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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  November 5, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> what he promised to do for the state when he heads into office. then our sue serio tracking your wednesday weather. hi, sue? >> today will be rather uneventful, but are you ready for some thursday rain? >> we'll get you ready with your weather authority forecast coming up. >> if you can change one thing about your body, what would you change? oh, that's the burning question. but it is not just for the kids' moms, get grilled, as well. what until you see how the social per meant turns outment it is coming in the trend. >> eye opening. >> good day, it is thursday, november 5th, 2014, we're glad with you're with us this early hour this thursday morning. >> if i could change one thing about my boyde it, would be my eyes were more open at this hour. hi, sue. >> good morning. we have a look at the number of the day, now, yesterday we did have a ten, today it is close to a ten, but we will have quite a few clouds out there, that's the only reason we don't have a ten, but we will have the miler than
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average temperatures, 10 degrees milder, in some cases, and some sunshine, any sunshine we get, most likely be in the morning. look at these temperatures, 52 in philadelphia, pottstown, 55 degrees in reading, 51 in lancaster, and 55 in wildwood. very mild for this hour for this time of year. and not that much different than yesterday. so, here are the clouds. you can see them on the satelite picture, but no precipitation, even though there is a little bit of light rainout around punxsutawney, our favorite place in february, it is not going to make it here, that rain will dissipate. so 54 degrees right now, and 6:34, your sunrise time. it was that 70s show yesterday with 71 degrees, average high about 60, 61. today, 66, early sunshine, mostly cloudy skies the rest of the afternoon. we'll give you the time line that far rain, coming up, plus your seven day forecast, right now, how's it going, bob kelly? >> yes, good morning. now is the time to find that good umbrella first one out of
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the house, always gets the best umbrella in the morning. live look right here, the schuylkill, actually i95, no problems at all from bucks county all the way down to that delaware state line. so we're good to go, stepping out the front door, at 5:00 # two, on a wednesday morning. however, heads up. opening, bridge opening, burlington bristol bridge, set for an opening at 5:20. so, watch the clock, either grab for that jumbo coffee, if you're going to wait it out, or head for the talcony palmyra bridge as an alternate. crash at 309, route 113, police on the scene that far one, then, eastbound, on the schuylkill expressway, not bad at all. we work our way around the conshohocken curve and head in toward city line avenue. light volume so far in this early part of our wednesday morning. and then just watch for that construction clue here along city avenue. just off of presidential boulevard. mass transit, the buses, trains, and trolleys, are looking good, and again, the burlington bristol set for opening at 5:20, chris, kerrey, back to you. >> great work. meantime we have a developing
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story for you from overnight. philadelphia police and the fbi have released this new surveillance video after man they believe is connected to the abduction of carlesha freeland-gaither. now it was captured inside a gas station convenience store, in aberdeen, maryland, less than nine hours after she was taken off the street. >> yes, 22 year old was taken off germantown sidewalk, in violent kidnapping sunday night. >> police also say someone used the woman's bank cards. >> in fact, they released couple of pictures every man using the victim's atm card at a bank in marylandment not far from -- maryland, not far from the convenience store, say she moved to philadelphia from maryland just couple of months ago, and had an exboyfriend there. but police are not saying if her abduction has anything to do with her ties in maryland. meanwhile, her family is pleading for her safe return. >> i want to continue on fighting like don't, don't let anything get you down, just fight. >> carlesha was attack while
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walking home from a party for a family member. a total of $42,000 now being offered for information leading to an arrest. >> that award has gone up. >> substantially. historic win for race for pennsylvania governor as democrat tom wolf. >> live in spring garden, i guess we saw this as the polls having corbett so far behind wolf up to election day yesterday, lauren? >> reporter: that's right, chris. one tom out, another tom in, stalling g outside the school board offices and many people say wolf did extremely well here in philadelphia, because of education. that's one of his priorities here. also, because he did extremely well here in philadelphia, which is heavily democratic, wolf will take office in january and start trying to make good on his promise after fresh start, but voters will be paying close attention to what he does, in the world of education. wolf was always tough encore bet, for cuts to state education spending, he has different plans, and he outlined his ideas in detail in his campaign saying he
