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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 4, 2014 3:00am-4:01am EST

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x finity the future of awesome. ♪ >> right now the search for a woman kidnapped right off her street. now this is one very important clue. surveillance video as she's dragged for a block, then force flood a car. tonight, a $10,000 reward is on the table to find her. good evening, i'm lucy noland i'm iain page. dave kinchen is germantown tonight where her family is pleading for answers. >> reporter: that surveillance
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video is the biggest clue police have right now. police have gotten at least 50 tips so far and officers continue to come by and drive through the scene and check things out. but police really need the public's help tonight. violent struggle caught on surveillance video. an abductor scene pulling 22 year old car leisha free land gaither down the one hadn't dread block of west colter street in germantown as she screams for help sunday night. >> family members in a tearful embrace after seeing the video of car leisha's abduction for the first time. >> the video is just disturbing. she didn't have to go through that. no female should have to go through that. >> reporter: the family says she was walking home from a party when she was approached. suspect parked on west colter moments before walking up the street to the victim. she runs but he catches her and drags car leisha back to the c car. >> whenever ya'll want, whatever ya'll need just return my step daughter. that's all i'm asking for.
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bring her home. she a sweet person. >> reporter: investigators say she dropped her glasses and cell phone when she was forced into the car. the family new something was wrong when they called her an deck answered instead. police think the attack was random and family members have no idea who would do it. >> if it's anything as far as random take me. let her go. she don't deserve this. >> reporter: fox 29 us what there as crime scene investigators arrived on the scene and examined broken glass that police believe car leisha kick out at some point during the abduction. police say it's from an early 2,000 model gray ford taurus. a $10,000 reward has been posted for information leading to her safe return and her family will continue posting these flyers with her picture praying she's home soon. >> please just whoever just please bring her back home much that's all we want. just release her. we don't care. just let her go somewhere. drop her off somewhere. >> reporter: northwest
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detectives tell us they continue to sort through tips. they have about 50 or so so far but they really need the public's help and we've also learned from police that she was last seen wearing a light blue jean jacket, gray and white sweater and she was carrying a backpack. please call police if you have any information. iain. >> dave, thank you. breaking news in delaware tonight. lock down is lived at delaware state university. it was ordered late this afternoon after a dsu student was shot in an apartment building near the campus much the male student is being treated for non-life threatening injuries. no arrest but dsu officials say they do not believe students are in any danger. torments night a septa police officer is accused of of committing a lewd act on a subway car. you saw it first on fox. prosecutors charged 44 year old kevin fan with indecent exposure and open lewdness. last week septa social media team found a video on the internet showing a man committing a lewd act by himself on a broad street subway car. septa police say they immediately recognized fant who
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was off duty when it rapid happened much he's on administrative leave tonight. he's been on the septa police force for 12 years. >> another big story right now, very dark writing found in one local student's notebook. she debates leaving any survivors in a columbine like attack on her school. fox 29's dave schratwieser live at radnor police headquarters. dave? >> reporter: lucy, radnor police tell us tonight that this 17 year old senior had a fascination with the columbine shooting massacre in colorado. she threatened to blow up the calf tear yack engage in a shootout with police. tonight she is under going a psychological evaluation and facing criminal charges. >> you have to take something like this seriously. >> reporter: those words from police as they disclosed a 70 year old senior's detailed threat against teacher and students at radnor high school. those handwritten threats uncovered in the female student's own note books. >> she made references to killing a teacher, killing her
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fellow students in certain manner and by injuring herself. >> reporter: radnor police moved quickly after school administrators became aware of the threat monday morning. police recovered two note books latent with threats like "flood the halls with corpses and i'm about to get very violent" she added "i want to trap them, pick them off one by one" police searched the school and took the girl to headquarters to be questioned with her parents. >> no one at risk. everyone is safe. we've taken all the proper steps we need to do and trying to be proactive here. >> i'm speechless. >> reporter: debbie singer's daughter is a junior at radnor high. she was stunned by the news and glad police moved quickly. >> the biggest thing to me that this kid did not have access to a gun in her home. that was something i really wanted to know. >> reporter: police searched the girl's home but turned now weapons or indications she planned to take immediate action. she made several references to the columbine school massacre in her writing saying at one point,
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i could be the first female school shooter. >> this specific student actually went to great lengths of even writing a letter to the parents of columbine shooters. >> she was fascinated with columbine. when they were learning in school they were going over the in sociology i think and she was fascinated and obsessed. >> reporter: now, again, the student is under going psychological evaluation. police tell us no other students were involved in these threats. she will face those terroristic threat charges. this case will be handled in juvenile court. iain? >> actually i'll take it back, thank you very much, dave. developing in chester county, deadly gunfire at a ymca district attorney says the gunman ambush his ex-girlfriend then shot himself. fox 29's chris o'connell live in west brandywine township. chris? >> reporter: lucy, very scary evening for staff and members here at the brandywine ymca. the chester county district attorney confirming to night that it was a domestic dispute that led to a murder suicide outside the y.
