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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  November 4, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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in just a couple hours it is a big day for the state of pennsylvania. will our next governor be. we will talk predictions, coming up, steve. >> reporter: it is understandable thathvoting is the furthest thing from the mind of the philadelphia family with a big philadelphia style fear of the worst consoled that the massive search is going non-stop kerry for their kidnaped older sister. >> all right steve. new details about the
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local tina accused of writing threats to shoot up her school, the dark writings that will turn your stomach. ♪ >> oh, yeah, it is time to cue all of the parents and promotion that goes with it but this guy might have just topped them all, coming up, in the trend. >> november. >> good day everybody. it is tuesday, in fourth, 2014 election day. >> you have to grow your mustache and your beard. >> would i love not to have to shave every day. >> um-hmm. >> maybe you can getaway with it for november. >> i have to talk to our news director this morning. >> tell us how that goes. >> i'm growing a beard. >> i love that. >> you take it like a champ, chris murphy. >> he does.
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>> sunshine, milder temperatures today just a few morning cloud around, but all and all, pretty nice for the fourth day of november. we have 51 degrees in pottstown. we have gone down to 48 in allentown. fifty-three in philadelphia a. fifty-one in trenton. we have 50 in wilmington and our warm spot is wildwood nj with 54 degrees. this 24 hour temperature change how about 15, 16, 18 degrees warmer then it was at this time yesterday. you won't have to bundle up quite as much. those are clouds we're talking about. it is just clouds this morning. anticipating the next cold front but we don't get rain from it until thursday, so, not bad yesterday, when we ended up with 60 degrees which is close to the average of 61 for this time of the year but we are above average today. we're shoeding for sunshine. i think sunshine will win. milder temperatures as well. so instead of 60's from yesterday we have 66 for today. when we don't have have is route 66, bob kelly but a lot of other roads to look at.
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>> definitely sue, good morning. 5:02 on this tuesday election day. keep in mind as sue mentioned with election day we will see unusual traffic patterns around the polling places, a lot of schools are off especially the kid that go to the schools that are used for polling places. so the kid will be home, all day, driving us crazy. a live look at the schuylkill expressway right here near montgomery drive. we will go to chris's house, drop kids off at around lunchtime for the day, no problems, in or out of the city on the schuylkill expressway at least at the moment. crews are still working on the pennsylvania turnpike, we will go for a fly here between philadelphia and bensalem and willow grove interchange. another half an hour or so as part of the construction project there near willow grove. heading south on i-95 in delaware and wilmington ramps to 202, part of the widening project the crews are still out there and crash in beverly, new jersey on warren street at wilmington. otherwise bridge lease fine and mass transit okay. chris and kerry back to you.
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we will take in all six of the kelly kids, no problem. today is election day and first polls will open in a couple hours. >> of course in, pennsylvania the most attention is on the race for governor. fox 29's jennifer joyce is live in mt. airy with you're lex day coverage, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kerry. the last few days have been very busy for both candidates, even today, election day, the campaigning continues, before the candidates themselves will head to the polls. all of the polls right now are showing that tom wolf is leading, incumbent tom corbett, some by a pretty wide margin. main sticking point seems to be education funning. both candidates have been aggressive in their campaign ads, wolf claim corbett took an ax from education and corbett firing back saying he actually increased the budget by 1.5 billion. a according to government stat check resources both are a mix of fact and fiction and the truth is somewhere in between.