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plans to restore corbett's 1 billion-dollar in cut, implement a fair funding formula for all schools, and introduce reforms to help school district with student performancement take a listen. >> i have talked about four things. i have talked about education. we need to re-establish education as a priority in pennsylvania. this nation was founded, this nation was founded, on the idea after broad based citizens ship. and very early on in the republican, the history of the republic, our ancestors realized that education was the key to a strong citizenship, to a strong democracy, to a strong economy, to strong families, and we needed to invest in that. we need to make sure that we rest recollect that idea here in pennsylvania, and make sure that education is at the top of the list not the bottom. >> backgrounds on wolf, six a year old new to the political theme, but not new to running the show. he was at the helm of his family's york county building supply company for nearly
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three decades, he also served as state revenue secretary for 18 months, so it seems chris, kerrey, that he has lots of experience when it comes to money. >> that's good. >> money, the life blood of politics, as women. lauren johnson, thank you. >> cory booker won his re-election bid, defeated republican challenger jeff bell earning six year term in the senate. booker took office a year ago, and in a special election following the death of senator frank lautenberg. prior to his run for senate, the 45 year old served as the mayor of newark, for seven years. democratic state senator donald norcross is new jersey's newest congressman. norcross won a seat in the first congressional district. he beat republican opponent and former eagles linebacker gary cobb. >> in delaware, chris coons retaining his seat in the senate, defeated kevin wade. the democrat won his first term back in 2010, defeating tee party candidate christine o'donnell. elsewhere around the country
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the gop scored several major victories, seizing control of the senate, and now they're expanding their lead in the house of representatives and chit g the balance of now washington. analysts say the republicans will now set the tone. result of the midterms will no doubt impact president obama's ability to carry out his agenda during his final two years in office. but politicians say regardless of the result, both parties need to find a way to work together. boy, have we heard that before? and fix the problems plaguing the country. >> this is really a moment when we reflect on how well the republicans did, and they deserve credit for the election, but it is also a time when we node to reflect on the underlying economic issues that americans care about, really being addressed by either party. >> president obama has invited top congressional leaders with both parties to meet with him on the white house friday morning. meanwhile there is an exit pole that find a voters are dissatisfied with the obama administration, but as we've been reporting not too happen which republicans either. >> so just one in five say
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they trust the government to do what is right for most of us, most of the time. that's slightly fewer than in the 1994 midterms, with the republican seizing control of the house and senate, remember, that was newt gingrich's contract of america. well, surveys of people leaving polling places show the biggest concern is still of course your wallets, the economy. for all of your election result, in the delaware vale, just go to our website 5:08. two veteran attorneys are reportedly taking on the defense for eric frein. pipe county public defenders office has appointed frein two attorneys now, according to the philadelphia inquirer, that includes one attorney with an extensive backgrounds in death penalty cases. meanwhile, we're learning how frein avoided capture for 48 full days. court documents show he hit police using laptop, and open wireless internet accounts he found while on the run. frein was finally captured last thursday, he is accused of killing one person pennsylvania trooper and
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injuring another back in the ambush in september. >> no jail time for minnesota viking star adrian peterson in child abuse case against him. >> agreed plea deal, on probation, had a cents to pay a $4,000 fine, has to complete parenting classes and perform 08 hours of community service. in court, peterson said he regrets what happened a.m. he takes full responsible for his actions. >> i love my son more than anyone of you can even imagine. >> a grand jury indicted peterson back in september for using a small branch, a switch, essentially kind after whip, to discipline his four year olson. it is unclear, though, how this deal will affect his playing status. >> at 5:09. former mayor and his wife in mexico under arrest accused in a attack that killed six people, and has left 43 college student missing. federal authority say the couple's arrest could shed light on those disappearance cents, at least 56 people have been arrested so far in this
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case. the town's police chief is also being south. >> concerns after side effect of sorts when it comes it ebola n west africa, cases of other deadly diseases are going untreated because of ooh out break. expert say people suffering from illnesses, such as malaria, pneumonia, are not able to get medical attention because of the outbreak of ebola, which is monopolizing resource, people can in the finds open clinics or judge us just too afraid to go to one. world health organization calling this the emergency within the emergency. we'll keep an eye on. that will. >> meantime staying overseas, vatican official criticizing brittany maynard's decision to end her life. vatican's top bio ethics official say the act was reprehensible, gesture should be condemned. as you know she died saturday using oregon law that allows terminally ill patients to use lethal medications, prescribed by a doctor. she had brain cancer.