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take look behind me. investigators still here on the scene. it happened inside the parking lot at one of the busiest times were the y was filled with people. >> frantic parents picking up their kids from the brandywine ymca. after shots rang out in the parking lot just after 6:00 tonight. police say a man shot and killed a woman who had a prior relationship before turning the gun on himself. >> the parents are in a state of panic. it was hard to keep everything under control. >> reporter: carli sets man is a swim instructor at the y's pool. she helped 35 staff and members keep calm during a lock down that lasted more than two hours. >> when you hear that you don't know anything else. lord knows where they are. they hadn't left the front of the building yet so they might be in there. >> reporter: after kids left with tears in their eyes and in the arm of their parents feet away investigators were busy collecting evidence including many she will casings. police won't say much about the details of the shooting, only
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saying it was a cold-blooded killing. >> very clear that the individual who did this, the male, had planned what he was going to do. the exact details of what he did we are not releasing yet, but this was not anything that this woman ever would have seen coming. >> reporter: although she hasn't been officially identified, friends and employees say the victim worked here at the y as a fitness instructor. we're told she leaves behind three children. >> beautiful. very -- one of the sweetest and most caring you'll ever meet in your whole life. >> reporter: chester county da tells us that the victim and gunman's identity will be released sometime tomorrow. we also tells us the staff couldn't have done a better job in keeping their members safe. iain? >> chris, thank you. on your radar tonight, temperatures dropping right now but chief meteorologist scott williams is tracking an election day warmup. >> that's right, iain. it will be chilly for the overnight but not as cold as it was last night across the area.
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we are going to see temperatures warm tomorrow. right now it's comfortably cool. still mid 50s in philadelphia. 53 in allentown. 40s right now in atlantic city. so overnight, prove 44 degrees in the z upper 30s in the suburbs. but as we talk about a election day weather for tomorrow it's going to be dry. 7:00 a.m., 44 degrees. temperatures warming into the upper 50s by 11:00. but look at 3:00 o'clock. mid 60s. so certainly above average temperatures, a dry and comfortable day to get out and vote. we'll talk about how long this warm up will last and also we're already talking about rainfall ahead in that seven day forecast all coming up. iain and lucy? >> thank you very much, we'll talk to you then scott. pick up crashes into a bucks county police station. skyfox is over the scene. it happened tonight just before 6:00 in springfield township. look at that. almost all the way in. now this was like i said springfield township. we understand that one person was in the truck. no word, though, on injuries or
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why that driver crashed. officials serving eviction notice make a dangerous discovery. warehouse rigged with shotgun shell booby traps. the booby traps were allegedly put there by the former building owner beig being evict dad. he rigged spring loaded shotgun shells in plastic beebees with fishing wire around the warehouse. the property had been sold but the former own are in and his wife were still living inside. the bomb squad will be back in the morning to search for more devices. >> there's 10 buildings. they're an underground. they're multi story. so this is -- this is going to become a very lengthy and very costly operation. >> do you think there could be more devices in there? i'm going to -- we're going to assume that there are. >> the new owner suffered minor injuries when one device went off. the former owner and his wife face reckless endangerment and assault charges. >> a caves arson in bucks county someone torched seven tractor trailer this morning.