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the issue today that is less than 50 percent of registered voters are expected to head to the polls, that is less than previous midterm elections. voters who talked to our bruce gordon yesterday shared their thoughts on the race. >> a lot more has to be done for these schools. kids are the future. it the is that simple. >> you don't feel like governor corbett has done enough. >> i don't feel that way, no. >> reporter: do you believe either candidate in terms of the claims they are making. >> not really, no. >> reporter: you don't buy either one of their pitches. >> in. >> reporter: well, polls open up at 7:00 this morning. also if anyone has any problems today is there a hot line set up through the committee of 70. that number is (855)738-3689. well, tom wolf's final campaign will happen in the city of philadelphia. actually at 7:45 he will be in upper darby at the terminal on 69th street and then he is heading to center city to the clothespin. governor corbett is heading
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out west to the area have of pitberg where he will head to the polls. chris and kerry. >> all right, jenny, thank you. just across the river in new jersey a big race to watch out for is in the u.s. senate. >> democratic incumbent corry booker is up for reelection challenge by republican jeff bell. jeff bellies a form information speech writer for former president ronald regular even an. democratic state senator donald norcross and republican challenger garry cobb are battling for a vacant seat in the first congressional district. that is made up of the municipalities in camden, gloucester, and burlington counties. a as we mentioned we have you covered as votes begin to come in. you will find update results on our web site at my fox and we will bring you result live, as they come in, right here on fox 29 tonight. 5:06. happening right now philadelphia police searching for a woman who was kidnaped as she walk home. >> this truly terrifying attack all caught on surveillance camera. fox 29's steve keeley is live at philadelphia police headquarters with much more on
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this, steve, good morning. >> reporter: head line this morning is not good, it is 31 hours and counting and no good news so far. the detectives here are trying to help, their family, and their co-workers over at presbyterian hospital. among those hoping to somehow see the the kind of files that carlesha gaither show on video be what et cetera her free somehow, somewhere. nurse ago assistant and oldest of nine kids not only has her huge family looking for her but she has a huge team on the investigation here. philadelphia police now with help from the fbi and state police, along with city leaders who were just as horrified as everyone now across the country even where the police surveillance of her sunday night violent kidnapping is being played. the nutter administration is hoping to move the citizens of brotherly love with a $10,000 reward into a tip that cab find her or the car that she was last seen fighting for her life to break out of. >> i just want my daughter back home. >> reporter: if this violent kidnapper plan this out a as
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police think, part of his plan probably did not include parking right under this, a sidewalk surveillance camera on this corner apartment building. in a chilling sequence, showing him get out, go down to the corner, and moments later 22-year old carlesha gaither is seen running from the man who quickly catches her, grabs her and drags her. she puts up a fight for her life, her glasses come off. she drops her cell phone. witnesses hear her blood kurdeling screams for help. one witness sees a kidnapper shove carlesha in the back of her car and then he sees her kick out the window and eras the the car takes off down the street. the witness was calling 911 and running to help at the same time so never got the license plate. >> just please bring her back home. that is all we want. release her. >> reporter: milk with the shattered glass from the car left in the street carlesha's glasses and cell phone and what the witness describes abs a switch blade knife and a glove, both being tested right
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now by police. and detectives here believe this was a random, wait for whoever comes along next attack, because of that fight she put up. here at headquarters lieutenant john stanford says the simple fact that she kicks out the the windows tells this is not somebody that she knew, it tells us he says this is a young lady who was fighting for her life. kerry and chris. >> steve, thank you. 5:09. chester county district attorney says a domestic dispute is a motive behind a murder/suicide outside brandywine ymca. this is in west brandywine township. this happened last night in the parking lot when the y was pack with hundreds of people. police say that a man opened fire on a woman who employees say work there as a fitness instructor. he then turn the gun on himself. >> it is very clear that the individual who did this, the male, had planned what he was going to do. the exact details of what he did we are in the releasing just yet but this was in the
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anything that this women ever would have seen coming. >> brandywine ymca was put on lock down for a couple hours. nobody else was hurt. a disturbing discovery has a dell will wear county community rattled. >> radnor police say a 17 year-old girl, detailed threats against teachers and students at the township's high school. police recovered two notebooks after becoming aware of the threats yesterday morning the girl had even written statements such as i'm about to get very violent and threat tone flooded halls with corpses. the girl made several references to the columbine school shooting, writing i could be the first female school shooter, police say she even wrote a letter to the parents have of one of the columbine shooters, but during the search of the girl's home no weapons were found. >> no one is at risk, everyone is safe. we have taken proper steps we need to and we are trying to be pro active in a situation like this. >> the girl is undergoing a