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we it for you here on fox 29. of course it brought back the debate of whether or not someone has the right-to-die. >> 510:67:89 have you ever been so mad that you could kick something? >> what, today? >> any day. >> oh, ya. >> right now? >> no, not now. this guy was caught doing, santa barbara, california, we wouldn't have this story unless there was this video, right? guy makes a fool of himself. they say he's vandalize add condominium complex, and trying to track this dude down. nothing much more to the story than just that. >> good video. >> what if you opened up your kid's candy bag and found crystal methamphetamine, an absolutely unbelievable story from halloween. wait until you hear what the dad says he thinks is the reason behind this.
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5:15, wednesday morning, and from the way it looks on radar, would you think it would be raining soon. this is all dissipating, and it is very light rainout in williamsport this morning. we do have our clouds. quite a few of them. because that, we have decently mild temperatures for this time of year. the future cast shows that through the rest of the day, see the rain trying to come close, but not going to make t so we will see the clouds, sun breaking through, every once in a while, we'll still have milder temperatures, if really isn't until tonight, late tonight, that we start to see
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the rain move in. and then it is with us throughout the day in the morning tomorrow, maybe taking a break in the afternoon, then coming back as low pressure system forms tomorrow and starts to change our weather by the time this is all out of here, and that should be late friday morning, we will be much chillier, and you will have to go grab the sweaters or the heaviest coats once again, not today though. i think will stay dry today. these are current temperatures, 54 mount pocono, 43 allentown, but in philadelphia, it is 54 degrees. same in warminster, 55, down in chester, and in south jersey, we have 56 degrees, in cape may. and 53 in atlantic city. seven day forecast has a decent temperature today, 66 greets, tomorrow, the rain moves in, and we're lucky to get to 60. then we stay in the fabulous 50's, over the weekend, 54 degrees, on friday, and it will be very windy, very blustery day in the wake that far cold front, then saturday, and sunday, looking pretty good. i think we'll see clouds sunday, hoping to hold off the
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rain until late sunday night. because we got a lot going on on sunday, eagles in town, of course, monday, we will be having a chilly day, and then, an even chillier night when the eagles start at 8:30, and veterans day, bob kelly, is on tuesday. >> that's right. you know, fabulous 50's over the weekend, are you going to wear the poodle skirt to those event saturday? >> and the saddle shoes. >> good morning, everybody, hello northeast philadelphia, port richmond, looking live at i-95, no problems at all, working your way through the construction zone. usually 5:45, 6:00, when we start to get little tight headed southbound down toward girard avenue. 202, still working out there, become g up the cones, approaching the schuylkill expressway. so if you head north in toward king of prussia, see brand new road surface, they put down last night, they were painting the lines when i came through earlier this morning. heads up, burlington bristol bridge, you got four minutes, to make it across or you're going get stuck. bridge opening set for 5:20 this morning, best bet, getting ready to leave the house right now, forget the
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burlington and head little south down toward the talcony palmyra. that boulevard, the uneven surface, where they are paving the inner drive, pretty much tyson all the way up through woodhaven road, otherwise south jersey good shape, up and down i95 and the turnpike, and mass transit starting wore in delays. >> 5:17. oregon mom behind bars this morning, after throwing her son off of a bridge. it happened right outside of portland. >> yes, this is a tough story. thirty-four year old jillian motorcycle kade now facing murder charges, police say she threw her six year olson with autism to his death, after having a breakdown while caring for him and her sick husband. several month ago, in fact, she had written @ peel on crowd website asking for money. appeal ended after raising nearly $7,000. >> attributing or treat nerve california, somehow, wound up with illegal drugs in her bag of candy. the eight year old's parents were checking the caned as you should do when they found a
5:18 am
small bag of methamphetamine. police say the girl went to at least 20 homes, so it will be kind of difficult to pinpoint exactly where the drugs came from, but they are checking the bag for fingerprints. the dad says he believes this was done on purpose, and it could be because his daughter was dressed up as a police officer. police, however, say that they think it was likely an accident. >> all right, so we all know that a poor diet can be bad for you, right? but now scientists say the damage may be irreversible. research is suggesting people eat foods, full of fat, sugar, salt, actually can alter the way their genes work even after they go off the diet. scary stuff. tests on mice found those fed a junk food diet were more prone to disease after treatment. scientists say that's because it changed the function of their genes, including those important to the immune system. also there is morning, researchers say if ebola vaccine trials are successful, vaccine could be in the outbreak zone by the end of the year.