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they were parked in a lot on clyde way road in bristol township. atf is investigating. parents and students are on alert after a suburban philadelphia school confirms that second case of whooping cough. we've got a skyfox view of wis today a is a hick couldn't high school in ambler n a letter sent to parents friday a sophomore has the respiratory disease known as pertussis. they say other students may now be at risk. whooping cough is a highly contagious disease unless you've been vaccinated. the school had its first confirmed case in september. blanket of weeds, rodents, trash and potential danger. that's what residents in a local suburb say they faced from adient gate grating property next door and they are mad. >> do you think this represent ms. sort of danger to you and your family and other people in the community. absolutely. >> taxpayers are even on the
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hook for some of these bills. fox 29 asks the tough questions next. arrested accused of robbing a bunch of subway restaurants what a bizarre motive. why he's blaming their spokesman jared for the crime spree. >> and just sounded like really fun and i did want to like tell people like not only my dad but other people find a cure. >> her dad fighting a live threatening disease and now a local 12 year old is fighting for her dad. her mission to help find a cure for cancer. >> and we've all been there. your phone down to it's last ounce of battery. no charger in sight. the new wallet that
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>> all taxpayers should take notice. jeff. >> all across the state. nobody would want this. a big house with lots of land next door left to fall apart. experts tell us places like this are all over the region and they're much more than just a nuisance much in a town in the philly bushes known far and wide for its massive mall, there's a problem. are you riff justin drabick. >> i'm riffed. >> riffed at this. eye soar of a house, pool, pool building and barn that scar this neighborhood a few minutes drive from the region's shopping mec mecca. >> it's beyond sanity. why you would leave a property like this. >> reporter: welcome to 466
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west valley forge road, king of prussia, pa. valued at well over three hadn't dread ground the property is a mess. the building's peek out from a blanket of overgrown weeds, shrubs and trees. construction debris, overturned buckets a broken down sing, abandoned mowers, rusting vehicles and stone tile, piles and piles of stone tiles are everywhere. there's always saw to cut them, blade attached and it's not the only concern. >> rats and, um, there's ground hogs that live back here. there was a siting of a red fox. you know just goes on. bull frogs, ducks. it's a wildlife refuge. >> reporter: david, a 20 year neighbor of the property says it's been sliding downhill for nearly a decade. he's do you meaned the stunning decline including this startling picture of the pool, brimming with dirty green water. he says, when he took this shot in may, the gate was open to
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anyone able to wander in. >> do you think this represents some sort of danger to you and your family and other people in the community. >> absolutely there was a woman who was looking for her child that wandered off and thought maybe he want #-d off into this property. >> reporter: so what's up? how could a property be allowed to fall apart leaving neighbors live individual and taxes unpaid and driving down the value of homes around it? we decided to find out first by tracking the former owner. he's a local guy. tom an gentlemen lard dee by pressing the new owners the bang, deutsche bank. >> the owner writes he's the owner of gothic stone the same name on the side of this van sitting at west valley forge road. gothic stone is emblazoned on this montgomery county building where the owner says he ran his business a decade ago and occasionally struggled to pay the represent. >> hello.
3:17 am
how doing? i'm looking for tom. >> we also tracked him here. >> when do you think he'll be around? >> he never comes here unless he got something to do. >> reporter: to the tiny delaware county borough of colwyn where he's renting space to run his business much this fellow got him on his cell. >> yo, carl. jeff cole from fox 29. hold on. >> reporter: is this carl? >> yes. >> reporter: it's jeff cole from fox 29. i'm a reporter there. >> i've been in a battle with the bank. >> reporter: he agreed to meet us in a parking lot in valley forge national park where we pressed him about the property. >> the neighbors understandably are riffed. sure. they think it's look like a fallen down shabby place with junk in back and junk in front. they're angry at you. >> sure. >> they ran into hard times when former workers stole from his
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business. evidence of his money problems is clear. in the big money and leaves for unpaid taxes slapped on his property by the pennsylvania department of revenue. he says, things would have been better if law enforcement would have prosecuted those workers who ripped him off. >> are you suggesting carl that this is somehow not your fault? >> not at all. i mean, it's ultimately my responsibility. >> reporter: he found trouble before in his life. >> you served some time. yeah. absolutely. >> reporter: what did you serve time for? >> drug trafficking. like 30 years ago. in the early '80s. >> reporter: were you in the drug business then? >> yeah. yeah. >> reporter: he says, that's long over now and claims he was trying to fix up his place but stopped when deutsche bank took it in foreclosure last year. he says, he's been battling deutsche ever since. >> i'm still hoping to get possession back in court. we'll see. >> reporter: except right now the place looks like a mess.