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psychological evaluation and expect to be charge as a juvenile to make terroristic threats. gunman on the loose after a delaware state university student was shot at an off campus residence hall. they believe it was an isolated incident and that other students are not in danger. it happened at the living and learning commons, about a half mile from campus. the area was quickly put on lock down and those restrictions were later lifted. those students are being treated at a hospital for non-life threatening injuries. a septa police officer is accused of committing a lewd act in the subway car. we saw this first on fox. prosecutors charged 44 year-old kevin fant with indecent exposure and open lewdness. last week septa's social media team found a video on the internet showing a man committing a lewd act by himself on a broad street subway car. septa police say they immediately recognized fant who they say was off-duty when this happened. he is on add main straight i have leave and been on the septa a police force new for 12 years. now time is, now 5:12 as
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we are discussing music lyrics here this morning. in the meantime temperatures are not as chilly as yesterday, we've got some clouds this morning: we
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should reach our high of 66 at about 2:00p m. sixty-three for evening commute but dry all day. so get ready to not shiver as much as yesterday. this is all good for election day because it is nice weather. 53 degrees in the city. lower 50's in south jersey. forty-seven in dover, delaware. future temperatures. it looks like a at 2:00 p.m. we will reach 66 degrees and temperatures will remain in the 60's throughout the evening and upper 50's for evening commute. it looks good for today. wind are not as issue as they were on sunday, also very good. calm wind in wilmington and millville. 8 miles an hour here in philadelphia. ultimate doppler cannot find any precipitation anymore. we had a little bit of green earlier but that was clouds, not really any rain. clouds kept us kind of mild. we will look in the future cast and see rain not arriving until late at night wednesday or early in the morning on thursday and that is out to the west. it really hits us about
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midday on thursday, we will get that rain and zoo of it could be heavy at times. there is our rainy day. but we will block out thursday as rainy day. by friday it gets cleared up again, lingering clouds in the morning, and weekend looks like it will be dry on saturday. maybe some late rain on unday. so far so good for our walk to end alzheimer's on sunday morning at citizens bank park. and then across the road at the link, on monday night, it will be a chilly one coming down from that high of 49 degrees. game does not start until 8:30 bob kelly. >> game doesn't start until 8:30 but we will get our tailgating underway at about 6:00 a.m. they open up the lots at 6:00 a a.m. and folks are waiting out front for eagles crowd. hello to maple shade, new jersey route 37 right here near fellowship road. not too quiet. no major problems at all but again today as we have been mentioning it is election day. we have unusual traffic patterns. kid are off from school
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especially schools that are used for polling places. those kids have off today. so look out in the neighborhoods as you drive around through midday a lot of folks double parking and that extra volume around the polling place west election day n pennsauken route 130 at route 70 right before the admiral wilson boulevard a left over work crew. they are picking up cones here and turning lights off on 202. they have been working between the schuylkill and valley forge road all night. otherwise no problems up and down 202. speedometer readings right where they belong, 55 across the board for gang rolling out of villanova down toward the airport. you are in good shape. mass transit, not as cold this morning as it was this time yesterday. we had problems with the trains on the regional rails but everything is running on time, paoli, manayunk, lansdale doylestown line, buses and trolleys running with no delays. chris and kerry, back over to you. different kind of traffic here. how does this happen? take a look, as it tops our national headlines driver of the truck hit a plane at los angeles international airport
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is in the hospital. authorities say the truck hit an engine of an unoccupied plane before 4:30 yesterday afternoon. there is no fire or fuel leak. the the truck driver was trapped in the crumbled truck and had to be freed. there is no word on the injuries or condition or what led to the crash, right there on the tarmac. justice department is suing southwest airlines after failing to reach a settlement with the carrier over repairs to dozens of planes, that didn't meet safety standards. lawsuit seeks to enforce 12 million-dollar in civil penalties that the federal aviation administration announced in late july. the government says that starting in 2006, southwest hired a contractor to make repairs on 44 plains to prerent aluminum skin from cracking. the faa says the contractor failed to follow proper procedures. the white house responding to an associated press report that shows that those no fly zones were set up to restrict news choppers covering protestness ferguson, in
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missouri. those protest following shooting death of unarmed teenager michael brown. obama administration officials say media should not have been restrict. we first told you yesterday the federal government allowed police in ferguson to restrict the air space for nearly two weeks in august. they said they were concerned about safety. but conflicting recordings, suggest that police made the request to keep the news media at bay. white house press secretary now says faa took proper steps to implement proper restrictions following reports of the gunfire and says the restriction was update todd allow report tours operate in that area meanwhile, the st. louis county police chief is depending his department's involvement saying at in time did his agency request that only media be kept out. you know, you are not supposed to smoke. it is bad for your lungs. researchers at northwestern university finds smokers are three times more likely than non-smokers to develop chronic back pain. scientists found a link between addiction and pain.