5:19 am
testing now underway in switzer lands, the uk, and the us. meanwhile, good news in west after a the number of new ebola cases is declining in sierra leone, liberia, new guinea. outbreak killed nearly 5,000 people in that region, kerr. >> i 5:19. group of north carolina student on mission to help a team, using 3d printer create a plastic prosthetic. matthew difrancesco was matched up with a organization that provides models every hands for free using this technology. >> when found out what they were going do here, i thought really amazing, finally do with my right hand. >> pretty coolment hands expected to be finished in the next couple every days, although matthew won't have full range of motion. he will be able to grip things. >> if you haven't made your weekend plans, we love to see you for a very special weekend event coming up. >> yep, we will be at the leukemia and lymphoma society
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light the night walk. many of our fox 29 family will be there, as women. starts at 2:30 sunday november 9th at eakins oval in front of the art museum on the ben franklin parkwayment you can find all of the information you need on our website >> how about this? is the government spying on your facebook page? not yet. but apparently, they want to. the fight to keep facebook private. next. >> shut all of this stuff done. >> i didn't think facebook had any privacy. >> seriously? what would you change if you could just fix one part of yourself? your soul, chris, your heart? >> oh, my heart, yes, it is black. >> does your answer affect your kids? that
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>> the nasdaq ending the day down 15-point, to finish at 4623. the dow jones actually managed to get a small gain adding 17 points to finish at 17,383. >> meanwhile, requests by governments for facebook users data are up nearly a quarter this year. the social media network says conduct restricted because of local laws, also runs about 19%. this comes as facebook fights
5:24 am
its largest-ever lawsuit to hand over data from 400 people. >> cvs decision to stop selling cigarettes at its stores is jumped. revenue jumped nearly 10% in the last quarter than a year ago. boost in sales due in part to increase if pharmacy services which help offset the loss in sales. interesting there. >> all right, man puts olive garden never ending pasta pass to the test. allen martin, who needs to get a life, says he's been eating at a north carolina olive garden twice a day for the past six weeks without a date. he started digging in after buying olive garden pass for 100 bucks, so far, martin has eating 95 meals, which adds up to about 9 million calories, no, adds up to about 1500 bucks worth of food. >> so what is it like a pass key almost? >> yes. >> you swipe your card, you ♪ >> it is a hundred bucks, you get never ending pasta.
5:25 am
>> inch deafy? no, ended yesterday? >> yes. >> ended yesterday. >> and work out program begins today. check in hotel, app for that. >> starting today at three star wood new york hotel, you can bypass the front desk, go right to your room, with into key less app, guests can check in, using their phones, as early as 24 hours ahead of time, just like do you for a flight. all part of effort to stream like the check in process for guests. and for the hotel stand point it, saves money. new way could make key cards a thing of the past. >> you give us information that you would normally do at the check in, and, you know, when standing in front of the desk, we can personalize your stay. you open up the app. hold it up to the door, just like would you with normal key card. see the light flash green. hear the click. you're in. >> you're in! >> she is so excited about it. >> she is excited. isn't she? the app also works in the hotel's gym, and business center, hilton hotels is planning to follow suit, rolling out its key less
5:26 am
technology next year. >> then spokesperson also excited about it. >> hey, remember this guy. >> we only told but it yesterday. probably if you were watching anyway alex from target, he is a huge social media trends, driving the girls crazy. >> his hair is cute. >> oh, looks like our young ones may have been duped, duped. then bob kelly watching your morning commute. we can't call you the detour diva. >> detour diva? >> i'll call you the detour dude. >> all right, i like that one. nothing going on this morning, so want to have some fun? >> ya. >> watch our new maps here. okay, i need your hand, we put our hands in the air, we go southbound on the blue route, hands up, hands up, up and over-the-hill. wow. a little drive down the blue route, as we roll past saint david's of villanova. we got bridge opening coming our way, and sue, has the forecast when we come right back.