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>> yes. >> reporter: you're in the hole unfortunately financially with it? >> absolutely. >> reporter: which brings us to the new owners deutsche bank. >> i represent deutsche bank. >> reporter: okay. well, real quickly -- >> i'm sorry the case is on apple right now. and we're unable to make any comment. >> reporter: this is their lawyer. he wasn't very talkative recently after a rough day in court about the condition of 466 west valley forge road. >> the judge just hammered the bank and found you guilty on all counts and is now going to ask for really hundreds of thousands of dollars in citations. >> i believe that the judge made an error of law and we'll have to address with the appelate court. >> reporter: concerned about the conditions at the property and pressured by angry neighbors, records show upper merion township has been pounding the bank with property violation after property violation for months. each violation could be well 1,000 bucks a day and the township says there are 352
3:20 am
citations for the pool, rubbish, weeds unlicensed cars. >> we just want the neighborhood to be safe. >> reporter: you want the bank to clean that up. >> we want the bank to clean that up. >> reporter: upper merion hauled deutsche in front of a district justice a few weeks ago to face the music on those violations. >> the bank lost on all counts. report roar the perception is somehow the bank doesn't care about the residents ofof that neighborhood and that they allowed what was an unsafe condition to stay. >> they addressed all unsafe conditions and they covered the pool. >> reporter: right. >> that was an unsafe condition. you cannot touch other people's property until you have an order of ejectment that's the issue report roar the just didn't believe you. >> he made an error of law. i'm sorry. >> reporter: the bank says it couldn't clean up the place because the owner wouldn't get out. there are appealing that ruling. experts say cities and towns across pennsylvania are struggling with these vacant troubled houses.
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some communities are keeping a list enforcing owners to pay a fee. so that those towns can keep these buildings safe. jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> thank you very much, jeff. take look. this guy walk flood a starbucks. coffee wasn't on his mine. the charity new jersey police say he ripped off not once but twice. >> a major halloween mistake left one woman in a panic. >> oh, my gosh, what had happened, i just couldn't talk. >> was she accidentally gave away along with candy she's begging someone return. >> plus they did it again. facebook admits messing with your feed. why it says it actually impacted the presidential election.
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♪ >> it is open for business. the first occupants of one world trade center moved in publishing
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giant will occupy 25 floors of the 104 store tower that dominates the manhattan skyline. the building's opening comes 13 years after the 9/help terror attacks. more than 170 employees moved in today marking the historic occasion. and early next year, 3,000 more people will work in the freedom tower. people in russia dismantle a steve jobs memorial after apple's current ceo tim cook comes out as gay. the memorial is in st. petersburg and looks likes a giant iphone. the company made it took it down citing two reasons. tim cook coming out as gay and edward snowden's revelations about nsa spying. snowden's documents suggest apple products were used by the nsa to conduct surveillance. the company also says the monument violates russian law which bands gay propaganda to minors. >> this is hard one to imagine but it happened. a woman accidentally gave her wedding rink to trick or treaters. brook yaz see put herring in a joy of candy while helping her
3:25 am
daughter carve pump opinions fry today. the night got hectic and she forgot to take herring out of the jar. she started handing out candy. now she's desperately searching for herring. >> watched all the trick or treaters. you know, handed out candy. i actually had plastic rings. i had plastic rings i put in there, too. >> she admits her diamond is not worth much money. that doesn't matter it's what it means to her that makes it priceless. >> understandable completely. just guessing you might be getting a wee bit tired of political ads flooding your tv. next we try to nail down the truth in the race for governor. how true are those ads? >> and be careful before you buy online. you could be paying more for the same thing from the same place. what you're doinged that adding up to a higher price. scott. >> coming up your weather authority is timing a brief warmup but also the threat of rainfall. your sev
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>> right now at 10:30 things getting back to normal at delaware state university after a lock down is lived. it was ordered after a dsu