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they say smoke ago affects the brain and rewar center making people less resilient to pain. researchers say if smokers kick the habit that pain will subside. there is a new scarf that claims to keep germs away, it is called the scoff, it contains a filth their blocks germs and also absorbs and kills viruses before you breathe them. it is kind of like a surgical mass being with a fashionable twist. they cost between 49 and $69 kerry, i'll just bet you will see some people on airplanes wearing those. >> i think that is a good bet, chris, thank you. star bucks issued a new dress code for their employees that say women cannot wear their engagement rings if they have precious stones. star bucks says it is based on federal food safety guidelines that plane wedding bands are permitted but dress code does ban watches, and engagement rings. other dress code restrictions were eased, so now you are
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allowed to have visible tattoos, and new ways you are allowed to wear your clothing that you weren't previously. it is early, early in but still black friday fever is getting serious already? you won't believe how early one shop is opening on thanksgiving for the the big teams. and this guy wants you to know it is no shave november but he has a unique way to go about it that even your kids will love. coming up in the trend. ♪
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it is 5:23. lets look at your money. u.s. trade deficit has been shrinking. today the commerce department is releasing international trade data for september to give us a a fresh look. it is a choppy day on wall street. s and p500 closed just down, barely, to 2,017. dow jones lost 24-point landing at 17,366. nasdaq was up eight-point finishing the day at 4638. all right. how is k-mart going to be beating everybody out? retailer is opening their doors for black friday at 6:00 o'clock, thursday morning. >> that is not black friday. >> exactly. >> early, early, early thanksgiving day. k-mart will stay open then for 42 straight hours. the the plus size for their worker is they will get holiday pay but they won't get
5:25 am
to spend anytime with their families on thanksgiving day. >> yeah. >> that stinks. >> maybe you don't like your family and you are more than happy to work. >> good point. >> i can't be here, i have to get to work. are you paying more then you should when you shop on line. >> researchers say retailers are pulling the old switcharoo and there are several factors. researchers from northern earn looked at the prices of 16 different retailers and they have discovered price discrimination based on a customer's geographic location and whether they used a p.c. or mobile site to buy. are you kidding me. >> that ain't fair good they also noted price differences based on what customers paid for on previous items. my gosh. i will dig into that and find you those retailers and that is in the right. >> you dig girl. >> i will. it is a gift that guaranties somebody you love will not be running on empty, it is a wallet that will charge your smart phone. it is mighty power wallet. it will charge a phone, one
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and a half times and charge your wallet. it is made of special italian leather and set you back 120 bucks. so do you have your tickets for the mega millions. >> no. >> no. >> tonight's jackpot is 321 million-dollar. >> sign me up because a single winner could walk away with a cash prize of 194 million-dollar. power ball jackpot is not a bad chunk of change, at 178 million, pur ball drawing is tomorrow night. all right. a local 12 year-old is as brave as she gets. she's fighting for her dad battling a a life threateningty sees. wait until you hear his reaction to her fight to cure cancer. bob kelly is watching the roads this morning, hi bob. >> good morning everybody. in the bad at all. nice and quiet on this election day. schuylkill expressway looking good coming into downtown. we are seeing delays pop up on i-95. blue route in good shape. we will check rest of the roads, mass transit and sue
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this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at the parents of the germantown woman are pleading for her safe return. how police are stepping up their efforts as well. and a shocking admission by the world health organization, what they say was absolutely botched in the fight against ebola by someone hired by that group. our sue serio is tracking your tuesday election day forecast, hi sue. >> no excuses, folks, the weather will cooperate brilliantly. it is even going to be milder
5:30 am