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>> yesterday at this time, chris, the rewards just $10,000, by the ends of the show, it was $15,000, we start today's show, at $47,000 don't be surprised if it is six figures. it is leading national
5:30 am
programs, too. >> went up $5,000 just in the past couple of hours. what does it mean for our schools, what tom wolf has promised to the state. >> plus, one football team has a secret weapon, and she throws like a girl. while out shining the boys. how she got her team to treat her like one of the guys. >> yes, good day everyone, it is wednesday, november 5th, 2014. throws like a girl, we always think of mo'ne davis, right? >> it is not a bad thing any more. >> and it is not baseball weather sue serio this week at least. >> well, yesterday was 71 degrees. so that would be like fall baseball weather. >> yes. >> early spring baseball wetter. >> the latter part of the week. >> okay, okay. i just want to be argumentative really. here's bus stop buddy this morning, baseball buddy? >> with his cap on. >> and no umbrella notice that, no umbrella today. he will have it tomorrow.
5:31 am
and it is really not that bad. it is not too cold, not too hot, i guess like goldilocks, just reich. nine out of ten is your number for the day. we have a lot of clouds, but temperatures will be very comfortable, 54 degrees in philadelphia right now, few upper 40's, but most of the temperatures are in the 50's this morning, and winds, mostly calm, out of the southwest, which means, we still have the mild air in place for one more day. and then things will turn chilly after the rain goes away. right now, all we have are clouds, there is light rainout to our west, but we expect it all to dissipate before it makes it here. sunrise time, 6:34, 54 degrees, our current temperature. it was that 70s show yesterday. 71 degrees, was the high temperature, even better than expected, and well above average. still above average today. average temperature, 66 degrees, early sunshine, if we get any at all, and mostly cloudy skies after. that will so, that takes care of wednesday. we lock ahead to the weekend, and all the things that will
5:32 am
be going on, including your temple owls playing, bob kelly, on saturday night at the linc. >> you know, they now feel that we are their good luck charm since they were here last, what was it, my first day thursday. >> thursday. >> they were here on thursday. they want to come back again this week to kind of keep it rolling. live look at 295, south jersey, right near route 30, which is the white horse pike, no problems up and down on the jersey side again, waking up at 5:32, on a wednesday morning. burlington bristol stopped on both sides of the river, traffic halted because of bridge opening. give it another couple of minute or so before we start to see traffic moving across the span again. crash along route 309, right at route 113, which is the souderton exit. then watch the inner drive of the boulevard, that uneven pavement, all from the peak operations between tyson and the boulevard. otherwise off to nice quiet start, majors, schuylkill, mass transit running with no delays. chris, kerrey being back over to you.