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student was shot late this afternoon. it happened at an apartment building near the dover campus. the victim is being treated for non-life threatening injuries. no arrests have been made but officials say students are not in danger. >> you decide 2014 and the race for pennsylvania governor is all the buzz. every poll shows democrat tom wolf leading incumbent tom corbett and often by a wide margin. polling shows education is the governor's achilleas heel. how true are wolf's allegations? >> it's the biggest issue on voter's minds as bruce gordon shows us education funding has generated some of the harshest attacks and counter attacks. >> reporter: the allegation from the wolf campaign has been made repeatedly oh and tv. >> tom corbett cut a billion dollars from our schools. he took an ax to education. >> reporter: and with schools in philadelphia barely able to open their doors -- protests over school funding staged seemingly every week this summer and fall the claim has resonated in a city where democrats out number republicans by nearly
3:30 am
eight to one. >> a lot more has to be done for these schools. kids are the future much it's that simple. >> reporter: you don't feel like governor corbett has done enough? >> i don't feel that way, no. >> reporter: governor back in his own campaign ads. >> reporter: he's increased spending in the education department $1.5 billion over what it was when he came into office. >> reporter: that's a $2.5 billion swing. so who claims are accurate? fact and good government advocate ellen kaplan both say that depends. >> each of them has accurate claims depending on what you're counting. >> reporter: what's you're leaving out. >> and what you're leaving out. >> reporter: wolf compares corbett's spending levels to those of his predecessor ed rendell. who had benefit of using lots of federal stimulus dollars on schools. >> was always going to go away. never any doubt that money was not on going. >> it was always going to go away. >> reporter: the spending cut claim is exaggerated but corbett's claim that he boosted spending big time is just as
3:31 am
questionable. >> the money has gone into the state employee's pension fund and not going gone into the classes. >> reporter: the truth on school funding lies between the competing claims. which may be white some perspective voters are throwing up their hands. >> you believe either candidate in terms of the claims they're making? not really. no. >> reporter: you don't buy either one of them? >> no. >> reporter: truth and perception aren't always in sync. in philadelphia, in particular, the steady drum beat of claims about school spending cuts have has energized the anti corbett movement. it's one of the big reasons tom wolf is up big in the polls. in the newsroom, bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> the committee 70 has set up hotline to help out voter who's get questions or problems at the polls. the number is 855-70. that's (855)738-3689 you can find it on our website atimy hotline is open from 6:30 tomorrow morning until 9:00 tomorrow night. of course, we've got you covered as the votes start coming in. you'll find updated results on our website there at
3:32 am we'll also bring in the results life as they come in right here on fox 29 tomorrow night. >> the latest internet sensation is not a singer. >> this is true. he's not but he's got about as many likes as a boy band and in one day and he's a cashier at a texas target. my 14 year old is all a buzz about this one. girls take gander while we spell out the tale of alex someone on twitter snapped his picture yesterday and teens everywhere went gaga. caw can you say viral. >> so popular a twitter account with the bio official alex from target has exploded with as a last count more than 477,000 followers that's 10,000 more than when i last checked an hour ago. seriously. our dallas station actually reached alex's family and they say things are crazy right now. target has got to be happy about this one. all the attention much it's tweeted "we heart alex, too hash tag alex from target". i was looking on his page because i think this is
3:33 am
fascinating. ellen degeneres wants him on her show. she's reach out to him, too. >> good for him. >> how about hash tag scott williams. >> scott williams from fox. how about that? >> let's get me trending, right? (laughter). >> 55 degrees right now. humidity at 34%. the winds are helping us out. they're out of the southwest at about 9 miles per hour. so that's going to warm us up over the next couple of days. in fact let's talk election day weather. it will ab cool start 7:00 a.m., 44 degrees. upper 50s by 11:00. but look at 3:00 in the afternoon. 65 degrees. that's above average. the average temperature this time of year is right around 61. so a brief warmup and then as we move toward the latter part of the week, we'll introduce some rainfall and then, yes, temperatures drop. a fall chill is in the offing by the upcoming weekend. it was a chilly start. 36 degrees this morning in philadelphia. the afternoon high we made it up to 60. once again the normal is 61. so just 1 degree below that