then yesterday. we will tell you when the chilly change comes in our weather authority forecast, kerry. >> all right sue. don't forget to head to the voting booth today, pennsylvania is electing a new governor. new jersey has big races as well. we will break it all down for you g day everybody it is in fourth, 2014. >> lets go to sues serio because bus stop buddy is ready for the the polls at least to cheer on mom and dad heading out there. >> we make bus stop buddy work every day whether there is school in session or not. some kids will go to school today here and there but a lot of kids are off but still you have to go and vote. bus stop buddy is a lit tool young but he is here to remind to you do so. forty's and 50's. it is not as chilly as it was this time yesterday and we will give you a ten out of ten because it is perfect for going out to do whatever after you go vote, go to lunch. sunshine, milder temperatures, a few morning cloud and that is about it. temperatures around the region we have 48 degrees in allentown and lancaster. fifty-three in the city 54
5:31 am
wildwood. 47 degrees in dover delaware. about 15, 16, 17, 18 degrees warmer then we were yesterday. always happy to report that. we've got cloud around and that is part of the reason y it wasn't bad yesterday. we had 60 degrees, just about a degree below average this time of the year and today well a have about average. it is always good to be above average. mostly sunny skies. milder afternoon with a high of 66 degrees. just a lit built of the southeasterly breeze. we will get thaw seven day forecast in just a few minutes, bob kelly, what is going on. >> in the bad at all, 5:31 object this tuesday election day. live look at the schuylkill expressway, no problems in or out of the city, in problems but we are picking up volume all around the board. just remember as sue mentioned it is election day. the kids have off from school. fur kids are off at school, drop them here at the station by 10:00 a.m. and chris will take them to the movies for the day, load up news van.
5:32 am
>> i heard the new bill murray is good. >> so drop kids off that is what we will do. that is our way to give back to you on this election day. live lot the at boulevard here repaving project in the northeast, from tyson all the way up to woodhaven road in that inner drive and watch on the northeast extension, northbound between quakertown and lehigh valley again a left over construction crew but so far so good for gang leaving the house in south jersey, all of the bridges look find at the moment. bennie, commodore walt whitman looking good, mass transit, buses, trains, trolleys running with no reported delays. chris and kerry back to you. >> when i give kids back to you we will hit all of the halloween candy and send them off. >> excellent. one of the biggest races we are following is the race for pennsylvania governor. >> fox 29's jennifer joyce is live in mt. airy with a look at both candidates, tom one and tom two, jenny. >> reporter: yes, tom corbett and tom wolf will be voting in their hometowns out of pittsburgh and a york county,
5:33 am
respectively. but they will not cast their vote before campaigning. the polls are showing that tom wolf is in the lead over incumbent tom corbett, it shows pretty wide margin too at least in some of the polls. earlier this week president obama was campaigning for the democratic candidates saying he is a, successful businessman who understands the the economy and focused on the middle class. governor tom corbett had new jersey governor chris christie by his side this week hoping to get people to vote republican. christie says corbett has done a lot for this state including jobs and affordable taxes. the concern here is that low voter turnout is expect, less than 50 per september of register voters are expected to head to the polls. we are live at the grace epiphanye piss pal church in mount air think morning where we should see people coming out to vote. poles will open up at 7:00 a.m. chris. >> just an hour an a half from
5:34 am
now, thanks very much. 5:33. in new jersey, of course, one of the big races is out of the u.s. senate. >> democratic incumbent corry booker is up for reelection and being challenged by republican jeff bell, former speech writer for ronald reagan. booker what's electric last year following the death of frank lautenberg. donald norcross and republican challenger garry cobb are battling for a vacant seat in the first congressional district. it is made up of municipalities in camden, gloucester and burlington counties. we have you covered as votes start to come in, are latest on our web site at my fox we will bring you results live as well right here on fox 29 tonight. in the meantime philadelphia police announced a $10,000 reward for any information that find a germantown woman abduct sunday night this is unreal this horrifying incident all of it caught on surveillance camera. police say the 22-year old carlesha freeland gaither was targeted by her abductor. this is in the 100 block of west colter street. she was walking home.