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>> mr. kill, thank you. >> it is the morning after, historic victory for democrat tom wolf, he defeats tom corbett in the democratic race. easily ousted him making first incumbent to lose in four decades. i believe it was back to 1970, 71, throughout his campaign, wolf promised to increase taxes for the state's natural gas industry, and restore the billion dollars that corbett cut from education. >> 5:33, developing this morning, philadelphia police have released more video of a person that they believe is connected to the abduction of a woman in germantown. >> all eyes on this, fox 29's steve keeley joins us live now from police headquarters, steve, when i went to bed last night, reward money 42,000. that's not been upped? >> 47,000, and it keeps growing, the problem is, even though they're getting a lot of tips, because of the big reward, they're if the getting the big tip they need just yet. and the problem we also have is we have new surveillance video, that means, newly-released, that doesn't mean newly recorded video,
5:34 am
because the video you're looking at is already two days old, right at this moment, shot 6:00 a.m. on monday morning, and it is now wednesday morning. so, the new video, new pictures, an old evidence trail, from two days ago, monday morning, nine hours after carlesha was kidnapped, 74 miles from philly this is, an hour and 20 minute drive shot down 95, in aberdeen, maryland. both at a gas station, and a bank, within the same parking lot. the question now, not answered yet by the f.b.i. or philly police, has anyone tried to use carlesha's debit card since using them here monday morning. now that it is wednesday morning, and two and a half days since she was grabbed off green street in philadelphia. the other question: the shell station, the man is seen not only has lots of surveillance in it store, but many more cameras outside. so, was the man still in the same car since seen in the kidnapping video? or is there a second car now, and likely, a second man as we all suspect from get go here?
5:35 am
more importantly; carlesha seen in any of the surveillance outside in the gas station in a car, because to use her debit cards, like he's doing in the pictures here from the bank surveillance shots, at this pncatm, he needs to know her bank pin number. he had to get that from her, so she's likely still with him, the detectives are theorizing and hoping in case she may have given him the wrong number, continuing to fight these guys off. the other new surveillance police found and put out shows the start of the kidnapping where carlesha's first approached, and she senses danger. her immediate instinct is to back away, put her hand out, they both their hands out like he's going to shake his hands with hers, then he lungs at her. that takes us to the first frames of the original chilling video. >> detectives say it is that old saying that starts off with if it walks like a duck, and in this case, they really mean walks like a duck. since family does not recognize the face of the man seen here on the maryland
5:36 am
store surround vale friends monday morning they put out, they hope if no one knows the face they may know the feet that walk, toast out, like a duck. feet pointed out here at the shell station store monday morning, and then in the other nearly released video at the start of the kidnapping sunday night, as he approaches her here on green street. they're also hoping to match fingerprints to face. >> not like just somebody grabbing somebody off the street. like he knew what he was doing, like he was targeting her, like she was the target. just don't look regular. i have no idea who this is. >> notice he is not wearing gloves it the surveillance shots, at the maryland atm boot, or at the store, fbi, even though a day later still dusted for fingerprints here at the convenience store cooler handle, palm print on cooler, bank doors, may match. lead to on file mugshot, and match a name to the face, the fingerprints, and finger, the kidnapper, and may finally lead to carlesha.
5:37 am
well, her family, the feds, philly cops, all hope to see that duck walk again, this time in shorter strides, shackled duck feet and more importantly, chris, kerrey, hope to see carlesha's face again soon knowing she fought back from the start and also knowing that the toughest fighters, like her, save their bells for the late rounds. >> thank you, and video, enhanced video, i mean, very good picture of this guy's face. 5:37. all right, eagles fans, we think you're going to like this one. cowboys made big social media mistake. look at the hashtag on your screen. >> nobody ran that by anyone? notice anything wrong with that. we'll explain if you didn't catch it.
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i'm launching a line of bacon jewelry. aw, i've seen those online, but-have you ever seen bacon brows? what was that? i was just putting the finishing touches on my bacondor. everyone loves bacon at subway. try it on a bacon egg & cheese. subway. eat fresh. >> the flyers are back home for four straight games. all started last night against edmonton. flyers out shout, edmonton played a great game. jail shore check, great game. first period, gives the flyers a two-nothing lead. that's really all they needed. but, why not have a little of this in the hockey game? yes, sure, zach, sending his calling card to edmonton. but it was steve mason, faced 35 shots, and steve mason stopped 34 of them nears win it four to one, reunion of the 198 a national championship, villanova wildcat team, rollie
5:41 am
massimino, the coach. nova won it, but there was some great tradition there. >> today ago east opens, demeco ryans, season ending surgery, i'm howard eskin. >> eagles fans you'll love this. >> bit of embarrassment for the dallas cowboys, playing jacksonville, but playing it in london. so to mock the event, they came up with a unfortunate twitter hashtag, cow boys uk. which ever eagles fan will tell you says cowboys suck. well, on twitter, it is now all lower case. cowboysuk. get it? jacksonville smart enough to add the word in, to its london hashtag. >> typically, at the linc, and they're playing the cowboys, there is a word that you would insert between cowboys and suck. but we won't say it here on air.