3:34 am
today. temperatures right now in the low 50s for millville as well as allentown. 50 degrees in the pocono mountains. it's that southwest wind that's helping us out a bit and also a little extra cloud cover this evening across our area. but high pressure will be in control. we'll see winds out of south and west. but you can see off to the west, this line of showers, this is our next weather maker that will arrive as we move into your thursday. so watching the clock tonight, dry, quiet, sunshine mixing with clouds tomorrow temperatures above average by a few degrees. we'll keep that southwesterly wind tomorrow night. so not as chilly and then wednesday looking pretty good. more clouds arriving though during the day on wednesday, but the rain should hold off until overnight wednesday and into thursday. you can see that system arrives especially as we move toward late morning on thursday. we'll be socked in with the clouds on and off again showers. some of it will be heavy at times. so tuesday and wednesday, mild and pleasant. a cool start but temperatures
3:35 am
above average. mid to upper 60s. some of us will flirt with 70 degrees before all is said and done. then thursday, we're watching for the rain. dam many, drear an inch of or more of rainfall is likely out of that system. by friday clearing skies turning much colder as we move into the upcoming weekend. upper 30 toss low and mid 40s to night. but looking ahead tomorrow, 66 degrees. that will be the high temperature. so a cool start but looking pretty comfortable as we move into the afternoon. wednesday 67 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. that rainfall arrives for thursday. looking pretty wet but still temperatures a couple of degrees above average, 63. then we turn cooler behind that system. 54 on friday. 50 on saturday. 53 for the high temperature on sunday. and look at monday. the eagles are at home. it's going to be a chilly game. temperatures only in the 40s for high temperatures. they'll be falling into the low 40s during the game. and then upper 30s as you leave
3:36 am
the stadium. >> howard says as long as it's not raining or snowing he's fine with it. >> good for him. (laughter). >> how would you like to be a passenger on this cruise? look at this. the ship just leaning on its side. what happened to the people on board as total chaos and -- >> what's going on? >> that's a nascar race ending in an all out brawl. drivers and their crews throwing punches. what set this off? >> plus protect yours from getting sick this winter. while staying warm. the scarf that promises to keep the germs out. >> foreigner, there you go. ♪
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>> look at your money news now. a new scarf that claims to keep germs away much it is called a xcoff it contains a filter that the manufacturer says blocks germs and also absorbs and kills viruses before you breathe them. kind of like a surgical mask with a fashionable twist. it costs between 49 and 69 buc bucks. >> you should sell it like that. a surgical mask with a fashion al twist. i like that. >> the gift that guarantees someone you love won't you
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running on empty. it's a wallet that will charge your smart phone called the mighty power wallet aptly named it has a small hidden battery that will charge a phone 1.5 times in case you run out again. the wallet is made of italian special leather and it will set you back right around 120 bucks there you go. are you paying more than you should when you shop online? >> researchers say retailers are pulling the old switcheroo and self factor goss into the reason why. researchers from northeastern university look at prices of 16 different retailers they discovered price discrimination and it's based on the customer's geographic location, whether they used a pc or a mobile site to make their purchases. they also noted price differences based on what customers paid for on previous items. >> police say he was trying to get revenge by robbing a bunch of subway restaurants. why investigators say he's blaming the very famous jarod for his crime spree. >> and -- >> 12 year old girl is raising a lot of money one snack at a
3:41 am
time. coming up, hear who has inspired her to help raise money to find a cure for cancer. >> and ladies, listen up. oparin vol more free time now to do whatever you want to do. >> i do? >> that's what they say. >> really. >> researchers say you've been able to give up thanks to the men in your life. hmm.
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t in more than 300-thousand ambulatory care visits each year among children hi, i'm trace adkins and my daughter, brianna, is one of the three million children in the u-s living with potentially life-threatening food allergies. [trace adkins] to learn more about food allergies, please speak with your doctor or visit food allergy dot org more than 12 million americans have food allergies so until there's a cure, it's crucial we learn how to respect every bite.