5:35 am
she was forced in to what police believe to be i agree ford taurus on time from the early 2,000's. police say that she for the back, she kick out the car window. she dropped her cell phone during the struggle. they found it. police say they think this is a random attack. they have got dozens of tips owe far. if you know anything, please call the police. although her family says they believe that she may have known this guy so a couple of conflicting stories here. we will get to the bottom of it. finally a national anthem making headlines for going well, it goes so well, in fact, that it pulls at the heart strings of some of the players, not just the fans in the stand, watch what happens next. then this guy is taking on let it go, with his own frozen parity but this one is actually for a good cause, it is coming up in the trend.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. eagles lost more players in sunday's game. demeco ryans lost with the season with the ruptured achilles ten on. todd herremans gave it all he had but i'm told he is done with the torn biceps muscle. surgery likely within a week. nick foles has a broken collar bone and is out for six weeks. mark sanchez is your quarterback. >> we don't look at it as a backup but a starter. we are looking for people to be starters. that better be your mine setting into it because you are literally a play away from being a starter. that is how mark approaches it.
5:39 am
>> and the sixers continue in the season of tank two, lose baby lose. wells fargo nerlens noel one rebound ate it was less than three minutes left in the games. james harden had 35 points. houston rockets beat sixers 104-93. the sixers have themselves right where they want, they are now zero and four to start this season. they are trying for the worst record in the nba. that is sports in the minute. i'm howard eskin. well, hopefully they will get one win this year. grammy award winning trumpet play chris b ot ti played the national anthem. >> his rendition brought some of the players to tears, lets take a listen. >> ♪ >> reggie wine, he startedded crying during the song. many on social media is calling b ot ti's version one
5:40 am
of the best national anthem performances, ever. >> that is amazing. fire fighters from around the world, are in the united states, to take on a very big obstacle. >> so thinks the the fire fighter combat challenge, world championships. it is taking place in phoenix, arizona competition includes a race up a five story tower, the climb which involves hoisting then a 50-pound weight up to the top. advancing a fire hose and then hitting a target, and simulating a rescue. civilians inspired by the challenge can get in on the grueling obstacles. you have to donate $20 to run through this course. that money goes to charities in the area. have you seen this guy alex from target. someone snapped this photo and seriously people cannot stop talking about him on the internet. how his employer target is responding to all of this attention. then the world health organization admits to a
5:41 am
massive mistake in the fight against ebola what they are
5:42 am
5:43 am
a live look at philadelphia international airport: they are starting to wake up there. 5:43 in the morning. getting set for a day where we do not expect any weather-related flight delays at least in the from our end. that is a good thing. other good thing is temperatures are milder then yesterday. we have 50 degrees in mount
5:44 am
pocono. it was kind of in the upper 20's this time yesterday, 48 in allentown. fifty-one pottstown. fifty-three in philadelphia reading has 53 as well. fifty-four in wildwood. forty-seven in dover, delaware. that is better. more comfortable then yesterday. looking ahead we expect to get to around 66 degrees and new that the days are shorter and the sunset is so much earlier our high temperature comes at around 2:00 in the afternoon. then we will cool down in the upper 50's for your drive home later on today. a as far as win speeds are concerned not an issue like they were over the weekend at 8 miles an hour out of the southwest. the southeasterly winds is reason they will be milder today with high pressure in control continuing to move off shore, today and tomorrow, and anticipating our next cold front, that a arrives on thursday. lets look at the future cast and by 11:00 o'clock we will see rain around the the region in advance of the frontal system and at 2:00 here comes the rain. we may get more than a inch of
5:45 am
rain, it could be a messy evening commute on thursday with the pockets of heavy downpours and a thunderstorm or two. look at this in the mountains of west virginia by the evening, early friday morning, they will get some snow, we will not. so, we will celebrate the escape. temperature trend over the past five days has been up and down. sunday's high only 49 degrees. yesterday was welcomed 60. today we will expect to top that with 66. 68 degrees tomorrow, even with increasing clouds because then we have the cold front on thursday. cooler temperatures on friday. and then by saturday, it is really chilly n fact back to feeling that autumn chill. so even a little more than sweater weather saturday. sunday the rain probably won't arrive until late in the day. we will see if we can hold it off longer for light the night walk and then monday, chill which a high of only 49 degrees. that takes you through next several days. lets get back to this morning