5:42 am
>> watch out for this little girl. star football player. nope, not bench warmer, but starter. how she got her school to agree to let her play with the
5:43 am
5:44 am
>> in sunday morning, the walk, temperature low 50's,
5:45 am
not too breezy. we've had windy walks in the past. >> this should not be one of them. late their evening, the light night, light the night walk, to benefit leukemia and lymphoma society. that will happens at eakins oval. temperatures upper four's by then, it will be chilly night, but as long as you're bundled up, have your fleece on, you should be okay. showers trying to make it into the viewing area. still doesn't look like that will happen. >> rain in the forecast for tomorrow. possibility of stray shower maybe bushes county, not that likely. what's likely, see a lot of clouds today, not too much sunshine, if you do, late this morning. rain moves in kind of midnight-ish, continues on and off throughout the day, including early in the morning thursday. that would be tomorrow. so, here's your seven day forecast, to casino of sum it all up. another busy one. we've got that temple game, versus memphis, and that's
5:46 am
7:30 at the linc saturday night. that will be a bundle up situation for sure. then monday night the eagles play, even colder than that. so, a lot of cold temperatures. >> maybe the eagles fans have to switch from the normal cold beverage to hot chocolate. think that will go over well? >> maybe spiked hot chocolate? >> irish coffee? >> there go, little irish coffee for the eagles game. we'll work on that. i95, folks headed up into downtown philly right here between girard, allegheny, in toward center city, traffic among across the span again. going for ride, 42 northbound coming in toward philadelphia not bad, watch for construction working up toward
5:47 am
the 295 interchange, you're used to that's is up. for the gang down at lbi or watching us down the shore route nine near route 72 for for some construction, construction continues on the boulevard in the great northeast, 5:47. no good deed goes un punished. ninety year old, good samaritan, the first person charge in the fort lauderdale for feeding the homeless. his name is arnold abbott. and two local pastors also charged on sunday with violating the city's new ban. this new law, well, not allowed to give out food in public. so now this guy, this 09 year old man, facing 60 days in jail $500 fine, he says his only cry is loving thigh neighbor. >> pint size player, tearing up the football field. >> yes, a lot of her invoking
5:48 am
mo'ne davis here. players' talent, yes, defenseman is defense woman, a girl, holding her own with those boys, 12 year old kammerer flemings started playing in chicago, now moved to texas, on elite club team there. she hesitated about playing with her seventh grade classmates this season because of her size, but then she decided to give it a too. coaches initially weren't thrilled about the idea after girl joining the squad, but found a place for her at corner. >> they said good luck, they asked me like most of the questions that you're asking me. >> smiled, laughed about it for little bit, then told her we'll treat her just like we did the boys. >> she's from chicago, so had to have an interpret their to understands the coach. she also has skills on the basketball court and dreams of playing in the wnba, once she gets little taller, kerr. >> i pretty impressive. so do you like the way that
5:49 am
you look? most of us believe that we have some physical flaws. flaws that we would like to change. couple of adults would ask what they would change. so here's what these folks had to say. >> i would change my forehead. i have a really big forehead. >> i would like to be taller. >> the puffiness in my face. >> my ears, i have big ears. >> stretch marks after having a babe. >> i a loft times kids would make fun of glee so went onto explain how some of this was influence the by childhood teasing. so how much of this is influenced by age? , when kids were asked what they wasn't dollars to change, different perspective. >> probably like a mouth, i could eat a lot of stuff.
5:50 am
>> i want like ... >> if i had wings so i could fly. >> i like my body actually. >> yes, you wouldn't change anything? >> no. >> is before the world gets aholds of them. society changes them. some are self conscious about the same things their parent did, this by the way part of campaign called the i am comfortable because campaign. >> pretty cool. >> yes, way to be cool. they are. fly over the traffic every morning. bob kelly, traffic coming up. all morning we're having fun with the hashtag cowboys kick being off this week, so we want to see your best cowboys uk tweets this morning, or altogether, cowboys suck.