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[female announcer] a public service from faan: the food allergy and anaphylaxis network. ♪ >> a pair of burglars want to do night forge taking more than a thousand dollars from a north philadelphia home. the bold crime caught on surveillance video. it happened last week on the 3,000 block of eighth street. the video shows one of the guys appearing to open the front door but officials say when they couldn't get in that way they used a front within dome police say they got away $1,100 from a lock box. >> angry customer arrested for holding up four subway stores because of their jarod diet just failed to work for him. 18 year old zachary, was arrested in alabama. police say he told them subway's jared diet didn't work and he wanted his money back. he was called in wal*mart after a customer recognized him from surveillance video. police had posted online. >> things that shouldn't surprise me any more still surprise me. it was on asnar cos' sprint cup race in texas. pitt row the scene of all out
3:45 am
brawl. joe gordon went after brad kozlowski. after he slammed into him cutting one of his tires. gordon then spun out. that dealt a big blow to his championship hopes. they both scene better days. they are cut up at this point in time. this was second time in three weeks that another driver has gone after kozlowski. >> new jersey state police say this guy hit up donation box at a starbucks not once but twice. both incidents happened last month at the forked river service area in lacy township on the garden estate parkway. the box was located on the counter and was supposed to be donated to a food drive. if you've got any information, contact authorities. now a story that will touch your heart. while a dad battle as life threatening disease his little girl is on a mission to help find a cure. she is fighting for her father
3:46 am
and others like him. >> her effort comes ahead of this week's leukemia lymphoma light light the night walk. here's shawnette wilson. >> i wasn't really sure how to feel it was all like mixed emotions i guess. >> reporter: 12 year old lucy is talking about the moment she found out two years ago that a doctor during her dad tim sullivan at 50 years old with a form of leukemia. it's called ccl or chronic lip faux site tick leukemia. >> it was sort of sad because it was cancer i really didn't know how to feel. >> reporter: what lucy did know is that she wanted to do something. >> we bought the lollipops foe the candy company and sold them for like a boscov's thing we sold cookies, and brownies and cake pops. >> yeah. >> reporter: this bright seventh grader came up with the idea last year to fundraise. making some things and buying others. she sells them at different places including the light the
3:47 am
night walk held every year to raise awareness and money for leukemia. >> sounded like really fun and i did want to like help people like not only my dad but other people find a cure. >> reporter: lucy has a support of her three brothers right down to the youngest declan and her parents couldn't be more proud. >> i did get choked up because again for somebody that's 11, 12 years old, when she started this, h she was 11 years old, it just took my breath away. >> reporter: tim says because of the type of leukemia he has so far he's only experienced fatigue. although his white blood count remains elevated. >> the family notice that tim's disease will likely progress. lucy's fundraising helps them to romaine strong. >> i wish that there was a like a cure but i hope that he gets cured some day. >> last year lucy raised more than $5,000. this year she hopes to raise more than 6,000. shawnette wilson, fox 29 news. >> that is amazing first of all she's named lucy which i think
3:48 am
is pretty fabulous. $5,000. that's great. and this coming sunday i and a bunch of others from fox 29 are taking part in the leukemia and lymphoma society night the night walk. it's a big deal. we'd love to you there. it starts at 2:30 sunday november 9th at eakins oval in front of the art museum on ben franklin parkway. weather should be pretty darn nice. >> celebrities and fashion powerhouse turn out to pay their respects to oscar did he lauren at a a private funeral was held for the designer today in new york. american vogue's editor-in-chi editor-in-chief, winter, chelsea clinton and how about you hugh jackman were among the mourners. he was 82 years of old. >> a holiday cruise turns into a nightmare. the ship hit something as it was heading back to florida. bahamas celebration lost power. started to tilt but made it's way back to grand bahama island. the celebration cruise line is canceled cruises for at least
3:49 am