5:46 am
to see is what going on the roads, bob kelly. >> 5:45. not bad at all. but remember we moved the clocks back over weekend so this morning we will have an early sunrise. that early sun glare caused a couple of accidents actually in that 6:30 half an hour especially on the schuylkill expressway. but heading out the front door northeast philadelphia heading to work 95 passing cottman avenue camera. pocket of volume starting to pop working your way toward the city. as we go for the fly leaving south philadelphia heading west on the schuylkill out toward city avenue watch for an accident at the city avenue off ramp there gang over here in pennsauken route 130 and route 70 right before the the airport circle watch for construction. they are paving on the boulevard here that paving project between tyson and woodhaven road, mainly concentrated on the inner drive where they have uneven pavement. mass transit, buses, trains, trolleys looking good off to a good start this morning. kerry, back to you. it is 5:46.
5:47 am
officials serving an eviction notice in north philadelphia make a dangerous discovery a warehouse, rigged with shotgun shells booby traps. >> they were allegedly placed by former building owner who is being evicted yesterday. police say he rigged, yes, spring loaded shotgun shells and plastic bee bees with fishing wire around the warehouse. the property had been sold but former owner and his wife were still living inside. the bomb squad will be back in this morning for searching for more devices. >> there is ten buildings, is there under ground so this will be a very lengthy, very costly operation. >> do you think there could be more devices in there. >> we'll going to assume that there are. >> reporter: new owner suffered minor injuries when one device went off. former owner and his wife face reckless endangerment and assault charges. forced in to quarantine in new jersey after returning
5:48 am
from treating ebola patientness west africa has reached a settlement with her home state of maine. tracie hickox ace loud to travel freely but must monitor her health and report any symptoms as 21 day incubation period comes to a close. this agreement stays in effect until november 10th. after admitting it botched response to the biggest ebola out break in the history, the world health organization is electing a new regional director for its office in west africa. >> this comes as u.n. says it is doubling its response staff in an effort to protect children in the the out break zone where kids make up 20 percent of all ebola cases. child vaccination levels are falling drastically as many parents are too scared to bring their kids to hospitals there for fear that they might come in contact with infect health workers. >> 5:48. it is time for a look what is trending on line, been is joining us. >> disney's animated hit frozen which we have been singing all morning long
5:49 am
spawned hundreds of parity of the popular song let it go, come on, everybody, let it go. >> i am one with the wind and snow. >> okay, but not as meaningful and still funny as latest remote promoting the november movement. >> ♪ don't let them trim, don't let them shave, be the burlily man every girl will shave. don't shave that beard, just let them know, you are letting go, let it grow, let it grow, can't hold it back anymore, let it grow, let it grow, shaving clean is such a chore. i don't care ♪ >> what is even funny is the the guy in the background. >> seriously. >> he is the best, spinning around. it is committed to changing face of mens health a movement that encourages men to grow
5:50 am
facial hair for month of november, to raise a awareness and support for prostate cancer. earlier in the show we told you about a new list that named one of these spice girls as the most catchy song. we want to know which song you think is most catchy, tweet us your favorite using hash tag fox 29 good day. don't forget to use the hash tag so we can share your tweet right here on tv. >> is that one of of your favorites, bob. >> yes, spies girls. >> yes. >> what are you doing behind me. >> spinning around. >> let it go. >> anyway. >> speaking of things trending on line this morning. >> he is making me nervous. >> we have an update to a story we brought you yesterday that teenager from target. >> that target teen is an internet sensation, we're responding to all of the love, yes, it all started when this picture of alex from target started to make round on the internet. it is in the clear who posted original picture.