5:51 am
please include fox 29 the hashtag fox 29 good day in your tweet so we can make sure to tweet you, or at least show your tweets on air, if, in fact, they're airable. little boy from new jersey always wanted to be a firefighter. who is fighting leukemia, and getting support from fire companies from all over the world. seven year old aiden reible had leukemia since just one. recently took turn for the worse, so washington township fire department which made an are him a firefighter for a day a year ago stepped back up and into action again is a campaign, no one fights along. >> we fight fires, the police fight crime, this is what we're doing, we want to fulfill his dream. >> fire companies wanting to send well wishes can go to clinic on the seen on tv tan for ways to send your messages. >> all right, two years old, and already making a huge career for himself.
5:52 am
one little pup taking advantage of snowy utah, and lending a paw, you could say, what he's doing, that's making him ♪ with the card most accepted in the philadelphia region, you have the compassion and security of blue cross. giving you the power to do more. independence blue cross. live fearless. ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪
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so if you hopped around the clock, ask your health care provider about fluzone high-dose vaccine. fluzone high-dose vaccine. this mythical place we talk even though now in pennsylvania we have casinos it's still... there's ac. we're from pittsburgh. no boardwalk. no beach. no sand. it's beautiful twelve months out of the year. it's just a state of mind, it really is. you can't get this feeling anywhere. the ocean breeze and... the beach, the boardwalk, the restaurants, the casinos, music. you feel like you're on vacation when you come here. >> lights, camera, action. okay, kerrey barnett oh, gosh, i just imagine this is what
5:55 am
you -- (laughing). >> what? >> any who, good grief. a lot of people probably saw this coming. but many of you were duped. and tragically so. by this alex from target thing on twitter. >> who is this kid? all right, so marketing company has now taken full responsibility. the company breaker says it was behind the social media blitz representative says they harness the power of the fan girl to make al axe actual target worker, viral sensation. the company got a member of it team to get alex's permission for this picture, and the rest is twitter history. so this little kid was in on it. alex quickly rocketed to half million followers from that one picture, and 24 hours, he even takes a future episode for the ellen show yesterday, target hasn't commented on breaker revelation, what's going on here. >> so what's a fan girl? i don't even understand this.
5:56 am
okay, there is an utah dog that's making a big career move. >> marty the dog, now a member of the avalanch search and rescue team, at snow bird resort. >> yes, german shepherd, he is the german shepherd, early training process. but this winter he is set to become a fully certified avalanch dog. that starts with months of obedience training. and lot of games of hide and seek. >> they have fun doing it. we try to make it fawn for them. and once they get into that routine of knowing what they're doing, what they're here for, they know when they're going to go out for a searchment and they know when their time is to up have fun. >> marty's joining the country rescue which responds to any kind of mountain rescue at or around the resort. >> so have you heard who is dating miley? secret's out. we're thinking his parent are probably not too happy about this. lauren johnson live following the result. pennsylvania governor's race.
5:57 am
lauren, good morning. >> good morning to you, chris, tom corbett out, tom wolf in. row veal in exit polls he had something high on their priority list.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. good morning, coming up on 6:00ment more clues in the search for a woman dragged off of a philadelphia street. police say her atm was used in maryland.
6:00 am
the questions investigators are now asking, as they close in on this man. >> let me start, let me start with a few -- >> oh, you can say the voters cried wolf, tom wolf, promising to make education a priority in pennsylvania watch it could mean for philadelphia schools. >> all right. and then, minnesota viking star, adrian peterson, not going to jail for beating his son with a switch, another kind of punishment, what he says he regrets, and how he feels about his son. >> and, bob kelly tell you, texting while driving, very dangerous. there is even a study saying 98% all of us on the road, we know this, and we know the risks, but that doesn't stop a disturbing number of people from doing it anyway. just how many people are texting behind the wheel. >> i don't know if i want to know that. >> right. >> i have 180 cameras though


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