the first two weeks of this month. >> the stars were out tonight for the premier a new movie about a notorious suburban philadelphia murder. it premiered tonight in center city. fox catchers the story of the murder of olympic wrestling champion dave schultz he was shot to death by john dupont back in 19 nick it happened at dupont's wrestling training facility in newtown square. fox catcher opens in theaters november 21st. >> facebook admits to yet another secret experiment with its users. now this time it says it tweaked the news feeds of more than a million of its followers before the 2012 leck. in the study facebook posted serious news articles hired and personal status updates and photos in a feed. it may have boosted voter turnout by as much as 3%. in another experiment, also, in 2012, facebook tweaked users feed to emit positive and negative words. that was to try to measure a
3:50 am
person's emotional reaction. so, yeah, they're watching. >> they always are. okay. women have more free time than ever. according to researchers. >> i'd like to know what researchers these are because i'm very busy. scientists say they have as much -- they meaning we have as much free time as men these days. you got so much free time, iain. oh yeah. >> why? because apparently women have cut the amount of time they spend on domestic chores benign minutes a day. that's a lot of time but the new study says women have been gaining that extra free time quote unquote over the past 50 years. it's come slowly. the researchers say technologically advances, more affordable professional cleaners and assistants from husbands and partners are the reason. hmm. >> there you go. 90 minutes more free time. >> howard, he never works. wait a minute. over the last 50 years? >> they're saying from 1700's when we actually didn't have washers and dryers and electricity. >> my gosh. >> i can't even get into that. (laughter).
3:51 am
>> i don't have any -- >> they have too much time and i don't have a lot of time. right now the phillies lose a player. i don't know if anybody will be upset eagles have lost more players and two for the season.
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
♪ >> the eagles have eight games remaining this season and they will do so missing two more players due to injury and they're quarterback missing most of the regular season. they lead the division at six and two with a win yesterday in houston but demeco ryans is out for the season. a ruptured achilleas tendon. he should have surgery this we week. todd harremins tried to give it everything to the team yesterday with a torn biceps muscle. but i hear he's done for the season and will have surgery sometime in the next week and quarterback is out, too. i'm told the results are in on the nick foles mri. and this injury yesterday today was confirmed. he has fractured collarbone but if there's good news i'm told he will not need surgery. he's out at least six weeks. so the quarterback is now mark sanchez who did a job when he came in with two touchdown passes yesterday chip kelly is ready to move to the backup.
3:55 am
>> we don't look at it as backup. we look at it as starter. i think we're looking for people to be starters because that better be your mind set going into it because you are literally a play away from being a starter and i think that's how mark approached it. his preparation i think is just out standing in terms of what he does here in terms of preparing and he prepared himself like he's a starter. >> the plan of the 76ers continues. the season of tank two right on track. sixers remain winless through the first four games to the wells fargo center. playing the houston rockets tonight. threes were the order of of of the day in the fourth quarter. isaia cannon. james harding had 35. great defense and this is monumental. watch this. nerlins noel with less than three minutes left in the fourth quarter first rebound and only rebound of the game. james harden with another three. 104-net sixers are zero-four. phillies got break tonight. phillies pitcher aj burnett declined $12.75 million option to come back to the phillies
3:56 am
after 18 loss season. he lost 18. sounds like he may have another offer. >> i had trick plays and seen trick plays in football but never one like this probably the best. let's go to indiana. the team is indiana state in the blue. kick off now they're down by less than touchdown. they huddle around whose got the ball? whose got the ball? all right. indiana state this play set up the winning field goal to win this game. i never seen that before i don't know why people don't do it. >> that's fantastic. >> like a marching band formation. >> right. all right. thanks a lot, howard. watch tmz at 11:00. we're back here at 4:00 a.m. with fox morning news with bob kelly doing traffic and sue
3:57 am
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
it is never good when we tart the morning from police headquarters and it is not good news bay there is no news overnight on at deduction of lakeesha gaither and the problem detectives say is the first 24 hours in an abduction that is key ape sue, we are in hour number 30 right now. >> you're right not good news at all as far as weather, it is a little bit better then it was yesterday, not quite as chilly and we will tell you how warm we will get to day and when the big chill, returns in your weather authority forecast, kerry. >> it always does. >> at 4:00 another huge story a teen is accused of writing that she could be the first female school


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