5:51 am
there are envied joost posted, asking for alex out on a date. alex official twitter page has more than 500,000 followers. he just posted this tweet about an hour or two go, thanks for positive tweets, i'll be posting more soon. tarring is showing their support, retailer responded with this tweet we heart alex too. >> i'm just about to send one out of you, we have alex of target. i'm doing a hash tag chris there fox 29. >> thanks, love. >> you're welcome. not something your average 12 year-old will do but her daddies fighting a life threatening disease. her mission to help find a cure for cancer.
5:52 am
5:53 am
i love the bacon on this sub. i love bacon so much, i'm launching a line of bacon jewelry. aw, i've seen those online, but-have you ever seen bacon brows? what was that? i was just putting the finishing touches on my bacondor. everyone loves bacon at subway. try it on a bacon egg & cheese. subway. eat fresh.
5:54 am
♪ >> this guy is going to free fall in a minute. so yeah, here it goes, rap artist and pose ago long the river in the photo shoot in florida, of course. he is trying everything he can to look cool and he just falls in. how cute. twelve year-old girl from lafayette hill wants to help find a cure for cancer. >> her name is lucy, and she's raising money for those battling leukemia two years ago her dad kim was diagnosed with the chronic lymphatic
5:55 am
leukemia. she wanted to do something to help. she began a fund raising project. her family says tim's disease will likely progress so her fun raising helps them remain strong. >> this sounded really fun and i did want to help people, you know, not only my dad but other people find a cure. >> i did get checked up because for somebody that is 11, 12 years old. she started this at 11:00. it took my breath away. >> lucy and her family will be walking in the leukemia and lymphoma society light the night walk. fox 29 will be there as well. it begins at 2:30 sunday november 9th at eakins oval right in front of the art museum on the ben franklin parkway. >> i was there last year. pretty night. right as the sunsets, y'all head out and last year was cold, but a beautiful evening. it was great to see everyone. this septa officials facing serious charges, how the transit company's own social media team busted him
5:56 am
and what this guy is accused of doing. then our steve keeley is following the abduction of the germantown woman, steve, the surveillance video here is nothing short of shocking, truly. >> reporter: that is why we're on a sad watch here at the round house where we are minutes away now from seeing the the second sunrise, since we have seen any sign of a much loved philly 22-year old woman who violently vanish sunday night grabbed off the street as soon as she got off the bus. her family found out when she wasn't around. they are called her cell phone. detective answered. her phone found
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
absolutely chilling video of a woman dragged down the street by a man in the germantown neighborhood. this looks like a random attack, her parents pleas to the man who abduct her daughter. southwest airlines sued by the federal government, justice department claims repairs made to their planes did not meet safety standards, but southwest is fighting back. the a alleged problems with their planes. also some bad blood in the family, a woman accused of taking out a hit on her son in law but that is not all, how she wanted the hit man to use alligators in his job. >> wow. >> and then, of course, it is
6:00 am
election day, today, the polls will be opening soon. in one hour it is tom verse tom. >> will win. >> a tom. >> um-hmm. >> we're going out on a limb. >> like a wrestlemania announcer there, tom verse tom in a cage match. >> that is not a three way race, tom, dick and harry. >> we will have all of the election result all morning long on my fox good day everyone it is tuesday, november 4th, 2014, election day, midterm elections. >> straight up at 6:00. >> on a morning like today will that increase the turnout. >> it usually helps. >> yes. >> one interesting dynamic, schools closed for a lot of kids, will that keep parents at home and not at the poles because they have to watch the kids or take them with them to the polls. >> take them with you and show them by example. >> good point. >> yes. >> absolutely. just to show them.


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