searching for herring. >> watched all the trick or treaters, you know, handed out candy, i actually had plastic rings. i had plastic rings i put in there, too. >> she admits her diamond not worth a whole lot. it doesn't matter. it's what it means to her that makes it priceless. i hope she finds it. >> oh, yes. >> i hope i can find warmer
5:50 pm
weather this week. >> wind blowing around this weekend, whoo. >> not sure that necessarily will be here but this is the guy that knows. >> a couple of days of temperatures flirting with perhaps 70 degrees over the next couple of days. >> by the way is that a new tie it's fantastic. i just pulled it out of the closet. >> yeah. let's talk about the temperatures right now. in the mid 50s. so not quite as chilly as it was yesterday. it was a nice sunset. the sunset this evening by the way at 4:56. so getting darker early after that time change. 60 degrees was the high so we rebounded pretty nicely after that morning low. look at that. 36 degrees the normal this time of year is 61. temperatures right now are in the low to mid 50s across the area. 53 in millville. we have 53 in allentown. upper 40s right now in the pocono mountain. high pressure is in control over the next couple of days. but take a look at the west. we're watching our next weather maker that will arrive on thursday with some moderate to heavy rainfall.
5:51 pm
so as we watch the clock, high pressure will stay in control tonight, during the day tomorrow, looking pretty good as that high pressure is going to keep us dry. but you can see by tuesday nig night, the system that we're watching for thursday it's still off to the west. so wednesday looking pretty good. a few more clouds will be on the increase. but we're going to keep those winds out of the southwest so another mild day. wednesday night into thursday, we're watching that area of low pressure. the front arrives. we're talking some rainfall and once again some of it will likely be moderate to heavy. so tuesday and wednesday, temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. looking pretty good. feeling a little more like spring, and thursday, that's when we're talking about some rainfall likely an inch or more of rain area wide. by friday, clearing skies. and, yes, turning much cooch little for tonight, fair skies, dry, chilly overnight. temperatures back into the mid to upper 30s for the suburbs. low 40s in the city. so not as cold as it was this morning across the area.
5:52 pm
for tomorrow, a mixture of sun and clouds. mild and comfortable with that southwest wind. 66 degrees that will be the high temperature way above average for this time of year by about 5 degrees. so a dry election day. no excuse not to get out and vote. we're talking about those temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. so tomorrow is definitely a 10. more clouds but look at wednesday. 67 and then as we move toward thursday with that rainfall it's not really going to be a chilly rain temperatures in the low 60s. 54 for friday and then 50 on saturday. below average temperatures for the weekend. chilly next monday highs only in the upper 40s. >> wow! >> yes. i'm going to enjoy these next few days then. >> i like the cold. >> i know do you. >> that's football season, that's why. that's exactly why, howard. >> that's what football is all about. all right. the eagles won a game yesterday against houston. they're now six and two. but lost more players to injury. nick foles i'm told does have the broken collarbone season
5:53 pm
out. he had the mrism this afternoon. he's out for at leave six weeks. but will not need surgery. now, i know fans may be happy to have mark sanchez at the starting quarterback but, remember, it's not good to lose a quarterback. nick foles still can make plays. this a play he's done this before with jeremy maclin and by the way had a great game yesterday. 59-yard touchdown. that was in the first quarter. he caught the ball, he caught the ball. this is not a good thing. the rush was really tough. and he broke his collarbone on that play. again, that's not a good thing. out for six weeks with the head coach knows with mark sanchez he's got confidence. >> we don't look at it as a backup. we look at it as a starter and we're looking for people to be starters. because that better be more mind set going into it because you are literal al play away from being a starter and i think that's how mark approached it his preparation i think is just out standing in terms of what he does here in terms of preparing
5:54 pm
and prepared himself like he's a starter. it's not one of those things oh, my god i have to go in there game. he was ready to go in the game. >> it all comes back quickly, you know, you want to use phrase like ride ago bike i wish it was that easy and that defense didn't make it that easy. so, um, it's -- it felt good to get back out l it felt good to make some calls, to scramble a little bit to get hit a little bit. all that stuff is really fun. we're very fortunate to play like this. >> actually i've actually heard quarterback say they like to get hit. i don't know. maybe the bigger injury for the eagles demeco ryans amazing how he suffers an injury, after he intercepts a pass with no contact. he suffered a ruptured achilleas tendon and is out for the seas season. now i'm hearing he probably will have surgery this week. but that's a six to nine month injury. the head coach is not worried about the other players will have to just step up. >> it does hurt because it's not, you know, because those guys will have to play this week. it's not their first getting on the field and they've got an opportunity to get a lot of valuable snaps when michael was
5:55 pm
out and play alongside dee me company. playing alongside michael it's not their first time. it will benefit those guys that they've had that type of experience. >> all right. yes, it will. okay. the good old boys. i love those guys. they were at it again yesterday. it seems like these guys in nascar are a always fighting. they just can't get along. let's go to fort worth, texas and take a look. all right. jeff gordon on the car next to the rail. gets swiped by brad kozlowski. he cuts gordon's tire. this is what's happening. gordon in the dark warmup kozlowski with the white hat on. these guys draw blood. they fight. come on. it's just, negotiation to your room, will you? i mean stop it already. it's funny. they're call the good old boys for a reason. >> they do that in all sports, though. they do. hockey you see them -- >> football you get thrown out of the game. football it happens. >> into the ball you get thrown out of the game. you get thrown out of the
5:56 pm
game and you're wearing a helmet. in baseball you get thrown out of the game. >> the game was over on that one. >> by the way i'm more on todd harremins who gave eight gutty evident where he stands yesterday and he might be ought out for the season, too. >> howard thank you. >> um canning up at 6:00 a woman grabbed and abductioned from a city street. the crime all caught on video. the desperate search to find the woman. >> the first fenn nant moves into new york's one world trade center. we're there for one of the most significant days for the city since the day 13 years ago that
5:57 pm
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>> feign year old girl pulled from a local school accused of of making threats against a teacher. >> it happened at regard nor high school. police say that teen wrote the threats in a notebook. let's get straight out to fox 29's dave schratwieser life in wane tonight where officials just wrapped up a news conference. dave? >> reporter: iain, they did. this all unfolded starting around 11:30 this morning when school administrators became aware of a notebook with some writing that is included threats from a 17 year old senior at radnor high school. they quickly investigated. called radnor police. radnor police were on the scene at the high school. checked the whole thing out. they actually seized the notebooks. we have some video of the note books in question there. two note books. in there were specific threats made columbine like threats, according to the superintendent of police out here, william colarulo all kinds of details about killing a teacher and potentially killing students. and then potentially doing harm